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Village Master Details

Districts Name
Subdivisions Name
Tehsils Name
Villages Name
1 East Gangtok Gangtok Arithang
2 East Gangtok Gangtok Burtuk
3 East Gangtok Gangtok Chandmari
4 East Gangtok Gangtok Gangtok
5 East Gangtok Gangtok Gnathang
6 East Gangtok Khamdong Aritar
7 East Gangtok Khamdong Beng
8 East Gangtok Khamdong Budung Thangsing
9 East Gangtok Khamdong Dung Dung
10 East Gangtok Khamdong Khamdong
11 East Gangtok Khamdong Singbel
12 East Gangtok Lingdok Lingdok
13 East Gangtok Lingdok Nampong
14 East Gangtok Lingdok Navey
15 East Gangtok Lingdok Penlong
16 East Gangtok Lingdok Shotak
17 East Gangtok Naitam Assam
18 East Gangtok Naitam Bhusuk
19 East Gangtok Naitam Lingzey
20 East Gangtok Naitam Naitam
21 East Gangtok Naitam Namong
22 East Gangtok Naitam Nandok
23 East Gangtok Ranka Barbing
24 East Gangtok Ranka Lingdum
25 East Gangtok Ranka Luing
26 East Gangtok Ranka Parbing
27 East Gangtok Ranka Ranka
28 East Gangtok Ranka Rey
29 East Gangtok Ranka Rey Mendu
30 East Gangtok Ranka Sangtong
31 East Gangtok Rumtek Chinze
32 East Gangtok Rumtek Chubba
33 East Gangtok Rumtek Marchak
34 East Gangtok Rumtek Namin
35 East Gangtok Rumtek Namli
36 East Gangtok Rumtek Rawate Rumtek
37 East Gangtok Rumtek Sajong Rumtek
38 East Gangtok Rumtek Tumlabung
39 East Gangtok Samdong Kambal
40 East Gangtok Samdong Rakdong
41 East Gangtok Samdong Raleykhese
42 East Gangtok Samdong Samdong
43 East Gangtok Samdong Tintek
44 East Gangtok Sang Ben Sang
45 East Gangtok Sang Challamthang
46 East Gangtok Sang Chisopani
47 East Gangtok Sang Martam
48 East Gangtok Sang Namgeythang
49 East Gangtok Sang Nazitam
50 East Gangtok Sang Phengyong
51 East Gangtok Sang Rapdang
52 East Gangtok Sang Sakyong
53 East Gangtok Sang Sherwani
54 East Gangtok Sang Tirkutam
55 East Gangtok Sichey Rongyek
56 East Gangtok Sichey Sichey
57 East Gangtok Sichey Syari
58 East Gangtok Sichey Tathangchen
59 East Gangtok Sichey Upper Sichey
60 East Gangtok Sichey upper tathengchen
61 East Gangtok Tadong Samdur
62 East Gangtok Tadong Tadong
63 East Gangtok Tadong Upper Tadong
64 East Gangtok Tumin Chandey
65 East Gangtok Tumin Lingzey
66 East Gangtok Tumin Patuk
67 East Gangtok Tumin Simick
68 East Gangtok Tumin Tumin
69 East Pakyong Bering Biring
70 East Pakyong Bering Linkey
71 East Pakyong Bering Tarethang
72 East Pakyong Changeysenti Aho
73 East Pakyong Changeysenti Changey Senti
74 East Pakyong Changeysenti Yangtam
75 East Pakyong Dikling Challamthang
76 East Pakyong Dikling Dikling
77 East Pakyong Dikling Dikling Pacheykhani
78 East Pakyong Dikling Lossing
79 East Pakyong Dikling Pacheykhani
80 East Pakyong Machung Chochenpheri
81 East Pakyong Machung Latuk
82 East Pakyong Machung Machung
83 East Pakyong Machung Parkha
84 East Pakyong Machung Riwa
85 East Pakyong Machung Thekabung
86 East Pakyong Pakyong Kartok
87 East Pakyong Pakyong Namcheybung
88 East Pakyong Pakyong Pachey Samsing
89 East Pakyong Pakyong Pakyong Bazar
90 East Pakyong Taza Amba
91 East Pakyong Taza Taza
92 East Rangpo Duga Central Pandem
93 East Rangpo Duga East Pandem
94 East Rangpo Duga Kamarey Bhasmey
95 East Rangpo Duga Pachak
96 East Rangpo Duga Sajong
97 East Rangpo Nagar Panchayat Rangpo
98 East Rangpo Nagar Panchayat Singtam
99 East Rangpo West Pandem Lingchey
100 East Rangpo West Pandem Mangthang
101 East Rangpo West Pandem Sumin
102 East Rangpo West Pandem West Pandem
103 East Rongli Rhenock Aritar
104 East Rongli Rhenock Mulukey
105 East Rongli Rhenock Rhenock
106 East Rongli Rhenock Rhenock Bazar
107 East Rongli Rhenock Sudunglakha
108 East Rongli Rhenock Tarpin
109 East Rongli Rongli Changeylakha
110 East Rongli Rongli Chuzachen
111 East Rongli Rongli Lamaten
112 East Rongli Rongli Rolep
113 East Rongli Rongli Rongli Bazar
114 East Rongli Subaneydara Dholepchen
115 East Rongli Subaneydara Lingtam
116 East Rongli Subaneydara North Rigu
117 East Rongli Subaneydara Phadamchen
118 East Rongli Subaneydara Premlakha
119 East Rongli Subaneydara Singaneybas
120 East Rongli Subaneydara South Rigu
121 East Rongli Subaneydara Subaneydara
122 North Chungthang Chungthang Chungthang
123 North Chungthang Chungthang Lachen
124 North Chungthang Chungthang Lachung
125 North Chungthang Chungthang Naga-Namgor
126 North Chungthang Chungthang Salim Pakel
127 North Chungthang Chungthang Shipgyer
128 North Chungthang Chungthang Toong
129 North Dzongu Hee- Gyathang Barfok
130 North Dzongu Hee- Gyathang Gnon-Samdong
131 North Dzongu Hee- Gyathang Gor Taryang
132 North Dzongu Hee- Gyathang Gyathang
133 North Dzongu Hee- Gyathang Hee
134 North Dzongu Hee- Gyathang Lingdong
135 North Dzongu Hee- Gyathang Lum
136 North Dzongu Hee- Gyathang Sangtok-Sagyong
137 North Dzongu Passingdong Lingdem
138 North Dzongu Passingdong Lingthem
139 North Dzongu Passingdong Lingzya
140 North Dzongu Passingdong Pentong
141 North Dzongu Passingdong Tingbong
142 North Kabi Phensong Chawang
143 North Kabi Phensong Kabi
144 North Kabi Phensong Labi
145 North Kabi Phensong Men-Rongong
146 North Kabi Phensong Paney-Phensong
147 North Kabi Phensong Phamtam
148 North Kabi Phensong Tingda
149 North Kabi phodong Phodong
150 North Kabi phodong Ramthamg
151 North Kabi phodong Rongong
152 North Kabi phodong Tanek
153 North Kabi phodong Tumlong
154 North Mangan Namok Lower Mangshila
155 North Mangan Namok Namok
156 North Mangan Namok Sheyam
157 North Mangan Namok Tingchim
158 North Mangan Namok Upper Mangshila
159 North Mangan Singhik- Mangan Kazor
160 North Mangan Singhik- Mangan Meyong
161 North Mangan Singhik- Mangan Nampatam
162 North Mangan Singhik- Mangan Pakshep
163 North Mangan Singhik- Mangan Ringhim
164 North Mangan Singhik- Mangan Sentam
165 North Mangan Singhik- Mangan Singchit
166 North Mangan Singhik- Mangan Singhik
167 North Mangan Singhik- Mangan Zimchung
168 South Jorethang Melli Dara Kerabari
169 South Jorethang Melli Dara Melli Bazar
170 South Jorethang Melli Dara Melli Dara
171 South Jorethang Melli Dara Paiyong
172 South Jorethang Melli Dara Panchgharey
173 South Jorethang Melli Dara Ramabong
174 South Jorethang Melli Dara Turuk
175 South Jorethang Poklok Denchung
176 South Jorethang Poklok Poklok
177 South Jorethang Poklok Sangbung
178 South Jorethang Salghari Chisopani
179 South Jorethang Salghari Dhargaon
180 South Jorethang Salghari Dorok
181 South Jorethang Salghari Jorethang Bazar
182 South Jorethang Salghari Salghari
183 South Jorethang Salghari Tinik
184 South Jorethang Sumbuk Kartikey
185 South Jorethang Sumbuk Sumbuk
186 South Jorethang Sumbuk Suntaley Sumbuk
187 South Namchi Bermiok Tokal Bermiok
188 South Namchi Bermiok Tokal Challamthang
189 South Namchi Bermiok Tokal Doring
190 South Namchi Bermiok Tokal Namphing
191 South Namchi Bermiok Tokal Papung Gangchung
192 South Namchi Bermiok Tokal Rashyap
193 South Namchi Bermiok Tokal Thangsing
194 South Namchi Bermiok Tokal Tokal
195 South Namchi Bermiok Tokal Tokdey
196 South Namchi Boomtar Boomtar
197 South Namchi Boomtar Gumpa Ghurpisey
198 South Namchi Boomtar Kamrang
199 South Namchi Boomtar Mamley
200 South Namchi Boomtar Namchi Bazar
201 South Namchi Boomtar Singhithang
202 South Namchi Boomtar Tinzir
203 South Namchi Damthang Aifaltar
204 South Namchi Damthang Chemchey
205 South Namchi Damthang Damthang
206 South Namchi Damthang Gangchung
207 South Namchi Damthang Jaubari
208 South Namchi Damthang Temi
209 South Namchi Kitam Assangthang
210 South Namchi Kitam Gom
211 South Namchi Kitam Kitam
212 South Namchi Kitam Kopchey
213 South Namchi Kitam Manpur
214 South Namchi Kitam Mikhola
215 South Namchi Kitam Shyampani
216 South Namchi Kitam Sorok
217 South Namchi Maniram Bikmat
218 South Namchi Maniram Maniram
219 South Namchi Maniram Passi
220 South Namchi Maniram Phalidara
221 South Namchi Maniram Rabikhola
222 South Namchi Maniram Rateypani
223 South Namchi Maniram Salibung
224 South Namchi Maniram Tangzi
225 South Namchi Namthang Chuba
226 South Namchi Namthang Kabrey
227 South Namchi Namthang Kanamtek
228 South Namchi Namthang Karek
229 South Namchi Namthang Maneydara
230 South Namchi Namthang Nalam Kolbong
231 South Namchi Namthang Parbing
232 South Namchi Namthang Phong
233 South Namchi Rameng Burul
234 South Namchi Rameng Nizrameng
235 South Namchi Rameng Rameng
236 South Namchi Rong Bul
237 South Namchi Rong Kamarey
238 South Namchi Rong Lungchok
239 South Namchi Rong Palum
240 South Namchi Rong Rong
241 South Namchi Rong Singtam
242 South Namchi Sadam Rabitar
243 South Namchi Sadam Sadam
244 South Namchi Sadam Sukrabarey
245 South Namchi Sadam Suntaley Sadam
246 South Namchi Tarku Ben
247 South Namchi Tarku Dew
248 South Namchi Tarku Namphrick
249 South Namchi Tarku Tanak
250 South Namchi Tarku Tarku
251 South Namchi Turung Donok
252 South Namchi Turung Kateng Bokrong
253 South Namchi Turung Mamring
254 South Namchi Turung Nagi
255 South Namchi Turung Palitam
256 South Namchi Turung Pamphok
257 South Namchi Turung Turung
258 South Namchi Wak Chumlok
259 South Namchi Wak Omchu
260 South Namchi Wak Pabong
261 South Namchi Wak Pakzer
262 South Namchi Wak Sanganath
263 South Namchi Wak Tingrithang
264 South Namchi Wak Wak
265 South Ravangla Kewzing Bakhim
266 South Ravangla Kewzing Dalep
267 South Ravangla Kewzing Kewzing
268 South Ravangla Kewzing Legship
269 South Ravangla Kewzing Lingzo
270 South Ravangla Rabong Barfung
271 South Ravangla Rabong Deythang
272 South Ravangla Rabong Rabong
273 South Ravangla Rabong Rabong Bazar
274 South Ravangla Rabong Sangmoo
275 South Ravangla Rabong Zarung
276 South Ravangla Ralong Borong
277 South Ravangla Ralong Lingding
278 South Ravangla Ralong Namlung
279 South Ravangla Ralong Phamtam
280 South Ravangla Ralong Polok
281 South Ravangla Ralong Ralong
282 South Ravangla Ralong Sada
283 South Ravangla Tinkitam Hingdam
284 South Ravangla Tinkitam Lamten
285 South Ravangla Tinkitam Mangbrue
286 South Ravangla Tinkitam Rayong
287 South Ravangla Tinkitam Tingmoo
288 South Ravangla Tinkitam Tinkitam
289 South Yangang Lingee Kaw
290 South Yangang Lingee Lingee
291 South Yangang Lingee Lower Paiyong
292 South Yangang Lingee Sokpay
293 South Yangang Lingee Upper Paiyong
294 South Yangang Lingmoo Kolthang
295 South Yangang Lingmoo Lingmoo
296 South Yangang Lingmoo Mangzing
297 South Yangang Lingmoo Nehbrum
298 South Yangang Lingmoo Pepthang
299 South Yangang Lingmoo Tokday
300 South Yangang Yangang Gagyong
301 South Yangang Yangang Namphok
302 South Yangang Yangang Rangang
303 South Yangang Yangang Satam
304 South Yangang Yangang Sripatam
305 South Yangang Yangang Yangyang
306 West Dentam Bermoik Bermiok
307 West Dentam Bermoik Berthang
308 West Dentam Bermoik Martam
309 West Dentam Bermoik Pechrek
310 West Dentam Dentam Begha
311 West Dentam Dentam Dentam
312 West Dentam Dentam Maneybung
313 West Dentam Dentam Mangmoo
314 West Dentam Dentam Sopakha
315 West Dentam Gyaten Bongten
316 West Dentam Gyaten Gyaten
317 West Dentam Gyaten Karmatar
318 West Dentam Gyaten Liching
319 West Dentam Gyaten Sapong
320 West Dentam Gyaten Srinagi
321 West Dentam Radu Khandu Hee
322 West Dentam Radu Khandu Hee Patal
323 West Dentam Radu Khandu Radukhandu
324 West Dentam Radu Khandu Sangkhu
325 West Gayzing Darap Chumbong
326 West Gayzing Darap Darap
327 West Gayzing Darap Naku
328 West Gayzing Darap Nambu
329 West Gayzing Darap Singdrabong
330 West Gayzing Darap Singdrang
331 West Gayzing Darap Singyang
332 West Gayzing Gyazing Bhaluthang
333 West Gayzing Gyazing Gayzing
334 West Gayzing Gyazing Kyongsa
335 West Gayzing Gyazing Omchung
336 West Gayzing Gyazing Onglop
337 West Gayzing Gyazing Yangtey
338 West Gayzing Lingchum Lingchom
339 West Gayzing Lingchum Lungzik
340 West Gayzing Lingchum Sardong
341 West Gayzing Lingchum Tikjey
342 West Gayzing Lingchum Yangthang
343 West Soreng Arubotey Arubotey
344 West Soreng Arubotey Chota Samdong
345 West Soreng Arubotey Khanisherbung
346 West Soreng Arubotey Suntaley
347 West Soreng Chakung Chakung
348 West Soreng Chakung Gelling
349 West Soreng Chakung Mendogoan
350 West Soreng Chakung Samsing
351 West Soreng Dodak Buriakhop
352 West Soreng Dodak Dodak
353 West Soreng Dodak Karthok
354 West Soreng Dodak Tharpu
355 West Soreng Dodak Timberbung
356 West Soreng Kaluk Bara Samdong
357 West Soreng Kaluk Boom
358 West Soreng Kaluk Rinchenpong
359 West Soreng Kaluk Rishi
360 West Soreng Kaluk Sribadam
361 West Soreng Kaluk Tadong
362 West Soreng Kamling Kamling
363 West Soreng Kamling Mabong
364 West Soreng Kamling Segyang
365 West Soreng Kamling Suldung
366 West Soreng Kamling Tinzerbong
367 West Soreng Mangalbaria Chuchen
368 West Soreng Mangalbaria Deythang
369 West Soreng Mangalbaria Parrengaon
370 West Soreng Mangalbaria Takuthang
371 West Soreng Okhrey Bhareng
372 West Soreng Okhrey Okhery
373 West Soreng Okhrey Ribdi
374 West Soreng Okhrey Siktam
375 West Soreng Okhrey Tikpur
376 West Soreng Rinchenpong Barfok
377 West Soreng Rinchenpong Chingthang
378 West Soreng Rinchenpong Hathidunga
379 West Soreng Rinchenpong Jeel
380 West Soreng Rinchenpong Mengyong
381 West Soreng Rinchenpong Meyong
382 West Soreng Rinchenpong Sangadorji
383 West Soreng Sombaria Burikhop Rumbuk
384 West Soreng Sombaria Dhallan Daramdin
385 West Soreng Sombaria Lower Thambong
386 West Soreng Sombaria Lungchuk
387 West Soreng Sombaria Rumbuk
388 West Soreng Sombaria Salangdang
389 West Soreng Sombaria Upper Thambong
390 West Soreng Soreng Malabasey
391 West Soreng Soreng Singling
392 West Soreng Soreng Soreng
393 West Soreng Zoom Chumbung
394 West Soreng Zoom Zoom
395 West Yuksom Dhupidara Dhupidara
396 West Yuksom Dhupidara Kongri
397 West Yuksom Dhupidara Labdang
398 West Yuksom Dhupidara Mangnum
399 West Yuksom Dhupidara Narkhola
400 West Yuksom Gerethang Arithang
401 West Yuksom Gerethang Chongrang
402 West Yuksom Gerethang Dubdi
403 West Yuksom Gerethang Gerethang
404 West Yuksom Gerethang Labing
405 West Yuksom Gerethang Yuksom
406 West Yuksom Tashiding Gangyap
407 West Yuksom Tashiding Lasso
408 West Yuksom Tashiding Tashiding
409 West Yuksom Thingling Chojo
410 West Yuksom Thingling Kechopalri
411 West Yuksom Thingling Melli
412 West Yuksom Thingling Melli Aching
413 West Yuksom Thingling Melli Singlitam
414 West Yuksom Thingling Thingling I
415 West Yuksom Thingling Thingling II
416 West Yuksom Thingling Timbrung
417 West Yuksom Thingling Topung