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Village Master Details

Districts Name
Subdivisions Name
Tehsils Name
Villages Name
1 Dimapur Chumukedima Chumukedima 5Th Mile Model
2 Dimapur Chumukedima Chumukedima 5th Mile Model Village
3 Dimapur Chumukedima Chumukedima 7th Mile Model
4 Dimapur Chumukedima Chumukedima 7th Mile Vill.
5 Dimapur Chumukedima Chumukedima Aoyim
6 Dimapur Chumukedima Chumukedima Aoyimti
7 Dimapur Chumukedima Chumukedima Bade
8 Dimapur Chumukedima Chumukedima Bamunpukhuri
9 Dimapur Chumukedima Chumukedima Bamunpukhuri 'A'
10 Dimapur Chumukedima Chumukedima Bamunpukhuri 'B'
11 Dimapur Chumukedima Chumukedima Chekiye
12 Dimapur Chumukedima Chumukedima Chumukedima "A"
13 Dimapur Chumukedima Chumukedima Chumukedima Vill.
14 Dimapur Chumukedima Chumukedima Darogajan
15 Dimapur Chumukedima Chumukedima Darogapathar
16 Dimapur Chumukedima Chumukedima Diezephe
17 Dimapur Chumukedima Chumukedima Dikoi
18 Dimapur Chumukedima Chumukedima Diphupar 'A'
19 Dimapur Chumukedima Chumukedima Diphupar 'B'
20 Dimapur Chumukedima Chumukedima Domukhia
21 Dimapur Chumukedima Chumukedima Doshehe
22 Dimapur Chumukedima Chumukedima Dubagaon
23 Dimapur Chumukedima Chumukedima Ekrani Pathar
24 Dimapur Chumukedima Chumukedima Eralibill
25 Dimapur Chumukedima Chumukedima Ikishe
26 Dimapur Chumukedima Chumukedima J.V.Perhereilie
27 Dimapur Chumukedima Chumukedima K. Hetoi
28 Dimapur Chumukedima Chumukedima Khopanala
29 Dimapur Chumukedima Chumukedima Khriezephe
30 Dimapur Chumukedima Chumukedima Khuovaru
31 Dimapur Chumukedima Chumukedima Khushiabill
32 Dimapur Chumukedima Chumukedima Kirha (UR)
33 Dimapur Chumukedima Chumukedima Kushiabill
34 Dimapur Chumukedima Chumukedima L. Hetoi
35 Dimapur Chumukedima Chumukedima L. Hotovi
36 Dimapur Chumukedima Chumukedima Nagarjan
37 Dimapur Chumukedima Chumukedima Naga United Vill.
38 Dimapur Chumukedima Chumukedima Naharbari
39 Dimapur Chumukedima Chumukedima Padampukhuri
40 Dimapur Chumukedima Chumukedima Phaiphijanj
41 Dimapur Chumukedima Chumukedima Piphema "A"
42 Dimapur Chumukedima Chumukedima Puranabazar 'A'
43 Dimapur Chumukedima Chumukedima Puranabazar 'B'
44 Dimapur Chumukedima Chumukedima Samaguri
45 Dimapur Chumukedima Chumukedima Seithekema 'A'
46 Dimapur Chumukedima Chumukedima Seithekema 'C'
47 Dimapur Chumukedima Chumukedima Seithekema (New)
48 Dimapur Chumukedima Chumukedima Seithekema (Old)
49 Dimapur Chumukedima Chumukedima Shokhuvi
50 Dimapur Chumukedima Chumukedima Shozukhu
51 Dimapur Chumukedima Chumukedima Singrijan
52 Dimapur Chumukedima Chumukedima Sodzulhou
53 Dimapur Chumukedima Chumukedima Sovima
54 Dimapur Chumukedima Chumukedima Sugarmill Area
55 Dimapur Chumukedima Chumukedima Tenyiphe I
56 Dimapur Chumukedima Chumukedima Tenyiphe II
57 Dimapur Chumukedima Chumukedima Tenyiphe III (Virazouma)
58 Dimapur Chumukedima Chumukedima Thilixu
59 Dimapur Chumukedima Chumukedima Toluvi 'B'
60 Dimapur Chumukedima Chumukedima Unity
61 Dimapur Chumukedima Chumukedima Urra
62 Dimapur Chumukedima Chumukedima Vipon
63 Dimapur Chumukedima Chumukedima Zani
64 Dimapur Dhansiripar Dhansiripar Ahoi (UR)
65 Dimapur Dhansiripar Dhansiripar A.K. Industrial (UR)
66 Dimapur Dhansiripar Dhansiripar Amaluma
67 Dimapur Dhansiripar Dhansiripar Daniel
68 Dimapur Dhansiripar Dhansiripar Dhansiripar Hq
69 Dimapur Dhansiripar Dhansiripar Dhansiripar Vill.
70 Dimapur Dhansiripar Dhansiripar Disagaphu
71 Dimapur Dhansiripar Dhansiripar Doyapur Vill.
72 Dimapur Dhansiripar Dhansiripar Ganesnagar
73 Dimapur Dhansiripar Dhansiripar Ghowoto
74 Dimapur Dhansiripar Dhansiripar Hazadisa
75 Dimapur Dhansiripar Dhansiripar Kakiho (UR)
76 Dimapur Dhansiripar Dhansiripar Khaimnok
77 Dimapur Dhansiripar Dhansiripar Khekiho
78 Dimapur Dhansiripar Dhansiripar K. Hetoi (UR)
79 Dimapur Dhansiripar Dhansiripar Kiyeto
80 Dimapur Dhansiripar Dhansiripar Kiyevi
81 Dimapur Dhansiripar Dhansiripar Kiyevi 'B' (Khehoi) (UR)
82 Dimapur Dhansiripar Dhansiripar K. Xekiye
83 Dimapur Dhansiripar Dhansiripar Lhothavi
84 Dimapur Dhansiripar Dhansiripar Lothavi
85 Dimapur Dhansiripar Dhansiripar Manglamukh
86 Dimapur Dhansiripar Dhansiripar Murise
87 Dimapur Dhansiripar Dhansiripar Nihoi (UR)
88 Dimapur Dhansiripar Dhansiripar Phushito (UR)
89 Dimapur Dhansiripar Dhansiripar Pimla
90 Dimapur Dhansiripar Dhansiripar Pukhaho (UR)
91 Dimapur Dhansiripar Dhansiripar Razhaphe
92 Dimapur Dhansiripar Dhansiripar Razhaphe Basa
93 Dimapur Dhansiripar Dhansiripar Sangtamtila
94 Dimapur Dhansiripar Dhansiripar Shikato (UR)
95 Dimapur Dhansiripar Dhansiripar Shikavi
96 Dimapur Dhansiripar Dhansiripar Shikuto (UR)
97 Dimapur Dhansiripar Dhansiripar Shotovi
98 Dimapur Dhansiripar Dhansiripar Shoxuvi
99 Dimapur Dhansiripar Dhansiripar Toshizu
100 Dimapur Dhansiripar Dhansiripar Tsethrongse
101 Dimapur Dhansiripar Dhansiripar Ura Village
102 Dimapur Dhansiripar Dhansiripar Vedima
103 Dimapur Dhansiripar Dhansiripar Vihoto (UR)
104 Dimapur Dhansiripar Dhansiripar Zutovi
105 Dimapur Dimapur Sadar Dimapur Sadar Aoyimkum
106 Dimapur Dimapur Sadar Dimapur Sadar Dikoi
107 Dimapur Dimapur Sadar Dimapur Sadar Industrial Vill. (Razhuphe)
108 Dimapur Dimapur Sadar Dimapur Sadar Kacharigaon (Phevima)
109 Dimapur Dimapur Sadar Dimapur Sadar Kashiram
110 Dimapur Dimapur Sadar Dimapur Sadar Kashiram Ao
111 Dimapur Dimapur Sadar Dimapur Sadar Kuda
112 Dimapur Dimapur Sadar Dimapur Sadar Rangapahar
113 Dimapur Dimapur Sadar Dimapur Sadar Senjum
114 Dimapur Dimapur Sadar Dimapur Sadar Signal Angami
115 Dimapur Dimapur Sadar Dimapur Sadar Thahekhu
116 Dimapur Medziphema Medziphema Bungsang
117 Dimapur Medziphema Medziphema Hekheshe
118 Dimapur Medziphema Medziphema Jarnapani
119 Dimapur Medziphema Medziphema Khaibung
120 Dimapur Medziphema Medziphema Khamkaria
121 Dimapur Medziphema Medziphema Khanakhuru
122 Dimapur Medziphema Medziphema Khuokhidolong
123 Dimapur Medziphema Medziphema Kuki Dolong
124 Dimapur Medziphema Medziphema Medziphema
125 Dimapur Medziphema Medziphema Moava
126 Dimapur Medziphema Medziphema Molvom
127 Dimapur Medziphema Medziphema New Chumukedima
128 Dimapur Medziphema Medziphema Paglapahar
129 Dimapur Medziphema Medziphema Pherima
130 Dimapur Medziphema Medziphema Pherima Vill.
131 Dimapur Medziphema Medziphema Piphema 'A'
132 Dimapur Medziphema Medziphema Piphema (New)
133 Dimapur Medziphema Medziphema Piphema (Old)
134 Dimapur Medziphema Medziphema Ruzaphema
135 Dimapur Medziphema Medziphema Seirhima
136 Dimapur Medziphema Medziphema Seithekima "C"
137 Dimapur Medziphema Medziphema Seithekima Old
138 Dimapur Medziphema Medziphema Sirhima
139 Dimapur Medziphema Medziphema Socunoma
140 Dimapur Medziphema Medziphema Tsiepama
141 Dimapur Medziphema Medziphema Tsuuma
142 Dimapur Medziphema Medziphema Zhuikhu 'A'
143 Dimapur Medziphema Medziphema Zukihe
144 Dimapur Nihokhu Nihokhu Ghokuto
145 Dimapur Nihokhu Nihokhu Hokhezhe
146 Dimapur Nihokhu Nihokhu Hozhukhe
147 Dimapur Nihokhu Nihokhu Khehoyi
148 Dimapur Nihokhu Nihokhu New Showuba
149 Dimapur Nihokhu Nihokhu Nihokhu
150 Dimapur Nihokhu Nihokhu Nikhekhu
151 Dimapur Nihokhu Nihokhu S.Hetoi
152 Dimapur Nihokhu Nihokhu Sukhato
153 Dimapur Nihokhu Nihokhu Toshiho
154 Dimapur Niuland Niuland Akito
155 Dimapur Niuland Niuland Ghonivi
156 Dimapur Niuland Niuland Ghotoi
157 Dimapur Niuland Niuland Ghotovi
158 Dimapur Niuland Niuland Hakhezhe
159 Dimapur Niuland Niuland Hejeto
160 Dimapur Niuland Niuland Henito
161 Dimapur Niuland Niuland Hetoi
162 Dimapur Niuland Niuland Heviqhe
163 Dimapur Niuland Niuland Hevishe
164 Dimapur Niuland Niuland Hezulho
165 Dimapur Niuland Niuland Hovishe
166 Dimapur Niuland Niuland Hovukhu
167 Dimapur Niuland Niuland Itovi
168 Dimapur Niuland Niuland Khaghaboto
169 Dimapur Niuland Niuland Khehoi
170 Dimapur Niuland Niuland Kiyelho
171 Dimapur Niuland Niuland Kiyezhu 'A'
172 Dimapur Niuland Niuland Kiyezhu 'B'
173 Dimapur Niuland Niuland Kuhoxu
174 Dimapur Niuland Niuland Lukuto
175 Dimapur Niuland Niuland Niuland
176 Dimapur Niuland Niuland Phuhoto
177 Dimapur Niuland Niuland Pishikhu
178 Dimapur Niuland Niuland Sahoi
179 Dimapur Niuland Niuland Shitoi
180 Dimapur Niuland Niuland Sunito
181 Dimapur Niuland Niuland Vishiyi
182 Dimapur Niuland Niuland Viyito
183 Dimapur Niuland Niuland Xukiye
184 Dimapur Niuland Niuland Yehokhu
185 Dimapur Niuland Niuland Yeveto
186 Dimapur Niuland Niuland Zuheshe
187 Dimapur Niuland Niuland Zukihe
188 Dimapur Aquqhnaqua Aghunaqa
189 Dimapur Aquqhnaqua Ahoto
190 Dimapur Aquqhnaqua Aoyimchen
191 Dimapur Aquqhnaqua Ghosito
192 Dimapur Aquqhnaqua Hevuxu
193 Dimapur Aquqhnaqua Homeland
194 Dimapur Aquqhnaqua Hozheto
195 Dimapur Aquqhnaqua Hukhai
196 Dimapur Aquqhnaqua Husto
197 Dimapur Aquqhnaqua Izhevi
198 Dimapur Aquqhnaqua Jekishe
199 Dimapur Aquqhnaqua Khehuto
200 Dimapur Aquqhnaqua Khutovi
201 Dimapur Aquqhnaqua Kikheye
202 Dimapur Aquqhnaqua Luhevi
203 Dimapur Aquqhnaqua Luhezhe
204 Dimapur Aquqhnaqua L.Vihoto
205 Dimapur Aquqhnaqua Mughavi
206 Dimapur Aquqhnaqua Ngamjalan
207 Dimapur Aquqhnaqua Nguvihe
208 Dimapur Aquqhnaqua Nikihe
209 Dimapur Aquqhnaqua Nikikhe
210 Dimapur Aquqhnaqua Nitozu
211 Dimapur Aquqhnaqua Nizheto (UR)
212 Dimapur Aquqhnaqua Pihekhu
213 Dimapur Aquqhnaqua P.Vihoto
214 Dimapur Aquqhnaqua Qhuhoi
215 Dimapur Aquqhnaqua R.Hovishe
216 Dimapur Aquqhnaqua Shiwoto
217 Dimapur Aquqhnaqua Shokhevi
218 Dimapur Aquqhnaqua Tohoi
219 Dimapur Aquqhnaqua Tohokhu
220 Dimapur Aquqhnaqua Tokishe
221 Dimapur Aquqhnaqua Vikheto
222 Dimapur Aquqhnaqua Xukhuvi
223 Dimapur Aquqhnaqua Yetoho
224 Dimapur Aquqhnaqua Zaka Station
225 Dimapur Aquqhnaqua Zhekishe
226 Dimapur Aquqhnaqua Zhexuche
227 Dimapur Aquqhnaqua Zutoi
228 Dimapur Kuhoboto Ahozhe
229 Dimapur Kuhoboto Ghokito
230 Dimapur Kuhoboto Henivi
231 Dimapur Kuhoboto Hoito
232 Dimapur Kuhoboto Hukato
233 Dimapur Kuhoboto Khehokhu
234 Dimapur Kuhoboto Khughovi
235 Dimapur Kuhoboto Kughato (UR)
236 Dimapur Kuhoboto Kuhuboto
237 Dimapur Kuhoboto Lotovi
238 Dimapur Kuhoboto Luzheto
239 Dimapur Kuhoboto Nihoto
240 Dimapur Kuhoboto Nizhevi
241 Dimapur Kuhoboto Old Shouba
242 Dimapur Kuhoboto Pukhato
243 Dimapur Kuhoboto Sahoi
244 Dimapur Kuhoboto Shito
245 Dimapur Kuhoboto S.Hotovi
246 Dimapur Kuhoboto Showuba (Old)
247 Dimapur Kuhoboto Suhoi
248 Dimapur Kuhoboto Tokugha
249 Dimapur Kuhoboto Vihokhu
250 Dimapur Kuhoboto Vikuho
251 Dimapur Kuhoboto Xekiye
252 Dimapur Kuhoboto Xelhoshe
253 Dimapur Kuhoboto Zuvukhu
254 Kiphire Amahator Amahator Amahator Hq
255 Kiphire Amahator Amahator Amahator Vill.
256 Kiphire Amahator Amahator Changchor
257 Kiphire Amahator Amahator Huronger
258 Kiphire Amahator Amahator Hutanger
259 Kiphire Amahator Amahator Inshikiur
260 Kiphire Amahator Amahator Keor
261 Kiphire Amahator Amahator Kichang S/Comp.
262 Kiphire Amahator Amahator Kisetong
263 Kiphire Amahator Amahator Purrur
264 Kiphire Amahator Amahator Risethsi (New)
265 Kiphire Amahator Amahator Risethsi (Old)
266 Kiphire Amahator Amahator Tsuthu
267 Kiphire Kiphire Sadar Kiphire Sadar Anatanger
268 Kiphire Kiphire Sadar Kiphire Sadar Anatongre
269 Kiphire Kiphire Sadar Kiphire Sadar Anatongre (GREF)
270 Kiphire Kiphire Sadar Kiphire Sadar Inshikiur
271 Kiphire Kiphire Sadar Kiphire Sadar Kiori
272 Kiphire Kiphire Sadar Kiphire Sadar Kiphire Vill.
273 Kiphire Kiphire Sadar Kiphire Sadar Langkok
274 Kiphire Kiphire Sadar Kiphire Sadar Lihtsaung
275 Kiphire Kiphire Sadar Kiphire Sadar Longkoher
276 Kiphire Kiphire Sadar Kiphire Sadar Longthonger
277 Kiphire Kiphire Sadar Kiphire Sadar Nutsu (UR)
278 Kiphire Kiphire Sadar Kiphire Sadar Phelungre
279 Kiphire Kiphire Sadar Kiphire Sadar Singrep
280 Kiphire Kiphire Sadar Kiphire Sadar Tsar Farm
281 Kiphire Kiusam Kiusam Chikiponger
282 Kiphire Kiusam Kiusam Kiusam Hq
283 Kiphire Kiusam Kiusam Kiusam Vill.
284 Kiphire Kiusam Kiusam Longtsunger
285 Kiphire Kiusam Kiusam Metonger
286 Kiphire Kiusam Kiusam Pokphur
287 Kiphire Kiusam Kiusam Sangkhumti
288 Kiphire Kiusam Kiusam Sangtsung
289 Kiphire Longmatra Longmatra Azetso
290 Kiphire Longmatra Longmatra Longmatra
291 Kiphire Longmatra Longmatra Longmatra Hq
292 Kiphire Longmatra Longmatra New Longmatra
293 Kiphire Longmatra Longmatra Ngromi
294 Kiphire Longmatra Longmatra Pungren
295 Kiphire Longmatra Longmatra Samphur
296 Kiphire Longmatra Longmatra Santsoze
297 Kiphire Longmatra Longmatra Tetheyu
298 Kiphire Longmatra Longmatra Tethezu
299 Kiphire Longmatra Longmatra Tsongphong
300 Kiphire Longmatra Longmatra Tsulothe GREF Camp
301 Kiphire Longmatra Longmatra Tsungaki Camp
302 Kiphire Pungro Pungro Cedeyevong
303 Kiphire Pungro Pungro Chomi
304 Kiphire Pungro Pungro Hakumti
305 Kiphire Pungro Pungro Iponger
306 Kiphire Pungro Pungro Jenty
307 Kiphire Pungro Pungro Khongjiri
308 Kiphire Pungro Pungro Khongka
309 Kiphire Pungro Pungro Kuisam
310 Kiphire Pungro Pungro LHEP Compound
311 Kiphire Pungro Pungro Lofukhong
312 Kiphire Pungro Pungro Longkhimong
313 Kiphire Pungro Pungro Luthore
314 Kiphire Pungro Pungro Luthur
315 Kiphire Pungro Pungro Mimi
316 Kiphire Pungro Pungro Mongtsuwong
317 Kiphire Pungro Pungro Moya
318 Kiphire Pungro Pungro Mutingkhong
319 Kiphire Pungro Pungro New Vongti
320 Kiphire Pungro Pungro Pokhphur
321 Kiphire Pungro Pungro Pungro Hq
322 Kiphire Pungro Pungro Pungro Vill.
323 Kiphire Pungro Pungro Sangkumti
324 Kiphire Pungro Pungro Tekivong
325 Kiphire Pungro Pungro Thulun
326 Kiphire Pungro Pungro Vongti
327 Kiphire Pungro Pungro Vongva
328 Kiphire Pungro Pungro Zaonger
329 Kiphire Pungro Pungro Zimkiur
330 Kiphire Seyochung Seyochung Longya Comp.
331 Kiphire Seyochung Seyochung Lukhami
332 Kiphire Seyochung Seyochung New Monger
333 Kiphire Seyochung Seyochung Old Monger
334 Kiphire Seyochung Seyochung Phisami
335 Kiphire Seyochung Seyochung Phisami S/Comp.
336 Kiphire Seyochung Seyochung Seyochung Hq
337 Kiphire Seyochung Seyochung Seyochung Town GHS Camp
338 Kiphire Seyochung Seyochung Seyochung Vill.
339 Kiphire Seyochung Seyochung Thangthur
340 Kiphire Seyochung Seyochung Tsunger
341 Kiphire Seyochung Seyochung Yangzitong
342 Kiphire Seyochung Seyochung Yingphir
343 Kiphire Sitimi Sitimi Chehozu (UR)
344 Kiphire Sitimi Sitimi Honito
345 Kiphire Sitimi Sitimi Kiyezhe
346 Kiphire Sitimi Sitimi Langzanger
347 Kiphire Sitimi Sitimi Natsami
348 Kiphire Sitimi Sitimi Nian
349 Kiphire Sitimi Sitimi Nikiye
350 Kiphire Sitimi Sitimi Nitoi
351 Kiphire Sitimi Sitimi Santsoze
352 Kiphire Sitimi Sitimi Shishimi
353 Kiphire Sitimi Sitimi Shothoumi "A"
354 Kiphire Sitimi Sitimi Shothoumi "B"
355 Kiphire Sitimi Sitimi Sitimi Hq
356 Kiphire Sitimi Sitimi Sitimi Vill.
357 Kiphire Sitimi Sitimi Thazuvi
358 Kiphire Sitimi Sitimi Xuvishe
359 Kiphire Sitimi Sitimi Yangsekyu
360 Kiphire Khongsa Fakim
361 Kiphire Khongsa Khong
362 Kiphire Khongsa Khongsa Hq.
363 Kiphire Khongsa Kongsa
364 Kiphire Khongsa Lofokong
365 Kiphire Khongsa Mutinkong
366 Kiphire Khongsa Penkim
367 Kiphire Khongsa Salomi
368 Kiphire Khongsa Sangtsung
369 Kiphire Khongsa Thanamir
370 Kiphire Khongsa Tsundang
371 Kiphire Khongsa Vongtsowong
372 Kohima Botsa Botsa Basa
373 Kohima Botsa Botsa Bawe
374 Kohima Botsa Botsa Botsa
375 Kohima Botsa Botsa Gareiphe Basa
376 Kohima Botsa Botsa Gareiphema
377 Kohima Botsa Botsa Seiyhama
378 Kohima Botsa Botsa Seiyha Phesa
379 Kohima Botsa Botsa Teichuma
380 Kohima Botsa Botsa Tsiemekhuma Basa
381 Kohima Botsa Botsa Tsiemekhuma Bawe
382 Kohima Botsa Botsa Tuophema
383 Kohima Botsa Botsa Tuophe Phezou
384 Kohima Chiephobozou Chiephobozou 4Th NAP Batt. Thiza
385 Kohima Chiephobozou Chiephobozou Chiephobozou
386 Kohima Chiephobozou Chiephobozou Ciechama
387 Kohima Chiephobozou Chiephobozou Meriema
388 Kohima Chiephobozou Chiephobozou Nachama
389 Kohima Chiephobozou Chiephobozou Nerhema
390 Kohima Chiephobozou Chiephobozou Nerhe Model
391 Kohima Chiephobozou Chiephobozou Phekerkrie Basa
392 Kohima Chiephobozou Chiephobozou Phekerkrie Bawe
393 Kohima Chiephobozou Chiephobozou Phezha
394 Kohima Chiephobozou Chiephobozou Rusoma
395 Kohima Chiephobozou Chiephobozou Thizama
396 Kohima Chiephobozou Chiephobozou Tsiese Basa
397 Kohima Chiephobozou Chiephobozou Tsiese Bawe
398 Kohima Chiephobozou Chiephobozou Viphoma
399 Kohima Chiephobozou Chiephobozou Viphoma Basa (UR)
400 Kohima Chiephobozou Chiephobozou Zhadima
401 Kohima Chiephobozou Chiephobozou Ziezou
402 Kohima Jakhama Jakhama Jakhama Hq (UR)
403 Kohima Jakhama Jakhama Jakhama Vill.
404 Kohima Jakhama Jakhama Khuzama
405 Kohima Jakhama Jakhama Kigwema
406 Kohima Jakhama Jakhama Kigwe Town (UR)
407 Kohima Jakhama Jakhama Mima
408 Kohima Jakhama Jakhama Pfuchama
409 Kohima Jakhama Jakhama Phesama
410 Kohima Jakhama Jakhama Sweba (Viswema)
411 Kohima Jakhama Jakhama Viswema
412 Kohima Kezocha Kezocha Dihoma
413 Kohima Kezocha Kezocha Kezo Basa
414 Kohima Kezocha Kezocha Kezocha Hq
415 Kohima Kezocha Kezocha Kezoma
416 Kohima Kezocha Kezocha Kezo Town (UR)
417 Kohima Kezocha Kezocha Kidima
418 Kohima Kezocha Kezocha Kijumetou Basa
419 Kohima Kezocha Kezocha Kijumetouma
420 Kohima Kezocha Kezocha Mitelephe
421 Kohima Kezocha Kezocha Sakhabama
422 Kohima Kohima Sadar Kohima Sadar Chiedema
423 Kohima Kohima Sadar Kohima Sadar Chiede Model Vill.
424 Kohima Kohima Sadar Kohima Sadar Kohima Village
425 Kohima Tseminyu Tseminyu Chunlikha
426 Kohima Tseminyu Tseminyu Ehunnu
427 Kohima Tseminyu Tseminyu Gukhanyu
428 Kohima Tseminyu Tseminyu Guzinyu (UR)
429 Kohima Tseminyu Tseminyu Henbenji
430 Kohima Tseminyu Tseminyu Kandinu
431 Kohima Tseminyu Tseminyu Kashanyishi
432 Kohima Tseminyu Tseminyu Kashanyu
433 Kohima Tseminyu Tseminyu Khenyu
434 Kohima Tseminyu Tseminyu Khonibenzun
435 Kohima Tseminyu Tseminyu K. Station
436 Kohima Tseminyu Tseminyu Likhwenchu
437 Kohima Tseminyu Tseminyu New Terogunyu
438 Kohima Tseminyu Tseminyu New Tesophenyu
439 Kohima Tseminyu Tseminyu Ngvuphen
440 Kohima Tseminyu Tseminyu Nsunyu
441 Kohima Tseminyu Tseminyu Phenda (UR)
442 Kohima Tseminyu Tseminyu Phenshunyu
443 Kohima Tseminyu Tseminyu Phenwhenyu
444 Kohima Tseminyu Tseminyu Rumensinyu
445 Kohima Tseminyu Tseminyu Sewanu
446 Kohima Tseminyu Tseminyu Sishunu
447 Kohima Tseminyu Tseminyu Terogunyu
448 Kohima Tseminyu Tseminyu Tesophenyu
449 Kohima Tseminyu Tseminyu Tseminyu Old Town
450 Kohima Tseminyu Tseminyu Tseminyu South
451 Kohima Tseminyu Tseminyu Tseminyu Vill.
452 Kohima Tseminyu Tseminyu Tsonsa
453 Kohima Tseminyu Tseminyu Yikhanu
454 Kohima Tseminyu Tseminyu Ziphenyu
455 Kohima Tseminyu Tseminyu Zisunyu
456 Kohima Tseminyu Tseminyu Zunpha Mission Centre (UR)
457 Kohima Sechu-Zubza Dzulakema
458 Kohima Sechu-Zubza Dzuleke
459 Kohima Sechu-Zubza Hydro Project Station
460 Kohima Sechu-Zubza Jotsoma
461 Kohima Sechu-Zubza Khonoma
462 Kohima Sechu-Zubza Khonoma Basa (UR)
463 Kohima Sechu-Zubza Kiruphema Basa
464 Kohima Sechu-Zubza Kiruphema Bawe
465 Kohima Sechu-Zubza Mengujuma
466 Kohima Sechu-Zubza Mezo Basa
467 Kohima Sechu-Zubza Mezoma
468 Kohima Sechu-Zubza Peducha
469 Kohima Sechu-Zubza Phezhu (Jotsoma) (UR)
470 Kohima Sechu-Zubza Sechuma
471 Kohima Sechu-Zubza Sechu (Zubza)
472 Kohima Sechu-Zubza Sirhi Angami
473 Kohima Sechu-Zubza Thekrejuma
474 Kohima Tsogin Longwesunyu
475 Kohima Tsogin New Sendenyu
476 Kohima Tsogin Rengmapani
477 Kohima Tsogin Sendenyu
478 Kohima Tsogin Thongsunyu
479 Kohima Tsogin Tsogin Hq
480 Kohima Tsogin Tsosinyu
481 Longleng Namsang Namsang Aboiche (UR)
482 Longleng Namsang Namsang Bura Namsang
483 Longleng Namsang Namsang Konsong S/ Comp (UR)
484 Longleng Namsang Namsang Ladaigarh
485 Longleng Namsang Namsang Namhaching
486 Longleng Namsang Namsang Ngetchungshing
487 Longleng Namsang Namsang Shemnyuching
488 Longleng Namsang Namsang Shetap
489 Longleng Namsang Namsang Yonglok
490 Longleng Sakshi Sakshi Auching
491 Longleng Sakshi Sakshi Hongnyu
492 Longleng Sakshi Sakshi Mungkhu (UR)
493 Longleng Sakshi Sakshi Pongo
494 Longleng Sakshi Sakshi Sakshi Hq (UR)
495 Longleng Sakshi Sakshi Sakshi Village
496 Longleng Sakshi Sakshi Yangching
497 Longleng Sakshi Sakshi Yimchong
498 Longleng Sakshi Sakshi Yongphang
499 Longleng Sakshi Sakshi Yongphang S/Comp (UR)
500 Longleng Tamlu Tamlu Ametchong (UR)
501 Longleng Tamlu Tamlu Apoji
502 Longleng Tamlu Tamlu Kangching
503 Longleng Tamlu Tamlu Nain
504 Longleng Tamlu Tamlu Namha
505 Longleng Tamlu Tamlu Namhaching
506 Longleng Tamlu Tamlu Netnyu
507 Longleng Tamlu Tamlu Netnyuching
508 Longleng Tamlu Tamlu Ngetghungching
509 Longleng Tamlu Tamlu Shitap
510 Longleng Tamlu Tamlu Shnyuchingam
511 Longleng Tamlu Tamlu Tamlu Hq
512 Longleng Tamlu Tamlu Tamlu Village
513 Longleng Tamlu Tamlu Tangha
514 Longleng Tamlu Tamlu Yangshei
515 Longleng Tamlu Tamlu Yonglok
516 Longleng Yachem Yachem Alayung
517 Longleng Yachem Yachem Alayung (UR)
518 Longleng Yachem Yachem Dunkhao
519 Longleng Yachem Yachem Hakpang
520 Longleng Yachem Yachem Hamlikhong (UR)
521 Longleng Yachem Yachem Lingtak
522 Longleng Yachem Yachem Mongnyu
523 Longleng Yachem Yachem Mongtikong
524 Longleng Yachem Yachem Mongtikong (UR)
525 Longleng Yachem Yachem Noksosang
526 Longleng Yachem Yachem Noksosang (UR)
527 Longleng Yachem Yachem Orangkong
528 Longleng Yachem Yachem Oushok (UR)
529 Longleng Yachem Yachem Pongching
530 Longleng Yachem Yachem Yachem
531 Longleng Yachem Yachem YAONG
532 Longleng Yachem Yachem Yaongyimchen
533 Longleng Yachem Yachem Yimchong
534 Longleng Yachem Yachem YONGNYAH
535 Longleng Longleng Alayung
536 Longleng Longleng Bhumnyu (Mongnyu)
537 Longleng Longleng Dungkhao
538 Longleng Longleng Hamlikhong (UR)
539 Longleng Longleng Hukpang
540 Longleng Longleng Lingtak (UR)
541 Longleng Longleng Mongtikong
542 Longleng Longleng Namching S/Comp (UR)
543 Longleng Longleng Noksosang
544 Longleng Longleng Orangkong
545 Longleng Longleng Oushok (UR)
546 Longleng Longleng Pongching
547 Longleng Longleng Yachem
548 Longleng Longleng Yaong
549 Longleng Longleng Yaongyimchen
550 Longleng Longleng Yimchong
551 Longleng Longleng Yongnyah
552 Longleng Yongnyah Amosen (UR)
553 Longleng Yongnyah Chingong (UR)
554 Longleng Yongnyah Nian
555 Longleng Yongnyah Shamshangching (UR)
556 Longleng Yongnyah Tangha
557 Longleng Yongnyah Yongam
558 Longleng Yongnyah Yongnyah Hq (UR)
559 Longleng Yongnyah Yongnyah Village
560 Longleng Yongnyah Yongshei
561 Longleng Yongnyah Yotan S/Comp (UR)
562 Longleng Yongnyah Yungja (UR)
563 Mokokchung Alongkima Alongkima Alongkima Hq
564 Mokokchung Alongkima Alongkima Dibuia
565 Mokokchung Alongkima Alongkima Dibuia Comp.
566 Mokokchung Alongkima Alongkima Molungkimong
567 Mokokchung Alongkima Alongkima Molungyimsen
568 Mokokchung Alongkima Alongkima Molungyimsen 'B' (Luyong)
569 Mokokchung Alongkima Alongkima Mongchen
570 Mokokchung Alongkima Alongkima Waromong
571 Mokokchung Alongkima Alongkima Waromong Comp.
572 Mokokchung Alongkima Alongkima Yimjenkimong
573 Mokokchung Changtongya Changtongya Akhoia
574 Mokokchung Changtongya Changtongya Changtongya (New)
575 Mokokchung Changtongya Changtongya Changtongya (Old)
576 Mokokchung Changtongya Changtongya Kilingmen
577 Mokokchung Changtongya Changtongya Liroyim Model Village
578 Mokokchung Changtongya Changtongya Unger
579 Mokokchung Changtongya Changtongya Yaongyimsen
580 Mokokchung Changtongya Changtongya Yaongyimsen Comp.
581 Mokokchung Chuchuyimlang Chuchuyimlang Chakpa
582 Mokokchung Chuchuyimlang Chuchuyimlang Chuchuyimlang
583 Mokokchung Chuchuyimlang Chuchuyimlang Chuchuyimlang Vill.
584 Mokokchung Chuchuyimlang Chuchuyimlang Longkong
585 Mokokchung Chuchuyimlang Chuchuyimlang Mongsenyimti
586 Mokokchung Chuchuyimlang Chuchuyimlang Mongsenyimti Comp. (UR)
587 Mokokchung Chuchuyimlang Chuchuyimlang Phangsang Comp.
588 Mokokchung Chuchuyimlang Chuchuyimlang Salulemang
589 Mokokchung Chuchuyimlang Chuchuyimlang Yaongyimti (New)
590 Mokokchung Chuchuyimlang Chuchuyimlang Yaongyimti (Old)
591 Mokokchung Chuchuyimlang Chuchuyimlang Yisemyong Comp.
592 Mokokchung Longchem Longchem Akumen
593 Mokokchung Longchem Longchem Alongtaki Comp. (UR)
594 Mokokchung Longchem Longchem Aonokpu
595 Mokokchung Longchem Longchem Aonokpuyimsen (UR)
596 Mokokchung Longchem Longchem Changdang
597 Mokokchung Longchem Longchem Lakhuni
598 Mokokchung Longchem Longchem Lirmen
599 Mokokchung Longchem Longchem Lizo Model Vill. (UR)
600 Mokokchung Longchem Longchem Longchem Comp.
601 Mokokchung Longchem Longchem Nokpu
602 Mokokchung Longchem Longchem Saring
603 Mokokchung Longchem Longchem Saringyim
604 Mokokchung Longchem Longchem Tsurmen
605 Mokokchung Longchem Longchem Yajang 'A'
606 Mokokchung Longchem Longchem Yajang 'B'
607 Mokokchung Longchem Longchem Yajang 'C'
608 Mokokchung Longchem Longchem Yajang Model Vill. (UR)
609 Mokokchung Merangmen Merangmen Aokum
610 Mokokchung Merangmen Merangmen Aosenden
611 Mokokchung Merangmen Merangmen Aosungkum
612 Mokokchung Merangmen Merangmen Chungtiayimsen
613 Mokokchung Merangmen Merangmen Longphayimsen
614 Mokokchung Merangmen Merangmen Medemyim
615 Mokokchung Merangmen Merangmen Moayimti
616 Mokokchung Merangmen Merangmen Tsutapela (UR)
617 Mokokchung Merangmen Merangmen Vikuto (UR)
618 Mokokchung Merangmen Merangmen Watiyim
619 Mokokchung Tsurangkong Tsurangkong Satsuk
620 Mokokchung Tuli Tuli Anaki
621 Mokokchung Tuli Tuli Anaki 'C'
622 Mokokchung Tuli Tuli Anaki Old
623 Mokokchung Tuli Tuli Anakiyimsen
624 Mokokchung Tuli Tuli Aopenzu
625 Mokokchung Tuli Tuli Asangma
626 Mokokchung Tuli Tuli Kangtsung
627 Mokokchung Tuli Tuli Kangtsung Yimsen
628 Mokokchung Tuli Tuli Kangtsung Yimsen (UR)
629 Mokokchung Tuli Tuli Merangkong
630 Mokokchung Tuli Tuli Merangkong Comp.
631 Mokokchung Tuli Tuli Mulongyimsen
632 Mokokchung Tuli Tuli Mulongyimsen "B"
633 Mokokchung Tuli Tuli Tsudikong (13th Mile Tuli Paper Mill )
634 Mokokchung Tuli Tuli Wamaken
635 Mokokchung Tuli Tuli Wamakenyimsen (UR)
636 Mokokchung Kubolong Alongchen Comp.
637 Mokokchung Kubolong Chami
638 Mokokchung Kubolong Impur Comp.
639 Mokokchung Kubolong Khanimu
640 Mokokchung Kubolong Kubolong Hq
641 Mokokchung Kubolong Longjang
642 Mokokchung Kubolong Longpa
643 Mokokchung Kubolong Mopungchukit
644 Mokokchung Kubolong Sungratsu
645 Mokokchung Kubolong Yimchalu
646 Mokokchung Mangkolemba Atuphumi
647 Mokokchung Mangkolemba Changki
648 Mokokchung Mangkolemba Chungliyimsen
649 Mokokchung Mangkolemba Chungliyimsen Comp.
650 Mokokchung Mangkolemba Japu
651 Mokokchung Mangkolemba Khar
652 Mokokchung Mangkolemba Longnak
653 Mokokchung Mangkolemba Longsemdang
654 Mokokchung Mangkolemba Longtho
655 Mokokchung Mangkolemba Mangkolemba Hq
656 Mokokchung Mangkolemba Merakiong
657 Mokokchung Mangkolemba Mulongkimong
658 Mokokchung Mangkolemba Puneboto Comp.
659 Mokokchung Mangkolemba Satsukba
660 Mokokchung Mangkolemba Shihaphumi
661 Mokokchung Mangkolemba Yimchenkimong
662 Mokokchung Ongpangkong Aliba
663 Mokokchung Ongpangkong Alichen (UR)
664 Mokokchung Ongpangkong Aosetsu
665 Mokokchung Ongpangkong Chubayimkum
666 Mokokchung Ongpangkong Chuchuyimpang
667 Mokokchung Ongpangkong Chungtia
668 Mokokchung Ongpangkong Khensa
669 Mokokchung Ongpangkong Kinunger
670 Mokokchung Ongpangkong Kupza
671 Mokokchung Ongpangkong Longjongkong (New Camp) (UR)
672 Mokokchung Ongpangkong Longkhum
673 Mokokchung Ongpangkong Longmisa
674 Mokokchung Ongpangkong Longsa
675 Mokokchung Ongpangkong Mangmetong
676 Mokokchung Ongpangkong Mekuli
677 Mokokchung Ongpangkong Meyilong
678 Mokokchung Ongpangkong Moalenden
679 Mokokchung Ongpangkong Mokokchung Vill.
680 Mokokchung Ongpangkong Settsu
681 Mokokchung Ongpangkong Ungma
682 Mon Aboi Aboi Aboi Hq
683 Mon Aboi Aboi Ao Pao
684 Mon Aboi Aboi Aopao Changle
685 Mon Aboi Aboi Chinglong
686 Mon Aboi Aboi Chuhachinglen
687 Mon Aboi Aboi Chuhachingnyu
688 Mon Aboi Aboi Langmeang
689 Mon Aboi Aboi Ngangching
690 Mon Angjangyang Angjangyang Angjangyang Hq.
691 Mon Angjangyang Angjangyang Angjangyang Vill.
692 Mon Angjangyang Angjangyang Angphang
693 Mon Angjangyang Angjangyang Changai Hongnyu (UR)
694 Mon Angjangyang Angjangyang Changlang
695 Mon Angjangyang Angjangyang Jakphang
696 Mon Angjangyang Angjangyang Longching Hq
697 Mon Angjangyang Angjangyang Longching Village
698 Mon Angjangyang Angjangyang Mohung
699 Mon Angjangyang Angjangyang Sowa
700 Mon Angjangyang Angjangyang Sowa Changle
701 Mon Chen Chen Chen Hq
702 Mon Chen Chen Chenloisho
703 Mon Chen Chen Chenmoho
704 Mon Chen Chen Chenwetnyu
705 Mon Chen Chen Chingkao Chingha
706 Mon Chen Chen Chingkao Chingnyu
707 Mon Chen Chen Chingpong (UR)
708 Mon Chen Chen Choknyu
709 Mon Chen Chen Wangti
710 Mon Hunta Hunta Hunta Hq
711 Mon Hunta Hunta Joboka
712 Mon Hunta Hunta Laokhu
713 Mon Hunta Hunta Longting
714 Mon Hunta Hunta Neitong
715 Mon Hunta Hunta Nokyan
716 Mon Hunta Hunta Nokzang
717 Mon Hunta Hunta Old Jaboka (UR)
718 Mon Hunta Hunta Yannyu
719 Mon Hunta Hunta Yannyu Laishan (UR)
720 Mon Longshen Longshen Longshen Hq
721 Mon Longshen Longshen Shianghachingnyu
722 Mon Longshen Longshen Shianghamokok
723 Mon Longshen Longshen Shianghatangteh
724 Mon Longshen Longshen Shianghawamsa
725 Mon Longshen Longshen Tang
726 Mon Longshen Longshen Yuting
727 Mon Mon Sadar Mon Sadar Chui
728 Mon Mon Sadar Mon Sadar Goching
729 Mon Mon Sadar Mon Sadar Hongphoi
730 Mon Mon Sadar Mon Sadar Lampongsheanghah
731 Mon Mon Sadar Mon Sadar Leangha
732 Mon Mon Sadar Mon Sadar Leangnyu
733 Mon Mon Sadar Mon Sadar Longkai
734 Mon Mon Sadar Mon Sadar Mon (TC)
735 Mon Mon Sadar Mon Sadar Mon Village
736 Mon Mon Sadar Mon Sadar Oting
737 Mon Mon Sadar Mon Sadar Phuktong
738 Mon Mon Sadar Mon Sadar Pongkong
739 Mon Mon Sadar Mon Sadar Tekuk (UR)
740 Mon Mon Sadar Mon Sadar Totokchingha
741 Mon Mon Sadar Mon Sadar Totokchingkho
742 Mon Mon Sadar Mon Sadar Totok Chinglem (UR)
743 Mon Mon Sadar Mon Sadar Totokchingnyu
744 Mon Mon Sadar Mon Sadar Tuimei
745 Mon Mon Sadar Mon Sadar Wangla
746 Mon Naginimora Naginimora Hotahoti
747 Mon Naginimora Naginimora Kongon
748 Mon Naginimora Naginimora Mahung (UR)
749 Mon Naginimora Naginimora Naginimora (TC)
750 Mon Naginimora Naginimora Namthai
751 Mon Naginimora Naginimora Tiru (Lower)
752 Mon Naginimora Naginimora Tiru (Upper)
753 Mon Phomching Phomching Longwa
754 Mon Phomching Phomching Longwa Wasa
755 Mon Phomching Phomching Longzang
756 Mon Phomching Phomching Nyahnyu
757 Mon Phomching Phomching Phomching Hq
758 Mon Phomching Phomching Pukha
759 Mon Phomching Phomching Wetting
760 Mon Tizit Tizit Laokhun
761 Mon Tizit Tizit Lapa
762 Mon Tizit Tizit Lapalampong (UR)
763 Mon Tizit Tizit Longlem
764 Mon Tizit Tizit Ngangtan (UR)
765 Mon Tizit Tizit Ngangting
766 Mon Tizit Tizit Old Sangsa (UR)
767 Mon Tizit Tizit Sangsa
768 Mon Tizit Tizit Tekang (UR)
769 Mon Tizit Tizit Tekun (UR)
770 Mon Tizit Tizit Tela
771 Mon Tizit Tizit Tingalibam (Sakho)
772 Mon Tizit Tizit Tizit Hq
773 Mon Tizit Tizit Tizit Village
774 Mon Tizit Tizit Yanpan
775 Mon Tizit Tizit Zakho
776 Mon Tobu Tobu Shamnyu
777 Mon Tobu Tobu Tamkong
778 Mon Tobu Tobu Tobu HQ
779 Mon Tobu Tobu Tobu Village
780 Mon Wakching Wakching Chingphoi
781 Mon Wakching Wakching Chingtang
782 Mon Wakching Wakching Lampong Wakching (UR)
783 Mon Wakching Wakching Shiyong
784 Mon Wakching Wakching Tanhai
785 Mon Wakching Wakching Wakching
786 Mon Wakching Wakching Wakching Chingla Vill.
787 Mon Wakching Wakching Wakching Hq
788 Mon Wakching Wakching Wanching
789 Mon Monyakshu Bumei S/Comp.
790 Mon Monyakshu Changlangshu
791 Mon Monyakshu Changlu
792 Mon Monyakshu Changsha (UR)
793 Mon Monyakshu Eyiang (UR)
794 Mon Monyakshu Meinchangle
795 Mon Monyakshu Monyakshu Hq
796 Mon Monyakshu Monyakshu Village
797 Mon Monyakshu Pesao
798 Mon Monyakshu Shinnyu
799 Mon Monyakshu Thannyak (UR)
800 Mon Monyakshu Yongkhao
801 Mon Mopong Angchen (UR)
802 Mon Mopong Changkhoang (UR)
803 Mon Mopong Changnyu
804 Mon Mopong Kenjenshu
805 Mon Mopong Mopong Hq
806 Mon Mopong Ukha
807 Mon Mopong Yakshu
808 Mon Mopong Yei
809 Mon Mopong Yonghong
810 Mon Shangnyu Longpho
811 Mon Shangnyu Nyasha
812 Mon Shangnyu Shangnyu
813 Mon Shangnyu Zangkham
814 Mon Shangnyu Zangkham Tingsa
815 Peren Athibung Athibung Athibung
816 Peren Athibung Athibung Beisumpuikam
817 Peren Athibung Athibung Bongkolong
818 Peren Athibung Athibung Bunglen (UR)
819 Peren Athibung Athibung Gellhang (UR)
820 Peren Athibung Athibung Gopibung (UR)
821 Peren Athibung Athibung Ikiesingram
822 Peren Athibung Athibung Inbung
823 Peren Athibung Athibung Lilen
824 Peren Athibung Athibung Lilen 'B' (UR)
825 Peren Athibung Athibung Mouicham (UR)
826 Peren Athibung Athibung New Beisumpui
827 Peren Athibung Athibung New Chalkot
828 Peren Athibung Athibung Newchamcha (UR)
829 Peren Athibung Athibung New Ngaulang
830 Peren Athibung Athibung New Pellhang (UR)
831 Peren Athibung Athibung Old Beisumpui
832 Peren Athibung Athibung Old Chalkot
833 Peren Athibung Athibung Pellhang
834 Peren Athibung Athibung Pellhang 'B' (UR)
835 Peren Athibung Athibung Phaijol
836 Peren Athibung Athibung Phanjang
837 Peren Athibung Athibung Saijang
838 Peren Athibung Athibung Songlhuh
839 Peren Athibung Athibung Songnou
840 Peren Athibung Athibung Songsang
841 Peren Athibung Athibung Vongkithem
842 Peren Athibung Athibung Vongkithem 'B' (UR)
843 Peren Jalukie Jalukie Dunki
844 Peren Jalukie Jalukie Dzukwaram
845 Peren Jalukie Jalukie Inavi (Hevuto) (UR)
846 Peren Jalukie Jalukie Jalukie 'B'
847 Peren Jalukie Jalukie Jalukiekam
848 Peren Jalukie Jalukie Jalukielo
849 Peren Jalukie Jalukie Jalukie Lower Khel (UR)
850 Peren Jalukie Jalukie Jalukie (Old)
851 Peren Jalukie Jalukie Jalukieram
852 Peren Jalukie Jalukie Jalukie Rongdai (UR)
853 Peren Jalukie Jalukie Jalukie 'S' (J. Sangtam)
854 Peren Jalukie Jalukie Jalukie Upper Khel (UR)
855 Peren Jalukie Jalukie Jalukie Zangdi
856 Peren Jalukie Jalukie Kejanglwa
857 Peren Jalukie Jalukie Libamphai
858 Peren Jalukie Jalukie Mhai
859 Peren Jalukie Jalukie Mhaikam
860 Peren Jalukie Jalukie Mhainamtsi
861 Peren Jalukie Jalukie New Jalukie
862 Peren Jalukie Jalukie Nkwareu
863 Peren Jalukie Jalukie Samzuram
864 Peren Jalukie Jalukie Viniho (UR)
865 Peren Kebai Khelma Kebai Khelma Beisumpuilwo (UR)
866 Peren Kebai Khelma Kebai Khelma Ikeisingram
867 Peren Kebai Khelma Kebai Khelma Khelma
868 Peren Kebai Khelma Kebai Khelma Lower Sinjol
869 Peren Kebai Khelma Kebai Khelma New Ngaolong
870 Peren Kebai Khelma Kebai Khelma New Soget
871 Peren Kebai Khelma Kebai Khelma Nkio 'B'
872 Peren Kebai Khelma Kebai Khelma Nkio (New)
873 Peren Kebai Khelma Kebai Khelma Nsenlwa
874 Peren Kebai Khelma Kebai Khelma Old Soget
875 Peren Kebai Khelma Kebai Khelma Phaikolum
876 Peren Kebai Khelma Kebai Khelma Sailhem
877 Peren Kebai Khelma Kebai Khelma Songngou
878 Peren Nsong Nsong Bamsiakelu
879 Peren Nsong Nsong Lalong
880 Peren Nsong Nsong Nchan
881 Peren Nsong Nsong Ngam
882 Peren Nsong Nsong Nsong Hq
883 Peren Nsong Nsong Nsong Vill.
884 Peren Nsong Nsong Nzauna
885 Peren Nsong Nsong Old Ngaulong
886 Peren Tening Tening Azailong
887 Peren Tening Tening Canamram (UR)
888 Peren Tening Tening Heiranglwa
889 Peren Tening Tening Mbaulwa
890 Peren Tening Tening Mbaupunchi
891 Peren Tening Tening Mbaupungwa
892 Peren Tening Tening Mechangbung
893 Peren Tening Tening Nchangram
894 Peren Tening Tening New Tesen
895 Peren Tening Tening Nkialwa
896 Peren Tening Tening Nkio (Old)
897 Peren Tening Tening Nsong Village
898 Peren Tening Tening Ntu
899 Peren Tening Tening Nzau Namsan
900 Peren Tening Tening Nzau (Old)
901 Peren Tening Tening Old Tesen
902 Peren Tening Tening Tening Christ Vill. (UR)
903 Peren Tening Tening Tening Hq
904 Peren Tening Tening Tening Namsan (UR)
905 Peren Tening Tening Tening (Old)
906 Peren Tening Tening Tenning Village
907 Peren Tening Tening Tepun
908 Peren Tening Tening Upper Sinjol
909 Peren Pedi (Ngwalwa) Benreu
910 Peren Pedi (Ngwalwa) Gaili
911 Peren Pedi (Ngwalwa) Hainaikui (UR)
912 Peren Pedi (Ngwalwa) Heningkunglwa
913 Peren Pedi (Ngwalwa) Heunanbe (UR)
914 Peren Pedi (Ngwalwa) Kelagim (UR)
915 Peren Pedi (Ngwalwa) Ngwalwa Hq
916 Peren Pedi (Ngwalwa) Ngwalwa Vill.
917 Peren Pedi (Ngwalwa) Pedi
918 Peren Pedi (Ngwalwa) Poilwa
919 Peren Pedi (Ngwalwa) Poilwa Namci
920 Peren Pedi (Ngwalwa) Poilwa Namdi (UR)
921 Peren Pedi (Ngwalwa) Punglwa
922 Peren Pedi (Ngwalwa) Punglwa 'B' (UR)
923 Peren Peren Deukoram
924 Peren Peren Kendung
925 Peren Peren Kenjanglwa
926 Peren Peren Kipeujang (UR)
927 Peren Peren Moai Old & New
928 Peren Peren Mpai
929 Peren Peren Ndunglwa
930 Peren Peren New Puilwa
931 Peren Peren Old Puilwa
932 Peren Peren Peletkie
933 Peren Peren Peren Namdi (UR)
934 Peren Peren Peren (New)
935 Peren Peren Peren (Old)
936 Phek Chizami Chizami Chizami Hq
937 Phek Chizami Chizami Chizami Vill.
938 Phek Chizami Chizami Enhulumi
939 Phek Chizami Chizami Ghozuto
940 Phek Chizami Chizami Mesulumi
941 Phek Chizami Chizami Sumi (Swemi)
942 Phek Chizami Chizami Thetsumi
943 Phek Chizami Chizami Zeluma
944 Phek Khezhakeno Khezhakeno Khezakeno Hq
945 Phek Khezhakeno Khezhakeno Khezakeno Village
946 Phek Khuza Khuza Chiepoketa
947 Phek Khuza Khuza Khutsokhuno
948 Phek Khuza Khuza Khuza Hq
949 Phek Khuza Khuza Khuza Village
950 Phek Khuza Khuza Metsale
951 Phek Khuza Khuza Suthotsu
952 Phek Khuza Khuza Tehephu
953 Phek Meluri Meluri Akhegwo
954 Phek Meluri Meluri Akhegwo Junction (UR)
955 Phek Meluri Meluri Akhen
956 Phek Meluri Meluri Kanjang
957 Phek Meluri Meluri Khumisu
958 Phek Meluri Meluri Kukhegwo
959 Phek Meluri Meluri Lephori
960 Phek Meluri Meluri Matikhru
961 Phek Meluri Meluri Meluri Hq
962 Phek Meluri Meluri Meluri Village
963 Phek Meluri Meluri Mollen
964 Phek Meluri Meluri New Akhegwo
965 Phek Meluri Meluri Reguri
966 Phek Meluri Meluri Yisisotha
967 Phek Pfutsero Pfutsero Kade (UR)
968 Phek Pfutsero Pfutsero Kami
969 Phek Pfutsero Pfutsero Kikruma
970 Phek Pfutsero Pfutsero Lekromi
971 Phek Pfutsero Pfutsero Pfutseromi
972 Phek Pfutsero Pfutsero Phusachodu
973 Phek Pfutsero Pfutsero R.D Block Kikruma (UR)
974 Phek Phek Sadar Phek Sadar Chosaba
975 Phek Phek Sadar Phek Sadar Ketsapo
976 Phek Phek Sadar Phek Sadar Khutsokhuno
977 Phek Phek Sadar Phek Sadar Khuzami
978 Phek Phek Sadar Phek Sadar Kizari
979 Phek Phek Sadar Phek Sadar Kotisu
980 Phek Phek Sadar Phek Sadar Lanyezho (Lanye) (UR)
981 Phek Phek Sadar Phek Sadar Losami
982 Phek Phek Sadar Phek Sadar Losami Junction (UR)
983 Phek Phek Sadar Phek Sadar Lozaphuhu
984 Phek Phek Sadar Phek Sadar Metsali
985 Phek Phek Sadar Phek Sadar Phek Basa
986 Phek Phek Sadar Phek Sadar Phek Old Town
987 Phek Phek Sadar Phek Sadar Phek Village
988 Phek Phek Sadar Phek Sadar Satheri
989 Phek Phek Sadar Phek Sadar Sohomi
990 Phek Phek Sadar Phek Sadar Sothotse
991 Phek Phek Sadar Phek Sadar Surhoba
992 Phek Phek Sadar Phek Sadar Tezatse
993 Phek Phor Phor Hutsu
994 Phek Phor Phor Kuzatu
995 Phek Phor Phor New Phor
996 Phek Phor Phor Phor
997 Phek Phor Phor Satuza
998 Phek Phor Phor Weziho
999 Phek Phor Phor Weziho Town
1000 Phek Phor Phor Wuzu
1001 Phek Phor Phor Yesi
1002 Phek Phor Phor Yesisotha Centre (UR)
1003 Phek Razieba Razieba Razieba Hq
1004 Phek Razieba Razieba Tsupfume
1005 Phek Razieba Razieba Zavachu
1006 Phek Razieba Razieba Zelume
1007 Phek Razieba Razieba Zhavame
1008 Phek Sekruzu Sekruzu Dzulhami
1009 Phek Sekruzu Sekruzu Khusomi
1010 Phek Sekruzu Sekruzu Khutsami
1011 Phek Sekruzu Sekruzu New Ruzazho
1012 Phek Sekruzu Sekruzu Phugwi
1013 Phek Sekruzu Sekruzu Runguzu Nasa
1014 Phek Sekruzu Sekruzu Runguzu Nawe
1015 Phek Sekruzu Sekruzu Ruzazho
1016 Phek Sekruzu Sekruzu Sekrezu
1017 Phek Sekruzu Sekruzu Suthazu Nasa
1018 Phek Sekruzu Sekruzu Suthazu Nawe
1019 Phek Sekruzu Sekruzu Therhutsesemi
1020 Phek Sekruzu Sekruzu Therutsuswu
1021 Phek Sekruzu Sekruzu Thuvopisu
1022 Phek Zuketsa Zuketsa Lasumi
1023 Phek Zuketsa Zuketsa Leshemi
1024 Phek Zuketsa Zuketsa Lowuza (UR)
1025 Phek Zuketsa Zuketsa Zapami
1026 Phek Zuketsa Zuketsa Zuketsa
1027 Phek Chetheba Chesezumi
1028 Phek Chetheba Chesezu Nasa
1029 Phek Chetheba Chesezu Nawe
1030 Phek Chetheba Chetheba Hq
1031 Phek Chetheba Khulazu Basa
1032 Phek Chetheba Khulazu Bawe
1033 Phek Chetheba Phuyoba
1034 Phek Chetheba Rihuba
1035 Phek Chetheba Thenyizumi
1036 Phek Chetheba Thipuzu
1037 Phek Chozuba Chozuba Hq
1038 Phek Chozuba Chozubasa (UR)
1039 Phek Chozuba Chozuba Vill.
1040 Phek Chozuba Khesomi
1041 Phek Chozuba Phusachudu
1042 Phek Chozuba Runguzumi Nasa
1043 Phek Chozuba Runguzumi Nawe
1044 Phek Chozuba Thevopisu
1045 Phek Chozuba Yoruba
1046 Phek Phokhungri Avankhu
1047 Phek Phokhungri Laruri
1048 Phek Phokhungri Letsam
1049 Phek Phokhungri Mokie
1050 Phek Phokhungri New Thewati
1051 Phek Phokhungri Old Thewati
1052 Phek Phokhungri Phokhungri Hq
1053 Phek Phokhungri Phokhungri Vill.
1054 Phek Phokhungri Sutsu
1055 Phek Phokhungri Washelo
1056 Phek Phokhungri Zipu
1057 Phek Sakraba Gidemi (Gozuto)
1058 Phek Sakraba Lower Khomi
1059 Phek Sakraba Middle Khomi
1060 Phek Sakraba Pholami (New)
1061 Phek Sakraba Pholami (Old)
1062 Phek Sakraba Porba
1063 Phek Sakraba Sakraba
1064 Phek Sakraba Sakraba Hq
1065 Phek Sakraba Upper Khomi
1066 Phek Sakraba Wibo (Mithun Research Centre) (UR)
1067 Tuensang Chare Chare Alisopur
1068 Tuensang Chare Chare Chare Hq
1069 Tuensang Chare Chare Chare Old Town
1070 Tuensang Chare Chare Chare Village
1071 Tuensang Chare Chare Chungliyimti
1072 Tuensang Chare Chare Chungliyimti New
1073 Tuensang Chare Chare Dikhu Village
1074 Tuensang Chare Chare JNV School Compound
1075 Tuensang Chare Chare Kiding
1076 Tuensang Chare Chare Longkhitpeh
1077 Tuensang Chare Chare Longthrox S/Comp.
1078 Tuensang Chare Chare New Tsadanger
1079 Tuensang Chare Chare Old Tsadanger
1080 Tuensang Chare Chare Tonglongsor
1081 Tuensang Chare Chare Tronger
1082 Tuensang Chare Chare Tsadang New
1083 Tuensang Chare Chare Tsadang Old
1084 Tuensang Chessore Chessore Aiponger
1085 Tuensang Chessore Chessore Chessore Hq
1086 Tuensang Chessore Chessore Chessore Vill.
1087 Tuensang Chessore Chessore Hukir
1088 Tuensang Chessore Chessore Kelonger
1089 Tuensang Chessore Chessore Kelongru
1090 Tuensang Chessore Chessore Kephore
1091 Tuensang Chessore Chessore K.Longsore (UR)
1092 Tuensang Chessore Chessore Kuthur
1093 Tuensang Chessore Chessore Longsore K
1094 Tuensang Chessore Chessore Longtoker
1095 Tuensang Chessore Chessore Shiponger
1096 Tuensang Chessore Chessore Shiponger "B"
1097 Tuensang Chingmei Chingmei Chendang Saddle
1098 Tuensang Chingmei Chingmei Chingmei
1099 Tuensang Chingmei Chingmei Chingmei Hq.
1100 Tuensang Chingmei Chingmei Taknyu
1101 Tuensang Chingmei Chingmei Waoshu
1102 Tuensang Chingmei Chingmei Yimpang
1103 Tuensang Longkhim Longkhim Angangba
1104 Tuensang Longkhim Longkhim Chimonger
1105 Tuensang Longkhim Longkhim Chungtore
1106 Tuensang Longkhim Longkhim Holongba
1107 Tuensang Longkhim Longkhim Lirise
1108 Tuensang Longkhim Longkhim Longkhim Hq
1109 Tuensang Longkhim Longkhim New Mangakhi
1110 Tuensang Longkhim Longkhim New Sangsomong
1111 Tuensang Longkhim Longkhim New Tsaru
1112 Tuensang Longkhim Longkhim Old Mangakhi
1113 Tuensang Longkhim Longkhim Phirahir
1114 Tuensang Longkhim Longkhim Sangsomong
1115 Tuensang Longkhim Longkhim Yangli Mission Centre
1116 Tuensang Mangko Mangko Kephore "A"
1117 Tuensang Mangko Mangko Kephore "B" (UR)
1118 Tuensang Mangko Mangko Kiutsukiur
1119 Tuensang Mangko Mangko Mangko Hq
1120 Tuensang Mangko Mangko Y. Anner Vill.
1121 Tuensang Ngoungchung Ngoungchung Bhumpak
1122 Tuensang Ngoungchung Ngoungchung Hak
1123 Tuensang Ngoungchung Ngoungchung Lokong
1124 Tuensang Ngoungchung Ngoungchung Longtang
1125 Tuensang Ngoungchung Ngoungchung Momching
1126 Tuensang Ngoungchung Ngoungchung Nakshou
1127 Tuensang Ngoungchung Ngoungchung Ngoungchung Hq.
1128 Tuensang Ngoungchung Ngoungchung Sangchen Compound (UR)
1129 Tuensang Ngoungchung Ngoungchung Saoshou
1130 Tuensang Ngoungchung Ngoungchung Yali
1131 Tuensang Nokhu Nokhu Aniashu
1132 Tuensang Nokhu Nokhu Choklangan
1133 Tuensang Nokhu Nokhu Kenking (UR)
1134 Tuensang Nokhu Nokhu Kingpao
1135 Tuensang Nokhu Nokhu Langnok
1136 Tuensang Nokhu Nokhu Nokhu
1137 Tuensang Nokhu Nokhu Nokhu Hq.
1138 Tuensang Noklak Noklak C Saddle
1139 Tuensang Noklak Noklak Dan
1140 Tuensang Noklak Noklak Ekhao
1141 Tuensang Noklak Noklak Kingpao
1142 Tuensang Noklak Noklak Kusong
1143 Tuensang Noklak Noklak Kusung
1144 Tuensang Noklak Noklak Langnok
1145 Tuensang Noklak Noklak Nakyak
1146 Tuensang Noklak Noklak New Chingmai
1147 Tuensang Noklak Noklak Noklak Hq
1148 Tuensang Noklak Noklak Noklak Vill.
1149 Tuensang Noklak Noklak Nokyan
1150 Tuensang Noklak Noklak Nokyan "B"
1151 Tuensang Noklak Noklak Nokyau
1152 Tuensang Noklak Noklak Pangsha (New)
1153 Tuensang Noklak Noklak Pangsha (Old)
1154 Tuensang Noklak Noklak Panking
1155 Tuensang Noklak Noklak Thagoun
1156 Tuensang Noklak Noklak Wansoi
1157 Tuensang Noksen Noksen Kumpong
1158 Tuensang Noksen Noksen Litem
1159 Tuensang Noksen Noksen Longdang
1160 Tuensang Noksen Noksen Longna
1161 Tuensang Noksen Noksen Longra
1162 Tuensang Noksen Noksen Noksen Hq
1163 Tuensang Noksen Noksen Noksen Village
1164 Tuensang Noksen Noksen Sangtak
1165 Tuensang Noksen Noksen Yali
1166 Tuensang Noksen Noksen Yangpi (Kongsang)
1167 Tuensang Noksen Noksen Yimrep
1168 Tuensang Noksen Noksen Yimrup
1169 Tuensang Noksen Noksen Yokumsang S/Comp (UR)
1170 Tuensang Noksen Noksen Yonyu
1171 Tuensang Noksen Noksen Younyu
1172 Tuensang Panso Panso Ekhao
1173 Tuensang Panso Panso Kingniu
1174 Tuensang Panso Panso Lengnyu
1175 Tuensang Panso Panso Lumoking (UR)
1176 Tuensang Panso Panso Panso Hq
1177 Tuensang Panso Panso Pathso
1178 Tuensang Panso Panso Pathso Nokeng
1179 Tuensang Panso Panso Tsangkoi (UR)
1180 Tuensang Panso Panso Tsuwao
1181 Tuensang Panso Panso Yokao
1182 Tuensang Sangsangnyu Sangsangnyu Chendang
1183 Tuensang Sangsangnyu Sangsangnyu Hakchang
1184 Tuensang Sangsangnyu Sangsangnyu Helipang
1185 Tuensang Sangsangnyu Sangsangnyu Kejok
1186 Tuensang Sangsangnyu Sangsangnyu Keshai (UR)
1187 Tuensang Sangsangnyu Sangsangnyu Konya
1188 Tuensang Sangsangnyu Sangsangnyu Maksha
1189 Tuensang Sangsangnyu Sangsangnyu Momgching
1190 Tuensang Sangsangnyu Sangsangnyu Nakshu
1191 Tuensang Sangsangnyu Sangsangnyu Nyinyem
1192 Tuensang Sangsangnyu Sangsangnyu Sangsangnyu Hq
1193 Tuensang Sangsangnyu Sangsangnyu Saochu
1194 Tuensang Shamator Shamator Chassir
1195 Tuensang Shamator Shamator Kihoto Theological College Campus
1196 Tuensang Shamator Shamator Lasikiur
1197 Tuensang Shamator Shamator Liangkonger
1198 Tuensang Shamator Shamator Muleangkiur
1199 Tuensang Shamator Shamator Rurur
1200 Tuensang Shamator Shamator Sangphur
1201 Tuensang Shamator Shamator Shamator Hq
1202 Tuensang Shamator Shamator Shamator N.A.P Post
1203 Tuensang Shamator Shamator Shamator Village
1204 Tuensang Shamator Shamator Waphur
1205 Tuensang Shamator Shamator Yakor
1206 Tuensang Sotokur Sotokur Chingmelen
1207 Tuensang Sotokur Sotokur K.Longsore
1208 Tuensang Sotokur Sotokur Kuthur
1209 Tuensang Sotokur Sotokur Longtokur
1210 Tuensang Sotokur Sotokur Sipongsang
1211 Tuensang Sotokur Sotokur Sotokur
1212 Tuensang Thonoknyu Thonoknyu Chilliso
1213 Tuensang Thonoknyu Thonoknyu Chipur
1214 Tuensang Thonoknyu Thonoknyu Jejeiking (UR)
1215 Tuensang Thonoknyu Thonoknyu Kenjong
1216 Tuensang Thonoknyu Thonoknyu Kingphu (UR)
1217 Tuensang Thonoknyu Thonoknyu New Sanglao
1218 Tuensang Thonoknyu Thonoknyu New Thongsonyu
1219 Tuensang Thonoknyu Thonoknyu Pang
1220 Tuensang Thonoknyu Thonoknyu Peshu
1221 Tuensang Thonoknyu Thonoknyu Peshu Nokya (UR)
1222 Tuensang Thonoknyu Thonoknyu Sanglao
1223 Tuensang Thonoknyu Thonoknyu Thoktsur
1224 Tuensang Thonoknyu Thonoknyu Thongsonyu
1225 Tuensang Thonoknyu Thonoknyu Thongtsou (UR)
1226 Tuensang Thonoknyu Thonoknyu Thonoknyu Hq
1227 Tuensang Thonoknyu Thonoknyu Thonoknyu Vill.
1228 Tuensang Thonoknyu Thonoknyu Wui
1229 Tuensang Tsurungto Tsurungto Sukiur 'A' +'B'
1230 Tuensang Tsurungto Tsurungto Tsurungto HQ
1231 Tuensang Tuensang Sadar Tuensang Sadar Bothanpou
1232 Tuensang Tuensang Sadar Tuensang Sadar Helipong Agri-Farm (UR)
1233 Tuensang Tuensang Sadar Tuensang Sadar Khudei
1234 Tuensang Tuensang Sadar Tuensang Sadar Langa
1235 Tuensang Tuensang Sadar Tuensang Sadar Ngangpong
1236 Tuensang Tuensang Sadar Tuensang Sadar Pothambou
1237 Tuensang Tuensang Sadar Tuensang Sadar Thimlak Fishery Farm (UR)
1238 Tuensang Tuensang Sadar Tuensang Sadar Tuensang Village
1239 Wokha Aitepyong Aitepyong Aitepyong Station
1240 Wokha Aitepyong Aitepyong Akuk Mhayan (UR)
1241 Wokha Aitepyong Aitepyong Akuk (New)
1242 Wokha Aitepyong Aitepyong Akuk (Old)
1243 Wokha Aitepyong Aitepyong Chanaka
1244 Wokha Aitepyong Aitepyong Lakhuti
1245 Wokha Aitepyong Aitepyong Mekokla
1246 Wokha Aitepyong Aitepyong Yankhum (UR)
1247 Wokha Aitepyong Aitepyong Zukeshe
1248 Wokha Bhandari Bhandari Alikhum
1249 Wokha Bhandari Bhandari Bhandari Hq
1250 Wokha Bhandari Bhandari Bhandari Vill
1251 Wokha Bhandari Bhandari Hayiyan
1252 Wokha Bhandari Bhandari Khumchoyan
1253 Wokha Bhandari Bhandari Koro (New) (UR)
1254 Wokha Bhandari Bhandari Koro (Old)
1255 Wokha Bhandari Bhandari Liolongchum
1256 Wokha Bhandari Bhandari Liowokha (New)
1257 Wokha Bhandari Bhandari Liowokha (Old)
1258 Wokha Bhandari Bhandari Liphi
1259 Wokha Bhandari Bhandari Lishayan
1260 Wokha Bhandari Bhandari Lishuyo
1261 Wokha Bhandari Bhandari Longayim
1262 Wokha Bhandari Bhandari Longjung (UR)
1263 Wokha Bhandari Bhandari Mekirang
1264 Wokha Bhandari Bhandari Merapani
1265 Wokha Bhandari Bhandari Mongphio
1266 Wokha Bhandari Bhandari Pangtong
1267 Wokha Bhandari Bhandari Renthanyan (UR)
1268 Wokha Bhandari Bhandari Roni (New)
1269 Wokha Bhandari Bhandari Roni (Old)
1270 Wokha Bhandari Bhandari Ruchanyan
1271 Wokha Bhandari Bhandari Serika 'A' + 'B'
1272 Wokha Bhandari Bhandari Sungkha
1273 Wokha Bhandari Bhandari Suphayan
1274 Wokha Bhandari Bhandari Yanmhon (New)
1275 Wokha Bhandari Bhandari Yanmhon (Old)
1276 Wokha Bhandari Bhandari Yencho
1277 Wokha Bhandari Bhandari Yenchu
1278 Wokha Bhandari Bhandari Yimpang
1279 Wokha Bhandari Bhandari Yimparasa
1280 Wokha Bhandari Bhandari Yimza
1281 Wokha Changpang Changpang Aghuatito
1282 Wokha Changpang Changpang Akahuto
1283 Wokha Changpang Changpang Akuhaiqua
1284 Wokha Changpang Changpang Amboto (New)
1285 Wokha Changpang Changpang Amboto (Old)
1286 Wokha Changpang Changpang Azuhoto
1287 Wokha Changpang Changpang Changka
1288 Wokha Changpang Changpang Changpang Hq
1289 Wokha Changpang Changpang Changpang Vill.
1290 Wokha Changpang Changpang Khakuthato
1291 Wokha Changpang Changpang Lichuyan
1292 Wokha Changpang Changpang Lio-Longidang
1293 Wokha Changpang Changpang Longtsiri
1294 Wokha Changpang Changpang Mithehe (Mithelijan)
1295 Wokha Changpang Changpang New Wozhu
1296 Wokha Changpang Changpang ONGC Changpang
1297 Wokha Changpang Changpang Shuvukhu (UR)
1298 Wokha Changpang Changpang Sumito
1299 Wokha Changpang Changpang Tssori (New)
1300 Wokha Changpang Changpang Tssori (Old)
1301 Wokha Changpang Changpang Wozhu (Old)
1302 Wokha Changpang Changpang Zhekheshe
1303 Wokha Chukitong Chukitong Chukitong
1304 Wokha Chukitong Chukitong Koio
1305 Wokha Chukitong Chukitong Mungya
1306 Wokha Chukitong Chukitong Nrung Longidang
1307 Wokha Chukitong Chukitong Nungying
1308 Wokha Chukitong Chukitong Seluku
1309 Wokha Chukitong Chukitong Thenhyayan
1310 Wokha Chukitong Chukitong Thenyayan (UR)
1311 Wokha Chukitong Chukitong Tsungiki
1312 Wokha Englan Englan Changsu (New)
1313 Wokha Englan Englan Changsu (Old)
1314 Wokha Englan Englan Doyang South Wing
1315 Wokha Englan Englan Ekhyoyan (UR)
1316 Wokha Englan Englan Englan Comp
1317 Wokha Englan Englan Englan Hq
1318 Wokha Englan Englan Riphyim (New)
1319 Wokha Englan Englan Riphyim (Old)
1320 Wokha Englan Englan Thillong (UR)
1321 Wokha Englan Englan Yikhum
1322 Wokha Lotsu Lotsu Longtsung
1323 Wokha Lotsu Lotsu Lotsu Hq
1324 Wokha Lotsu Lotsu Lotsu Vill.
1325 Wokha Lotsu Lotsu Moilan
1326 Wokha Lotsu Lotsu Morakjo
1327 Wokha Lotsu Lotsu Pyangsa
1328 Wokha Lotsu Lotsu Pyotchu
1329 Wokha Lotsu Lotsu Sheru-Echuk
1330 Wokha Ralan Ralan Chandalashung 'B'
1331 Wokha Ralan Ralan Chandalashung (New)
1332 Wokha Ralan Ralan Chandalashung (Old)
1333 Wokha Ralan Ralan Likayan (UR)
1334 Wokha Ralan Ralan Liphayan
1335 Wokha Ralan Ralan Lishayan
1336 Wokha Ralan Ralan Ralan Hq
1337 Wokha Ralan Ralan Ralan (New)
1338 Wokha Ralan Ralan Ralan (Old)
1339 Wokha Ralan Ralan Ronsuyan
1340 Wokha Ralan Ralan Soshan
1341 Wokha Ralan Ralan S.Wochan
1342 Wokha Ralan Ralan Tchuchanphen
1343 Wokha Ralan Ralan Wochan
1344 Wokha Ralan Ralan Woroku
1345 Wokha Ralan Ralan Yampha
1346 Wokha Ralan Ralan Yanlum
1347 Wokha Sanis Sanis Chudi
1348 Wokha Sanis Sanis Doyang Hydro Right Bank (North wing)
1349 Wokha Sanis Sanis Makhorung
1350 Wokha Sanis Sanis Menshangpen
1351 Wokha Sanis Sanis Sanis Hq
1352 Wokha Sanis Sanis Sanis Vill
1353 Wokha Sanis Sanis Sheru Etchuk
1354 Wokha Sanis Sanis Sunglup
1355 Wokha Sanis Sanis Tsopo
1356 Wokha Sanis Sanis Yonchicho
1357 Wokha Sungro Sungro Aree (New)
1358 Wokha Sungro Sungro Aree (Old)
1359 Wokha Sungro Sungro Asha
1360 Wokha Sungro Sungro Mhayan (UR)
1361 Wokha Sungro Sungro Okotso
1362 Wokha Sungro Sungro Okotso Yanthanro (UR)
1363 Wokha Sungro Sungro Pangti
1364 Wokha Sungro Sungro Sungro Station
1365 Wokha Sungro Sungro Yantharo
1366 Wokha Wokha Sadar Wokha Sadar Doyang Hydro left Bank (South wing)
1367 Wokha Wokha Sadar Wokha Sadar Ekhyo-Ju
1368 Wokha Wokha Sadar Wokha Sadar Ekhyo Yam
1369 Wokha Wokha Sadar Wokha Sadar Ekok-Ju (UR)
1370 Wokha Wokha Sadar Wokha Sadar Elumyo
1371 Wokha Wokha Sadar Wokha Sadar Humtso
1372 Wokha Wokha Sadar Wokha Sadar Khumtsu
1373 Wokha Wokha Sadar Wokha Sadar Longla
1374 Wokha Wokha Sadar Wokha Sadar Longsa
1375 Wokha Wokha Sadar Wokha Sadar Longsachung
1376 Wokha Wokha Sadar Wokha Sadar New Wokha
1377 Wokha Wokha Sadar Wokha Sadar New Wokha Village
1378 Wokha Wokha Sadar Wokha Sadar Niroyo
1379 Wokha Wokha Sadar Wokha Sadar N.Longidang
1380 Wokha Wokha Sadar Wokha Sadar Nyiro Comp.
1381 Wokha Wokha Sadar Wokha Sadar Okhyeyan
1382 Wokha Wokha Sadar Wokha Sadar Pongitong
1383 Wokha Wokha Sadar Wokha Sadar Ruzumphen (UR)
1384 Wokha Wokha Sadar Wokha Sadar Satsuphen (UR)
1385 Wokha Wokha Sadar Wokha Sadar Tsungtsutong (UR)
1386 Wokha Wokha Sadar Wokha Sadar Tsungza
1387 Wokha Wokha Sadar Wokha Sadar Vankhosung
1388 Wokha Wokha Sadar Wokha Sadar Wokha Vill.
1389 Wokha Wokha Sadar Wokha Sadar Yanthamo
1390 Wokha Wokha Sadar Wokha Sadar Yimkha
1391 Wokha Wozhuro Wozhuro Hanku
1392 Wokha Wozhuro Wozhuro L. Yanthung (UR)
1393 Wokha Wozhuro Wozhuro Meriyan
1394 Wokha Wozhuro Wozhuro N.Longchum
1395 Wokha Wozhuro Wozhuro Phiro
1396 Wokha Wozhuro Wozhuro Ronsuyan
1397 Wokha Wozhuro Wozhuro Sankiton
1398 Wokha Wozhuro Wozhuro Shaki
1399 Wokha Wozhuro Wozhuro Totsu
1400 Wokha Wozhuro Wozhuro Wozhuro Hq
1401 Wokha Wozhuro Wozhuro Yankeli
1402 Wokha Baghty Baghty Hq
1403 Wokha Baghty Makharong
1404 Wokha Baghty Soku
1405 Wokha Baghty Upper Baghty
1406 Zunheboto Aghunato Aghunato Aghiyilimi
1407 Zunheboto Aghunato Aghunato Aghunato Hq
1408 Zunheboto Aghunato Aghunato Akumbani A
1409 Zunheboto Aghunato Aghunato Akumbani B
1410 Zunheboto Aghunato Aghunato Ghokishe
1411 Zunheboto Aghunato Aghunato Hoshepu
1412 Zunheboto Aghunato Aghunato Hoshepu S/Comp.
1413 Zunheboto Aghunato Aghunato Keltomi
1414 Zunheboto Aghunato Aghunato Khekiye
1415 Zunheboto Aghunato Aghunato Khetoi
1416 Zunheboto Aghunato Aghunato Khewoto
1417 Zunheboto Aghunato Aghunato Khukishe
1418 Zunheboto Aghunato Aghunato Lukhuyimi
1419 Zunheboto Aghunato Aghunato Lukikhe
1420 Zunheboto Aghunato Aghunato Luthsumi
1421 Zunheboto Aghunato Aghunato Luvishe (New)
1422 Zunheboto Aghunato Aghunato Luvishe (Old)
1423 Zunheboto Aghunato Aghunato Nihoshe (S)
1424 Zunheboto Aghunato Aghunato Phuleshetomi
1425 Zunheboto Aghunato Aghunato Shevishe
1426 Zunheboto Aghunato Aghunato Thokihimi
1427 Zunheboto Aghunato Aghunato Tokiye
1428 Zunheboto Aghunato Aghunato Tsukomi
1429 Zunheboto Aghunato Aghunato Tsutha Hydel Project
1430 Zunheboto Aghunato Aghunato Viyilho
1431 Zunheboto Aghunato Aghunato Viyixe
1432 Zunheboto Aghunato Aghunato Yezashimi
1433 Zunheboto Aghunato Aghunato Zheishe
1434 Zunheboto Akuhaito Akuhaito Akuhaito EAC Hq
1435 Zunheboto Akuhaito Akuhaito Khrimtomi
1436 Zunheboto Akuhaito Akuhaito Philimi
1437 Zunheboto Akuhaito Akuhaito Roto (New)
1438 Zunheboto Akuhaito Akuhaito Roto (Old)
1439 Zunheboto Akuhaito Akuhaito Yesheluto
1440 Zunheboto Akuluto Akuluto Akuluto
1441 Zunheboto Akuluto Akuluto Alaphumi
1442 Zunheboto Akuluto Akuluto Lotisami (New)
1443 Zunheboto Akuluto Akuluto Lotisami (Old)
1444 Zunheboto Akuluto Akuluto Lumami
1445 Zunheboto Akuluto Akuluto Lumthsami
1446 Zunheboto Akuluto Akuluto Shichimi
1447 Zunheboto Akuluto Akuluto Sumi Settsu
1448 Zunheboto Akuluto Akuluto Sutemi
1449 Zunheboto Akuluto Akuluto Zaphumi
1450 Zunheboto Asuto Asuto Achikuchu 'A'
1451 Zunheboto Asuto Asuto Achikuchu 'B'
1452 Zunheboto Asuto Asuto Aghulitomi
1453 Zunheboto Asuto Asuto Akhakhu
1454 Zunheboto Asuto Asuto Asuto Hq
1455 Zunheboto Asuto Asuto Asuto Vill.
1456 Zunheboto Asuto Asuto Atunakugha
1457 Zunheboto Asuto Asuto Kathara
1458 Zunheboto Asuto Asuto Khumishi 'A'
1459 Zunheboto Asuto Asuto Khumishi 'B'
1460 Zunheboto Asuto Asuto Kikhevi
1461 Zunheboto Asuto Asuto Kitahumi
1462 Zunheboto Asuto Asuto Koiboto
1463 Zunheboto Asuto Asuto Lizutomi
1464 Zunheboto Asuto Asuto Melahumi
1465 Zunheboto Asuto Asuto Ngozubomi
1466 Zunheboto Asuto Asuto Nihoshe (N)
1467 Zunheboto Asuto Asuto Nizhevi
1468 Zunheboto Asuto Asuto Sahuboto S/Comp.
1469 Zunheboto Asuto Asuto Satami
1470 Zunheboto Asuto Asuto Tazuhumi
1471 Zunheboto Asuto Asuto T.Island S/Comp.
1472 Zunheboto Asuto Asuto Tokiye
1473 Zunheboto Asuto Asuto Tuzuhumi
1474 Zunheboto Asuto Asuto Yeshito
1475 Zunheboto Asuto Asuto Yevishe
1476 Zunheboto Atoizu Atoizu Aizuto Mission Centre (UR)
1477 Zunheboto Atoizu Atoizu Apukito (UR)
1478 Zunheboto Atoizu Atoizu Asukhuto
1479 Zunheboto Atoizu Atoizu Atoizu Hq
1480 Zunheboto Atoizu Atoizu Awotsakilimi
1481 Zunheboto Atoizu Atoizu Emlomi
1482 Zunheboto Atoizu Atoizu Khelhoshe Polytechnic Atoizu
1483 Zunheboto Atoizu Atoizu Kitsakita (UR)
1484 Zunheboto Atoizu Atoizu Litsami
1485 Zunheboto Atoizu Atoizu Lokobomi
1486 Zunheboto Atoizu Atoizu Mapulumi
1487 Zunheboto Atoizu Atoizu Naghuto (New)
1488 Zunheboto Atoizu Atoizu Naghuto (Old)
1489 Zunheboto Atoizu Atoizu Sukomi
1490 Zunheboto Atoizu Atoizu Vekuho (New)
1491 Zunheboto Atoizu Atoizu Vekuho (Old)
1492 Zunheboto Atoizu Atoizu Yesholutomi
1493 Zunheboto Pughoboto Pughoboto Asukiqa
1494 Zunheboto Pughoboto Pughoboto Ghokimi
1495 Zunheboto Pughoboto Pughoboto Ighavito
1496 Zunheboto Pughoboto Pughoboto Kitami
1497 Zunheboto Pughoboto Pughoboto Lazami
1498 Zunheboto Pughoboto Pughoboto Mishilimi
1499 Zunheboto Pughoboto Pughoboto Natsumi
1500 Zunheboto Pughoboto Pughoboto Phuyeqa (UR)
1501 Zunheboto Pughoboto Pughoboto Pughoboto Hq
1502 Zunheboto Pughoboto Pughoboto Puneboqa
1503 Zunheboto Pughoboto Pughoboto Tsaphimi
1504 Zunheboto Saptiqa Saptiqa Saptiqa
1505 Zunheboto Saptiqa Saptiqa Sena (New)
1506 Zunheboto Saptiqa Saptiqa Sena (Old)
1507 Zunheboto Saptiqa Saptiqa Usutomi
1508 Zunheboto Saptiqa Saptiqa Zhevishe
1509 Zunheboto Satakha Satakha Aghuhito S/Comp.
1510 Zunheboto Satakha Satakha Ghukhuyi
1511 Zunheboto Satakha Satakha Hoishe
1512 Zunheboto Satakha Satakha Khukiye
1513 Zunheboto Satakha Satakha Kilo (Old)
1514 Zunheboto Satakha Satakha Kivikhu
1515 Zunheboto Satakha Satakha Kiyekhu
1516 Zunheboto Satakha Satakha Lukhai
1517 Zunheboto Satakha Satakha Momi
1518 Zunheboto Satakha Satakha Nunumi
1519 Zunheboto Satakha Satakha Satakha Hq.
1520 Zunheboto Satakha Satakha Satakha Vill
1521 Zunheboto Satakha Satakha Shoipu
1522 Zunheboto Satakha Satakha Shoixe
1523 Zunheboto Satakha Satakha Sukhai
1524 Zunheboto Satakha Satakha T Nasami
1525 Zunheboto Satakha Satakha Tukunasami
1526 Zunheboto Satakha Satakha Ustomi
1527 Zunheboto Satakha Satakha Vishepu
1528 Zunheboto Satakha Satakha Xanuboto S/Comp.
1529 Zunheboto Satakha Satakha Xuivi
1530 Zunheboto Satakha Satakha Zhekiye
1531 Zunheboto Satoi Satoi Ghokhuvi
1532 Zunheboto Satoi Satoi Hokiye
1533 Zunheboto Satoi Satoi Ikiye
1534 Zunheboto Satoi Satoi Itovi
1535 Zunheboto Satoi Satoi Kheshito
1536 Zunheboto Satoi Satoi Khuvuxu
1537 Zunheboto Satoi Satoi Satoi Hq
1538 Zunheboto Satoi Satoi Satoi Vill
1539 Zunheboto Satoi Satoi Thakiye
1540 Zunheboto Satoi Satoi Tsuruhu
1541 Zunheboto Satoi Satoi Tsutoho
1542 Zunheboto Suruhuto Suruhuto Aichi Saghami
1543 Zunheboto Suruhuto Suruhuto Kholeboto
1544 Zunheboto Suruhuto Suruhuto Kiyetha
1545 Zunheboto Suruhuto Suruhuto Lithsami
1546 Zunheboto Suruhuto Suruhuto Naltoqa
1547 Zunheboto Suruhuto Suruhuto Phuye (New)
1548 Zunheboto Suruhuto Suruhuto Phuye (Old)
1549 Zunheboto Suruhuto Suruhuto Sapotimi
1550 Zunheboto Suruhuto Suruhuto Suruhuto Hq
1551 Zunheboto Suruhuto Suruhuto Surumi
1552 Zunheboto Suruhuto Suruhuto Tichipami
1553 Zunheboto Suruhuto Suruhuto Vedami
1554 Zunheboto Suruhuto Suruhuto Yehemi
1555 Zunheboto Suruhuto Suruhuto Zhekuto
1556 Zunheboto Zunheboto Sadar Zunheboto Sadar Asukhomi
1557 Zunheboto Zunheboto Sadar Zunheboto Sadar Baimho
1558 Zunheboto Zunheboto Sadar Zunheboto Sadar Ghukiye
1559 Zunheboto Zunheboto Sadar Zunheboto Sadar Hekiye
1560 Zunheboto Zunheboto Sadar Zunheboto Sadar Kawoto
1561 Zunheboto Zunheboto Sadar Zunheboto Sadar Kheshepu
1562 Zunheboto Zunheboto Sadar Zunheboto Sadar Kulhopu
1563 Zunheboto Zunheboto Sadar Zunheboto Sadar Lizu Aviqato
1564 Zunheboto Zunheboto Sadar Zunheboto Sadar Lizu Naghuto
1565 Zunheboto Zunheboto Sadar Zunheboto Sadar Lizu (New)
1566 Zunheboto Zunheboto Sadar Zunheboto Sadar Lizu (Old)
1567 Zunheboto Zunheboto Sadar Zunheboto Sadar Lochomi
1568 Zunheboto Zunheboto Sadar Zunheboto Sadar Natha (New)
1569 Zunheboto Zunheboto Sadar Zunheboto Sadar Natha (Old)
1570 Zunheboto Zunheboto Sadar Zunheboto Sadar New Land
1571 Zunheboto Zunheboto Sadar Zunheboto Sadar Nikuto
1572 Zunheboto Zunheboto Sadar Zunheboto Sadar Sheipu
1573 Zunheboto Zunheboto Sadar Zunheboto Sadar Shotomi
1574 Zunheboto Zunheboto Sadar Zunheboto Sadar Sukhalu
1575 Zunheboto Zunheboto Sadar Zunheboto Sadar Xukhepu
1576 Zunheboto Zunheboto Sadar Zunheboto Sadar Yemishe
1577 Zunheboto Zunheboto Sadar Zunheboto Sadar Yezami
1578 Zunheboto Zunheboto Sadar Zunheboto Sadar Zungti
1579 Zunheboto Ghathashi Awohumi
1580 Zunheboto Ghathashi Chishilimi
1581 Zunheboto Ghathashi Chisholomi
1582 Zunheboto Ghathashi Ghathashi Hq
1583 Zunheboto Ghathashi Hebolimi
1584 Zunheboto Ghathashi Ighanumi
1585 Zunheboto Ghathashi Iphonumi
1586 Zunheboto Ghathashi Khughutomi
1587 Zunheboto Ghathashi Kichilimi
1588 Zunheboto Ghathashi Kilomi
1589 Zunheboto Ghathashi Kiltomi
1590 Zunheboto Ghathashi Mukalimi
1591 Zunheboto Ghathashi Shesulimi
1592 Zunheboto Ghathashi Tukuliqa
1593 Zunheboto V.K. Ajiqami
1594 Zunheboto V.K. Izheto
1595 Zunheboto V.K. Litta (New)
1596 Zunheboto V.K. Litta (Old)
1597 Zunheboto V.K. Maromi
1598 Zunheboto V.K. Mukhami
1599 Zunheboto V.K. Phushumi
1600 Zunheboto V.K. Sastami
1601 Zunheboto V.K. V.K. Hq