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Village Master Details

Districts Name
Subdivisions Name
Tehsils Name
Villages Name
1 Anantapur Anantapuram Anantapur Mandal Alamuru
2 Anantapur Anantapuram Anantapur Mandal Anantapur (CT)
3 Anantapur Anantapuram Anantapur Mandal Chiyyedu
4 Anantapur Anantapuram Anantapur Mandal Gollapalle
5 Anantapur Anantapuram Anantapur Mandal Itikalapalle
6 Anantapur Anantapuram Anantapur Mandal Jangalapalle
7 Anantapur Anantapuram Anantapur Mandal Kakkalapalle (CT)
8 Anantapur Anantapuram Anantapur Mandal Kamarupalle
9 Anantapur Anantapuram Anantapur Mandal Kandakur
10 Anantapur Anantapuram Anantapur Mandal Katiganikalva
11 Anantapur Anantapuram Anantapur Mandal Kodimi
12 Anantapur Anantapuram Anantapur Mandal Kurugunta
13 Anantapur Anantapuram Anantapur Mandal Mannila
14 Anantapur Anantapuram Anantapur Mandal Narayanapuram (CT)
15 Anantapur Anantapuram Anantapur Mandal Papampeta(CT)
16 Anantapur Anantapuram Anantapur Mandal Rachanapalle
17 Anantapur Anantapuram Anantapur Mandal Sajjalakalva
18 Anantapur Anantapuram Anantapur Mandal Somanadoddi
19 Anantapur Anantapuram Anantapur Mandal Thaticherla
20 Anantapur Anantapuram Anantapur Mandal Upparapalle
21 Anantapur Anantapuram Atmakur Mandal Atmakur
22 Anantapur Anantapuram Atmakur Mandal Brahmana Yaleru
23 Anantapur Anantapuram Atmakur Mandal Goridindla
24 Anantapur Anantapuram Atmakur Mandal Madigubba
25 Anantapur Anantapuram Atmakur Mandal Padamatiyaleru
26 Anantapur Anantapuram Atmakur Mandal Sanapa
27 Anantapur Anantapuram Atmakur Mandal Talupuru
28 Anantapur Anantapuram Atmakur Mandal Thopudurthi
29 Anantapur Anantapuram Bukkaraya Samudram Mandal Bodiganidoddi
30 Anantapur Anantapuram Bukkaraya Samudram Mandal Bukkarayasamudram
31 Anantapur Anantapuram Bukkaraya Samudram Mandal Chedulla
32 Anantapur Anantapuram Bukkaraya Samudram Mandal Chennampalle
33 Anantapur Anantapuram Bukkaraya Samudram Mandal Chennarayunipalle
34 Anantapur Anantapuram Bukkaraya Samudram Mandal Danduvaripalle
35 Anantapur Anantapuram Bukkaraya Samudram Mandal Govindapalle
36 Anantapur Anantapuram Bukkaraya Samudram Mandal Janthulur
37 Anantapur Anantapuram Bukkaraya Samudram Mandal Kondakinda Agraharam
38 Anantapur Anantapuram Bukkaraya Samudram Mandal Korrapadu
39 Anantapur Anantapuram Bukkaraya Samudram Mandal Podaralla
40 Anantapur Anantapuram Bukkaraya Samudram Mandal Reddipalle
41 Anantapur Anantapuram Bukkaraya Samudram Mandal Siddampeta
42 Anantapur Anantapuram Bukkaraya Samudram Mandal Siddarampuram
43 Anantapur Anantapuram Garladinne Mandal Ankampeta
44 Anantapur Anantapuram Garladinne Mandal Budedu
45 Anantapur Anantapuram Garladinne Mandal Garladinne
46 Anantapur Anantapuram Garladinne Mandal Illuru
47 Anantapur Anantapuram Garladinne Mandal Jambuladinne
48 Anantapur Anantapuram Garladinne Mandal Kalluru
49 Anantapur Anantapuram Garladinne Mandal Kalluru Agraharam
50 Anantapur Anantapuram Garladinne Mandal Kanampalle
51 Anantapur Anantapuram Garladinne Mandal Kesavapuram
52 Anantapur Anantapuram Garladinne Mandal Koppalakonda
53 Anantapur Anantapuram Garladinne Mandal Kotanka
54 Anantapur Anantapuram Garladinne Mandal Krishnapuram
55 Anantapur Anantapuram Garladinne Mandal Marthadu
56 Anantapur Anantapuram Garladinne Mandal Muntimadugu
57 Anantapur Anantapuram Garladinne Mandal Obulapuram
58 Anantapur Anantapuram Garladinne Mandal Penakacherla
59 Anantapur Anantapuram Garladinne Mandal Sirivaram
60 Anantapur Anantapuram Garladinne Mandal Yerraguntla
61 Anantapur Anantapuram Gooty Mandal Abbedoddi
62 Anantapur Anantapuram Gooty Mandal Aniganidoddi
63 Anantapur Anantapuram Gooty Mandal Basinepalle
64 Anantapur Anantapuram Gooty Mandal Bethapalle
65 Anantapur Anantapuram Gooty Mandal Brahmanapalle
66 Anantapur Anantapuram Gooty Mandal Chetnepalli
67 Anantapur Anantapuram Gooty Mandal Dharmapuram
68 Anantapur Anantapuram Gooty Mandal Engilibanda
69 Anantapur Anantapuram Gooty Mandal Erragudi
70 Anantapur Anantapuram Gooty Mandal Eswarapalle
71 Anantapur Anantapuram Gooty Mandal Gooty
72 Anantapur Anantapuram Gooty Mandal Jakkalacheruvu
73 Anantapur Anantapuram Gooty Mandal Karadikonda
74 Anantapur Anantapuram Gooty Mandal Kojjepalle
75 Anantapur Anantapuram Gooty Mandal Kothapeta
76 Anantapur Anantapuram Gooty Mandal Mamadur
77 Anantapur Anantapuram Gooty Mandal Marnepalle
78 Anantapur Anantapuram Gooty Mandal Peddoddi
79 Anantapur Anantapuram Gooty Mandal Rajapuram
80 Anantapur Anantapuram Gooty Mandal Thondapadu
81 Anantapur Anantapuram Gooty Mandal Turakapalle
82 Anantapur Anantapuram Gooty Mandal Ubicherla
83 Anantapur Anantapuram Gooty Mandal Utakallu
84 Anantapur Anantapuram Guntakal Mandal Ameenpalle
85 Anantapur Anantapuram Guntakal Mandal Ayyavaripalle
86 Anantapur Anantapuram Guntakal Mandal Dancherla
87 Anantapur Anantapuram Guntakal Mandal Donimukkala
88 Anantapur Anantapuram Guntakal Mandal Dosaludiki
89 Anantapur Anantapuram Guntakal Mandal Gundala
90 Anantapur Anantapuram Guntakal Mandal Guntakal (R)
91 Anantapur Anantapuram Guntakal Mandal Kasapuram
92 Anantapur Anantapuram Guntakal Mandal Konganapalle
93 Anantapur Anantapuram Guntakal Mandal Nagasamudram
94 Anantapur Anantapuram Guntakal Mandal Nakkanadoddi
95 Anantapur Anantapuram Guntakal Mandal Nelagonda
96 Anantapur Anantapuram Guntakal Mandal Obulapuram
97 Anantapur Anantapuram Guntakal Mandal Patha Kothachervu
98 Anantapur Anantapuram Guntakal Mandal Sangala
99 Anantapur Anantapuram Guntakal Mandal Sankarabanda
100 Anantapur Anantapuram Guntakal Mandal Thimmapuram
101 Anantapur Anantapuram Guntakal Mandal Yerrathimmarayachervu
102 Anantapur Anantapuram Kudair Mandal Brahmanapalle
103 Anantapur Anantapuram Kudair Mandal Cholasamudram
104 Anantapur Anantapuram Kudair Mandal Gotukur
105 Anantapur Anantapuram Kudair Mandal Ipperu
106 Anantapur Anantapuram Kudair Mandal Jayapuram
107 Anantapur Anantapuram Kudair Mandal Kalagalla
108 Anantapur Anantapuram Kudair Mandal Kamuru
109 Anantapur Anantapuram Kudair Mandal Korrakodu
110 Anantapur Anantapuram Kudair Mandal Kudair
111 Anantapur Anantapuram Kudair Mandal Marutla
112 Anantapur Anantapuram Kudair Mandal Mavinamardhanahalli
113 Anantapur Anantapuram Kudair Mandal Thimmapuram
114 Anantapur Anantapuram Kudair Mandal Udiripikonda
115 Anantapur Dharmavaram Bathalapalle Mandal Apparacheruvu
116 Anantapur Dharmavaram Bathalapalle Mandal Bathalapalle
117 Anantapur Dharmavaram Bathalapalle Mandal Chennarayapatnam
118 Anantapur Dharmavaram Bathalapalle Mandal Dampetla
119 Anantapur Dharmavaram Bathalapalle Mandal D.Cherlopalle
120 Anantapur Dharmavaram Bathalapalle Mandal Edula Mustur
121 Anantapur Dharmavaram Bathalapalle Mandal Gariselapalle
122 Anantapur Dharmavaram Bathalapalle Mandal Malyavantham
123 Anantapur Dharmavaram Bathalapalle Mandal Obulapuram
124 Anantapur Dharmavaram Bathalapalle Mandal Raghavampalle
125 Anantapur Dharmavaram Bathalapalle Mandal Sangala
126 Anantapur Dharmavaram Dharmavaram Mandal Buddareddipalle
127 Anantapur Dharmavaram Dharmavaram Mandal Chigicherla
128 Anantapur Dharmavaram Dharmavaram Mandal Darsimala
129 Anantapur Dharmavaram Dharmavaram Mandal Elukuntla
130 Anantapur Dharmavaram Dharmavaram Mandal Gotlur
131 Anantapur Dharmavaram Dharmavaram Mandal Kunuthuru (R)
132 Anantapur Dharmavaram Dharmavaram Mandal Mallakalva
133 Anantapur Dharmavaram Dharmavaram Mandal Nelakota
134 Anantapur Dharmavaram Dharmavaram Mandal Pothulanagepalle
135 Anantapur Dharmavaram Dharmavaram Mandal Ravulacheruvu
136 Anantapur Dharmavaram Dharmavaram Mandal Regatipalle
137 Anantapur Dharmavaram Dharmavaram Mandal Subbaraopeta
138 Anantapur Dharmavaram Dharmavaram Mandal Thummala
139 Anantapur Dharmavaram Kanaganapalle Mandal Dadalur
140 Anantapur Dharmavaram Kanaganapalle Mandal Elakkuntla
141 Anantapur Dharmavaram Kanaganapalle Mandal Kanaganapalle
142 Anantapur Dharmavaram Kanaganapalle Mandal Konetinayanipalyam
143 Anantapur Dharmavaram Kanaganapalle Mandal Maddalacheruvu
144 Anantapur Dharmavaram Kanaganapalle Mandal Mukthapuram
145 Anantapur Dharmavaram Kanaganapalle Mandal Muthavakuntla
146 Anantapur Dharmavaram Kanaganapalle Mandal Narasampalle
147 Anantapur Dharmavaram Kanaganapalle Mandal Thogarakunta
148 Anantapur Dharmavaram Kanaganapalle Mandal Thumucherla
149 Anantapur Dharmavaram Mudigubba Mandal Brahmadevaramarri
150 Anantapur Dharmavaram Mudigubba Mandal Budanampalle
151 Anantapur Dharmavaram Mudigubba Mandal Chagapuram
152 Anantapur Dharmavaram Mudigubba Mandal Chinnakotla
153 Anantapur Dharmavaram Mudigubba Mandal Devaragudipalle
154 Anantapur Dharmavaram Mudigubba Mandal Dorigallu
155 Anantapur Dharmavaram Mudigubba Mandal Ellareddipalle
156 Anantapur Dharmavaram Mudigubba Mandal Gandlavandlapalle
157 Anantapur Dharmavaram Mudigubba Mandal Gunjepalle
158 Anantapur Dharmavaram Mudigubba Mandal Jonnalakothapalle
159 Anantapur Dharmavaram Mudigubba Mandal Kodavandlapalle
160 Anantapur Dharmavaram Mudigubba Mandal Kondagattupalle
161 Anantapur Dharmavaram Mudigubba Mandal Malakavemula
162 Anantapur Dharmavaram Mudigubba Mandal Mallepalle
163 Anantapur Dharmavaram Mudigubba Mandal Mangalamadaka
164 Anantapur Dharmavaram Mudigubba Mandal Marthadu
165 Anantapur Dharmavaram Mudigubba Mandal Mukthapuram
166 Anantapur Dharmavaram Mudigubba Mandal Nagareddipalle
167 Anantapur Dharmavaram Mudigubba Mandal Nakkalagutta Palle
168 Anantapur Dharmavaram Mudigubba Mandal Peddachigullarevu
169 Anantapur Dharmavaram Mudigubba Mandal Sanevaripalle
170 Anantapur Dharmavaram Mudigubba Mandal Sankepalle
171 Anantapur Dharmavaram Mudigubba Mandal Sankepalle Brahmanapalle
172 Anantapur Dharmavaram Mudigubba Mandal S.Bandlapalle
173 Anantapur Dharmavaram Mudigubba Mandal Thappetavaripalle
174 Anantapur Dharmavaram Mudigubba Mandal Thimmanayanipalem
175 Anantapur Dharmavaram Mudigubba Mandal Uppalapadu
176 Anantapur Kadiri Amadagur Mandal Amadagur
177 Anantapur Kadiri Amadagur Mandal Cheekirevulapalle
178 Anantapur Kadiri Amadagur Mandal Chinaganipalle
179 Anantapur Kadiri Amadagur Mandal Dademvaripalle
180 Anantapur Kadiri Amadagur Mandal Edigavaripalle
181 Anantapur Kadiri Amadagur Mandal Gadidamvaripalle
182 Anantapur Kadiri Amadagur Mandal Jowkalakothapalle
183 Anantapur Kadiri Amadagur Mandal Karinireddipalle
184 Anantapur Kadiri Amadagur Mandal Kassamudram
185 Anantapur Kadiri Amadagur Mandal Lokojipalle
186 Anantapur Kadiri Amadagur Mandal Mohammadabad
187 Anantapur Kadiri Amadagur Mandal Pulikuntlapalle
188 Anantapur Kadiri Amadagur Mandal Ramanathapuram
189 Anantapur Kadiri Amadagur Mandal S.Kuruvapalle
190 Anantapur Kadiri Amadagur Mandal Thummala
191 Anantapur Kadiri Bukkapatnam Mandal Agraharam
192 Anantapur Kadiri Bukkapatnam Mandal Bukkapatnam
193 Anantapur Kadiri Bukkapatnam Mandal Gunipalle
194 Anantapur Kadiri Bukkapatnam Mandal Kothakota
195 Anantapur Kadiri Bukkapatnam Mandal Krishnapuram
196 Anantapur Kadiri Bukkapatnam Mandal Marala
197 Anantapur Kadiri Bukkapatnam Mandal Pamudurthi
198 Anantapur Kadiri Bukkapatnam Mandal Siddarampuram
199 Anantapur Kadiri Gandlapenta Mandal Chamachenubylu
200 Anantapur Kadiri Gandlapenta Mandal Chamalagondi
201 Anantapur Kadiri Gandlapenta Mandal Gandlapenta
202 Anantapur Kadiri Gandlapenta Mandal Godduvelagala
203 Anantapur Kadiri Gandlapenta Mandal Jeenulakunta
204 Anantapur Kadiri Gandlapenta Mandal Kamathampalle
205 Anantapur Kadiri Gandlapenta Mandal Kurumamidi
206 Anantapur Kadiri Gandlapenta Mandal Maddivarigondi
207 Anantapur Kadiri Gandlapenta Mandal Maduguvanigondi
208 Anantapur Kadiri Gandlapenta Mandal Malameedapalle
209 Anantapur Kadiri Gandlapenta Mandal Somayajulapalle
210 Anantapur Kadiri Gandlapenta Mandal Thummalabylu
211 Anantapur Kadiri Gandlapenta Mandal Veparala
212 Anantapur Kadiri Kadiri Mandal Alampur
213 Anantapur Kadiri Kadiri Mandal Bathalapalle
214 Anantapur Kadiri Kadiri Mandal Chalamakuntapalle
215 Anantapur Kadiri Kadiri Mandal Chippalamadugu
216 Anantapur Kadiri Kadiri Mandal Kadiri Brahmanapalle
217 Anantapur Kadiri Kadiri Mandal Kadirikuntlapalle
218 Anantapur Kadiri Kadiri Mandal Kadiri (R)
219 Anantapur Kadiri Kadiri Mandal Kalasamudram
220 Anantapur Kadiri Kadiri Mandal Kondamanayanipalem
221 Anantapur Kadiri Kadiri Mandal Kowlepalle
222 Anantapur Kadiri Kadiri Mandal Kutagulla
223 Anantapur Kadiri Kadiri Mandal Motukapalle
224 Anantapur Kadiri Kadiri Mandal Muthyalacheruvu
225 Anantapur Kadiri Kadiri Mandal Pandulakunta
226 Anantapur Kadiri Kadiri Mandal Patnam
227 Anantapur Kadiri Kadiri Mandal Saidapuramu
228 Anantapur Kadiri Kadiri Mandal Yeguvapalle
229 Anantapur Kadiri Kadiri Mandal Yerradoddi
230 Anantapur Kadiri Kothacheruvu Mandal Bandlapalle
231 Anantapur Kadiri Kothacheruvu Mandal Byrapuram
232 Anantapur Kadiri Kothacheruvu Mandal Iragampalle
233 Anantapur Kadiri Kothacheruvu Mandal Kadirepalle
234 Anantapur Kadiri Kothacheruvu Mandal Kadiridevarapalle
235 Anantapur Kadiri Kothacheruvu Mandal Kanisettipalle
236 Anantapur Kadiri Kothacheruvu Mandal Kesapuram
237 Anantapur Kadiri Kothacheruvu Mandal K.Locharla
238 Anantapur Kadiri Kothacheruvu Mandal Kodapaganipalle
239 Anantapur Kadiri Kothacheruvu Mandal Kothacheruvu
240 Anantapur Kadiri Kothacheruvu Mandal Kothapalle
241 Anantapur Kadiri Kothacheruvu Mandal Lingareddipalle
242 Anantapur Kadiri Kothacheruvu Mandal Marakuntapalle
243 Anantapur Kadiri Kothacheruvu Mandal Mylasamudram
244 Anantapur Kadiri Kothacheruvu Mandal Narepalle
245 Anantapur Kadiri Kothacheruvu Mandal Pakeerupalle
246 Anantapur Kadiri Kothacheruvu Mandal Pothulakunta
247 Anantapur Kadiri Kothacheruvu Mandal Talamarla
248 Anantapur Kadiri Kothacheruvu Mandal Thippa Batlapalle
249 Anantapur Kadiri Kothacheruvu Mandal Tirumaladevarapalle
250 Anantapur Kadiri Kothacheruvu Mandal Vangampalle
251 Anantapur Kadiri Kothacheruvu Mandal Vemuletipalle
252 Anantapur Kadiri Kothacheruvu Mandal Virupapuram
253 Anantapur Kadiri Nallacheruvu Mandal Allugundu
254 Anantapur Kadiri Nallacheruvu Mandal Jogannapeta
255 Anantapur Kadiri Nallacheruvu Mandal Kadiripulakunta
256 Anantapur Kadiri Nallacheruvu Mandal Maddimadugu
257 Anantapur Kadiri Nallacheruvu Mandal Nallacheruvu
258 Anantapur Kadiri Nallacheruvu Mandal Oravoy
259 Anantapur Kadiri Nallacheruvu Mandal Panthulacheruvu
260 Anantapur Kadiri Nallacheruvu Mandal S.Mulakalapalle
261 Anantapur Kadiri Nallacheruvu Mandal Talamarlavandla Palle
262 Anantapur Kadiri Nallacheruvu Mandal Tavalamarri
263 Anantapur Kadiri Nallacheruvu Mandal Ubicherla
264 Anantapur Kadiri Nallamada Mandal Charupalle
265 Anantapur Kadiri Nallamada Mandal Chowtakuntapalle
266 Anantapur Kadiri Nallamada Mandal Donnikota
267 Anantapur Kadiri Nallamada Mandal Gopepalle
268 Anantapur Kadiri Nallamada Mandal Kurumala
269 Anantapur Kadiri Nallamada Mandal Nallamada
270 Anantapur Kadiri Nallamada Mandal Pulagampalle
271 Anantapur Kadiri Nallamada Mandal Reddipalle
272 Anantapur Kadiri Nallamada Mandal Vankarakunta
273 Anantapur Kadiri Nallamada Mandal Vellamaddi
274 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Beluguppa Mandal Ankampalle
275 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Beluguppa Mandal Avulenna
276 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Beluguppa Mandal Beluguppa
277 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Beluguppa Mandal Budigumma
278 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Beluguppa Mandal Duddekunta
279 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Beluguppa Mandal Gangavaram
280 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Beluguppa Mandal Kalvapalle
281 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Beluguppa Mandal Konampalle
282 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Beluguppa Mandal Narasapuram
283 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Beluguppa Mandal Narinjagundlapalle
284 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Beluguppa Mandal Seerpi
285 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Beluguppa Mandal Sreerangapuram
286 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Beluguppa Mandal Thagguparthy
287 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Beluguppa Mandal Yerragudi
288 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Bommanahal Mandal Bandur
289 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Bommanahal Mandal Bollanaguddam
290 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Bommanahal Mandal Bommanahal
291 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Bommanahal Mandal D.Honnur
292 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Bommanahal Mandal Elanji
293 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Bommanahal Mandal Govindawada
294 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Bommanahal Mandal Haresamudram
295 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Bommanahal Mandal Kalludevanahalli
296 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Bommanahal Mandal Kolaganahalli
297 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Bommanahal Mandal Kuruvalli
298 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Bommanahal Mandal Nemakallu
299 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Bommanahal Mandal Siddarampuram
300 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Bommanahal Mandal Singanahalli
301 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Bommanahal Mandal Sreedharaghattu
302 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Bommanahal Mandal Uddehal
303 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Bommanahal Mandal Untakal
304 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Brahmasamudram Mandal Bhairasamudram
305 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Brahmasamudram Mandal Bhyravanithippa
306 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Brahmasamudram Mandal Brahmasamudram
307 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Brahmasamudram Mandal Chelimenahalli
308 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Brahmasamudram Mandal Eradikera
309 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Brahmasamudram Mandal Gundiganihalli
310 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Brahmasamudram Mandal Kannepalle
311 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Brahmasamudram Mandal Pillalapalle
312 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Brahmasamudram Mandal Santhekondapuram
313 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Brahmasamudram Mandal Theetakal
314 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Brahmasamudram Mandal Vepalaparthy
315 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Brahmasamudram Mandal West Kodipalle
316 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Brahmasamudram Mandal Yerrakondapuram
317 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam D.Hirehal Mandal D.Hirehal
318 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam D.Hirehal Mandal Dodagatta
319 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam D.Hirehal Mandal H.Hossahalli
320 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam D.Hirehal Mandal Hirdehal
321 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam D.Hirehal Mandal H.Siddapuram
322 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam D.Hirehal Mandal Hulikal
323 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam D.Hirehal Mandal Jajarakal
324 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam D.Hirehal Mandal Kadalur
325 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam D.Hirehal Mandal Kudulur
326 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam D.Hirehal Mandal Lakshmipuram
327 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam D.Hirehal Mandal Lingamanahalli
328 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam D.Hirehal Mandal Madenahalli
329 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam D.Hirehal Mandal Malapanagudi
330 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam D.Hirehal Mandal Muradi
331 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam D.Hirehal Mandal Nagalapuram
332 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam D.Hirehal Mandal Obulapuram
333 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam D.Hirehal Mandal Pulakurthi
334 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam D.Hirehal Mandal Somalapuram
335 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Gummagatta Mandal Belodu
336 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Gummagatta Mandal Bhupasamudram
337 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Gummagatta Mandal Galagala
338 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Gummagatta Mandal Gollapalle
339 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Gummagatta Mandal Gummagatta
340 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Gummagatta Mandal Kalugodu
341 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Gummagatta Mandal Pulakunta
342 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Gummagatta Mandal Rangasamudram
343 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Gummagatta Mandal S.Hosahalli
344 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Gummagatta Mandal Tallakera
345 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Gummagatta Mandal Veerapuram
346 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Kalyandurg Mandal Bedrahalli
347 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Kalyandurg Mandal Chapiri
348 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Kalyandurg Mandal Duradakunta
349 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Kalyandurg Mandal East Kodipalle
350 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Kalyandurg Mandal Garudapuram
351 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Kalyandurg Mandal Golla
352 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Kalyandurg Mandal Hulikal
353 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Kalyandurg Mandal Kalyandurg
354 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Kalyandurg Mandal Kurubarahalli
355 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Kalyandurg Mandal Manirevu
356 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Kalyandurg Mandal Muddinayanapalle
357 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Kalyandurg Mandal Mudigal
358 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Kalyandurg Mandal Palavoy
359 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Kalyandurg Mandal Thimmasamudram
360 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Kalyandurg Mandal Varli
361 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Kambadur Mandal Chennampalle
362 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Kambadur Mandal Gulyam
363 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Kambadur Mandal Kambadur
364 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Kambadur Mandal Karthanaparthi
365 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Kambadur Mandal Kurakulapalle
366 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Kambadur Mandal Mulakanur
367 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Kambadur Mandal Nuthimadugu
368 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Kambadur Mandal Pallur
369 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Kambadur Mandal Ralla Anantapuram
370 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Kambadur Mandal Rallapalle
371 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Kambadur Mandal Ramapuram
372 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Kambadur Mandal Thimmapuram
373 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Kanekal Mandal Bennikal
374 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Kanekal Mandal Bidurukontham
375 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Kanekal Mandal Brahmasamudram
376 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Kanekal Mandal Ganigera
377 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Kanekal Mandal Garudachedu
378 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Kanekal Mandal Hanakanahal
379 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Kanekal Mandal Hulikera
380 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Kanekal Mandal Kalekurthi
381 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Kanekal Mandal Kanekal
382 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Kanekal Mandal Malyam
383 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Kanekal Mandal Meenahalli
384 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Kanekal Mandal N.Hanumapuram
385 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Kanekal Mandal Ratchumarri
386 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Kanekal Mandal Sollapuram
387 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Kanekal Mandal Thumbiganur
388 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Kanekal Mandal Udegolam
389 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Kanekal Mandal Yerragunta
390 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Kundurpi Mandal Appilepalle
391 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Kundurpi Mandal Basapuram
392 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Kundurpi Mandal Bestharapalle
393 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Kundurpi Mandal Jambugumpala
394 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Kundurpi Mandal Kariganipalle
395 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Kundurpi Mandal Kundurpi
396 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Kundurpi Mandal Malayanur
397 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Kundurpi Mandal Nijavalli
398 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Kundurpi Mandal S.Mallapuram
399 Anantapur Kalyanadurgam Kundurpi Mandal Yenumaladoddi
400 Anantapur Penukonda Agali Mandal Agali
401 Anantapur Penukonda Agali Mandal Akkagaladevarahalli
402 Anantapur Penukonda Agali Mandal Hulikeradevarahalli
403 Anantapur Penukonda Agali Mandal Inagalore
404 Anantapur Penukonda Agali Mandal Kodihalli
405 Anantapur Penukonda Agali Mandal Madhudi
406 Anantapur Penukonda Agali Mandal Narasambudi
407 Anantapur Penukonda Agali Mandal P. Byadigera
408 Anantapur Penukonda Agali Mandal Ravudi
409 Anantapur Penukonda Amarapuram Mandal Amarapuram
410 Anantapur Penukonda Amarapuram Mandal Basavanahalli
411 Anantapur Penukonda Amarapuram Mandal Halukuru
412 Anantapur Penukonda Amarapuram Mandal Hemavathi
413 Anantapur Penukonda Amarapuram Mandal Nidragatta
414 Anantapur Penukonda Amarapuram Mandal Sivaram
415 Anantapur Penukonda Amarapuram Mandal Thammadehalli
416 Anantapur Penukonda Amarapuram Mandal Valasa
417 Anantapur Penukonda Amarapuram Mandal Veerabommana Halli
418 Anantapur Penukonda Chilamathur Mandal Chagaluru
419 Anantapur Penukonda Chilamathur Mandal Chilamathur
420 Anantapur Penukonda Chilamathur Mandal Chowdireddipalle
421 Anantapur Penukonda Chilamathur Mandal Demakethepalle
422 Anantapur Penukonda Chilamathur Mandal Gandladinne
423 Anantapur Penukonda Chilamathur Mandal Hussainpuram
424 Anantapur Penukonda Chilamathur Mandal Kambaladinne
425 Anantapur Penukonda Chilamathur Mandal Kanugamakulapalle
426 Anantapur Penukonda Chilamathur Mandal Kodikonda
427 Anantapur Penukonda Chilamathur Mandal Kodur
428 Anantapur Penukonda Chilamathur Mandal Marrimakulapalle
429 Anantapur Penukonda Chilamathur Mandal Morasalapalle
430 Anantapur Penukonda Chilamathur Mandal Muddireddipalle
431 Anantapur Penukonda Chilamathur Mandal Naremuddapalle
432 Anantapur Penukonda Chilamathur Mandal Settipalle
433 Anantapur Penukonda Chilamathur Mandal Somaghatta
434 Anantapur Penukonda Chilamathur Mandal Subbaraopet
435 Anantapur Penukonda Chilamathur Mandal Tekulodu
436 Anantapur Penukonda Chilamathur Mandal Veerapuram
437 Anantapur Penukonda Chilamathur Mandal Yagnisettipalle
438 Anantapur Penukonda Chilamathur Mandal Yerrasingepalle
439 Anantapur Penukonda Gorantla Mandal Bayanakuntapalle
440 Anantapur Penukonda Gorantla Mandal Boyalapalle
441 Anantapur Penukonda Gorantla Mandal Budili
442 Anantapur Penukonda Gorantla Mandal Buganipalle
443 Anantapur Penukonda Gorantla Mandal Devulacheruvu
444 Anantapur Penukonda Gorantla Mandal Gangampalle
445 Anantapur Penukonda Gorantla Mandal Gorantla
446 Anantapur Penukonda Gorantla Mandal Gowrivaripalle
447 Anantapur Penukonda Gorantla Mandal Jakkasamudram
448 Anantapur Penukonda Gorantla Mandal Jowkuledudinne
449 Anantapur Penukonda Gorantla Mandal Kammavaripalle
450 Anantapur Penukonda Gorantla Mandal Katepalle
451 Anantapur Penukonda Gorantla Mandal Mallapalle
452 Anantapur Penukonda Gorantla Mandal Mandalapalle
453 Anantapur Penukonda Gorantla Mandal Maredipalle
454 Anantapur Penukonda Gorantla Mandal Obulapuram
455 Anantapur Penukonda Gorantla Mandal Palasamudram
456 Anantapur Penukonda Gorantla Mandal Puleru
457 Anantapur Penukonda Gorantla Mandal Ragimakulapalle
458 Anantapur Penukonda Gorantla Mandal Vadigepalle
459 Anantapur Penukonda Gorantla Mandal Vanavolu
460 Anantapur Penukonda Hindupur Mandal Bevina Halli
461 Anantapur Penukonda Hindupur Mandal Chalivendala
462 Anantapur Penukonda Hindupur Mandal Chowlur
463 Anantapur Penukonda Hindupur Mandal Devarapalle
464 Anantapur Penukonda Hindupur Mandal Gollapuram
465 Anantapur Penukonda Hindupur Mandal Hindupur
466 Anantapur Penukonda Hindupur Mandal Kirikera
467 Anantapur Penukonda Hindupur Mandal Kotipi
468 Anantapur Penukonda Hindupur Mandal Kotnur
469 Anantapur Penukonda Hindupur Mandal Maluguru
470 Anantapur Penukonda Hindupur Mandal Manesamudram
471 Anantapur Penukonda Hindupur Mandal Nakkalapalle
472 Anantapur Penukonda Hindupur Mandal Santhebidanur
473 Anantapur Penukonda Hindupur Mandal Sreekanthapuram (R)
474 Anantapur Penukonda Hindupur Mandal Thumukunta
475 Anantapur Penukonda Hindupur Mandal Thungepalle
476 Anantapur Penukonda Lepakshi Mandal Cholasamudram
477 Anantapur Penukonda Lepakshi Mandal Kallur
478 Anantapur Penukonda Lepakshi Mandal Kanchisamudram
479 Anantapur Penukonda Lepakshi Mandal Kodihalli
480 Anantapur Penukonda Lepakshi Mandal Kondur
481 Anantapur Penukonda Lepakshi Mandal Lepakshi
482 Anantapur Penukonda Lepakshi Mandal Manepalle
483 Anantapur Penukonda Lepakshi Mandal Mydugolam
484 Anantapur Penukonda Lepakshi Mandal Pulamathi
485 Anantapur Penukonda Lepakshi Mandal Sirivaram
486 Anantapur Penukonda Madakasira Mandal Amidalagondi
487 Anantapur Penukonda Madakasira Mandal Bullasamudram
488 Anantapur Penukonda Madakasira Mandal Chandakacherela
489 Anantapur Penukonda Madakasira Mandal Chathram
490 Anantapur Penukonda Madakasira Mandal C.Kodigepalle
491 Anantapur Penukonda Madakasira Mandal Govindapuram
492 Anantapur Penukonda Madakasira Mandal Gowdanahalli
493 Anantapur Penukonda Madakasira Mandal Haresamudram
494 Anantapur Penukonda Madakasira Mandal Jadrahalli
495 Anantapur Penukonda Madakasira Mandal Kallumarri
496 Anantapur Penukonda Madakasira Mandal Karesankanahalli
497 Anantapur Penukonda Madakasira Mandal Kothalam
498 Anantapur Penukonda Madakasira Mandal Madakasira
499 Anantapur Penukonda Madakasira Mandal Mallinayakanahalli
500 Anantapur Penukonda Madakasira Mandal Manur
501 Anantapur Penukonda Madakasira Mandal Melavoi
502 Anantapur Penukonda Madakasira Mandal R. Anantapuram
503 Anantapur Penukonda Madakasira Mandal Tirumaladevarahalli
504 Anantapur Penukonda Madakasira Mandal Upparlahalli
505 Anantapur Penukonda Madakasira Mandal Yerrabommanahalli
506 Anantapur Chennekothapalle Mandal Bramhanapalle
507 Anantapur Chennekothapalle Mandal Chennekothapalle
508 Anantapur Chennekothapalle Mandal Ganginepalle
509 Anantapur Chennekothapalle Mandal Kanumukkala
510 Anantapur Chennekothapalle Mandal Medapuram
511 Anantapur Chennekothapalle Mandal Mustikovila
512 Anantapur Chennekothapalle Mandal Nagasamudram
513 Anantapur Chennekothapalle Mandal Nyamaddala
514 Anantapur Chennekothapalle Mandal Poletipalle
515 Anantapur Chennekothapalle Mandal Pyadindi
516 Anantapur Chennekothapalle Mandal Veldurthi
517 Anantapur Gudibanda Mandal Chigathurpi
518 Anantapur Gudibanda Mandal Gudibanda
519 Anantapur Gudibanda Mandal Gunimorubagal
520 Anantapur Gudibanda Mandal Karikera
521 Anantapur Gudibanda Mandal Kekathi
522 Anantapur Gudibanda Mandal Konkallu
523 Anantapur Gudibanda Mandal Kumbaranagehalli
524 Anantapur Gudibanda Mandal Mandalahalli
525 Anantapur Gudibanda Mandal Morubagal
526 Anantapur Gudibanda Mandal Muthukur
527 Anantapur Gudibanda Mandal Pillenahalli
528 Anantapur Gudibanda Mandal Rallahalli
529 Anantapur Gudibanda Mandal S.Rayapuram
530 Anantapur Nambulipulikunta Mandal Dhaniyanicheruvu
531 Anantapur Nambulipulikunta Mandal Edurudona
532 Anantapur Nambulipulikunta Mandal Gootibylu
533 Anantapur Nambulipulikunta Mandal Gowkanapalle
534 Anantapur Nambulipulikunta Mandal Marrikommadinne
535 Anantapur Nambulipulikunta Mandal Mekalacheruvu
536 Anantapur Nambulipulikunta Mandal Mudupalajuvi
537 Anantapur Nambulipulikunta Mandal Nambulipulikunta
538 Anantapur Nambulipulikunta Mandal Pedaballi
539 Anantapur Nambulipulikunta Mandal Pedaballikothapalle
540 Anantapur Nambulipulikunta Mandal Vankamaddi
541 Anantapur Nambulipulikunta Mandal Velichelimala
542 Anantapur Narpala Mandal Bandlapalle
543 Anantapur Narpala Mandal Bondalawada
544 Anantapur Narpala Mandal B.Pappuru
545 Anantapur Narpala Mandal Chamaluru
546 Anantapur Narpala Mandal Duggumarri
547 Anantapur Narpala Mandal Durgam
548 Anantapur Narpala Mandal Gugudu
549 Anantapur Narpala Mandal Haveli Sodanapalle
550 Anantapur Narpala Mandal Nadimidoddi
551 Anantapur Narpala Mandal Narpala
552 Anantapur Narpala Mandal Siddaracherla
553 Anantapur Narpala Mandal Venkatampalle
554 Anantapur Obuladevaracheruvu Mandal Allapalle
555 Anantapur Obuladevaracheruvu Mandal Arkabhavipalle
556 Anantapur Obuladevaracheruvu Mandal Daburuvaripalle
557 Anantapur Obuladevaracheruvu Mandal Inagalur
558 Anantapur Obuladevaracheruvu Mandal Kondakamarla
559 Anantapur Obuladevaracheruvu Mandal Mukkandlavarikothapalle
560 Anantapur Obuladevaracheruvu Mandal Narasambhotlapalle
561 Anantapur Obuladevaracheruvu Mandal Obuladevaracheruvu
562 Anantapur Obuladevaracheruvu Mandal Sunnampalle
563 Anantapur Obuladevaracheruvu Mandal Tangedukunta
564 Anantapur Obuladevaracheruvu Mandal Thippepalle
565 Anantapur Obuladevaracheruvu Mandal Thummalakuntla Palle
566 Anantapur Obuladevaracheruvu Mandal Veeraobanapalle
567 Anantapur Obuladevaracheruvu Mandal Venkatapuram
568 Anantapur Pamidi Mandal Akkajampalle
569 Anantapur Pamidi Mandal Anumpalle
570 Anantapur Pamidi Mandal Appajipeta
571 Anantapur Pamidi Mandal Devarapalle
572 Anantapur Pamidi Mandal Eddulapalle
573 Anantapur Pamidi Mandal Edurur
574 Anantapur Pamidi Mandal Gajarampalle
575 Anantapur Pamidi Mandal Gulimikondla @ G.Kottala
576 Anantapur Pamidi Mandal Kalapuram
577 Anantapur Pamidi Mandal Kandlapalle
578 Anantapur Pamidi Mandal Katrimala
579 Anantapur Pamidi Mandal Khadarpeta
580 Anantapur Pamidi Mandal Neelur
581 Anantapur Pamidi Mandal Nemallapalle
582 Anantapur Pamidi Mandal Palyam
583 Anantapur Pamidi Mandal Pamidi
584 Anantapur Pamidi Mandal Pogarur
585 Anantapur Pamidi Mandal Ramagiri
586 Anantapur Pamidi Mandal Ramarajupalle
587 Anantapur Pamidi Mandal Sorakayalapeta
588 Anantapur Pamidi Mandal Thamballapalle
589 Anantapur Pamidi Mandal Vankarajukalva
590 Anantapur Parigi Mandal Bandarlapalle
591 Anantapur Parigi Mandal Beechiganipalle
592 Anantapur Parigi Mandal Ganapathipalle
593 Anantapur Parigi Mandal Kodigenahalli
594 Anantapur Parigi Mandal Moda
595 Anantapur Parigi Mandal Narasapuram
596 Anantapur Parigi Mandal Parigi
597 Anantapur Parigi Mandal Pydeti
598 Anantapur Parigi Mandal Sangameswarapalle
599 Anantapur Parigi Mandal Sasanakota
600 Anantapur Parigi Mandal Seegipalle
601 Anantapur Parigi Mandal Shobeerepalle
602 Anantapur Parigi Mandal Sirekolam
603 Anantapur Parigi Mandal Utakur
604 Anantapur Parigi Mandal Vittapalle
605 Anantapur Parigi Mandal Yerragunta
606 Anantapur Peddapappur Mandal Amalladinne
607 Anantapur Peddapappur Mandal Athiralladinne
608 Anantapur Peddapappur Mandal Chagallu
609 Anantapur Peddapappur Mandal Chinnayakkaluru
610 Anantapur Peddapappur Mandal Devanuppalapadu
611 Anantapur Peddapappur Mandal Dharmapuram
612 Anantapur Peddapappur Mandal Garladinne
613 Anantapur Peddapappur Mandal Jodidharmapuram
614 Anantapur Peddapappur Mandal Jutur
615 Anantapur Peddapappur Mandal Kummetha
616 Anantapur Peddapappur Mandal Muchukota
617 Anantapur Peddapappur Mandal Narasapuram
618 Anantapur Peddapappur Mandal Pasalur
619 Anantapur Peddapappur Mandal Peddapappur
620 Anantapur Peddapappur Mandal Peddayakkaluru
621 Anantapur Peddapappur Mandal Pendekallu
622 Anantapur Peddapappur Mandal Tabjula
623 Anantapur Peddavadugur Mandal Appecherla
624 Anantapur Peddavadugur Mandal Avulampalle
625 Anantapur Peddavadugur Mandal Chinnavadugur
626 Anantapur Peddavadugur Mandal Chintacheruvu
627 Anantapur Peddavadugur Mandal Chitrachedu
628 Anantapur Peddavadugur Mandal Chitturu
629 Anantapur Peddavadugur Mandal Dimmagudi
630 Anantapur Peddavadugur Mandal Gooty Ananta Puram
631 Anantapur Peddavadugur Mandal G. Venkatampalle
632 Anantapur Peddavadugur Mandal Kandlaguduru
633 Anantapur Peddavadugur Mandal Konapuram
634 Anantapur Peddavadugur Mandal Konduru
635 Anantapur Peddavadugur Mandal Kristipadu
636 Anantapur Peddavadugur Mandal Mallenipalle
637 Anantapur Peddavadugur Mandal Medimakulapalle
638 Anantapur Peddavadugur Mandal Miduthuru
639 Anantapur Peddavadugur Mandal Molakathalla
640 Anantapur Peddavadugur Mandal Muppalagutti
641 Anantapur Peddavadugur Mandal Nagalapuram
642 Anantapur Peddavadugur Mandal Peddavadugur
643 Anantapur Peddavadugur Mandal Penakalapadu
644 Anantapur Peddavadugur Mandal Ravuludiki
645 Anantapur Peddavadugur Mandal Teliki
646 Anantapur Peddavadugur Mandal Virupapuram
647 Anantapur Penukonda Mandal Adadakulapalle
648 Anantapur Penukonda Mandal Bojjireddipalle
649 Anantapur Penukonda Mandal Cherlopalle
650 Anantapur Penukonda Mandal Duddebanda
651 Anantapur Penukonda Mandal Erramanchi
652 Anantapur Penukonda Mandal Gondipalle
653 Anantapur Penukonda Mandal Gonipeta
654 Anantapur Penukonda Mandal Gutturu
655 Anantapur Penukonda Mandal Kondampalle
656 Anantapur Penukonda Mandal Mavaturu
657 Anantapur Penukonda Mandal Munimadugu
658 Anantapur Penukonda Mandal Nagalur
659 Anantapur Penukonda Mandal Obulapuram
660 Anantapur Penukonda Mandal Penukonda
661 Anantapur Penukonda Mandal Rampuram
662 Anantapur Penukonda Mandal Settipalle
663 Anantapur Penukonda Mandal Vasudevapuram
664 Anantapur Putlur Mandal Arakativemula
665 Anantapur Putlur Mandal Chalavemula
666 Anantapur Putlur Mandal Cherlopalli
667 Anantapur Putlur Mandal Chinnamallepalle
668 Anantapur Putlur Mandal Chintakunta
669 Anantapur Putlur Mandal Chintalapalle
670 Anantapur Putlur Mandal Dosaledu
671 Anantapur Putlur Mandal Ellutla
672 Anantapur Putlur Mandal Gandlapadu
673 Anantapur Putlur Mandal Kadavakallu
674 Anantapur Putlur Mandal Kandikapula
675 Anantapur Putlur Mandal Komatikuntla
676 Anantapur Putlur Mandal Kummanamala
677 Anantapur Putlur Mandal Madugupalle
678 Anantapur Putlur Mandal Putlur
679 Anantapur Putlur Mandal Sanagalaguduru
680 Anantapur Putlur Mandal Surepalli
681 Anantapur Puttaparthi Mandal Amagondapalem
682 Anantapur Puttaparthi Mandal Beedupalle
683 Anantapur Puttaparthi Mandal Brahmanapalle
684 Anantapur Puttaparthi Mandal Jagarajupalle
685 Anantapur Puttaparthi Mandal Kappala Banda
686 Anantapur Puttaparthi Mandal Kotlapalle
687 Anantapur Puttaparthi Mandal Nidimamidi
688 Anantapur Puttaparthi Mandal Pedapalle
689 Anantapur Puttaparthi Mandal Puttaparthi
690 Anantapur Puttaparthi Mandal Satarlapalle
691 Anantapur Puttaparthi Mandal Vengalammacheruvu
692 Anantapur Puttaparthi Mandal Yenumalapalle(CT)
693 Anantapur Ramagiri Mandal Ganthimarri
694 Anantapur Ramagiri Mandal Kondapuram
695 Anantapur Ramagiri Mandal Kuntimaddi
696 Anantapur Ramagiri Mandal Makkinavaripalle
697 Anantapur Ramagiri Mandal Motarchintalapalle
698 Anantapur Ramagiri Mandal Nasanakota
699 Anantapur Ramagiri Mandal Perur
700 Anantapur Ramagiri Mandal Polepalle
701 Anantapur Ramagiri Mandal Ramagiri
702 Anantapur Ramagiri Mandal Seshadribhatra Halli
703 Anantapur Raptadu Mandal Bandameedapalle
704 Anantapur Raptadu Mandal Bommaparthy
705 Anantapur Raptadu Mandal Bukkacherla
706 Anantapur Raptadu Mandal Gandlaparthi
707 Anantapur Raptadu Mandal Gangulakunta
708 Anantapur Raptadu Mandal Gondireddipalle
709 Anantapur Raptadu Mandal Hampapuram
710 Anantapur Raptadu Mandal Maroor
711 Anantapur Raptadu Mandal Palacherla
712 Anantapur Raptadu Mandal Raptadu (Part)
713 Anantapur Raptadu Mandal Yerragunta
714 Anantapur Rayadurg Mandal Avuladatla
715 Anantapur Rayadurg Mandal Baginayakana Halli
716 Anantapur Rayadurg Mandal Bondankal
717 Anantapur Rayadurg Mandal Chadam
718 Anantapur Rayadurg Mandal D.Kondapuram
719 Anantapur Rayadurg Mandal Gramadatla
720 Anantapur Rayadurg Mandal Junjurampalle
721 Anantapur Rayadurg Mandal Kontanapalli
722 Anantapur Rayadurg Mandal Mallapuram
723 Anantapur Rayadurg Mandal Mechiri
724 Anantapur Rayadurg Mandal Nagireddipalle
725 Anantapur Rayadurg Mandal Rayadurg
726 Anantapur Rayadurg Mandal Udegolam
727 Anantapur Rayadurg Mandal Vadrahonnur
728 Anantapur Rayadurg Mandal Veparalla
729 Anantapur Roddam Mandal Bokkasampalle
730 Anantapur Roddam Mandal Bucharla
731 Anantapur Roddam Mandal Cherukur
732 Anantapur Roddam Mandal Chinnamanthur
733 Anantapur Roddam Mandal Cholemarri
734 Anantapur Roddam Mandal Dodagatta
735 Anantapur Roddam Mandal Jakkalacheruvu
736 Anantapur Roddam Mandal Kalipi
737 Anantapur Roddam Mandal Kogira
738 Anantapur Roddam Mandal Mulakalacheruvu
739 Anantapur Roddam Mandal Nallur
740 Anantapur Roddam Mandal Naranagepalle
741 Anantapur Roddam Mandal Peddamanthur
742 Anantapur Roddam Mandal Peddipalle
743 Anantapur Roddam Mandal Reddipalle
744 Anantapur Roddam Mandal R.Locharla
745 Anantapur Roddam Mandal Roddakampalle
746 Anantapur Roddam Mandal Roddam
747 Anantapur Roddam Mandal Sanipalle
748 Anantapur Roddam Mandal Thurakalapatnam
749 Anantapur Roddam Mandal Venkatapuram
750 Anantapur Rolla Mandal Bommagundanahalli
751 Anantapur Rolla Mandal Dodderi
752 Anantapur Rolla Mandal Kaki
753 Anantapur Rolla Mandal M.Rayapuram
754 Anantapur Rolla Mandal Ratnagiri
755 Anantapur Rolla Mandal Rolla
756 Anantapur Rolla Mandal Tubinakunta
757 Anantapur Settur Mandal Adivigollapalle
758 Anantapur Settur Mandal Ayyagarlapalle
759 Anantapur Settur Mandal Bachchupalle
760 Anantapur Settur Mandal Chintarlapalle
761 Anantapur Settur Mandal Kamthanahalli
762 Anantapur Settur Mandal Khairevu
763 Anantapur Settur Mandal Lakshmanpalle
764 Anantapur Settur Mandal Mulakaledu
765 Anantapur Settur Mandal Settur
766 Anantapur Settur Mandal Yatakal
767 Anantapur Singanamala Mandal Akuledu
768 Anantapur Singanamala Mandal Anandaraopeta
769 Anantapur Singanamala Mandal Buddepalle
770 Anantapur Singanamala Mandal Chakrayapeta
771 Anantapur Singanamala Mandal Cheelapalle
772 Anantapur Singanamala Mandal Chennavaram
773 Anantapur Singanamala Mandal Joolakalva
774 Anantapur Singanamala Mandal Kallumadi
775 Anantapur Singanamala Mandal Karnatakampalle
776 Anantapur Singanamala Mandal Korivipalle
777 Anantapur Singanamala Mandal Lolur
778 Anantapur Singanamala Mandal Matlagondi
779 Anantapur Singanamala Mandal Narsapuram
780 Anantapur Singanamala Mandal Nidhanawada
781 Anantapur Singanamala Mandal Peddajalalpuram
782 Anantapur Singanamala Mandal Peravali
783 Anantapur Singanamala Mandal Rachepalle
784 Anantapur Singanamala Mandal Salakamcheruvu
785 Anantapur Singanamala Mandal Singanamala
786 Anantapur Singanamala Mandal Sodanapalle
787 Anantapur Singanamala Mandal Tarimela
788 Anantapur Singanamala Mandal Ullikallu
789 Anantapur Somandepalle Mandal Brahmanapalle
790 Anantapur Somandepalle Mandal Brahmasamudram
791 Anantapur Somandepalle Mandal Bussaiahgaripalle
792 Anantapur Somandepalle Mandal Chalakur
793 Anantapur Somandepalle Mandal Challapalle
794 Anantapur Somandepalle Mandal Chennapuram
795 Anantapur Somandepalle Mandal Edulabalapuram
796 Anantapur Somandepalle Mandal Gudipalle
797 Anantapur Somandepalle Mandal Julukunta
798 Anantapur Somandepalle Mandal Kethaganicheruvu
799 Anantapur Somandepalle Mandal Kothapalle
800 Anantapur Somandepalle Mandal Magecheruvu
801 Anantapur Somandepalle Mandal Mandli
802 Anantapur Somandepalle Mandal Nadimpalle
803 Anantapur Somandepalle Mandal Naginayanicheruvu
804 Anantapur Somandepalle Mandal Pandiparthi
805 Anantapur Somandepalle Mandal Somandepalle(CT)
806 Anantapur Somandepalle Mandal Tungodu
807 Anantapur Somandepalle Mandal Velagamakulapalle
808 Anantapur Somandepalle Mandal Velidadakala
809 Anantapur Tadimarri Mandal Chillavaripalle
810 Anantapur Tadimarri Mandal Chinnachigullarevu
811 Anantapur Tadimarri Mandal Dadithota
812 Anantapur Tadimarri Mandal Kondamanayanipalem
813 Anantapur Tadimarri Mandal Kunukuntla
814 Anantapur Tadimarri Mandal Maravapalle Agraharam
815 Anantapur Tadimarri Mandal Nidigallu
816 Anantapur Tadimarri Mandal Peddakotla
817 Anantapur Tadimarri Mandal Pinnadari
818 Anantapur Tadimarri Mandal (Shro) Thirumalapuram
819 Anantapur Tadimarri Mandal Tadimarri
820 Anantapur Tadpatri Mandal Alur
821 Anantapur Tadpatri Mandal Bhogasamudram
822 Anantapur Tadpatri Mandal Bodaipalle
823 Anantapur Tadpatri Mandal Bondaladinne
824 Anantapur Tadpatri Mandal Brahmanapalle
825 Anantapur Tadpatri Mandal Challavaripalle
826 Anantapur Tadpatri Mandal Chinnapolamada
827 Anantapur Tadpatri Mandal Chukkalur
828 Anantapur Tadpatri Mandal Diguvapalle
829 Anantapur Tadpatri Mandal Gangadevipalle
830 Anantapur Tadpatri Mandal Husenapuram
831 Anantapur Tadpatri Mandal Igudur
832 Anantapur Tadpatri Mandal Jambulapadu
833 Anantapur Tadpatri Mandal Kaverisamudram
834 Anantapur Tadpatri Mandal Komali
835 Anantapur Tadpatri Mandal Nandalapadu (R)
836 Anantapur Tadpatri Mandal Peddapolamada
837 Anantapur Tadpatri Mandal Puliproddatur
838 Anantapur Tadpatri Mandal Sajjaladinne
839 Anantapur Tadpatri Mandal Seetharampuram
840 Anantapur Tadpatri Mandal Tadpatri (R)
841 Anantapur Tadpatri Mandal Talaricheruvu
842 Anantapur Tadpatri Mandal Uruchinthala
843 Anantapur Tadpatri Mandal Vanganur
844 Anantapur Tadpatri Mandal Veerapuram
845 Anantapur Tadpatri Mandal Velamakur
846 Anantapur Tadpatri Mandal Venkatampalle
847 Anantapur Talupula Mandal Bandlapalle
848 Anantapur Talupula Mandal Kurli
849 Anantapur Talupula Mandal Lakkasamudram
850 Anantapur Talupula Mandal Nuthanakalva
851 Anantapur Talupula Mandal Obulareddipalle
852 Anantapur Talupula Mandal Odulapalle
853 Anantapur Talupula Mandal Peddannavaripalle
854 Anantapur Talupula Mandal Puligundlapalle
855 Anantapur Talupula Mandal Talupula
856 Anantapur Talupula Mandal Udumulakurthy
857 Anantapur Talupula Mandal Vepamampeta
858 Anantapur Tanakal Mandal Agraharampalle
859 Anantapur Tanakal Mandal Balasamudram
860 Anantapur Tanakal Mandal Bonthalapalle
861 Anantapur Tanakal Mandal Cheekatimanipalle
862 Anantapur Tanakal Mandal Chinnaramannagaripalle
863 Anantapur Tanakal Mandal Danduvaripalle
864 Anantapur Tanakal Mandal Diguvamandalapalle
865 Anantapur Tanakal Mandal Ethodu
866 Anantapur Tanakal Mandal Gurrambailu
867 Anantapur Tanakal Mandal Kokkanti
868 Anantapur Tanakal Mandal Korthikota
869 Anantapur Tanakal Mandal Kotapalle
870 Anantapur Tanakal Mandal Maddinayanipalem
871 Anantapur Tanakal Mandal Malreddipalle
872 Anantapur Tanakal Mandal Mundlavaripalle
873 Anantapur Tanakal Mandal Tanakal
874 Anantapur Tanakal Mandal Tavalam
875 Anantapur Tanakal Mandal T.Sadum
876 Anantapur Tanakal Mandal Ulavalavandlapalle
877 Anantapur Tanakal Mandal Venkatrayanipalle
878 Anantapur Uravakonda Mandal Amidala
879 Anantapur Uravakonda Mandal Budagavi
880 Anantapur Uravakonda Mandal Chinna Musturu
881 Anantapur Uravakonda Mandal Indravathi
882 Anantapur Uravakonda Mandal Kondapuram
883 Anantapur Uravakonda Mandal Lathavaram
884 Anantapur Uravakonda Mandal Mopidi
885 Anantapur Uravakonda Mandal Mylarampalle
886 Anantapur Uravakonda Mandal Nerimetla
887 Anantapur Uravakonda Mandal Nimbagal
888 Anantapur Uravakonda Mandal Peddakowkuntla
889 Anantapur Uravakonda Mandal Pedda Musturu
890 Anantapur Uravakonda Mandal Pennahobilam
891 Anantapur Uravakonda Mandal Racharla
892 Anantapur Uravakonda Mandal Raketla
893 Anantapur Uravakonda Mandal Rayampalle
894 Anantapur Uravakonda Mandal Renimakulapalle
895 Anantapur Uravakonda Mandal Shaiksanipalle
896 Anantapur Uravakonda Mandal Uravakonda(CT)
897 Anantapur Uravakonda Mandal Veligonda
898 Anantapur Uravakonda Mandal Vyasapuram
899 Anantapur Uravakonda Mandal Y.Rampuram
900 Anantapur Vajrakarur Mandal Chabala
901 Anantapur Vajrakarur Mandal Chinna Hothur
902 Anantapur Vajrakarur Mandal Gade Hothur
903 Anantapur Vajrakarur Mandal Ganjikunta
904 Anantapur Vajrakarur Mandal Gulapalem
905 Anantapur Vajrakarur Mandal Jarutla Rampuram
906 Anantapur Vajrakarur Mandal Kamalapadu
907 Anantapur Vajrakarur Mandal Konakondla
908 Anantapur Vajrakarur Mandal Pandikunta
909 Anantapur Vajrakarur Mandal Patha Kadamalakunta
910 Anantapur Vajrakarur Mandal Pedda Chinnapyapili
911 Anantapur Vajrakarur Mandal Pottipadu
912 Anantapur Vajrakarur Mandal Ragulapadu
913 Anantapur Vajrakarur Mandal Thatrakal
914 Anantapur Vajrakarur Mandal Vajrakarur
915 Anantapur Vajrakarur Mandal Venkatampalle
916 Anantapur Vidapanakal Mandal Cheekalaguriki
917 Anantapur Vidapanakal Mandal Donekal
918 Anantapur Vidapanakal Mandal Gadekal
919 Anantapur Vidapanakal Mandal Hanchanahal
920 Anantapur Vidapanakal Mandal Havaligi
921 Anantapur Vidapanakal Mandal Kadadarabenchi
922 Anantapur Vidapanakal Mandal Karakamukkala
923 Anantapur Vidapanakal Mandal Malapuram
924 Anantapur Vidapanakal Mandal N.Thimmapuram
925 Anantapur Vidapanakal Mandal Palthur
926 Anantapur Vidapanakal Mandal Poliki
927 Anantapur Vidapanakal Mandal Undabanda
928 Anantapur Vidapanakal Mandal Velpumadugu
929 Anantapur Vidapanakal Mandal Vidapanakal
930 Anantapur Yadiki Mandal Chandana
931 Anantapur Yadiki Mandal Gudipadu
932 Anantapur Yadiki Mandal Kamalapadu
933 Anantapur Yadiki Mandal Konuppalapadu
934 Anantapur Yadiki Mandal Kundanakota
935 Anantapur Yadiki Mandal Nagarur
936 Anantapur Yadiki Mandal Nittoor
937 Anantapur Yadiki Mandal Obulapuram
938 Anantapur Yadiki Mandal Puppala
939 Anantapur Yadiki Mandal Rayalacheruvu
940 Anantapur Yadiki Mandal Thimmapuram
941 Anantapur Yadiki Mandal Tutrallapalle
942 Anantapur Yadiki Mandal Vemulapadu
943 Anantapur Yadiki Mandal Yadiki
944 Anantapur Yellanur Mandal Aravedu
945 Anantapur Yellanur Mandal Boppepalle
946 Anantapur Yellanur Mandal Bukkapuram
947 Anantapur Yellanur Mandal Chilamakuru
948 Anantapur Yellanur Mandal Goddumarri
949 Anantapur Yellanur Mandal Kacharlakunta
950 Anantapur Yellanur Mandal Kalluru
951 Anantapur Yellanur Mandal Kodumurthy
952 Anantapur Yellanur Mandal Mallagundla
953 Anantapur Yellanur Mandal Medukurthy
954 Anantapur Yellanur Mandal Nitturu
955 Anantapur Yellanur Mandal Pathapalle
956 Anantapur Yellanur Mandal Peddamallepalle
957 Anantapur Yellanur Mandal Singavaram
958 Anantapur Yellanur Mandal Thirumalapuram
959 Anantapur Yellanur Mandal Vemulapalle
960 Anantapur Yellanur Mandal Vennapurapalle
961 Anantapur Yellanur Mandal Y.Chintakayamanda
962 Anantapur Yellanur Mandal Yellanur
963 Chittoor Baireddipalle Mandal Alapalle
964 Chittoor Baireddipalle Mandal Baireddipalle
965 Chittoor Baireddipalle Mandal Belupalle
966 Chittoor Baireddipalle Mandal Chappidipalle
967 Chittoor Baireddipalle Mandal Devadoddi
968 Chittoor Baireddipalle Mandal Dharmapuri
969 Chittoor Baireddipalle Mandal Donthirallapalle
970 Chittoor Baireddipalle Mandal Ganginayanipalle
971 Chittoor Baireddipalle Mandal Gollachemana Palle
972 Chittoor Baireddipalle Mandal Gounithimmepalle
973 Chittoor Baireddipalle Mandal Kadapanatham
974 Chittoor Baireddipalle Mandal Kaigallu
975 Chittoor Baireddipalle Mandal Kambhampalle
976 Chittoor Baireddipalle Mandal Kammanapalle
977 Chittoor Baireddipalle Mandal Lakkanapalle
978 Chittoor Baireddipalle Mandal Meakalanagireddi Palle
979 Chittoor Baireddipalle Mandal Mulathimmepalle
980 Chittoor Baireddipalle Mandal Nellipatla
981 Chittoor Baireddipalle Mandal Pathurnatham
982 Chittoor Baireddipalle Mandal Peddachellaragunta
983 Chittoor Baireddipalle Mandal Raghunayakula Dinne
984 Chittoor Baireddipalle Mandal Settipalle
985 Chittoor Baireddipalle Mandal Theertham
986 Chittoor Baireddipalle Mandal Thimmaiahgaripalle
987 Chittoor Baireddipalle Mandal Veerlabanda
988 Chittoor Bangarupalem Mandal Beripalle
989 Chittoor Bangarupalem Mandal Bodabandla
990 Chittoor Bangarupalem Mandal Gollapalle
991 Chittoor Bangarupalem Mandal Gundla Kattamanchi
992 Chittoor Bangarupalem Mandal Jambuvaripalle
993 Chittoor Bangarupalem Mandal Kallurupalle
994 Chittoor Bangarupalem Mandal Kalvamogilappa Kandriga
995 Chittoor Bangarupalem Mandal Keeramanda
996 Chittoor Bangarupalem Mandal Kurmaipalle
997 Chittoor Bangarupalem Mandal Mahasamudram
998 Chittoor Bangarupalem Mandal Mogili
999 Chittoor Bangarupalem Mandal Mothagunta
1000 Chittoor Bangarupalem Mandal Nalagampalle
1001 Chittoor Bangarupalem Mandal Nallangadu
1002 Chittoor Bangarupalem Mandal Noonegundlapalle
1003 Chittoor Bangarupalem Mandal Palamakulapalle
1004 Chittoor Bangarupalem Mandal Paleru
1005 Chittoor Bangarupalem Mandal Ragimanipenta
1006 Chittoor Bangarupalem Mandal Sadakuppam
1007 Chittoor Bangarupalem Mandal Setteri
1008 Chittoor Bangarupalem Mandal Tekumanda
1009 Chittoor Bangarupalem Mandal Thambuganipalle
1010 Chittoor Bangarupalem Mandal Thoompayanapalle
1011 Chittoor Bangarupalem Mandal Thumba
1012 Chittoor Bangarupalem Mandal Thumba Kuppam
1013 Chittoor Bangarupalem Mandal Venkatagiri
1014 Chittoor Bangarupalem Mandal Vepanapalle
1015 Chittoor B.Kothakota Mandal Badikayalapalle
1016 Chittoor B.Kothakota Mandal Bayyappagaripalle
1017 Chittoor B.Kothakota Mandal Beerangi
1018 Chittoor B.Kothakota Mandal B.Kothakota
1019 Chittoor B.Kothakota Mandal Gattu
1020 Chittoor B.Kothakota Mandal Gollapalle
1021 Chittoor B.Kothakota Mandal Gummasamudram
1022 Chittoor B.Kothakota Mandal Kotavooru
1023 Chittoor B.Kothakota Mandal Thummanamgutta
1024 Chittoor Buchinaidu Kandriga Mandal Alathur
1025 Chittoor Buchinaidu Kandriga Mandal Bhavanisankarapuram
1026 Chittoor Buchinaidu Kandriga Mandal Chellamambapuram
1027 Chittoor Buchinaidu Kandriga Mandal Chinnayyagunta
1028 Chittoor Buchinaidu Kandriga Mandal Gajulapellore
1029 Chittoor Buchinaidu Kandriga Mandal Kallivettu
1030 Chittoor Buchinaidu Kandriga Mandal Kanamanambedu
1031 Chittoor Buchinaidu Kandriga Mandal Kanchanaputtur
1032 Chittoor Buchinaidu Kandriga Mandal Katur
1033 Chittoor Buchinaidu Kandriga Mandal Kothapalem
1034 Chittoor Buchinaidu Kandriga Mandal Kukkambakam
1035 Chittoor Buchinaidu Kandriga Mandal Kumara Venkatapuram
1036 Chittoor Buchinaidu Kandriga Mandal Neerpakota
1037 Chittoor Buchinaidu Kandriga Mandal Nelavoy
1038 Chittoor Buchinaidu Kandriga Mandal Pallamala
1039 Chittoor Buchinaidu Kandriga Mandal Parlapalle
1040 Chittoor Buchinaidu Kandriga Mandal Peddapalavedu
1041 Chittoor Buchinaidu Kandriga Mandal Putteri
1042 Chittoor Buchinaidu Kandriga Mandal Talarivettu
1043 Chittoor Buchinaidu Kandriga Mandal Thangellapuram
1044 Chittoor Buchinaidu Kandriga Mandal Therripadu
1045 Chittoor Buchinaidu Kandriga Mandal Thimmabhupalapuram
1046 Chittoor Buchinaidu Kandriga Mandal Vijayagopalapuram
1047 Chittoor Buchinaidu Kandriga Mandal West Warathur
1048 Chittoor Chandragiri Mandal Agarala
1049 Chittoor Chandragiri Mandal Arepalle
1050 Chittoor Chandragiri Mandal Bheemavaram
1051 Chittoor Chandragiri Mandal Chandragiri
1052 Chittoor Chandragiri Mandal Chinna Rama Puram
1053 Chittoor Chandragiri Mandal Chintagunta
1054 Chittoor Chandragiri Mandal Dornakambala
1055 Chittoor Chandragiri Mandal Ithepalle
1056 Chittoor Chandragiri Mandal Kalroadpalle
1057 Chittoor Chandragiri Mandal Kondreddy Khandriga
1058 Chittoor Chandragiri Mandal Kotala
1059 Chittoor Chandragiri Mandal Mamandur
1060 Chittoor Chandragiri Mandal Mittapalem
1061 Chittoor Chandragiri Mandal Mungilipattukothapalle
1062 Chittoor Chandragiri Mandal Nagapatla
1063 Chittoor Chandragiri Mandal Narasinga Puram
1064 Chittoor Chandragiri Mandal Panapakam
1065 Chittoor Chandragiri Mandal Pullaiahgari Palle
1066 Chittoor Chandragiri Mandal Ramireddi Palle
1067 Chittoor Chandragiri Mandal Reddivaripalle
1068 Chittoor Chandragiri Mandal Sanambatla
1069 Chittoor Chandragiri Mandal Sesha Puram
1070 Chittoor Chandragiri Mandal Thondawada
1071 Chittoor Chinnagottigallu Mandal Bhakarapet
1072 Chittoor Chinnagottigallu Mandal Chattevaripalem
1073 Chittoor Chinnagottigallu Mandal Chinnagotti Gallu
1074 Chittoor Chinnagottigallu Mandal Chittecherla
1075 Chittoor Chinnagottigallu Mandal Devarakonda
1076 Chittoor Chinnagottigallu Mandal Diguvuru
1077 Chittoor Chinnagottigallu Mandal Kotabylu
1078 Chittoor Chinnagottigallu Mandal Rangannagari Gadda
1079 Chittoor Chinnagottigallu Mandal Thippireddigaripalle
1080 Chittoor Chinnagottigallu Mandal Yeguvuru
1081 Chittoor Chittoor Mandal Alukurupalle
1082 Chittoor Chittoor Mandal Anagallu
1083 Chittoor Chittoor Mandal Ananthapuram
1084 Chittoor Chittoor Mandal Anupalle
1085 Chittoor Chittoor Mandal Anupalle (Part)
1086 Chittoor Chittoor Mandal Arathala
1087 Chittoor Chittoor Mandal Ayanavedu
1088 Chittoor Chittoor Mandal Bakara Narasinga Rayani Peta
1089 Chittoor Chittoor Mandal Bandapalle
1090 Chittoor Chittoor Mandal Chinthalagunta
1091 Chittoor Chittoor Mandal Diguvamasapalle
1092 Chittoor Chittoor Mandal Gollapalle
1093 Chittoor Chittoor Mandal Guvvakallu
1094 Chittoor Chittoor Mandal Krishnapuram
1095 Chittoor Chittoor Mandal Kurchivedu
1096 Chittoor Chittoor Mandal Lakshmambapuram
1097 Chittoor Chittoor Mandal Mangasamudram (CT)
1098 Chittoor Chittoor Mandal Mapakshi
1099 Chittoor Chittoor Mandal Mapakshi
1100 Chittoor Chittoor Mandal Murakambattu(CT)
1101 Chittoor Chittoor Mandal Muthukuru
1102 Chittoor Chittoor Mandal Narigapalle
1103 Chittoor Chittoor Mandal Pachanapalle
1104 Chittoor Chittoor Mandal Paluru
1105 Chittoor Chittoor Mandal Peddisettipalle
1106 Chittoor Chittoor Mandal Perumalla Khandriga
1107 Chittoor Chittoor Mandal Settiappam Thangal
1108 Chittoor Chittoor Mandal Siddampalle
1109 Chittoor Chittoor Mandal S.Venkatapuram
1110 Chittoor Chittoor Mandal Thalambedu
1111 Chittoor Chittoor Mandal Thenebanda (Part)
1112 Chittoor Chittoor Mandal Thumminda
1113 Chittoor Chittoor Mandal Varadarajulapalle
1114 Chittoor Chittoor Mandal Venkatapuram
1115 Chittoor Chowdepalle Mandal 29 -A. Chinta -Makulapalle
1116 Chittoor Chowdepalle Mandal A.Kothakota
1117 Chittoor Chowdepalle Mandal Charala
1118 Chittoor Chowdepalle Mandal Chowdepalle
1119 Chittoor Chowdepalle Mandal Diguvapalle
1120 Chittoor Chowdepalle Mandal Durgasamudram
1121 Chittoor Chowdepalle Mandal Gaddamvaripalle
1122 Chittoor Chowdepalle Mandal Katiperi
1123 Chittoor Chowdepalle Mandal Kogathi
1124 Chittoor Chowdepalle Mandal Kondamarri
1125 Chittoor Chowdepalle Mandal Laddigam
1126 Chittoor Chowdepalle Mandal Pandillapalle
1127 Chittoor Chowdepalle Mandal Peddayallakuntla
1128 Chittoor Chowdepalle Mandal Pudipatla
1129 Chittoor Chowdepalle Mandal Settipeta
1130 Chittoor Gangadhara Nellore Mandal Agaramangalam
1131 Chittoor Gangadhara Nellore Mandal Ambodharapalle
1132 Chittoor Gangadhara Nellore Mandal Atmakur
1133 Chittoor Gangadhara Nellore Mandal B.C.Khandriga
1134 Chittoor Gangadhara Nellore Mandal Bojjinayanipalle
1135 Chittoor Gangadhara Nellore Mandal Bukkapatnam
1136 Chittoor Gangadhara Nellore Mandal Chinnavepanjeri
1137 Chittoor Gangadhara Nellore Mandal Ellapalle
1138 Chittoor Gangadhara Nellore Mandal Errabodireddipalle
1139 Chittoor Gangadhara Nellore Mandal Gangadharanellore
1140 Chittoor Gangadhara Nellore Mandal Garigalapalle
1141 Chittoor Gangadhara Nellore Mandal Gollapalle
1142 Chittoor Gangadhara Nellore Mandal Kadapagunta
1143 Chittoor Gangadhara Nellore Mandal Kalijavedu
1144 Chittoor Gangadhara Nellore Mandal Kondepalle
1145 Chittoor Gangadhara Nellore Mandal Kotagaram
1146 Chittoor Gangadhara Nellore Mandal Kothavenkatapuram
1147 Chittoor Gangadhara Nellore Mandal Kotrakona
1148 Chittoor Gangadhara Nellore Mandal Mahadevamangalam
1149 Chittoor Gangadhara Nellore Mandal Mukkelathuru
1150 Chittoor Gangadhara Nellore Mandal Murthinayanipalle
1151 Chittoor Gangadhara Nellore Mandal Nallarallapalle
1152 Chittoor Gangadhara Nellore Mandal Nandanoor
1153 Chittoor Gangadhara Nellore Mandal Nellipalle
1154 Chittoor Gangadhara Nellore Mandal Pachigunta
1155 Chittoor Gangadhara Nellore Mandal Pathapalem
1156 Chittoor Gangadhara Nellore Mandal Pathavenkatapuram
1157 Chittoor Gangadhara Nellore Mandal Peddakalva
1158 Chittoor Gangadhara Nellore Mandal Tungundram
1159 Chittoor Gangadhara Nellore Mandal Varathuru
1160 Chittoor Gangadhara Nellore Mandal Veerakanellore
1161 Chittoor Gangadhara Nellore Mandal Velkur
1162 Chittoor Gangadhara Nellore Mandal Vepanjeri
1163 Chittoor Gangadhara Nellore Mandal Vezzupalle
1164 Chittoor Gangadhara Nellore Mandal Vinjam
1165 Chittoor Gangavaram Mandal Dandapalle
1166 Chittoor Gangavaram Mandal Gandrajupalle
1167 Chittoor Gangavaram Mandal Gangavaram (Part)
1168 Chittoor Gangavaram Mandal Gundugallu
1169 Chittoor Gangavaram Mandal Jeedimakulapalle
1170 Chittoor Gangavaram Mandal Kalagatoor
1171 Chittoor Gangavaram Mandal Kallupalle
1172 Chittoor Gangavaram Mandal Keelapalle
1173 Chittoor Gangavaram Mandal Keelapatla
1174 Chittoor Gangavaram Mandal Kothapalle
1175 Chittoor Gangavaram Mandal Mamadugu
1176 Chittoor Gangavaram Mandal Maredupalle
1177 Chittoor Gangavaram Mandal Melumoy
1178 Chittoor Gangavaram Mandal Mogilpalle
1179 Chittoor Gangavaram Mandal Pasupathur
1180 Chittoor Gangavaram Mandal Pathikonda
1181 Chittoor Gudipala Mandal Adilakshmamba Puram
1182 Chittoor Gudipala Mandal Bandapalle
1183 Chittoor Gudipala Mandal Bandarlapalle
1184 Chittoor Gudipala Mandal Basavapalle
1185 Chittoor Gudipala Mandal Bomma Samudram
1186 Chittoor Gudipala Mandal Cheelapalle
1187 Chittoor Gudipala Mandal Cheruvu Mundara Khandriga
1188 Chittoor Gudipala Mandal Chittapara
1189 Chittoor Gudipala Mandal Dakshina Brahmana Palle
1190 Chittoor Gudipala Mandal Gollapalle
1191 Chittoor Gudipala Mandal Gudipala
1192 Chittoor Gudipala Mandal Kaidugani Khandriga
1193 Chittoor Gudipala Mandal Kothapalle
1194 Chittoor Gudipala Mandal Krishna Jammapuram
1195 Chittoor Gudipala Mandal Kuppiganipalle
1196 Chittoor Gudipala Mandal Lakshmambapuram
1197 Chittoor Gudipala Mandal Mandi Krishnapuram
1198 Chittoor Gudipala Mandal Marakalakuppam
1199 Chittoor Gudipala Mandal Mogaralapalle
1200 Chittoor Gudipala Mandal Muthukurpalle
1201 Chittoor Gudipala Mandal Nangamangalam
1202 Chittoor Gudipala Mandal Naragallu
1203 Chittoor Gudipala Mandal Papasamudram
1204 Chittoor Gudipala Mandal Pasumanda
1205 Chittoor Gudipala Mandal Pasumanda
1206 Chittoor Gudipala Mandal Ragimanupatteda
1207 Chittoor Gudipala Mandal Ramapuram
1208 Chittoor Gudipala Mandal Ramapuram
1209 Chittoor Gudipala Mandal Srirangampalle
1210 Chittoor Gudipala Mandal Thimmaiahpalle
1211 Chittoor Gudipala Mandal Vasanthapuram
1212 Chittoor Gudipala Mandal Venkata Lakshmamba Puram
1213 Chittoor Gudupalle Mandal Agaram
1214 Chittoor Gudupalle Mandal Alugumanipalle
1215 Chittoor Gudupalle Mandal Anagarlapalle
1216 Chittoor Gudupalle Mandal Anganamalakothuru
1217 Chittoor Gudupalle Mandal Athinatham
1218 Chittoor Gudupalle Mandal Avulathimmanapalle
1219 Chittoor Gudupalle Mandal Beggilipalle
1220 Chittoor Gudupalle Mandal Bijiganipalle
1221 Chittoor Gudupalle Mandal Bisanatham
1222 Chittoor Gudupalle Mandal Boyanapalle
1223 Chittoor Gudupalle Mandal Burugulapalle
1224 Chittoor Gudupalle Mandal Cheekatipalle
1225 Chittoor Gudupalle Mandal Chinnagollapalle
1226 Chittoor Gudupalle Mandal Chinnaparthikunta
1227 Chittoor Gudupalle Mandal Dasimanipalle
1228 Chittoor Gudupalle Mandal Dinnepalle
1229 Chittoor Gudupalle Mandal Gokarlapalle
1230 Chittoor Gudupalle Mandal Gudupalle
1231 Chittoor Gudupalle Mandal Gundlasagaram
1232 Chittoor Gudupalle Mandal Irisiganipalle
1233 Chittoor Gudupalle Mandal Jarugukonda
1234 Chittoor Gudupalle Mandal Kakinayanichigurla Palle
1235 Chittoor Gudupalle Mandal Kanamanapalle
1236 Chittoor Gudupalle Mandal Kodiganipalle
1237 Chittoor Gudupalle Mandal Kotachembagiri
1238 Chittoor Gudupalle Mandal Kotamakanepalle
1239 Chittoor Gudupalle Mandal Kotapalle
1240 Chittoor Gudupalle Mandal Kuppiganipalle
1241 Chittoor Gudupalle Mandal Lingapuram Dinne
1242 Chittoor Gudupalle Mandal Malavanikothur
1243 Chittoor Gudupalle Mandal Maldepalle
1244 Chittoor Gudupalle Mandal Nakkanapalle
1245 Chittoor Gudupalle Mandal Nalagampalle
1246 Chittoor Gudupalle Mandal Onnapanayani Kothur
1247 Chittoor Gudupalle Mandal Ontipalle
1248 Chittoor Gudupalle Mandal Peddagollapalle
1249 Chittoor Gudupalle Mandal Peddaparthikunta
1250 Chittoor Gudupalle Mandal Pogurupalle
1251 Chittoor Gudupalle Mandal Sanganapalle
1252 Chittoor Gudupalle Mandal Settipalle
1253 Chittoor Gudupalle Mandal Settipalle @ K.Bandarlapalle
1254 Chittoor Gudupalle Mandal Sirigiripalle
1255 Chittoor Gudupalle Mandal Sodiganipalle
1256 Chittoor Gudupalle Mandal Sonnarasanapalle
1257 Chittoor Gudupalle Mandal Thalai Agraharam
1258 Chittoor Gudupalle Mandal Thimmanayanipalle
1259 Chittoor Gudupalle Mandal Vengepalle
1260 Chittoor Gudupalle Mandal Yamaganipalle
1261 Chittoor Gurramkonda Mandal Amilepalle
1262 Chittoor Gurramkonda Mandal Arigalavaripalle
1263 Chittoor Gurramkonda Mandal Cherlopalle
1264 Chittoor Gurramkonda Mandal Chittiboyanapalle
1265 Chittoor Gurramkonda Mandal Gurramkonda
1266 Chittoor Gurramkonda Mandal Khandriga
1267 Chittoor Gurramkonda Mandal Marrimakulapalle
1268 Chittoor Gurramkonda Mandal Marripadu
1269 Chittoor Gurramkonda Mandal Nadimikhandriga
1270 Chittoor Gurramkonda Mandal Pasalavandla Palle
1271 Chittoor Gurramkonda Mandal Ramapuram
1272 Chittoor Gurramkonda Mandal Sangasamudram
1273 Chittoor Gurramkonda Mandal Sarimadugu
1274 Chittoor Gurramkonda Mandal Setlivaripalle
1275 Chittoor Gurramkonda Mandal Tharigonda
1276 Chittoor Gurramkonda Mandal Tharigondarajupalle
1277 Chittoor Gurramkonda Mandal Yellutla
1278 Chittoor Irala Mandal Ayyala Krishna Reddipalle
1279 Chittoor Irala Mandal Chigarapalle
1280 Chittoor Irala Mandal Erlampalle
1281 Chittoor Irala Mandal Gundlapalle
1282 Chittoor Irala Mandal Irala
1283 Chittoor Irala Mandal Kaminayanipalle
1284 Chittoor Irala Mandal Kanipakam
1285 Chittoor Irala Mandal Kollapalle
1286 Chittoor Irala Mandal Kothapalle
1287 Chittoor Irala Mandal Morampalle
1288 Chittoor Irala Mandal Mudigolam
1289 Chittoor Irala Mandal Nampalle
1290 Chittoor Irala Mandal Peddasamireddipalle
1291 Chittoor Irala Mandal Polakala
1292 Chittoor Irala Mandal Pulluru
1293 Chittoor Irala Mandal Puthramaddi
1294 Chittoor Irala Mandal Sanganapalle
1295 Chittoor Irala Mandal Venkata Samudra Agraharam
1296 Chittoor Kalakada Mandal Devalapalle
1297 Chittoor Kalakada Mandal Enugondapalem
1298 Chittoor Kalakada Mandal Gangapuram
1299 Chittoor Kalakada Mandal Gudibanda
1300 Chittoor Kalakada Mandal Kadirayacheruvu
1301 Chittoor Kalakada Mandal Kalakada
1302 Chittoor Kalakada Mandal Kalakadadoddi Palle
1303 Chittoor Kalakada Mandal Kalakadakothapalle
1304 Chittoor Kalakada Mandal Kona
1305 Chittoor Kalakada Mandal Madinenipalem
1306 Chittoor Kalakada Mandal Mudiamvaripalle
1307 Chittoor Kalakada Mandal Nadimicherla
1308 Chittoor Kalakada Mandal Nawabpet
1309 Chittoor Kalakada Mandal Pothavaripalle
1310 Chittoor Kalakada Mandal Ratiguntapalle
1311 Chittoor Kalakada Mandal Yerrakotapalle
1312 Chittoor Kalikiri Mandal Cheekatipalle
1313 Chittoor Kalikiri Mandal Gundloor
1314 Chittoor Kalikiri Mandal Guttapalem
1315 Chittoor Kalikiri Mandal Kalikiri
1316 Chittoor Kalikiri Mandal Kalikirireddivari Palle
1317 Chittoor Kalikiri Mandal Korlakunta
1318 Chittoor Kalikiri Mandal Mahal
1319 Chittoor Kalikiri Mandal Marrikuntapalle
1320 Chittoor Kalikiri Mandal Medikurthi
1321 Chittoor Kalikiri Mandal Munellapalle
1322 Chittoor Kalikiri Mandal Pallavolu
1323 Chittoor Kalikiri Mandal Parapatla
1324 Chittoor Kalikiri Mandal Pathegada
1325 Chittoor Kalikiri Mandal T.Sandrapalle
1326 Chittoor Kambhamvaripalle Mandal Boppasamudram
1327 Chittoor Kambhamvaripalle Mandal Galivaripalle
1328 Chittoor Kambhamvaripalle Mandal Garnimitta
1329 Chittoor Kambhamvaripalle Mandal Gorantlapalle
1330 Chittoor Kambhamvaripalle Mandal Gyarampalle
1331 Chittoor Kambhamvaripalle Mandal Hissapalle
1332 Chittoor Kambhamvaripalle Mandal Jillellamanda
1333 Chittoor Kambhamvaripalle Mandal Kambhamvaripalle
1334 Chittoor Kambhamvaripalle Mandal Kasireddipalle
1335 Chittoor Kambhamvaripalle Mandal Kethamreddipalle
1336 Chittoor Kambhamvaripalle Mandal Maddipatlavandlapalle
1337 Chittoor Kambhamvaripalle Mandal Mahalrajupalle
1338 Chittoor Kambhamvaripalle Mandal Marella
1339 Chittoor Kambhamvaripalle Mandal Matampalle
1340 Chittoor Kambhamvaripalle Mandal Noothanakalva
1341 Chittoor Kambhamvaripalle Mandal Sorakayalapet
1342 Chittoor Kambhamvaripalle Mandal Theethavagunta Palle
1343 Chittoor Kambhamvaripalle Mandal Thimmapuram
1344 Chittoor Kambhamvaripalle Mandal Thuvvapalle
1345 Chittoor Kambhamvaripalle Mandal Vagalla
1346 Chittoor Kambhamvaripalle Mandal Yerlampalle
1347 Chittoor Karvetinagar Mandal Alathur
1348 Chittoor Karvetinagar Mandal Annur
1349 Chittoor Karvetinagar Mandal Annurkasabagayat
1350 Chittoor Karvetinagar Mandal Battuvaripalle
1351 Chittoor Karvetinagar Mandal Damodara Maharajapuram
1352 Chittoor Karvetinagar Mandal Eduvaripalle
1353 Chittoor Karvetinagar Mandal Erramrajupalle
1354 Chittoor Karvetinagar Mandal Gazanki
1355 Chittoor Karvetinagar Mandal Gopichettipalle
1356 Chittoor Karvetinagar Mandal Karvetinagar
1357 Chittoor Karvetinagar Mandal Kasavarajapura Agraharam
1358 Chittoor Karvetinagar Mandal Katherapalle
1359 Chittoor Karvetinagar Mandal Kesavakuppam
1360 Chittoor Karvetinagar Mandal Kethumatmaharajapuram
1361 Chittoor Karvetinagar Mandal Kollagunta
1362 Chittoor Karvetinagar Mandal Kotarvedu
1363 Chittoor Karvetinagar Mandal Krishnasamudram
1364 Chittoor Karvetinagar Mandal Lakshmirajupet
1365 Chittoor Karvetinagar Mandal Makamambavilasam
1366 Chittoor Karvetinagar Mandal Mukkaravaripalle
1367 Chittoor Karvetinagar Mandal Nissankadurgam
1368 Chittoor Karvetinagar Mandal Ponnagallu
1369 Chittoor Karvetinagar Mandal Rajakumaravenkata Bahadurpet
1370 Chittoor Karvetinagar Mandal Surendranagaram
1371 Chittoor Karvetinagar Mandal Tirumalakondamambagaripeta
1372 Chittoor Karvetinagar Mandal Viratapuram
1373 Chittoor Kuppam Mandal Adavi Budugur
1374 Chittoor Kuppam Mandal Adavimulakapalle
1375 Chittoor Kuppam Mandal Avulanatham
1376 Chittoor Kuppam Mandal Bairaganipalle (Rural)
1377 Chittoor Kuppam Mandal Bandasettipalle (Rural)
1378 Chittoor Kuppam Mandal Bathalapalle
1379 Chittoor Kuppam Mandal Bevanapalle
1380 Chittoor Kuppam Mandal Bodaguttapalle
1381 Chittoor Kuppam Mandal Boggupalle
1382 Chittoor Kuppam Mandal Chalarlapalle
1383 Chittoor Kuppam Mandal Chammaguttapalle
1384 Chittoor Kuppam Mandal Chekkunatham
1385 Chittoor Kuppam Mandal Chinna Bangarunatham
1386 Chittoor Kuppam Mandal Chinna Boggupalle
1387 Chittoor Kuppam Mandal Chinnakurbalapalle (Rural)
1388 Chittoor Kuppam Mandal Chinnaobba
1389 Chittoor Kuppam Mandal Dasegowniyur
1390 Chittoor Kuppam Mandal Ekarlapalle
1391 Chittoor Kuppam Mandal Ellajjanuru
1392 Chittoor Kuppam Mandal Gattappanayanipalle
1393 Chittoor Kuppam Mandal Gonugur
1394 Chittoor Kuppam Mandal Gudlakadirepalle
1395 Chittoor Kuppam Mandal Gudlanayanipalle
1396 Chittoor Kuppam Mandal Guttapalle
1397 Chittoor Kuppam Mandal Jarugu
1398 Chittoor Kuppam Mandal Kakimadugu
1399 Chittoor Kuppam Mandal Kamathamur
1400 Chittoor Kuppam Mandal Kanamapacharla Palle
1401 Chittoor Kuppam Mandal Kangundi
1402 Chittoor Kuppam Mandal Kangundi
1403 Chittoor Kuppam Mandal Kathimanipalle
1404 Chittoor Kuppam Mandal Koormanipalle
1405 Chittoor Kuppam Mandal Kothapalle
1406 Chittoor Kuppam Mandal Krishnadasanapalle
1407 Chittoor Kuppam Mandal Kungegowniyur
1408 Chittoor Kuppam Mandal Kuppam(CT)
1409 Chittoor Kuppam Mandal Kuttiganipalle
1410 Chittoor Kuppam Mandal Marapalle
1411 Chittoor Kuppam Mandal Mittapalle
1412 Chittoor Kuppam Mandal Mottakadirinur
1413 Chittoor Kuppam Mandal Mulakalapalle
1414 Chittoor Kuppam Mandal Nadimur
1415 Chittoor Kuppam Mandal Nimmakampalle
1416 Chittoor Kuppam Mandal Noolakunta
1417 Chittoor Kuppam Mandal Paipalyam
1418 Chittoor Kuppam Mandal Palarlapalle
1419 Chittoor Kuppam Mandal Pedda Bangarunatham
1420 Chittoor Kuppam Mandal Pedda Boggupallle
1421 Chittoor Kuppam Mandal Peddagopanapalle
1422 Chittoor Kuppam Mandal Ponnangur
1423 Chittoor Kuppam Mandal Porakuntlapalle
1424 Chittoor Kuppam Mandal Rajanam
1425 Chittoor Kuppam Mandal Sajjalapalle
1426 Chittoor Kuppam Mandal Seegalapalle
1427 Chittoor Kuppam Mandal T.Sadumur
1428 Chittoor Kuppam Mandal Urinayanikothur
1429 Chittoor Kuppam Mandal Urinayanipalle
1430 Chittoor Kuppam Mandal Urlaobanapalle
1431 Chittoor Kuppam Mandal Varamanur
1432 Chittoor Kuppam Mandal Vasanadu
1433 Chittoor Kuppam Mandal Vasanadugolla Palle
1434 Chittoor Kuppam Mandal Vendugampalle
1435 Chittoor Kuppam Mandal Venkatesapuram
1436 Chittoor Kuppam Mandal Yanadipalle
1437 Chittoor Kurabalakota Mandal Angallu
1438 Chittoor Kurabalakota Mandal Brahmanavoddu Palle
1439 Chittoor Kurabalakota Mandal Kurabalakota
1440 Chittoor Kurabalakota Mandal Matlivaripalle
1441 Chittoor Kurabalakota Mandal Mudivedu
1442 Chittoor Kurabalakota Mandal Mutakanavaripalle
1443 Chittoor Kurabalakota Mandal Pitchalavandla Palle
1444 Chittoor Kurabalakota Mandal Thettu
1445 Chittoor K.V.B.Puram Mandal Adaram
1446 Chittoor K.V.B.Puram Mandal Adavaram
1447 Chittoor K.V.B.Puram Mandal Angeri Cheruvu
1448 Chittoor K.V.B.Puram Mandal Anjuru
1449 Chittoor K.V.B.Puram Mandal Arai
1450 Chittoor K.V.B.Puram Mandal Bakkapatugunta
1451 Chittoor K.V.B.Puram Mandal Brahmana Cheruvu
1452 Chittoor K.V.B.Puram Mandal Brahmanapalle
1453 Chittoor K.V.B.Puram Mandal Challamamba Puram
1454 Chittoor K.V.B.Puram Mandal Diguvaputhuru
1455 Chittoor K.V.B.Puram Mandal Eguvaputturu
1456 Chittoor K.V.B.Puram Mandal Gnanamamba Puram @ P.Khandriga
1457 Chittoor K.V.B.Puram Mandal Guntipedu
1458 Chittoor K.V.B.Puram Mandal Kalathuru
1459 Chittoor K.V.B.Puram Mandal Kanchanachenganna Khandriga
1460 Chittoor K.V.B.Puram Mandal Kandlur
1461 Chittoor K.V.B.Puram Mandal Katrapalle
1462 Chittoor K.V.B.Puram Mandal Kovanur
1463 Chittoor K.V.B.Puram Mandal Kumara Venkata Bhupalapuram
1464 Chittoor K.V.B.Puram Mandal Maddi Khandriga
1465 Chittoor K.V.B.Puram Mandal Mattamanapathattu R.Khandriga
1466 Chittoor K.V.B.Puram Mandal Olluru
1467 Chittoor K.V.B.Puram Mandal Pathapalem
1468 Chittoor K.V.B.Puram Mandal Perindesam
1469 Chittoor K.V.B.Puram Mandal Pudi @ Chenna Kesavapuram
1470 Chittoor K.V.B.Puram Mandal Ragigunta
1471 Chittoor K.V.B.Puram Mandal Rangaiahgunta
1472 Chittoor K.V.B.Puram Mandal Rayapedu
1473 Chittoor K.V.B.Puram Mandal Sadasiva Puram
1474 Chittoor K.V.B.Puram Mandal Shakthi Ganeswarapuram
1475 Chittoor K.V.B.Puram Mandal Siddamanaidu Khandriga
1476 Chittoor K.V.B.Puram Mandal Srinivasapuram
1477 Chittoor K.V.B.Puram Mandal Subramanya Puram
1478 Chittoor K.V.B.Puram Mandal Suramala
1479 Chittoor K.V.B.Puram Mandal Suryanarayana Puram
1480 Chittoor K.V.B.Puram Mandal Thimmanaidugunta
1481 Chittoor K.V.B.Puram Mandal Thimmasamudram
1482 Chittoor K.V.B.Puram Mandal Venkatapuram @ G.Khandriga
1483 Chittoor K.V.B.Puram Mandal Vogathuru
1484 Chittoor Madanapalle Mandal Basinikonda (Part)
1485 Chittoor Madanapalle Mandal Chinnathippasamudram
1486 Chittoor Madanapalle Mandal Kasiraopeta
1487 Chittoor Madanapalle Mandal Kollabylu (Part)
1488 Chittoor Madanapalle Mandal Kothavaripalle
1489 Chittoor Madanapalle Mandal Madanapalle (R) (Part)
1490 Chittoor Madanapalle Mandal Malepadu
1491 Chittoor Madanapalle Mandal Molakaladinne
1492 Chittoor Madanapalle Mandal Penchupadu
1493 Chittoor Madanapalle Mandal Ponnetipalem (Part)
1494 Chittoor Madanapalle Mandal Pothapalu
1495 Chittoor Madanapalle Mandal Theneegalavaripalle
1496 Chittoor Madanapalle Mandal Valasapalle
1497 Chittoor Madanapalle Mandal Vempalle
1498 Chittoor Mulakalacheruvu Mandal Burakayalakota
1499 Chittoor Mulakalacheruvu Mandal Chennaiahgaripalle
1500 Chittoor Mulakalacheruvu Mandal Chennappagaripalle
1501 Chittoor Mulakalacheruvu Mandal Devalcheruvu
1502 Chittoor Mulakalacheruvu Mandal Devarapalle
1503 Chittoor Mulakalacheruvu Mandal Gudupalle
1504 Chittoor Mulakalacheruvu Mandal Kadirinathunikota
1505 Chittoor Mulakalacheruvu Mandal Kalavapalle
1506 Chittoor Mulakalacheruvu Mandal Maddinayanipalle
1507 Chittoor Mulakalacheruvu Mandal Marellagadda
1508 Chittoor Mulakalacheruvu Mandal Mulakalacheruvu
1509 Chittoor Mulakalacheruvu Mandal Nadigaddathimmanapalle
1510 Chittoor Mulakalacheruvu Mandal Nayanicheruvupalle
1511 Chittoor Mulakalacheruvu Mandal Peddapalem
1512 Chittoor Mulakalacheruvu Mandal Sompalle
1513 Chittoor Mulakalacheruvu Mandal T.Sowdasamudram
1514 Chittoor Mulakalacheruvu Mandal Vepurikota
1515 Chittoor Nagalapuram Mandal Baitakodiambedu
1516 Chittoor Nagalapuram Mandal Beera Kuppam
1517 Chittoor Nagalapuram Mandal Kadivedu
1518 Chittoor Nagalapuram Mandal Kalanjeri
1519 Chittoor Nagalapuram Mandal Karani
1520 Chittoor Nagalapuram Mandal Krishnapuram
1521 Chittoor Nagalapuram Mandal Nagalapuram
1522 Chittoor Nagalapuram Mandal Sadasiva Sankarapuram
1523 Chittoor Nagalapuram Mandal Surutupalle
1524 Chittoor Nagalapuram Mandal Tripuranthakapuram Kota
1525 Chittoor Nagalapuram Mandal Vellore
1526 Chittoor Nagalapuram Mandal Vembakam
1527 Chittoor Nagari Mandal Adavikothuru
1528 Chittoor Nagari Mandal Agaram
1529 Chittoor Nagari Mandal Damarapakam
1530 Chittoor Nagari Mandal Ekambarakuppam
1531 Chittoor Nagari Mandal Gundrajukuppam (R)
1532 Chittoor Nagari Mandal Kakavedu
1533 Chittoor Nagari Mandal Kannikapuram
1534 Chittoor Nagari Mandal Kavetipuram
1535 Chittoor Nagari Mandal Keelapattu
1536 Chittoor Nagari Mandal Mangadu
1537 Chittoor Nagari Mandal Melapattu
1538 Chittoor Nagari Mandal Mittapalem
1539 Chittoor Nagari Mandal Mudipalle
1540 Chittoor Nagari Mandal Nagarajukuppam
1541 Chittoor Nagari Mandal Nagari
1542 Chittoor Nagari Mandal Netham Kandriga
1543 Chittoor Nagari Mandal Oranthangal Gollakuppam
1544 Chittoor Nagari Mandal Salvapatteda
1545 Chittoor Nagari Mandal Saraswathivilasapuram
1546 Chittoor Nagari Mandal Satrawada
1547 Chittoor Nagari Mandal Srinivasapuram
1548 Chittoor Nagari Mandal S R N Agraharam
1549 Chittoor Nagari Mandal Taduku
1550 Chittoor Nagari Mandal Therani (R)
1551 Chittoor Nagari Mandal Tirumalaraju Kandriga
1552 Chittoor Nagari Mandal Tiruvengamambapuram
1553 Chittoor Nagari Mandal Veerakaverirajupuram
1554 Chittoor Nagari Mandal Velavadi
1555 Chittoor Nagari Mandal Venkatanarasimha -Rajuvaripet
1556 Chittoor Narayanavanam Mandal Aranyam Khandriga
1557 Chittoor Narayanavanam Mandal Bheemunicheruvu
1558 Chittoor Narayanavanam Mandal Boppa Raju Palem
1559 Chittoor Narayanavanam Mandal Diguvakanakam Palem
1560 Chittoor Narayanavanam Mandal Erikambattu
1561 Chittoor Narayanavanam Mandal Ipppam Thangal
1562 Chittoor Narayanavanam Mandal Kalyanapuram
1563 Chittoor Narayanavanam Mandal Kasimmitta
1564 Chittoor Narayanavanam Mandal Keelagaram
1565 Chittoor Narayanavanam Mandal Kondalacheruvu
1566 Chittoor Narayanavanam Mandal Narayanavanam(CT)
1567 Chittoor Narayanavanam Mandal Palamangalam Dakshini
1568 Chittoor Narayanavanam Mandal Samudayam
1569 Chittoor Narayanavanam Mandal Thiruvatyam
1570 Chittoor Narayanavanam Mandal Thumbur
1571 Chittoor Narayanavanam Mandal Venkata Krishna Palem
1572 Chittoor Nimmanapalle Mandal Agraharam
1573 Chittoor Nimmanapalle Mandal Bandlapai
1574 Chittoor Nimmanapalle Mandal Chowkillavaripalle
1575 Chittoor Nimmanapalle Mandal Machireddigaripalle
1576 Chittoor Nimmanapalle Mandal Mastur
1577 Chittoor Nimmanapalle Mandal Nimmanapalle
1578 Chittoor Nimmanapalle Mandal Rachavetivaripalle
1579 Chittoor Nimmanapalle Mandal Reddivaripalle
1580 Chittoor Nimmanapalle Mandal Thavalam
1581 Chittoor Nimmanapalle Mandal Vengamvaripalle
1582 Chittoor Nindra Mandal Agaram
1583 Chittoor Nindra Mandal Arur
1584 Chittoor Nindra Mandal Athur
1585 Chittoor Nindra Mandal Chavarambakam
1586 Chittoor Nindra Mandal Elakatur
1587 Chittoor Nindra Mandal Iruguvai
1588 Chittoor Nindra Mandal Kacharavedu
1589 Chittoor Nindra Mandal Kavanur
1590 Chittoor Nindra Mandal Koppedu Acharyula Khandriga
1591 Chittoor Nindra Mandal Kunama Raju Palem
1592 Chittoor Nindra Mandal Netteri
1593 Chittoor Nindra Mandal Nindra
1594 Chittoor Nindra Mandal Padiri
1595 Chittoor Nindra Mandal Samayapuram
1596 Chittoor Nindra Mandal Sri Ramapuram
1597 Chittoor Pakala Mandal Achamma Agraharam
1598 Chittoor Pakala Mandal Adenapalle
1599 Chittoor Pakala Mandal Damalcheruvu
1600 Chittoor Pakala Mandal Gadanki
1601 Chittoor Pakala Mandal Ganugapenta
1602 Chittoor Pakala Mandal Gorpadu
1603 Chittoor Pakala Mandal Maddinayanipalle
1604 Chittoor Pakala Mandal Mogarala
1605 Chittoor Pakala Mandal Nagamma Agraharam
1606 Chittoor Pakala Mandal Oddepalle
1607 Chittoor Pakala Mandal Padiputlabayalu
1608 Chittoor Pakala Mandal Pakala
1609 Chittoor Pakala Mandal Pedda Ramapuram
1610 Chittoor Pakala Mandal Thotathimmaiah Palle
1611 Chittoor Pakala Mandal Vallivedu
1612 Chittoor Palamaner Mandal Ankamvaripalle
1613 Chittoor Palamaner Mandal Ayyamreddi Palle
1614 Chittoor Palamaner Mandal Baippagari Palle
1615 Chittoor Palamaner Mandal Chethapenta
1616 Chittoor Palamaner Mandal Gundlapalle
1617 Chittoor Palamaner Mandal Jagamarla
1618 Chittoor Palamaner Mandal Jallipeta
1619 Chittoor Palamaner Mandal Karidimadugu
1620 Chittoor Palamaner Mandal Kolamasana Palle
1621 Chittoor Palamaner Mandal Kurmoi
1622 Chittoor Palamaner Mandal Moram (Part)
1623 Chittoor Palamaner Mandal Pengara Kunta
1624 Chittoor Palamaner Mandal Ranganayanipalle
1625 Chittoor Palamaner Mandal Samudrapalle
1626 Chittoor Palamaner Mandal Sree Ranga Rajpuram
1627 Chittoor Palasamudram Mandal Allipoolagunta
1628 Chittoor Palasamudram Mandal Amudala
1629 Chittoor Palasamudram Mandal Amudalaputhur
1630 Chittoor Palasamudram Mandal Balakrishnapuram
1631 Chittoor Palasamudram Mandal Gangamambapuram
1632 Chittoor Palasamudram Mandal Kaverirajupuram
1633 Chittoor Palasamudram Mandal Krishnajammapuram
1634 Chittoor Palasamudram Mandal Lakshminarasimha Puram
1635 Chittoor Palasamudram Mandal Mamidimanumoola
1636 Chittoor Palasamudram Mandal Matavalam
1637 Chittoor Palasamudram Mandal Narasimhapuram @ A.Khandriga
1638 Chittoor Palasamudram Mandal Palasamudram
1639 Chittoor Palasamudram Mandal Ramakrishnapuram
1640 Chittoor Palasamudram Mandal Siddiraju Rangaraju Khandriga
1641 Chittoor Palasamudram Mandal Simharajupuram
1642 Chittoor Palasamudram Mandal Srikaverirajupuram
1643 Chittoor Palasamudram Mandal Tirumalarajupuram
1644 Chittoor Palasamudram Mandal Vanadurgapuram
1645 Chittoor Palasamudram Mandal Vengalarajukuppam
1646 Chittoor Peddamandyam Mandal Bandrevu
1647 Chittoor Peddamandyam Mandal Diguvapalle
1648 Chittoor Peddamandyam Mandal Kalicherla
1649 Chittoor Peddamandyam Mandal Musalikunta
1650 Chittoor Peddamandyam Mandal Papepalle
1651 Chittoor Peddamandyam Mandal Peddamandyam
1652 Chittoor Peddamandyam Mandal Siddavaram
1653 Chittoor Peddamandyam Mandal Sivapuram
1654 Chittoor Peddamandyam Mandal Veligallu
1655 Chittoor Peddapanjani Mandal Appinapalle
1656 Chittoor Peddapanjani Mandal Battamdoddi
1657 Chittoor Peddapanjani Mandal Bommarajupalle
1658 Chittoor Peddapanjani Mandal Chalamangalam
1659 Chittoor Peddapanjani Mandal Chamaneru
1660 Chittoor Peddapanjani Mandal Gamkonda
1661 Chittoor Peddapanjani Mandal Karasanapalle
1662 Chittoor Peddapanjani Mandal Kogileru
1663 Chittoor Peddapanjani Mandal Kolathur
1664 Chittoor Peddapanjani Mandal Mudarampalle
1665 Chittoor Peddapanjani Mandal Muthukur
1666 Chittoor Peddapanjani Mandal Nagireddipalle
1667 Chittoor Peddapanjani Mandal Nidigunta
1668 Chittoor Peddapanjani Mandal Peddakappalle
1669 Chittoor Peddapanjani Mandal Peddapanjani
1670 Chittoor Peddapanjani Mandal Peddavelagatur
1671 Chittoor Peddapanjani Mandal Rayalapeta
1672 Chittoor Peddapanjani Mandal Sankarayalapeta
1673 Chittoor Peddapanjani Mandal Sivadi
1674 Chittoor Peddapanjani Mandal Suddagundlapalle
1675 Chittoor Peddapanjani Mandal Thurlapalle
1676 Chittoor Peddapanjani Mandal Veerapalle
1677 Chittoor Pedda Thippasamudram Mandal Amallabandakota
1678 Chittoor Pedda Thippasamudram Mandal Ananthapuram
1679 Chittoor Pedda Thippasamudram Mandal Boorlapalle
1680 Chittoor Pedda Thippasamudram Mandal Buchipalle
1681 Chittoor Pedda Thippasamudram Mandal Chinnaponguppalle
1682 Chittoor Pedda Thippasamudram Mandal Jagadamvaripalle
1683 Chittoor Pedda Thippasamudram Mandal Kamsalavandla Palle
1684 Chittoor Pedda Thippasamudram Mandal Kandukuru
1685 Chittoor Pedda Thippasamudram Mandal Katnagallu
1686 Chittoor Pedda Thippasamudram Mandal Maddaiahgaripalle
1687 Chittoor Pedda Thippasamudram Mandal Madunuru
1688 Chittoor Pedda Thippasamudram Mandal Mallela
1689 Chittoor Pedda Thippasamudram Mandal Pattamvandlapalle
1690 Chittoor Pedda Thippasamudram Mandal Peddathippasamudram
1691 Chittoor Pedda Thippasamudram Mandal Pulikallu
1692 Chittoor Pedda Thippasamudram Mandal Rangasamudram
1693 Chittoor Pedda Thippasamudram Mandal Sampathikota
1694 Chittoor Pedda Thippasamudram Mandal Thummarakunta
1695 Chittoor Pedda Thippasamudram Mandal T.Sadum
1696 Chittoor Penumuru Mandal Ammagaripalle
1697 Chittoor Penumuru Mandal Charvaganipalle
1698 Chittoor Penumuru Mandal Chennasamudra Agraharam
1699 Chittoor Penumuru Mandal Chinnamareddi Khandriga
1700 Chittoor Penumuru Mandal Chinthapenta
1701 Chittoor Penumuru Mandal Guntipalle
1702 Chittoor Penumuru Mandal Kaligiri
1703 Chittoor Penumuru Mandal Kalvagunta
1704 Chittoor Penumuru Mandal Kamachinnaiahpalle
1705 Chittoor Penumuru Mandal Kondama Agraharam
1706 Chittoor Penumuru Mandal Mopireddipalle
1707 Chittoor Penumuru Mandal Nanjarapalle
1708 Chittoor Penumuru Mandal Penumuru
1709 Chittoor Penumuru Mandal Pulikallu
1710 Chittoor Penumuru Mandal Samireddipalle
1711 Chittoor Penumuru Mandal Sathambakam
1712 Chittoor Penumuru Mandal Thathireddipalle
1713 Chittoor Pichatur Mandal Appambattu
1714 Chittoor Pichatur Mandal Chilamathur @ Bangala
1715 Chittoor Pichatur Mandal Karuru @ Krishnagiri
1716 Chittoor Pichatur Mandal Keelapudi
1717 Chittoor Pichatur Mandal Mudiyur
1718 Chittoor Pichatur Mandal Neervoy
1719 Chittoor Pichatur Mandal Pichatur
1720 Chittoor Pichatur Mandal Pulikondram
1721 Chittoor Pichatur Mandal Pulipadu @Govardhanagiri
1722 Chittoor Pichatur Mandal Rajanagaram
1723 Chittoor Pichatur Mandal Ramagiri
1724 Chittoor Pichatur Mandal Ramapuram
1725 Chittoor Pichatur Mandal Reppalapattu
1726 Chittoor Pichatur Mandal Shamsheer Bahadurpeta
1727 Chittoor Pichatur Mandal Sivagiri
1728 Chittoor Pichatur Mandal Velur
1729 Chittoor Pichatur Mandal Vengalathur
1730 Chittoor Pileru Mandal Agraharam
1731 Chittoor Pileru Mandal Avuvaripalle
1732 Chittoor Pileru Mandal Bodumalluvaripalle
1733 Chittoor Pileru Mandal Doddipalle
1734 Chittoor Pileru Mandal Gudarevupalle
1735 Chittoor Pileru Mandal Jandla
1736 Chittoor Pileru Mandal Kavalipalle
1737 Chittoor Pileru Mandal Maddelacheruvu
1738 Chittoor Pileru Mandal Mellacheruvu
1739 Chittoor Pileru Mandal Mudupulavemula
1740 Chittoor Pileru Mandal Pileru(CT)
1741 Chittoor Pileru Mandal Regullu
1742 Chittoor Pileru Mandal Talupula
1743 Chittoor Pileru Mandal Vepulabylu
1744 Chittoor Pileru Mandal Yerraguntlapalle
1745 Chittoor Pulicherla Mandal Ayyavandlapalle
1746 Chittoor Pulicherla Mandal Bandaruvaripalle
1747 Chittoor Pulicherla Mandal Bodireddigaripalle
1748 Chittoor Pulicherla Mandal Devalampet
1749 Chittoor Pulicherla Mandal E.Ramireddigari Palle
1750 Chittoor Pulicherla Mandal Gaddamvaripalle
1751 Chittoor Pulicherla Mandal Kallur
1752 Chittoor Pulicherla Mandal Kavetigaripalle
1753 Chittoor Pulicherla Mandal Mangalampeta
1754 Chittoor Pulicherla Mandal Ramireddigaripalle
1755 Chittoor Pulicherla Mandal Rayavaripalle
1756 Chittoor Pulicherla Mandal Reddivaripalle
1757 Chittoor Pulicherla Mandal Vallivetivaripalle
1758 Chittoor Pulicherla Mandal Venkatadasari Palle
1759 Chittoor Pulicherla Mandal Yellankivaripallle
1760 Chittoor Punganur Mandal Aradigunta
1761 Chittoor Punganur Mandal Bandlapalle
1762 Chittoor Punganur Mandal Bheemaganipalle
1763 Chittoor Punganur Mandal Bodevaripalle
1764 Chittoor Punganur Mandal Chadalla
1765 Chittoor Punganur Mandal Chandramakula Palle
1766 Chittoor Punganur Mandal Etavakili
1767 Chittoor Punganur Mandal Ethur
1768 Chittoor Punganur Mandal Kummaranatham
1769 Chittoor Punganur Mandal Magandlapalle
1770 Chittoor Punganur Mandal Mangalam
1771 Chittoor Punganur Mandal Melumdoddi
1772 Chittoor Punganur Mandal Mittachinthavari Palle
1773 Chittoor Punganur Mandal Nekkondi
1774 Chittoor Punganur Mandal Palyampalle
1775 Chittoor Punganur Mandal Punganur (Rural)
1776 Chittoor Punganur Mandal Raganipalle (Rural)
1777 Chittoor Punganur Mandal Vanamaladinne
1778 Chittoor Puthalapattu Mandal Akanambattu
1779 Chittoor Puthalapattu Mandal Baitapalle
1780 Chittoor Puthalapattu Mandal Chitipiralla
1781 Chittoor Puthalapattu Mandal Erracheruvupalle
1782 Chittoor Puthalapattu Mandal Goduguchinta
1783 Chittoor Puthalapattu Mandal Kothakota
1784 Chittoor Puthalapattu Mandal Muthirevula
1785 Chittoor Puthalapattu Mandal Oddepalle
1786 Chittoor Puthalapattu Mandal Palakuru
1787 Chittoor Puthalapattu Mandal Paturu
1788 Chittoor Puthalapattu Mandal Peta Agraharam
1789 Chittoor Puthalapattu Mandal Polavaram
1790 Chittoor Puthalapattu Mandal Potukanuma
1791 Chittoor Puthalapattu Mandal Puthalapattu
1792 Chittoor Puthalapattu Mandal Siddalinganapalle
1793 Chittoor Puthalapattu Mandal Thalupulapalle
1794 Chittoor Puthalapattu Mandal Thenepalle
1795 Chittoor Puthalapattu Mandal Thippanapalle
1796 Chittoor Puthalapattu Mandal Vavilthota
1797 Chittoor Puthalapattu Mandal Venuthanapalle
1798 Chittoor Puthalapattu Mandal Vepanapalle
1799 Chittoor Puttur Mandal Gollapalle
1800 Chittoor Puttur Mandal Kasamkuppam
1801 Chittoor Puttur Mandal Kumarabommarajupuram
1802 Chittoor Puttur Mandal Nandimangalam (R)
1803 Chittoor Puttur Mandal Nesanur (R)
1804 Chittoor Puttur Mandal Parameswara Mangalam
1805 Chittoor Puttur Mandal Sirugurajupalem
1806 Chittoor Puttur Mandal Taduku
1807 Chittoor Puttur Mandal Thorur (R)
1808 Chittoor Puttur Mandal Tirumalakuppam
1809 Chittoor Puttur Mandal Utharapukhandriga
1810 Chittoor Puttur Mandal Vepagunta
1811 Chittoor Ramachandrapuram Mandal Anupalle
1812 Chittoor Ramachandrapuram Mandal Brahmanakalva
1813 Chittoor Ramachandrapuram Mandal Chittathur Kale Palle
1814 Chittoor Ramachandrapuram Mandal Chuttagunta Ramapuram
1815 Chittoor Ramachandrapuram Mandal Gangireddi Palle
1816 Chittoor Ramachandrapuram Mandal Kammapalle
1817 Chittoor Ramachandrapuram Mandal Kattakinda Venkatapuram
1818 Chittoor Ramachandrapuram Mandal Kuppambadur
1819 Chittoor Ramachandrapuram Mandal Nadavaluru
1820 Chittoor Ramachandrapuram Mandal Nennur
1821 Chittoor Ramachandrapuram Mandal Netha Kuppam
1822 Chittoor Ramachandrapuram Mandal Prasanna Venka Teshwara Puram
1823 Chittoor Ramachandrapuram Mandal Ravillavaripalle
1824 Chittoor Ramachandrapuram Mandal Rayal Cheruvu
1825 Chittoor Ramachandrapuram Mandal Sanjeevaraya Puram
1826 Chittoor Ramachandrapuram Mandal Sevoikalva
1827 Chittoor Ramachandrapuram Mandal Sorakayalapalem
1828 Chittoor Ramakuppam Mandal Ankireddipalle
1829 Chittoor Ramakuppam Mandal Attikuppam
1830 Chittoor Ramakuppam Mandal Baipparedlapalle
1831 Chittoor Ramakuppam Mandal Balaobanapalle
1832 Chittoor Ramakuppam Mandal Balla
1833 Chittoor Ramakuppam Mandal Bandarlapalle
1834 Chittoor Ramakuppam Mandal Battuvaripalle
1835 Chittoor Ramakuppam Mandal Bondalagunta
1836 Chittoor Ramakuppam Mandal Cheldiganipalle
1837 Chittoor Ramakuppam Mandal Chennareddipalle
1838 Chittoor Ramakuppam Mandal Giddapalle
1839 Chittoor Ramakuppam Mandal Gorivimakulapalle
1840 Chittoor Ramakuppam Mandal Govindapalle
1841 Chittoor Ramakuppam Mandal Jowkupalle
1842 Chittoor Ramakuppam Mandal Kadasinakuppam
1843 Chittoor Ramakuppam Mandal Kempasamudram
1844 Chittoor Ramakuppam Mandal Kenchanaballa
1845 Chittoor Ramakuppam Mandal Killakupodu
1846 Chittoor Ramakuppam Mandal Kollupalle
1847 Chittoor Ramakuppam Mandal Konganapalle
1848 Chittoor Ramakuppam Mandal Krishnapuram Dinne
1849 Chittoor Ramakuppam Mandal Manendram
1850 Chittoor Ramakuppam Mandal Muddanapalle
1851 Chittoor Ramakuppam Mandal Pacharumakula Palle
1852 Chittoor Ramakuppam Mandal Pamana Boyanapalle
1853 Chittoor Ramakuppam Mandal Pandyalamadugu
1854 Chittoor Ramakuppam Mandal Papireddivooru
1855 Chittoor Ramakuppam Mandal Peddaganur
1856 Chittoor Ramakuppam Mandal Peddakurabala Palle
1857 Chittoor Ramakuppam Mandal Peddur
1858 Chittoor Ramakuppam Mandal Rajupeta
1859 Chittoor Ramakuppam Mandal Ramakuppam
1860 Chittoor Ramakuppam Mandal Reddivanipodu
1861 Chittoor Ramakuppam Mandal Singasamudram
1862 Chittoor Ramakuppam Mandal Thimmasamudram
1863 Chittoor Ramakuppam Mandal Unisigani Palle
1864 Chittoor Ramakuppam Mandal Veeranamala
1865 Chittoor Ramakuppam Mandal Vijalapuram
1866 Chittoor Ramasamudram Mandal Arikela
1867 Chittoor Ramasamudram Mandal Chembakur
1868 Chittoor Ramasamudram Mandal Chokkandlapalle
1869 Chittoor Ramasamudram Mandal Elavanellore
1870 Chittoor Ramasamudram Mandal Kappalle
1871 Chittoor Ramasamudram Mandal Kudurucheemanapalle
1872 Chittoor Ramasamudram Mandal Kurijala
1873 Chittoor Ramasamudram Mandal Malenatham
1874 Chittoor Ramasamudram Mandal Miniki
1875 Chittoor Ramasamudram Mandal Moogavadi
1876 Chittoor Ramasamudram Mandal Nariganipalle
1877 Chittoor Ramasamudram Mandal Peddakurapalle
1878 Chittoor Ramasamudram Mandal Ramasamudram
1879 Chittoor Ramasamudram Mandal R.Nadimpalle
1880 Chittoor Ramasamudram Mandal Voolapadu
1881 Chittoor Renigunta Mandal Adusupalem
1882 Chittoor Renigunta Mandal Ammavaripatteda
1883 Chittoor Renigunta Mandal Anagunta
1884 Chittoor Renigunta Mandal Annasamipalle
1885 Chittoor Renigunta Mandal Athuru
1886 Chittoor Renigunta Mandal Balupalle
1887 Chittoor Renigunta Mandal Dharmapuram Khandriga
1888 Chittoor Renigunta Mandal Elamandyam
1889 Chittoor Renigunta Mandal Erragunta
1890 Chittoor Renigunta Mandal Erramareddipalem
1891 Chittoor Renigunta Mandal Gajulamandyam
1892 Chittoor Renigunta Mandal Jeepalem
1893 Chittoor Renigunta Mandal Karakambadi (Rural)
1894 Chittoor Renigunta Mandal Kothapalem
1895 Chittoor Renigunta Mandal Kotramangalam
1896 Chittoor Renigunta Mandal Krishnaiah Kalva
1897 Chittoor Renigunta Mandal Krishnapuram
1898 Chittoor Renigunta Mandal Kurukalva
1899 Chittoor Renigunta Mandal Mamandur
1900 Chittoor Renigunta Mandal Molagamudi
1901 Chittoor Renigunta Mandal Nallapalem
1902 Chittoor Renigunta Mandal Renigunta Agraharam
1903 Chittoor Renigunta Mandal Renigunta(CT)
1904 Chittoor Renigunta Mandal R. Mallavaram
1905 Chittoor Renigunta Mandal Sanjeevarayanipatteda
1906 Chittoor Renigunta Mandal Srinivasaudasipuram
1907 Chittoor Renigunta Mandal Surappakasam
1908 Chittoor Renigunta Mandal Thandlam
1909 Chittoor Renigunta Mandal Thathaiah Kalva
1910 Chittoor Renigunta Mandal Thukivakam (Rural)
1911 Chittoor Renigunta Mandal Vedullacheruvu
1912 Chittoor Renigunta Mandal Venkatapuram
1913 Chittoor Rompicherla Mandal Bandakindapalle
1914 Chittoor Rompicherla Mandal Bommaiahgari Palle
1915 Chittoor Rompicherla Mandal Ganugachintha
1916 Chittoor Rompicherla Mandal Motumallela
1917 Chittoor Rompicherla Mandal Peddagottigallu
1918 Chittoor Rompicherla Mandal Peddamallela
1919 Chittoor Rompicherla Mandal Rompicherla
1920 Chittoor Santhipuram Mandal Ammavaripeta
1921 Chittoor Santhipuram Mandal Anchinayanikuppam
1922 Chittoor Santhipuram Mandal Anikera
1923 Chittoor Santhipuram Mandal Arimuthanapalle
1924 Chittoor Santhipuram Mandal Banthimadugu Gollapalle
1925 Chittoor Santhipuram Mandal Bellakogila
1926 Chittoor Santhipuram Mandal Bendanakuppam
1927 Chittoor Santhipuram Mandal Bennayanuru
1928 Chittoor Santhipuram Mandal Boyanapalle
1929 Chittoor Santhipuram Mandal Cheemanapalle
1930 Chittoor Santhipuram Mandal Chillamanipalle
1931 Chittoor Santhipuram Mandal Chinagandlapalle
1932 Chittoor Santhipuram Mandal Chinnaradoddi
1933 Chittoor Santhipuram Mandal Chinthakampalle
1934 Chittoor Santhipuram Mandal Chowdampalle
1935 Chittoor Santhipuram Mandal Dandikuppam
1936 Chittoor Santhipuram Mandal Dommarathippana Palle
1937 Chittoor Santhipuram Mandal Donkumanipalle
1938 Chittoor Santhipuram Mandal Gellapalledinne
1939 Chittoor Santhipuram Mandal Gesikapalle
1940 Chittoor Santhipuram Mandal Gundusettipalle
1941 Chittoor Santhipuram Mandal Gunjarlapalle
1942 Chittoor Santhipuram Mandal Jalliganipalle
1943 Chittoor Santhipuram Mandal Jeedimanipalle
1944 Chittoor Santhipuram Mandal Joniganuru
1945 Chittoor Santhipuram Mandal Kadapalle
1946 Chittoor Santhipuram Mandal Kadirimuthanapalle
1947 Chittoor Santhipuram Mandal Kadiriobanapalle
1948 Chittoor Santhipuram Mandal Kalamaladoddi
1949 Chittoor Santhipuram Mandal Karlagatta
1950 Chittoor Santhipuram Mandal Karumatla
1951 Chittoor Santhipuram Mandal Kenamakulapalle
1952 Chittoor Santhipuram Mandal Kolamadugu
1953 Chittoor Santhipuram Mandal Konerukuppam
1954 Chittoor Santhipuram Mandal Krishnapuram
1955 Chittoor Santhipuram Mandal Madanapalle
1956 Chittoor Santhipuram Mandal Matam Santhampalle
1957 Chittoor Santhipuram Mandal Morasanapalle
1958 Chittoor Santhipuram Mandal Motakothuru
1959 Chittoor Santhipuram Mandal Muddanapalle
1960 Chittoor Santhipuram Mandal Nallappareddiyuru
1961 Chittoor Santhipuram Mandal Nallarallapalle
1962 Chittoor Santhipuram Mandal Nanjampeta
1963 Chittoor Santhipuram Mandal Pedduru
1964 Chittoor Santhipuram Mandal Poduru
1965 Chittoor Santhipuram Mandal Preethichamanur
1966 Chittoor Santhipuram Mandal Rallabaduguru
1967 Chittoor Santhipuram Mandal Redlapalle
1968 Chittoor Santhipuram Mandal Regadadinnepalle
1969 Chittoor Santhipuram Mandal Santhampalle
1970 Chittoor Santhipuram Mandal Sathu
1971 Chittoor Santhipuram Mandal Settiballa
1972 Chittoor Santhipuram Mandal Sivaramapuram
1973 Chittoor Santhipuram Mandal Sonnegownipalle
1974 Chittoor Santhipuram Mandal Sonnegownnipalle
1975 Chittoor Santhipuram Mandal Thammiganipalle
1976 Chittoor Santhipuram Mandal Thumsi
1977 Chittoor Santhipuram Mandal Vadagandlapalle
1978 Chittoor Santhipuram Mandal Veduruguttapalle
1979 Chittoor Santhipuram Mandal Vetagirikothur
1980 Chittoor Satyavedu Mandal Ambakam
1981 Chittoor Satyavedu Mandal Appaiahpalem
1982 Chittoor Satyavedu Mandal Aroor
1983 Chittoor Satyavedu Mandal Chengambakam
1984 Chittoor Satyavedu Mandal Cherivi
1985 Chittoor Satyavedu Mandal Chinna Eetivakam
1986 Chittoor Satyavedu Mandal Dalavai Agraharam
1987 Chittoor Satyavedu Mandal Dasukuppam
1988 Chittoor Satyavedu Mandal Gollavaripalem
1989 Chittoor Satyavedu Mandal Irugulam
1990 Chittoor Satyavedu Mandal Kadirvedu
1991 Chittoor Satyavedu Mandal Kannavaram
1992 Chittoor Satyavedu Mandal Kolladam
1993 Chittoor Satyavedu Mandal Kothamarikuppam
1994 Chittoor Satyavedu Mandal Madanambedu
1995 Chittoor Satyavedu Mandal Madanamjeri
1996 Chittoor Satyavedu Mandal Madanapalem
1997 Chittoor Satyavedu Mandal Mallavaripalem
1998 Chittoor Satyavedu Mandal Narasaraju Agraharam
1999 Chittoor Satyavedu Mandal Pedda Eetivakam
2000 Chittoor Satyavedu Mandal Pedukuppam
2001 Chittoor Satyavedu Mandal Peradam
2002 Chittoor Satyavedu Mandal Pravelavarmeswarapuram
2003 Chittoor Satyavedu Mandal Rajagopalapuram
2004 Chittoor Satyavedu Mandal Rallakuppam
2005 Chittoor Satyavedu Mandal Satyavedu
2006 Chittoor Satyavedu Mandal Senneri
2007 Chittoor Satyavedu Mandal Sirunambudur
2008 Chittoor Satyavedu Mandal Thondukuli
2009 Chittoor Satyavedu Mandal Vanallor
2010 Chittoor Satyavedu Mandal Venkataraju Khandriga
2011 Chittoor Sodam Mandal Ammagaripalle
2012 Chittoor Sodam Mandal Booragamanda
2013 Chittoor Sodam Mandal Cherukuvaripalle
2014 Chittoor Sodam Mandal Chintamakulapalle
2015 Chittoor Sodam Mandal Errathivaripalle
2016 Chittoor Sodam Mandal Gongivaripalle
2017 Chittoor Sodam Mandal Khambhamvaripalle
2018 Chittoor Sodam Mandal Nadigadda
2019 Chittoor Sodam Mandal Palamanda
2020 Chittoor Sodam Mandal Sodam
2021 Chittoor Sodam Mandal Thatiguntapalem
2022 Chittoor Sodam Mandal Thimmanayanipalle
2023 Chittoor Sodam Mandal Vootupalle
2024 Chittoor Somala Mandal Avulapalle
2025 Chittoor Somala Mandal Irikipenta
2026 Chittoor Somala Mandal Kamireddivaripalle
2027 Chittoor Somala Mandal Kandur
2028 Chittoor Somala Mandal Mittapalle
2029 Chittoor Somala Mandal Nanjampeta @ Chandambylu
2030 Chittoor Somala Mandal Nellimanda
2031 Chittoor Somala Mandal Peddauppara Palle
2032 Chittoor Somala Mandal S. Nadim Palle
2033 Chittoor Somala Mandal Somala
2034 Chittoor Somala Mandal Thamminayanipalle
2035 Chittoor Somala Mandal Upparapalle
2036 Chittoor Somala Mandal Valligatla
2037 Chittoor Srikalahasti Mandal Akkurthy
2038 Chittoor Srikalahasti Mandal Ammacheruvu
2039 Chittoor Srikalahasti Mandal Ammapalem
2040 Chittoor Srikalahasti Mandal Ananthapadmanabha Puram
2041 Chittoor Srikalahasti Mandal Appalayagunta
2042 Chittoor Srikalahasti Mandal Aravakothuru
2043 Chittoor Srikalahasti Mandal Bahadur Venkatapuram
2044 Chittoor Srikalahasti Mandal Bheemavaram
2045 Chittoor Srikalahasti Mandal Bodavaripalle
2046 Chittoor Srikalahasti Mandal Bokkasam Palem
2047 Chittoor Srikalahasti Mandal Brahmanapalle
2048 Chittoor Srikalahasti Mandal Challapalem
2049 Chittoor Srikalahasti Mandal Cherlapalle
2050 Chittoor Srikalahasti Mandal Cherlopalle Vyavasayapu Khandriga
2051 Chittoor Srikalahasti Mandal Cherukulapadu
2052 Chittoor Srikalahasti Mandal Chukkalanidigallu
2053 Chittoor Srikalahasti Mandal Diguvaveedhi
2054 Chittoor Srikalahasti Mandal Eguvaveedhi
2055 Chittoor Srikalahasti Mandal Empedu
2056 Chittoor Srikalahasti Mandal Erragudipadu
2057 Chittoor Srikalahasti Mandal Gollapalle @ Venkatapuram
2058 Chittoor Srikalahasti Mandal Govindaraopalle
2059 Chittoor Srikalahasti Mandal Guntakindapalle
2060 Chittoor Srikalahasti Mandal Inagalur
2061 Chittoor Srikalahasti Mandal Kalavagunta
2062 Chittoor Srikalahasti Mandal Kammakothur
2063 Chittoor Srikalahasti Mandal Kapugunneri
2064 Chittoor Srikalahasti Mandal Konerugunta
2065 Chittoor Srikalahasti Mandal Kothapalle Chinthala
2066 Chittoor Srikalahasti Mandal Kothuru @ Chellamambapuram
2067 Chittoor Srikalahasti Mandal Kuntipudi
2068 Chittoor Srikalahasti Mandal Madamala
2069 Chittoor Srikalahasti Mandal Maddiledu
2070 Chittoor Srikalahasti Mandal Mangalagunta
2071 Chittoor Srikalahasti Mandal Mangalapuri
2072 Chittoor Srikalahasti Mandal Mannavaram
2073 Chittoor Srikalahasti Mandal Marrimakulachenu Khandriga
2074 Chittoor Srikalahasti Mandal Melachur
2075 Chittoor Srikalahasti Mandal Muchivolu
2076 Chittoor Srikalahasti Mandal Muddumudi
2077 Chittoor Srikalahasti Mandal Murthy Palem
2078 Chittoor Srikalahasti Mandal Narayanapuram
2079 Chittoor Srikalahasti Mandal Obulayapalle
2080 Chittoor Srikalahasti Mandal Panagallu (Rural)
2081 Chittoor Srikalahasti Mandal Papanapalle
2082 Chittoor Srikalahasti Mandal Pathagunta
2083 Chittoor Srikalahasti Mandal Penubaka
2084 Chittoor Srikalahasti Mandal Poli
2085 Chittoor Srikalahasti Mandal Pullareddi Khandriga
2086 Chittoor Srikalahasti Mandal Rachagunneri
2087 Chittoor Srikalahasti Mandal Ramalinga Puram
2088 Chittoor Srikalahasti Mandal Ramanuja Palle
2089 Chittoor Srikalahasti Mandal Ramapuram
2090 Chittoor Srikalahasti Mandal Reddipalle
2091 Chittoor Srikalahasti Mandal Sahasralingeswara Puram
2092 Chittoor Srikalahasti Mandal Subbanaidu -Khandriga
2093 Chittoor Srikalahasti Mandal Thondamanadu
2094 Chittoor Srikalahasti Mandal Udamalapadu
2095 Chittoor Srikalahasti Mandal Uranduru
2096 Chittoor Srikalahasti Mandal Vagavedu
2097 Chittoor Srikalahasti Mandal Vampalle
2098 Chittoor Srikalahasti Mandal Vedam
2099 Chittoor Srikalahasti Mandal Velampadu
2100 Chittoor Srikalahasti Mandal Velavedu
2101 Chittoor Srikalahasti Mandal Vengalam Palle @ Endrapalle
2102 Chittoor Srikalahasti Mandal Yarlapudi
2103 Chittoor Srirangarajapuram Mandal Arimakulapalle
2104 Chittoor Srirangarajapuram Mandal Basivireddipalle
2105 Chittoor Srirangarajapuram Mandal Basivireddipalle
2106 Chittoor Srirangarajapuram Mandal Chekkamadugu
2107 Chittoor Srirangarajapuram Mandal Chillamakulapalle
2108 Chittoor Srirangarajapuram Mandal China Thayyur
2109 Chittoor Srirangarajapuram Mandal D.B.R.Bylu
2110 Chittoor Srirangarajapuram Mandal Durgarajapuram
2111 Chittoor Srirangarajapuram Mandal Giddamakarajapuram
2112 Chittoor Srirangarajapuram Mandal Jangalapalle
2113 Chittoor Srirangarajapuram Mandal Kannikapuram
2114 Chittoor Srirangarajapuram Mandal Kannikapuram
2115 Chittoor Srirangarajapuram Mandal Kannikapuram
2116 Chittoor Srirangarajapuram Mandal Katikapalle
2117 Chittoor Srirangarajapuram Mandal Kondrajupuram
2118 Chittoor Srirangarajapuram Mandal Kotarlapalle
2119 Chittoor Srirangarajapuram Mandal Kothapalle
2120 Chittoor Srirangarajapuram Mandal Mangunta
2121 Chittoor Srirangarajapuram Mandal Marripalle Dakshinapu Khandriga
2122 Chittoor Srirangarajapuram Mandal Muchalamarri
2123 Chittoor Srirangarajapuram Mandal Muddikuppam
2124 Chittoor Srirangarajapuram Mandal Nallepalle
2125 Chittoor Srirangarajapuram Mandal Narasimharajapuram
2126 Chittoor Srirangarajapuram Mandal Nelavoy
2127 Chittoor Srirangarajapuram Mandal Oddupalle
2128 Chittoor Srirangarajapuram Mandal Padmapuram
2129 Chittoor Srirangarajapuram Mandal Pathapalem
2130 Chittoor Srirangarajapuram Mandal Pedakondepalle
2131 Chittoor Srirangarajapuram Mandal Pillarikuppam
2132 Chittoor Srirangarajapuram Mandal Pullur
2133 Chittoor Srirangarajapuram Mandal Ripunjayarajapuram
2134 Chittoor Srirangarajapuram Mandal Srirangarajapuram
2135 Chittoor Srirangarajapuram Mandal Srungara Sekhara Rajupuram
2136 Chittoor Srirangarajapuram Mandal Suparvarajapuram
2137 Chittoor Srirangarajapuram Mandal Thatimakulapalle
2138 Chittoor Srirangarajapuram Mandal Venkatapuram
2139 Chittoor Srirangarajapuram Mandal Venugopalapuram
2140 Chittoor Srirangarajapuram Mandal Vilasavarahapuram
2141 Chittoor Thamballapalle Mandal Diguvapalem
2142 Chittoor Thamballapalle Mandal Eddulavaripalle
2143 Chittoor Thamballapalle Mandal Gangireddipalle
2144 Chittoor Thamballapalle Mandal Gopidinne
2145 Chittoor Thamballapalle Mandal Gundlapalle
2146 Chittoor Thamballapalle Mandal Kannemadugu
2147 Chittoor Thamballapalle Mandal Kosuvaripalle
2148 Chittoor Thamballapalle Mandal Kotakonda
2149 Chittoor Thamballapalle Mandal Kotala
2150 Chittoor Thamballapalle Mandal Kotlapalle
2151 Chittoor Thamballapalle Mandal Kukkarajupalle
2152 Chittoor Thamballapalle Mandal Marrimakulapalle
2153 Chittoor Thamballapalle Mandal Panchalamarri
2154 Chittoor Thamballapalle Mandal Renimakulapalle
2155 Chittoor Thamballapalle Mandal Thamballapalle
2156 Chittoor Thamballapalle Mandal Yerrasanipalle
2157 Chittoor Thamballapalle Mandal Zunjurupenta
2158 Chittoor Thavanampalle Mandal Aragonda
2159 Chittoor Thavanampalle Mandal Cherlopalle
2160 Chittoor Thavanampalle Mandal Diguva Magham
2161 Chittoor Thavanampalle Mandal Diguva Thadakara
2162 Chittoor Thavanampalle Mandal Eachaneri
2163 Chittoor Thavanampalle Mandal Eguva Thadakara
2164 Chittoor Thavanampalle Mandal Gandupalle
2165 Chittoor Thavanampalle Mandal Govindareddipalle
2166 Chittoor Thavanampalle Mandal Gurukavaripalle
2167 Chittoor Thavanampalle Mandal Karakampalle
2168 Chittoor Thavanampalle Mandal Kattakindapalle
2169 Chittoor Thavanampalle Mandal Madhavaram
2170 Chittoor Thavanampalle Mandal Mallakunta
2171 Chittoor Thavanampalle Mandal Mathyam
2172 Chittoor Thavanampalle Mandal Muthukur
2173 Chittoor Thavanampalle Mandal Nalisettipalle
2174 Chittoor Thavanampalle Mandal Paimagham
2175 Chittoor Thavanampalle Mandal Pallecheruvu
2176 Chittoor Thavanampalle Mandal Patnam
2177 Chittoor Thavanampalle Mandal Punya Samudram
2178 Chittoor Thavanampalle Mandal Sarakallu
2179 Chittoor Thavanampalle Mandal Thavanampalle
2180 Chittoor Thavanampalle Mandal Thavanampalle Puttur
2181 Chittoor Thavanampalle Mandal Uthara Brahmanapalle
2182 Chittoor Thottambedu Mandal Basavaiahpalem
2183 Chittoor Thottambedu Mandal Bonupalle
2184 Chittoor Thottambedu Mandal Chemuru
2185 Chittoor Thottambedu Mandal Cheruku Ragappa Naidu Khandriga
2186 Chittoor Thottambedu Mandal Chinna Singamala
2187 Chittoor Thottambedu Mandal Chittathur
2188 Chittoor Thottambedu Mandal Chiyyavaram
2189 Chittoor Thottambedu Mandal Chodavaram
2190 Chittoor Thottambedu Mandal Dainadu
2191 Chittoor Thottambedu Mandal Dongalamudur
2192 Chittoor Thottambedu Mandal Edulagunta
2193 Chittoor Thottambedu Mandal Gottipudi
2194 Chittoor Thottambedu Mandal Gowdamala
2195 Chittoor Thottambedu Mandal Gummadigunta
2196 Chittoor Thottambedu Mandal Gunteligunta @ L.N.Puram
2197 Chittoor Thottambedu Mandal Gurukulapalem
2198 Chittoor Thottambedu Mandal Ilaganur
2199 Chittoor Thottambedu Mandal Kallipudi
2200 Chittoor Thottambedu Mandal Kanchanapalle
2201 Chittoor Thottambedu Mandal Kasaram
2202 Chittoor Thottambedu Mandal Konathaneri
2203 Chittoor Thottambedu Mandal Kondachenu Khandriga
2204 Chittoor Thottambedu Mandal Konnali
2205 Chittoor Thottambedu Mandal Mamidigunta
2206 Chittoor Thottambedu Mandal Peddagunta Agraharam
2207 Chittoor Thottambedu Mandal Peddakanaparthi
2208 Chittoor Thottambedu Mandal Pedda Kannali
2209 Chittoor Thottambedu Mandal Pennalapadu
2210 Chittoor Thottambedu Mandal Pillamedu
2211 Chittoor Thottambedu Mandal Poyya
2212 Chittoor Thottambedu Mandal Pudi
2213 Chittoor Thottambedu Mandal Rambhatlapalle
2214 Chittoor Thottambedu Mandal Routhusuramala
2215 Chittoor Thottambedu Mandal Sambaiahpalem
2216 Chittoor Thottambedu Mandal Siddigunta @ Umama Heswara Puram
2217 Chittoor Thottambedu Mandal Sivanadhapalem
2218 Chittoor Thottambedu Mandal Srikrishnapuram
2219 Chittoor Thottambedu Mandal Tatiparthy
2220 Chittoor Thottambedu Mandal Thangellapalem
2221 Chittoor Thottambedu Mandal Thottambedu
2222 Chittoor Thottambedu Mandal Verupakshapuram
2223 Chittoor Tirupati (Rural) Mandal Avilala (CT)
2224 Chittoor Tirupati (Rural) Mandal Brahmana Pattu
2225 Chittoor Tirupati (Rural) Mandal Cherlopalle(CT)
2226 Chittoor Tirupati (Rural) Mandal Chiguruwada North Khandriga
2227 Chittoor Tirupati (Rural) Mandal Chiguruwada South Khandriga
2228 Chittoor Tirupati (Rural) Mandal Daminedu
2229 Chittoor Tirupati (Rural) Mandal Durga Samudram
2230 Chittoor Tirupati (Rural) Mandal Gollapalle
2231 Chittoor Tirupati (Rural) Mandal Kalur
2232 Chittoor Tirupati (Rural) Mandal Kothur
2233 Chittoor Tirupati (Rural) Mandal Kuntrapakam
2234 Chittoor Tirupati (Rural) Mandal Kupu Chandra Peta
2235 Chittoor Tirupati (Rural) Mandal Mallam Gunta
2236 Chittoor Tirupati (Rural) Mandal Mallavaram
2237 Chittoor Tirupati (Rural) Mandal Mundlapudi
2238 Chittoor Tirupati (Rural) Mandal Nallamani Kalva
2239 Chittoor Tirupati (Rural) Mandal Padi
2240 Chittoor Tirupati (Rural) Mandal Paidi Palle
2241 Chittoor Tirupati (Rural) Mandal Panakam
2242 Chittoor Tirupati (Rural) Mandal Patha Kalva
2243 Chittoor Tirupati (Rural) Mandal Perur(CT)
2244 Chittoor Tirupati (Rural) Mandal Pudipatla
2245 Chittoor Tirupati (Rural) Mandal Ramanuja Palle
2246 Chittoor Tirupati (Rural) Mandal Thanapalle
2247 Chittoor Tirupati (Rural) Mandal Thummala Gunta (Part)
2248 Chittoor Tirupati (Rural) Mandal Tiruchanur(CT)
2249 Chittoor Tirupati (Rural) Mandal Vedantha Puram
2250 Chittoor Tirupati (Rural) Mandal Vemur
2251 Chittoor Tirupati (Rural) Mandal Yogimallvaram
2252 Chittoor Tirupati (Urban) Mandal Akkarampalle(CT)
2253 Chittoor Tirupati (Urban) Mandal Chennayyagunta
2254 Chittoor Tirupati (Urban) Mandal Konkachennaiahgunta
2255 Chittoor Tirupati (Urban) Mandal Mangalam(CT)
2256 Chittoor Tirupati (Urban) Mandal Tirumala(CT)
2257 Chittoor Tirupati (Urban) Mandal Tirupati (NMA)(CT)
2258 Chittoor Vadamalapeta Mandal Alimelu Manga Puram
2259 Chittoor Vadamalapeta Mandal Ayyannagaripalle
2260 Chittoor Vadamalapeta Mandal Kadirimangalam
2261 Chittoor Vadamalapeta Mandal Kallur
2262 Chittoor Vadamalapeta Mandal Kayam
2263 Chittoor Vadamalapeta Mandal K.G.Khandriga
2264 Chittoor Vadamalapeta Mandal Pachikalva
2265 Chittoor Vadamalapeta Mandal Padiredu
2266 Chittoor Vadamalapeta Mandal Padiredu Aranyam
2267 Chittoor Vadamalapeta Mandal Pathiputhuru
2268 Chittoor Vadamalapeta Mandal Pudi
2269 Chittoor Vadamalapeta Mandal Ramasamudram
2270 Chittoor Vadamalapeta Mandal Seethamma Agraharam
2271 Chittoor Vadamalapeta Mandal Seetharama Puram
2272 Chittoor Vadamalapeta Mandal Sri Bommaraju Puram
2273 Chittoor Vadamalapeta Mandal Srinivasapuram
2274 Chittoor Vadamalapeta Mandal S.V. Puram
2275 Chittoor Vadamalapeta Mandal T.C.Agraharam
2276 Chittoor Vadamalapeta Mandal Thatneri
2277 Chittoor Vadamalapeta Mandal Thirumandyam
2278 Chittoor Vadamalapeta Mandal Vadamala
2279 Chittoor Vadamalapeta Mandal Vemapuram
2280 Chittoor Valmikipuram Mandal Aramadaka
2281 Chittoor Valmikipuram Mandal Ayyavaripalle
2282 Chittoor Valmikipuram Mandal Budidavedu
2283 Chittoor Valmikipuram Mandal Chintaparthi
2284 Chittoor Valmikipuram Mandal Chinthalavaripalle
2285 Chittoor Valmikipuram Mandal Gandaboyanapalle
2286 Chittoor Valmikipuram Mandal Jammallapalle
2287 Chittoor Valmikipuram Mandal Jarravaripalle
2288 Chittoor Valmikipuram Mandal Kuraparthi
2289 Chittoor Valmikipuram Mandal Manchuru
2290 Chittoor Valmikipuram Mandal Mugalamarri
2291 Chittoor Valmikipuram Mandal Nagarimadugu
2292 Chittoor Valmikipuram Mandal Thatiguntapalle
2293 Chittoor Valmikipuram Mandal T.Sakirevupalle
2294 Chittoor Valmikipuram Mandal Valmikipuram
2295 Chittoor Valmikipuram Mandal Velagapalle
2296 Chittoor Valmikipuram Mandal Vittalam
2297 Chittoor Varadaiahpalem Mandal Ambur
2298 Chittoor Varadaiahpalem Mandal Arudur
2299 Chittoor Varadaiahpalem Mandal Ayyavaripalem
2300 Chittoor Varadaiahpalem Mandal Chedulapakam
2301 Chittoor Varadaiahpalem Mandal Chilamathur
2302 Chittoor Varadaiahpalem Mandal Chinnapandur
2303 Chittoor Varadaiahpalem Mandal C.L Naidu Palle
2304 Chittoor Varadaiahpalem Mandal Gudalavaripalem
2305 Chittoor Varadaiahpalem Mandal Isukapalem
2306 Chittoor Varadaiahpalem Mandal Kadur
2307 Chittoor Varadaiahpalem Mandal Kalathur
2308 Chittoor Varadaiahpalem Mandal Kambakam
2309 Chittoor Varadaiahpalem Mandal Karepakam
2310 Chittoor Varadaiahpalem Mandal Kovurpadu
2311 Chittoor Varadaiahpalem Mandal Kurinjalam
2312 Chittoor Varadaiahpalem Mandal Kuvvakolli
2313 Chittoor Varadaiahpalem Mandal Maradawada
2314 Chittoor Varadaiahpalem Mandal Mopurapalle
2315 Chittoor Varadaiahpalem Mandal Nellatur
2316 Chittoor Varadaiahpalem Mandal Padirikuppam
2317 Chittoor Varadaiahpalem Mandal Pandur
2318 Chittoor Varadaiahpalem Mandal Racherla
2319 Chittoor Varadaiahpalem Mandal Santhavellore
2320 Chittoor Varadaiahpalem Mandal Sathambedu
2321 Chittoor Varadaiahpalem Mandal Siddamma Agraharam
2322 Chittoor Varadaiahpalem Mandal Thondambattu
2323 Chittoor Varadaiahpalem Mandal Thondur
2324 Chittoor Varadaiahpalem Mandal Varadaiahpalem
2325 Chittoor Varadaiahpalem Mandal Vittaiah Palem
2326 Chittoor Varadaiahpalem Mandal Yanadivettu
2327 Chittoor Vedurukuppam Mandal Aggichenupalle
2328 Chittoor Vedurukuppam Mandal Allamadugu
2329 Chittoor Vedurukuppam Mandal Bommaiahpalle
2330 Chittoor Vedurukuppam Mandal Brahmanapalle
2331 Chittoor Vedurukuppam Mandal Chenchugudi
2332 Chittoor Vedurukuppam Mandal Devalampeta
2333 Chittoor Vedurukuppam Mandal Devaragudipalle
2334 Chittoor Vedurukuppam Mandal Etterangapalle
2335 Chittoor Vedurukuppam Mandal Garampalle
2336 Chittoor Vedurukuppam Mandal Goduguchintha
2337 Chittoor Vedurukuppam Mandal Inamkothuru
2338 Chittoor Vedurukuppam Mandal Jadabapanapalle
2339 Chittoor Vedurukuppam Mandal Jakkidona
2340 Chittoor Vedurukuppam Mandal Kaverimaharajulungariagraharam
2341 Chittoor Vedurukuppam Mandal komaragunta
2342 Chittoor Vedurukuppam Mandal Komaragunta
2343 Chittoor Vedurukuppam Mandal Kondakindapalle
2344 Chittoor Vedurukuppam Mandal Kurivikuppam
2345 Chittoor Vedurukuppam Mandal Makamabapuram
2346 Chittoor Vedurukuppam Mandal Mambedu
2347 Chittoor Vedurukuppam Mandal Marepalle
2348 Chittoor Vedurukuppam Mandal Marripalleuttarapu Khandriga
2349 Chittoor Vedurukuppam Mandal Mondivenganapalle
2350 Chittoor Vedurukuppam Mandal Pachikapalem
2351 Chittoor Vedurukuppam Mandal Pathagunta
2352 Chittoor Vedurukuppam Mandal Perumallapalle
2353 Chittoor Vedurukuppam Mandal Tarlabylu
2354 Chittoor Vedurukuppam Mandal Thettuguntapalle
2355 Chittoor Vedurukuppam Mandal Thippinaidupalle
2356 Chittoor Vedurukuppam Mandal Tirumalakondamambapuram
2357 Chittoor Vedurukuppam Mandal Vedurukuppam
2358 Chittoor Vedurukuppam Mandal Venugopalapuram
2359 Chittoor Vedurukuppam Mandal Veperi
2360 Chittoor Venkatagirikota Mandal Bairupalle
2361 Chittoor Venkatagirikota Mandal Bodiguttapalle
2362 Chittoor Venkatagirikota Mandal Boya Chinnaganna Palle
2363 Chittoor Venkatagirikota Mandal Chinna Kongatam
2364 Chittoor Venkatagirikota Mandal Chintamakulapalle
2365 Chittoor Venkatagirikota Mandal Gonumakulapalle
2366 Chittoor Venkatagirikota Mandal Gudipalle
2367 Chittoor Venkatagirikota Mandal Hanumapalle
2368 Chittoor Venkatagirikota Mandal Jodiverrivanipalle
2369 Chittoor Venkatagirikota Mandal Jounipalle
2370 Chittoor Venkatagirikota Mandal Konerugollapalle
2371 Chittoor Venkatagirikota Mandal Kongatam
2372 Chittoor Venkatagirikota Mandal Kothakota
2373 Chittoor Venkatagirikota Mandal Krishnapuram
2374 Chittoor Venkatagirikota Mandal Kumbarlapalle
2375 Chittoor Venkatagirikota Mandal Mattiguttapalle
2376 Chittoor Venkatagirikota Mandal Mudaramdoddi
2377 Chittoor Venkatagirikota Mandal Nadeetheeram Dasarlapalle
2378 Chittoor Venkatagirikota Mandal Nernipalle
2379 Chittoor Venkatagirikota Mandal Padigalakuppam
2380 Chittoor Venkatagirikota Mandal Paipalle
2381 Chittoor Venkatagirikota Mandal Panuganipalle
2382 Chittoor Venkatagirikota Mandal Papepalle
2383 Chittoor Venkatagirikota Mandal Patrapalle
2384 Chittoor Venkatagirikota Mandal Pedda Bharanipalle
2385 Chittoor Venkatagirikota Mandal Peddanapalle
2386 Chittoor Venkatagirikota Mandal S.Bandapalle (Bandapalle)
2387 Chittoor Venkatagirikota Mandal Sivunikuppam
2388 Chittoor Venkatagirikota Mandal Thota Kanuma
2389 Chittoor Venkatagirikota Mandal Tirumala Pichigundlapalle
2390 Chittoor Venkatagirikota Mandal Venkatagirikota
2391 Chittoor Venkatagirikota Mandal Vibhuthiyela Nagaram
2392 Chittoor Venkatagirikota Mandal Vogu
2393 Chittoor Venkatagirikota Mandal Yalakallu
2394 Chittoor Vijayapuram Mandal Alapakam
2395 Chittoor Vijayapuram Mandal Buchivanatham
2396 Chittoor Vijayapuram Mandal Ella Samudram
2397 Chittoor Vijayapuram Mandal Gangamamba Puram
2398 Chittoor Vijayapuram Mandal Illathuru
2399 Chittoor Vijayapuram Mandal Jagannadhapuram
2400 Chittoor Vijayapuram Mandal Kaliambakam
2401 Chittoor Vijayapuram Mandal Kalikapuram
2402 Chittoor Vijayapuram Mandal Kosala Nagaram
2403 Chittoor Vijayapuram Mandal Kothuru Venkatapuram
2404 Chittoor Vijayapuram Mandal Maharaja Puram
2405 Chittoor Vijayapuram Mandal Mangalam
2406 Chittoor Vijayapuram Mandal Pannur
2407 Chittoor Vijayapuram Mandal Patha Arcot
2408 Chittoor Vijayapuram Mandal Sami Reddi Khandriga
2409 Chittoor Vijayapuram Mandal Sriharipuram
2410 Chittoor Vijayapuram Mandal Vijaya Puram
2411 Chittoor Vijayapuram Mandal Vijaya Raghavapuram
2412 Chittoor Yadamarri Mandal Bhoomireddipalle
2413 Chittoor Yadamarri Mandal Bodaguttapalle
2414 Chittoor Yadamarri Mandal Budithireddipalle
2415 Chittoor Yadamarri Mandal Dasarapalle
2416 Chittoor Yadamarri Mandal Gollapalle
2417 Chittoor Yadamarri Mandal Jangalapalle
2418 Chittoor Yadamarri Mandal Kammapalle
2419 Chittoor Yadamarri Mandal Kanathalacheruvu
2420 Chittoor Yadamarri Mandal Kasiralla
2421 Chittoor Yadamarri Mandal Konapalle
2422 Chittoor Yadamarri Mandal Kotalam
2423 Chittoor Yadamarri Mandal Kukkalapalle
2424 Chittoor Yadamarri Mandal Madhavaram
2425 Chittoor Yadamarri Mandal Madireddipalle
2426 Chittoor Yadamarri Mandal Majara Kothapalle
2427 Chittoor Yadamarri Mandal Modipalle
2428 Chittoor Yadamarri Mandal Mudduramapuram
2429 Chittoor Yadamarri Mandal Nadimpalle
2430 Chittoor Yadamarri Mandal Otiripalle
2431 Chittoor Yadamarri Mandal Otivaripalle
2432 Chittoor Yadamarri Mandal Patrapalle
2433 Chittoor Yadamarri Mandal Periyambadi
2434 Chittoor Yadamarri Mandal Siddareddipalle
2435 Chittoor Yadamarri Mandal Yadamarri
2436 Chittoor Yerpedu Mandal Arugorla Khandriga
2437 Chittoor Yerpedu Mandal Chellur
2438 Chittoor Yerpedu Mandal Chindepalle
2439 Chittoor Yerpedu Mandal Chinnajimedu
2440 Chittoor Yerpedu Mandal Chintalapalem
2441 Chittoor Yerpedu Mandal Durgiperi
2442 Chittoor Yerpedu Mandal Gudimallam
2443 Chittoor Yerpedu Mandal Isukathageli
2444 Chittoor Yerpedu Mandal Kandadu
2445 Chittoor Yerpedu Mandal Katrakayalagunta
2446 Chittoor Yerpedu Mandal Kobaka
2447 Chittoor Yerpedu Mandal Krishnampalle
2448 Chittoor Yerpedu Mandal Madhavamala
2449 Chittoor Yerpedu Mandal Mahankalideviputtur
2450 Chittoor Yerpedu Mandal Mannasamudram
2451 Chittoor Yerpedu Mandal Merlapaka
2452 Chittoor Yerpedu Mandal Modugulapalem
2453 Chittoor Yerpedu Mandal Munagalapalem
2454 Chittoor Yerpedu Mandal Musalipedu
2455 Chittoor Yerpedu Mandal Nachaneri
2456 Chittoor Yerpedu Mandal Nagampalle
2457 Chittoor Yerpedu Mandal Pagali
2458 Chittoor Yerpedu Mandal Pallam
2459 Chittoor Yerpedu Mandal Pangur
2460 Chittoor Yerpedu Mandal Pathaveerapuram
2461 Chittoor Yerpedu Mandal Peddanjimedu
2462 Chittoor Yerpedu Mandal Pennagadam
2463 Chittoor Yerpedu Mandal Penumallam
2464 Chittoor Yerpedu Mandal Seetharampet
2465 Chittoor Yerpedu Mandal Sreenivasapuram
2466 Chittoor Yerpedu Mandal Vedulla Cheruvu
2467 Chittoor Yerpedu Mandal Venkatapuram
2468 Chittoor Yerpedu Mandal Vikruthamala
2469 Chittoor Yerpedu Mandal Yerpedu
2470 Chittoor Yerravaripalem Mandal Bodevandlapalle
2471 Chittoor Yerravaripalem Mandal Chinthakunta
2472 Chittoor Yerravaripalem Mandal Ellamanda
2473 Chittoor Yerravaripalem Mandal Kamalayyavaripalle
2474 Chittoor Yerravaripalem Mandal Nerabylu
2475 Chittoor Yerravaripalem Mandal Udayamanikyam
2476 Chittoor Yerravaripalem Mandal Udayamanikyam Agraharam
2477 Chittoor Yerravaripalem Mandal Usthikayalapenta
2478 Chittoor Yerravaripalem Mandal Venkataramarajupuram
2479 Chittoor Yerravaripalem Mandal Yerravaripalem
2480 East Godavari Amalapuram Ainavilli Mandal Ainavilli
2481 East Godavari Amalapuram Ainavilli Mandal Chintana Lanka
2482 East Godavari Amalapuram Ainavilli Mandal K. Jagannadhapuram
2483 East Godavari Amalapuram Ainavilli Mandal Kondukuduru
2484 East Godavari Amalapuram Ainavilli Mandal Kotipalli Bhaga
2485 East Godavari Amalapuram Ainavilli Mandal Krapa
2486 East Godavari Amalapuram Ainavilli Mandal Madupalle
2487 East Godavari Amalapuram Ainavilli Mandal Magam
2488 East Godavari Amalapuram Ainavilli Mandal Nedunuru
2489 East Godavari Amalapuram Ainavilli Mandal Pothukurru
2490 East Godavari Amalapuram Ainavilli Mandal Sanapalli Lanka
2491 East Godavari Amalapuram Ainavilli Mandal Sirasavalli Savaram
2492 East Godavari Amalapuram Ainavilli Mandal Siripalle
2493 East Godavari Amalapuram Ainavilli Mandal Totharamudi
2494 East Godavari Amalapuram Ainavilli Mandal Veeravallipalem
2495 East Godavari Amalapuram Ainavilli Mandal Veluvalapalle
2496 East Godavari Amalapuram Ainavilli Mandal Vilasa
2497 East Godavari Amalapuram Allavaram Mandal Allavaram
2498 East Godavari Amalapuram Allavaram Mandal Bendamurulanka
2499 East Godavari Amalapuram Allavaram Mandal Bodasakurru
2500 East Godavari Amalapuram Allavaram Mandal Devaguptam
2501 East Godavari Amalapuram Allavaram Mandal Godi
2502 East Godavari Amalapuram Allavaram Mandal Godilanka
2503 East Godavari Amalapuram Allavaram Mandal Gudala
2504 East Godavari Amalapuram Allavaram Mandal Komaragiripatnam
2505 East Godavari Amalapuram Allavaram Mandal Mogallamuru
2506 East Godavari Amalapuram Allavaram Mandal Rellugadda
2507 East Godavari Amalapuram Allavaram Mandal Samanthakuru
2508 East Godavari Amalapuram Allavaram Mandal Tadikona
2509 East Godavari Amalapuram Allavaram Mandal Thurupulanka
2510 East Godavari Amalapuram Allavaram Mandal Yentrikona
2511 East Godavari Amalapuram Amalapuram Mandal Amalapuram (R)
2512 East Godavari Amalapuram Amalapuram Mandal A. Vemavaram
2513 East Godavari Amalapuram Amalapuram Mandal Bandarulanka(CT)
2514 East Godavari Amalapuram Amalapuram Mandal Bhatnavilli
2515 East Godavari Amalapuram Amalapuram Mandal Edarapalle
2516 East Godavari Amalapuram Amalapuram Mandal Gunnapalle Agraharam
2517 East Godavari Amalapuram Amalapuram Mandal Immidivarappadu
2518 East Godavari Amalapuram Amalapuram Mandal Indupalle
2519 East Godavari Amalapuram Amalapuram Mandal Janupalle
2520 East Godavari Amalapuram Amalapuram Mandal Nadipudi
2521 East Godavari Amalapuram Amalapuram Mandal Nallamilli
2522 East Godavari Amalapuram Amalapuram Mandal Palagummi
2523 East Godavari Amalapuram Amalapuram Mandal Peruru
2524 East Godavari Amalapuram Amalapuram Mandal Sakuru
2525 East Godavari Amalapuram Amalapuram Mandal Samanasa
2526 East Godavari Amalapuram Amalapuram Mandal Thandavapalle
2527 East Godavari Amalapuram Amalapuram Mandal Vanne Chintalapudi
2528 East Godavari Amalapuram Ambajipeta Mandal Chiratapudi
2529 East Godavari Amalapuram Ambajipeta Mandal Gangalakurru
2530 East Godavari Amalapuram Ambajipeta Mandal Irusumanda
2531 East Godavari Amalapuram Ambajipeta Mandal Isukapudi
2532 East Godavari Amalapuram Ambajipeta Mandal K. Pedapudi
2533 East Godavari Amalapuram Ambajipeta Mandal Machavaram
2534 East Godavari Amalapuram Ambajipeta Mandal Mosalipalle
2535 East Godavari Amalapuram Ambajipeta Mandal Mukkamala
2536 East Godavari Amalapuram Ambajipeta Mandal Nandampudi
2537 East Godavari Amalapuram Ambajipeta Mandal Pasupalle
2538 East Godavari Amalapuram Ambajipeta Mandal Pulletikurru
2539 East Godavari Amalapuram Ambajipeta Mandal Thondavaram
2540 East Godavari Amalapuram Ambajipeta Mandal Vakkalanka
2541 East Godavari Amalapuram Atreyapuram Mandal Ankampalem
2542 East Godavari Amalapuram Atreyapuram Mandal Atreyapuram
2543 East Godavari Amalapuram Atreyapuram Mandal Kattunga
2544 East Godavari Amalapuram Atreyapuram Mandal Lolla
2545 East Godavari Amalapuram Atreyapuram Mandal Merlapalem
2546 East Godavari Amalapuram Atreyapuram Mandal Narkedimilli
2547 East Godavari Amalapuram Atreyapuram Mandal Peravaram
2548 East Godavari Amalapuram Atreyapuram Mandal Pulidindi
2549 East Godavari Amalapuram Atreyapuram Mandal Rajavaram
2550 East Godavari Amalapuram Atreyapuram Mandal Ryali
2551 East Godavari Amalapuram Atreyapuram Mandal Utchili
2552 East Godavari Amalapuram Atreyapuram Mandal Vadapalle
2553 East Godavari Amalapuram Atreyapuram Mandal Vaddiparru
2554 East Godavari Amalapuram Atreyapuram Mandal Valicheru
2555 East Godavari Amalapuram Atreyapuram Mandal Vasanthawada
2556 East Godavari Amalapuram I. Polavaram Mandal Guthinadeevi
2557 East Godavari Amalapuram I. Polavaram Mandal G. Vemavaram
2558 East Godavari Amalapuram I. Polavaram Mandal I. Polavaram
2559 East Godavari Amalapuram I. Polavaram Mandal Kesanakurru
2560 East Godavari Amalapuram I. Polavaram Mandal Komaragiri
2561 East Godavari Amalapuram I. Polavaram Mandal Muramalla
2562 East Godavari Amalapuram I. Polavaram Mandal Pasuvullanka
2563 East Godavari Amalapuram I. Polavaram Mandal Patha Injaram
2564 East Godavari Amalapuram I. Polavaram Mandal Thillakkuppa
2565 East Godavari Amalapuram I. Polavaram Mandal T. Kothapalle
2566 East Godavari Amalapuram I. Polavaram Mandal Yedurulanka
2567 East Godavari Amalapuram Katrenikona Mandal Bantumilli
2568 East Godavari Amalapuram Katrenikona Mandal Brahmasamedyam
2569 East Godavari Amalapuram Katrenikona Mandal Cheyyeru
2570 East Godavari Amalapuram Katrenikona Mandal Chirrayanam
2571 East Godavari Amalapuram Katrenikona Mandal Dontikurru
2572 East Godavari Amalapuram Katrenikona Mandal Geddanapalle
2573 East Godavari Amalapuram Katrenikona Mandal Kandikuppa
2574 East Godavari Amalapuram Katrenikona Mandal Katrenikona
2575 East Godavari Amalapuram Katrenikona Mandal Kundaleswaram
2576 East Godavari Amalapuram Katrenikona Mandal Lakshmiwada
2577 East Godavari Amalapuram Katrenikona Mandal Nadavapalle
2578 East Godavari Amalapuram Katrenikona Mandal Pallamkurru
2579 East Godavari Amalapuram Katrenikona Mandal Penuwalla
2580 East Godavari Amalapuram Katrenikona Mandal Uppudi
2581 East Godavari Amalapuram Kothapeta Mandal Avidi
2582 East Godavari Amalapuram Kothapeta Mandal Billa Kurru
2583 East Godavari Amalapuram Kothapeta Mandal Ganti
2584 East Godavari Amalapuram Kothapeta Mandal Khandrika
2585 East Godavari Amalapuram Kothapeta Mandal Kothapeta
2586 East Godavari Amalapuram Kothapeta Mandal Mandapalle
2587 East Godavari Amalapuram Kothapeta Mandal Modekurru
2588 East Godavari Amalapuram Kothapeta Mandal Palivela
2589 East Godavari Amalapuram Kothapeta Mandal Vadapalem
2590 East Godavari Amalapuram Kothapeta Mandal Vanapalle
2591 East Godavari Amalapuram Malikipuram Mandal Gudapalle
2592 East Godavari Amalapuram Malikipuram Mandal Gudimellanka
2593 East Godavari Amalapuram Malikipuram Mandal Irusumanda
2594 East Godavari Amalapuram Malikipuram Mandal Kattiwanda
2595 East Godavari Amalapuram Malikipuram Mandal Kesanapalle
2596 East Godavari Amalapuram Malikipuram Mandal Lakkavaram
2597 East Godavari Amalapuram Malikipuram Mandal Malikipuram
2598 East Godavari Amalapuram Malikipuram Mandal Mattaparru
2599 East Godavari Amalapuram Malikipuram Mandal Ramarajulanka
2600 East Godavari Amalapuram Malikipuram Mandal Sankaraguptham
2601 East Godavari Amalapuram Malikipuram Mandal Visweswarayapuram
2602 East Godavari Amalapuram Mamidikuduru Mandal Adurru
2603 East Godavari Amalapuram Mamidikuduru Mandal Appanapalle
2604 East Godavari Amalapuram Mamidikuduru Mandal Botlakurru Doddavaram
2605 East Godavari Amalapuram Mamidikuduru Mandal Edarada
2606 East Godavari Amalapuram Mamidikuduru Mandal Geddada
2607 East Godavari Amalapuram Mamidikuduru Mandal Gogannamattam
2608 East Godavari Amalapuram Mamidikuduru Mandal Komarada
2609 East Godavari Amalapuram Mamidikuduru Mandal Lutukurru
2610 East Godavari Amalapuram Mamidikuduru Mandal Magatapalle
2611 East Godavari Amalapuram Mamidikuduru Mandal Makanapalem
2612 East Godavari Amalapuram Mamidikuduru Mandal Mamidikuduru
2613 East Godavari Amalapuram Mamidikuduru Mandal Mogalikuduru
2614 East Godavari Amalapuram Mamidikuduru Mandal Nagaram
2615 East Godavari Amalapuram Mamidikuduru Mandal Pasarlapudi
2616 East Godavari Amalapuram Mamidikuduru Mandal Pasarlapudilanka
2617 East Godavari Amalapuram Mamidikuduru Mandal Pedapatnam
2618 East Godavari Amalapuram Mamidikuduru Mandal Pedapatnam
2619 East Godavari Amalapuram Mummidivaram Mandal Ainapuram
2620 East Godavari Amalapuram Mummidivaram Mandal Ananthavaram
2621 East Godavari Amalapuram Mummidivaram Mandal Annampalle
2622 East Godavari Amalapuram Mummidivaram Mandal Ch. Gunnepalle
2623 East Godavari Amalapuram Mummidivaram Mandal Gadilanka
2624 East Godavari Amalapuram Mummidivaram Mandal Kamini
2625 East Godavari Amalapuram Mummidivaram Mandal Komanapalle
2626 East Godavari Amalapuram Mummidivaram Mandal Kothalanka
2627 East Godavari Amalapuram Mummidivaram Mandal Krapa Chintalapudi
2628 East Godavari Amalapuram Mummidivaram Mandal Mummidivaram
2629 East Godavari Amalapuram Mummidivaram Mandal Tanelanka
2630 East Godavari Amalapuram P.Gannavaram Mandal Bellampudi
2631 East Godavari Amalapuram P.Gannavaram Mandal Ganti Pedapudi
2632 East Godavari Amalapuram P.Gannavaram Mandal Karupallipadu
2633 East Godavari Amalapuram P.Gannavaram Mandal Katharlanka
2634 East Godavari Amalapuram P.Gannavaram Mandal Kundalapalle
2635 East Godavari Amalapuram P.Gannavaram Mandal Lankalagannavaram
2636 East Godavari Amalapuram P.Gannavaram Mandal Manepalle
2637 East Godavari Amalapuram P.Gannavaram Mandal Mondepu Lanka
2638 East Godavari Amalapuram P.Gannavaram Mandal Munganda
2639 East Godavari Amalapuram P.Gannavaram Mandal Mungandapalem
2640 East Godavari Amalapuram P.Gannavaram Mandal Munjavaram
2641 East Godavari Amalapuram P.Gannavaram Mandal Narendrapuram
2642 East Godavari Amalapuram P.Gannavaram Mandal Patha Gannavaram
2643 East Godavari Amalapuram P.Gannavaram Mandal Pothavaram
2644 East Godavari Amalapuram P.Gannavaram Mandal Udumudi
2645 East Godavari Amalapuram P.Gannavaram Mandal Vadrevupalle
2646 East Godavari Amalapuram P.Gannavaram Mandal Vainateya Kothapalle
2647 East Godavari Amalapuram P.Gannavaram Mandal Yenugupalle
2648 East Godavari Amalapuram Ravulapalem Mandal Devarapalle
2649 East Godavari Amalapuram Ravulapalem Mandal Gopalapuram
2650 East Godavari Amalapuram Ravulapalem Mandal Ithakota
2651 East Godavari Amalapuram Ravulapalem Mandal Juthigapadu
2652 East Godavari Amalapuram Ravulapalem Mandal Komaraju Lanka
2653 East Godavari Amalapuram Ravulapalem Mandal Lakshmipolavaram
2654 East Godavari Amalapuram Ravulapalem Mandal Mummidivarappadu
2655 East Godavari Amalapuram Ravulapalem Mandal Podagatlapalle
2656 East Godavari Amalapuram Ravulapalem Mandal Ravulapalem
2657 East Godavari Amalapuram Ravulapalem Mandal Ubalanka
2658 East Godavari Amalapuram Ravulapalem Mandal Vedireswaram
2659 East Godavari Amalapuram Razole Mandal B. Savaram
2660 East Godavari Amalapuram Razole Mandal Chintalapalle
2661 East Godavari Amalapuram Razole Mandal Kadali
2662 East Godavari Amalapuram Razole Mandal Katrevupadu
2663 East Godavari Amalapuram Razole Mandal Kunavaram
2664 East Godavari Amalapuram Razole Mandal Mulikipalle
2665 East Godavari Amalapuram Razole Mandal Palagummi
2666 East Godavari Amalapuram Razole Mandal Podalada
2667 East Godavari Amalapuram Razole Mandal Ponnamanda
2668 East Godavari Amalapuram Razole Mandal Razole
2669 East Godavari Amalapuram Razole Mandal Sivakodu
2670 East Godavari Amalapuram Razole Mandal Sompalle
2671 East Godavari Amalapuram Razole Mandal Thatipaka
2672 East Godavari Amalapuram Sakhinetipalle Mandal Antarvedi
2673 East Godavari Amalapuram Sakhinetipalle Mandal Antarvedipalem
2674 East Godavari Amalapuram Sakhinetipalle Mandal Appanaramuni Lanka
2675 East Godavari Amalapuram Sakhinetipalle Mandal Gudimula Kandrika
2676 East Godavari Amalapuram Sakhinetipalle Mandal Kesavadasupalem
2677 East Godavari Amalapuram Sakhinetipalle Mandal Mori
2678 East Godavari Amalapuram Sakhinetipalle Mandal Rameswaram
2679 East Godavari Amalapuram Sakhinetipalle Mandal Sakhinetipalle
2680 East Godavari Amalapuram Uppalaguptam Mandal Bheemanapalle
2681 East Godavari Amalapuram Uppalaguptam Mandal Chinagedavalli
2682 East Godavari Amalapuram Uppalaguptam Mandal Gollavilli
2683 East Godavari Amalapuram Uppalaguptam Mandal Gopavaram
2684 East Godavari Amalapuram Uppalaguptam Mandal Kunavaram
2685 East Godavari Amalapuram Uppalaguptam Mandal Munipalle
2686 East Godavari Amalapuram Uppalaguptam Mandal Nangavaram
2687 East Godavari Amalapuram Uppalaguptam Mandal Nimmakayala Kothapalle
2688 East Godavari Amalapuram Uppalaguptam Mandal Pedagadavilli
2689 East Godavari Amalapuram Uppalaguptam Mandal Sannavalli
2690 East Godavari Amalapuram Uppalaguptam Mandal Surasaniyanam
2691 East Godavari Amalapuram Uppalaguptam Mandal T. Challapalle
2692 East Godavari Amalapuram Uppalaguptam Mandal Uppalaguptam
2693 East Godavari Amalapuram Uppalaguptam Mandal Vilasavilli
2694 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor A.G.Koderu
2695 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor Ahmadaalipeta
2696 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor Alligudem
2697 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor Balimela
2698 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor Boddugudem
2699 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor Burakanakota
2700 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor Chadalawada
2701 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor Chatti
2702 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor Chavuluru
2703 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor Chidumuru
2704 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor Chinnasitanapalli
2705 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor Chintoor
2706 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor Choppamamidi
2707 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor Chuturu
2708 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor Devarapalli
2709 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor Dondagudem
2710 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor DongalaJaggaram
2711 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor Edugurallapalli
2712 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor Eruwada
2713 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor Gamallakota
2714 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor Gangannametta
2715 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor Gondigudem
2716 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor Gopanapalli
2717 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor Guduru
2718 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor Irkampeta
2719 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor Jalliwada
2720 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor kalleru
2721 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor Kannapuram
2722 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor Kannayigudem
2723 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor Kanpuluru
2724 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor Katukapalli
2725 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor Kesavapuram
2726 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor Koluthuru
2727 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor Kondapalli
2728 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor Kottapalli
2729 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor Kummuru
2730 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor Kuyuguru
2731 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor Lacchigudem
2732 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor Lakkagudem
2733 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor Lakkavaram
2734 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor Lakshmipuram
2735 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor Maddigudem
2736 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor Madgulamaada
2737 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor Maduguru
2738 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor Mallampeta
2739 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor mallethota
2740 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor Markandeyulapeta
2741 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor Marrimaddi
2742 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor Mittawada
2743 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor Mothugudem
2744 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor Mukunuru
2745 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor Narakonda
2746 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor Narayanapuram
2747 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor Narsimhapuram
2748 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor Narsingapeta-02
2749 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor Narsingapeta-79
2750 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor Nelakota
2751 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor Palagudem
2752 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor Peddasitanapalli
2753 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor Pega
2754 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor Potanapalli
2755 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor Ramannapalem
2756 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor Ratnapuram
2757 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor sarivela
2758 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor Singannagudem
2759 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor Sirisinapalli
2760 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor Stafordpeta
2761 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor Suddagudem
2762 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor Surakunta
2763 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor Surannagondi
2764 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor Surawada
2765 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor Tatilanka
2766 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor Tatiyakulagudem
2767 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor Toolugonda
2768 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor Tulasipakala
2769 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor Tummala
2770 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor Tummeragudem
2771 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor Tustigudem
2772 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor Ulumuru
2773 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor Uppanapalli
2774 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor Uppanapalligattu
2775 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor vankagudem
2776 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor Vegithota
2777 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor Vemulavayi
2778 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor Venktramapuram
2779 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor Vepalapadu
2780 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor Vinayakapuram
2781 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor Yarragondapakala
2782 East Godavari Etapaka Chintoor Yarrampeta
2783 East Godavari Etapaka Etapaka ACHUTHAPURAM
2784 East Godavari Etapaka Etapaka AYYAVARIPETA
2785 East Godavari Etapaka Etapaka BANDIREVU
2786 East Godavari Etapaka Etapaka BODDUGUDEM
2787 East Godavari Etapaka Etapaka BURUGUVAI
2788 East Godavari Etapaka Etapaka BUTTAIGUDEM
2789 East Godavari Etapaka Etapaka CHANDRAMPALEM
2790 East Godavari Etapaka Etapaka CHELEMPALEM
2791 East Godavari Etapaka Etapaka CHINNA BANDIREVU
2792 East Godavari Etapaka Etapaka CHINNA NALLAKUNTA
2793 East Godavari Etapaka Etapaka CHINTHALAGUDEM
2794 East Godavari Etapaka Etapaka CHOWDAVARAM
2795 East Godavari Etapaka Etapaka DAMMAPETA
2796 East Godavari Etapaka Etapaka DEVARAPALLI
2797 East Godavari Etapaka Etapaka FERGUSANPETA
2798 East Godavari Etapaka Etapaka GANNAVARAM
2799 East Godavari Etapaka Etapaka GOGUBAKA
2800 East Godavari Etapaka Etapaka GOLLAGUDEM
2801 East Godavari Etapaka Etapaka GOLLAGUPPA
2802 East Godavari Etapaka Etapaka GOMMU KOYAGUDEM
2803 East Godavari Etapaka Etapaka GOTTUGUDEM
2804 East Godavari Etapaka Etapaka GOWRIDEVIPETA
2805 East Godavari Etapaka Etapaka GUNDALA
2806 East Godavari Etapaka Etapaka KANNAIGUDEM
2807 East Godavari Etapaka Etapaka KANNAPURAM
2808 East Godavari Etapaka Etapaka KAPAVARAM
2809 East Godavari Etapaka Etapaka KAPUGAMPALLI
2810 East Godavari Etapaka Etapaka kHANAPURAM
2811 East Godavari Etapaka Etapaka K NARAYANAPURAM
2812 East Godavari Etapaka Etapaka KOLANUGUDEM
2813 East Godavari Etapaka Etapaka KONDAIGUDEM
2814 East Godavari Etapaka Etapaka KOTHAGUDEM
2815 East Godavari Etapaka Etapaka KRISHNAVARAM
2816 East Godavari Etapaka Etapaka KUSUMANAPALLI
2817 East Godavari Etapaka Etapaka LAKSHMIDEVIPETA
2818 East Godavari Etapaka Etapaka LAXMIPURAM
2819 East Godavari Etapaka Etapaka LINGALAPALLI
2820 East Godavari Etapaka Etapaka MADHAVARAOPETA
2821 East Godavari Etapaka Etapaka MADIMERU
2822 East Godavari Etapaka Etapaka MIDFORDPETA
2823 East Godavari Etapaka Etapaka MUMMADIVARAM
2824 East Godavari Etapaka Etapaka MURUMOOR
2825 East Godavari Etapaka Etapaka NALLAGUNTA
2826 East Godavari Etapaka Etapaka NALLAKUNTA
2827 East Godavari Etapaka Etapaka NANDIGAMA
2828 East Godavari Etapaka Etapaka NARASINGAPETA
2829 East Godavari Etapaka Etapaka NELLIPAKA
2830 East Godavari Etapaka Etapaka PANDURANGAPURAM
2831 East Godavari Etapaka Etapaka PATTUCHEERA
2832 East Godavari Etapaka Etapaka PENUBALLE
2833 East Godavari Etapaka Etapaka PINAPALLI
2834 East Godavari Etapaka Etapaka PITCHIKALAPADU
2835 East Godavari Etapaka Etapaka PURUSHOTHAPATNAM
2836 East Godavari Etapaka Etapaka RACHAGAMPALLI
2837 East Godavari Etapaka Etapaka RAGHAVAPURAM
2838 East Godavari Etapaka Etapaka RAJUPETA
2839 East Godavari Etapaka Etapaka RAMAGOPALAPURAM
2840 East Godavari Etapaka Etapaka RANGAPURAM
2841 East Godavari Etapaka Etapaka RAYANAPETA
2842 East Godavari Etapaka Etapaka SEETARAMAPURAM
2843 East Godavari Etapaka Etapaka SEETHAMPETA
2844 East Godavari Etapaka Etapaka SREENIVASAPURAM
2845 East Godavari Etapaka Etapaka THALLAGUDEM
2846 East Godavari Etapaka Etapaka THOTAPALLI
2847 East Godavari Etapaka Etapaka THUNIKICHERUVU
2848 East Godavari Etapaka Etapaka TRIPURA PENTA VEEDU
2849 East Godavari Etapaka Etapaka VISWAPURAM
2850 East Godavari Etapaka Etapaka YERRABORU
2851 East Godavari Etapaka Etapaka YERRAGUNTA
2852 East Godavari Etapaka Etapaka YETAPAKA
2853 East Godavari Etapaka Kunavaram Abhicharla
2854 East Godavari Etapaka Kunavaram Ayyavarigudem
2855 East Godavari Etapaka Kunavaram Bairavapatnam
2856 East Godavari Etapaka Kunavaram Bhagavanpuram
2857 East Godavari Etapaka Kunavaram Bhimavaram
2858 East Godavari Etapaka Kunavaram Bodhunuru
2859 East Godavari Etapaka Kunavaram Bojjarayigudem
2860 East Godavari Etapaka Kunavaram Chinaarkuru
2861 East Godavari Etapaka Kunavaram Chinaarkuru(z)
2862 East Godavari Etapaka Kunavaram China Polipaka
2863 East Godavari Etapaka Kunavaram Chuchirevula
2864 East Godavari Etapaka Kunavaram Chuchirevulagudem
2865 East Godavari Etapaka Kunavaram Dugutta
2866 East Godavari Etapaka Kunavaram Gandikottagudem
2867 East Godavari Etapaka Kunavaram Gommuayyavarigudem
2868 East Godavari Etapaka Kunavaram Gommugudem
2869 East Godavari Etapaka Kunavaram Gunduvarigudem
2870 East Godavari Etapaka Kunavaram Harwayigudem
2871 East Godavari Etapaka Kunavaram Jaggavaram
2872 East Godavari Etapaka Kunavaram Kachavaram
2873 East Godavari Etapaka Kunavaram Karakagudem
2874 East Godavari Etapaka Kunavaram Koderu
2875 East Godavari Etapaka Kunavaram Kondalapeta
2876 East Godavari Etapaka Kunavaram Kondayigudem
2877 East Godavari Etapaka Kunavaram Kotthuru
2878 East Godavari Etapaka Kunavaram kudalipadu
2879 East Godavari Etapaka Kunavaram Kumaraswamigudem
2880 East Godavari Etapaka Kunavaram Kunavaram
2881 East Godavari Etapaka Kunavaram Kuturu
2882 East Godavari Etapaka Kunavaram Kuturugattu
2883 East Godavari Etapaka Kunavaram Lakshmipuram
2884 East Godavari Etapaka Kunavaram Lellavayi
2885 East Godavari Etapaka Kunavaram Lingapuram
2886 East Godavari Etapaka Kunavaram Marrigudem
2887 East Godavari Etapaka Kunavaram Mettaramavaram
2888 East Godavari Etapaka Kunavaram Mulluru
2889 East Godavari Etapaka Kunavaram Narsingapeta
2890 East Godavari Etapaka Kunavaram Paidagudem
2891 East Godavari Etapaka Kunavaram Palluru
2892 East Godavari Etapaka Kunavaram Pandrajupalli
2893 East Godavari Etapaka Kunavaram Pedaarkuru
2894 East Godavari Etapaka Kunavaram Peda Polipaka
2895 East Godavari Etapaka Kunavaram Pochavaram
2896 East Godavari Etapaka Kunavaram Potlavaigudem
2897 East Godavari Etapaka Kunavaram Potlavayi
2898 East Godavari Etapaka Kunavaram Regulapadu
2899 East Godavari Etapaka Kunavaram Repaka
2900 East Godavari Etapaka Kunavaram ShabariKottagudem
2901 East Godavari Etapaka Kunavaram Sitaramapuram
2902 East Godavari Etapaka Kunavaram Sriramapuram
2903 East Godavari Etapaka Kunavaram Tallagudem
2904 East Godavari Etapaka Kunavaram Tekubaka
2905 East Godavari Etapaka Kunavaram Tekuloddi
2906 East Godavari Etapaka Kunavaram Venkannagudem
2907 East Godavari Etapaka Kunavaram Venkatayapalem(G)
2908 East Godavari Etapaka Kunavaram Wallfordpeta
2909 East Godavari Etapaka Kunavaram Z.Venkatayapalem
2910 East Godavari Etapaka V R Puram Adavi Venkannagudem
2911 East Godavari Etapaka V R Puram Annavaram
2912 East Godavari Etapaka V R Puram Bhimavaram
2913 East Godavari Etapaka V R Puram Buruguwada
2914 East Godavari Etapaka V R Puram Chilkapalli
2915 East Godavari Etapaka V R Puram Chinamittapalli
2916 East Godavari Etapaka V R Puram Chintarevupalli
2917 East Godavari Etapaka V R Puram Chokkanapalli
2918 East Godavari Etapaka V R Puram Choppalli
2919 East Godavari Etapaka V R Puram Darapalli
2920 East Godavari Etapaka V R Puram Gollagudem
2921 East Godavari Etapaka V R Puram Gulletiwada
2922 East Godavari Etapaka V R Puram Gundugudem
2923 East Godavari Etapaka V R Puram Gurrampeta
2924 East Godavari Etapaka V R Puram Ippuru
2925 East Godavari Etapaka V R Puram Isunuru
2926 East Godavari Etapaka V R Puram Jallivarigudem
2927 East Godavari Etapaka V R Puram Jeediguppa
2928 East Godavari Etapaka V R Puram Kaltanuru
2929 East Godavari Etapaka V R Puram Kannampeta
2930 East Godavari Etapaka V R Puram Kannayigudem
2931 East Godavari Etapaka V R Puram Kesavarappadu
2932 East Godavari Etapaka V R Puram K.Kothagudem
2933 East Godavari Etapaka V R Puram Kokkeragudem
2934 East Godavari Etapaka V R Puram Kollerupadu
2935 East Godavari Etapaka V R Puram Kolluru
2936 East Godavari Etapaka V R Puram Kondepudi
2937 East Godavari Etapaka V R Puram Koppali
2938 East Godavari Etapaka V R Puram Kotarugommu
2939 East Godavari Etapaka V R Puram Kothuru
2940 East Godavari Etapaka V R Puram Kottapeta
2941 East Godavari Etapaka V R Puram Kunduluru
2942 East Godavari Etapaka V R Puram Kunjuvarigudem
2943 East Godavari Etapaka V R Puram Maredupudi
2944 East Godavari Etapaka V R Puram Mulakanapalli
2945 East Godavari Etapaka V R Puram Mulakapalli
2946 East Godavari Etapaka V R Puram Narayanapuram
2947 East Godavari Etapaka V R Puram Nuthigudem
2948 East Godavari Etapaka V R Puram Pedamittapalli
2949 East Godavari Etapaka V R Puram Pochavaram
2950 East Godavari Etapaka V R Puram Prattipaka
2951 East Godavari Etapaka V R Puram Pulusumamidi
2952 East Godavari Etapaka V R Puram Rajupeta
2953 East Godavari Etapaka V R Puram Ramavaram
2954 East Godavari Etapaka V R Puram Rekhapalli
2955 East Godavari Etapaka V R Puram Shabari Ravigudem
2956 East Godavari Etapaka V R Puram Sitampeta
2957 East Godavari Etapaka V R Puram Somanamallu
2958 East Godavari Etapaka V R Puram Somulagudem
2959 East Godavari Etapaka V R Puram Sriramagiri
2960 East Godavari Etapaka V R Puram Suddagudem
2961 East Godavari Etapaka V R Puram Tammayipeta
2962 East Godavari Etapaka V R Puram Tekuluru
2963 East Godavari Etapaka V R Puram Tellamvarigudem
2964 East Godavari Etapaka V R Puram Thotapalli
2965 East Godavari Etapaka V R Puram Tummileru
2966 East Godavari Etapaka V R Puram Ummadivaram
2967 East Godavari Etapaka V R Puram Vaddigudem
2968 East Godavari Etapaka V R Puram Veerapapanikunta
2969 East Godavari Etapaka V R Puram Venkampalem
2970 East Godavari Etapaka V R Puram Venkatanarshimhapuram
2971 East Godavari Etapaka V R Puram Venkuturu
2972 East Godavari peddapuram Gandepalle Mandal Borrampalem
2973 East Godavari peddapuram Gandepalle Mandal Gandepalle
2974 East Godavari peddapuram Gandepalle Mandal Mallepalle
2975 East Godavari peddapuram Gandepalle Mandal Murari
2976 East Godavari peddapuram Gandepalle Mandal North Tirupathi Rajapuram
2977 East Godavari peddapuram Gandepalle Mandal P.Nayakampalle
2978 East Godavari peddapuram Gandepalle Mandal Pro. Ragampeta
2979 East Godavari peddapuram Gandepalle Mandal Singarampalem
2980 East Godavari peddapuram Gandepalle Mandal Surampalem
2981 East Godavari peddapuram Gandepalle Mandal Talluru
2982 East Godavari peddapuram Gandepalle Mandal Uppalapadu
2983 East Godavari peddapuram Gandepalle Mandal Yellamilli
2984 East Godavari peddapuram Gandepalle Mandal Yerrampalem
2985 East Godavari peddapuram Jaggampeta Mandal Balabhadrapuram
2986 East Godavari peddapuram Jaggampeta Mandal Gollalagunta
2987 East Godavari peddapuram Jaggampeta Mandal Govindapuram
2988 East Godavari peddapuram Jaggampeta Mandal Gurrappalem
2989 East Godavari peddapuram Jaggampeta Mandal Irripaka
2990 East Godavari peddapuram Jaggampeta Mandal Jaggampeta
2991 East Godavari peddapuram Jaggampeta Mandal J. Kothuru
2992 East Godavari peddapuram Jaggampeta Mandal Kandregula
2993 East Godavari peddapuram Jaggampeta Mandal Katravulapalle
2994 East Godavari peddapuram Jaggampeta Mandal Mallisala
2995 East Godavari peddapuram Jaggampeta Mandal Mamidada
2996 East Godavari peddapuram Jaggampeta Mandal Manyanvaripalem
2997 East Godavari peddapuram Jaggampeta Mandal Marripaka
2998 East Godavari peddapuram Jaggampeta Mandal Narendrapatnam
2999 East Godavari peddapuram Jaggampeta Mandal Rajapudi
3000 East Godavari peddapuram Jaggampeta Mandal Ramavaram
3001 East Godavari peddapuram Jaggampeta Mandal Seethampeta
3002 East Godavari peddapuram Jaggampeta Mandal Seethanagaram
3003 East Godavari peddapuram Jaggampeta Mandal Tirupatirajupeta
3004 East Godavari peddapuram Kirlampudi Mandal Bhupalapatnam
3005 East Godavari peddapuram Kirlampudi Mandal Burugupudi
3006 East Godavari peddapuram Kirlampudi Mandal Chillangi
3007 East Godavari peddapuram Kirlampudi Mandal Geddanapalle
3008 East Godavari peddapuram Kirlampudi Mandal Goneda
3009 East Godavari peddapuram Kirlampudi Mandal Jagapathinagaram
3010 East Godavari peddapuram Kirlampudi Mandal Kirlampudi
3011 East Godavari peddapuram Kirlampudi Mandal Krishnavaram
3012 East Godavari peddapuram Kirlampudi Mandal Mukkollu
3013 East Godavari peddapuram Kirlampudi Mandal Rajupalem
3014 East Godavari peddapuram Kirlampudi Mandal Ramakrishnapuram
3015 East Godavari peddapuram Kirlampudi Mandal Somavaram
3016 East Godavari peddapuram Kirlampudi Mandal S. Thimmapuram
3017 East Godavari peddapuram Kirlampudi Mandal Sungarayunipalem
3018 East Godavari peddapuram Kirlampudi Mandal Thamarada
3019 East Godavari peddapuram Kirlampudi Mandal Veeravaram
3020 East Godavari peddapuram Kirlampudi Mandal Velanka
3021 East Godavari peddapuram Kotananduru Mandal Allipudi
3022 East Godavari peddapuram Kotananduru Mandal Arthamuru
3023 East Godavari peddapuram Kotananduru Mandal Bhimavarapukota
3024 East Godavari peddapuram Kotananduru Mandal Billananduru
3025 East Godavari peddapuram Kotananduru Mandal Boddavaram
3026 East Godavari peddapuram Kotananduru Mandal Darakonda
3027 East Godavari peddapuram Kotananduru Mandal Indugapalle
3028 East Godavari peddapuram Kotananduru Mandal Kakarapalle
3029 East Godavari peddapuram Kotananduru Mandal Kamatam Mallavaram
3030 East Godavari peddapuram Kotananduru Mandal K. E. Chinnayyapalem
3031 East Godavari peddapuram Kotananduru Mandal Koppaka Agraharam
3032 East Godavari peddapuram Kotananduru Mandal Kotananduru
3033 East Godavari peddapuram Kotananduru Mandal Kottam
3034 East Godavari peddapuram Kotananduru Mandal Lakshmidevipeta
3035 East Godavari peddapuram Kotananduru Mandal Surapurajupeta
3036 East Godavari peddapuram Kotananduru Mandal Thatipaka Jagan Nadha Nagaram
3037 East Godavari peddapuram Peddapuram Mandal Anuru
3038 East Godavari peddapuram Peddapuram Mandal Chadalada
3039 East Godavari peddapuram Peddapuram Mandal Chandramampalle
3040 East Godavari peddapuram Peddapuram Mandal Chinabrahmadevam
3041 East Godavari peddapuram Peddapuram Mandal Divili
3042 East Godavari peddapuram Peddapuram Mandal Gorinta
3043 East Godavari peddapuram Peddapuram Mandal G. Ragampeta
3044 East Godavari peddapuram Peddapuram Mandal Gudivada
3045 East Godavari peddapuram Peddapuram Mandal J. Thimmapuram
3046 East Godavari peddapuram Peddapuram Mandal Kandrakota
3047 East Godavari peddapuram Peddapuram Mandal Kattamuru
3048 East Godavari peddapuram Peddapuram Mandal Marlava
3049 East Godavari peddapuram Peddapuram Mandal Peddapuram
3050 East Godavari peddapuram Peddapuram Mandal Pulimeru
3051 East Godavari peddapuram Peddapuram Mandal Rameswaram
3052 East Godavari peddapuram Peddapuram Mandal Rayabhupalapatnam
3053 East Godavari peddapuram Peddapuram Mandal Sirivada
3054 East Godavari peddapuram Peddapuram Mandal Tatiparthi
3055 East Godavari peddapuram Peddapuram Mandal Tirupati
3056 East Godavari peddapuram Peddapuram Mandal Ulimeswaram
3057 East Godavari peddapuram Peddapuram Mandal Vadlamuru
3058 East Godavari peddapuram Peddapuram Mandal Valuthimmapuram
3059 East Godavari peddapuram Prathipadu Mandal Arilla Dhara
3060 East Godavari peddapuram Prathipadu Mandal Bapannadhara
3061 East Godavari peddapuram Prathipadu Mandal Bavuruvaka
3062 East Godavari peddapuram Prathipadu Mandal Buradakota
3063 East Godavari peddapuram Prathipadu Mandal China Sankarlapudi
3064 East Godavari peddapuram Prathipadu Mandal Chintaluru
3065 East Godavari peddapuram Prathipadu Mandal Dharmavaram
3066 East Godavari peddapuram Prathipadu Mandal Doparthi
3067 East Godavari peddapuram Prathipadu Mandal Gajjanapudi
3068 East Godavari peddapuram Prathipadu Mandal Girijanapuram
3069 East Godavari peddapuram Prathipadu Mandal Gokavaram
3070 East Godavari peddapuram Prathipadu Mandal K. Kothapalle
3071 East Godavari peddapuram Prathipadu Mandal K. Mirthivada
3072 East Godavari peddapuram Prathipadu Mandal Kondapalle
3073 East Godavari peddapuram Prathipadu Mandal Kothuru
3074 East Godavari peddapuram Prathipadu Mandal Lampakalova
3075 East Godavari peddapuram Prathipadu Mandal Mettu Chintha
3076 East Godavari peddapuram Prathipadu Mandal Pandavulapalem
3077 East Godavari peddapuram Prathipadu Mandal Peda Sankarlapudi
3078 East Godavari peddapuram Prathipadu Mandal Peddipalem
3079 East Godavari peddapuram Prathipadu Mandal P. Jagannadhapuram
3080 East Godavari peddapuram Prathipadu Mandal Podurupaka
3081 East Godavari peddapuram Prathipadu Mandal Pothuluru
3082 East Godavari peddapuram Prathipadu Mandal Prathipadu
3083 East Godavari peddapuram Prathipadu Mandal Rachapalle
3084 East Godavari peddapuram Prathipadu Mandal Sarabhavaram
3085 East Godavari peddapuram Prathipadu Mandal Seemusuru
3086 East Godavari peddapuram Prathipadu Mandal Thaduvai
3087 East Godavari peddapuram Prathipadu Mandal Thotakurapalem
3088 East Godavari peddapuram Prathipadu Mandal Thotapalle
3089 East Godavari peddapuram Prathipadu Mandal U. Jagannadhapuram
3090 East Godavari peddapuram Prathipadu Mandal Uligogila
3091 East Godavari peddapuram Prathipadu Mandal Uttarakanchi
3092 East Godavari peddapuram Prathipadu Mandal Vakapalle
3093 East Godavari peddapuram Prathipadu Mandal Vanthada
3094 East Godavari peddapuram Prathipadu Mandal Vemulapalem
3095 East Godavari peddapuram Prathipadu Mandal Venkatanagaram
3096 East Godavari peddapuram Prathipadu Mandal Vommangi
3097 East Godavari peddapuram Prathipadu Mandal Yeluru
3098 East Godavari peddapuram Prathipadu Mandal Yerakampalem
3099 East Godavari peddapuram Rangampeta Mandal Doddigunta
3100 East Godavari peddapuram Rangampeta Mandal Elakolanu
3101 East Godavari peddapuram Rangampeta Mandal G. Donthamuru
3102 East Godavari peddapuram Rangampeta Mandal Kotapadu
3103 East Godavari peddapuram Rangampeta Mandal Marripudi
3104 East Godavari peddapuram Rangampeta Mandal Mukundavaram
3105 East Godavari peddapuram Rangampeta Mandal Nallamilli
3106 East Godavari peddapuram Rangampeta Mandal Pedarayavaram
3107 East Godavari peddapuram Rangampeta Mandal Rangampeta
3108 East Godavari peddapuram Rangampeta Mandal Singampalle
3109 East Godavari peddapuram Rangampeta Mandal South Thirupathi Rajapuram
3110 East Godavari peddapuram Rangampeta Mandal Subhadrampeta
3111 East Godavari peddapuram Rangampeta Mandal Vadisaleru
3112 East Godavari peddapuram Rangampeta Mandal Veerampalem
3113 East Godavari peddapuram Rangampeta Mandal Venkatapuram
3114 East Godavari peddapuram Rowthulapudi Mandal A. Mallavaram
3115 East Godavari peddapuram Rowthulapudi Mandal Anantharam
3116 East Godavari peddapuram Rowthulapudi Mandal Balarampuram
3117 East Godavari peddapuram Rowthulapudi Mandal Bapabhupalapatnam
3118 East Godavari peddapuram Rowthulapudi Mandal Billavaka
3119 East Godavari peddapuram Rowthulapudi Mandal Chakirevulapalem
3120 East Godavari peddapuram Rowthulapudi Mandal Challeru
3121 East Godavari peddapuram Rowthulapudi Mandal China Mallapuram
3122 East Godavari peddapuram Rowthulapudi Mandal Dabbadi
3123 East Godavari peddapuram Rowthulapudi Mandal Dhara Jagannadhapuram
3124 East Godavari peddapuram Rowthulapudi Mandal Diguvadarapalle
3125 East Godavari peddapuram Rowthulapudi Mandal Diguva Sivada
3126 East Godavari peddapuram Rowthulapudi Mandal D. Pydipala
3127 East Godavari peddapuram Rowthulapudi Mandal Gangavaram
3128 East Godavari peddapuram Rowthulapudi Mandal Gidajam
3129 East Godavari peddapuram Rowthulapudi Mandal Ginnelaram
3130 East Godavari peddapuram Rowthulapudi Mandal Gummaregula
3131 East Godavari peddapuram Rowthulapudi Mandal Jaldam
3132 East Godavari peddapuram Rowthulapudi Mandal Koduru
3133 East Godavari peddapuram Rowthulapudi Mandal Kondapalem
3134 East Godavari peddapuram Rowthulapudi Mandal Kothuru
3135 East Godavari peddapuram Rowthulapudi Mandal Latchireddipalem
3136 East Godavari peddapuram Rowthulapudi Mandal Meraka Chamavaram
3137 East Godavari peddapuram Rowthulapudi Mandal Mulagapudi
3138 East Godavari peddapuram Rowthulapudi Mandal Namagiri Narendrapatnam
3139 East Godavari peddapuram Rowthulapudi Mandal Pallapu Chamavaram
3140 East Godavari peddapuram Rowthulapudi Mandal Parupaka
3141 East Godavari peddapuram Rowthulapudi Mandal Pedduru
3142 East Godavari peddapuram Rowthulapudi Mandal Raghavapatnam
3143 East Godavari peddapuram Rowthulapudi Mandal Rajavaram
3144 East Godavari peddapuram Rowthulapudi Mandal Ramakrishnapuram
3145 East Godavari peddapuram Rowthulapudi Mandal Rowthulapudi
3146 East Godavari peddapuram Rowthulapudi Mandal R. Venkatapuram
3147 East Godavari peddapuram Rowthulapudi Mandal Santha Pydipala
3148 East Godavari peddapuram Rowthulapudi Mandal Sarlanka
3149 East Godavari peddapuram Rowthulapudi Mandal Satyavaram
3150 East Godavari peddapuram Rowthulapudi Mandal Srungadhara Agraharam
3151 East Godavari peddapuram Rowthulapudi Mandal Srungavaram
3152 East Godavari peddapuram Rowthulapudi Mandal Surampeta
3153 East Godavari peddapuram Rowthulapudi Mandal Tirupatammapeta
3154 East Godavari peddapuram Rowthulapudi Mandal Uppampalem
3155 East Godavari peddapuram Rowthulapudi Mandal Venkatanagaram
3156 East Godavari peddapuram Rowthulapudi Mandal Yeguvadarapalle
3157 East Godavari peddapuram Rowthulapudi Mandal Yeguvasivada
3158 East Godavari peddapuram Sankhavaram Mandal Ammirekhala
3159 East Godavari peddapuram Sankhavaram Mandal Ankampalem
3160 East Godavari peddapuram Sankhavaram Mandal Annavaram
3161 East Godavari peddapuram Sankhavaram Mandal Anumarthi
3162 East Godavari peddapuram Sankhavaram Mandal Arempudi(CT)
3163 East Godavari peddapuram Sankhavaram Mandal Atchampeta
3164 East Godavari peddapuram Sankhavaram Mandal Avethi
3165 East Godavari peddapuram Sankhavaram Mandal Dhara Mallapuram
3166 East Godavari peddapuram Sankhavaram Mandal Gondhi
3167 East Godavari peddapuram Sankhavaram Mandal Gondhi Kothapalle
3168 East Godavari peddapuram Sankhavaram Mandal Gowrampeta
3169 East Godavari peddapuram Sankhavaram Mandal Jagannadhapuram
3170 East Godavari peddapuram Sankhavaram Mandal Jaggampeta
3171 East Godavari peddapuram Sankhavaram Mandal Kathipudi
3172 East Godavari peddapuram Sankhavaram Mandal Kondempudi
3173 East Godavari peddapuram Sankhavaram Mandal Konthangi
3174 East Godavari peddapuram Sankhavaram Mandal Mandapam
3175 East Godavari peddapuram Sankhavaram Mandal Masampalle
3176 East Godavari peddapuram Sankhavaram Mandal Nellipudi
3177 East Godavari peddapuram Sankhavaram Mandal Ondregula
3178 East Godavari peddapuram Sankhavaram Mandal Pedamallapuram
3179 East Godavari peddapuram Sankhavaram Mandal Polavaram
3180 East Godavari peddapuram Sankhavaram Mandal Rajaram
3181 East Godavari peddapuram Sankhavaram Mandal Ramannapalem
3182 East Godavari peddapuram Sankhavaram Mandal Sankhavaram
3183 East Godavari peddapuram Sankhavaram Mandal Seethayampeta
3184 East Godavari peddapuram Sankhavaram Mandal Siddivaripalem
3185 East Godavari peddapuram Sankhavaram Mandal Srungadhara
3186 East Godavari peddapuram Sankhavaram Mandal Vadrevu Venkatapuram
3187 East Godavari peddapuram Sankhavaram Mandal Vazrakutam
3188 East Godavari peddapuram Sankhavaram Mandal Velangi
3189 East Godavari peddapuram Sankhavaram Mandal Yarakapuram
3190 East Godavari peddapuram Thondangi Mandal A. Kothapalle
3191 East Godavari peddapuram Thondangi Mandal Anuru
3192 East Godavari peddapuram Thondangi Mandal A.V.Nagaram
3193 East Godavari peddapuram Thondangi Mandal Bendapudi
3194 East Godavari peddapuram Thondangi Mandal Gopalapatnam
3195 East Godavari peddapuram Thondangi Mandal Kommanapalle
3196 East Godavari peddapuram Thondangi Mandal Kona Forest
3197 East Godavari peddapuram Thondangi Mandal Krishnapuram
3198 East Godavari peddapuram Thondangi Mandal P. Agraharam
3199 East Godavari peddapuram Thondangi Mandal P.E.Chinnayapalem
3200 East Godavari peddapuram Thondangi Mandal Pydikonda
3201 East Godavari peddapuram Thondangi Mandal Ravikampadu
3202 East Godavari peddapuram Thondangi Mandal Srungavruksham
3203 East Godavari peddapuram Thondangi Mandal Thondangi
3204 East Godavari peddapuram Thondangi Mandal Vemavaram
3205 East Godavari peddapuram Tuni Mandal Atikivaripalem
3206 East Godavari peddapuram Tuni Mandal Ch. Agraharam
3207 East Godavari peddapuram Tuni Mandal Chamavaram
3208 East Godavari peddapuram Tuni Mandal Chepuru
3209 East Godavari peddapuram Tuni Mandal Dondavaka
3210 East Godavari peddapuram Tuni Mandal D. Polavaram
3211 East Godavari peddapuram Tuni Mandal Hamsavaram
3212 East Godavari peddapuram Tuni Mandal Kavalapadu
3213 East Godavari peddapuram Tuni Mandal Kolimeru
3214 East Godavari peddapuram Tuni Mandal K.O. Mallavaram
3215 East Godavari peddapuram Tuni Mandal Kothakonda
3216 East Godavari peddapuram Tuni Mandal Kothuru
3217 East Godavari peddapuram Tuni Mandal Maruvada
3218 East Godavari peddapuram Tuni Mandal Nandivampu
3219 East Godavari peddapuram Tuni Mandal N. Suravaram
3220 East Godavari peddapuram Tuni Mandal Rapaka
3221 East Godavari peddapuram Tuni Mandal Rekhavanipalem
3222 East Godavari peddapuram Tuni Mandal S. Annavaram (R)
3223 East Godavari peddapuram Tuni Mandal Talluru
3224 East Godavari peddapuram Tuni Mandal Tetagunta
3225 East Godavari peddapuram Tuni Mandal Tuni
3226 East Godavari peddapuram Tuni Mandal Valluru
3227 East Godavari peddapuram Tuni Mandal Veeravaram
3228 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Addateegala
3229 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Anigeru
3230 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Annampalem
3231 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Anukulapalem
3232 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Atchiyyapeta
3233 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Badadam
3234 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Bandakonda
3235 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Bandamamillu
3236 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Bhimavaram
3237 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Bhimudupakalu
3238 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Bodlanka
3239 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Chakirevula
3240 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Chaparatipalem
3241 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Chikkapugedda
3242 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Chinamunakanagedda
3243 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Chinavadisakarra
3244 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Chinna Addateegala
3245 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Chinnampadu
3246 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Chodavaram
3247 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Choppanagadda
3248 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Dabbapalem
3249 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Dakodu
3250 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal D. Ammapeta
3251 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Darsinuthula @ Regulapadu
3252 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Dhanayampalem
3253 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal D. Kothuru
3254 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal D. Krishnavaram
3255 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Doddivaka
3256 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Dokkapalem
3257 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Doramamidi
3258 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal D. Pinjarikonda
3259 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal D. Ramavaram
3260 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Ducherthi
3261 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Duppalapalem
3262 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Gadichinnampalem
3263 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Gangampalem
3264 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Gavarayyapeta
3265 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Gondolu
3266 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Gontuvanipalem
3267 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Gottilapadu
3268 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Jajipalem
3269 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Jalluru
3270 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Jayachintalapalem
3271 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Kalimamidi
3272 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Kimmuru
3273 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Kinaparti
3274 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Konalova
3275 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Kothurupadu
3276 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Kothurupadu
3277 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Kottampalem
3278 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Kottampalem
3279 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Kovelapalem
3280 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Languparti
3281 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Latchireddipalem
3282 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Makaram
3283 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Mallavaram Mamillu
3284 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Mamidipalem
3285 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Matlapadu
3286 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Mitlapalem
3287 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Mulakayala Bhimavaram
3288 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Nadimpalem
3289 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Nimmalapalem
3290 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Nukarai
3291 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Paidiputtapadu
3292 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Panasaloddi
3293 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Panukuratipalem
3294 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Papampeta
3295 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Pedamunakanagedda
3296 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Peddavadisakarra
3297 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Penikelapadu
3298 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Pothuluru
3299 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Puligogulapadu
3300 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Rajanagaram
3301 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Rajavaram
3302 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Ratnampalem
3303 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Ravigudem
3304 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Ravulapalem
3305 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Rayapalle
3306 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Rollagedda
3307 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Sarampeta
3308 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Sarampetapadu
3309 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Seetharam
3310 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Settipalle
3311 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Somannapalem
3312 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Thimmapuram
3313 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Thungamadugula
3314 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Tirumalawada
3315 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Tiyyamamidi
3316 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Uligogula
3317 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Uppalapadu
3318 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Vangalamadugu
3319 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Vedullakonda
3320 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Veerabhadrapuram
3321 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Veeravaram
3322 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Venkatanagaram
3323 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Vetamamidi
3324 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Vutlapalem
3325 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Yellapuram
3326 East Godavari Addateegala Mandal Yellavaram
3327 East Godavari Alamuru Mandal Alamuru
3328 East Godavari Alamuru Mandal Baduguvanilanka
3329 East Godavari Alamuru Mandal Chintaluru
3330 East Godavari Alamuru Mandal Choppela
3331 East Godavari Alamuru Mandal Gummileru
3332 East Godavari Alamuru Mandal Jonnada
3333 East Godavari Alamuru Mandal Kalavacherla
3334 East Godavari Alamuru Mandal Madiki
3335 East Godavari Alamuru Mandal Modukuru
3336 East Godavari Alamuru Mandal Narsipudi
3337 East Godavari Alamuru Mandal Navabpeta
3338 East Godavari Alamuru Mandal Pedapalle
3339 East Godavari Alamuru Mandal Penikeru
3340 East Godavari Alamuru Mandal Pinapalle
3341 East Godavari Alamuru Mandal Sandhipudi
3342 East Godavari Anaparthy Mandal Anaparthy
3343 East Godavari Anaparthy Mandal Duppalapudi
3344 East Godavari Anaparthy Mandal Koppavaram
3345 East Godavari Anaparthy Mandal Kutukuluru
3346 East Godavari Anaparthy Mandal Mahendrawada
3347 East Godavari Anaparthy Mandal Pedaparthi
3348 East Godavari Anaparthy Mandal Polamuru
3349 East Godavari Anaparthy Mandal Pulagurtha
3350 East Godavari Anaparthy Mandal Ramavaram
3351 East Godavari Biccavolu Mandal Arikarevula
3352 East Godavari Biccavolu Mandal Balabhadrapuram
3353 East Godavari Biccavolu Mandal Biccavolu
3354 East Godavari Biccavolu Mandal Illapalle
3355 East Godavari Biccavolu Mandal Kapavaram
3356 East Godavari Biccavolu Mandal Komaripalem
3357 East Godavari Biccavolu Mandal Konkuduru
3358 East Godavari Biccavolu Mandal Melluru
3359 East Godavari Biccavolu Mandal Pandalapaka
3360 East Godavari Biccavolu Mandal Rallakhandrika
3361 East Godavari Biccavolu Mandal Rangapuram
3362 East Godavari Biccavolu Mandal Thummalapalle
3363 East Godavari Biccavolu Mandal Tossipudi
3364 East Godavari Biccavolu Mandal Voolapalle
3365 East Godavari Devipatnam Mandal Anguluru
3366 East Godavari Devipatnam Mandal A. Veeravaram
3367 East Godavari Devipatnam Mandal China Ramanayyapeta
3368 East Godavari Devipatnam Mandal Chintalagudem
3369 East Godavari Devipatnam Mandal Choppakonda
3370 East Godavari Devipatnam Mandal Damanapalle
3371 East Godavari Devipatnam Mandal Dandangi
3372 East Godavari Devipatnam Mandal Devaram
3373 East Godavari Devipatnam Mandal Devipatnam
3374 East Godavari Devipatnam Mandal Donalanka
3375 East Godavari Devipatnam Mandal Gangavaram
3376 East Godavari Devipatnam Mandal Ganugulagondi
3377 East Godavari Devipatnam Mandal Gonduru
3378 East Godavari Devipatnam Mandal Gumpanapalle
3379 East Godavari Devipatnam Mandal Indukuru
3380 East Godavari Devipatnam Mandal Indukurupeta
3381 East Godavari Devipatnam Mandal Katchuluru
3382 East Godavari Devipatnam Mandal Kondamodalu
3383 East Godavari Devipatnam Mandal Kothagudem
3384 East Godavari Devipatnam Mandal Kothapalle
3385 East Godavari Devipatnam Mandal Kudakarayi
3386 East Godavari Devipatnam Mandal Lakshmipuram
3387 East Godavari Devipatnam Mandal Lingavaram
3388 East Godavari Devipatnam Mandal Lothupalem
3389 East Godavari Devipatnam Mandal Maddirathigudem
3390 East Godavari Devipatnam Mandal Mamidivalasa
3391 East Godavari Devipatnam Mandal Manturu
3392 East Godavari Devipatnam Mandal Mulagalagudem
3393 East Godavari Devipatnam Mandal Nelakota
3394 East Godavari Devipatnam Mandal Nereduvalasa
3395 East Godavari Devipatnam Mandal Paluru
3396 East Godavari Devipatnam Mandal Pamugandi
3397 East Godavari Devipatnam Mandal Peda Bheempalle
3398 East Godavari Devipatnam Mandal Peddanuthulu
3399 East Godavari Devipatnam Mandal Pedduru
3400 East Godavari Devipatnam Mandal Pothavaram
3401 East Godavari Devipatnam Mandal Pudipalle
3402 East Godavari Devipatnam Mandal Ravilanka
3403 East Godavari Devipatnam Mandal Rayavaram
3404 East Godavari Devipatnam Mandal Sarabhavaram
3405 East Godavari Devipatnam Mandal Thatiwada
3406 East Godavari Devipatnam Mandal Thoyyeru
3407 East Godavari Devipatnam Mandal Thummuru
3408 East Godavari Devipatnam Mandal Velagapalle
3409 East Godavari Devipatnam Mandal V. Ramannapalem
3410 East Godavari Devipatnam Mandal Yerrametla
3411 East Godavari Gangavaram Mandal Amudalabanda
3412 East Godavari Gangavaram Mandal Barrimamidi
3413 East Godavari Gangavaram Mandal Bayyanapalle
3414 East Godavari Gangavaram Mandal B.Sivaramapatnam
3415 East Godavari Gangavaram Mandal Cheedipalem
3416 East Godavari Gangavaram Mandal China Addapalle
3417 East Godavari Gangavaram Mandal Chinagarlapadu
3418 East Godavari Gangavaram Mandal Chodavaram
3419 East Godavari Gangavaram Mandal Donelapalle
3420 East Godavari Gangavaram Mandal Doramamidi
3421 East Godavari Gangavaram Mandal E. Ramavaram
3422 East Godavari Gangavaram Mandal Gangavaram
3423 East Godavari Gangavaram Mandal Goragommi
3424 East Godavari Gangavaram Mandal Jaggampalem
3425 East Godavari Gangavaram Mandal Jiyyampalem
3426 East Godavari Gangavaram Mandal Kamavarappadu
3427 East Godavari Gangavaram Mandal Karakapadu
3428 East Godavari Gangavaram Mandal Kattumilli
3429 East Godavari Gangavaram Mandal Komaravaram
3430 East Godavari Gangavaram Mandal Kondalampalem
3431 East Godavari Gangavaram Mandal Kothada
3432 East Godavari Gangavaram Mandal Kotharamavaram
3433 East Godavari Gangavaram Mandal Kuramgondi
3434 East Godavari Gangavaram Mandal Kusumarai
3435 East Godavari Gangavaram Mandal Lakkonda
3436 East Godavari Gangavaram Mandal Lakshmipuram
3437 East Godavari Gangavaram Mandal Lingavaram
3438 East Godavari Gangavaram Mandal Loddipalem
3439 East Godavari Gangavaram Mandal Marripalem
3440 East Godavari Gangavaram Mandal Mohanapuram
3441 East Godavari Gangavaram Mandal Molleru
3442 East Godavari Gangavaram Mandal Neeladonelapadu
3443 East Godavari Gangavaram Mandal Neelavaram
3444 East Godavari Gangavaram Mandal Nellipudi
3445 East Godavari Gangavaram Mandal Nuvvumamidi
3446 East Godavari Gangavaram Mandal Ojubanda
3447 East Godavari Gangavaram Mandal Padagarlapadu
3448 East Godavari Gangavaram Mandal Pandrapottipalem
3449 East Godavari Gangavaram Mandal Pandraprolu
3450 East Godavari Gangavaram Mandal Patharamavaram
3451 East Godavari Gangavaram Mandal Peda Addapalle
3452 East Godavari Gangavaram Mandal Pidathamamidi
3453 East Godavari Gangavaram Mandal Pothandorapalem
3454 East Godavari Gangavaram Mandal Pothandorapalem
3455 East Godavari Gangavaram Mandal Rajampalem
3456 East Godavari Gangavaram Mandal Rajavaram
3457 East Godavari Gangavaram Mandal Rajupetaloddi
3458 East Godavari Gangavaram Mandal Ramuldevapuram
3459 East Godavari Gangavaram Mandal Sarabhavaram
3460 East Godavari Gangavaram Mandal Seetharampadu
3461 East Godavari Gangavaram Mandal Surampalem
3462 East Godavari Gangavaram Mandal Ummetha
3463 East Godavari Gangavaram Mandal Vemulova
3464 East Godavari Gangavaram Mandal Vuyyalamadugu
3465 East Godavari Gangavaram Mandal Yamanapalle
3466 East Godavari Gangavaram Mandal Yellapuram
3467 East Godavari Gangavaram Mandal Yendapalle
3468 East Godavari Gangavaram Mandal Yerrampalem
3469 East Godavari Gangavaram Mandal Yetipalle
3470 East Godavari Gangavaram Mandal Zaderu
3471 East Godavari Gokavaram Mandal Atchutapuram
3472 East Godavari Gokavaram Mandal Bhupatipalem
3473 East Godavari Gokavaram Mandal Gadelapalem
3474 East Godavari Gokavaram Mandal Gokavaram
3475 East Godavari Gokavaram Mandal Gummalladuddi
3476 East Godavari Gokavaram Mandal Kalijolla
3477 East Godavari Gokavaram Mandal Kothapalle
3478 East Godavari Gokavaram Mandal Krishnunipalem
3479 East Godavari Gokavaram Mandal Mallavaram
3480 East Godavari Gokavaram Mandal Rampa Yerrampalem
3481 East Godavari Gokavaram Mandal Sivaramapatnam
3482 East Godavari Gokavaram Mandal Sudikonda
3483 East Godavari Gokavaram Mandal Takurupalem
3484 East Godavari Gokavaram Mandal Thantikonda
3485 East Godavari Gokavaram Mandal Tirumalayapalem
3486 East Godavari Gollaprolu Mandal Chebrolu
3487 East Godavari Gollaprolu Mandal Chendurthi
3488 East Godavari Gollaprolu Mandal China Jaggampeta
3489 East Godavari Gollaprolu Mandal Durgada
3490 East Godavari Gollaprolu Mandal Gollaprolu
3491 East Godavari Gollaprolu Mandal Kodavali
3492 East Godavari Gollaprolu Mandal Laxmipuram
3493 East Godavari Gollaprolu Mandal Mallavaram
3494 East Godavari Gollaprolu Mandal Seethanagaram
3495 East Godavari Gollaprolu Mandal Tatiparthi
3496 East Godavari Gollaprolu Mandal Vannepudi
3497 East Godavari Gollaprolu Mandal Vijayanagaram
3498 East Godavari Kadiam Mandal Damireddipalle
3499 East Godavari Kadiam Mandal Dulla
3500 East Godavari Kadiam Mandal Jegurupadu
3501 East Godavari Kadiam Mandal Kadiam
3502 East Godavari Kadiam Mandal Muramanda
3503 East Godavari Kadiam Mandal Veeravaram
3504 East Godavari Kadiam Mandal Vemagiri
3505 East Godavari Kajuluru Mandal Andrangi
3506 East Godavari Kajuluru Mandal Aryavatam
3507 East Godavari Kajuluru Mandal Bandanapudi
3508 East Godavari Kajuluru Mandal Cheduvada
3509 East Godavari Kajuluru Mandal Duggudurru
3510 East Godavari Kajuluru Mandal Gollapalem
3511 East Godavari Kajuluru Mandal Ithapudi
3512 East Godavari Kajuluru Mandal Jagannathagiri
3513 East Godavari Kajuluru Mandal Kajuluru
3514 East Godavari Kajuluru Mandal Kolanka
3515 East Godavari Kajuluru Mandal Kuyyeru
3516 East Godavari Kajuluru Mandal Manjeru
3517 East Godavari Kajuluru Mandal Mathukumilli
3518 East Godavari Kajuluru Mandal Pallipalem
3519 East Godavari Kajuluru Mandal Penumalla
3520 East Godavari Kajuluru Mandal Seela
3521 East Godavari Kajuluru Mandal Selapaka
3522 East Godavari Kajuluru Mandal Tanumalla
3523 East Godavari Kajuluru Mandal Tarlampudi
3524 East Godavari Kajuluru Mandal Uppumilli
3525 East Godavari Kakinada Rural Mandal Chidiga (CT)
3526 East Godavari Kakinada Rural Mandal Ganganapalle
3527 East Godavari Kakinada Rural Mandal Kovvada
3528 East Godavari Kakinada Rural Mandal Kovvuru
3529 East Godavari Kakinada Rural Mandal Nemam
3530 East Godavari Kakinada Rural Mandal Panduru
3531 East Godavari Kakinada Rural Mandal Penumarthi
3532 East Godavari Kakinada Rural Mandal Ramanayyapeta(CT)
3533 East Godavari Kakinada Rural Mandal Repuru
3534 East Godavari Kakinada Rural Mandal Sarpavaram
3535 East Godavari Kakinada Rural Mandal Suryaraopeta(CT)
3536 East Godavari Kakinada Rural Mandal Thammavaram
3537 East Godavari Kakinada Rural Mandal Thimmapuram
3538 East Godavari Kakinada Rural Mandal Turangi
3539 East Godavari Kakinada Rural Mandal Vakalapudi
3540 East Godavari Kakinada (Urban) Mandal Kakinada
3541 East Godavari Kakinada (Urban) Mandal Medaline
3542 East Godavari Kapileswarapuram Mandal Angara
3543 East Godavari Kapileswarapuram Mandal Kaleru
3544 East Godavari Kapileswarapuram Mandal Kapileswarapuram
3545 East Godavari Kapileswarapuram Mandal Korumilli
3546 East Godavari Kapileswarapuram Mandal Machara
3547 East Godavari Kapileswarapuram Mandal Nalluru
3548 East Godavari Kapileswarapuram Mandal Nelaturu
3549 East Godavari Kapileswarapuram Mandal Nidasanametta
3550 East Godavari Kapileswarapuram Mandal Padamati Khandrika
3551 East Godavari Kapileswarapuram Mandal Teki
3552 East Godavari Kapileswarapuram Mandal Thatapudi
3553 East Godavari Kapileswarapuram Mandal Vadlamuru
3554 East Godavari Kapileswarapuram Mandal Vakatippa
3555 East Godavari Kapileswarapuram Mandal Valluru
3556 East Godavari Kapileswarapuram Mandal Vedurumudi
3557 East Godavari Karapa Mandal Aratlakatta
3558 East Godavari Karapa Mandal China Mamidada
3559 East Godavari Karapa Mandal G. Bhavaram
3560 East Godavari Karapa Mandal Gorripudi
3561 East Godavari Karapa Mandal Gurajanapalle
3562 East Godavari Karapa Mandal Karapa
3563 East Godavari Karapa Mandal Kongodu
3564 East Godavari Karapa Mandal Koripalle
3565 East Godavari Karapa Mandal Kurada
3566 East Godavari Karapa Mandal Nadakuduru
3567 East Godavari Karapa Mandal Patharlagadda
3568 East Godavari Karapa Mandal Peddapurapadu
3569 East Godavari Karapa Mandal Penuguduru
3570 East Godavari Karapa Mandal Siripuram
3571 East Godavari Karapa Mandal Vakada
3572 East Godavari Karapa Mandal Velangi
3573 East Godavari Karapa Mandal Vemulavada
3574 East Godavari Karapa Mandal Yandamuru
3575 East Godavari Karapa Mandal Z. Bhavaram
3576 East Godavari Korukonda Mandal Bodleddupalem
3577 East Godavari Korukonda Mandal Burugupudi
3578 East Godavari Korukonda Mandal Butchempeta
3579 East Godavari Korukonda Mandal Dosakayalapalle
3580 East Godavari Korukonda Mandal Gadala
3581 East Godavari Korukonda Mandal Gadarada
3582 East Godavari Korukonda Mandal Jambupatnam
3583 East Godavari Korukonda Mandal Kanupuru
3584 East Godavari Korukonda Mandal Kapavaram
3585 East Godavari Korukonda Mandal Korukonda
3586 East Godavari Korukonda Mandal Koti
3587 East Godavari Korukonda Mandal Kotikesavaram
3588 East Godavari Korukonda Mandal Madhurapudi
3589 East Godavari Korukonda Mandal Munagala
3590 East Godavari Korukonda Mandal Narasapuram
3591 East Godavari Korukonda Mandal Narasimhapura Agraharam
3592 East Godavari Korukonda Mandal Nidigatla
3593 East Godavari Korukonda Mandal Raghavapuram
3594 East Godavari Korukonda Mandal Srirangapatnam
3595 East Godavari Kothapalle Mandal Amaravalli
3596 East Godavari Kothapalle Mandal Aminabada
3597 East Godavari Kothapalle Mandal Gorsa
3598 East Godavari Kothapalle Mandal Komaragiri
3599 East Godavari Kothapalle Mandal Kondevaram
3600 East Godavari Kothapalle Mandal Kothapalle
3601 East Godavari Kothapalle Mandal Kutukudumilli
3602 East Godavari Kothapalle Mandal Mulapeta
3603 East Godavari Kothapalle Mandal Nagulapalle
3604 East Godavari Kothapalle Mandal P. Isukapalle
3605 East Godavari Kothapalle Mandal Ponnada
3606 East Godavari Kothapalle Mandal Ramanakkapeta
3607 East Godavari Kothapalle Mandal Subbampeta
3608 East Godavari Kothapalle Mandal Uppada
3609 East Godavari Kothapalle Mandal Vakatippa
3610 East Godavari Kothapalle Mandal Yendapalle
3611 East Godavari Mandapeta Mandal Arthamuru
3612 East Godavari Mandapeta Mandal Chinadevarapudi
3613 East Godavari Mandapeta Mandal Dwarapudi
3614 East Godavari Mandapeta Mandal Ippanapadu
3615 East Godavari Mandapeta Mandal Kesavaram
3616 East Godavari Mandapeta Mandal Mandapeta
3617 East Godavari Mandapeta Mandal Maredubaka (Part)
3618 East Godavari Mandapeta Mandal Meruipadu
3619 East Godavari Mandapeta Mandal Palathodu
3620 East Godavari Mandapeta Mandal Tapeswaram
3621 East Godavari Mandapeta Mandal Velagathodu
3622 East Godavari Mandapeta Mandal Vemulapalle @ Seetayyapalem
3623 East Godavari Mandapeta Mandal Yeditha
3624 East Godavari Mandapeta Mandal Z.Medapadu
3625 East Godavari Maredumilli Mandal Addarivalasa
3626 East Godavari Maredumilli Mandal Akumamidikota
3627 East Godavari Maredumilli Mandal Arjunalova
3628 East Godavari Maredumilli Mandal Banda
3629 East Godavari Maredumilli Mandal Bhimavaram
3630 East Godavari Maredumilli Mandal Bodlanka
3631 East Godavari Maredumilli Mandal Boduluru
3632 East Godavari Maredumilli Mandal Busigandi
3633 East Godavari Maredumilli Mandal Chakkavada
3634 East Godavari Maredumilli Mandal Chatlavada
3635 East Godavari Maredumilli Mandal Chavidikota
3636 East Godavari Maredumilli Mandal Daravada
3637 East Godavari Maredumilli Mandal Denduluru
3638 East Godavari Maredumilli Mandal Devarapalle
3639 East Godavari Maredumilli Mandal Dorachintalapalem
3640 East Godavari Maredumilli Mandal Doramamidi
3641 East Godavari Maredumilli Mandal D. Velamalakota
3642 East Godavari Maredumilli Mandal Egavalasa
3643 East Godavari Maredumilli Mandal Elivada
3644 East Godavari Maredumilli Mandal Goguvalasa
3645 East Godavari Maredumilli Mandal Gondivada
3646 East Godavari Maredumilli Mandal Goramamidi
3647 East Godavari Maredumilli Mandal Gudisa
3648 East Godavari Maredumilli Mandal Gujjumamidivalasa
3649 East Godavari Maredumilli Mandal Gumpenagandi
3650 East Godavari Maredumilli Mandal Gundrathi
3651 East Godavari Maredumilli Mandal Ijjaluru
3652 East Godavari Maredumilli Mandal Ivampalle
3653 East Godavari Maredumilli Mandal Kadumuru
3654 East Godavari Maredumilli Mandal Kakuru
3655 East Godavari Maredumilli Mandal Katchalavada
3656 East Godavari Maredumilli Mandal Kondavada
3657 East Godavari Maredumilli Mandal Kuduru
3658 East Godavari Maredumilli Mandal Kundada
3659 East Godavari Maredumilli Mandal Kutravada
3660 East Godavari Maredumilli Mandal Maddiveedu
3661 East Godavari Maredumilli Mandal Madduluru
3662 East Godavari Maredumilli Mandal Madduluru
3663 East Godavari Maredumilli Mandal Mallavaram
3664 East Godavari Maredumilli Mandal Maredumilli
3665 East Godavari Maredumilli Mandal Muchilivada
3666 East Godavari Maredumilli Mandal Munjamamidi
3667 East Godavari Maredumilli Mandal Munthamamidi
3668 East Godavari Maredumilli Mandal Musuru
3669 East Godavari Maredumilli Mandal Narsapuram
3670 East Godavari Maredumilli Mandal Nellore
3671 East Godavari Maredumilli Mandal Nukaletivada
3672 East Godavari Maredumilli Mandal Nurupudi
3673 East Godavari Maredumilli Mandal Pamulamamidi
3674 East Godavari Maredumilli Mandal Pamuleru
3675 East Godavari Maredumilli Mandal Pandirimamidikota
3676 East Godavari Maredumilli Mandal Pedamallupadu
3677 East Godavari Maredumilli Mandal Peddamarri
3678 East Godavari Maredumilli Mandal Pedduru
3679 East Godavari Maredumilli Mandal Potlavada
3680 East Godavari Maredumilli Mandal Pujaripakalu
3681 East Godavari Maredumilli Mandal Pullangi
3682 East Godavari Maredumilli Mandal Pusiwada
3683 East Godavari Maredumilli Mandal Puttagondilanka
3684 East Godavari Maredumilli Mandal Ramannavalasa
3685 East Godavari Maredumilli Mandal Siripanlova
3686 East Godavari Maredumilli Mandal Sripuram
3687 East Godavari Maredumilli Mandal Sunnampadu
3688 East Godavari Maredumilli Mandal Thadepalle
3689 East Godavari Maredumilli Mandal Thurruru
3690 East Godavari Maredumilli Mandal Thurumamidi
3691 East Godavari Maredumilli Mandal Vakkuluru
3692 East Godavari Maredumilli Mandal Valamuru
3693 East Godavari Maredumilli Mandal Vetukuru
3694 East Godavari Maredumilli Mandal Vuthaluru
3695 East Godavari Maredumilli Mandal Vyadapudi
3696 East Godavari Pamarru Mandal Addampalle
3697 East Godavari Pamarru Mandal Amjuru
3698 East Godavari Pamarru Mandal Balantharam
3699 East Godavari Pamarru Mandal Bhatla Palika
3700 East Godavari Pamarru Mandal Dangeru
3701 East Godavari Pamarru Mandal Gangavaram
3702 East Godavari Pamarru Mandal Gudigalla Bhaga
3703 East Godavari Pamarru Mandal Gudigalla Rallagunta
3704 East Godavari Pamarru Mandal Koolla
3705 East Godavari Pamarru Mandal Kota
3706 East Godavari Pamarru Mandal Kotipalle
3707 East Godavari Pamarru Mandal Kudupuru
3708 East Godavari Pamarru Mandal Kunduru
3709 East Godavari Pamarru Mandal Masakapalle
3710 East Godavari Pamarru Mandal Pamarru
3711 East Godavari Pamarru Mandal Paningapalle
3712 East Godavari Pamarru Mandal Pekeru
3713 East Godavari Pamarru Mandal Satyawada
3714 East Godavari Pamarru Mandal Sivala
3715 East Godavari Pamarru Mandal Sundarapalle
3716 East Godavari Pamarru Mandal Thamarapalle
3717 East Godavari Pamarru Mandal Vilasa Gangavaram
3718 East Godavari Pamarru Mandal Yendagandi
3719 East Godavari Pamarru Mandal Yerraa Pothavaram
3720 East Godavari Pedapudi Mandal Atchutapuratrayam
3721 East Godavari Pedapudi Mandal Chintapalle
3722 East Godavari Pedapudi Mandal Domada
3723 East Godavari Pedapudi Mandal Gandredu
3724 East Godavari Pedapudi Mandal G. Mamidada
3725 East Godavari Pedapudi Mandal Kaikavolu
3726 East Godavari Pedapudi Mandal Kandregula
3727 East Godavari Pedapudi Mandal Karakuduru
3728 East Godavari Pedapudi Mandal Kumarapriyam
3729 East Godavari Pedapudi Mandal Pedapudi
3730 East Godavari Pedapudi Mandal Peddada
3731 East Godavari Pedapudi Mandal Puttakonda
3732 East Godavari Pedapudi Mandal Pyna
3733 East Godavari Pedapudi Mandal Rajupalem
3734 East Godavari Pedapudi Mandal Sahapuram
3735 East Godavari Pedapudi Mandal Sampara
3736 East Godavari Pedapudi Mandal Vendra
3737 East Godavari Pithapuram Mandal Agraharam (R)
3738 East Godavari Pithapuram Mandal Bhogapuram
3739 East Godavari Pithapuram Mandal B. Kothuru
3740 East Godavari Pithapuram Mandal Chitrada
3741 East Godavari Pithapuram Mandal Fakruddinpalem
3742 East Godavari Pithapuram Mandal Gokivada
3743 East Godavari Pithapuram Mandal Govindarajupalem
3744 East Godavari Pithapuram Mandal Illindrada
3745 East Godavari Pithapuram Mandal Jagapathirajapuram
3746 East Godavari Pithapuram Mandal Jalluru
3747 East Godavari Pithapuram Mandal Jamulapalle
3748 East Godavari Pithapuram Mandal Kandarada
3749 East Godavari Pithapuram Mandal Kolanka
3750 East Godavari Pithapuram Mandal Kumarapuram
3751 East Godavari Pithapuram Mandal Madhavapuram
3752 East Godavari Pithapuram Mandal Mallam
3753 East Godavari Pithapuram Mandal Mangiturthi
3754 East Godavari Pithapuram Mandal Navakandravada
3755 East Godavari Pithapuram Mandal Pithapuram
3756 East Godavari Pithapuram Mandal Pro. Donthamuru
3757 East Godavari Pithapuram Mandal Pro. Rayavaram
3758 East Godavari Pithapuram Mandal Raparthi
3759 East Godavari Pithapuram Mandal Somavaram
3760 East Godavari Pithapuram Mandal Veeraraghavapuram
3761 East Godavari Pithapuram Mandal Veldurthi
3762 East Godavari Pithapuram Mandal Virava
3763 East Godavari Pithapuram Mandal Viravada
3764 East Godavari Rajahmundry Rural Mandal BOMMURU
3765 East Godavari Rajahmundry Rural Mandal Dowleswaram(CT)
3766 East Godavari Rajahmundry Rural Mandal Hukumpeta (CT)
3767 East Godavari Rajahmundry Rural Mandal Katheru (CT)
3768 East Godavari Rajahmundry Rural Mandal Kolamuru
3769 East Godavari Rajahmundry Rural Mandal Morampudi (CT)
3770 East Godavari Rajahmundry Rural Mandal PIDIMGOYYI
3771 East Godavari Rajahmundry Rural Mandal Rajavolu
3772 East Godavari Rajahmundry Rural Mandal Torredu
3773 East Godavari Rajahmundry (Urban) Mandal Rajahmundry Urban
3774 East Godavari Rajanagaram Mandal Bhupalapatnam
3775 East Godavari Rajanagaram Mandal G. Yerrampalem
3776 East Godavari Rajanagaram Mandal Jagannadhapuram Agraharam
3777 East Godavari Rajanagaram Mandal Kalavacherla
3778 East Godavari Rajanagaram Mandal Kanavaram
3779 East Godavari Rajanagaram Mandal Konda Gunturu
3780 East Godavari Rajanagaram Mandal Mukkinada
3781 East Godavari Rajanagaram Mandal Namavaram
3782 East Godavari Rajanagaram Mandal Nandarada
3783 East Godavari Rajanagaram Mandal Narendrapuram
3784 East Godavari Rajanagaram Mandal Palacharla
3785 East Godavari Rajanagaram Mandal Patha Thungapadu
3786 East Godavari Rajanagaram Mandal Rajanagaram
3787 East Godavari Rajanagaram Mandal Srikrishnapatnam
3788 East Godavari Rajanagaram Mandal Thokada
3789 East Godavari Rajanagaram Mandal Velugubanda
3790 East Godavari Rajanagaram Mandal Venkatapuram
3791 East Godavari Rajavommangi Mandal Aminabada
3792 East Godavari Rajavommangi Mandal Ammirekala
3793 East Godavari Rajavommangi Mandal Ananthagiri
3794 East Godavari Rajavommangi Mandal Appannapalem
3795 East Godavari Rajavommangi Mandal Badadanampalle
3796 East Godavari Rajavommangi Mandal Balijapadu
3797 East Godavari Rajavommangi Mandal Bodlagondi
3798 East Godavari Rajavommangi Mandal Bonangipalem
3799 East Godavari Rajavommangi Mandal Bornagudem
3800 East Godavari Rajavommangi Mandal Boyapadu
3801 East Godavari Rajavommangi Mandal Chervukommupalem
3802 East Godavari Rajavommangi Mandal Chikilinta
3803 East Godavari Rajavommangi Mandal Chinarellangipadu
3804 East Godavari Rajavommangi Mandal Dakarayi
3805 East Godavari Rajavommangi Mandal Damanapalem
3806 East Godavari Rajavommangi Mandal Donelapalem
3807 East Godavari Rajavommangi Mandal Dongala Mallavaram
3808 East Godavari Rajavommangi Mandal Dusaripamu
3809 East Godavari Rajavommangi Mandal Gaduvakurthi
3810 East Godavari Rajavommangi Mandal Ginjerthi
3811 East Godavari Rajavommangi Mandal Gobbilamadugu
3812 East Godavari Rajavommangi Mandal G. Sarabhavaram
3813 East Godavari Rajavommangi Mandal Jaddangi
3814 East Godavari Rajavommangi Mandal Jeelugulapadu
3815 East Godavari Rajavommangi Mandal Karudevipalem
3816 East Godavari Rajavommangi Mandal Kesavaram
3817 East Godavari Rajavommangi Mandal Kimiligedda
3818 East Godavari Rajavommangi Mandal Kindra
3819 East Godavari Rajavommangi Mandal Kirrabu
3820 East Godavari Rajavommangi Mandal Komarapuram
3821 East Godavari Rajavommangi Mandal Kondalingamparthi
3822 East Godavari Rajavommangi Mandal Kondapalle
3823 East Godavari Rajavommangi Mandal Kothapalle
3824 East Godavari Rajavommangi Mandal Labbarthi
3825 East Godavari Rajavommangi Mandal Lagarayi
3826 East Godavari Rajavommangi Mandal Lododdi
3827 East Godavari Rajavommangi Mandal Maredubaka
3828 East Godavari Rajavommangi Mandal Marripalem
3829 East Godavari Rajavommangi Mandal Munjavarappadu
3830 East Godavari Rajavommangi Mandal Murlavanipalem
3831 East Godavari Rajavommangi Mandal Nellimetla
3832 East Godavari Rajavommangi Mandal Pakavelthi
3833 East Godavari Rajavommangi Mandal Pedagarrangi
3834 East Godavari Rajavommangi Mandal Pedarellangipadu
3835 East Godavari Rajavommangi Mandal Pudedu
3836 East Godavari Rajavommangi Mandal Rajavommangi
3837 East Godavari Rajavommangi Mandal Revatipalem
3838 East Godavari Rajavommangi Mandal Sarabhavaram
3839 East Godavari Rajavommangi Mandal Singampalle
3840 East Godavari Rajavommangi Mandal Subbampadu
3841 East Godavari Rajavommangi Mandal Surampalem
3842 East Godavari Rajavommangi Mandal Tallapalem
3843 East Godavari Rajavommangi Mandal Thantikonda
3844 East Godavari Rajavommangi Mandal Urlakulapadu
3845 East Godavari Rajavommangi Mandal Vanakarayi
3846 East Godavari Rajavommangi Mandal Vanchangi
3847 East Godavari Rajavommangi Mandal Vatangi
3848 East Godavari Rajavommangi Mandal Velagalapalem
3849 East Godavari Rajavommangi Mandal Vogipalem
3850 East Godavari Rajavommangi Mandal Vokurthi
3851 East Godavari Rajavommangi Mandal Voyyedu
3852 East Godavari Rajavommangi Mandal Yerrampadu
3853 East Godavari Ramachandrapuram Mandal Ambikapalle Agraharam
3854 East Godavari Ramachandrapuram Mandal Bheemakrosupalem
3855 East Godavari Ramachandrapuram Mandal Chodavaram
3856 East Godavari Ramachandrapuram Mandal Draksharama
3857 East Godavari Ramachandrapuram Mandal Hasanbada
3858 East Godavari Ramachandrapuram Mandal Jagannaikulapalem
3859 East Godavari Ramachandrapuram Mandal Kandulapalem
3860 East Godavari Ramachandrapuram Mandal Kapavaram
3861 East Godavari Ramachandrapuram Mandal Muchimmilli
3862 East Godavari Ramachandrapuram Mandal Narasapurapupeta
3863 East Godavari Ramachandrapuram Mandal Oduru
3864 East Godavari Ramachandrapuram Mandal Ramachandrapuram
3865 East Godavari Ramachandrapuram Mandal Tadipalle
3866 East Godavari Ramachandrapuram Mandal Thotapeta
3867 East Godavari Ramachandrapuram Mandal Unduru
3868 East Godavari Ramachandrapuram Mandal Utrumilli
3869 East Godavari Ramachandrapuram Mandal Vegayammapeta
3870 East Godavari Ramachandrapuram Mandal Velampalem
3871 East Godavari Ramachandrapuram Mandal Vella
3872 East Godavari Ramachandrapuram Mandal Venkatayapalem
3873 East Godavari Ramachandrapuram Mandal Yanamadala
3874 East Godavari Ramachandrapuram Mandal Yerupalle
3875 East Godavari Rampachodavaram Mandal Akuru
3876 East Godavari Rampachodavaram Mandal Bandapalle
3877 East Godavari Rampachodavaram Mandal Beerampalle
3878 East Godavari Rampachodavaram Mandal Bheemavaram
3879 East Godavari Rampachodavaram Mandal Bhupathipalem
3880 East Godavari Rampachodavaram Mandal Bolagonda
3881 East Godavari Rampachodavaram Mandal Bornagudem
3882 East Godavari Rampachodavaram Mandal B.Ramannapalem
3883 East Godavari Rampachodavaram Mandal Busigudem
3884 East Godavari Rampachodavaram Mandal B. Velamalakota
3885 East Godavari Rampachodavaram Mandal Chelakaveedhi
3886 East Godavari Rampachodavaram Mandal Cheruvupalem
3887 East Godavari Rampachodavaram Mandal Cheruvuru
3888 East Godavari Rampachodavaram Mandal Chilakamamidi
3889 East Godavari Rampachodavaram Mandal China Barangi
3890 East Godavari Rampachodavaram Mandal Chinageddada
3891 East Godavari Rampachodavaram Mandal Chupparipalem
3892 East Godavari Rampachodavaram Mandal Dabbavalasa
3893 East Godavari Rampachodavaram Mandal Daragudem
3894 East Godavari Rampachodavaram Mandal Daramadugula
3895 East Godavari Rampachodavaram Mandal Devarathigudem
3896 East Godavari Rampachodavaram Mandal Dirisinapalle
3897 East Godavari Rampachodavaram Mandal Dokulapadu
3898 East Godavari Rampachodavaram Mandal Eethapalle
3899 East Godavari Rampachodavaram Mandal Foulkspeta
3900 East Godavari Rampachodavaram Mandal Gandhinagaram
3901 East Godavari Rampachodavaram Mandal Ginnepalle
3902 East Godavari Rampachodavaram Mandal Gogumilli
3903 East Godavari Rampachodavaram Mandal Gopavaram
3904 East Godavari Rampachodavaram Mandal Gotlagudem
3905 East Godavari Rampachodavaram Mandal Gunjugudem
3906 East Godavari Rampachodavaram Mandal Immidivaram
3907 East Godavari Rampachodavaram Mandal I. Polavaram
3908 East Godavari Rampachodavaram Mandal Irlapalle
3909 East Godavari Rampachodavaram Mandal Isukapatla
3910 East Godavari Rampachodavaram Mandal Jagametlapalem
3911 East Godavari Rampachodavaram Mandal Jagarampalle
3912 East Godavari Rampachodavaram Mandal Kakavada
3913 East Godavari Rampachodavaram Mandal Kannavaram
3914 East Godavari Rampachodavaram Mandal Kintukuru
3915 East Godavari Rampachodavaram Mandal Komaravaram
3916 East Godavari Rampachodavaram Mandal Korumilli
3917 East Godavari Rampachodavaram Mandal Kothapakalu
3918 East Godavari Rampachodavaram Mandal Koyyalagudem
3919 East Godavari Rampachodavaram Mandal Kunjamveedhi
3920 East Godavari Rampachodavaram Mandal K.Yerrampalem
3921 East Godavari Rampachodavaram Mandal Lankapakalu
3922 East Godavari Rampachodavaram Mandal Madicherla
3923 East Godavari Rampachodavaram Mandal Marrivada
3924 East Godavari Rampachodavaram Mandal M. Burugubanda
3925 East Godavari Rampachodavaram Mandal Musurumilli
3926 East Godavari Rampachodavaram Mandal Nallagonda
3927 East Godavari Rampachodavaram Mandal Narasapuram
3928 East Godavari Rampachodavaram Mandal Neenepalle
3929 East Godavari Rampachodavaram Mandal Nimmalapalem
3930 East Godavari Rampachodavaram Mandal Pandirimamidi
3931 East Godavari Rampachodavaram Mandal Peda Barangi
3932 East Godavari Rampachodavaram Mandal Pedageddada
3933 East Godavari Rampachodavaram Mandal Peddakonda
3934 East Godavari Rampachodavaram Mandal Peddapadu
3935 East Godavari Rampachodavaram Mandal Penikalapadu
3936 East Godavari Rampachodavaram Mandal Rampa
3937 East Godavari Rampachodavaram Mandal Rampachodavaram(CT)
3938 East Godavari Rampachodavaram Mandal Seethapalle
3939 East Godavari Rampachodavaram Mandal Sirigindalapadu
3940 East Godavari Rampachodavaram Mandal Sokulagudem
3941 East Godavari Rampachodavaram Mandal Suvarlavada
3942 East Godavari Rampachodavaram Mandal Tamarapalle
3943 East Godavari Rampachodavaram Mandal T.Burugubanda
3944 East Godavari Rampachodavaram Mandal Thativada
3945 East Godavari Rampachodavaram Mandal Tirugatirallu
3946 East Godavari Rampachodavaram Mandal Usirikajonalu
3947 East Godavari Rampachodavaram Mandal Utla
3948 East Godavari Rampachodavaram Mandal Vadapalle
3949 East Godavari Rampachodavaram Mandal Vattichelakaku
3950 East Godavari Rampachodavaram Mandal Veerlamamidi
3951 East Godavari Rampachodavaram Mandal Vemulakonda
3952 East Godavari Rayavaram Mandal Chelluru
3953 East Godavari Rayavaram Mandal Kurakallapalle
3954 East Godavari Rayavaram Mandal Kurmapuram
3955 East Godavari Rayavaram Mandal Lolla
3956 East Godavari Rayavaram Mandal Machavaram
3957 East Godavari Rayavaram Mandal Nadurubada
3958 East Godavari Rayavaram Mandal Pasalapudi
3959 East Godavari Rayavaram Mandal Someswaram
3960 East Godavari Rayavaram Mandal Vedurupaka
3961 East Godavari Rayavaram Mandal Venturu
3962 East Godavari Samalkota Mandal Bheemavaram
3963 East Godavari Samalkota Mandal Boyanapudi
3964 East Godavari Samalkota Mandal G. Medapadu
3965 East Godavari Samalkota Mandal Jaggammagaripeta (R)
3966 East Godavari Samalkota Mandal Kapavaram
3967 East Godavari Samalkota Mandal Koppavaram
3968 East Godavari Samalkota Mandal Madhavapatnam
3969 East Godavari Samalkota Mandal Mamilladoddi
3970 East Godavari Samalkota Mandal Navara
3971 East Godavari Samalkota Mandal Panasapadu
3972 East Godavari Samalkota Mandal Pandravada
3973 East Godavari Samalkota Mandal Pavara
3974 East Godavari Samalkota Mandal Pedabrahmadevam
3975 East Godavari Samalkota Mandal P. Vemavaram
3976 East Godavari Samalkota Mandal Samalkot
3977 East Godavari Samalkota Mandal Unduru
3978 East Godavari Samalkota Mandal Valluru
3979 East Godavari Samalkota Mandal Venkata Krishnarayapuram
3980 East Godavari Samalkota Mandal Vetlapalem
3981 East Godavari Seethanagaram Mandal Bobbillanka
3982 East Godavari Seethanagaram Mandal Chinakondepudi
3983 East Godavari Seethanagaram Mandal Hundeswarapuram
3984 East Godavari Seethanagaram Mandal Jalimudi
3985 East Godavari Seethanagaram Mandal Katavaram
3986 East Godavari Seethanagaram Mandal Kunavaram
3987 East Godavari Seethanagaram Mandal Mirthipadu
3988 East Godavari Seethanagaram Mandal Muggaulla
3989 East Godavari Seethanagaram Mandal Mulakallanka
3990 East Godavari Seethanagaram Mandal Munikudali
3991 East Godavari Seethanagaram Mandal Nagampalle
3992 East Godavari Seethanagaram Mandal Nallagonda
3993 East Godavari Seethanagaram Mandal Purushothapatnam
3994 East Godavari Seethanagaram Mandal Raghudevapuram
3995 East Godavari Seethanagaram Mandal Seethanagaram
3996 East Godavari Seethanagaram Mandal Singavaram
3997 East Godavari Seethanagaram Mandal Vangalapudi
3998 East Godavari Thallarevu Mandal Chollangi
3999 East Godavari Thallarevu Mandal Chollangi Peta
4000 East Godavari Thallarevu Mandal G. Vemavaram
4001 East Godavari Thallarevu Mandal Injaram
4002 East Godavari Thallarevu Mandal Koringa
4003 East Godavari Thallarevu Mandal Latchipalem
4004 East Godavari Thallarevu Mandal Neelapalle
4005 East Godavari Thallarevu Mandal Patavala
4006 East Godavari Thallarevu Mandal Pillanka
4007 East Godavari Thallarevu Mandal P. Mallavaram
4008 East Godavari Thallarevu Mandal Polekurru
4009 East Godavari Thallarevu Mandal Sunkarapalem
4010 East Godavari Thallarevu Mandal Uppangala
4011 East Godavari Yeleswaram Mandal Bhadravaram
4012 East Godavari Yeleswaram Mandal East Lakshmipuram
4013 East Godavari Yeleswaram Mandal J. Annavaram
4014 East Godavari Yeleswaram Mandal Lakkavaram
4015 East Godavari Yeleswaram Mandal Lingamparthi
4016 East Godavari Yeleswaram Mandal Marriveedu
4017 East Godavari Yeleswaram Mandal Peddanapalle
4018 East Godavari Yeleswaram Mandal Peravaram
4019 East Godavari Yeleswaram Mandal Ramanayyapeta
4020 East Godavari Yeleswaram Mandal Siripuram
4021 East Godavari Yeleswaram Mandal Tirumali
4022 East Godavari Yeleswaram Mandal Yeleswaram
4023 East Godavari Yeleswaram Mandal Yerravaram
4024 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Adupulametta
4025 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Allurigedda
4026 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Ammapeta
4027 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Annampalem
4028 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Antilova
4029 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Babbilova
4030 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Bachaluru
4031 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Bandigedda
4032 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Bheemudugadda
4033 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Boddagondi
4034 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Boddagunta
4035 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Boddapalle
4036 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Boddumamidi
4037 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Bullojupalem
4038 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Buradakota
4039 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Buradavalasa
4040 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Buruguwada
4041 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Buruguwada
4042 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Busikota
4043 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Chamagedda
4044 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Chanaganuru
4045 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Chaparai
4046 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Chavitidibbalu
4047 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Chendurthi
4048 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Chilakaveedhilanka
4049 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Chinavulempadu
4050 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Chinta Koyya
4051 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Chinthakarrapalem
4052 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Chinthalapudi
4053 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Dabbamamidi
4054 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Dadalikavada
4055 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Dalipadu
4056 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Daragedda
4057 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Daralova
4058 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Devaramadugula
4059 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal D. Mamidivada
4060 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Donarai
4061 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Donkarai
4062 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Doragondi
4063 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Dorawada
4064 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Dubela
4065 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Dumpavalasa
4066 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Edlakonda
4067 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Gandempalle
4068 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Gandempalli
4069 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Ganganuru
4070 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Gannavaram
4071 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Gellavada
4072 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Gobbilapanukulu
4073 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Godugurayi
4074 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Gondikota
4075 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Goppulathotamamidi
4076 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Goramanda
4077 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Gummarapalem
4078 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Gurtedu
4079 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal G.Vattigedda
4080 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Irlavada
4081 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Jajigedda
4082 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Jajivalasa
4083 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Jalagalova
4084 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Jangalathota
4085 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Kadarikota
4086 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Kakkonda
4087 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Kallepugonda
4088 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Kanatalabanda
4089 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Kanivada
4090 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Kappalabanda
4091 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Karnikota
4092 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Kathirala
4093 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Kokitagondi
4094 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Komaravaram
4095 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Koppulakota
4096 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Koramatigondi
4097 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Kota
4098 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Kotabandichippalamamidi
4099 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Kothakota
4100 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Kothapakalu
4101 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Kunkumamidi
4102 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal K. Yerragonda
4103 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Lingavaram
4104 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Mangampadu
4105 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Marriguda
4106 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Mulasalapalem
4107 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Munagalapudi
4108 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Muvvalavada
4109 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Nagalova
4110 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Nakkalapadu
4111 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Nakkarathipalem
4112 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Neelapalem
4113 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Nellikota
4114 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Nulakamamidi
4115 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Nuvvugantipalem
4116 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Paidiputta
4117 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Palagondi
4118 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Panasalapalem
4119 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Panasalova
4120 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Panchadaralanka
4121 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Pasaruginne
4122 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Pathakota
4123 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Pedavulempadu
4124 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Perikivalasa
4125 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Polamanugondi
4126 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Poolova
4127 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Pulimetala
4128 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Pulusumamidi
4129 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Putikunta
4130 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Puttagandi
4131 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Puttapalle
4132 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal P. Yerragonda
4133 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Rachapalem
4134 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Rakota
4135 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Ramulakonda
4136 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Ratsavalasa
4137 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Ravvagadda
4138 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Regadipalem
4139 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Revadikota
4140 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Sesharai
4141 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Simhadripalem
4142 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Singanakota
4143 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Singavaram
4144 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Sirimetla
4145 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Thadikota
4146 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Thangedukota
4147 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Totakurapalem
4148 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Tulusuru
4149 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Tumikelapadu
4150 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Vadisalova
4151 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Vanamamidigondi
4152 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Vattigedda
4153 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Vedullapalle
4154 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Veerampalem
4155 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Vejuvada
4156 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Villarti
4157 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Vootlabanda
4158 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Yarlagadda
4159 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Yerragoppula
4160 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Yerramreddipalem
4161 East Godavari Y. Ramavaram Mandal Y. Ramavaram
4162 Guntur Tenali Amruthalur Mandal Amruthalur
4163 Guntur Tenali Amruthalur Mandal Bodapadu
4164 Guntur Tenali Amruthalur Mandal Govada
4165 Guntur Tenali Amruthalur Mandal Intur
4166 Guntur Tenali Amruthalur Mandal Koditadiparru
4167 Guntur Tenali Amruthalur Mandal Kuchipudi
4168 Guntur Tenali Amruthalur Mandal Moparru
4169 Guntur Tenali Amruthalur Mandal Mulpur
4170 Guntur Tenali Amruthalur Mandal Panchalavaram
4171 Guntur Tenali Amruthalur Mandal Peddapudi
4172 Guntur Tenali Amruthalur Mandal Pyaparru
4173 Guntur Tenali Amruthalur Mandal Thurumella
4174 Guntur Tenali Amruthalur Mandal Yelavarru
4175 Guntur Tenali Bapatla Mandal Adivi
4176 Guntur Tenali Bapatla Mandal Appikatla
4177 Guntur Tenali Bapatla Mandal Bapatla East (R)
4178 Guntur Tenali Bapatla Mandal Bapatla West (R)
4179 Guntur Tenali Bapatla Mandal Bharthipudi
4180 Guntur Tenali Bapatla Mandal Cheruvu
4181 Guntur Tenali Bapatla Mandal Etheru
4182 Guntur Tenali Bapatla Mandal Gopapuram
4183 Guntur Tenali Bapatla Mandal Gudipudi
4184 Guntur Tenali Bapatla Mandal Jammulapalem
4185 Guntur Tenali Bapatla Mandal Jillellamudi
4186 Guntur Tenali Bapatla Mandal Kankatapalem
4187 Guntur Tenali Bapatla Mandal Maruproluvaripalem (R)
4188 Guntur Tenali Bapatla Mandal Mulapalem
4189 Guntur Tenali Bapatla Mandal Murukondapadu
4190 Guntur Tenali Bapatla Mandal Narasayapalem
4191 Guntur Tenali Bapatla Mandal Neredupalle
4192 Guntur Tenali Bapatla Mandal Palaparthipadu
4193 Guntur Tenali Bapatla Mandal Poondla
4194 Guntur Tenali Bapatla Mandal Velicherla
4195 Guntur Tenali Bhattiprolu Mandal Addepalli
4196 Guntur Tenali Bhattiprolu Mandal Bhattiprolu
4197 Guntur Tenali Bhattiprolu Mandal Gorigapudi
4198 Guntur Tenali Bhattiprolu Mandal Konetipuram
4199 Guntur Tenali Bhattiprolu Mandal Oleru
4200 Guntur Tenali Bhattiprolu Mandal Pallekona
4201 Guntur Tenali Bhattiprolu Mandal Pedalanka
4202 Guntur Tenali Bhattiprolu Mandal Pedapulivarru
4203 Guntur Tenali Bhattiprolu Mandal Pesarlanka
4204 Guntur Tenali Bhattiprolu Mandal Surepalle
4205 Guntur Tenali Bhattiprolu Mandal Vellaturu
4206 Guntur Tenali Chebrolu Mandal Chebrolu
4207 Guntur Tenali Chebrolu Mandal Godavarru
4208 Guntur Tenali Chebrolu Mandal Manchala
4209 Guntur Tenali Chebrolu Mandal Meesaragadda Ananthavaram
4210 Guntur Tenali Chebrolu Mandal Narakodur
4211 Guntur Tenali Chebrolu Mandal Pathareddipalem
4212 Guntur Tenali Chebrolu Mandal Sekuru
4213 Guntur Tenali Chebrolu Mandal Sreerangapuram
4214 Guntur Tenali Chebrolu Mandal Suddapalle
4215 Guntur Tenali Chebrolu Mandal Vadlamudi
4216 Guntur Tenali Chebrolu Mandal Vejendla
4217 Guntur Tenali Cherukupalle H/O Arumbaka Mandal Arepalle
4218 Guntur Tenali Cherukupalle H/O Arumbaka Mandal Arumbaka
4219 Guntur Tenali Cherukupalle H/O Arumbaka Mandal Balusulapalem
4220 Guntur Tenali Cherukupalle H/O Arumbaka Mandal Gudavalli
4221 Guntur Tenali Cherukupalle H/O Arumbaka Mandal Kanagala
4222 Guntur Tenali Cherukupalle H/O Arumbaka Mandal Kavuru
4223 Guntur Tenali Cherukupalle H/O Arumbaka Mandal Nadimpalle
4224 Guntur Tenali Cherukupalle H/O Arumbaka Mandal Ponnapalle
4225 Guntur Tenali Cherukupalle H/O Arumbaka Mandal Rajavolu
4226 Guntur Tenali Cherukupalle H/O Arumbaka Mandal Rambhotlapalem
4227 Guntur Tenali Duggirala Mandal Chiluvuru
4228 Guntur Tenali Duggirala Mandal Chinapalem
4229 Guntur Tenali Duggirala Mandal Chintalapudi
4230 Guntur Tenali Duggirala Mandal Devarapalle Agraharam
4231 Guntur Tenali Duggirala Mandal Duggirala
4232 Guntur Tenali Duggirala Mandal Emani
4233 Guntur Tenali Duggirala Mandal Godavarru
4234 Guntur Tenali Duggirala Mandal Kantamraju Konduru
4235 Guntur Tenali Duggirala Mandal Morampudi
4236 Guntur Tenali Duggirala Mandal Pedakondur
4237 Guntur Tenali Duggirala Mandal Penumudi
4238 Guntur Tenali Duggirala Mandal Perakalapudi
4239 Guntur Tenali Duggirala Mandal Srungarapuram
4240 Guntur Tenali Duggirala Mandal Tummapudi
4241 Guntur Tenali Kakumanu Mandal Appapuram
4242 Guntur Tenali Kakumanu Mandal Bhallukanudupalem
4243 Guntur Tenali Kakumanu Mandal Bodipalem
4244 Guntur Tenali Kakumanu Mandal Garikapadu
4245 Guntur Tenali Kakumanu Mandal Kakumanu
4246 Guntur Tenali Kakumanu Mandal Kollimarla
4247 Guntur Tenali Kakumanu Mandal Kommuru
4248 Guntur Tenali Kakumanu Mandal Kondapatur
4249 Guntur Tenali Kakumanu Mandal Pandrapadu
4250 Guntur Tenali Kakumanu Mandal Retur
4251 Guntur Tenali Kakumanu Mandal Vallur
4252 Guntur Tenali Karlapalem Mandal Buddam
4253 Guntur Tenali Karlapalem Mandal Ganapavaram
4254 Guntur Tenali Karlapalem Mandal Karlapalem
4255 Guntur Tenali Karlapalem Mandal Perali
4256 Guntur Tenali Karlapalem Mandal Yazali
4257 Guntur Tenali Kollipara Mandal Annavaram
4258 Guntur Tenali Kollipara Mandal Athota
4259 Guntur Tenali Kollipara Mandal Bommuvaripalem
4260 Guntur Tenali Kollipara Mandal Chemudupadu
4261 Guntur Tenali Kollipara Mandal Chivalur
4262 Guntur Tenali Kollipara Mandal Danthalur
4263 Guntur Tenali Kollipara Mandal Davuluru
4264 Guntur Tenali Kollipara Mandal Kollipara
4265 Guntur Tenali Kollipara Mandal Kunchavaram
4266 Guntur Tenali Kollipara Mandal Munnangi
4267 Guntur Tenali Kollipara Mandal Pidaparru
4268 Guntur Tenali Kollipara Mandal Siripuram
4269 Guntur Tenali Kollipara Mandal Thumuluru
4270 Guntur Tenali Kollipara Mandal Vallabhapuram
4271 Guntur Tenali Kollur Mandal Ananthavaram
4272 Guntur Tenali Kollur Mandal Boddulurupadu
4273 Guntur Tenali Kollur Mandal Chilumuru
4274 Guntur Tenali Kollur Mandal Chinapulivarru
4275 Guntur Tenali Kollur Mandal Donepudi
4276 Guntur Tenali Kollur Mandal Gajullanka
4277 Guntur Tenali Kollur Mandal Gurivindapalle
4278 Guntur Tenali Kollur Mandal Ipur
4279 Guntur Tenali Kollur Mandal Kollur
4280 Guntur Tenali Kollur Mandal Pedalanka
4281 Guntur Tenali Kollur Mandal Potharlanka
4282 Guntur Tenali Kollur Mandal Ravikampadu
4283 Guntur Tenali Nagaram Mandal Allaparru
4284 Guntur Tenali Nagaram Mandal Dhulipudi
4285 Guntur Tenali Nagaram Mandal Edupalle
4286 Guntur Tenali Nagaram Mandal Eletipalem
4287 Guntur Tenali Nagaram Mandal Nagaram
4288 Guntur Tenali Nagaram Mandal Pamidimarru
4289 Guntur Tenali Nagaram Mandal Pedamatlapudi
4290 Guntur Tenali Nagaram Mandal Pedapalle
4291 Guntur Tenali Nagaram Mandal Peddavaram
4292 Guntur Tenali Nagaram Mandal Pudiwada
4293 Guntur Tenali Nagaram Mandal Siripudi
4294 Guntur Tenali Nagaram Mandal Sivangulapalem
4295 Guntur Tenali Nagaram Mandal Thotapalle
4296 Guntur Tenali Nizampatnam Mandal Adavuladeevi
4297 Guntur Tenali Nizampatnam Mandal Amudalapalli
4298 Guntur Tenali Nizampatnam Mandal Dindi
4299 Guntur Tenali Nizampatnam Mandal Kuchinapudi
4300 Guntur Tenali Nizampatnam Mandal Muthupalle Agraharam
4301 Guntur Tenali Nizampatnam Mandal Nizampatnam
4302 Guntur Tenali Nizampatnam Mandal Pallapatla
4303 Guntur Tenali Nizampatnam Mandal Pregnam
4304 Guntur Tenali Pittalavanipalem Mandal Allur
4305 Guntur Tenali Pittalavanipalem Mandal Chandole
4306 Guntur Tenali Pittalavanipalem Mandal Khajipalem
4307 Guntur Tenali Pittalavanipalem Mandal Komali
4308 Guntur Tenali Pittalavanipalem Mandal Pittalavanipalem
4309 Guntur Tenali Pittalavanipalem Mandal Sangupalem Kodur
4310 Guntur Tenali Ponnur Mandal Aremanda
4311 Guntur Tenali Ponnur Mandal Brahmanakodur
4312 Guntur Tenali Ponnur Mandal Chintalapudi
4313 Guntur Tenali Ponnur Mandal Dandamudi
4314 Guntur Tenali Ponnur Mandal Doppalapudi
4315 Guntur Tenali Ponnur Mandal Jadavalli
4316 Guntur Tenali Ponnur Mandal Jupudi
4317 Guntur Tenali Ponnur Mandal Kondamudi
4318 Guntur Tenali Ponnur Mandal Mamillapalle
4319 Guntur Tenali Ponnur Mandal Mannava
4320 Guntur Tenali Ponnur Mandal Mulukuduru
4321 Guntur Tenali Ponnur Mandal Munipalle
4322 Guntur Tenali Ponnur Mandal Nandur
4323 Guntur Tenali Ponnur Mandal Patchalatadiparru
4324 Guntur Tenali Ponnur Mandal Upparapalem
4325 Guntur Tenali Ponnur Mandal Vaddemukkala
4326 Guntur Tenali Ponnur Mandal Vallabharaopalem
4327 Guntur Tenali Ponnur Mandal Vellalur
4328 Guntur Tenali Repalle Mandal Aravapalle
4329 Guntur Tenali Repalle Mandal Bethapudi
4330 Guntur Tenali Repalle Mandal Chatragadda
4331 Guntur Tenali Repalle Mandal Chodayapalem
4332 Guntur Tenali Repalle Mandal Gangadipalem
4333 Guntur Tenali Repalle Mandal Isukapalle (R)
4334 Guntur Tenali Repalle Mandal Kaithepalle
4335 Guntur Tenali Repalle Mandal Kamarajugadda
4336 Guntur Tenali Repalle Mandal Karumuru
4337 Guntur Tenali Repalle Mandal Nalluru
4338 Guntur Tenali Repalle Mandal Parisapadu
4339 Guntur Tenali Repalle Mandal Penumudi
4340 Guntur Tenali Repalle Mandal Peteru
4341 Guntur Tenali Repalle Mandal Potumeraka
4342 Guntur Tenali Repalle Mandal Singupalem
4343 Guntur Tenali Repalle Mandal Uppudi
4344 Guntur Tenali Repalle Mandal Visweswaram
4345 Guntur Tenali Tenali Mandal Angalakuduru
4346 Guntur Tenali Tenali Mandal Burripalem
4347 Guntur Tenali Tenali Mandal China Ravuru (R)
4348 Guntur Tenali Tenali Mandal Devarapalle Seri
4349 Guntur Tenali Tenali Mandal Gudivada
4350 Guntur Tenali Tenali Mandal Katevaram
4351 Guntur Tenali Tenali Mandal Kolakaluru
4352 Guntur Tenali Tenali Mandal Nandivelugu
4353 Guntur Tenali Tenali Mandal Nelapadu
4354 Guntur Tenali Tenali Mandal Pedaravuru
4355 Guntur Tenali Tenali Mandal Pinapadu (R)
4356 Guntur Tenali Tenali Mandal Sangam Jagarlamudi
4357 Guntur Tenali Tsundur Mandal Alapadu
4358 Guntur Tenali Tsundur Mandal Chinaparimi
4359 Guntur Tenali Tsundur Mandal Edlapalle
4360 Guntur Tenali Tsundur Mandal Kothapalle Narikellapalle
4361 Guntur Tenali Tsundur Mandal Manduru
4362 Guntur Tenali Tsundur Mandal Modukuru
4363 Guntur Tenali Tsundur Mandal Pedagadelavarru
4364 Guntur Tenali Tsundur Mandal Penugudurupadu
4365 Guntur Tenali Tsundur Mandal Thottempudi
4366 Guntur Tenali Tsundur Mandal Tsundur
4367 Guntur Tenali Tsundur Mandal Valiveru
4368 Guntur Tenali Tsundur Mandal Vetapalem
4369 Guntur Tenali Vemuru Mandal Abbanagudavalli
4370 Guntur Tenali Vemuru Mandal Balijepalle
4371 Guntur Tenali Vemuru Mandal Chadalawada
4372 Guntur Tenali Vemuru Mandal Chavali
4373 Guntur Tenali Vemuru Mandal Jampani
4374 Guntur Tenali Vemuru Mandal Kuchallapadu
4375 Guntur Tenali Vemuru Mandal Penumarru
4376 Guntur Tenali Vemuru Mandal Peravali
4377 Guntur Tenali Vemuru Mandal Peravalipalem
4378 Guntur Tenali Vemuru Mandal Pothumarru
4379 Guntur Tenali Vemuru Mandal Pulichintala Palem
4380 Guntur Tenali Vemuru Mandal Varahapuram
4381 Guntur Tenali Vemuru Mandal Vemuru
4382 Guntur Amaravathi Mandal Amaravathi
4383 Guntur Amaravathi Mandal Attalur
4384 Guntur Amaravathi Mandal Dharanikota
4385 Guntur Amaravathi Mandal Didugu
4386 Guntur Amaravathi Mandal Endroyi
4387 Guntur Amaravathi Mandal Jupudi
4388 Guntur Amaravathi Mandal Karlapudi
4389 Guntur Amaravathi Mandal Lingapuram
4390 Guntur Amaravathi Mandal Malladi
4391 Guntur Amaravathi Mandal Munugodu
4392 Guntur Amaravathi Mandal Narukullapadu
4393 Guntur Amaravathi Mandal Nemalikallu
4394 Guntur Amaravathi Mandal Pedda Madduru
4395 Guntur Amaravathi Mandal Pondugala
4396 Guntur Amaravathi Mandal Puttipadu
4397 Guntur Amaravathi Mandal Unguturu
4398 Guntur Amaravathi Mandal Vykuntapuram
4399 Guntur Atchampet Mandal Ambadipudi
4400 Guntur Atchampet Mandal Challagariga
4401 Guntur Atchampet Mandal Chamarru
4402 Guntur Atchampet Mandal Chigurupadu
4403 Guntur Atchampet Mandal Chintapalle
4404 Guntur Atchampet Mandal Ginjupalle
4405 Guntur Atchampet Mandal Kastala Agraharam
4406 Guntur Atchampet Mandal Kogantivaripalem
4407 Guntur Atchampet Mandal Konduru
4408 Guntur Atchampet Mandal Konuru
4409 Guntur Atchampet Mandal Madipadu Agraharam
4410 Guntur Atchampet Mandal Madipadu Seri
4411 Guntur Atchampet Mandal Mittapalem
4412 Guntur Atchampet Mandal Orvakallu
4413 Guntur Atchampet Mandal Pedapalem
4414 Guntur Atchampet Mandal Taduvoy
4415 Guntur Atchampet Mandal Tallacheruvu
4416 Guntur Atchampet Mandal Velpuru
4417 Guntur Bellamkonda Mandal Bellamkonda
4418 Guntur Bellamkonda Mandal Bodanam
4419 Guntur Bellamkonda Mandal Chandrajupalem
4420 Guntur Bellamkonda Mandal Chityala
4421 Guntur Bellamkonda Mandal Emmajigudem
4422 Guntur Bellamkonda Mandal Kethavaram
4423 Guntur Bellamkonda Mandal Kolluru
4424 Guntur Bellamkonda Mandal Machayapalem
4425 Guntur Bellamkonda Mandal Mannesultanpalem
4426 Guntur Bellamkonda Mandal Papayapalem
4427 Guntur Bellamkonda Mandal Pulichinta
4428 Guntur Bellamkonda Mandal Vannayapalem
4429 Guntur Bellamkonda Mandal Venkatayapalem
4430 Guntur Bollapalle Mandal Ayyannapalem
4431 Guntur Bollapalle Mandal Bollapalle
4432 Guntur Bollapalle Mandal Gandiganumala
4433 Guntur Bollapalle Mandal Garikapadu
4434 Guntur Bollapalle Mandal Gummanampadu
4435 Guntur Bollapalle Mandal Gutlapalle
4436 Guntur Bollapalle Mandal Kanumalacheruvu
4437 Guntur Bollapalle Mandal Mellavagu
4438 Guntur Bollapalle Mandal Perurupadu
4439 Guntur Bollapalle Mandal Ravulapuram
4440 Guntur Bollapalle Mandal Remidicherla
4441 Guntur Bollapalle Mandal Sarikondapalem
4442 Guntur Bollapalle Mandal Vaddemgunta
4443 Guntur Bollapalle Mandal Vellatur
4444 Guntur Chilakaluripet H/O.Purushotha Patnam Mandal Boppudi
4445 Guntur Chilakaluripet H/O.Purushotha Patnam Mandal Chinna Pasumarru
4446 Guntur Chilakaluripet H/O.Purushotha Patnam Mandal Edavalli
4447 Guntur Chilakaluripet H/O.Purushotha Patnam Mandal Gottipadu
4448 Guntur Chilakaluripet H/O.Purushotha Patnam Mandal Govindapuram
4449 Guntur Chilakaluripet H/O.Purushotha Patnam Mandal Kanthetivari Khandrika
4450 Guntur Chilakaluripet H/O.Purushotha Patnam Mandal Kavuru
4451 Guntur Chilakaluripet H/O.Purushotha Patnam Mandal Kukkapallevaripalem
4452 Guntur Chilakaluripet H/O.Purushotha Patnam Mandal Manukondavaripalem
4453 Guntur Chilakaluripet H/O.Purushotha Patnam Mandal Murikipudi
4454 Guntur Chilakaluripet H/O.Purushotha Patnam Mandal Pasumarru (R)
4455 Guntur Chilakaluripet H/O.Purushotha Patnam Mandal Pothavaram
4456 Guntur Chilakaluripet H/O.Purushotha Patnam Mandal Rajapeta
4457 Guntur Chilakaluripet H/O.Purushotha Patnam Mandal Thatapudi
4458 Guntur Chilakaluripet H/O.Purushotha Patnam Mandal Veluru
4459 Guntur Dachepalle Mandal Alugumallipadu
4460 Guntur Dachepalle Mandal Bhatrupalem
4461 Guntur Dachepalle Mandal Dachepalle
4462 Guntur Dachepalle Mandal Gamalapadu
4463 Guntur Dachepalle Mandal Kesanapalle
4464 Guntur Dachepalle Mandal Madinapadu
4465 Guntur Dachepalle Mandal Mutyalampadu
4466 Guntur Dachepalle Mandal Nadikudi
4467 Guntur Dachepalle Mandal Pedagarlapadu
4468 Guntur Dachepalle Mandal Pondugula
4469 Guntur Dachepalle Mandal Ramapuram
4470 Guntur Dachepalle Mandal Tangeda
4471 Guntur Durgi Mandal Adigoppula
4472 Guntur Durgi Mandal Atmakur
4473 Guntur Durgi Mandal Darivemula
4474 Guntur Durgi Mandal Dharmavaram
4475 Guntur Durgi Mandal Durgi
4476 Guntur Durgi Mandal Kolagutla
4477 Guntur Durgi Mandal Mutukuru
4478 Guntur Durgi Mandal Nidanampadu
4479 Guntur Durgi Mandal Obulesunipalle
4480 Guntur Durgi Mandal Polepalle
4481 Guntur Edlapadu Mandal Edlapadu
4482 Guntur Edlapadu Mandal Jaladi
4483 Guntur Edlapadu Mandal Karuchola
4484 Guntur Edlapadu Mandal Kondaveedu
4485 Guntur Edlapadu Mandal Marripalem
4486 Guntur Edlapadu Mandal Mydavolu
4487 Guntur Edlapadu Mandal Sandepudi
4488 Guntur Edlapadu Mandal Solasa
4489 Guntur Edlapadu Mandal Thimmapuram
4490 Guntur Edlapadu Mandal Thurlapadu
4491 Guntur Edlapadu Mandal Unnava
4492 Guntur Edlapadu Mandal Vankayalapadu
4493 Guntur Edlapadu Mandal Viswanadhuni Khandrika
4494 Guntur Guntur Mandal Ankireddipalem (R)
4495 Guntur Guntur Mandal Budampadu
4496 Guntur Guntur Mandal China Palakaluru
4497 Guntur Guntur Mandal Chowdavaram
4498 Guntur Guntur Mandal Etukur
4499 Guntur Guntur Mandal Gorantla (Part)
4500 Guntur Guntur Mandal Guntur (R)
4501 Guntur Guntur Mandal Jonnalagadda
4502 Guntur Guntur Mandal Nallapadu (R)
4503 Guntur Guntur Mandal Peda Palakaluru (Part)
4504 Guntur Guntur Mandal Pothur
4505 Guntur Gurazala Mandal Cherlagudi Padu
4506 Guntur Gurazala Mandal Daida
4507 Guntur Gurazala Mandal Gangavaram
4508 Guntur Gurazala Mandal Gogulapadu
4509 Guntur Gurazala Mandal Gottimukkala
4510 Guntur Gurazala Mandal Gurazala
4511 Guntur Gurazala Mandal Madugula
4512 Guntur Gurazala Mandal Pallegunta
4513 Guntur Gurazala Mandal Pulipadu
4514 Guntur Gurazala Mandal Telukutla
4515 Guntur Ipur Mandal Agnigundala
4516 Guntur Ipur Mandal Angalur
4517 Guntur Ipur Mandal Bommarajupalle
4518 Guntur Ipur Mandal Chittapuram
4519 Guntur Ipur Mandal Dasullapalle
4520 Guntur Ipur Mandal Gundepalle
4521 Guntur Ipur Mandal Inumella
4522 Guntur Ipur Mandal Ipur
4523 Guntur Ipur Mandal Kondayapalem
4524 Guntur Ipur Mandal Kondramutla
4525 Guntur Ipur Mandal Kotcherla
4526 Guntur Ipur Mandal Muppalla
4527 Guntur Ipur Mandal Vanikunta
4528 Guntur Karempudi Mandal Chinagarlapadu
4529 Guntur Karempudi Mandal China Kodamagundla
4530 Guntur Karempudi Mandal Chintapalle
4531 Guntur Karempudi Mandal Karempudi
4532 Guntur Karempudi Mandal Miriyala
4533 Guntur Karempudi Mandal Narmalapadu
4534 Guntur Karempudi Mandal Peda Kodamagundla
4535 Guntur Karempudi Mandal Petasannigandla
4536 Guntur Karempudi Mandal Sankarapuram Siddhayi
4537 Guntur Karempudi Mandal Singarutla
4538 Guntur Karempudi Mandal Veeralakshmi Puram
4539 Guntur Karempudi Mandal Voppicherla
4540 Guntur Krosuru Mandal Ananthavaram
4541 Guntur Krosuru Mandal Andukuru
4542 Guntur Krosuru Mandal Balemarru
4543 Guntur Krosuru Mandal Bayyavaram
4544 Guntur Krosuru Mandal Dodleru
4545 Guntur Krosuru Mandal Garikapadu
4546 Guntur Krosuru Mandal Gudipadu
4547 Guntur Krosuru Mandal Hassanbada
4548 Guntur Krosuru Mandal Krosuru
4549 Guntur Krosuru Mandal Parupalle
4550 Guntur Krosuru Mandal Peesapadu
4551 Guntur Krosuru Mandal Thalluru
4552 Guntur Krosuru Mandal Vipparla
4553 Guntur Krosuru Mandal Vutukuru
4554 Guntur Krosuru Mandal Vuyyandana
4555 Guntur Machavaram Mandal Akurajupalle
4556 Guntur Machavaram Mandal Chennayapalem
4557 Guntur Machavaram Mandal Machavaram
4558 Guntur Machavaram Mandal Mallavolu
4559 Guntur Machavaram Mandal Pillutla
4560 Guntur Machavaram Mandal Pinnelli
4561 Guntur Machavaram Mandal Srirukminipuram
4562 Guntur Machavaram Mandal Tadutla
4563 Guntur Machavaram Mandal Vemavaram
4564 Guntur Macherla Mandal Amani Jammala Madaka
4565 Guntur Macherla Mandal Kambhampadu
4566 Guntur Macherla Mandal Koppunur
4567 Guntur Macherla Mandal Kothapalle
4568 Guntur Macherla Mandal Macherla (R)
4569 Guntur Macherla Mandal Mutyalampadu
4570 Guntur Macherla Mandal Nagulavaram
4571 Guntur Macherla Mandal Pasuvemula
4572 Guntur Macherla Mandal Rayavaram
4573 Guntur Macherla Mandal Thallapalle
4574 Guntur Mangalagiri Mandal Chinakakani
4575 Guntur Mangalagiri Mandal Chinavadlapudi
4576 Guntur Mangalagiri Mandal Kaza
4577 Guntur Mangalagiri Mandal Krishnayapalem
4578 Guntur Mangalagiri Mandal Kuragallu
4579 Guntur Mangalagiri Mandal Nidamarru
4580 Guntur Mangalagiri Mandal Nutakki
4581 Guntur Mangalagiri Mandal Pedavadlapudi
4582 Guntur Mangalagiri Mandal Ramachandrapuram
4583 Guntur Medikonduru Mandal Dokiparru
4584 Guntur Medikonduru Mandal Korrapadu
4585 Guntur Medikonduru Mandal Mandapadu
4586 Guntur Medikonduru Mandal Mangalagiripadu
4587 Guntur Medikonduru Mandal Medikonduru
4588 Guntur Medikonduru Mandal Paladugu
4589 Guntur Medikonduru Mandal Pericherla
4590 Guntur Medikonduru Mandal Ponugupadu Khandrika
4591 Guntur Medikonduru Mandal Potlapadu
4592 Guntur Medikonduru Mandal Siripuram
4593 Guntur Medikonduru Mandal Varagani
4594 Guntur Medikonduru Mandal Velavarthipadu
4595 Guntur Medikonduru Mandal Visadala
4596 Guntur Muppalla Mandal Bollavaram
4597 Guntur Muppalla Mandal Dammalapadu
4598 Guntur Muppalla Mandal Dechavarappadu
4599 Guntur Muppalla Mandal Gollapadu
4600 Guntur Muppalla Mandal Lankelakurapadu
4601 Guntur Muppalla Mandal Madala
4602 Guntur Muppalla Mandal Muppalla
4603 Guntur Muppalla Mandal Narnepadu
4604 Guntur Muppalla Mandal Palidevarlapadu
4605 Guntur Muppalla Mandal Thondapi
4606 Guntur Nadendla Mandal Chandavaram
4607 Guntur Nadendla Mandal Chirumamilla
4608 Guntur Nadendla Mandal Ganapavaram
4609 Guntur Nadendla Mandal Gorijavolu
4610 Guntur Nadendla Mandal Irlapadu
4611 Guntur Nadendla Mandal Kanuparru
4612 Guntur Nadendla Mandal Nadendla
4613 Guntur Nadendla Mandal Nuzellapalli Agraharam
4614 Guntur Nadendla Mandal Sankurathripadu
4615 Guntur Nadendla Mandal Satuluru
4616 Guntur Nadendla Mandal Tubadu
4617 Guntur Narasaraopet Mandal Dondapadu Agraharam
4618 Guntur Narasaraopet Mandal Ellamanda
4619 Guntur Narasaraopet Mandal Guntagarlapadu
4620 Guntur Narasaraopet Mandal Ikkurru
4621 Guntur Narasaraopet Mandal Jonnalagadda
4622 Guntur Narasaraopet Mandal Kakani
4623 Guntur Narasaraopet Mandal Kesanapalle
4624 Guntur Narasaraopet Mandal Kondakavuru
4625 Guntur Narasaraopet Mandal Lingamguntla Agraharam (Part)
4626 Guntur Narasaraopet Mandal Mulakalur
4627 Guntur Narasaraopet Mandal Narasaraopeta (R) (Part)
4628 Guntur Narasaraopet Mandal Palapadu
4629 Guntur Narasaraopet Mandal Pamidipadu Agraharam
4630 Guntur Narasaraopet Mandal Petlurivaripalem
4631 Guntur Narasaraopet Mandal Pothavarappadu
4632 Guntur Narasaraopet Mandal Ravipadu
4633 Guntur Narasaraopet Mandal Uppalapadu
4634 Guntur Nekarikallu Mandal Chagallu
4635 Guntur Nekarikallu Mandal Challagundla
4636 Guntur Nekarikallu Mandal Cheemalamarri
4637 Guntur Nekarikallu Mandal Chejerla
4638 Guntur Nekarikallu Mandal Gundlapalle
4639 Guntur Nekarikallu Mandal Kunkalagunta
4640 Guntur Nekarikallu Mandal Narasingapadu
4641 Guntur Nekarikallu Mandal Nekarikallu
4642 Guntur Nekarikallu Mandal Rupenaguntla
4643 Guntur Nekarikallu Mandal Tripurapuram
4644 Guntur Nuzendla Mandal Chintala Cheruvu
4645 Guntur Nuzendla Mandal Inavolu
4646 Guntur Nuzendla Mandal Khambhampadu
4647 Guntur Nuzendla Mandal Kondraprolu
4648 Guntur Nuzendla Mandal Mukkellapadu
4649 Guntur Nuzendla Mandal Mulakalur
4650 Guntur Nuzendla Mandal Murthuzapuram
4651 Guntur Nuzendla Mandal Nuzendla
4652 Guntur Nuzendla Mandal Pamidipadu
4653 Guntur Nuzendla Mandal Peddavaram
4654 Guntur Nuzendla Mandal Putchanuthala
4655 Guntur Nuzendla Mandal Puvvada
4656 Guntur Nuzendla Mandal Talarlapalle
4657 Guntur Nuzendla Mandal T.Annavaram
4658 Guntur Nuzendla Mandal Tellabadu
4659 Guntur Nuzendla Mandal Thangirala
4660 Guntur Nuzendla Mandal Thimmapuram
4661 Guntur Nuzendla Mandal Tripurapuram
4662 Guntur Nuzendla Mandal Uppalapadu
4663 Guntur Nuzendla Mandal V.Appapuram
4664 Guntur Pedakakani Mandal Agatha Varappadu
4665 Guntur Pedakakani Mandal Anumarlapudi
4666 Guntur Pedakakani Mandal Devarayabhotlapalem
4667 Guntur Pedakakani Mandal Koppuravuru
4668 Guntur Pedakakani Mandal Nambur
4669 Guntur Pedakakani Mandal Pedakakani
4670 Guntur Pedakakani Mandal Takkellapadu
4671 Guntur Pedakakani Mandal Tangellamudi
4672 Guntur Pedakakani Mandal Uppalapadu
4673 Guntur Pedakakani Mandal Venigandla
4674 Guntur Pedakurapadu Mandal 75-Tyallur
4675 Guntur Pedakurapadu Mandal Balusupadu
4676 Guntur Pedakurapadu Mandal Chinamakkena
4677 Guntur Pedakurapadu Mandal Garapadu
4678 Guntur Pedakurapadu Mandal Hussainnagaram
4679 Guntur Pedakurapadu Mandal Jalalpuram
4680 Guntur Pedakurapadu Mandal Kambhampadu
4681 Guntur Pedakurapadu Mandal Kasipadu
4682 Guntur Pedakurapadu Mandal Lagadapadu
4683 Guntur Pedakurapadu Mandal Lingamguntla
4684 Guntur Pedakurapadu Mandal Mussapuram
4685 Guntur Pedakurapadu Mandal Patibandla
4686 Guntur Pedakurapadu Mandal Pedakurapadu
4687 Guntur Pedakurapadu Mandal Ramapuram
4688 Guntur Pedanandipadu Mandal Annaparru
4689 Guntur Pedanandipadu Mandal Annavaram
4690 Guntur Pedanandipadu Mandal Gorijavoluguntapalem
4691 Guntur Pedanandipadu Mandal Katrapadu
4692 Guntur Pedanandipadu Mandal Kopparru
4693 Guntur Pedanandipadu Mandal Palaparru
4694 Guntur Pedanandipadu Mandal Pedanandipadu
4695 Guntur Pedanandipadu Mandal Pusulur
4696 Guntur Pedanandipadu Mandal Rajupalem
4697 Guntur Pedanandipadu Mandal Ravipadu
4698 Guntur Pedanandipadu Mandal Uppalapadu
4699 Guntur Pedanandipadu Mandal Varagani
4700 Guntur Phirangipuram Mandal 113 Thalluru
4701 Guntur Phirangipuram Mandal Aminabada
4702 Guntur Phirangipuram Mandal Bethapudi
4703 Guntur Phirangipuram Mandal Erraguntlapadu
4704 Guntur Phirangipuram Mandal Gundalapadu
4705 Guntur Phirangipuram Mandal Havusuganesa
4706 Guntur Phirangipuram Mandal Merikapudi
4707 Guntur Phirangipuram Mandal Nudurupadu
4708 Guntur Phirangipuram Mandal Phirangipuram
4709 Guntur Phirangipuram Mandal Ponugupadu
4710 Guntur Phirangipuram Mandal Repudi
4711 Guntur Phirangipuram Mandal Sirangipalem
4712 Guntur Phirangipuram Mandal Takkellapadu
4713 Guntur Phirangipuram Mandal Vemavaram
4714 Guntur Piduguralla Mandal China Agraharam
4715 Guntur Piduguralla Mandal Guttikonda
4716 Guntur Piduguralla Mandal Janapadu
4717 Guntur Piduguralla Mandal Julakallu
4718 Guntur Piduguralla Mandal Kamepalle
4719 Guntur Piduguralla Mandal Karalapadu
4720 Guntur Piduguralla Mandal Konanki
4721 Guntur Piduguralla Mandal Peda Agraharam
4722 Guntur Piduguralla Mandal Thummalacheruvu
4723 Guntur Prathipadu Mandal Edulapalem
4724 Guntur Prathipadu Mandal Enamadala
4725 Guntur Prathipadu Mandal Ganikapudi
4726 Guntur Prathipadu Mandal Gottipadu
4727 Guntur Prathipadu Mandal Kondajagarlamudi
4728 Guntur Prathipadu Mandal Kondepadu
4729 Guntur Prathipadu Mandal Mallayapalem
4730 Guntur Prathipadu Mandal Nadimpalem
4731 Guntur Prathipadu Mandal Prathipadu
4732 Guntur Prathipadu Mandal Vangipuram
4733 Guntur Rajupalem Mandal Balijepalle
4734 Guntur Rajupalem Mandal Chowtapapayapalem
4735 Guntur Rajupalem Mandal Ganapavaram
4736 Guntur Rajupalem Mandal Kubadpuram
4737 Guntur Rajupalem Mandal Nemalipuri
4738 Guntur Rajupalem Mandal Rajupalem
4739 Guntur Rajupalem Mandal Reddigudem
4740 Guntur Rajupalem Mandal Uppalapadu
4741 Guntur Rentachintala Mandal Damarapadu
4742 Guntur Rentachintala Mandal Goli
4743 Guntur Rentachintala Mandal Mallavaram
4744 Guntur Rentachintala Mandal Manchikallu
4745 Guntur Rentachintala Mandal Mittagudipadu
4746 Guntur Rentachintala Mandal Paluvoi
4747 Guntur Rentachintala Mandal Pasarlapadu
4748 Guntur Rentachintala Mandal Rentachintala
4749 Guntur Rentachintala Mandal Rentala
4750 Guntur Rentachintala Mandal Tummurkota
4751 Guntur Rompicherla Mandal Alavala
4752 Guntur Rompicherla Mandal Annavaram
4753 Guntur Rompicherla Mandal Annavarappadu
4754 Guntur Rompicherla Mandal Arepalli Agraharam
4755 Guntur Rompicherla Mandal Dasaripalem
4756 Guntur Rompicherla Mandal Gogulapadu
4757 Guntur Rompicherla Mandal Machavaram
4758 Guntur Rompicherla Mandal Muthanapalli
4759 Guntur Rompicherla Mandal Nallagarlapadu
4760 Guntur Rompicherla Mandal Rompicherla
4761 Guntur Rompicherla Mandal Santhagudipadu
4762 Guntur Rompicherla Mandal Thurumella
4763 Guntur Rompicherla Mandal Vipparla
4764 Guntur Rompicherla Mandal Vipparlapalle Agraharam
4765 Guntur Sattenapalle Mandal Abburu
4766 Guntur Sattenapalle Mandal Bhatlur
4767 Guntur Sattenapalle Mandal Bhimavaram
4768 Guntur Sattenapalle Mandal Bhrugubanda
4769 Guntur Sattenapalle Mandal Dhulipalla
4770 Guntur Sattenapalle Mandal Gorantla
4771 Guntur Sattenapalle Mandal Gudipudi
4772 Guntur Sattenapalle Mandal Kankanalapalle
4773 Guntur Sattenapalle Mandal Kantepudi
4774 Guntur Sattenapalle Mandal Kattamuru
4775 Guntur Sattenapalle Mandal Komerapudi
4776 Guntur Sattenapalle Mandal Lakkarajugarlapadu
4777 Guntur Sattenapalle Mandal Nandigama
4778 Guntur Sattenapalle Mandal Pakalapadu
4779 Guntur Sattenapalle Mandal Panidem
4780 Guntur Sattenapalle Mandal Pedamakkena
4781 Guntur Sattenapalle Mandal Rentapalla
4782 Guntur Savalyapuram H/O Kanamarlapudi Mandal Kanumarlapudi
4783 Guntur Savalyapuram H/O Kanamarlapudi Mandal Karumanchi
4784 Guntur Savalyapuram H/O Kanamarlapudi Mandal Kothalur
4785 Guntur Savalyapuram H/O Kanamarlapudi Mandal Pitchikalapalem
4786 Guntur Savalyapuram H/O Kanamarlapudi Mandal Potluru
4787 Guntur Savalyapuram H/O Kanamarlapudi Mandal Sanampudi
4788 Guntur Savalyapuram H/O Kanamarlapudi Mandal Velupuru
4789 Guntur Tadepalle Mandal Chirravuru
4790 Guntur Tadepalle Mandal Gundimeda
4791 Guntur Tadepalle Mandal Ippatam
4792 Guntur Tadepalle Mandal Kolanukonda
4793 Guntur Tadepalle Mandal Kunchanapalle
4794 Guntur Tadepalle Mandal Penumaka
4795 Guntur Tadepalle Mandal Vaddeswaram(CT)
4796 Guntur Tadikonda Mandal Bandarupalle
4797 Guntur Tadikonda Mandal Bejatpuram
4798 Guntur Tadikonda Mandal Damarapalle
4799 Guntur Tadikonda Mandal Kantheru
4800 Guntur Tadikonda Mandal Lachannagudipudi
4801 Guntur Tadikonda Mandal Lam
4802 Guntur Tadikonda Mandal Mothadaka
4803 Guntur Tadikonda Mandal Nidumukkala
4804 Guntur Tadikonda Mandal Pamulapadu
4805 Guntur Tadikonda Mandal Ponnekallu
4806 Guntur Tadikonda Mandal Ravela
4807 Guntur Tadikonda Mandal Tadikonda
4808 Guntur Thullur Mandal Abbarajupalem
4809 Guntur Thullur Mandal Ainavolu
4810 Guntur Thullur Mandal Ananthavaram
4811 Guntur Thullur Mandal Borupalem
4812 Guntur Thullur Mandal Dondapadu
4813 Guntur Thullur Mandal Harischandrapuram
4814 Guntur Thullur Mandal Kondan Rajupalem
4815 Guntur Thullur Mandal Lingayapalem
4816 Guntur Thullur Mandal Malkapuram
4817 Guntur Thullur Mandal Mandadam
4818 Guntur Thullur Mandal Nekkallu
4819 Guntur Thullur Mandal Nelapadu
4820 Guntur Thullur Mandal Pedaparimi
4821 Guntur Thullur Mandal Pitchikalapalem
4822 Guntur Thullur Mandal Rayapudi
4823 Guntur Thullur Mandal Sakhamur
4824 Guntur Thullur Mandal Thullur
4825 Guntur Thullur Mandal Uddandarayunipalem
4826 Guntur Thullur Mandal Vaddamanu
4827 Guntur Thullur Mandal Velagapudi
4828 Guntur Thullur Mandal Venkatapalem
4829 Guntur Vatticherukuru Mandal Ananthavarappadu
4830 Guntur Vatticherukuru Mandal Chamallamudi
4831 Guntur Vatticherukuru Mandal Garapadu
4832 Guntur Vatticherukuru Mandal Karempudipadu
4833 Guntur Vatticherukuru Mandal Katrapadu
4834 Guntur Vatticherukuru Mandal Kornepadu
4835 Guntur Vatticherukuru Mandal Kovelamudi
4836 Guntur Vatticherukuru Mandal Kurnoothala
4837 Guntur Vatticherukuru Mandal Lemallepadu
4838 Guntur Vatticherukuru Mandal Mutluru
4839 Guntur Vatticherukuru Mandal Pallapadu
4840 Guntur Vatticherukuru Mandal Vatticherukuru
4841 Guntur Vatticherukuru Mandal Yamarru
4842 Guntur Veldurthi Mandal Gottipalla
4843 Guntur Veldurthi Mandal Gundlapadu
4844 Guntur Veldurthi Mandal Kandlakunta
4845 Guntur Veldurthi Mandal Mandadi
4846 Guntur Veldurthi Mandal Patlaveedu
4847 Guntur Veldurthi Mandal Rachamallipadu
4848 Guntur Veldurthi Mandal Srigiripadu
4849 Guntur Veldurthi Mandal Uppalapadu
4850 Guntur Veldurthi Mandal Veldurthi
4851 Guntur Vinukonda Mandal Andugulapadu
4852 Guntur Vinukonda Mandal Brahmanapalle (Part)
4853 Guntur Vinukonda Mandal Chowtapalem
4854 Guntur Vinukonda Mandal Dondapadu
4855 Guntur Vinukonda Mandal Enugupalem
4856 Guntur Vinukonda Mandal Gokanakonda
4857 Guntur Vinukonda Mandal Koppukonda
4858 Guntur Vinukonda Mandal Madamanchipadu
4859 Guntur Vinukonda Mandal Nagulavaram
4860 Guntur Vinukonda Mandal Naragayapalem
4861 Guntur Vinukonda Mandal Narasarayanipalem
4862 Guntur Vinukonda Mandal Nayanipalem
4863 Guntur Vinukonda Mandal Neelagangavaram
4864 Guntur Vinukonda Mandal Pedakancherla
4865 Guntur Vinukonda Mandal Perumallapalle
4866 Guntur Vinukonda Mandal Settupalle
4867 Guntur Vinukonda Mandal Sivapuram
4868 Guntur Vinukonda Mandal Surepalle
4869 Guntur Vinukonda Mandal Thimmayapalem
4870 Guntur Vinukonda Mandal Ummadivaram
4871 Guntur Vinukonda Mandal Venkupalem
4872 Guntur Vinukonda Mandal Vittamrajupalle
4873 Kadapa Atlur Mandal Atlur
4874 Kadapa Atlur Mandal Chenduvoy
4875 Kadapa Atlur Mandal Gujjalavaripalle
4876 Kadapa Atlur Mandal Jannavaram
4877 Kadapa Atlur Mandal Kamalakuru
4878 Kadapa Atlur Mandal Kamasamudram
4879 Kadapa Atlur Mandal Kondur
4880 Kadapa Atlur Mandal Kumbhagiri
4881 Kadapa Atlur Mandal Madapur
4882 Kadapa Atlur Mandal Maddur
4883 Kadapa Atlur Mandal Malinenipatnam
4884 Kadapa Atlur Mandal Muthukur
4885 Kadapa Atlur Mandal Nallayapalle
4886 Kadapa Atlur Mandal Pidathalaveerayapalle
4887 Kadapa Atlur Mandal Rangampalle
4888 Kadapa Atlur Mandal Shrotriya Venkatapuram
4889 Kadapa Atlur Mandal Thamballagondi
4890 Kadapa Atlur Mandal Thudur
4891 Kadapa Atlur Mandal Uppatur
4892 Kadapa Atlur Mandal Varikunta
4893 Kadapa Atlur Mandal Vemalur
4894 Kadapa Atlur Mandal Virur
4895 Kadapa Atlur Mandal Yerraballe
4896 Kadapa Badvel Mandal Abbusahebpeta
4897 Kadapa Badvel Mandal Anantharajupuram
4898 Kadapa Badvel Mandal Appajipeta
4899 Kadapa Badvel Mandal Badvel
4900 Kadapa Badvel Mandal Bayanapalle
4901 Kadapa Badvel Mandal Chennampalle
4902 Kadapa Badvel Mandal Chintalacheruvu
4903 Kadapa Badvel Mandal C.Kothapalle
4904 Kadapa Badvel Mandal Ethirajupalle
4905 Kadapa Badvel Mandal Godugunur
4906 Kadapa Badvel Mandal Gopalapuram
4907 Kadapa Badvel Mandal Gunthapalle
4908 Kadapa Badvel Mandal Imadapuram @ Pedakesampalle
4909 Kadapa Badvel Mandal Konasamudram
4910 Kadapa Badvel Mandal Kondugaripalle
4911 Kadapa Badvel Mandal Kongalaveedu
4912 Kadapa Badvel Mandal Mohinuddinpuram
4913 Kadapa Badvel Mandal Puttayapalle
4914 Kadapa Badvel Mandal Rajupalem
4915 Kadapa Badvel Mandal Thippanapalle
4916 Kadapa Badvel Mandal Tiruvengalapuram
4917 Kadapa Badvel Mandal Vanampula
4918 Kadapa Badvel Mandal Veerapalle
4919 Kadapa Badvel Mandal Venkatasettipalle
4920 Kadapa B.Kodur Mandal A.Kothapalle
4921 Kadapa B.Kodur Mandal Ankanagodu Gunuru
4922 Kadapa B.Kodur Mandal Bodugundupalle
4923 Kadapa B.Kodur Mandal Channakesapuram
4924 Kadapa B.Kodur Mandal Kamakunta
4925 Kadapa B.Kodur Mandal Kodur
4926 Kadapa B.Kodur Mandal Kondampalle
4927 Kadapa B.Kodur Mandal Madhavarayunipalle
4928 Kadapa B.Kodur Mandal Maratipalle
4929 Kadapa B.Kodur Mandal Mekavaripalle
4930 Kadapa B.Kodur Mandal M.Narasimhapuram
4931 Kadapa B.Kodur Mandal Munnelli
4932 Kadapa B.Kodur Mandal Papanapalle
4933 Kadapa B.Kodur Mandal Peddullapalle
4934 Kadapa B.Kodur Mandal Prabhalaveedu
4935 Kadapa B.Kodur Mandal Thangedupalle
4936 Kadapa B.Kodur Mandal Thipparajupalle
4937 Kadapa B.Kodur Mandal Vemakunta
4938 Kadapa B.Kodur Mandal Venkatapuram
4939 Kadapa Brahmamgarimattam Mandal Boodavada
4940 Kadapa Brahmamgarimattam Mandal Darbhavariagraharam
4941 Kadapa Brahmamgarimattam Mandal Diguva Nelatur
4942 Kadapa Brahmamgarimattam Mandal Dirasavancha
4943 Kadapa Brahmamgarimattam Mandal D.Lingampalle
4944 Kadapa Brahmamgarimattam Mandal D.Narasimhapuram
4945 Kadapa Brahmamgarimattam Mandal Eguvanelatur
4946 Kadapa Brahmamgarimattam Mandal G.Narasimhapuram
4947 Kadapa Brahmamgarimattam Mandal Godlaveedu
4948 Kadapa Brahmamgarimattam Mandal Gundapuram
4949 Kadapa Brahmamgarimattam Mandal Jangamrajupalle
4950 Kadapa Brahmamgarimattam Mandal Mallepalle
4951 Kadapa Brahmamgarimattam Mandal Mudumala
4952 Kadapa Brahmamgarimattam Mandal Nagisettipalle
4953 Kadapa Brahmamgarimattam Mandal Palugurallapalle
4954 Kadapa Brahmamgarimattam Mandal Palugurallapalle (Part IV)
4955 Kadapa Brahmamgarimattam Mandal Papireddipalle
4956 Kadapa Brahmamgarimattam Mandal Rekalakunta
4957 Kadapa Brahmamgarimattam Mandal Somireddipalle
4958 Kadapa Brahmamgarimattam Mandal T.Soudaravaripalle
4959 Kadapa Chakrayapet Mandal Addalamarri
4960 Kadapa Chakrayapet Mandal Anjaneyapuram
4961 Kadapa Chakrayapet Mandal Chakrayapet
4962 Kadapa Chakrayapet Mandal Chilekampalle
4963 Kadapa Chakrayapet Mandal Errabommanapalle
4964 Kadapa Chakrayapet Mandal Gandikovvur
4965 Kadapa Chakrayapet Mandal Gotlamitta
4966 Kadapa Chakrayapet Mandal Kallurupalle
4967 Kadapa Chakrayapet Mandal Kateneniyerragudi
4968 Kadapa Chakrayapet Mandal Kondappagaripalle
4969 Kadapa Chakrayapet Mandal Kumarakalva
4970 Kadapa Chakrayapet Mandal Kuppam
4971 Kadapa Chakrayapet Mandal Mahadevapalle
4972 Kadapa Chakrayapet Mandal Marellamadaka
4973 Kadapa Chakrayapet Mandal Nersupalle
4974 Kadapa Chakrayapet Mandal Rajupalle
4975 Kadapa Chakrayapet Mandal Surabhi
4976 Kadapa Chapad Mandal Alladupalle
4977 Kadapa Chapad Mandal Ananthapuram
4978 Kadapa Chapad Mandal Bhadripalle
4979 Kadapa Chapad Mandal Budidapadu
4980 Kadapa Chapad Mandal Chapad
4981 Kadapa Chapad Mandal Chinnagurvalur
4982 Kadapa Chapad Mandal Chiyyapadu
4983 Kadapa Chapad Mandal Kethavaram
4984 Kadapa Chapad Mandal Kutchupapa
4985 Kadapa Chapad Mandal Madur
4986 Kadapa Chapad Mandal Morrayapalle
4987 Kadapa Chapad Mandal Nerrawada
4988 Kadapa Chapad Mandal Pallavolu
4989 Kadapa Chapad Mandal Peddaguruvalur
4990 Kadapa Chapad Mandal Pitchapadu
4991 Kadapa Chapad Mandal Somapuram
4992 Kadapa Chapad Mandal Thummalapadu
4993 Kadapa Chapad Mandal Vedurur
4994 Kadapa Chapad Mandal Vengannagaripalle
4995 Kadapa Chennur Mandal Bayanapalle
4996 Kadapa Chennur Mandal Chennur
4997 Kadapa Chennur Mandal Chinnamachupalli
4998 Kadapa Chennur Mandal Doulathapuram
4999 Kadapa Chennur Mandal Dugganapalle
5000 Kadapa Chennur Mandal Gurrampadu
5001 Kadapa Chennur Mandal Kanuparthi
5002 Kadapa Chennur Mandal Kokkarayapalle
5003 Kadapa Chennur Mandal Mundlapalle
5004 Kadapa Chennur Mandal Nazeerbegpalle
5005 Kadapa Chennur Mandal Rachinnayapalle
5006 Kadapa Chennur Mandal Ramanapalle (Part)
5007 Kadapa Chennur Mandal Rudrabharathipeta
5008 Kadapa Chennur Mandal Sivalapalle
5009 Kadapa Chennur Mandal Upparapalle
5010 Kadapa Chinnamandem Mandal Bonamala
5011 Kadapa Chinnamandem Mandal Chinnamandem
5012 Kadapa Chinnamandem Mandal Devagudipalle
5013 Kadapa Chinnamandem Mandal Diguvagottiveedu
5014 Kadapa Chinnamandem Mandal Kalibanda
5015 Kadapa Chinnamandem Mandal Mallur
5016 Kadapa Chinnamandem Mandal Paramatikona
5017 Kadapa Chinnamandem Mandal T.Sakibanda
5018 Kadapa Chinnamandem Mandal Vandadi
5019 Kadapa Chinthakommadinne Mandal Apparajupalle
5020 Kadapa Chinthakommadinne Mandal Balupalle
5021 Kadapa Chinthakommadinne Mandal Boggalapalle (Part)
5022 Kadapa Chinthakommadinne Mandal Buggaletipalle
5023 Kadapa Chinthakommadinne Mandal Cherlopalle
5024 Kadapa Chinthakommadinne Mandal Chinnakampalle
5025 Kadapa Chinthakommadinne Mandal Chinthakommadinne (Part)
5026 Kadapa Chinthakommadinne Mandal Ippapenta
5027 Kadapa Chinthakommadinne Mandal Jamal Palle
5028 Kadapa Chinthakommadinne Mandal Kammavaripalle
5029 Kadapa Chinthakommadinne Mandal Kolumulapalle
5030 Kadapa Chinthakommadinne Mandal Kopparthi
5031 Kadapa Chinthakommadinne Mandal K.Ramachandrapuram
5032 Kadapa Chinthakommadinne Mandal Mamillapalli
5033 Kadapa Chinthakommadinne Mandal Pabbapuram
5034 Kadapa Chinthakommadinne Mandal Papasahebpet
5035 Kadapa Chinthakommadinne Mandal Peddakampalle
5036 Kadapa Chinthakommadinne Mandal Rayalapanthullapalli
5037 Kadapa Chinthakommadinne Mandal Rudrayagaripalle
5038 Kadapa Chinthakommadinne Mandal Thadigotla
5039 Kadapa Chinthakommadinne Mandal T Ramachandrapuram
5040 Kadapa Chinthakommadinne Mandal Utukuru
5041 Kadapa Chinthakommadinne Mandal Viswanadhapuram
5042 Kadapa Chitvel Mandal Bhakrapuram
5043 Kadapa Chitvel Mandal Cherlopalle
5044 Kadapa Chitvel Mandal Chintala Chelika
5045 Kadapa Chitvel Mandal Chitvel
5046 Kadapa Chitvel Mandal Devamachupalle
5047 Kadapa Chitvel Mandal Kalvavarikandrika
5048 Kadapa Chitvel Mandal Kampasamudram
5049 Kadapa Chitvel Mandal K.S.Agraharam
5050 Kadapa Chitvel Mandal K.V.R.R. Puram
5051 Kadapa Chitvel Mandal Maharajapuram @Siddareddipalle
5052 Kadapa Chitvel Mandal Malemarpuram
5053 Kadapa Chitvel Mandal Mallemadugu
5054 Kadapa Chitvel Mandal Mylapalle
5055 Kadapa Chitvel Mandal Nagavaram
5056 Kadapa Chitvel Mandal Nagiripadu
5057 Kadapa Chitvel Mandal Nethivaripalle
5058 Kadapa Chitvel Mandal Rajukunta
5059 Kadapa Chitvel Mandal Thimmayapalem
5060 Kadapa Chitvel Mandal Thummakonda
5061 Kadapa Duvvur Mandal Annapusastrula Palle
5062 Kadapa Duvvur Mandal Ballakkivaripalle
5063 Kadapa Duvvur Mandal Chinna Singanapalle
5064 Kadapa Duvvur Mandal Chintakunta
5065 Kadapa Duvvur Mandal Dasaripalle
5066 Kadapa Duvvur Mandal Duvvur
5067 Kadapa Duvvur Mandal Gollapalle
5068 Kadapa Duvvur Mandal Gudipadu
5069 Kadapa Duvvur Mandal Idamadaka
5070 Kadapa Duvvur Mandal Jillela
5071 Kadapa Duvvur Mandal Kanagudur
5072 Kadapa Duvvur Mandal Machanapalle
5073 Kadapa Duvvur Mandal Madirepalle
5074 Kadapa Duvvur Mandal Manerampalle
5075 Kadapa Duvvur Mandal Neelapuram
5076 Kadapa Duvvur Mandal Nelaturu
5077 Kadapa Duvvur Mandal Pedda Jonnavaram
5078 Kadapa Duvvur Mandal Rajupalem
5079 Kadapa Duvvur Mandal Ramachandrapuram
5080 Kadapa Duvvur Mandal T.Sallabasayapalle
5081 Kadapa Galiveedu Mandal Araveedu
5082 Kadapa Galiveedu Mandal Eguvagottiveedu
5083 Kadapa Galiveedu Mandal Galiveedu
5084 Kadapa Galiveedu Mandal Garugupalle
5085 Kadapa Galiveedu Mandal Gopanapalle
5086 Kadapa Galiveedu Mandal Gundlacheruvu
5087 Kadapa Galiveedu Mandal Korlakunta
5088 Kadapa Galiveedu Mandal Nooliveedu
5089 Kadapa Galiveedu Mandal Pandikunta
5090 Kadapa Galiveedu Mandal Pulikunta
5091 Kadapa Galiveedu Mandal Pyarampalle
5092 Kadapa Galiveedu Mandal Talamudipi
5093 Kadapa Galiveedu Mandal Thumukunta
5094 Kadapa Galiveedu Mandal Veligallu
5095 Kadapa Gopavaram Mandal Boddecherla
5096 Kadapa Gopavaram Mandal Brahmanapalle
5097 Kadapa Gopavaram Mandal Gopavaram
5098 Kadapa Gopavaram Mandal Kalvapalle
5099 Kadapa Gopavaram Mandal Lakkavaripalle
5100 Kadapa Gopavaram Mandal North Ramapuram
5101 Kadapa Gopavaram Mandal Obulam
5102 Kadapa Gopavaram Mandal Ramapuram
5103 Kadapa Gopavaram Mandal Rekalakunta
5104 Kadapa Gopavaram Mandal South Ramapuram
5105 Kadapa Gopavaram Mandal Viswanathapuram
5106 Kadapa Jammalamadugu Mandal Ambavaram
5107 Kadapa Jammalamadugu Mandal Danavulapadu
5108 Kadapa Jammalamadugu Mandal Devagudi
5109 Kadapa Jammalamadugu Mandal Dharmapuram
5110 Kadapa Jammalamadugu Mandal Diguvapatnam
5111 Kadapa Jammalamadugu Mandal Gandikota
5112 Kadapa Jammalamadugu Mandal Goriganur
5113 Kadapa Jammalamadugu Mandal Gudemcheruvu
5114 Kadapa Jammalamadugu Mandal Jammalamadugu
5115 Kadapa Jammalamadugu Mandal Kannelur
5116 Kadapa Jammalamadugu Mandal Kothaguntapalle
5117 Kadapa Jammalamadugu Mandal Moragudi(CT)
5118 Kadapa Jammalamadugu Mandal Peddandlur
5119 Kadapa Jammalamadugu Mandal Ponnathota
5120 Kadapa Jammalamadugu Mandal Poorva Bommepalle
5121 Kadapa Jammalamadugu Mandal Poorvapu Sugumanchipalle
5122 Kadapa Jammalamadugu Mandal Salevariuppalapadu
5123 Kadapa Jammalamadugu Mandal Sanjeevapalle
5124 Kadapa Jammalamadugu Mandal Sirigepalle
5125 Kadapa Jammalamadugu Mandal Sunnapurallapalle
5126 Kadapa Jammalamadugu Mandal Thugutlapalle
5127 Kadapa Jammalamadugu Mandal Vemaguntapalle
5128 Kadapa Kadapa Mandal Chemmumeyapeta
5129 Kadapa Kadapa Mandal Chinnachowk
5130 Kadapa Kadapa Mandal Guduru
5131 Kadapa Kadapa Mandal Kadapa Shahar
5132 Kadapa Kadapa Mandal Pallempalli
5133 Kadapa Kadapa Mandal Patha Kadapa
5134 Kadapa Kadapa Mandal Putlampalli
5135 Kadapa Kadapa Mandal Ramarajupalli
5136 Kadapa Kadapa Mandal Ukkayapalli
5137 Kadapa Kalasapadu Mandal Ayyavaripalle
5138 Kadapa Kalasapadu Mandal Brahmanapalle
5139 Kadapa Kalasapadu Mandal Chennupalle
5140 Kadapa Kalasapadu Mandal Diguva Thamballapalle
5141 Kadapa Kalasapadu Mandal Dulamvaripalle
5142 Kadapa Kalasapadu Mandal Eguva Thamballapalle
5143 Kadapa Kalasapadu Mandal Gangayapalle
5144 Kadapa Kalasapadu Mandal Gopavarampalle
5145 Kadapa Kalasapadu Mandal Kalasapadu
5146 Kadapa Kalasapadu Mandal Kondapeta
5147 Kadapa Kalasapadu Mandal Kothakota
5148 Kadapa Kalasapadu Mandal Mahanandipalle
5149 Kadapa Kalasapadu Mandal Malluvaripalle
5150 Kadapa Kalasapadu Mandal Mamillapalle (Rural)
5151 Kadapa Kalasapadu Mandal Musalareddipalle
5152 Kadapa Kalasapadu Mandal Patha Ramapuram
5153 Kadapa Kalasapadu Mandal Pendlimarri
5154 Kadapa Kalasapadu Mandal Pullareddypalle
5155 Kadapa Kalasapadu Mandal Rajupalem
5156 Kadapa Kalasapadu Mandal Reddypalle
5157 Kadapa Kalasapadu Mandal Sankavaram
5158 Kadapa Kalasapadu Mandal Siddamurthypalle
5159 Kadapa Kalasapadu Mandal Singarayapalle
5160 Kadapa Kalasapadu Mandal Tellapadu
5161 Kadapa Kamalapuram Mandal Apparaopalle
5162 Kadapa Kamalapuram Mandal C.Gopalapuram
5163 Kadapa Kamalapuram Mandal Chinnachepalle
5164 Kadapa Kamalapuram Mandal Dadireddipalle
5165 Kadapa Kamalapuram Mandal Gangavaram
5166 Kadapa Kamalapuram Mandal Gollapalle
5167 Kadapa Kamalapuram Mandal Jambapuram
5168 Kadapa Kamalapuram Mandal Kamalapuram
5169 Kadapa Kamalapuram Mandal Kokatam
5170 Kadapa Kamalapuram Mandal Letapalle
5171 Kadapa Kamalapuram Mandal Mirapuram
5172 Kadapa Kamalapuram Mandal Nallingayapalle
5173 Kadapa Kamalapuram Mandal Pachikalapadu
5174 Kadapa Kamalapuram Mandal Pandillapalle
5175 Kadapa Kamalapuram Mandal Peddacheppalle
5176 Kadapa Kamalapuram Mandal Podadurthi
5177 Kadapa Kamalapuram Mandal Ramachandrapuram
5178 Kadapa Kamalapuram Mandal Sambatur
5179 Kadapa Kamalapuram Mandal Thurakapalle
5180 Kadapa Kamalapuram Mandal T.Sadipirala
5181 Kadapa Kamalapuram Mandal Vankamada
5182 Kadapa Kamalapuram Mandal Vibharampuram
5183 Kadapa Kamalapuram Mandal Yellareddipalle
5184 Kadapa Kamalapuram Mandal Yerragudipadu
5185 Kadapa Khajipet Mandal Bhumayapalle
5186 Kadapa Khajipet Mandal Buddayapalem
5187 Kadapa Khajipet Mandal Chemullapalle
5188 Kadapa Khajipet Mandal Chennamukkapalle
5189 Kadapa Khajipet Mandal Dumpalagattu
5190 Kadapa Khajipet Mandal Eturu
5191 Kadapa Khajipet Mandal Khajipet Sunkesula
5192 Kadapa Khajipet Mandal Kommaluru
5193 Kadapa Khajipet Mandal Machupalle
5194 Kadapa Khajipet Mandal Miduthuru
5195 Kadapa Khajipet Mandal Nagasanipalle
5196 Kadapa Khajipet Mandal Pathur
5197 Kadapa Khajipet Mandal Pullur
5198 Kadapa Khajipet Mandal Ravulapalle
5199 Kadapa Khajipet Mandal Thavvaripalle
5200 Kadapa Khajipet Mandal Thripuravaram
5201 Kadapa Khajipet Mandal Thudumuladinne
5202 Kadapa Kodur Mandal Anantharajupeta
5203 Kadapa Kodur Mandal Chiyyavaram
5204 Kadapa Kodur Mandal Gangarajupuram
5205 Kadapa Kodur Mandal K.Buduguntapalle
5206 Kadapa Kodur Mandal Kitchamambapuram Agraharam
5207 Kadapa Kodur Mandal Kodur (East)
5208 Kadapa Kodur Mandal Kodur (West)
5209 Kadapa Kodur Mandal Obanapalle
5210 Kadapa Kodur Mandal Raghavarajupuram
5211 Kadapa Kodur Mandal Settigunta
5212 Kadapa Kodur Mandal Srinivasapuram
5213 Kadapa Kodur Mandal Upparapalle
5214 Kadapa Kodur Mandal Vasudevapuram
5215 Kadapa Kodur Mandal Vellelavari Khandrika
5216 Kadapa Kondapuram Mandal Anantapuram
5217 Kadapa Kondapuram Mandal Bedaduru
5218 Kadapa Kondapuram Mandal Bukkapatnam
5219 Kadapa Kondapuram Mandal Burujupalli
5220 Kadapa Kondapuram Mandal Chamaluru
5221 Kadapa Kondapuram Mandal Chennamanenipalle
5222 Kadapa Kondapuram Mandal Chowtapalli
5223 Kadapa Kondapuram Mandal Donkupalli
5224 Kadapa Kondapuram Mandal Eturu
5225 Kadapa Kondapuram Mandal Fakhirpeta
5226 Kadapa Kondapuram Mandal Gandaluru
5227 Kadapa Kondapuram Mandal Gangapuram
5228 Kadapa Kondapuram Mandal Jogapuram
5229 Kadapa Kondapuram Mandal K.Bommepalli
5230 Kadapa Kondapuram Mandal K.Brahmanapalle
5231 Kadapa Kondapuram Mandal Koduru
5232 Kadapa Kondapuram Mandal Konavaripalli
5233 Kadapa Kondapuram Mandal Kondapuram
5234 Kadapa Kondapuram Mandal Koppolu
5235 Kadapa Kondapuram Mandal K.Sugumanchipalle
5236 Kadapa Kondapuram Mandal K.Venkatapuram
5237 Kadapa Kondapuram Mandal Lavanuru
5238 Kadapa Kondapuram Mandal Lingamanenipalle
5239 Kadapa Kondapuram Mandal Murugampalli
5240 Kadapa Kondapuram Mandal Mutchumarri
5241 Kadapa Kondapuram Mandal Nagamalla Dinne
5242 Kadapa Kondapuram Mandal Neknampeta
5243 Kadapa Kondapuram Mandal Obannapeta
5244 Kadapa Kondapuram Mandal Penjuvvi
5245 Kadapa Kondapuram Mandal Pottipadu
5246 Kadapa Kondapuram Mandal Regadipally
5247 Kadapa Kondapuram Mandal Sankepalli
5248 Kadapa Kondapuram Mandal Sivapuram
5249 Kadapa Kondapuram Mandal S.Timmapuram
5250 Kadapa Kondapuram Mandal Thallaproddatur
5251 Kadapa Kondapuram Mandal Venkaiah Kalva
5252 Kadapa Kondapuram Mandal Yenamalachintala
5253 Kadapa Kondapuram Mandal Yerragudi
5254 Kadapa Lakkireddipalle Mandal Ananthapuram
5255 Kadapa Lakkireddipalle Mandal Brahmana Yerragudi
5256 Kadapa Lakkireddipalle Mandal Dappepalle
5257 Kadapa Lakkireddipalle Mandal Dinnepadu
5258 Kadapa Lakkireddipalle Mandal Gudlavaripalle
5259 Kadapa Lakkireddipalle Mandal Kakulavaram
5260 Kadapa Lakkireddipalle Mandal Kurnoothala
5261 Kadapa Lakkireddipalle Mandal Lakkireddipalle
5262 Kadapa Lakkireddipalle Mandal Maddirevula
5263 Kadapa Lakkireddipalle Mandal Naraharibhatla Palle
5264 Kadapa Lakkireddipalle Mandal Pandillapalle
5265 Kadapa Lakkireddipalle Mandal Somabotlapalle
5266 Kadapa Lingala Mandal Ambakapalle
5267 Kadapa Lingala Mandal Bonala
5268 Kadapa Lingala Mandal Chinnakudala
5269 Kadapa Lingala Mandal Dondlavagu
5270 Kadapa Lingala Mandal Gunakanepalle
5271 Kadapa Lingala Mandal Herojipuram
5272 Kadapa Lingala Mandal Ippatla
5273 Kadapa Lingala Mandal Kamasamudram
5274 Kadapa Lingala Mandal Kommanuthala
5275 Kadapa Lingala Mandal Lingala
5276 Kadapa Lingala Mandal Lopatnuthala
5277 Kadapa Lingala Mandal Murarichintala
5278 Kadapa Lingala Mandal Narsingaraopalle
5279 Kadapa Lingala Mandal Parnapalle
5280 Kadapa Lingala Mandal Peddakudala
5281 Kadapa Lingala Mandal Ramanuthalapalle
5282 Kadapa Lingala Mandal Vadlavaripalle
5283 Kadapa Lingala Mandal Velidandla
5284 Kadapa Muddanur Mandal Aravetipalle
5285 Kadapa Muddanur Mandal Bondalakunta
5286 Kadapa Muddanur Mandal Chinnadudyala
5287 Kadapa Muddanur Mandal Chintakunta
5288 Kadapa Muddanur Mandal Denepalle
5289 Kadapa Muddanur Mandal Diguva Brahmanapalle
5290 Kadapa Muddanur Mandal Kadasani Kothapalle
5291 Kadapa Muddanur Mandal Kibili Raghavapuram
5292 Kadapa Muddanur Mandal Kolavali
5293 Kadapa Muddanur Mandal Korrapadu
5294 Kadapa Muddanur Mandal Kosinepalle
5295 Kadapa Muddanur Mandal K.Thimmapuram
5296 Kadapa Muddanur Mandal Mangapatnam
5297 Kadapa Muddanur Mandal Muddanur(CT)
5298 Kadapa Muddanur Mandal Nallaballe
5299 Kadapa Muddanur Mandal Obulapuram
5300 Kadapa Muddanur Mandal Peddadudyala
5301 Kadapa Muddanur Mandal Penikalapadu
5302 Kadapa Muddanur Mandal Rajulaguruvaiahpalle
5303 Kadapa Muddanur Mandal Uppalur
5304 Kadapa Muddanur Mandal Velpucherla
5305 Kadapa Muddanur Mandal V.Raghavapuram
5306 Kadapa Muddanur Mandal Yamavaram
5307 Kadapa Mylavaram Mandal Ayyavari Kambala Dinne
5308 Kadapa Mylavaram Mandal Bestavemula
5309 Kadapa Mylavaram Mandal Bestavemula Venkatapuram
5310 Kadapa Mylavaram Mandal Chinna Komerla
5311 Kadapa Mylavaram Mandal Chinna Venthurla
5312 Kadapa Mylavaram Mandal Dhannavada
5313 Kadapa Mylavaram Mandal Dhodium
5314 Kadapa Mylavaram Mandal Dommara Nandyala(CT)
5315 Kadapa Mylavaram Mandal Duggana Palle
5316 Kadapa Mylavaram Mandal Gollapalle
5317 Kadapa Mylavaram Mandal Golla Uppalapadu
5318 Kadapa Mylavaram Mandal Kallutla
5319 Kadapa Mylavaram Mandal Khaderabad
5320 Kadapa Mylavaram Mandal Kona Annathapuram
5321 Kadapa Mylavaram Mandal Lingapuram
5322 Kadapa Mylavaram Mandal Madhavapuram
5323 Kadapa Mylavaram Mandal Malameedi Kambala Dinne
5324 Kadapa Mylavaram Mandal Murapandi
5325 Kadapa Mylavaram Mandal Mylavaram
5326 Kadapa Mylavaram Mandal Nakkavanipalle
5327 Kadapa Mylavaram Mandal Nawabpet
5328 Kadapa Mylavaram Mandal Nelanuthala
5329 Kadapa Mylavaram Mandal Ponnampalle
5330 Kadapa Mylavaram Mandal Ramachandrayapalle
5331 Kadapa Mylavaram Mandal Talamanchi Patnam
5332 Kadapa Mylavaram Mandal Thorrivemula
5333 Kadapa Mylavaram Mandal Vaddirala
5334 Kadapa Mylavaram Mandal Veparala(CT)
5335 Kadapa Nandalur Mandal Adapur
5336 Kadapa Nandalur Mandal Chintalakunta
5337 Kadapa Nandalur Mandal Jangalapalle
5338 Kadapa Nandalur Mandal Komarunipalle
5339 Kadapa Nandalur Mandal Kommuru
5340 Kadapa Nandalur Mandal Konapuram
5341 Kadapa Nandalur Mandal Kunda Nellore
5342 Kadapa Nandalur Mandal Lebaka
5343 Kadapa Nandalur Mandal Lebaka Manga Mamba Puram
5344 Kadapa Nandalur Mandal Nagireddipalle(CT)
5345 Kadapa Nandalur Mandal Nallathimmayapalle
5346 Kadapa Nandalur Mandal Nandalur
5347 Kadapa Nandalur Mandal Nookinenipalle
5348 Kadapa Nandalur Mandal Patur
5349 Kadapa Nandalur Mandal Pothapi
5350 Kadapa Nandalur Mandal Ramamambapuram
5351 Kadapa Nandalur Mandal Rangayapalle
5352 Kadapa Nandalur Mandal Tanguturu
5353 Kadapa Nandalur Mandal Tangutur Vengamambapuram
5354 Kadapa Nandalur Mandal Thimmarajupalle
5355 Kadapa Nandalur Mandal Yellamarajupalle
5356 Kadapa Obulavaripalle Mandal Bommavaram
5357 Kadapa Obulavaripalle Mandal Botimeedapalle
5358 Kadapa Obulavaripalle Mandal Chinna Orampadu
5359 Kadapa Obulavaripalle Mandal Gadela
5360 Kadapa Obulavaripalle Mandal Gobburuvaripalle
5361 Kadapa Obulavaripalle Mandal Govindampalle
5362 Kadapa Obulavaripalle Mandal Jillelamadaka
5363 Kadapa Obulavaripalle Mandal Korlakunta
5364 Kadapa Obulavaripalle Mandal Mangampeta(CT)
5365 Kadapa Obulavaripalle Mandal Mukkavaripalle
5366 Kadapa Obulavaripalle Mandal Nukanapalle
5367 Kadapa Obulavaripalle Mandal Pedda Rampadu
5368 Kadapa Obulavaripalle Mandal Rallacheruvupalle
5369 Kadapa Obulavaripalle Mandal Venkatesapuram
5370 Kadapa Obulavaripalle Mandal Yerraguntakota
5371 Kadapa Peddamudium Mandal Balapana Gudur
5372 Kadapa Peddamudium Mandal Bheemagundam
5373 Kadapa Peddamudium Mandal Bhutamapuram
5374 Kadapa Peddamudium Mandal Boditippanapadu
5375 Kadapa Peddamudium Mandal B.Venkatapuram
5376 Kadapa Peddamudium Mandal Chidipiralladinne
5377 Kadapa Peddamudium Mandal Chinamudium
5378 Kadapa Peddamudium Mandal Chinnapasupula
5379 Kadapa Peddamudium Mandal Diguva Kalvatala
5380 Kadapa Peddamudium Mandal Garisaluru
5381 Kadapa Peddamudium Mandal G. Kothapalle
5382 Kadapa Peddamudium Mandal Gopalapuram
5383 Kadapa Peddamudium Mandal Gundlakunta
5384 Kadapa Peddamudium Mandal Jangalapalle
5385 Kadapa Peddamudium Mandal J.Kottalapalle
5386 Kadapa Peddamudium Mandal Kondasunkesula
5387 Kadapa Peddamudium Mandal Medidinne
5388 Kadapa Peddamudium Mandal Nagarajupalle
5389 Kadapa Peddamudium Mandal Nagireddypalle
5390 Kadapa Peddamudium Mandal Nemalladinne
5391 Kadapa Peddamudium Mandal N.Kottalapalle
5392 Kadapa Peddamudium Mandal Palur
5393 Kadapa Peddamudium Mandal Papayapalle
5394 Kadapa Peddamudium Mandal Peddamudium
5395 Kadapa Peddamudium Mandal Peddapasupula
5396 Kadapa Peddamudium Mandal Suddapalle
5397 Kadapa Peddamudium Mandal Ulavapalle
5398 Kadapa Peddamudium Mandal Uppalur
5399 Kadapa Penagalur Mandal Damancherla
5400 Kadapa Penagalur Mandal Girijamambapuram
5401 Kadapa Penagalur Mandal Indlur
5402 Kadapa Penagalur Mandal Itimarpuram
5403 Kadapa Penagalur Mandal Jattivaripalle
5404 Kadapa Penagalur Mandal Kambalakunta
5405 Kadapa Penagalur Mandal Komantharajupuram
5406 Kadapa Penagalur Mandal Kondur
5407 Kadapa Penagalur Mandal Konduruchinraya Samudram
5408 Kadapa Penagalur Mandal Nallapureddipalle
5409 Kadapa Penagalur Mandal Narasingarajupuram
5410 Kadapa Penagalur Mandal Narayana Nellore
5411 Kadapa Penagalur Mandal Obili
5412 Kadapa Penagalur Mandal Peddayapalle
5413 Kadapa Penagalur Mandal Penagalur
5414 Kadapa Penagalur Mandal Penagalur Agraharam
5415 Kadapa Penagalur Mandal Pondalur
5416 Kadapa Penagalur Mandal Pondalurvenkatampalle
5417 Kadapa Penagalur Mandal Siddavaram
5418 Kadapa Penagalur Mandal Singanamala
5419 Kadapa Penagalur Mandal Singanamalachennarayasamudram
5420 Kadapa Penagalur Mandal Singanamalavengamambapuram
5421 Kadapa Penagalur Mandal Singareddipalle
5422 Kadapa Penagalur Mandal Sirivaram
5423 Kadapa Penagalur Mandal Thimmamambapuram
5424 Kadapa Penagalur Mandal Thirumalarajupeta
5425 Kadapa Penagalur Mandal Thirunampalle
5426 Kadapa Penagalur Mandal Velagacherla
5427 Kadapa Penagalur Mandal Yelagacherla Mangamambapuram
5428 Kadapa Pendlimarri Mandal Amaniviswanathapuram
5429 Kadapa Pendlimarri Mandal A.Ramachandrapuram
5430 Kadapa Pendlimarri Mandal Binduraopalle
5431 Kadapa Pendlimarri Mandal Chabali
5432 Kadapa Pendlimarri Mandal Cheemalapenta
5433 Kadapa Pendlimarri Mandal Chennamraju Palle
5434 Kadapa Pendlimarri Mandal Chinna Dasaripalle
5435 Kadapa Pendlimarri Mandal Eguva Palle
5436 Kadapa Pendlimarri Mandal Ganganapalle
5437 Kadapa Pendlimarri Mandal Gondipalle
5438 Kadapa Pendlimarri Mandal Konayapalle
5439 Kadapa Pendlimarri Mandal Konduru
5440 Kadapa Pendlimarri Mandal Kothagiriapalle
5441 Kadapa Pendlimarri Mandal Kothapeta
5442 Kadapa Pendlimarri Mandal Machanur
5443 Kadapa Pendlimarri Mandal Moillakalava
5444 Kadapa Pendlimarri Mandal Nandimandalam
5445 Kadapa Pendlimarri Mandal Pagadalapalle
5446 Kadapa Pendlimarri Mandal Pedda Dasaripalle
5447 Kadapa Pendlimarri Mandal Pendlimarri
5448 Kadapa Pendlimarri Mandal Ramapuram @ Mittameedapalle
5449 Kadapa Pendlimarri Mandal Rampathadu
5450 Kadapa Pendlimarri Mandal Sangatipalle
5451 Kadapa Pendlimarri Mandal Thippireddipalle
5452 Kadapa Pendlimarri Mandal Tummalur
5453 Kadapa Pendlimarri Mandal Vellatur
5454 Kadapa Porumamilla Mandal Akkalreddipalle
5455 Kadapa Porumamilla Mandal Boppapuram
5456 Kadapa Porumamilla Mandal Buchampalle
5457 Kadapa Porumamilla Mandal Challagirigella
5458 Kadapa Porumamilla Mandal Chennakrishnapuram
5459 Kadapa Porumamilla Mandal Chennareddipeta
5460 Kadapa Porumamilla Mandal Cherlopalle
5461 Kadapa Porumamilla Mandal Chinayerasala
5462 Kadapa Porumamilla Mandal Chinnayapalle
5463 Kadapa Porumamilla Mandal Dammanapalle
5464 Kadapa Porumamilla Mandal Ganugapenta
5465 Kadapa Porumamilla Mandal Kavalakuntla
5466 Kadapa Porumamilla Mandal Korrapatupalle
5467 Kadapa Porumamilla Mandal Lachampalle
5468 Kadapa Porumamilla Mandal Markapuram
5469 Kadapa Porumamilla Mandal Middepadu
5470 Kadapa Porumamilla Mandal Musalreddipalle
5471 Kadapa Porumamilla Mandal Perammagaripalle
5472 Kadapa Porumamilla Mandal Porumamilla
5473 Kadapa Porumamilla Mandal Pulliveedu
5474 Kadapa Porumamilla Mandal Ranga Samudram
5475 Kadapa Porumamilla Mandal Rowthupalle
5476 Kadapa Porumamilla Mandal Sancharala
5477 Kadapa Porumamilla Mandal Siddanakitchayapalle
5478 Kadapa Porumamilla Mandal Siddavaram
5479 Kadapa Porumamilla Mandal S.Lingampalle
5480 Kadapa Porumamilla Mandal S.Seshampalle
5481 Kadapa Porumamilla Mandal S.Veerlapalle
5482 Kadapa Porumamilla Mandal T.Seshampalle
5483 Kadapa Porumamilla Mandal Venkataramapuram
5484 Kadapa Porumamilla Mandal Yellapalle
5485 Kadapa Proddatur Mandal Chowdur
5486 Kadapa Proddatur Mandal Dorasanipalle
5487 Kadapa Proddatur Mandal Gopavaram(CT)
5488 Kadapa Proddatur Mandal Kallur
5489 Kadapa Proddatur Mandal Kamanur
5490 Kadapa Proddatur Mandal Kothapalle
5491 Kadapa Proddatur Mandal Modameedipalle (CT)
5492 Kadapa Proddatur Mandal Nanganurpalle
5493 Kadapa Proddatur Mandal Peddasettipalle
5494 Kadapa Proddatur Mandal Rameswaram(CT)
5495 Kadapa Proddatur Mandal Rangasayapuram
5496 Kadapa Proddatur Mandal Regulapalle
5497 Kadapa Proddatur Mandal Sarvireddipalle
5498 Kadapa Proddatur Mandal Thallamapuram
5499 Kadapa Proddatur Mandal Upparapalle
5500 Kadapa Proddatur Mandal Yerraguntlapalle
5501 Kadapa Pulivendla Mandal Atchavalle
5502 Kadapa Pulivendla Mandal Erraballe
5503 Kadapa Pulivendla Mandal Konampalle
5504 Kadapa Pulivendla Mandal Rachumarripalle
5505 Kadapa Pulivendla Mandal Ragimanupalle
5506 Kadapa Pulivendla Mandal Rayalapuram
5507 Kadapa Pulivendla Mandal Ulimella (R)
5508 Kadapa Pullampeta Mandal A.Channamambapuram
5509 Kadapa Pullampeta Mandal Anantaiahgaripalle
5510 Kadapa Pullampeta Mandal Ananthasamudram
5511 Kadapa Pullampeta Mandal Apparajupeta
5512 Kadapa Pullampeta Mandal Dalavaipalle
5513 Kadapa Pullampeta Mandal Dandlopalle
5514 Kadapa Pullampeta Mandal Devasamudram
5515 Kadapa Pullampeta Mandal Garalamadugu
5516 Kadapa Pullampeta Mandal Immanur
5517 Kadapa Pullampeta Mandal Ketharajupalle
5518 Kadapa Pullampeta Mandal Kommanavaripalle
5519 Kadapa Pullampeta Mandal Kothapalle Agraharam
5520 Kadapa Pullampeta Mandal Perigavaram
5521 Kadapa Pullampeta Mandal Pullampeta
5522 Kadapa Pullampeta Mandal Puthanavaripalle
5523 Kadapa Pullampeta Mandal Ramasamudram
5524 Kadapa Pullampeta Mandal Rangampalle
5525 Kadapa Pullampeta Mandal Reddipalle
5526 Kadapa Pullampeta Mandal Sreerangarajupalem
5527 Kadapa Pullampeta Mandal Thippayapalle
5528 Kadapa Pullampeta Mandal Thiruvengalanatharajapuram
5529 Kadapa Pullampeta Mandal Utukuruchalivendla
5530 Kadapa Pullampeta Mandal Utukuru Venkatampalle
5531 Kadapa Pullampeta Mandal Vallurupalle
5532 Kadapa Pullampeta Mandal Vathalur
5533 Kadapa Rajampet Mandal Akepadu
5534 Kadapa Rajampet Mandal Anantharajupuram
5535 Kadapa Rajampet Mandal Bahirajapalle
5536 Kadapa Rajampet Mandal Brahmanapalle
5537 Kadapa Rajampet Mandal Gopamambapuram
5538 Kadapa Rajampet Mandal Gundluru
5539 Kadapa Rajampet Mandal Hastavaram
5540 Kadapa Rajampet Mandal Kitchamambapuram
5541 Kadapa Rajampet Mandal Kothapalle
5542 Kadapa Rajampet Mandal Madanagopalapuram
5543 Kadapa Rajampet Mandal Mandapalle
5544 Kadapa Rajampet Mandal Mannur
5545 Kadapa Rajampet Mandal Mittameedapalle
5546 Kadapa Rajampet Mandal Poli
5547 Kadapa Rajampet Mandal Pulapathuru
5548 Kadapa Rajampet Mandal Rajampet (R) (Part)
5549 Kadapa Rajampet Mandal R.Buduguntapalle
5550 Kadapa Rajampet Mandal Rollamadugu
5551 Kadapa Rajampet Mandal Seshamambapuram
5552 Kadapa Rajampet Mandal Sitarampuram
5553 Kadapa Rajampet Mandal Srirangarajapuram
5554 Kadapa Rajampet Mandal Tallapaka
5555 Kadapa Rajampet Mandal Utukur
5556 Kadapa Rajupalem Mandal Arakatavemula
5557 Kadapa Rajupalem Mandal Chinna Jonnavaram
5558 Kadapa Rajupalem Mandal Chinnasettipalle
5559 Kadapa Rajupalem Mandal Doddanala
5560 Kadapa Rajupalem Mandal Eruvapalem
5561 Kadapa Rajupalem Mandal Gadegudur
5562 Kadapa Rajupalem Mandal Gopayapalle
5563 Kadapa Rajupalem Mandal Korrapadu
5564 Kadapa Rajupalem Mandal Kulur
5565 Kadapa Rajupalem Mandal Paidala
5566 Kadapa Rajupalem Mandal Parlapadu
5567 Kadapa Rajupalem Mandal Pottipadu
5568 Kadapa Rajupalem Mandal Rajupalem
5569 Kadapa Rajupalem Mandal Tangatur
5570 Kadapa Rajupalem Mandal Thondaladinne
5571 Kadapa Rajupalem Mandal Velavali
5572 Kadapa Rajupalem Mandal Vellala
5573 Kadapa Ramapuram Mandal Bandlapalle
5574 Kadapa Ramapuram Mandal Chitlur
5575 Kadapa Ramapuram Mandal Gopagudipalle
5576 Kadapa Ramapuram Mandal Guvvalacheruvu
5577 Kadapa Ramapuram Mandal Hasanapuram
5578 Kadapa Ramapuram Mandal Kalpanayunicheruvu
5579 Kadapa Ramapuram Mandal Nallaguttapalle
5580 Kadapa Ramapuram Mandal Neelakantharaopeta
5581 Kadapa Ramapuram Mandal Pothukurupalle
5582 Kadapa Ramapuram Mandal Rachapalle
5583 Kadapa Ramapuram Mandal Saraswathipalle
5584 Kadapa Ramapuram Mandal Suddamalla
5585 Kadapa Rayachoti Mandal Abbavaram
5586 Kadapa Rayachoti Mandal Botlacheruvu
5587 Kadapa Rayachoti Mandal Chennamukkapalle(CT)
5588 Kadapa Rayachoti Mandal Cherlopalle
5589 Kadapa Rayachoti Mandal Dullavaripalle
5590 Kadapa Rayachoti Mandal Gorlamudiveedu
5591 Kadapa Rayachoti Mandal Guntimadugu
5592 Kadapa Rayachoti Mandal Indukurupalle
5593 Kadapa Rayachoti Mandal Kasbagollapalli
5594 Kadapa Rayachoti Mandal Katimayakunta
5595 Kadapa Rayachoti Mandal Madhavaram
5596 Kadapa Rayachoti Mandal Masapet (R)
5597 Kadapa Rayachoti Mandal Peddakalvapalle
5598 Kadapa Rayachoti Mandal Pemmadapalle
5599 Kadapa Rayachoti Mandal Rayachoty
5600 Kadapa Rayachoti Mandal Sibyala
5601 Kadapa Rayachoti Mandal Syamalavaripalle
5602 Kadapa Rayachoti Mandal Yandapalle
5603 Kadapa Rayachoti Mandal Yerranagupalle
5604 Kadapa Sambepalle Mandal Devapatla
5605 Kadapa Sambepalle Mandal Dudyala
5606 Kadapa Sambepalle Mandal Gunnikuntla
5607 Kadapa Sambepalle Mandal Guriginjakunta
5608 Kadapa Sambepalle Mandal Guttapalle
5609 Kadapa Sambepalle Mandal Motakatla
5610 Kadapa Sambepalle Mandal Narayanareddipalle
5611 Kadapa Sambepalle Mandal Routhukunta
5612 Kadapa Sambepalle Mandal Sambepalle
5613 Kadapa Sambepalle Mandal Settipalle
5614 Kadapa Sambepalle Mandal Sho.Somavaram
5615 Kadapa Sidhout Mandal Gundlamoola
5616 Kadapa Sidhout Mandal Jangalapalle
5617 Kadapa Sidhout Mandal Jyothi
5618 Kadapa Sidhout Mandal Kadapayapalle
5619 Kadapa Sidhout Mandal Kanumalapalle
5620 Kadapa Sidhout Mandal Lingampalle
5621 Kadapa Sidhout Mandal Machupalle
5622 Kadapa Sidhout Mandal Mandapalle
5623 Kadapa Sidhout Mandal Mulapalle
5624 Kadapa Sidhout Mandal Nekanapuram
5625 Kadapa Sidhout Mandal Peddapalle
5626 Kadapa Sidhout Mandal Ponnavolu
5627 Kadapa Sidhout Mandal Shakarajupalle
5628 Kadapa Sidhout Mandal Sidhout
5629 Kadapa Sidhout Mandal S.Rajampeta
5630 Kadapa Sidhout Mandal Tokkolu
5631 Kadapa Sidhout Mandal Velugupalle
5632 Kadapa Sidhout Mandal Vontithatipalle
5633 Kadapa Simhadripuram Mandal Agraharam
5634 Kadapa Simhadripuram Mandal Ankalammagudur
5635 Kadapa Simhadripuram Mandal Balapanur
5636 Kadapa Simhadripuram Mandal Bidinamcherla
5637 Kadapa Simhadripuram Mandal Chavvaripalle
5638 Kadapa Simhadripuram Mandal Devathapuram
5639 Kadapa Simhadripuram Mandal Duddekunta
5640 Kadapa Simhadripuram Mandal Gurjala
5641 Kadapa Simhadripuram Mandal Himakuntla
5642 Kadapa Simhadripuram Mandal Jangamreddipalle
5643 Kadapa Simhadripuram Mandal Kasanur
5644 Kadapa Simhadripuram Mandal Lomada
5645 Kadapa Simhadripuram Mandal Maddulapaya
5646 Kadapa Simhadripuram Mandal Nandyalampalle
5647 Kadapa Simhadripuram Mandal Nidivelagala
5648 Kadapa Simhadripuram Mandal Pydipalem
5649 Kadapa Simhadripuram Mandal Ravulakolanu
5650 Kadapa Simhadripuram Mandal Simhadripuram
5651 Kadapa Simhadripuram Mandal Sunkesula
5652 Kadapa Simhadripuram Mandal Theliki
5653 Kadapa S.Mydukur Mandal Annalur
5654 Kadapa S.Mydukur Mandal Audireddipalle
5655 Kadapa S.Mydukur Mandal Gaddamayapalle
5656 Kadapa S.Mydukur Mandal Ganjikunta
5657 Kadapa S.Mydukur Mandal Lingaladinne
5658 Kadapa S.Mydukur Mandal Mittamanipalle
5659 Kadapa S.Mydukur Mandal Mudireddipalle
5660 Kadapa S.Mydukur Mandal Nandyalampeta
5661 Kadapa S.Mydukur Mandal N.Mydukur
5662 Kadapa S.Mydukur Mandal Onipenta
5663 Kadapa S.Mydukur Mandal Settivaripalle
5664 Kadapa S.Mydukur Mandal Sivapuram
5665 Kadapa S.Mydukur Mandal S.Mydukur
5666 Kadapa S.Mydukur Mandal Somayajulapalle
5667 Kadapa S.Mydukur Mandal Thippireddipalle
5668 Kadapa S.Mydukur Mandal Yakarlapalem
5669 Kadapa Sri Avadhutha Kasinayana Mandal Akkampet
5670 Kadapa Sri Avadhutha Kasinayana Mandal Akkemgundla
5671 Kadapa Sri Avadhutha Kasinayana Mandal Balayapalle
5672 Kadapa Sri Avadhutha Kasinayana Mandal Ganganapalle
5673 Kadapa Sri Avadhutha Kasinayana Mandal Guntuvaripalle
5674 Kadapa Sri Avadhutha Kasinayana Mandal Itigullapadu
5675 Kadapa Sri Avadhutha Kasinayana Mandal Katheragandla
5676 Kadapa Sri Avadhutha Kasinayana Mandal Moolapalle
5677 Kadapa Sri Avadhutha Kasinayana Mandal Narasapuram
5678 Kadapa Sri Avadhutha Kasinayana Mandal Nayunipalle
5679 Kadapa Sri Avadhutha Kasinayana Mandal Obulapuram
5680 Kadapa Sri Avadhutha Kasinayana Mandal Pagadalapalle
5681 Kadapa Sri Avadhutha Kasinayana Mandal Pittigunta
5682 Kadapa Sri Avadhutha Kasinayana Mandal Rampadu
5683 Kadapa Sri Avadhutha Kasinayana Mandal Savisettipalle
5684 Kadapa Sri Avadhutha Kasinayana Mandal Uppalur
5685 Kadapa Sri Avadhutha Kasinayana Mandal Vankamarri
5686 Kadapa Sri Avadhutha Kasinayana Mandal Varikunta
5687 Kadapa Sri Avadhutha Kasinayana Mandal Vasudevapuram
5688 Kadapa Sri Avadhutha Kasinayana Mandal Vengalampalle
5689 Kadapa Thondur Mandal Agadur
5690 Kadapa Thondur Mandal Bhadrampalle
5691 Kadapa Thondur Mandal Buchupalle
5692 Kadapa Thondur Mandal Gotur
5693 Kadapa Thondur Mandal Gundlamadugu
5694 Kadapa Thondur Mandal Inagalur
5695 Kadapa Thondur Mandal Jalaparthi
5696 Kadapa Thondur Mandal Madur
5697 Kadapa Thondur Mandal Mallela
5698 Kadapa Thondur Mandal Palur
5699 Kadapa Thondur Mandal Santhakovvur
5700 Kadapa Thondur Mandal Sydapuram
5701 Kadapa Thondur Mandal Thellur
5702 Kadapa Thondur Mandal Thimmapurampeta
5703 Kadapa Thondur Mandal Thondur
5704 Kadapa Thondur Mandal Udavagandla
5705 Kadapa Thondur Mandal Yadavakunta
5706 Kadapa T Sundupalle Mandal Akkampalle
5707 Kadapa T Sundupalle Mandal Bhagampalle
5708 Kadapa T Sundupalle Mandal Chinnaiahgaripalle
5709 Kadapa T Sundupalle Mandal Gundlapalle
5710 Kadapa T Sundupalle Mandal Madithadu
5711 Kadapa T Sundupalle Mandal Mudampadu
5712 Kadapa T Sundupalle Mandal Peddinenikalva
5713 Kadapa T Sundupalle Mandal Perumallaiahgaripalle
5714 Kadapa T Sundupalle Mandal Polimerapalle
5715 Kadapa T Sundupalle Mandal Rayavaram
5716 Kadapa T Sundupalle Mandal Reddivaripalle
5717 Kadapa T Sundupalle Mandal Thimmasamudram
5718 Kadapa T Sundupalle Mandal T Sundupalle
5719 Kadapa T Sundupalle Mandal Yerramanenipalem
5720 Kadapa Vallur Mandal Ambavaram
5721 Kadapa Vallur Mandal Ankayapalle
5722 Kadapa Vallur Mandal Chinnaputha
5723 Kadapa Vallur Mandal Gotur
5724 Kadapa Vallur Mandal Isukapalle
5725 Kadapa Vallur Mandal Jangampalle
5726 Kadapa Vallur Mandal Kodandaramapuram
5727 Kadapa Vallur Mandal Koppolu
5728 Kadapa Vallur Mandal Kotluru
5729 Kadapa Vallur Mandal Kumarunipalle
5730 Kadapa Vallur Mandal Lebaka
5731 Kadapa Vallur Mandal Obana Somayajulapalle
5732 Kadapa Vallur Mandal Paidikalva
5733 Kadapa Vallur Mandal Peddaputha
5734 Kadapa Vallur Mandal Putha Chinnayapalle
5735 Kadapa Vallur Mandal Tappetla
5736 Kadapa Vallur Mandal Thollaganganapalle
5737 Kadapa Vallur Mandal Vallur
5738 Kadapa Vallur Mandal Venkatesapuram
5739 Kadapa Vallur Mandal Yadavapuram
5740 Kadapa Veeraballe Mandal Gadikota
5741 Kadapa Veeraballe Mandal Matli
5742 Kadapa Veeraballe Mandal Odiveedu
5743 Kadapa Veeraballe Mandal Peddiveedu
5744 Kadapa Veeraballe Mandal Sanipaya
5745 Kadapa Veeraballe Mandal Somavaram
5746 Kadapa Veeraballe Mandal Veeraballe
5747 Kadapa Veeraballe Mandal Vongimalla
5748 Kadapa Veeraballe Mandal Yadaballe
5749 Kadapa Veerapunayunipalle Mandal Alidena
5750 Kadapa Veerapunayunipalle Mandal Animela
5751 Kadapa Veerapunayunipalle Mandal Ankireddipalle
5752 Kadapa Veerapunayunipalle Mandal Ayyavaripalle
5753 Kadapa Veerapunayunipalle Mandal Gonumakulapalle
5754 Kadapa Veerapunayunipalle Mandal Indukur
5755 Kadapa Veerapunayunipalle Mandal Keerthipalle
5756 Kadapa Veerapunayunipalle Mandal Kommaddi
5757 Kadapa Veerapunayunipalle Mandal Lingala
5758 Kadapa Veerapunayunipalle Mandal Moillacheruvu
5759 Kadapa Veerapunayunipalle Mandal Northpalagiri
5760 Kadapa Veerapunayunipalle Mandal Payasampalle
5761 Kadapa Veerapunayunipalle Mandal Pillivaripalle
5762 Kadapa Veerapunayunipalle Mandal Southpalagiri
5763 Kadapa Veerapunayunipalle Mandal Talapanur
5764 Kadapa Veerapunayunipalle Mandal Tangedupalle
5765 Kadapa Veerapunayunipalle Mandal U.Rajupalem
5766 Kadapa Veerapunayunipalle Mandal Urutur
5767 Kadapa Veerapunayunipalle Mandal Veldurthi
5768 Kadapa Vempalle Mandal Alavalapadu
5769 Kadapa Vempalle Mandal Alireddipalle
5770 Kadapa Vempalle Mandal Idupulapaya
5771 Kadapa Vempalle Mandal Kathaluru
5772 Kadapa Vempalle Mandal Muthukuru
5773 Kadapa Vempalle Mandal Naguru
5774 Kadapa Vempalle Mandal Pamulur
5775 Kadapa Vempalle Mandal Ramireddipalle
5776 Kadapa Vempalle Mandal Tallapalle
5777 Kadapa Vempalle Mandal T.Velamvaripalle
5778 Kadapa Vempalle Mandal Vempalle
5779 Kadapa Vemula Mandal Chagaleru
5780 Kadapa Vemula Mandal Chintalajutur
5781 Kadapa Vemula Mandal Gollalagudur
5782 Kadapa Vemula Mandal Gondipalle
5783 Kadapa Vemula Mandal Meedipentla
5784 Kadapa Vemula Mandal Nallacheruvupalle
5785 Kadapa Vemula Mandal Peddajutur
5786 Kadapa Vemula Mandal Pendluru
5787 Kadapa Vemula Mandal Pernapadu
5788 Kadapa Vemula Mandal Velpula
5789 Kadapa Vemula Mandal Vemula
5790 Kadapa Vemula Mandal V.Kothapalle
5791 Kadapa Vontimitta Mandal Brahmanapalle
5792 Kadapa Vontimitta Mandal Chintarajupalle
5793 Kadapa Vontimitta Mandal Darjipalle
5794 Kadapa Vontimitta Mandal Gangaperuru
5795 Kadapa Vontimitta Mandal Gollapalle
5796 Kadapa Vontimitta Mandal Gundlamada
5797 Kadapa Vontimitta Mandal Jowkulapalle
5798 Kadapa Vontimitta Mandal Konarajupalle
5799 Kadapa Vontimitta Mandal Kotapadu
5800 Kadapa Vontimitta Mandal Kudumalur
5801 Kadapa Vontimitta Mandal Kuruguntlapalle
5802 Kadapa Vontimitta Mandal Madhavaram
5803 Kadapa Vontimitta Mandal Mangampeta
5804 Kadapa Vontimitta Mandal Mantapampalle
5805 Kadapa Vontimitta Mandal Narayanarajupeta
5806 Kadapa Vontimitta Mandal Pennaperuru
5807 Kadapa Vontimitta Mandal Ponnapalle
5808 Kadapa Vontimitta Mandal Rachagudipalle
5809 Kadapa Vontimitta Mandal Vontimitta
5810 Kadapa Yerraguntla Mandal Chilamkur
5811 Kadapa Yerraguntla Mandal Chinnadandluru
5812 Kadapa Yerraguntla Mandal Hanumanagutti
5813 Kadapa Yerraguntla Mandal Illuru
5814 Kadapa Yerraguntla Mandal Kalamalla
5815 Kadapa Yerraguntla Mandal Kathugutavengannagaripalle
5816 Kadapa Yerraguntla Mandal Koduru
5817 Kadapa Yerraguntla Mandal Malepadu
5818 Kadapa Yerraguntla Mandal Nidizivve
5819 Kadapa Yerraguntla Mandal Peddanapadu
5820 Kadapa Yerraguntla Mandal P.Gopalapuram
5821 Kadapa Yerraguntla Mandal Potladurthi
5822 Kadapa Yerraguntla Mandal Thippaluru
5823 Kadapa Yerraguntla Mandal T.Sunkesala
5824 Kadapa Yerraguntla Mandal Valasapalle
5825 Kadapa Yerraguntla Mandal Yerraguntla(CT)
5826 Krishna Agiripalle Mandal Adivinekkalam
5827 Krishna Agiripalle Mandal Agiripalle
5828 Krishna Agiripalle Mandal Ananthasagaram
5829 Krishna Agiripalle Mandal Boddanapalle
5830 Krishna Agiripalle Mandal Chopparametla
5831 Krishna Agiripalle Mandal Edara
5832 Krishna Agiripalle Mandal Edulagudem
5833 Krishna Agiripalle Mandal Garikapativari Khandrika
5834 Krishna Agiripalle Mandal Kalaturu
5835 Krishna Agiripalle Mandal Kanasanapalle
5836 Krishna Agiripalle Mandal Krishnavaram
5837 Krishna Agiripalle Mandal Malleswaram
5838 Krishna Agiripalle Mandal Malliboinapalle
5839 Krishna Agiripalle Mandal Narasingapalem
5840 Krishna Agiripalle Mandal Nugondapalle
5841 Krishna Agiripalle Mandal Pinnamareddipalle
5842 Krishna Agiripalle Mandal Pothavarappadu
5843 Krishna Agiripalle Mandal Sagguru
5844 Krishna Agiripalle Mandal Suravaram
5845 Krishna Agiripalle Mandal Tadepalle
5846 Krishna Agiripalle Mandal Thotapalle
5847 Krishna Agiripalle Mandal Vadlamanu
5848 Krishna Agiripalle Mandal Vattigudipadu
5849 Krishna A.Konduru Mandal A.Konduru
5850 Krishna A.Konduru Mandal Atlapragada
5851 Krishna A.Konduru Mandal Cheemalapadu
5852 Krishna A.Konduru Mandal Gollamandala
5853 Krishna A.Konduru Mandal Kambampadu
5854 Krishna A.Konduru Mandal Koduru
5855 Krishna A.Konduru Mandal Kummarakuntla
5856 Krishna A.Konduru Mandal Madhavaram (East)
5857 Krishna A.Konduru Mandal Madhavaram (West)
5858 Krishna A.Konduru Mandal Marepalle
5859 Krishna A.Konduru Mandal Polisettipadu
5860 Krishna A.Konduru Mandal Repudi
5861 Krishna A.Konduru Mandal Vallampatla
5862 Krishna Avanigadda Mandal Aswaraopalem
5863 Krishna Avanigadda Mandal Avanigadda
5864 Krishna Avanigadda Mandal Chiruvolu Lanka
5865 Krishna Avanigadda Mandal Edlanka
5866 Krishna Avanigadda Mandal Modumudi
5867 Krishna Avanigadda Mandal Puligadda
5868 Krishna Avanigadda Mandal Vekanuru
5869 Krishna Bantumilli Mandal Amudalapalle
5870 Krishna Bantumilli Mandal Arthamuru
5871 Krishna Bantumilli Mandal Bantumilli
5872 Krishna Bantumilli Mandal Barripadu
5873 Krishna Bantumilli Mandal Chinatummidi
5874 Krishna Bantumilli Mandal Chorampudi
5875 Krishna Bantumilli Mandal Kanchadam
5876 Krishna Bantumilli Mandal Korlapadu
5877 Krishna Bantumilli Mandal Maddetipalle
5878 Krishna Bantumilli Mandal Malleswaram
5879 Krishna Bantumilli Mandal Manimeswaram
5880 Krishna Bantumilli Mandal Mulaparru
5881 Krishna Bantumilli Mandal Munjuluru
5882 Krishna Bantumilli Mandal Narayanapuram
5883 Krishna Bantumilli Mandal Peda Pandraka
5884 Krishna Bantumilli Mandal Pedatummidi
5885 Krishna Bantumilli Mandal Pendurru
5886 Krishna Bantumilli Mandal Ramavarapumodi
5887 Krishna Bantumilli Mandal Satuluru
5888 Krishna Bapulapadu Mandal Ampapuram
5889 Krishna Bapulapadu Mandal Arugolanu
5890 Krishna Bapulapadu Mandal Bandarugudem
5891 Krishna Bapulapadu Mandal Bapulapadu
5892 Krishna Bapulapadu Mandal Billanapalle
5893 Krishna Bapulapadu Mandal Bommuluru
5894 Krishna Bapulapadu Mandal Bommuluru Khandrika
5895 Krishna Bapulapadu Mandal Chirivada
5896 Krishna Bapulapadu Mandal Dantaguntla
5897 Krishna Bapulapadu Mandal Kakulapadu
5898 Krishna Bapulapadu Mandal Kanumolu
5899 Krishna Bapulapadu Mandal Kodurupadu
5900 Krishna Bapulapadu Mandal Kothapalle
5901 Krishna Bapulapadu Mandal Koyyuru
5902 Krishna Bapulapadu Mandal Kuripirala
5903 Krishna Bapulapadu Mandal Madicherla
5904 Krishna Bapulapadu Mandal Mallavilli
5905 Krishna Bapulapadu Mandal Ogirala
5906 Krishna Bapulapadu Mandal Ramannagudem
5907 Krishna Bapulapadu Mandal Rangannagudem
5908 Krishna Bapulapadu Mandal Remalle
5909 Krishna Bapulapadu Mandal Serinarasannapalem
5910 Krishna Bapulapadu Mandal Singannagudem
5911 Krishna Bapulapadu Mandal Sobhanadripuram
5912 Krishna Bapulapadu Mandal Tippanagunta
5913 Krishna Bapulapadu Mandal Veeravalli
5914 Krishna Bapulapadu Mandal Veleru
5915 Krishna Bapulapadu Mandal Venkatapuram
5916 Krishna Bapulapadu Mandal Venkatrajugudem
5917 Krishna Challapalle Mandal Challapalle
5918 Krishna Challapalle Mandal Cheedepudi
5919 Krishna Challapalle Mandal Lakshmipuram
5920 Krishna Challapalle Mandal Majeru
5921 Krishna Challapalle Mandal Mangalapuram
5922 Krishna Challapalle Mandal Nadakuduru
5923 Krishna Challapalle Mandal Nimmagadda
5924 Krishna Challapalle Mandal Pagolu
5925 Krishna Challapalle Mandal Puritigadda
5926 Krishna Challapalle Mandal Vakkalagadda
5927 Krishna Challapalle Mandal Velivolu
5928 Krishna Challapalle Mandal Yarlagadda
5929 Krishna Chandarlapadu Mandal Bobbellapadu
5930 Krishna Chandarlapadu Mandal Brahmabotlapalem
5931 Krishna Chandarlapadu Mandal Chandarlapadu
5932 Krishna Chandarlapadu Mandal Chintalapadu
5933 Krishna Chandarlapadu Mandal Eturu
5934 Krishna Chandarlapadu Mandal Gudimetla
5935 Krishna Chandarlapadu Mandal Gudimetlapalem
5936 Krishna Chandarlapadu Mandal Kasarabada
5937 Krishna Chandarlapadu Mandal Katrenipalle
5938 Krishna Chandarlapadu Mandal Kodavatikallu
5939 Krishna Chandarlapadu Mandal Konayapalem
5940 Krishna Chandarlapadu Mandal Medipalem
5941 Krishna Chandarlapadu Mandal Munagala Palle
5942 Krishna Chandarlapadu Mandal Muppalla
5943 Krishna Chandarlapadu Mandal Patempadu
5944 Krishna Chandarlapadu Mandal Pokkunuru
5945 Krishna Chandarlapadu Mandal Popuru
5946 Krishna Chandarlapadu Mandal Punnavalli
5947 Krishna Chandarlapadu Mandal Thotaravulapadu
5948 Krishna Chandarlapadu Mandal Thurlapadu
5949 Krishna Chandarlapadu Mandal Ustepalle
5950 Krishna Chandarlapadu Mandal Veladi
5951 Krishna Chandarlapadu Mandal Vibhareetapadu
5952 Krishna Chatrai Mandal Arugolanupeta
5953 Krishna Chatrai Mandal Burugugudem
5954 Krishna Chatrai Mandal Chanubanda
5955 Krishna Chatrai Mandal Chatrai
5956 Krishna Chatrai Mandal Chinnampet
5957 Krishna Chatrai Mandal Chittapur
5958 Krishna Chatrai Mandal Janardhanavaram
5959 Krishna Chatrai Mandal Kotapadu
5960 Krishna Chatrai Mandal Kothagudem
5961 Krishna Chatrai Mandal Krishnaraopalem
5962 Krishna Chatrai Mandal Mankollu
5963 Krishna Chatrai Mandal Parvatapuram
5964 Krishna Chatrai Mandal Polavaram
5965 Krishna Chatrai Mandal Pothanapalle
5966 Krishna Chatrai Mandal Somavaram
5967 Krishna Chatrai Mandal Tummagudem
5968 Krishna Gampalagudem Mandal Anumollanka
5969 Krishna Gampalagudem Mandal Arlapadu
5970 Krishna Gampalagudem Mandal Chennavaram
5971 Krishna Gampalagudem Mandal Dundiralapadu
5972 Krishna Gampalagudem Mandal Gampalagudem
5973 Krishna Gampalagudem Mandal Gosaveedu
5974 Krishna Gampalagudem Mandal Gullapudi
5975 Krishna Gampalagudem Mandal Kanumuru
5976 Krishna Gampalagudem Mandal Konijerla
5977 Krishna Gampalagudem Mandal Kothapalle
5978 Krishna Gampalagudem Mandal Lingala
5979 Krishna Gampalagudem Mandal Meduru
5980 Krishna Gampalagudem Mandal Narikampadu
5981 Krishna Gampalagudem Mandal Nemali
5982 Krishna Gampalagudem Mandal Peda Komira
5983 Krishna Gampalagudem Mandal Penugolanu
5984 Krishna Gampalagudem Mandal Rajavaram
5985 Krishna Gampalagudem Mandal Tunikipadu
5986 Krishna Gampalagudem Mandal Ummadidevarapalle
5987 Krishna Gampalagudem Mandal Utukuru
5988 Krishna Gampalagudem Mandal Vinagadapa
5989 Krishna Gannavaram Mandal Ajjampudi
5990 Krishna Gannavaram Mandal Allapuram
5991 Krishna Gannavaram Mandal Bahubalendrunigudem
5992 Krishna Gannavaram Mandal Balliparru
5993 Krishna Gannavaram Mandal Buddavaram
5994 Krishna Gannavaram Mandal Buthumillipadu
5995 Krishna Gannavaram Mandal Chikkavaram
5996 Krishna Gannavaram Mandal China Avutapalle
5997 Krishna Gannavaram Mandal Gannavaram
5998 Krishna Gannavaram Mandal Gollanapalle
5999 Krishna Gannavaram Mandal Gopavarapugudem
6000 Krishna Gannavaram Mandal Jakkulanekkalam
6001 Krishna Gannavaram Mandal Kesarapalle
6002 Krishna Gannavaram Mandal Kondapavuluru
6003 Krishna Gannavaram Mandal Metlapalle
6004 Krishna Gannavaram Mandal Purushottapatnam
6005 Krishna Gannavaram Mandal Ramachandrapuram
6006 Krishna Gannavaram Mandal Sagguruamani
6007 Krishna Gannavaram Mandal Savarigudem
6008 Krishna Gannavaram Mandal Surampalle
6009 Krishna Gannavaram Mandal Tempalle
6010 Krishna Gannavaram Mandal Vedurupavuluru
6011 Krishna Gannavaram Mandal Veerapanenigudem
6012 Krishna Gannavaram Mandal Venkatanarasimhapuram
6013 Krishna Gannavaram Mandal Venkatanarasimhapuram
6014 Krishna Ghantasala Mandal Birudugadda
6015 Krishna Ghantasala Mandal Bollapadu
6016 Krishna Ghantasala Mandal Chilakalapudi
6017 Krishna Ghantasala Mandal China Kallepalle
6018 Krishna Ghantasala Mandal Chitturpu
6019 Krishna Ghantasala Mandal Chitturu
6020 Krishna Ghantasala Mandal Daliparru
6021 Krishna Ghantasala Mandal Devarakota
6022 Krishna Ghantasala Mandal Elikala Kuduru
6023 Krishna Ghantasala Mandal Endakuduru
6024 Krishna Ghantasala Mandal Ghantasala
6025 Krishna Ghantasala Mandal Kodali
6026 Krishna Ghantasala Mandal Kothapalle
6027 Krishna Ghantasala Mandal Lankapalle
6028 Krishna Ghantasala Mandal Mallampalle
6029 Krishna Ghantasala Mandal Pushadam
6030 Krishna Ghantasala Mandal Srikakulam
6031 Krishna Ghantasala Mandal Tadepalle
6032 Krishna Ghantasala Mandal Teluguraopalem
6033 Krishna Ghantasala Mandal Vemulapalle
6034 Krishna Ghantasala Mandal V.Rudravaram
6035 Krishna G.Konduru Mandal Atukuru
6036 Krishna G.Konduru Mandal Bhimavarappadu
6037 Krishna G.Konduru Mandal Chegireddipadu
6038 Krishna G.Konduru Mandal Cheruvu Madhavaram
6039 Krishna G.Konduru Mandal Chevuturu
6040 Krishna G.Konduru Mandal Duggiralapadu
6041 Krishna G.Konduru Mandal Gaddamanugu
6042 Krishna G.Konduru Mandal Ganginenipalem
6043 Krishna G.Konduru Mandal Gurrajupalem
6044 Krishna G.Konduru Mandal Haveli Mutyalampadu
6045 Krishna G.Konduru Mandal Kadimpothavaram
6046 Krishna G.Konduru Mandal Kandulapadu
6047 Krishna G.Konduru Mandal Kavuluru
6048 Krishna G.Konduru Mandal Koduru
6049 Krishna G.Konduru Mandal Konduru
6050 Krishna G.Konduru Mandal Kuntamukkala
6051 Krishna G.Konduru Mandal Loya
6052 Krishna G.Konduru Mandal Munagapadu
6053 Krishna G.Konduru Mandal Nandigama
6054 Krishna G.Konduru Mandal Narasayagudem
6055 Krishna G.Konduru Mandal Petrampadu
6056 Krishna G.Konduru Mandal Pinapaka
6057 Krishna G.Konduru Mandal Sunnampadu
6058 Krishna G.Konduru Mandal Telladevarapadu
6059 Krishna G.Konduru Mandal Velagaleru
6060 Krishna G.Konduru Mandal Vellaturu
6061 Krishna G.Konduru Mandal Venkatapuram
6062 Krishna Gudivada Mandal Allidoddi
6063 Krishna Gudivada Mandal Bethavolu (R)
6064 Krishna Gudivada Mandal Billapadu (R)
6065 Krishna Gudivada Mandal Bommuluru
6066 Krishna Gudivada Mandal Chilakamudi
6067 Krishna Gudivada Mandal China Yerukapadu
6068 Krishna Gudivada Mandal Chirichintala
6069 Krishna Gudivada Mandal Chowtapalle
6070 Krishna Gudivada Mandal Dondapadu
6071 Krishna Gudivada Mandal Gangadharapuram
6072 Krishna Gudivada Mandal Gudivada (R)
6073 Krishna Gudivada Mandal Guntakoduru
6074 Krishna Gudivada Mandal Kalvapudi Agraharam
6075 Krishna Gudivada Mandal Kasipudi
6076 Krishna Gudivada Mandal Lingavaram
6077 Krishna Gudivada Mandal Mandapadu (R)
6078 Krishna Gudivada Mandal Merakagudem
6079 Krishna Gudivada Mandal Moturu
6080 Krishna Gudivada Mandal Nagavarapadu U
6081 Krishna Gudivada Mandal Pedayerukapadu (R)
6082 Krishna Gudivada Mandal Ramachandrapuram
6083 Krishna Gudivada Mandal Ramanapudi
6084 Krishna Gudivada Mandal Saidepudi
6085 Krishna Gudivada Mandal Seepudi
6086 Krishna Gudivada Mandal Seri Dintakurru
6087 Krishna Gudivada Mandal Seri Golvepalle
6088 Krishna Gudivada Mandal Seri Velpur
6089 Krishna Gudivada Mandal Siddhantam
6090 Krishna Gudivada Mandal Tativarru
6091 Krishna Gudivada Mandal Valivarthipadu (R)
6092 Krishna Gudlavalleru Mandal Angaluru
6093 Krishna Gudlavalleru Mandal Chandrala
6094 Krishna Gudlavalleru Mandal Cheruvupalle
6095 Krishna Gudlavalleru Mandal Chinagonnuru
6096 Krishna Gudlavalleru Mandal Chitram
6097 Krishna Gudlavalleru Mandal Dokiparru
6098 Krishna Gudlavalleru Mandal Gadepudi
6099 Krishna Gudlavalleru Mandal Gudlavalleru
6100 Krishna Gudlavalleru Mandal Kowtaram
6101 Krishna Gudlavalleru Mandal Kurada
6102 Krishna Gudlavalleru Mandal Mamidikolla
6103 Krishna Gudlavalleru Mandal Nagavaram
6104 Krishna Gudlavalleru Mandal Penjendra
6105 Krishna Gudlavalleru Mandal Pesaramilli
6106 Krishna Gudlavalleru Mandal Puritipadu
6107 Krishna Gudlavalleru Mandal Seridaggumilli
6108 Krishna Gudlavalleru Mandal Seri Kalavapudi
6109 Krishna Gudlavalleru Mandal Ulavalapudi
6110 Krishna Gudlavalleru Mandal Vadlamannadu
6111 Krishna Gudlavalleru Mandal Vemavaram
6112 Krishna Gudlavalleru Mandal Vemavarappalem
6113 Krishna Gudlavalleru Mandal Vemugunta
6114 Krishna Gudlavalleru Mandal Venuturumilli
6115 Krishna Gudlavalleru Mandal Vinnakota
6116 Krishna Guduru Mandal Akulamannadu
6117 Krishna Guduru Mandal Akumarru
6118 Krishna Guduru Mandal Chittiguduru
6119 Krishna Guduru Mandal Gandram
6120 Krishna Guduru Mandal Guduru
6121 Krishna Guduru Mandal Gurjepalle
6122 Krishna Guduru Mandal Idugullapalle
6123 Krishna Guduru Mandal Jakkamcherla
6124 Krishna Guduru Mandal Kalapatam
6125 Krishna Guduru Mandal Kanchakodur
6126 Krishna Guduru Mandal Kankatava
6127 Krishna Guduru Mandal Kappaladoddi
6128 Krishna Guduru Mandal Kokanarayanapalem
6129 Krishna Guduru Mandal Lellagaruvu
6130 Krishna Guduru Mandal Maddipatla
6131 Krishna Guduru Mandal Mallavolu
6132 Krishna Guduru Mandal Mukkollu
6133 Krishna Guduru Mandal Narikedalapalem
6134 Krishna Guduru Mandal Pinagudurulanka
6135 Krishna Guduru Mandal Polavaram
6136 Krishna Guduru Mandal Ramannapeta
6137 Krishna Guduru Mandal Ramanuja Varthalapalle
6138 Krishna Guduru Mandal Ramarajupalem
6139 Krishna Guduru Mandal Rayavaram
6140 Krishna Guduru Mandal Tarakaturu
6141 Krishna Ibrahimpatnam Mandal Chilukuru
6142 Krishna Ibrahimpatnam Mandal Damuluru
6143 Krishna Ibrahimpatnam Mandal Elaprolu
6144 Krishna Ibrahimpatnam Mandal Gudurupadu
6145 Krishna Ibrahimpatnam Mandal Guntupalle(CT)
6146 Krishna Ibrahimpatnam Mandal Ibrahimpatnam(CT)
6147 Krishna Ibrahimpatnam Mandal Jupudi
6148 Krishna Ibrahimpatnam Mandal Kachavaram
6149 Krishna Ibrahimpatnam Mandal Kethanakonda
6150 Krishna Ibrahimpatnam Mandal Kondapalle(CT)
6151 Krishna Ibrahimpatnam Mandal Kotikalapudi
6152 Krishna Ibrahimpatnam Mandal Malkapuram
6153 Krishna Ibrahimpatnam Mandal Mulapadu
6154 Krishna Ibrahimpatnam Mandal N.Pothavaram
6155 Krishna Ibrahimpatnam Mandal Trilochanapuram
6156 Krishna Ibrahimpatnam Mandal Tummalapalem
6157 Krishna Ibrahimpatnam Mandal Zami Machavaram
6158 Krishna Ibrahimpatnam Mandal Zami Navi Pothavaram
6159 Krishna Jaggayyapeta Mandal Annavaram
6160 Krishna Jaggayyapeta Mandal Anumanchipalle
6161 Krishna Jaggayyapeta Mandal Balusupadu
6162 Krishna Jaggayyapeta Mandal Bandipalem
6163 Krishna Jaggayyapeta Mandal Buchavaram
6164 Krishna Jaggayyapeta Mandal Budawada
6165 Krishna Jaggayyapeta Mandal Chillakallu
6166 Krishna Jaggayyapeta Mandal Gandrai
6167 Krishna Jaggayyapeta Mandal Garikapadu
6168 Krishna Jaggayyapeta Mandal Gowravaram
6169 Krishna Jaggayyapeta Mandal Jayanthipuram
6170 Krishna Jaggayyapeta Mandal Kowthavari Agraharam
6171 Krishna Jaggayyapeta Mandal Malkapuram
6172 Krishna Jaggayyapeta Mandal Mukteswarapuram
6173 Krishna Jaggayyapeta Mandal Pochampalle
6174 Krishna Jaggayyapeta Mandal Ramachandrunipeta
6175 Krishna Jaggayyapeta Mandal Ravikampadu
6176 Krishna Jaggayyapeta Mandal Ravirala
6177 Krishna Jaggayyapeta Mandal Shermohammedpet
6178 Krishna Jaggayyapeta Mandal Takkellapadu
6179 Krishna Jaggayyapeta Mandal Tirumalagiri
6180 Krishna Jaggayyapeta Mandal Torraguntapalem
6181 Krishna Jaggayyapeta Mandal Tripuravaram
6182 Krishna Jaggayyapeta Mandal Vedadri
6183 Krishna Kaikalur Mandal Achavaram
6184 Krishna Kaikalur Mandal Alapadu
6185 Krishna Kaikalur Mandal Atapaka
6186 Krishna Kaikalur Mandal Bhujabalapatnam
6187 Krishna Kaikalur Mandal Doddipatla
6188 Krishna Kaikalur Mandal Gonepadu
6189 Krishna Kaikalur Mandal Gopavaram
6190 Krishna Kaikalur Mandal Kaikalur
6191 Krishna Kaikalur Mandal Kolletikota
6192 Krishna Kaikalur Mandal Kottada
6193 Krishna Kaikalur Mandal Pallevada
6194 Krishna Kaikalur Mandal Penchikalamarru
6195 Krishna Kaikalur Mandal Rachapatnam
6196 Krishna Kaikalur Mandal Ramavaram
6197 Krishna Kaikalur Mandal Seetanapalle
6198 Krishna Kaikalur Mandal Singapuram
6199 Krishna Kaikalur Mandal Someswaram
6200 Krishna Kaikalur Mandal Syamalambapuram
6201 Krishna Kaikalur Mandal Tamarakollu
6202 Krishna Kaikalur Mandal Vadarlapadu
6203 Krishna Kaikalur Mandal Varahapatnam
6204 Krishna Kaikalur Mandal Vemavarappadu
6205 Krishna Kaikalur Mandal Vinjaram
6206 Krishna Kalidindi Mandal Amaravathi
6207 Krishna Kalidindi Mandal Avakuru
6208 Krishna Kalidindi Mandal Kalidindi
6209 Krishna Kalidindi Mandal Kollapalem
6210 Krishna Kalidindi Mandal Kondangi
6211 Krishna Kalidindi Mandal Konduru
6212 Krishna Kalidindi Mandal Korukollu
6213 Krishna Kalidindi Mandal Kotcherla
6214 Krishna Kalidindi Mandal Mattagunta
6215 Krishna Kalidindi Mandal Pedalanka
6216 Krishna Kalidindi Mandal Pothumarru
6217 Krishna Kalidindi Mandal Sana Rudravaram
6218 Krishna Kalidindi Mandal Thadinada
6219 Krishna Kalidindi Mandal Venkatapuram
6220 Krishna Kanchikacherla Mandal Bathinapadu
6221 Krishna Kanchikacherla Mandal Chevitikallu
6222 Krishna Kanchikacherla Mandal Gandepalle
6223 Krishna Kanchikacherla Mandal Ganiatukuru
6224 Krishna Kanchikacherla Mandal Gottumukkala
6225 Krishna Kanchikacherla Mandal Kanchikacherla
6226 Krishna Kanchikacherla Mandal Keesara
6227 Krishna Kanchikacherla Mandal Kunikinapadu
6228 Krishna Kanchikacherla Mandal Moguluru
6229 Krishna Kanchikacherla Mandal Munnaluru
6230 Krishna Kanchikacherla Mandal Paritala
6231 Krishna Kanchikacherla Mandal Pendyala
6232 Krishna Kanchikacherla Mandal Perakalapadu
6233 Krishna Kanchikacherla Mandal Saidapuram
6234 Krishna Kanchikacherla Mandal Seri Amaravaram
6235 Krishna Kanchikacherla Mandal Vemulapalle
6236 Krishna Kankipadu Mandal Chalivendrapalem
6237 Krishna Kankipadu Mandal Davuluru
6238 Krishna Kankipadu Mandal Edupugallu
6239 Krishna Kankipadu Mandal Godavarru
6240 Krishna Kankipadu Mandal Jagannadhapuram
6241 Krishna Kankipadu Mandal Kandalampadu
6242 Krishna Kankipadu Mandal Kankipadu(CT)
6243 Krishna Kankipadu Mandal Kolavennu
6244 Krishna Kankipadu Mandal Konathanapadu
6245 Krishna Kankipadu Mandal Kunderu
6246 Krishna Kankipadu Mandal Madduru
6247 Krishna Kankipadu Mandal Manthena
6248 Krishna Kankipadu Mandal Maredumaka
6249 Krishna Kankipadu Mandal Neppalle
6250 Krishna Kankipadu Mandal Prodduturu
6251 Krishna Kankipadu Mandal Punadipadu
6252 Krishna Kankipadu Mandal Tenneru
6253 Krishna Kankipadu Mandal Uppaluru
6254 Krishna Kankipadu Mandal Velpuru
6255 Krishna Koduru Mandal Koduru
6256 Krishna Koduru Mandal Lingareddipalem
6257 Krishna Koduru Mandal Machavaram
6258 Krishna Koduru Mandal Mandapakala
6259 Krishna Koduru Mandal Pittallanka
6260 Krishna Koduru Mandal Ramakrishnapuram
6261 Krishna Koduru Mandal Salempalem
6262 Krishna Koduru Mandal Ullipalem
6263 Krishna Koduru Mandal Viswanadhapalle
6264 Krishna Kruthivennu Mandal Chandala
6265 Krishna Kruthivennu Mandal Cherkumilli
6266 Krishna Kruthivennu Mandal Chinagollapalem
6267 Krishna Kruthivennu Mandal China Pandraka
6268 Krishna Kruthivennu Mandal Endapalle
6269 Krishna Kruthivennu Mandal Garisepudi
6270 Krishna Kruthivennu Mandal Interu
6271 Krishna Kruthivennu Mandal Komallapudi
6272 Krishna Kruthivennu Mandal Kruthivennu
6273 Krishna Kruthivennu Mandal Laxmipuram
6274 Krishna Kruthivennu Mandal Matlam
6275 Krishna Kruthivennu Mandal Munipeda
6276 Krishna Kruthivennu Mandal Neelipudi
6277 Krishna Kruthivennu Mandal Nidamarru
6278 Krishna Kruthivennu Mandal Tadivennu
6279 Krishna Machilipatnam Mandal Arisepalle
6280 Krishna Machilipatnam Mandal Bhogireddipalle
6281 Krishna Machilipatnam Mandal Borrapothupalem
6282 Krishna Machilipatnam Mandal Buddalapalem
6283 Krishna Machilipatnam Mandal Chilakalapudi (R)
6284 Krishna Machilipatnam Mandal Chinnapuram
6285 Krishna Machilipatnam Mandal Gokavaram
6286 Krishna Machilipatnam Mandal Gopuvanipalem
6287 Krishna Machilipatnam Mandal Gundupalem
6288 Krishna Machilipatnam Mandal Hussainpalem
6289 Krishna Machilipatnam Mandal Kanuru
6290 Krishna Machilipatnam Mandal Kara Agraharam
6291 Krishna Machilipatnam Mandal Kona
6292 Krishna Machilipatnam Mandal Kothapudi
6293 Krishna Machilipatnam Mandal Machavaram (R)
6294 Krishna Machilipatnam Mandal Machilipatnam (R)
6295 Krishna Machilipatnam Mandal Manginapudi
6296 Krishna Machilipatnam Mandal Nelakurru
6297 Krishna Machilipatnam Mandal Palletummalapalem
6298 Krishna Machilipatnam Mandal Pedapatnam
6299 Krishna Machilipatnam Mandal Pedayadara
6300 Krishna Machilipatnam Mandal Polatitippa
6301 Krishna Machilipatnam Mandal Pothepalle
6302 Krishna Machilipatnam Mandal Potlapalem
6303 Krishna Machilipatnam Mandal Rudravaram
6304 Krishna Machilipatnam Mandal Sultannagaram Gollapalem
6305 Krishna Machilipatnam Mandal Tallapalem
6306 Krishna Machilipatnam Mandal Tavisipudi
6307 Krishna Mandavalli Mandal Appapuram
6308 Krishna Mandavalli Mandal Ayyavari Rudravaram
6309 Krishna Mandavalli Mandal Bhyravapatnam
6310 Krishna Mandavalli Mandal Chavalipadu
6311 Krishna Mandavalli Mandal Chintalapudi
6312 Krishna Mandavalli Mandal Chintapadu
6313 Krishna Mandavalli Mandal Dayyampadu
6314 Krishna Mandavalli Mandal Gannavaram
6315 Krishna Mandavalli Mandal Ingilipakalanka
6316 Krishna Mandavalli Mandal Kanukollu
6317 Krishna Mandavalli Mandal Kovvadalanka
6318 Krishna Mandavalli Mandal Lellapudi
6319 Krishna Mandavalli Mandal Lingala
6320 Krishna Mandavalli Mandal Lokamudi
6321 Krishna Mandavalli Mandal Mandavalli
6322 Krishna Mandavalli Mandal Manugunuru
6323 Krishna Mandavalli Mandal Mokhasakalvapudi
6324 Krishna Mandavalli Mandal Muduthallapadu
6325 Krishna Mandavalli Mandal Nandigamalanka
6326 Krishna Mandavalli Mandal Nutchumilli
6327 Krishna Mandavalli Mandal Pasalapudi
6328 Krishna Mandavalli Mandal Penumakalanka
6329 Krishna Mandavalli Mandal Perikegudem
6330 Krishna Mandavalli Mandal Pillipadu
6331 Krishna Mandavalli Mandal Prathipadu
6332 Krishna Mandavalli Mandal Pulaparru
6333 Krishna Mandavalli Mandal Putlacheruvu
6334 Krishna Mandavalli Mandal Singanapudi
6335 Krishna Mandavalli Mandal Sobhanadripuram
6336 Krishna Mandavalli Mandal Thakkellapadu
6337 Krishna Mandavalli Mandal Unikili
6338 Krishna Mopidevi Mandal Annavaram
6339 Krishna Mopidevi Mandal ANNAVARAM
6340 Krishna Mopidevi Mandal Ayodhya
6341 Krishna Mopidevi Mandal AYODHYA
6342 Krishna Mopidevi Mandal bobbarlanka
6343 Krishna Mopidevi Mandal Bobbarlanka
6344 Krishna Mopidevi Mandal Chiruvolu
6345 Krishna Mopidevi Mandal CHIRUVOLU
6346 Krishna Mopidevi Mandal Kaptanupalem
6347 Krishna Mopidevi Mandal KAPTANUPALEM
6348 Krishna Mopidevi Mandal Kokkiligadda
6349 Krishna Mopidevi Mandal KOKKILIGADDA
6350 Krishna Mopidevi Mandal mellamarru
6351 Krishna Mopidevi Mandal Mellamarru
6352 Krishna Mopidevi Mandal Mellamarthi Lanka
6353 Krishna Mopidevi Mandal mellamartilanka
6354 Krishna Mopidevi Mandal Merakanapalle
6355 Krishna Mopidevi Mandal merakanapalli
6356 Krishna Mopidevi Mandal mopidevi
6357 Krishna Mopidevi Mandal Mopidevi
6358 Krishna Mopidevi Mandal mopidevilanka
6359 Krishna Mopidevi Mandal Mopidevi Lanka
6360 Krishna Mopidevi Mandal Nagayatippa
6361 Krishna Mopidevi Mandal Nagayatippa
6362 Krishna Mopidevi Mandal NChiruvollanka
6363 Krishna Mopidevi Mandal North Chiruvolulanka
6364 Krishna Mopidevi Mandal Pedakallepalle
6365 Krishna Mopidevi Mandal Pedakallepalli
6366 Krishna Mopidevi Mandal Pedaprolu
6367 Krishna Mopidevi Mandal Pedaprolu
6368 Krishna Mopidevi Mandal Tekupalle
6369 Krishna Mopidevi Mandal tekupalli
6370 Krishna Mopidevi Mandal venkatapuram
6371 Krishna Mopidevi Mandal Venkatapuram
6372 Krishna Movva Mandal Avurupudi
6373 Krishna Movva Mandal Ayyanki
6374 Krishna Movva Mandal Barlapudi
6375 Krishna Movva Mandal Bhatla Penumarru
6376 Krishna Movva Mandal Chinamuttevi
6377 Krishna Movva Mandal Gudapadu
6378 Krishna Movva Mandal Kaza
6379 Krishna Movva Mandal Kosuru
6380 Krishna Movva Mandal Kuchipudi
6381 Krishna Movva Mandal Movva
6382 Krishna Movva Mandal Nidumolu
6383 Krishna Movva Mandal Palankipadu
6384 Krishna Movva Mandal Pedamuttevi
6385 Krishna Movva Mandal Pedapudi
6386 Krishna Movva Mandal Pedasanagallu
6387 Krishna Movva Mandal Vemulamada
6388 Krishna Movva Mandal Yaddanapudi
6389 Krishna Mudinepalle Mandal Alluru
6390 Krishna Mudinepalle Mandal Bomminampadu
6391 Krishna Mudinepalle Mandal Chevuru
6392 Krishna Mudinepalle Mandal Chigurukota
6393 Krishna Mudinepalle Mandal China Kamanapudi
6394 Krishna Mudinepalle Mandal Chinapalaparru
6395 Krishna Mudinepalle Mandal Dakaram
6396 Krishna Mudinepalle Mandal Devapudi
6397 Krishna Mudinepalle Mandal Devaram
6398 Krishna Mudinepalle Mandal Edepalle
6399 Krishna Mudinepalle Mandal Gokinampadu
6400 Krishna Mudinepalle Mandal Guraja
6401 Krishna Mudinepalle Mandal Kakaravada
6402 Krishna Mudinepalle Mandal Koduru
6403 Krishna Mudinepalle Mandal Komarru
6404 Krishna Mudinepalle Mandal Korraguntapalem
6405 Krishna Mudinepalle Mandal Madhavaram
6406 Krishna Mudinepalle Mandal Mudinepalle
6407 Krishna Mudinepalle Mandal Mulakalapalle
6408 Krishna Mudinepalle Mandal Pedagonnuru
6409 Krishna Mudinepalle Mandal Peda Kamanapudi
6410 Krishna Mudinepalle Mandal Pedapalaparru
6411 Krishna Mudinepalle Mandal Penumalli
6412 Krishna Mudinepalle Mandal Peruru
6413 Krishna Mudinepalle Mandal Peyyeru
6414 Krishna Mudinepalle Mandal Prodduvaka
6415 Krishna Mudinepalle Mandal Sankarshana Puram
6416 Krishna Mudinepalle Mandal Singarayapalem
6417 Krishna Mudinepalle Mandal Utukuru
6418 Krishna Mudinepalle Mandal Vadali
6419 Krishna Mudinepalle Mandal Vadavalli
6420 Krishna Mudinepalle Mandal Vaivaka
6421 Krishna Mudinepalle Mandal Vanudurru
6422 Krishna Musunuru Mandal Akkireddigudem
6423 Krishna Musunuru Mandal Balive
6424 Krishna Musunuru Mandal Chakkapalle
6425 Krishna Musunuru Mandal Chillaboyinapalle
6426 Krishna Musunuru Mandal Chintalavalli
6427 Krishna Musunuru Mandal Ellapuram
6428 Krishna Musunuru Mandal Gopavaram
6429 Krishna Musunuru Mandal Gullapudi
6430 Krishna Musunuru Mandal Katrenipadu
6431 Krishna Musunuru Mandal Korlagunta
6432 Krishna Musunuru Mandal Lopudi
6433 Krishna Musunuru Mandal Musunuru
6434 Krishna Musunuru Mandal Ramanakkapeta
6435 Krishna Musunuru Mandal Surepalle
6436 Krishna Musunuru Mandal Tallavalli
6437 Krishna Musunuru Mandal Velpucherla
6438 Krishna Mylavaram Mandal Chandragudem
6439 Krishna Mylavaram Mandal Chandrala
6440 Krishna Mylavaram Mandal Dasullapalem
6441 Krishna Mylavaram Mandal Ganapavaram
6442 Krishna Mylavaram Mandal Jangalapalle
6443 Krishna Mylavaram Mandal Kanimerla
6444 Krishna Mylavaram Mandal Keerthirayanigudem
6445 Krishna Mylavaram Mandal Morusumilli
6446 Krishna Mylavaram Mandal Mulakalapanta
6447 Krishna Mylavaram Mandal Mylavaram
6448 Krishna Mylavaram Mandal Parvathapuram
6449 Krishna Mylavaram Mandal Pondugula
6450 Krishna Mylavaram Mandal Pulluru
6451 Krishna Mylavaram Mandal Sabjapadu
6452 Krishna Mylavaram Mandal T.Gannavaram
6453 Krishna Mylavaram Mandal Tholukodu
6454 Krishna Mylavaram Mandal Vedurubeedem
6455 Krishna Mylavaram Mandal Velvadam
6456 Krishna Nagayalanka Mandal Bhavadevarapalle
6457 Krishna Nagayalanka Mandal Chodavaram
6458 Krishna Nagayalanka Mandal Edurumondi
6459 Krishna Nagayalanka Mandal Etimoga
6460 Krishna Nagayalanka Mandal Ganapeswaram
6461 Krishna Nagayalanka Mandal Kammanamolu
6462 Krishna Nagayalanka Mandal Nagayalanka
6463 Krishna Nagayalanka Mandal Nangegadda
6464 Krishna Nagayalanka Mandal Parrachivara
6465 Krishna Nagayalanka Mandal Talagadadeevi
6466 Krishna Nagayalanka Mandal T.Kothapalem
6467 Krishna Nandigama Mandal Adiviravulapadu
6468 Krishna Nandigama Mandal Ambarupeta
6469 Krishna Nandigama Mandal Chandapuram
6470 Krishna Nandigama Mandal Damuluru
6471 Krishna Nandigama Mandal Gollamudi
6472 Krishna Nandigama Mandal Ithavaram
6473 Krishna Nandigama Mandal Jonnalagadda
6474 Krishna Nandigama Mandal Kanchela
6475 Krishna Nandigama Mandal Kethaveeruni Padu
6476 Krishna Nandigama Mandal Konathamatmakuru
6477 Krishna Nandigama Mandal Konduru
6478 Krishna Nandigama Mandal Kurugantivari Khandrika
6479 Krishna Nandigama Mandal Latchapalem
6480 Krishna Nandigama Mandal Lingalapadu
6481 Krishna Nandigama Mandal Magallu
6482 Krishna Nandigama Mandal Munagacherla
6483 Krishna Nandigama Mandal Nandigama
6484 Krishna Nandigama Mandal Pallagiri
6485 Krishna Nandigama Mandal Pedavaram
6486 Krishna Nandigama Mandal Raghavapuram
6487 Krishna Nandigama Mandal Ramireddipalle
6488 Krishna Nandigama Mandal Rudravaram
6489 Krishna Nandigama Mandal Satyavaram
6490 Krishna Nandigama Mandal Somavaram
6491 Krishna Nandigama Mandal Thakkellapadu
6492 Krishna Nandigama Mandal Torragudipadu
6493 Krishna Nandivada Mandal Anamanapudi
6494 Krishna Nandivada Mandal Aripirala
6495 Krishna Nandivada Mandal Chedurthipadu
6496 Krishna Nandivada Mandal Chinalingala
6497 Krishna Nandivada Mandal Dandiganapudi
6498 Krishna Nandivada Mandal Gandepudi
6499 Krishna Nandivada Mandal Ilaparru
6500 Krishna Nandivada Mandal Janardhanapuram
6501 Krishna Nandivada Mandal Kudaravalli
6502 Krishna Nandivada Mandal Nandivada
6503 Krishna Nandivada Mandal Nuthulapadu
6504 Krishna Nandivada Mandal Oddulameraka
6505 Krishna Nandivada Mandal Pedalingala
6506 Krishna Nandivada Mandal Pedavirivada
6507 Krishna Nandivada Mandal Polukonda
6508 Krishna Nandivada Mandal Puttagunta
6509 Krishna Nandivada Mandal Ramapuram
6510 Krishna Nandivada Mandal Rudrapaka
6511 Krishna Nandivada Mandal Sreenivasapuram
6512 Krishna Nandivada Mandal Tamirisa
6513 Krishna Nandivada Mandal Thummalapalle
6514 Krishna Nandivada Mandal Vennanapudi
6515 Krishna Nuzvid Mandal Annavaram
6516 Krishna Nuzvid Mandal Bathulavarigudem
6517 Krishna Nuzvid Mandal Boravancha
6518 Krishna Nuzvid Mandal Devaragunta
6519 Krishna Nuzvid Mandal Digavalli
6520 Krishna Nuzvid Mandal Enamadala
6521 Krishna Nuzvid Mandal Gollapalle
6522 Krishna Nuzvid Mandal Hanumanthunigudem
6523 Krishna Nuzvid Mandal Jangamgudem
6524 Krishna Nuzvid Mandal Marribandam
6525 Krishna Nuzvid Mandal Mirijapuram
6526 Krishna Nuzvid Mandal Mokhasa Narasannapalem
6527 Krishna Nuzvid Mandal Morsapudi
6528 Krishna Nuzvid Mandal Mukkollupadu
6529 Krishna Nuzvid Mandal Narsupet
6530 Krishna Nuzvid Mandal Nuzivid
6531 Krishna Nuzvid Mandal Pallerlamudi
6532 Krishna Nuzvid Mandal Pathureddipalle
6533 Krishna Nuzvid Mandal Polasanapalle
6534 Krishna Nuzvid Mandal Ramannagudem
6535 Krishna Nuzvid Mandal Ravicherla
6536 Krishna Nuzvid Mandal Seetarampuram
6537 Krishna Nuzvid Mandal Sunkollu
6538 Krishna Nuzvid Mandal Tukkuluru (M)
6539 Krishna Nuzvid Mandal Vempadu
6540 Krishna Nuzvid Mandal Venkatayapalem
6541 Krishna Pamarru Mandal Addada
6542 Krishna Pamarru Mandal Ainampudi
6543 Krishna Pamarru Mandal Balliparru
6544 Krishna Pamarru Mandal Jujjavaram
6545 Krishna Pamarru Mandal Kanumuru
6546 Krishna Pamarru Mandal Kapavaram
6547 Krishna Pamarru Mandal Komaravolu
6548 Krishna Pamarru Mandal Kondiparru
6549 Krishna Pamarru Mandal Kurumaddali
6550 Krishna Pamarru Mandal Mallavaram
6551 Krishna Pamarru Mandal Mir Imam Palem
6552 Krishna Pamarru Mandal Nemmikuru
6553 Krishna Pamarru Mandal Nibhanupudi
6554 Krishna Pamarru Mandal Nimmaluru
6555 Krishna Pamarru Mandal Pamarru
6556 Krishna Pamarru Mandal Pasumarru
6557 Krishna Pamarru Mandal Pedamaddali
6558 Krishna Pamarru Mandal Polavaram
6559 Krishna Pamarru Mandal Prakarla
6560 Krishna Pamarru Mandal Raparala
6561 Krishna Pamarru Mandal Rimmanapudi
6562 Krishna Pamarru Mandal Undrapudi
6563 Krishna Pamarru Mandal Uruturu
6564 Krishna Pamarru Mandal Yelakurru
6565 Krishna Pamarru Mandal Zamidaggumilli
6566 Krishna Pamarru Mandal Zamigolvepalle
6567 Krishna Pamidimukkala Mandal Aginiparru
6568 Krishna Pamidimukkala Mandal Ameenapuram
6569 Krishna Pamidimukkala Mandal Chennuruvaripalem
6570 Krishna Pamidimukkala Mandal Choragudi
6571 Krishna Pamidimukkala Mandal Fathelanka
6572 Krishna Pamidimukkala Mandal Gopuvanipalem
6573 Krishna Pamidimukkala Mandal Gurazada
6574 Krishna Pamidimukkala Mandal Gurrala Lanka
6575 Krishna Pamidimukkala Mandal Hanumanthapuram
6576 Krishna Pamidimukkala Mandal Inampudi
6577 Krishna Pamidimukkala Mandal Inapuru
6578 Krishna Pamidimukkala Mandal Kapileswarapuram
6579 Krishna Pamidimukkala Mandal Krishnapuram
6580 Krishna Pamidimukkala Mandal Kuderu
6581 Krishna Pamidimukkala Mandal Lankapalle
6582 Krishna Pamidimukkala Mandal Lankapalle Lanka
6583 Krishna Pamidimukkala Mandal Mamillapalle
6584 Krishna Pamidimukkala Mandal Mantada
6585 Krishna Pamidimukkala Mandal Marrivada
6586 Krishna Pamidimukkala Mandal Meduru
6587 Krishna Pamidimukkala Mandal Mullapudi
6588 Krishna Pamidimukkala Mandal Padikondalapalem
6589 Krishna Pamidimukkala Mandal Pamidimukkala
6590 Krishna Pamidimukkala Mandal Penumatcha
6591 Krishna Pamidimukkala Mandal Sreerangapuram
6592 Krishna Pamidimukkala Mandal Tadanki
6593 Krishna Pamidimukkala Mandal Veeranki
6594 Krishna Pamidimukkala Mandal Velpuru
6595 Krishna Pedana Mandal Bahussainpalem
6596 Krishna Pedana Mandal Balliparru
6597 Krishna Pedana Mandal Chennuru
6598 Krishna Pedana Mandal Chevendra
6599 Krishna Pedana Mandal Chodavaram
6600 Krishna Pedana Mandal Devarapalle
6601 Krishna Pedana Mandal Dirisavalli
6602 Krishna Pedana Mandal Gurivindagunta
6603 Krishna Pedana Mandal Jinjeru
6604 Krishna Pedana Mandal Kakarlamudi
6605 Krishna Pedana Mandal Kamalapuram
6606 Krishna Pedana Mandal Kavipuram
6607 Krishna Pedana Mandal Kongamcherla
6608 Krishna Pedana Mandal Konkepudi
6609 Krishna Pedana Mandal Koppalle
6610 Krishna Pedana Mandal Kuduru
6611 Krishna Pedana Mandal Kummarigunta
6612 Krishna Pedana Mandal Lankalakalavagunta
6613 Krishna Pedana Mandal Madaka
6614 Krishna Pedana Mandal Mutcherla
6615 Krishna Pedana Mandal Mutchiligunta
6616 Krishna Pedana Mandal Nadupuru
6617 Krishna Pedana Mandal Nandamuru
6618 Krishna Pedana Mandal Nandigama
6619 Krishna Pedana Mandal Nelakondapalle
6620 Krishna Pedana Mandal Penumalli
6621 Krishna Pedana Mandal Pullapadu
6622 Krishna Pedana Mandal Serivarthala Palle
6623 Krishna Pedana Mandal Singarayapalem
6624 Krishna Pedana Mandal Urivi
6625 Krishna Pedaparupudi Mandal Appikatla
6626 Krishna Pedaparupudi Mandal Bhushanagulla (R)
6627 Krishna Pedaparupudi Mandal Chinaparupudi
6628 Krishna Pedaparupudi Mandal Edulamaddali
6629 Krishna Pedaparupudi Mandal Elamarru
6630 Krishna Pedaparupudi Mandal Gurivindagunta
6631 Krishna Pedaparupudi Mandal Juvvanapudi
6632 Krishna Pedaparupudi Mandal Kornipadu
6633 Krishna Pedaparupudi Mandal Maheswarapuram
6634 Krishna Pedaparupudi Mandal Moparru
6635 Krishna Pedaparupudi Mandal Pamulapadu
6636 Krishna Pedaparupudi Mandal Pedaparupudi
6637 Krishna Pedaparupudi Mandal Ravulapadu
6638 Krishna Pedaparupudi Mandal Somavarappadu
6639 Krishna Pedaparupudi Mandal Vanapamula
6640 Krishna Pedaparupudi Mandal Ventrapragada
6641 Krishna Pedaparupudi Mandal Vinjarampadu
6642 Krishna Pedaparupudi Mandal Zamidintakurru
6643 Krishna Penamaluru Mandal Chodavaram
6644 Krishna Penamaluru Mandal Ganguru
6645 Krishna Penamaluru Mandal Gosala
6646 Krishna Penamaluru Mandal Kanuru(CT)
6647 Krishna Penamaluru Mandal Pedapulipaka
6648 Krishna Penamaluru Mandal Penamaluru
6649 Krishna Penamaluru Mandal Poranki (CT)
6650 Krishna Penamaluru Mandal Tadigadapa(CT)
6651 Krishna Penamaluru Mandal Vanukuru
6652 Krishna Penamaluru Mandal Yenamalakuduru (CT)
6653 Krishna Penuganchiprolu Mandal Anigandlapadu
6654 Krishna Penuganchiprolu Mandal Gummadidurru
6655 Krishna Penuganchiprolu Mandal Kollikulla
6656 Krishna Penuganchiprolu Mandal Konakanchi
6657 Krishna Penuganchiprolu Mandal Lingagudem
6658 Krishna Penuganchiprolu Mandal Muchintala @ Bodapadu
6659 Krishna Penuganchiprolu Mandal Mundlapadu
6660 Krishna Penuganchiprolu Mandal Nawabpeta
6661 Krishna Penuganchiprolu Mandal Penuganchiprolu
6662 Krishna Penuganchiprolu Mandal Sanagapadu
6663 Krishna Penuganchiprolu Mandal Subbayagudem
6664 Krishna Penuganchiprolu Mandal Thotacherla
6665 Krishna Penuganchiprolu Mandal Venkatapuram
6666 Krishna Reddigudem Mandal Anneraopeta
6667 Krishna Reddigudem Mandal Kudapa
6668 Krishna Reddigudem Mandal Kunaparajuparva
6669 Krishna Reddigudem Mandal Maddulaparva
6670 Krishna Reddigudem Mandal Mutchinapalle
6671 Krishna Reddigudem Mandal Naguluru
6672 Krishna Reddigudem Mandal Narukullapadu
6673 Krishna Reddigudem Mandal Patha Naguluru
6674 Krishna Reddigudem Mandal Rangapuram
6675 Krishna Reddigudem Mandal Reddigudem
6676 Krishna Reddigudem Mandal Rudravaram
6677 Krishna Thotlavalluru Mandal Boddapadu
6678 Krishna Thotlavalluru Mandal Chagantipadu
6679 Krishna Thotlavalluru Mandal Chinapulipaka
6680 Krishna Thotlavalluru Mandal Devarapalle
6681 Krishna Thotlavalluru Mandal Garikaparru
6682 Krishna Thotlavalluru Mandal Gurivindapalle
6683 Krishna Thotlavalluru Mandal Iluru
6684 Krishna Thotlavalluru Mandal Kanakavalli
6685 Krishna Thotlavalluru Mandal Kummamuru
6686 Krishna Thotlavalluru Mandal Madhurapuram
6687 Krishna Thotlavalluru Mandal Mulakalapalle
6688 Krishna Thotlavalluru Mandal North Valluru
6689 Krishna Thotlavalluru Mandal Penamakuru
6690 Krishna Thotlavalluru Mandal Royyuru
6691 Krishna Thotlavalluru Mandal South Valluru
6692 Krishna Thotlavalluru Mandal Yakamuru
6693 Krishna Tiruvuru Mandal Akkapalem
6694 Krishna Tiruvuru Mandal Anjaneyapuram
6695 Krishna Tiruvuru Mandal Chintalapadu
6696 Krishna Tiruvuru Mandal Chittela
6697 Krishna Tiruvuru Mandal Erramadu
6698 Krishna Tiruvuru Mandal Ganugapadu
6699 Krishna Tiruvuru Mandal Kokilampadu
6700 Krishna Tiruvuru Mandal Laxmipuram
6701 Krishna Tiruvuru Mandal Mallela
6702 Krishna Tiruvuru Mandal Munukulla
6703 Krishna Tiruvuru Mandal Mustikuntla
6704 Krishna Tiruvuru Mandal Nadim Tiruvuru(CT)
6705 Krishna Tiruvuru Mandal Patha Tiruvuru
6706 Krishna Tiruvuru Mandal Peddavaram
6707 Krishna Tiruvuru Mandal Rajupeta
6708 Krishna Tiruvuru Mandal Ramannapalem
6709 Krishna Tiruvuru Mandal Rolupadi
6710 Krishna Tiruvuru Mandal Vamakuntla
6711 Krishna Tiruvuru Mandal Vavilala
6712 Krishna Unguturu Mandal Amudalapalle
6713 Krishna Unguturu Mandal Atkuru
6714 Krishna Unguturu Mandal Bokinala
6715 Krishna Unguturu Mandal Chagantipadu
6716 Krishna Unguturu Mandal Chikinala
6717 Krishna Unguturu Mandal Dibbanapudi
6718 Krishna Unguturu Mandal Elukapadu
6719 Krishna Unguturu Mandal Garapadu
6720 Krishna Unguturu Mandal Indupalle
6721 Krishna Unguturu Mandal Koyyagurapadu
6722 Krishna Unguturu Mandal Lankapalle Agraharam
6723 Krishna Unguturu Mandal Madhirapadu
6724 Krishna Unguturu Mandal Manikonda
6725 Krishna Unguturu Mandal Mukkapadu
6726 Krishna Unguturu Mandal Nagavarappadu
6727 Krishna Unguturu Mandal Nandamuru
6728 Krishna Unguturu Mandal Ondrampadu
6729 Krishna Unguturu Mandal Peda Avutapalle
6730 Krishna Unguturu Mandal Ponukumadu
6731 Krishna Unguturu Mandal Pottipadu
6732 Krishna Unguturu Mandal Tarigoppula
6733 Krishna Unguturu Mandal Tarigoppula Khandrika
6734 Krishna Unguturu Mandal Telaprolu
6735 Krishna Unguturu Mandal Tuttagunta
6736 Krishna Unguturu Mandal Unguturu
6737 Krishna Unguturu Mandal Veldipadu
6738 Krishna Unguturu Mandal Veldipadu Khandrika
6739 Krishna Unguturu Mandal Velinutala
6740 Krishna Unguturu Mandal Vemanda
6741 Krishna Unguturu Mandal Vempadu
6742 Krishna Vatsavai Mandal Allurupadu
6743 Krishna Vatsavai Mandal Bhimavaram
6744 Krishna Vatsavai Mandal China Modugapalle
6745 Krishna Vatsavai Mandal Chittela
6746 Krishna Vatsavai Mandal Dabbakupalle
6747 Krishna Vatsavai Mandal Dechupalem
6748 Krishna Vatsavai Mandal Gangavalli
6749 Krishna Vatsavai Mandal Gopinenipalem
6750 Krishna Vatsavai Mandal Hasanabada
6751 Krishna Vatsavai Mandal Indugapalle
6752 Krishna Vatsavai Mandal Kakaravai
6753 Krishna Vatsavai Mandal Kambampadu
6754 Krishna Vatsavai Mandal Kanneveedu
6755 Krishna Vatsavai Mandal Lingala
6756 Krishna Vatsavai Mandal Machinenipalem
6757 Krishna Vatsavai Mandal Makkapeta
6758 Krishna Vatsavai Mandal Mangollu
6759 Krishna Vatsavai Mandal Peda Modugapalle
6760 Krishna Vatsavai Mandal Pochavaram
6761 Krishna Vatsavai Mandal Polampalle
6762 Krishna Vatsavai Mandal Rebbavaram
6763 Krishna Vatsavai Mandal Talluru
6764 Krishna Vatsavai Mandal Vatsavai
6765 Krishna Vatsavai Mandal Veerabhadrunipalem
6766 Krishna Vatsavai Mandal Vemavaram
6767 Krishna Vatsavai Mandal Vemulanarva
6768 Krishna Veerullapadu Mandal Alluru
6769 Krishna Veerullapadu Mandal Bodavada
6770 Krishna Veerullapadu Mandal Chattannavaram
6771 Krishna Veerullapadu Mandal Chavatapalle
6772 Krishna Veerullapadu Mandal Chennaraopalem
6773 Krishna Veerullapadu Mandal Dachavaram
6774 Krishna Veerullapadu Mandal Dodda Devarapadu
6775 Krishna Veerullapadu Mandal Gokarajupalle
6776 Krishna Veerullapadu Mandal Gudem Madhavaram
6777 Krishna Veerullapadu Mandal Jagannadhapuram
6778 Krishna Veerullapadu Mandal Jammavaram
6779 Krishna Veerullapadu Mandal Jayanthi
6780 Krishna Veerullapadu Mandal Jujjuru
6781 Krishna Veerullapadu Mandal Konatalapalle
6782 Krishna Veerullapadu Mandal Laxmipuram
6783 Krishna Veerullapadu Mandal Nandaluru
6784 Krishna Veerullapadu Mandal Narasimharaopalem
6785 Krishna Veerullapadu Mandal Pallampalle
6786 Krishna Veerullapadu Mandal Peddapuram
6787 Krishna Veerullapadu Mandal Ponnavaram
6788 Krishna Veerullapadu Mandal Ramapuram
6789 Krishna Veerullapadu Mandal Tatigummi
6790 Krishna Veerullapadu Mandal Thimmapuram
6791 Krishna Veerullapadu Mandal Vairidhari Annavaram
6792 Krishna Veerullapadu Mandal Veerullapadu
6793 Krishna Veerullapadu Mandal Vellanki
6794 Krishna Vijayawada (Rural) Mandal Ambapuram
6795 Krishna Vijayawada (Rural) Mandal Done Atkuru
6796 Krishna Vijayawada (Rural) Mandal Enikapadu
6797 Krishna Vijayawada (Rural) Mandal Gollapudi
6798 Krishna Vijayawada (Rural) Mandal Gudavalli
6799 Krishna Vijayawada (Rural) Mandal Jakkampudi
6800 Krishna Vijayawada (Rural) Mandal Kotturu
6801 Krishna Vijayawada (Rural) Mandal Kundavari Kandrika U
6802 Krishna Vijayawada (Rural) Mandal Nidamanuru
6803 Krishna Vijayawada (Rural) Mandal Nunna
6804 Krishna Vijayawada (Rural) Mandal Paidurupadu
6805 Krishna Vijayawada (Rural) Mandal Pathapadu
6806 Krishna Vijayawada (Rural) Mandal P Nainavaram
6807 Krishna Vijayawada (Rural) Mandal Prasadampadu (CT)
6808 Krishna Vijayawada (Rural) Mandal Ramavarappadu (CT)
6809 Krishna Vijayawada (Rural) Mandal Rayanapadu
6810 Krishna Vijayawada (Rural) Mandal Shabada
6811 Krishna Vijayawada (Rural) Mandal Tadepalle
6812 Krishna Vijayawada (Rural) Mandal Vemavaram
6813 Krishna Vissannapet Mandal Chandrupatla
6814 Krishna Vissannapet Mandal Kalagara
6815 Krishna Vissannapet Mandal Kondaparva
6816 Krishna Vissannapet Mandal Korlamanda
6817 Krishna Vissannapet Mandal Narasapuram
6818 Krishna Vissannapet Mandal Putrela
6819 Krishna Vissannapet Mandal Tata Kuntla
6820 Krishna Vissannapet Mandal Tella Devarapalle
6821 Krishna Vissannapet Mandal Vemireddipalle
6822 Krishna Vissannapet Mandal Vissannapet
6823 Krishna Vuyyuru Mandal Akunuru
6824 Krishna Vuyyuru Mandal Bollapadu
6825 Krishna Vuyyuru Mandal China Ogirala
6826 Krishna Vuyyuru Mandal Jabarlapudi
6827 Krishna Vuyyuru Mandal Kadavakollu
6828 Krishna Vuyyuru Mandal Kalavapamula
6829 Krishna Vuyyuru Mandal Katuru
6830 Krishna Vuyyuru Mandal Mudunuru
6831 Krishna Vuyyuru Mandal Peda Ogirala
6832 Krishna Vuyyuru Mandal Ramachandrapuram
6833 Krishna Vuyyuru Mandal Saipuram
6834 Krishna Vuyyuru Mandal Veeravalli Mokhasa
6835 Krishna Vuyyuru Mandal Vuyyuru
6836 Kurnool Adoni Mandal Arekal
6837 Kurnool Adoni Mandal Baladur
6838 Kurnool Adoni Mandal Ballekallu
6839 Kurnool Adoni Mandal Basarakodu
6840 Kurnool Adoni Mandal Bychigeri
6841 Kurnool Adoni Mandal Chagi
6842 Kurnool Adoni Mandal Chinna Gonehal
6843 Kurnool Adoni Mandal Chinna Harivanam
6844 Kurnool Adoni Mandal Chinnapendekal
6845 Kurnool Adoni Mandal Dayyalaguddam
6846 Kurnool Adoni Mandal Dibbanakal
6847 Kurnool Adoni Mandal Doddanakeri
6848 Kurnool Adoni Mandal Ganekal
6849 Kurnool Adoni Mandal G.Hosalli
6850 Kurnool Adoni Mandal Hanavalu
6851 Kurnool Adoni Mandal Huvvanur
6852 Kurnool Adoni Mandal Jalibenchi
6853 Kurnool Adoni Mandal Kadithota
6854 Kurnool Adoni Mandal Kapati
6855 Kurnool Adoni Mandal Kuppagal
6856 Kurnool Adoni Mandal Madire
6857 Kurnool Adoni Mandal Mantriki
6858 Kurnool Adoni Mandal Naganathana Halli
6859 Kurnool Adoni Mandal Naranapuram
6860 Kurnool Adoni Mandal Nettekal
6861 Kurnool Adoni Mandal Pandavagallu
6862 Kurnool Adoni Mandal Pedda Harivanam
6863 Kurnool Adoni Mandal Pedda Thumbalam
6864 Kurnool Adoni Mandal Pesalabanda
6865 Kurnool Adoni Mandal Salakalakonda
6866 Kurnool Adoni Mandal Sambagallu
6867 Kurnool Adoni Mandal Santhekudlur
6868 Kurnool Adoni Mandal S.Kondapuram
6869 Kurnool Adoni Mandal Sulthanapuram
6870 Kurnool Adoni Mandal Virupapuram
6871 Kurnool Adoni Mandal Yadavalle
6872 Kurnool Allagadda Mandal Ahobilam
6873 Kurnool Allagadda Mandal Allagadda
6874 Kurnool Allagadda Mandal Bachepalle
6875 Kurnool Allagadda Mandal Bathalur
6876 Kurnool Allagadda Mandal Chinta Kommadinne
6877 Kurnool Allagadda Mandal Devarayapuram
6878 Kurnool Allagadda Mandal G.Jambuladinne
6879 Kurnool Allagadda Mandal Gopalapuram
6880 Kurnool Allagadda Mandal Gubagundam
6881 Kurnool Allagadda Mandal Kotha Kandukur
6882 Kurnool Allagadda Mandal Mittalapalle
6883 Kurnool Allagadda Mandal Nallagatla
6884 Kurnool Allagadda Mandal Obulampalle
6885 Kurnool Allagadda Mandal Padakandla
6886 Kurnool Allagadda Mandal Palasagaram
6887 Kurnool Allagadda Mandal Patha Kandukur
6888 Kurnool Allagadda Mandal Peddachintakunta
6889 Kurnool Allagadda Mandal R.Krishnapuram
6890 Kurnool Allagadda Mandal S.Lingamdinne
6891 Kurnool Allagadda Mandal Yadawada
6892 Kurnool Alur Mandal A.Gonehal
6893 Kurnool Alur Mandal Alur
6894 Kurnool Alur Mandal Angaskal
6895 Kurnool Alur Mandal Arikera
6896 Kurnool Alur Mandal Hathi Belgal
6897 Kurnool Alur Mandal Hulebeedu
6898 Kurnool Alur Mandal Kammarachedu
6899 Kurnool Alur Mandal Karadiguddam
6900 Kurnool Alur Mandal Katriki
6901 Kurnool Alur Mandal Kurukunda
6902 Kurnool Alur Mandal Kuruvalli
6903 Kurnool Alur Mandal Manikurthi
6904 Kurnool Alur Mandal Marakattu
6905 Kurnool Alur Mandal Molagavalli
6906 Kurnool Alur Mandal Muddanagiri
6907 Kurnool Alur Mandal Musanahalli
6908 Kurnool Alur Mandal Peddahottur
6909 Kurnool Alur Mandal Thumbalabeedu
6910 Kurnool Aspari Mandal Aspari
6911 Kurnool Aspari Mandal Banavanur
6912 Kurnool Aspari Mandal Benigeri
6913 Kurnool Aspari Mandal Billekallu
6914 Kurnool Aspari Mandal Chigeli
6915 Kurnool Aspari Mandal Chinnahothur
6916 Kurnool Aspari Mandal Chiramandoddi
6917 Kurnool Aspari Mandal Chokkanahalli
6918 Kurnool Aspari Mandal Dudadudi Kotakonda
6919 Kurnool Aspari Mandal Haligera
6920 Kurnool Aspari Mandal Joharapuram
6921 Kurnool Aspari Mandal Karumanchi
6922 Kurnool Aspari Mandal Khyruppala
6923 Kurnool Aspari Mandal Mulugundam
6924 Kurnool Aspari Mandal Muthkur
6925 Kurnool Aspari Mandal Nagarur
6926 Kurnool Aspari Mandal Sankarabanda
6927 Kurnool Aspari Mandal Tangaradona
6928 Kurnool Aspari Mandal Thurvagal
6929 Kurnool Aspari Mandal Yatakallu
6930 Kurnool Atmakur Mandal Atmakur
6931 Kurnool Atmakur Mandal Bairlutygudem
6932 Kurnool Atmakur Mandal Indireswaram
6933 Kurnool Atmakur Mandal Karivena
6934 Kurnool Atmakur Mandal Krishnapuram
6935 Kurnool Atmakur Mandal Kurukunda
6936 Kurnool Atmakur Mandal Nagalooty Gudum
6937 Kurnool Atmakur Mandal Nallakalva
6938 Kurnool Atmakur Mandal Pesurutlagudem
6939 Kurnool Atmakur Mandal Pinnapuram
6940 Kurnool Atmakur Mandal Pothurajukunta
6941 Kurnool Atmakur Mandal Siddapuram
6942 Kurnool Atmakur Mandal Siddepalle
6943 Kurnool Atmakur Mandal Vadla Ramapuram
6944 Kurnool Banaganapalle Mandal Appalapuram
6945 Kurnool Banaganapalle Mandal Banaganapalle(CT)
6946 Kurnool Banaganapalle Mandal Banumukkala(CT)
6947 Kurnool Banaganapalle Mandal Bathulurupadu
6948 Kurnool Banaganapalle Mandal Beeravolu
6949 Kurnool Banaganapalle Mandal Cherlokothuru
6950 Kurnool Banaganapalle Mandal Cherupalle
6951 Kurnool Banaganapalle Mandal Enakandla
6952 Kurnool Banaganapalle Mandal Gulamaliabad
6953 Kurnool Banaganapalle Mandal Gulam Nabipeta
6954 Kurnool Banaganapalle Mandal Hussainapuram
6955 Kurnool Banaganapalle Mandal Illurukothapalle
6956 Kurnool Banaganapalle Mandal Jambuladinne
6957 Kurnool Banaganapalle Mandal Jillella
6958 Kurnool Banaganapalle Mandal Jwalapuram
6959 Kurnool Banaganapalle Mandal Kapulapalle
6960 Kurnool Banaganapalle Mandal Katikavanikunta
6961 Kurnool Banaganapalle Mandal Krishnagiri
6962 Kurnool Banaganapalle Mandal Kyapa
6963 Kurnool Banaganapalle Mandal Meerapuram
6964 Kurnool Banaganapalle Mandal Mittapalle
6965 Kurnool Banaganapalle Mandal Namatheertham
6966 Kurnool Banaganapalle Mandal Nandavaram
6967 Kurnool Banaganapalle Mandal Nandivargam
6968 Kurnool Banaganapalle Mandal Niluvugondla
6969 Kurnool Banaganapalle Mandal Palukur
6970 Kurnool Banaganapalle Mandal Pandlapuram
6971 Kurnool Banaganapalle Mandal Pasupula
6972 Kurnool Banaganapalle Mandal Pathapadu
6973 Kurnool Banaganapalle Mandal Rallakothuru
6974 Kurnool Banaganapalle Mandal Salamabad
6975 Kurnool Banaganapalle Mandal Sankalapuram
6976 Kurnool Banaganapalle Mandal Tangutoor
6977 Kurnool Banaganapalle Mandal Thammadapalle
6978 Kurnool Banaganapalle Mandal Thimmapuram
6979 Kurnool Banaganapalle Mandal Venkatapuram
6980 Kurnool Banaganapalle Mandal Vittalapuram
6981 Kurnool Banaganapalle Mandal Yagantipalle
6982 Kurnool Banaganapalle Mandal Yerragudi
6983 Kurnool Bandi Atmakur Mandal Ayyavari Kodur
6984 Kurnool Bandi Atmakur Mandal Bandi Atmakur
6985 Kurnool Bandi Atmakur Mandal Bayyapu Kodur
6986 Kurnool Bandi Atmakur Mandal Bhojanam
6987 Kurnool Bandi Atmakur Mandal Ernapadu
6988 Kurnool Bandi Atmakur Mandal Gali Chennaiah Palem
6989 Kurnool Bandi Atmakur Mandal Kadamalakalva
6990 Kurnool Bandi Atmakur Mandal Kakanur
6991 Kurnool Bandi Atmakur Mandal Narayanapuram
6992 Kurnool Bandi Atmakur Mandal Paramatur
6993 Kurnool Bandi Atmakur Mandal Parnapalle
6994 Kurnool Bandi Atmakur Mandal Pedda Devalapuram
6995 Kurnool Bandi Atmakur Mandal Ramapuram
6996 Kurnool Bandi Atmakur Mandal Santhajutur
6997 Kurnool Bandi Atmakur Mandal Yerraguntla
6998 Kurnool Bethamcherla Mandal Ambapuram
6999 Kurnool Bethamcherla Mandal Bethamcherla(CT)
7000 Kurnool Bethamcherla Mandal Bugganipalle
7001 Kurnool Bethamcherla Mandal Emboy
7002 Kurnool Bethamcherla Mandal Gollagutta
7003 Kurnool Bethamcherla Mandal Gutupalle
7004 Kurnool Bethamcherla Mandal Kolumulapalle
7005 Kurnool Bethamcherla Mandal Kothapalle
7006 Kurnool Bethamcherla Mandal Muddavaram
7007 Kurnool Bethamcherla Mandal Pendakal
7008 Kurnool Bethamcherla Mandal Rangapuram
7009 Kurnool C.Belagal Mandal Brahmanadoddi
7010 Kurnool C.Belagal Mandal Burandoddi
7011 Kurnool C.Belagal Mandal C.Belagal
7012 Kurnool C.Belagal Mandal Gundrevula
7013 Kurnool C.Belagal Mandal Kambadahal
7014 Kurnool C.Belagal Mandal Kondapuram
7015 Kurnool C.Belagal Mandal Kothakota
7016 Kurnool C.Belagal Mandal Malasomapuram
7017 Kurnool C.Belagal Mandal Palukudoddi
7018 Kurnool C.Belagal Mandal Polakal
7019 Kurnool Chagalamarri Mandal Brahmanapalle
7020 Kurnool Chagalamarri Mandal Chagalamarri
7021 Kurnool Chagalamarri Mandal Chinna Bodhanam
7022 Kurnool Chagalamarri Mandal Chinna Vangali
7023 Kurnool Chagalamarri Mandal Chintala Cheruvu
7024 Kurnool Chagalamarri Mandal Dantalavanipenta
7025 Kurnool Chagalamarri Mandal Godiganuru
7026 Kurnool Chagalamarri Mandal Gotlur
7027 Kurnool Chagalamarri Mandal Kalugotlapalle
7028 Kurnool Chagalamarri Mandal Madduru
7029 Kurnool Chagalamarri Mandal Muthyalapadu
7030 Kurnool Chagalamarri Mandal Nallavemula
7031 Kurnool Chagalamarri Mandal Nelampadu
7032 Kurnool Chagalamarri Mandal Pedda Bodhanam
7033 Kurnool Chagalamarri Mandal Pedda Vangali
7034 Kurnool Chagalamarri Mandal Rajole
7035 Kurnool Chagalamarri Mandal Rampalle
7036 Kurnool Chagalamarri Mandal Settiveedu
7037 Kurnool Chagalamarri Mandal Thodendlapalle
7038 Kurnool Chippagiri Mandal Bantanahal
7039 Kurnool Chippagiri Mandal Beldona
7040 Kurnool Chippagiri Mandal Chippagiri
7041 Kurnool Chippagiri Mandal Degalahal
7042 Kurnool Chippagiri Mandal Doulathapuram
7043 Kurnool Chippagiri Mandal Gummanur
7044 Kurnool Chippagiri Mandal Khajipuram
7045 Kurnool Chippagiri Mandal Kundanagurthi
7046 Kurnool Chippagiri Mandal Nagaradona
7047 Kurnool Chippagiri Mandal Nancharla
7048 Kurnool Chippagiri Mandal Nemakal
7049 Kurnool Chippagiri Mandal Ramadurgam
7050 Kurnool Chippagiri Mandal Thimmapuram
7051 Kurnool Chippagiri Mandal Yerur
7052 Kurnool Devanakonda Mandal Chellelichelimala
7053 Kurnool Devanakonda Mandal Devanakonda
7054 Kurnool Devanakonda Mandal Gundlakonda
7055 Kurnool Devanakonda Mandal Jilledubudakala
7056 Kurnool Devanakonda Mandal Kappatralla
7057 Kurnool Devanakonda Mandal Karivemula
7058 Kurnool Devanakonda Mandal Kunkanur
7059 Kurnool Devanakonda Mandal Machapuram
7060 Kurnool Devanakonda Mandal Nallachelimal
7061 Kurnool Devanakonda Mandal Palakurthy
7062 Kurnool Devanakonda Mandal P.Kotakonda
7063 Kurnool Devanakonda Mandal Potlapadu
7064 Kurnool Devanakonda Mandal S.Thimmapuram
7065 Kurnool Devanakonda Mandal Ternekal
7066 Kurnool Devanakonda Mandal Velamakuru
7067 Kurnool Dhone Mandal Chanugondla
7068 Kurnool Dhone Mandal Devarabanda
7069 Kurnool Dhone Mandal Dhone (R) @ Dronachalam
7070 Kurnool Dhone Mandal Eddupenta
7071 Kurnool Dhone Mandal Jagadurthi
7072 Kurnool Dhone Mandal Kamaganikuntla
7073 Kurnool Dhone Mandal Kocheruvu
7074 Kurnool Dhone Mandal Kotha Buruju
7075 Kurnool Dhone Mandal Kothakota
7076 Kurnool Dhone Mandal Malkapuram
7077 Kurnool Dhone Mandal Shotrium Gundala
7078 Kurnool Dhone Mandal Shotrium Valasala
7079 Kurnool Dhone Mandal Udumulapadu
7080 Kurnool Dhone Mandal Ungaranigundla
7081 Kurnool Dhone Mandal Venkatapuram
7082 Kurnool Dhone Mandal Yapadinne
7083 Kurnool Dornipadu Mandal Arjunapuram
7084 Kurnool Dornipadu Mandal Burrareddipalle
7085 Kurnool Dornipadu Mandal Chakarajuvemula
7086 Kurnool Dornipadu Mandal Dornipadu
7087 Kurnool Dornipadu Mandal Gundupapala
7088 Kurnool Dornipadu Mandal Kondapuram
7089 Kurnool Dornipadu Mandal Krislipadu
7090 Kurnool Dornipadu Mandal Ramachandrapuram
7091 Kurnool Dornipadu Mandal W.Govindinne
7092 Kurnool Gadivemula Mandal Bilakala Gudur
7093 Kurnool Gadivemula Mandal Bujanur
7094 Kurnool Gadivemula Mandal Chennakkapalle
7095 Kurnool Gadivemula Mandal Chindukuru
7096 Kurnool Gadivemula Mandal Durvesi
7097 Kurnool Gadivemula Mandal Gadigarevula
7098 Kurnool Gadivemula Mandal Gadivemula
7099 Kurnool Gadivemula Mandal Gani
7100 Kurnool Gadivemula Mandal Karimaddala
7101 Kurnool Gadivemula Mandal Koratamaddi
7102 Kurnool Gadivemula Mandal Korrapolur
7103 Kurnool Gadivemula Mandal Manchalakatta
7104 Kurnool Gadivemula Mandal Pesaravayi
7105 Kurnool Gadivemula Mandal Thirupadu
7106 Kurnool Gonegandla Mandal Alwala
7107 Kurnool Gonegandla Mandal Bandameedi Agraharam
7108 Kurnool Gonegandla Mandal Byluppala
7109 Kurnool Gonegandla Mandal Errabadu
7110 Kurnool Gonegandla Mandal Ganjihalli
7111 Kurnool Gonegandla Mandal Gonegandla
7112 Kurnool Gonegandla Mandal Handri Khairawadi
7113 Kurnool Gonegandla Mandal Iranbanda
7114 Kurnool Gonegandla Mandal Kulumala
7115 Kurnool Gonegandla Mandal Kurnur
7116 Kurnool Gonegandla Mandal Lingamdinne
7117 Kurnool Gonegandla Mandal Neruduppala
7118 Kurnool Gonegandla Mandal Pedda Marriveedu
7119 Kurnool Gonegandla Mandal Pedda Nelatur
7120 Kurnool Gonegandla Mandal Thippanur
7121 Kurnool Gonegandla Mandal Vemugodu
7122 Kurnool Gospadu Mandal Deebaguntla
7123 Kurnool Gospadu Mandal Gospadu
7124 Kurnool Gospadu Mandal Jillela
7125 Kurnool Gospadu Mandal Julepalle
7126 Kurnool Gospadu Mandal Kanalapalle
7127 Kurnool Gospadu Mandal M.Chintakunta
7128 Kurnool Gospadu Mandal M.Krishnapuram
7129 Kurnool Gospadu Mandal Pasurapadu
7130 Kurnool Gospadu Mandal Rayapadu
7131 Kurnool Gospadu Mandal Sambavaram
7132 Kurnool Gospadu Mandal S.Kuluru
7133 Kurnool Gospadu Mandal S.Nagulavaram
7134 Kurnool Gospadu Mandal Tellapuri
7135 Kurnool Gospadu Mandal Vantivelagala
7136 Kurnool Gospadu Mandal Yalluru
7137 Kurnool Gudur Mandal Budidapadu
7138 Kurnool Gudur Mandal Chanugondla
7139 Kurnool Gudur Mandal Gudipadu
7140 Kurnool Gudur Mandal Gudur
7141 Kurnool Gudur Mandal Julakallu
7142 Kurnool Gudur Mandal Kuruvanagalapuram
7143 Kurnool Gudur Mandal Mallapuram
7144 Kurnool Gudur Mandal Munagala
7145 Kurnool Gudur Mandal Penchikalapadu
7146 Kurnool Gudur Mandal Ponnakallu
7147 Kurnool Gudur Mandal Regadi Khanapuram
7148 Kurnool Halaharvi Mandal Amruthapuram
7149 Kurnool Halaharvi Mandal Ballur
7150 Kurnool Halaharvi Mandal Bapuram
7151 Kurnool Halaharvi Mandal Bevinhal
7152 Kurnool Halaharvi Mandal Bilehal
7153 Kurnool Halaharvi Mandal Bolugota
7154 Kurnool Halaharvi Mandal Chakibanda
7155 Kurnool Halaharvi Mandal Chinthakunta
7156 Kurnool Halaharvi Mandal Gulyam
7157 Kurnool Halaharvi Mandal Halaharvi
7158 Kurnool Halaharvi Mandal Hardagiri
7159 Kurnool Halaharvi Mandal J.Hosahalli
7160 Kurnool Halaharvi Mandal Kaminahal
7161 Kurnool Halaharvi Mandal Kokkarachedu
7162 Kurnool Halaharvi Mandal Kurulehalli
7163 Kurnool Halaharvi Mandal Machanur
7164 Kurnool Halaharvi Mandal Mallikarjunahalli
7165 Kurnool Halaharvi Mandal Medehal
7166 Kurnool Halaharvi Mandal Nitravatti
7167 Kurnool Halaharvi Mandal Patcharahalli
7168 Kurnool Halaharvi Mandal Siddapuram
7169 Kurnool Halaharvi Mandal Sirugapuram
7170 Kurnool Halaharvi Mandal Sreedarahal
7171 Kurnool Halaharvi Mandal Virupapuram
7172 Kurnool Holagunda Mandal Chinnahyta
7173 Kurnool Holagunda Mandal Gajjehalli
7174 Kurnool Holagunda Mandal Hebbatam
7175 Kurnool Holagunda Mandal Holagunda
7176 Kurnool Holagunda Mandal Honnur
7177 Kurnool Holagunda Mandal Ingaladahal
7178 Kurnool Holagunda Mandal Kogilathota
7179 Kurnool Holagunda Mandal Lingadahalli
7180 Kurnool Holagunda Mandal Maddi Lingadahalli
7181 Kurnool Holagunda Mandal Marlamadiki
7182 Kurnool Holagunda Mandal Muddatamagi
7183 Kurnool Holagunda Mandal Mugumangondi
7184 Kurnool Holagunda Mandal Nagarakanvi
7185 Kurnool Holagunda Mandal Neraniki
7186 Kurnool Holagunda Mandal Pedda Gonehal
7187 Kurnool Holagunda Mandal Peddahyta
7188 Kurnool Holagunda Mandal Sammathagiri
7189 Kurnool Holagunda Mandal Suluvoy
7190 Kurnool Holagunda Mandal Vandavagali
7191 Kurnool Holagunda Mandal Yellarthy
7192 Kurnool Jupadu Bungalow Mandal Bannur
7193 Kurnool Jupadu Bungalow Mandal Bollavaram
7194 Kurnool Jupadu Bungalow Mandal Ganapuram
7195 Kurnool Jupadu Bungalow Mandal Lingapuram
7196 Kurnool Jupadu Bungalow Mandal Mandlem
7197 Kurnool Jupadu Bungalow Mandal Parumanchala
7198 Kurnool Jupadu Bungalow Mandal Tangadancha
7199 Kurnool Jupadu Bungalow Mandal Tarigopula
7200 Kurnool Jupadu Bungalow Mandal Tartur
7201 Kurnool Jupadu Bungalow Mandal Tatipadu
7202 Kurnool Jupadu Bungalow Mandal Thudicherla
7203 Kurnool Kallur Mandal A.Gokulapadu
7204 Kurnool Kallur Mandal Bastipadu
7205 Kurnool Kallur Mandal Bellavaram
7206 Kurnool Kallur Mandal Chetla Mallapuram
7207 Kurnool Kallur Mandal Chinna Tekur
7208 Kurnool Kallur Mandal Dupadu
7209 Kurnool Kallur Mandal K.Markapuram
7210 Kurnool Kallur Mandal Konganapadu
7211 Kurnool Kallur Mandal Laxmipuram (Part)
7212 Kurnool Kallur Mandal Nayakallu
7213 Kurnool Kallur Mandal Parla
7214 Kurnool Kallur Mandal Pedda Tekur
7215 Kurnool Kallur Mandal Pusulur
7216 Kurnool Kallur Mandal Remadur
7217 Kurnool Kallur Mandal Salkapuram
7218 Kurnool Kallur Mandal Thadakanapalle
7219 Kurnool Kallur Mandal Ulindakonda
7220 Kurnool Kallur Mandal Yaparlapadu
7221 Kurnool Kodumur Mandal Amadaguntla
7222 Kurnool Kodumur Mandal Anugonda
7223 Kurnool Kodumur Mandal Gorantla
7224 Kurnool Kodumur Mandal Kodumur
7225 Kurnool Kodumur Mandal Laddagiri
7226 Kurnool Kodumur Mandal Mudumalagurthy
7227 Kurnool Kodumur Mandal Pulakurthy
7228 Kurnool Kodumur Mandal Pyalakurthy
7229 Kurnool Kodumur Mandal Varkur
7230 Kurnool Kodumur Mandal Yerradoddi
7231 Kurnool Koilkuntla Mandal Amadala
7232 Kurnool Koilkuntla Mandal Bheemunipadu
7233 Kurnool Koilkuntla Mandal Bijinavemula
7234 Kurnool Koilkuntla Mandal Chinna Kopperla
7235 Kurnool Koilkuntla Mandal Chintakunta
7236 Kurnool Koilkuntla Mandal Gulladurthi
7237 Kurnool Koilkuntla Mandal Joladarasi
7238 Kurnool Koilkuntla Mandal Kalugotla
7239 Kurnool Koilkuntla Mandal Kampamalla
7240 Kurnool Koilkuntla Mandal Koilkuntla
7241 Kurnool Koilkuntla Mandal Lingala
7242 Kurnool Koilkuntla Mandal Mogalai Uppalur
7243 Kurnool Koilkuntla Mandal Pedda Kopperla
7244 Kurnool Koilkuntla Mandal Pottipadu
7245 Kurnool Koilkuntla Mandal Revanur
7246 Kurnool Koilkuntla Mandal Soulderdinne
7247 Kurnool Koilkuntla Mandal Vallampadu
7248 Kurnool Koilkuntla Mandal Velagatur
7249 Kurnool Kolimigundla Mandal Abdullapuram
7250 Kurnool Kolimigundla Mandal Belum
7251 Kurnool Kolimigundla Mandal Belumsingavaram
7252 Kurnool Kolimigundla Mandal Boyala Tadipatri
7253 Kurnool Kolimigundla Mandal Boyala Uppalur
7254 Kurnool Kolimigundla Mandal Chintalayapalle
7255 Kurnool Kolimigundla Mandal Erragudi
7256 Kurnool Kolimigundla Mandal Hanumanthagundam
7257 Kurnool Kolimigundla Mandal Itikala
7258 Kurnool Kolimigundla Mandal Kalvatala
7259 Kurnool Kolimigundla Mandal Kolimigundla
7260 Kurnool Kolimigundla Mandal Korumanipalle
7261 Kurnool Kolimigundla Mandal Kotapadu
7262 Kurnool Kolimigundla Mandal Mirjapuram
7263 Kurnool Kolimigundla Mandal Nandipadu
7264 Kurnool Kolimigundla Mandal Peddaventhurla
7265 Kurnool Kolimigundla Mandal Petnikota
7266 Kurnool Kolimigundla Mandal Shotrium Chennampalle
7267 Kurnool Kolimigundla Mandal Thimmanayunipeta
7268 Kurnool Kolimigundla Mandal Thollamadugu
7269 Kurnool Kolimigundla Mandal Thummalamenta(CT)
7270 Kurnool Kosigi Mandal Agasanur
7271 Kurnool Kosigi Mandal Arlabanda
7272 Kurnool Kosigi Mandal Batra Bommalapuram
7273 Kurnool Kosigi Mandal Belagallu
7274 Kurnool Kosigi Mandal Bompalle
7275 Kurnool Kosigi Mandal Chintakunta
7276 Kurnool Kosigi Mandal Chirthanakal
7277 Kurnool Kosigi Mandal Devarabetta
7278 Kurnool Kosigi Mandal Duddi
7279 Kurnool Kosigi Mandal Gowdegallu
7280 Kurnool Kosigi Mandal Irangal
7281 Kurnool Kosigi Mandal Jampapuram
7282 Kurnool Kosigi Mandal Kadidoddi
7283 Kurnool Kosigi Mandal Kalavalagundu
7284 Kurnool Kosigi Mandal Kamandoddi
7285 Kurnool Kosigi Mandal Kandukur
7286 Kurnool Kosigi Mandal Kosigi
7287 Kurnool Kosigi Mandal Moogaladoddi
7288 Kurnool Kosigi Mandal Nelakosigi
7289 Kurnool Kosigi Mandal Pallipadu
7290 Kurnool Kosigi Mandal Pendekal
7291 Kurnool Kosigi Mandal Puttakunta
7292 Kurnool Kosigi Mandal Sajjalaguddam
7293 Kurnool Kosigi Mandal Sathanur
7294 Kurnool Kosigi Mandal Thumbiganur
7295 Kurnool Kosigi Mandal Vandagallu
7296 Kurnool Kosigi Mandal Yandapalle
7297 Kurnool Kosigi Mandal Zumaladinne
7298 Kurnool Kothapalle Mandal Battuvaripalle
7299 Kurnool Kothapalle Mandal Dudyala
7300 Kurnool Kothapalle Mandal Edurupadu
7301 Kurnool Kothapalle Mandal Erramatam
7302 Kurnool Kothapalle Mandal Gokavaram
7303 Kurnool Kothapalle Mandal Gummadapuram
7304 Kurnool Kothapalle Mandal Guvvalakunta
7305 Kurnool Kothapalle Mandal Kokkerancha
7306 Kurnool Kothapalle Mandal Kothapalle
7307 Kurnool Kothapalle Mandal Musalimadugu
7308 Kurnool Kothapalle Mandal Nandikunta
7309 Kurnool Kothapalle Mandal Sangameswaram
7310 Kurnool Kothapalle Mandal Siddheswaram
7311 Kurnool Kothapalle Mandal Sivapuram
7312 Kurnool Kothapalle Mandal Veerabhadradurgam
7313 Kurnool Kowthalam Mandal Agasaladinne
7314 Kurnool Kowthalam Mandal Badinehal
7315 Kurnool Kowthalam Mandal Bantakunta
7316 Kurnool Kowthalam Mandal Bapuram
7317 Kurnool Kowthalam Mandal Chirtapalle
7318 Kurnool Kowthalam Mandal Chudi
7319 Kurnool Kowthalam Mandal Dommaladinne
7320 Kurnool Kowthalam Mandal Echalahal
7321 Kurnool Kowthalam Mandal Gothuladoddi
7322 Kurnool Kowthalam Mandal Gudikambali
7323 Kurnool Kowthalam Mandal Gurraladoddi
7324 Kurnool Kowthalam Mandal Halvi
7325 Kurnool Kowthalam Mandal Kamavaram
7326 Kurnool Kowthalam Mandal Karani
7327 Kurnool Kowthalam Mandal Katedoddi
7328 Kurnool Kowthalam Mandal Katriki
7329 Kurnool Kowthalam Mandal Kowthalam
7330 Kurnool Kowthalam Mandal Kumbalanur
7331 Kurnool Kowthalam Mandal Kuntanahal
7332 Kurnool Kowthalam Mandal Lingaladinne
7333 Kurnool Kowthalam Mandal Madire
7334 Kurnool Kowthalam Mandal Mallanahatti
7335 Kurnool Kowthalam Mandal Marali
7336 Kurnool Kowthalam Mandal Myaliganur
7337 Kurnool Kowthalam Mandal Nadichagi
7338 Kurnool Kowthalam Mandal Podalakunta
7339 Kurnool Kowthalam Mandal Rowdur
7340 Kurnool Kowthalam Mandal Sulakeri
7341 Kurnool Kowthalam Mandal Thippaladoddi
7342 Kurnool Kowthalam Mandal Thovi
7343 Kurnool Kowthalam Mandal Upparahal
7344 Kurnool Kowthalam Mandal Urukunda
7345 Kurnool Kowthalam Mandal Vallur
7346 Kurnool Kowthalam Mandal Veerladinne
7347 Kurnool Kowthalam Mandal Yerigiri
7348 Kurnool Krishnagiri Mandal Agaveli
7349 Kurnool Krishnagiri Mandal Alamkonda
7350 Kurnool Krishnagiri Mandal Amakathadu
7351 Kurnool Krishnagiri Mandal Chityala
7352 Kurnool Krishnagiri Mandal Chunchu Yerragudi
7353 Kurnool Krishnagiri Mandal Kambalapadu
7354 Kurnool Krishnagiri Mandal Katarakonda
7355 Kurnool Krishnagiri Mandal Krishnagiri
7356 Kurnool Krishnagiri Mandal Lakkasagaram
7357 Kurnool Krishnagiri Mandal Mannegunta
7358 Kurnool Krishnagiri Mandal Pothugal
7359 Kurnool Krishnagiri Mandal Shotrium Yerragudi
7360 Kurnool Krishnagiri Mandal Tallagokulapadu
7361 Kurnool Krishnagiri Mandal Thogarchedu
7362 Kurnool Krishnagiri Mandal Yerukalacheruvu
7363 Kurnool Kurnool Mandal Basavapuram
7364 Kurnool Kurnool Mandal Devamada
7365 Kurnool Kurnool Mandal Diguvapadu
7366 Kurnool Kurnool Mandal Edurur
7367 Kurnool Kurnool Mandal E.Thandrapadu
7368 Kurnool Kurnool Mandal Gargeyapuram
7369 Kurnool Kurnool Mandal Gondiparla
7370 Kurnool Kurnool Mandal G.Singavaram
7371 Kurnool Kurnool Mandal Mamidalapadu(CT)
7372 Kurnool Kurnool Mandal Munagalapadu
7373 Kurnool Kurnool Mandal Nidzur
7374 Kurnool Kurnool Mandal Noothanapalle
7375 Kurnool Kurnool Mandal Panchalingala
7376 Kurnool Kurnool Mandal Pudur
7377 Kurnool Kurnool Mandal Remata
7378 Kurnool Kurnool Mandal R.Kanthalapadu
7379 Kurnool Kurnool Mandal Rudravaram (Part)
7380 Kurnool Kurnool Mandal Sunkesula
7381 Kurnool Kurnool Mandal Ulchala
7382 Kurnool Maddikera (East) Mandal Burujula
7383 Kurnool Maddikera (East) Mandal Edavali
7384 Kurnool Maddikera (East) Mandal Hampa
7385 Kurnool Maddikera (East) Mandal Maddikera Agraharam
7386 Kurnool Maddikera (East) Mandal Maddikera (East)
7387 Kurnool Maddikera (East) Mandal Maddikera (North)
7388 Kurnool Maddikera (East) Mandal Maddikera (West)
7389 Kurnool Maddikera (East) Mandal Peravali
7390 Kurnool Mahanandi Mandal Basavapuram
7391 Kurnool Mahanandi Mandal Bollavaram
7392 Kurnool Mahanandi Mandal Bukkapuram
7393 Kurnool Mahanandi Mandal Gajulapalle
7394 Kurnool Mahanandi Mandal Gopavaram
7395 Kurnool Mahanandi Mandal Maseedupuram
7396 Kurnool Mahanandi Mandal Nandipalle
7397 Kurnool Mahanandi Mandal Thammadapalle
7398 Kurnool Mahanandi Mandal Thimmapuram
7399 Kurnool Mantralayam Mandal Basapuram
7400 Kurnool Mantralayam Mandal Budur
7401 Kurnool Mantralayam Mandal Chetnihalli
7402 Kurnool Mantralayam Mandal Chilakaladona
7403 Kurnool Mantralayam Mandal Dibbanadoddi
7404 Kurnool Mantralayam Mandal Hagaruru Thimmapuram
7405 Kurnool Mantralayam Mandal Kachapuram
7406 Kurnool Mantralayam Mandal Kaggallu
7407 Kurnool Mantralayam Mandal Kalludevakunta
7408 Kurnool Mantralayam Mandal Madhavaram
7409 Kurnool Mantralayam Mandal Malapalle
7410 Kurnool Mantralayam Mandal Manchala
7411 Kurnool Mantralayam Mandal Narayanapuram
7412 Kurnool Mantralayam Mandal Paramandoddi
7413 Kurnool Mantralayam Mandal Rachumarri
7414 Kurnool Mantralayam Mandal Rampuram
7415 Kurnool Mantralayam Mandal Singarajanahalli
7416 Kurnool Mantralayam Mandal Sowla Halli
7417 Kurnool Mantralayam Mandal Sugur
7418 Kurnool Mantralayam Mandal Sunkeswari
7419 Kurnool Midthur Mandal Alaganur
7420 Kurnool Midthur Mandal Bannur
7421 Kurnool Midthur Mandal Byrapuram
7422 Kurnool Midthur Mandal Cherakucherla
7423 Kurnool Midthur Mandal Chintalapalle
7424 Kurnool Midthur Mandal Chowtakur
7425 Kurnool Midthur Mandal Devanur
7426 Kurnool Midthur Mandal Jalakanur
7427 Kurnool Midthur Mandal Kadumur
7428 Kurnool Midthur Mandal Masapeta
7429 Kurnool Midthur Mandal Midthur
7430 Kurnool Midthur Mandal Nagalooty
7431 Kurnool Midthur Mandal Rollapadu
7432 Kurnool Midthur Mandal Sunkesula
7433 Kurnool Midthur Mandal Talamudipi
7434 Kurnool Midthur Mandal Thimmapuram
7435 Kurnool Midthur Mandal Veepanagandla
7436 Kurnool Nandavaram Mandal Chamalaguduru
7437 Kurnool Nandavaram Mandal Chinnakothiliki
7438 Kurnool Nandavaram Mandal Dharmapuram
7439 Kurnool Nandavaram Mandal Gangavaram
7440 Kurnool Nandavaram Mandal Gurujala
7441 Kurnool Nandavaram Mandal Halaharvi
7442 Kurnool Nandavaram Mandal Ibharampuram
7443 Kurnool Nandavaram Mandal Joharapuram
7444 Kurnool Nandavaram Mandal Kanakaveedu
7445 Kurnool Nandavaram Mandal Machapuram
7446 Kurnool Nandavaram Mandal Mittasompuram
7447 Kurnool Nandavaram Mandal Mugathi
7448 Kurnool Nandavaram Mandal Nadikhairavadi
7449 Kurnool Nandavaram Mandal Nagaladinne
7450 Kurnool Nandavaram Mandal Nandavaram
7451 Kurnool Nandavaram Mandal Peddakothiliki
7452 Kurnool Nandavaram Mandal Ponakaladinne
7453 Kurnool Nandavaram Mandal Poolachinta
7454 Kurnool Nandavaram Mandal Rayachoty
7455 Kurnool Nandikotkur Mandal Allur
7456 Kurnool Nandikotkur Mandal Bijinavemula
7457 Kurnool Nandikotkur Mandal Bollavaram
7458 Kurnool Nandikotkur Mandal Brahmanakotkur
7459 Kurnool Nandikotkur Mandal Damagatla
7460 Kurnool Nandikotkur Mandal Konidela
7461 Kurnool Nandikotkur Mandal Maddigatla
7462 Kurnool Nandikotkur Mandal Malyala
7463 Kurnool Nandikotkur Mandal Nagatoor
7464 Kurnool Nandikotkur Mandal Nandi Kotkur
7465 Kurnool Nandikotkur Mandal Santhanikota
7466 Kurnool Nandikotkur Mandal Vaddamanu
7467 Kurnool Nandyal Mandal Ayyalur (Part)
7468 Kurnool Nandyal Mandal Bheemavaram
7469 Kurnool Nandyal Mandal Billalapuram
7470 Kurnool Nandyal Mandal Brahmanapalle
7471 Kurnool Nandyal Mandal Chabolu
7472 Kurnool Nandyal Mandal Chapirevula
7473 Kurnool Nandyal Mandal Gunthanala
7474 Kurnool Nandyal Mandal Kanala
7475 Kurnool Nandyal Mandal Kottala
7476 Kurnool Nandyal Mandal Mitnala
7477 Kurnool Nandyal Mandal Munagala
7478 Kurnool Nandyal Mandal Nandyal (R)
7479 Kurnool Nandyal Mandal Polur
7480 Kurnool Nandyal Mandal Pulimaddi
7481 Kurnool Nandyal Mandal Pusulur
7482 Kurnool Nandyal Mandal Rayamalpuram
7483 Kurnool Nandyal Mandal Udumalpuram (R) (Part)
7484 Kurnool Orvakal Mandal Bodduvanipalle
7485 Kurnool Orvakal Mandal Brahmanapalle
7486 Kurnool Orvakal Mandal Guttapadu
7487 Kurnool Orvakal Mandal Husainapuram
7488 Kurnool Orvakal Mandal Kalva
7489 Kurnool Orvakal Mandal Kannamadakala
7490 Kurnool Orvakal Mandal Kethavaram
7491 Kurnool Orvakal Mandal Komarolu
7492 Kurnool Orvakal Mandal Loddipalle
7493 Kurnool Orvakal Mandal Meedivemula
7494 Kurnool Orvakal Mandal Nannur
7495 Kurnool Orvakal Mandal N.Konthalapadu
7496 Kurnool Orvakal Mandal Orvakal
7497 Kurnool Orvakal Mandal Palakolanu
7498 Kurnool Orvakal Mandal Puricherla
7499 Kurnool Orvakal Mandal Sakunala
7500 Kurnool Orvakal Mandal Somyajulapalle
7501 Kurnool Orvakal Mandal Thippayapalle
7502 Kurnool Orvakal Mandal Uppalapadu
7503 Kurnool Orvakal Mandal Uyyalawada
7504 Kurnool Owk Mandal Annavaram
7505 Kurnool Owk Mandal Chanugondla
7506 Kurnool Owk Mandal Chennampalle
7507 Kurnool Owk Mandal Cherlapalle
7508 Kurnool Owk Mandal Gundla Singavaram
7509 Kurnool Owk Mandal Junuthala
7510 Kurnool Owk Mandal Kunukuntla
7511 Kurnool Owk Mandal Mettupalle
7512 Kurnool Owk Mandal Nichenametla
7513 Kurnool Owk Mandal Owk
7514 Kurnool Owk Mandal Ramapuram(CT)
7515 Kurnool Owk Mandal Ramavaram
7516 Kurnool Owk Mandal Sangapatnam
7517 Kurnool Owk Mandal Singanapalle
7518 Kurnool Owk Mandal Sivavaram
7519 Kurnool Owk Mandal Sunkesula
7520 Kurnool Owk Mandal Uppalapadu
7521 Kurnool Owk Mandal Vajragiri
7522 Kurnool Owk Mandal Vemulapadu
7523 Kurnool Pagidyala Mandal Beeravolu
7524 Kurnool Pagidyala Mandal Laxmapuram
7525 Kurnool Pagidyala Mandal Muchumarri
7526 Kurnool Pagidyala Mandal Murvakonda
7527 Kurnool Pagidyala Mandal Pagidyala
7528 Kurnool Pagidyala Mandal Palamarri
7529 Kurnool Pagidyala Mandal Pathakota(East)
7530 Kurnool Pagidyala Mandal Pathakota(West)
7531 Kurnool Pagidyala Mandal Veerapuram
7532 Kurnool Pagidyala Mandal Yellala
7533 Kurnool Pamulapadu Mandal Bhanumukkala
7534 Kurnool Pamulapadu Mandal Chelimella
7535 Kurnool Pamulapadu Mandal Iskala
7536 Kurnool Pamulapadu Mandal Jutur
7537 Kurnool Pamulapadu Mandal Kambalapalle
7538 Kurnool Pamulapadu Mandal Maddur
7539 Kurnool Pamulapadu Mandal Mittakandala
7540 Kurnool Pamulapadu Mandal Pamulapadu
7541 Kurnool Pamulapadu Mandal Thummalur
7542 Kurnool Pamulapadu Mandal Vanala
7543 Kurnool Pamulapadu Mandal Vempenta
7544 Kurnool Panyam Mandal Alamur
7545 Kurnool Panyam Mandal Anupur
7546 Kurnool Panyam Mandal Balapanur
7547 Kurnool Panyam Mandal Bhupanapadu
7548 Kurnool Panyam Mandal Chilakala
7549 Kurnool Panyam Mandal Gaggatur
7550 Kurnool Panyam Mandal Gonavaram
7551 Kurnool Panyam Mandal Gorukallu
7552 Kurnool Panyam Mandal Kondajutur
7553 Kurnool Panyam Mandal Konidedu
7554 Kurnool Panyam Mandal Kothuru
7555 Kurnool Panyam Mandal Kowlur
7556 Kurnool Panyam Mandal Maddur
7557 Kurnool Panyam Mandal Nerawada
7558 Kurnool Panyam Mandal Panyam
7559 Kurnool Panyam Mandal Pinnapuram
7560 Kurnool Panyam Mandal Thammarajupalle
7561 Kurnool Panyam Mandal Thogarchedu
7562 Kurnool Pattikonda Mandal Chakkaralla
7563 Kurnool Pattikonda Mandal Chinna Hulthi
7564 Kurnool Pattikonda Mandal Devanabanda
7565 Kurnool Pattikonda Mandal Dudekonda
7566 Kurnool Pattikonda Mandal Hosur
7567 Kurnool Pattikonda Mandal Jutur
7568 Kurnool Pattikonda Mandal Nalakadoddi
7569 Kurnool Pattikonda Mandal Pandikona
7570 Kurnool Pattikonda Mandal Pattikonda
7571 Kurnool Pattikonda Mandal Pedda Hulthi
7572 Kurnool Pattikonda Mandal Putchakayalamada
7573 Kurnool Peapally Mandal Burugula
7574 Kurnool Peapally Mandal Chandrapalle
7575 Kurnool Peapally Mandal Gudipadu
7576 Kurnool Peapally Mandal Jakkasanikuntla
7577 Kurnool Peapally Mandal Jaladurgam
7578 Kurnool Peapally Mandal Kalachetla
7579 Kurnool Peapally Mandal Kommemarri
7580 Kurnool Peapally Mandal Madhavaram
7581 Kurnool Peapally Mandal Mettupalle
7582 Kurnool Peapally Mandal Munimadugu
7583 Kurnool Peapally Mandal Nereducherla
7584 Kurnool Peapally Mandal Peapally
7585 Kurnool Peapally Mandal Peddapodilla
7586 Kurnool Peapally Mandal Pothidoddi
7587 Kurnool Peapally Mandal Racherla
7588 Kurnool Peapally Mandal Shrotrium Nallaballe
7589 Kurnool Peapally Mandal Shrotrium Rangapuram
7590 Kurnool Peapally Mandal Shrotrium Rayampeta
7591 Kurnool Peapally Mandal Vengalampalle
7592 Kurnool Pedda Kadubur Mandal Bapaladoddi
7593 Kurnool Pedda Kadubur Mandal Basaladoddi
7594 Kurnool Pedda Kadubur Mandal Chinna Kadubur
7595 Kurnool Pedda Kadubur Mandal Chinnatumbalam
7596 Kurnool Pedda Kadubur Mandal Gavigatlu
7597 Kurnool Pedda Kadubur Mandal Hissara Murvari
7598 Kurnool Pedda Kadubur Mandal Hulikanvi
7599 Kurnool Pedda Kadubur Mandal Jalvadi
7600 Kurnool Pedda Kadubur Mandal Kallukunta
7601 Kurnool Pedda Kadubur Mandal Kambadahal
7602 Kurnool Pedda Kadubur Mandal Kambaladinne
7603 Kurnool Pedda Kadubur Mandal Muchigeri
7604 Kurnool Pedda Kadubur Mandal Myakadona
7605 Kurnool Pedda Kadubur Mandal Nowlekal
7606 Kurnool Pedda Kadubur Mandal Pedda Kadubur
7607 Kurnool Pedda Kadubur Mandal Peekalabetta
7608 Kurnool Pedda Kadubur Mandal Rangapuram
7609 Kurnool Pedda Kadubur Mandal Tarapuram
7610 Kurnool Rudravaram Mandal Alamur
7611 Kurnool Rudravaram Mandal Beeravolu
7612 Kurnool Rudravaram Mandal Chandalur
7613 Kurnool Rudravaram Mandal Chilakaloor
7614 Kurnool Rudravaram Mandal Chinna Kambaloor
7615 Kurnool Rudravaram Mandal Ellavathula
7616 Kurnool Rudravaram Mandal Erragudidinne
7617 Kurnool Rudravaram Mandal Kondamayapalle
7618 Kurnool Rudravaram Mandal Kotakonda
7619 Kurnool Rudravaram Mandal Mandaloor
7620 Kurnool Rudravaram Mandal Muthaloor
7621 Kurnool Rudravaram Mandal Narasapuram
7622 Kurnool Rudravaram Mandal Pedda Kambaloor
7623 Kurnool Rudravaram Mandal Perur
7624 Kurnool Rudravaram Mandal R.Nagulavaram
7625 Kurnool Rudravaram Mandal Rudravaram
7626 Kurnool Rudravaram Mandal Sreerangapuram
7627 Kurnool Rudravaram Mandal T.Lingamdinne
7628 Kurnool Rudravaram Mandal Velagalapalle
7629 Kurnool Sanjamala Mandal Akumalla
7630 Kurnool Sanjamala Mandal Alvakonda
7631 Kurnool Sanjamala Mandal Bondaladinne
7632 Kurnool Sanjamala Mandal Dattapuram
7633 Kurnool Sanjamala Mandal Eggoni
7634 Kurnool Sanjamala Mandal Giddalur
7635 Kurnool Sanjamala Mandal Hothramandinne
7636 Kurnool Sanjamala Mandal Kamalapuri
7637 Kurnool Sanjamala Mandal Kanala
7638 Kurnool Sanjamala Mandal Lingam Dinne
7639 Kurnool Sanjamala Mandal Mangapalle
7640 Kurnool Sanjamala Mandal Mikkinenipalle
7641 Kurnool Sanjamala Mandal Muchalapuri
7642 Kurnool Sanjamala Mandal Mudigedu
7643 Kurnool Sanjamala Mandal Mukkamalla
7644 Kurnool Sanjamala Mandal Natla Kothur
7645 Kurnool Sanjamala Mandal Nossam
7646 Kurnool Sanjamala Mandal Perusomala
7647 Kurnool Sanjamala Mandal Ramabhadrunipalle
7648 Kurnool Sanjamala Mandal Sanjamala
7649 Kurnool Sanjamala Mandal Vasanthapuram
7650 Kurnool Sirvel Mandal Boyalakuntla
7651 Kurnool Sirvel Mandal Chennur
7652 Kurnool Sirvel Mandal Gangavaram
7653 Kurnool Sirvel Mandal Govindpalle
7654 Kurnool Sirvel Mandal Gumparamandinne
7655 Kurnool Sirvel Mandal Jeenepalle
7656 Kurnool Sirvel Mandal Kaminenipalle
7657 Kurnool Sirvel Mandal Kotapadu
7658 Kurnool Sirvel Mandal Mahadevapuram
7659 Kurnool Sirvel Mandal Sirvel
7660 Kurnool Sirvel Mandal Vanikemdinne
7661 Kurnool Sirvel Mandal Yerragundla
7662 Kurnool Srisailam Mandal Hatakeswaram
7663 Kurnool Srisailam Mandal Sikharam
7664 Kurnool Srisailam Mandal Srisailamgudem Devasthanam
7665 Kurnool Srisailam Mandal Srisailam Project(RFC)Township(CT)
7666 Kurnool Tuggali Mandal Bondimadugula
7667 Kurnool Tuggali Mandal Chennampalle
7668 Kurnool Tuggali Mandal Edduladoddi
7669 Kurnool Tuggali Mandal Gooty Erragudi
7670 Kurnool Tuggali Mandal Jonnagiri
7671 Kurnool Tuggali Mandal Kandamakuntla
7672 Kurnool Tuggali Mandal Linganenidoddi
7673 Kurnool Tuggali Mandal Mukkella
7674 Kurnool Tuggali Mandal Pagidiroy
7675 Kurnool Tuggali Mandal Pendikallu
7676 Kurnool Tuggali Mandal Ratana
7677 Kurnool Tuggali Mandal Tuggali
7678 Kurnool Uyyalawada Mandal Allur
7679 Kurnool Uyyalawada Mandal Bodemmanur
7680 Kurnool Uyyalawada Mandal Govindapalle
7681 Kurnool Uyyalawada Mandal Harivaram
7682 Kurnool Uyyalawada Mandal Injedu
7683 Kurnool Uyyalawada Mandal Kakarawada
7684 Kurnool Uyyalawada Mandal Kondupalle
7685 Kurnool Uyyalawada Mandal Mayalur
7686 Kurnool Uyyalawada Mandal Narsepalle
7687 Kurnool Uyyalawada Mandal Padigepad
7688 Kurnool Uyyalawada Mandal Pedda Emmanur
7689 Kurnool Uyyalawada Mandal Reddivari Jambuladinne
7690 Kurnool Uyyalawada Mandal R.Papampalle
7691 Kurnool Uyyalawada Mandal Rupamagudi
7692 Kurnool Uyyalawada Mandal Sarvaipalle
7693 Kurnool Uyyalawada Mandal S.Kothapalle
7694 Kurnool Uyyalawada Mandal Suddamalla
7695 Kurnool Uyyalawada Mandal Thudumuladinne
7696 Kurnool Uyyalawada Mandal Uyyalawada
7697 Kurnool Uyyalawada Mandal Vengampalle
7698 Kurnool Veldurthi Mandal Bhogolu
7699 Kurnool Veldurthi Mandal Bukkapuram
7700 Kurnool Veldurthi Mandal Cherukulapadu
7701 Kurnool Veldurthi Mandal Govardhanagiri
7702 Kurnool Veldurthi Mandal Kalugotla
7703 Kurnool Veldurthi Mandal Lanja Banda
7704 Kurnool Veldurthi Mandal Mallepalle
7705 Kurnool Veldurthi Mandal Narasapuram
7706 Kurnool Veldurthi Mandal Narlapuram
7707 Kurnool Veldurthi Mandal Pullagummi
7708 Kurnool Veldurthi Mandal Ramallakota
7709 Kurnool Veldurthi Mandal Sarparajapuram
7710 Kurnool Veldurthi Mandal Sho.Boyanapalle
7711 Kurnool Veldurthi Mandal Sho.Peremula
7712 Kurnool Veldurthi Mandal Sudepalle
7713 Kurnool Veldurthi Mandal Veldurthi
7714 Kurnool Velgode Mandal Abdullapuram
7715 Kurnool Velgode Mandal Boyarevula
7716 Kurnool Velgode Mandal Gunthakandala
7717 Kurnool Velgode Mandal Kunta
7718 Kurnool Velgode Mandal Mothukur
7719 Kurnool Velgode Mandal Regadigudur
7720 Kurnool Velgode Mandal Velgode
7721 Kurnool Velgode Mandal Velpanur
7722 Kurnool Yemmiganur Mandal Banavasi
7723 Kurnool Yemmiganur Mandal Devibetta
7724 Kurnool Yemmiganur Mandal Divamdinne
7725 Kurnool Yemmiganur Mandal Enigabala
7726 Kurnool Yemmiganur Mandal Garladinne
7727 Kurnool Yemmiganur Mandal Gudikal
7728 Kurnool Yemmiganur Mandal Kadimetla
7729 Kurnool Yemmiganur Mandal Kadivella
7730 Kurnool Yemmiganur Mandal Kalugotla
7731 Kurnool Yemmiganur Mandal Kandanathi
7732 Kurnool Yemmiganur Mandal Kotekal
7733 Kurnool Yemmiganur Mandal K.Thimmapuram
7734 Kurnool Yemmiganur Mandal Malakapuram
7735 Kurnool Yemmiganur Mandal Parlapalle
7736 Kurnool Yemmiganur Mandal Pesaladinne
7737 Kurnool Yemmiganur Mandal Ralladoddi
7738 Kurnool Yemmiganur Mandal Sardarpuram
7739 Kurnool Yemmiganur Mandal Soganur
7740 Kurnool Yemmiganur Mandal Tsallakudlur
7741 Kurnool Yemmiganur Mandal Yemmiganur
7742 Prakasam Addanki Mandal Addanki (North) (U)
7743 Prakasam Addanki Mandal Addanki (South) (U)
7744 Prakasam Addanki Mandal Bommanampadu
7745 Prakasam Addanki Mandal Chakraya Palem
7746 Prakasam Addanki Mandal Chinakotha Palle
7747 Prakasam Addanki Mandal Dharmavaram
7748 Prakasam Addanki Mandal Dhenuva Konda
7749 Prakasam Addanki Mandal Gopalapuram
7750 Prakasam Addanki Mandal Kalavakuru
7751 Prakasam Addanki Mandal Kotikalapudi
7752 Prakasam Addanki Mandal Kunkupadu
7753 Prakasam Addanki Mandal Mani Keswaram
7754 Prakasam Addanki Mandal Modepalle
7755 Prakasam Addanki Mandal Mylavaram
7756 Prakasam Addanki Mandal Nannurupadu
7757 Prakasam Addanki Mandal Narasimha Puram
7758 Prakasam Addanki Mandal Ramayapalem (U)
7759 Prakasam Addanki Mandal Uppalapadu
7760 Prakasam Addanki Mandal Vemparala
7761 Prakasam Ardhaveedu Mandal Ardhaveedu
7762 Prakasam Ardhaveedu Mandal Ayyavari Palle
7763 Prakasam Ardhaveedu Mandal Bogolu
7764 Prakasam Ardhaveedu Mandal Bollu Palle
7765 Prakasam Ardhaveedu Mandal Donakonda
7766 Prakasam Ardhaveedu Mandal Gannepalle
7767 Prakasam Ardhaveedu Mandal Kakarla
7768 Prakasam Ardhaveedu Mandal Magutur
7769 Prakasam Ardhaveedu Mandal Papineni Palle
7770 Prakasam Ardhaveedu Mandal Peda Kandukur
7771 Prakasam Ardhaveedu Mandal Potti Basavai Palle
7772 Prakasam Ardhaveedu Mandal Velagalapaya
7773 Prakasam Ardhaveedu Mandal Yerraguntla
7774 Prakasam Ballikurava Mandal Ballikurava
7775 Prakasam Ballikurava Mandal Chennupalle
7776 Prakasam Ballikurava Mandal Gorre Padu
7777 Prakasam Ballikurava Mandal Guntupalle
7778 Prakasam Ballikurava Mandal Konidena
7779 Prakasam Ballikurava Mandal Koppera Padu
7780 Prakasam Ballikurava Mandal Koppera Palem
7781 Prakasam Ballikurava Mandal Kukatla Palle
7782 Prakasam Ballikurava Mandal Mukteswaram
7783 Prakasam Ballikurava Mandal Sankaralingam Gudipadu
7784 Prakasam Ballikurava Mandal Uppumaguluru
7785 Prakasam Ballikurava Mandal Vaidana
7786 Prakasam Ballikurava Mandal Valla Palle
7787 Prakasam Ballikurava Mandal Vemavaram
7788 Prakasam Bestawaripeta Mandal Basine Palle
7789 Prakasam Bestawaripeta Mandal Bestawaripeta
7790 Prakasam Bestawaripeta Mandal China Obeneni Palle
7791 Prakasam Bestawaripeta Mandal Chinthala Palem
7792 Prakasam Bestawaripeta Mandal Dathara Krishnapuram
7793 Prakasam Bestawaripeta Mandal Galijerugulla
7794 Prakasam Bestawaripeta Mandal Jaggambotla Krishnapuram
7795 Prakasam Bestawaripeta Mandal Kona Palle
7796 Prakasam Bestawaripeta Mandal Madhana Pullala Cheruvu
7797 Prakasam Bestawaripeta Mandal Moksha Gundum
7798 Prakasam Bestawaripeta Mandal Nekunambad
7799 Prakasam Bestawaripeta Mandal Ondutla
7800 Prakasam Bestawaripeta Mandal Pachala Venkata Puram
7801 Prakasam Bestawaripeta Mandal Papayapalle
7802 Prakasam Bestawaripeta Mandal Peda Obeneni Palle
7803 Prakasam Bestawaripeta Mandal Pitikayagulla
7804 Prakasam Bestawaripeta Mandal Pothavaram
7805 Prakasam Bestawaripeta Mandal Pusalapadu
7806 Prakasam Bestawaripeta Mandal Retla Palle
7807 Prakasam Bestawaripeta Mandal Salakalaveedu
7808 Prakasam Bestawaripeta Mandal Somavarapeta
7809 Prakasam Chandra Sekhara Puram Mandal Ambavaram
7810 Prakasam Chandra Sekhara Puram Mandal Anikalla Palle
7811 Prakasam Chandra Sekhara Puram Mandal Arivemula
7812 Prakasam Chandra Sekhara Puram Mandal Bodavula Dinne
7813 Prakasam Chandra Sekhara Puram Mandal Bontha Vari Palle
7814 Prakasam Chandra Sekhara Puram Mandal Boyamadugula
7815 Prakasam Chandra Sekhara Puram Mandal Chandra Sekhara Puram
7816 Prakasam Chandra Sekhara Puram Mandal Chennapanayuni Palle
7817 Prakasam Chandra Sekhara Puram Mandal Chintala Palem
7818 Prakasam Chandra Sekhara Puram Mandal Chinthapudi
7819 Prakasam Chandra Sekhara Puram Mandal Darsigunta Peta
7820 Prakasam Chandra Sekhara Puram Mandal Darsi Thimmakka Palle
7821 Prakasam Chandra Sekhara Puram Mandal Devaki Marri
7822 Prakasam Chandra Sekhara Puram Mandal Guntachennam Palle
7823 Prakasam Chandra Sekhara Puram Mandal Kambham Padu
7824 Prakasam Chandra Sekhara Puram Mandal Komatigunta
7825 Prakasam Chandra Sekhara Puram Mandal Kondabaina Palle
7826 Prakasam Chandra Sekhara Puram Mandal Kotha Palle
7827 Prakasam Chandra Sekhara Puram Mandal Kovilam Padu
7828 Prakasam Chandra Sekhara Puram Mandal Malameedi Palle
7829 Prakasam Chandra Sekhara Puram Mandal Medanulu Vengana Palle
7830 Prakasam Chandra Sekhara Puram Mandal Mundlapadu
7831 Prakasam Chandra Sekhara Puram Mandal Musunoor
7832 Prakasam Chandra Sekhara Puram Mandal Nagulavaram
7833 Prakasam Chandra Sekhara Puram Mandal Nalajanam Padu
7834 Prakasam Chandra Sekhara Puram Mandal Nallamadugula
7835 Prakasam Chandra Sekhara Puram Mandal Pedagogulapalle
7836 Prakasam Chandra Sekhara Puram Mandal Pedaraju Palem
7837 Prakasam Chandra Sekhara Puram Mandal Ranganayuni Palle
7838 Prakasam Chandra Sekhara Puram Mandal Regula Chilaka
7839 Prakasam Chandra Sekhara Puram Mandal Talaneelamala
7840 Prakasam Chandra Sekhara Puram Mandal Thummagunta
7841 Prakasam Chandra Sekhara Puram Mandal Thungodu
7842 Prakasam Chandra Sekhara Puram Mandal Uppalapadu
7843 Prakasam Chandra Sekhara Puram Mandal Vatla Bayulu
7844 Prakasam Chandra Sekhara Puram Mandal Venkataya Cheruvu
7845 Prakasam Chandra Sekhara Puram Mandal Viranchi Puram
7846 Prakasam Chandra Sekhara Puram Mandal Yekunam Puram
7847 Prakasam Chimakurthi Mandal Bandlamudi
7848 Prakasam Chimakurthi Mandal Bhusura Palle
7849 Prakasam Chimakurthi Mandal Budavada
7850 Prakasam Chimakurthi Mandal Chandrapadu
7851 Prakasam Chimakurthi Mandal Chimakurthi
7852 Prakasam Chimakurthi Mandal China Ravipadu
7853 Prakasam Chimakurthi Mandal Devarapalem
7854 Prakasam Chimakurthi Mandal Gonugunta
7855 Prakasam Chimakurthi Mandal Gunduvari Laxmipuram
7856 Prakasam Chimakurthi Mandal Ilapavuluru
7857 Prakasam Chimakurthi Mandal Kandurivari Agraharam
7858 Prakasam Chimakurthi Mandal Manchikalapadu
7859 Prakasam Chimakurthi Mandal Mylavaram
7860 Prakasam Chimakurthi Mandal Nekunambadu
7861 Prakasam Chimakurthi Mandal Nippatlapadu
7862 Prakasam Chimakurthi Mandal Padamatinaidupalem
7863 Prakasam Chimakurthi Mandal Palla Malli
7864 Prakasam Chimakurthi Mandal Pidathalapudi
7865 Prakasam Chimakurthi Mandal Pulikonda
7866 Prakasam Chimakurthi Mandal Rajupalem - Laxmipuram
7867 Prakasam Chimakurthi Mandal Ramachandra Puram
7868 Prakasam Chimakurthi Mandal Rangasai Puram
7869 Prakasam Chimakurthi Mandal Torragudi Padu
7870 Prakasam Chimakurthi Mandal Yerragudipadu
7871 Prakasam Chinaganjam Mandal Chinaganjam
7872 Prakasam Chinaganjam Mandal Chinthagum Palle
7873 Prakasam Chinaganjam Mandal Gonasapudi
7874 Prakasam Chinaganjam Mandal Kadavakuduru
7875 Prakasam Chinaganjam Mandal Motu Palle
7876 Prakasam Chinaganjam Mandal Pedaganjam
7877 Prakasam Chinaganjam Mandal Santharavuru
7878 Prakasam Chirala Mandal Chirala (CT)
7879 Prakasam Chirala Mandal Gavinivari Palem
7880 Prakasam Chirala Mandal Ipuru Palem (Part)
7881 Prakasam Chirala Mandal Wada
7882 Prakasam Cumbum Mandal Anantha Palle
7883 Prakasam Cumbum Mandal Auranga Bad
7884 Prakasam Cumbum Mandal China Cumbum
7885 Prakasam Cumbum Mandal Cumbum(CT)
7886 Prakasam Cumbum Mandal Hazarat Gudem
7887 Prakasam Cumbum Mandal Jangamguntla
7888 Prakasam Cumbum Mandal Kagitalagudem
7889 Prakasam Cumbum Mandal Kandula Puram
7890 Prakasam Cumbum Mandal Lanja Kota
7891 Prakasam Cumbum Mandal Linga Puram
7892 Prakasam Cumbum Mandal Lingapuram Khandrika
7893 Prakasam Cumbum Mandal Nadim Palle
7894 Prakasam Cumbum Mandal Porumamilla Palle
7895 Prakasam Cumbum Mandal Ravipadu
7896 Prakasam Cumbum Mandal Thurimella
7897 Prakasam Cumbum Mandal Yerrabalem
7898 Prakasam Darsi Mandal Abbaya Palem
7899 Prakasam Darsi Mandal Akkamamba Puram
7900 Prakasam Darsi Mandal Anna Varam
7901 Prakasam Darsi Mandal Bala Puram
7902 Prakasam Darsi Mandal Bandellapaya
7903 Prakasam Darsi Mandal Bandiveligandla
7904 Prakasam Darsi Mandal Bukka Puram
7905 Prakasam Darsi Mandal Chalivendra
7906 Prakasam Darsi Mandal Chandaluru
7907 Prakasam Darsi Mandal Cheruvu Komma Palem
7908 Prakasam Darsi Mandal China Uyyalawada
7909 Prakasam Darsi Mandal Darsi
7910 Prakasam Darsi Mandal Devavaram
7911 Prakasam Darsi Mandal East Choutapalem
7912 Prakasam Darsi Mandal East Veeraya Palem
7913 Prakasam Darsi Mandal East Venkata Puram
7914 Prakasam Darsi Mandal Ganeswara Puram
7915 Prakasam Darsi Mandal Jammigumpala @ K.S.Palem
7916 Prakasam Darsi Mandal Jamukuladinne
7917 Prakasam Darsi Mandal Korlamadugu
7918 Prakasam Darsi Mandal Kothapalle
7919 Prakasam Darsi Mandal Krishna Puram
7920 Prakasam Darsi Mandal Lakshmi Narayana Puram
7921 Prakasam Darsi Mandal Lankojana Palle
7922 Prakasam Darsi Mandal Mohiddin Puram
7923 Prakasam Darsi Mandal Pedauyyalawada
7924 Prakasam Darsi Mandal Potha Kamuru
7925 Prakasam Darsi Mandal Potha Varam
7926 Prakasam Darsi Mandal Rajam Palle
7927 Prakasam Darsi Mandal Ramachandra Puram
7928 Prakasam Darsi Mandal Samanthapudi
7929 Prakasam Darsi Mandal Seetha Sagaram
7930 Prakasam Darsi Mandal Thanam Chinthala
7931 Prakasam Darsi Mandal Thimmaya Palem
7932 Prakasam Darsi Mandal Thripura Sundari Puram
7933 Prakasam Darsi Mandal Thummedalapadu
7934 Prakasam Darsi Mandal Venkatachalam Palle
7935 Prakasam Darsi Mandal Yerrobana Palle
7936 Prakasam Donakonda Mandal Ananthavaram
7937 Prakasam Donakonda Mandal Aravallipadu
7938 Prakasam Donakonda Mandal Bada Puram
7939 Prakasam Donakonda Mandal Battepadu
7940 Prakasam Donakonda Mandal Bhumanapalle
7941 Prakasam Donakonda Mandal Chandavaram
7942 Prakasam Donakonda Mandal Gudipadu
7943 Prakasam Donakonda Mandal Indla Cheruvu
7944 Prakasam Donakonda Mandal Kalavala Palle
7945 Prakasam Donakonda Mandal Kotcherla Kota
7946 Prakasam Donakonda Mandal Lakshmi Narayana Puram
7947 Prakasam Donakonda Mandal Mallam Peta
7948 Prakasam Donakonda Mandal Manginapudi
7949 Prakasam Donakonda Mandal Narasimhanayuni Palem
7950 Prakasam Donakonda Mandal Padamara Lakshmipuram
7951 Prakasam Donakonda Mandal Padamati Venkata Puram
7952 Prakasam Donakonda Mandal Peddanna Palem
7953 Prakasam Donakonda Mandal Pochamakka Palle
7954 Prakasam Donakonda Mandal Pole Palle
7955 Prakasam Donakonda Mandal Ragamakka Palle
7956 Prakasam Donakonda Mandal Ramapuram
7957 Prakasam Donakonda Mandal Rudra Samudram
7958 Prakasam Donakonda Mandal Sangapuram
7959 Prakasam Donakonda Mandal Siddayapalem
7960 Prakasam Donakonda Mandal Tella Padu
7961 Prakasam Donakonda Mandal Vabbapuram
7962 Prakasam Donakonda Mandal Vaddipadu
7963 Prakasam Donakonda Mandal Veera Venkata Puram
7964 Prakasam Donakonda Mandal West Kambhampadu
7965 Prakasam Donakonda Mandal Yerrabalem
7966 Prakasam Dornala Mandal Ayinamukkala
7967 Prakasam Dornala Mandal Chilaka Cherla Gudem
7968 Prakasam Dornala Mandal China Arutla
7969 Prakasam Dornala Mandal China Dornala
7970 Prakasam Dornala Mandal China Manthanala
7971 Prakasam Dornala Mandal Chinthala
7972 Prakasam Dornala Mandal Dornala
7973 Prakasam Dornala Mandal Kata Kani Palle
7974 Prakasam Dornala Mandal Marripalem
7975 Prakasam Dornala Mandal Nallaguntla
7976 Prakasam Dornala Mandal Nalla Guntla Gudem
7977 Prakasam Dornala Mandal Peda Arutla
7978 Prakasam Dornala Mandal Peda Bommala Puram
7979 Prakasam Dornala Mandal Pedachama
7980 Prakasam Dornala Mandal Pedamanthanala
7981 Prakasam Dornala Mandal Rolla Penta
7982 Prakasam Dornala Mandal Thummala Bayalu
7983 Prakasam Dornala Mandal Yadavalli
7984 Prakasam Dornala Mandal Yeguva Cherlo Palle
7985 Prakasam Giddalur Mandal Ambavaram
7986 Prakasam Giddalur Mandal Bogada
7987 Prakasam Giddalur Mandal Chatti Reddy Palle
7988 Prakasam Giddalur Mandal Gadikota
7989 Prakasam Giddalur Mandal Giddaluru(CT)
7990 Prakasam Giddalur Mandal Isukagundam Gudem
7991 Prakasam Giddalur Mandal Kanchi Palle
7992 Prakasam Giddalur Mandal Kommunuru
7993 Prakasam Giddalur Mandal Kongala Veedu
7994 Prakasam Giddalur Mandal Kotha Kota
7995 Prakasam Giddalur Mandal Kristam Setti Palle
7996 Prakasam Giddalur Mandal Malakondapentagudem
7997 Prakasam Giddalur Mandal Modam Palle
7998 Prakasam Giddalur Mandal Mundla Padu
7999 Prakasam Giddalur Mandal Narasimhuni Palle
8000 Prakasam Giddalur Mandal Narava
8001 Prakasam Giddalur Mandal Podili Konda Palle
8002 Prakasam Giddalur Mandal Sanjeevarao Peta
8003 Prakasam Giddalur Mandal Thamballa Palle
8004 Prakasam Giddalur Mandal Thimma Puram
8005 Prakasam Giddalur Mandal Tripura Puram
8006 Prakasam Giddalur Mandal Uyyala Wada
8007 Prakasam Gudluru Mandal Ammavari Palem
8008 Prakasam Gudluru Mandal Basireddy Palem
8009 Prakasam Gudluru Mandal Chevuru
8010 Prakasam Gudluru Mandal Chinala Trapi
8011 Prakasam Gudluru Mandal Dappalampadu
8012 Prakasam Gudluru Mandal Darakanipadu
8013 Prakasam Gudluru Mandal Gudluru
8014 Prakasam Gudluru Mandal Gundlapalem
8015 Prakasam Gudluru Mandal Kothapeta
8016 Prakasam Gudluru Mandal Mocherla
8017 Prakasam Gudluru Mandal Nayudupalem
8018 Prakasam Gudluru Mandal Parakondapadu
8019 Prakasam Gudluru Mandal Parakonda Paduagraharam
8020 Prakasam Gudluru Mandal Potluru
8021 Prakasam Gudluru Mandal Puretipalle
8022 Prakasam Gudluru Mandal Ravur
8023 Prakasam Gudluru Mandal Swarnajipuram
8024 Prakasam Gudluru Mandal Venkam Peta
8025 Prakasam Hanumanthuni Padu Mandal Annada Puram
8026 Prakasam Hanumanthuni Padu Mandal Chinagolla Palle
8027 Prakasam Hanumanthuni Padu Mandal Dasalla Palle
8028 Prakasam Hanumanthuni Padu Mandal Doddi Chintala
8029 Prakasam Hanumanthuni Padu Mandal Hanumantha Puram
8030 Prakasam Hanumanthuni Padu Mandal Hanumanthunipadu
8031 Prakasam Hanumanthuni Padu Mandal Hazee Puram
8032 Prakasam Hanumanthuni Padu Mandal Kondareddi Palle
8033 Prakasam Hanumanthuni Padu Mandal Kotathippala
8034 Prakasam Hanumanthuni Padu Mandal Kutagundla
8035 Prakasam Hanumanthuni Padu Mandal Masaya Peta
8036 Prakasam Hanumanthuni Padu Mandal Mohammada Puram
8037 Prakasam Hanumanthuni Padu Mandal Muppala Padu
8038 Prakasam Hanumanthuni Padu Mandal Nallagandla
8039 Prakasam Hanumanthuni Padu Mandal Nandanavanam
8040 Prakasam Hanumanthuni Padu Mandal Neelakanta Puram
8041 Prakasam Hanumanthuni Padu Mandal Pedagola Palle
8042 Prakasam Hanumanthuni Padu Mandal Peddivenkataya Palle
8043 Prakasam Hanumanthuni Padu Mandal Ramaya Palle
8044 Prakasam Hanumanthuni Padu Mandal Raseedu Puram
8045 Prakasam Hanumanthuni Padu Mandal Thimmareddi Palle
8046 Prakasam Hanumanthuni Padu Mandal Ummana Palle
8047 Prakasam Hanumanthuni Padu Mandal Upendra Puram
8048 Prakasam Hanumanthuni Padu Mandal Valicherla
8049 Prakasam Hanumanthuni Padu Mandal Veeragareddi Palle
8050 Prakasam Hanumanthuni Padu Mandal Veerarama Puram
8051 Prakasam Hanumanthuni Padu Mandal Vemula Padu
8052 Prakasam Inkollu Mandal Bhimavaram
8053 Prakasam Inkollu Mandal Duddukur
8054 Prakasam Inkollu Mandal Ganga Varam
8055 Prakasam Inkollu Mandal Idupulapadu
8056 Prakasam Inkollu Mandal Inkollu
8057 Prakasam Inkollu Mandal Koniki
8058 Prakasam Inkollu Mandal Nagandla
8059 Prakasam Inkollu Mandal Pavulur
8060 Prakasam Inkollu Mandal Pusapadu
8061 Prakasam Janakavarampanguluru Mandal Alavalapadu
8062 Prakasam Janakavarampanguluru Mandal Budavada
8063 Prakasam Janakavarampanguluru Mandal Bytamanjulur
8064 Prakasam Janakavarampanguluru Mandal Chandalur
8065 Prakasam Janakavarampanguluru Mandal Janakavaram Panguluru
8066 Prakasam Janakavarampanguluru Mandal Kasyapuram
8067 Prakasam Janakavarampanguluru Mandal Konda Manjulur
8068 Prakasam Janakavarampanguluru Mandal Kondamur
8069 Prakasam Janakavarampanguluru Mandal Kotapadu
8070 Prakasam Janakavarampanguluru Mandal Muppavaram
8071 Prakasam Janakavarampanguluru Mandal Nuzendla Palle
8072 Prakasam Janakavarampanguluru Mandal Ramakuru
8073 Prakasam Janakavarampanguluru Mandal Reningavaram
8074 Prakasam Janakavarampanguluru Mandal Thurpu Koppera Padu
8075 Prakasam Janakavarampanguluru Mandal Thurpu Thakkella Padu
8076 Prakasam Kandukur Mandal Anandapuram
8077 Prakasam Kandukur Mandal Anantha Sagaram
8078 Prakasam Kandukur Mandal Donda Padu
8079 Prakasam Kandukur Mandal G.Meka Padu
8080 Prakasam Kandukur Mandal Jillelamudi
8081 Prakasam Kandukur Mandal Kancharagunta
8082 Prakasam Kandukur Mandal Kondamudusu Palem
8083 Prakasam Kandukur Mandal Kondikandukur
8084 Prakasam Kandukur Mandal Kovur
8085 Prakasam Kandukur Mandal Machavaram
8086 Prakasam Kandukur Mandal Madanagopalapuram
8087 Prakasam Kandukur Mandal Mahadevapuram (R)
8088 Prakasam Kandukur Mandal Mopadu
8089 Prakasam Kandukur Mandal Muppalakesaramvarikandrika
8090 Prakasam Kandukur Mandal Ogur
8091 Prakasam Kandukur Mandal Palukur
8092 Prakasam Kandukur Mandal Palur
8093 Prakasam Kandukur Mandal Pandalapadu
8094 Prakasam Kandukur Mandal Vikkiralapeta
8095 Prakasam Kanigiri Mandal Ayyanapalem
8096 Prakasam Kanigiri Mandal Baduguleru
8097 Prakasam Kanigiri Mandal Balavenkata Puram
8098 Prakasam Kanigiri Mandal Balli Palle
8099 Prakasam Kanigiri Mandal Bommireddi Palle
8100 Prakasam Kanigiri Mandal Chakirala
8101 Prakasam Kanigiri Mandal Challagirigala
8102 Prakasam Kanigiri Mandal Chennakesavapuram
8103 Prakasam Kanigiri Mandal Chinaalavala Padu
8104 Prakasam Kanigiri Mandal China Irlapadu
8105 Prakasam Kanigiri Mandal Chirla Dinne
8106 Prakasam Kanigiri Mandal Dirisavancha
8107 Prakasam Kanigiri Mandal Ganuga Penta
8108 Prakasam Kanigiri Mandal Gosulaveedu
8109 Prakasam Kanigiri Mandal Gudipadu
8110 Prakasam Kanigiri Mandal Guravajipeta
8111 Prakasam Kanigiri Mandal Hazis Puram
8112 Prakasam Kanigiri Mandal Jammalamadaka
8113 Prakasam Kanigiri Mandal Kalagatla
8114 Prakasam Kanigiri Mandal Kanchipuram
8115 Prakasam Kanigiri Mandal Kanigiri (U)(CT)
8116 Prakasam Kanigiri Mandal Kodigudla Padu (West)
8117 Prakasam Kanigiri Mandal Krishna Puram
8118 Prakasam Kanigiri Mandal Lingojipuram
8119 Prakasam Kanigiri Mandal Nimma Maheswarapuram
8120 Prakasam Kanigiri Mandal Peramgudi Palle
8121 Prakasam Kanigiri Mandal Polavaram
8122 Prakasam Kanigiri Mandal Punugodu
8123 Prakasam Kanigiri Mandal Punugodu Khandrika
8124 Prakasam Kanigiri Mandal Rachagundlapadu
8125 Prakasam Kanigiri Mandal Sankavaram
8126 Prakasam Kanigiri Mandal Somanapalle
8127 Prakasam Kanigiri Mandal Takkellapadu
8128 Prakasam Kanigiri Mandal Tallur
8129 Prakasam Kanigiri Mandal Thummagunta
8130 Prakasam Kanigiri Mandal Umamaheswarapuram
8131 Prakasam Kanigiri Mandal Vangapadu
8132 Prakasam Kanigiri Mandal Vijaya Gopala Puram
8133 Prakasam Kanigiri Mandal Viswanadha Puram
8134 Prakasam Kanigiri Mandal Yadavalli
8135 Prakasam Karamchedu Mandal Audi Pudi
8136 Prakasam Karamchedu Mandal Daggubadu
8137 Prakasam Karamchedu Mandal Karamchedu
8138 Prakasam Karamchedu Mandal Kesavarappadu
8139 Prakasam Karamchedu Mandal Kodavalivari Palem
8140 Prakasam Karamchedu Mandal Kunkalamarru
8141 Prakasam Karamchedu Mandal Swarna
8142 Prakasam Komarolu Mandal Allinagaram
8143 Prakasam Komarolu Mandal Badineni Palle
8144 Prakasam Komarolu Mandal Bedusu Palle
8145 Prakasam Komarolu Mandal Brahmana Palle
8146 Prakasam Komarolu Mandal Chinthala Palle
8147 Prakasam Komarolu Mandal Daddawada
8148 Prakasam Komarolu Mandal Edamakallu
8149 Prakasam Komarolu Mandal Guduru Moravai Palle
8150 Prakasam Komarolu Mandal Komarolu
8151 Prakasam Komarolu Mandal Kristam Palle
8152 Prakasam Komarolu Mandal Lingareddi Palle
8153 Prakasam Komarolu Mandal Mottu Palle
8154 Prakasam Komarolu Mandal Nagireddipalle
8155 Prakasam Komarolu Mandal Nallaguntla
8156 Prakasam Komarolu Mandal Pullareddi Palle
8157 Prakasam Komarolu Mandal Rajupalem
8158 Prakasam Komarolu Mandal Ramavari Palle
8159 Prakasam Komarolu Mandal Reddicherla
8160 Prakasam Komarolu Mandal Suravari Palle
8161 Prakasam Komarolu Mandal Taticherla
8162 Prakasam Komarolu Mandal Vennam Palle
8163 Prakasam Konakanamitla Mandal Ambapuram
8164 Prakasam Konakanamitla Mandal Aswarayuni Palem
8165 Prakasam Konakanamitla Mandal Basava Puram
8166 Prakasam Konakanamitla Mandal Batchalakurapadu
8167 Prakasam Konakanamitla Mandal Boda Padu
8168 Prakasam Konakanamitla Mandal Budamkayala Padu
8169 Prakasam Konakanamitla Mandal Burada Palem
8170 Prakasam Konakanamitla Mandal Chinamanagundam
8171 Prakasam Konakanamitla Mandal Chinarikatla
8172 Prakasam Konakanamitla Mandal Chinta Gunta
8173 Prakasam Konakanamitla Mandal Ganivani Padu
8174 Prakasam Konakanamitla Mandal Garimana Penta
8175 Prakasam Konakanamitla Mandal Garladinne
8176 Prakasam Konakanamitla Mandal Gotlagattu
8177 Prakasam Konakanamitla Mandal Gurrala Madugu
8178 Prakasam Konakanamitla Mandal Irasalagundam
8179 Prakasam Konakanamitla Mandal Katragunta
8180 Prakasam Konakanamitla Mandal Konakanamitla
8181 Prakasam Konakanamitla Mandal Marri Palem
8182 Prakasam Konakanamitla Mandal Mummayapalem
8183 Prakasam Konakanamitla Mandal Munagapadu
8184 Prakasam Konakanamitla Mandal Nagampalle
8185 Prakasam Konakanamitla Mandal Nagaraju Gunta
8186 Prakasam Konakanamitla Mandal Pedarikatla
8187 Prakasam Konakanamitla Mandal Regumani Palle
8188 Prakasam Konakanamitla Mandal Salanuthala
8189 Prakasam Konakanamitla Mandal Siddavaram
8190 Prakasam Konakanamitla Mandal Thuvva Padu
8191 Prakasam Konakanamitla Mandal Vaddi Madugu
8192 Prakasam Konakanamitla Mandal Vagemadugu
8193 Prakasam Konakanamitla Mandal Vedurralla Padu
8194 Prakasam Konakanamitla Mandal Veerabhadra Puram
8195 Prakasam Konakanamitla Mandal Veligandla
8196 Prakasam Konakanamitla Mandal Vinjavarthi Padu
8197 Prakasam Kondapi Mandal Anakarlapudi
8198 Prakasam Kondapi Mandal C G Anantha Bhotla Vari Khandrika
8199 Prakasam Kondapi Mandal C G Chamarthivarikhandrika
8200 Prakasam Kondapi Mandal C G Mamidalavarikhandrika
8201 Prakasam Kondapi Mandal Chinakandla Gunta
8202 Prakasam Kondapi Mandal China Venkana Palem
8203 Prakasam Kondapi Mandal Chodavaram
8204 Prakasam Kondapi Mandal G Dharbakulavarikhandrika
8205 Prakasam Kondapi Mandal Gurrappadia
8206 Prakasam Kondapi Mandal Ilavera
8207 Prakasam Kondapi Mandal Kondapi
8208 Prakasam Kondapi Mandal Kondapi Gadiyaram Vari Khandrika
8209 Prakasam Kondapi Mandal K.Uppalapadu
8210 Prakasam Kondapi Mandal Mugachintala
8211 Prakasam Kondapi Mandal Muppavaram
8212 Prakasam Kondapi Mandal Nennurupadu
8213 Prakasam Kondapi Mandal Pedakandlagunta
8214 Prakasam Kondapi Mandal Peridepi
8215 Prakasam Kondapi Mandal Petluru
8216 Prakasam Kondapi Mandal Petlurukurugantivarikhandrika
8217 Prakasam Kondapi Mandal Petlurumocharlavari Khandrika
8218 Prakasam Kondapi Mandal Vennuru
8219 Prakasam Korisapadu Mandal Anamanamur
8220 Prakasam Korisapadu Mandal Bodduvani Palem
8221 Prakasam Korisapadu Mandal Dyvala Ravuru
8222 Prakasam Korisapadu Mandal Korisapadu
8223 Prakasam Korisapadu Mandal Pamidi Padu
8224 Prakasam Korisapadu Mandal Pichikalagudipadu
8225 Prakasam Korisapadu Mandal Prasangula Padu
8226 Prakasam Korisapadu Mandal Rachapudi
8227 Prakasam Korisapadu Mandal Ravinuthala
8228 Prakasam Korisapadu Mandal Somavarappadu
8229 Prakasam Kotha Patnam Mandal Allur
8230 Prakasam Kotha Patnam Mandal Alluru Kotha Patnam
8231 Prakasam Kotha Patnam Mandal Ethamukkala
8232 Prakasam Kotha Patnam Mandal Madanur
8233 Prakasam Kotha Patnam Mandal Padarthi
8234 Prakasam Kotha Patnam Mandal Payakari Khandrika
8235 Prakasam Kotha Patnam Mandal Raju Palem
8236 Prakasam Kurichedu Mandal Alavalapadu
8237 Prakasam Kurichedu Mandal Avulamanda
8238 Prakasam Kurichedu Mandal Bayya Varam
8239 Prakasam Kurichedu Mandal Bodanampadu
8240 Prakasam Kurichedu Mandal Dekanakonda
8241 Prakasam Kurichedu Mandal Gangadona Konda
8242 Prakasam Kurichedu Mandal Jagannadhapuram
8243 Prakasam Kurichedu Mandal Kallur
8244 Prakasam Kurichedu Mandal Kurichedu
8245 Prakasam Kurichedu Mandal Mallaya Palem
8246 Prakasam Kurichedu Mandal Mustla Gangavaram
8247 Prakasam Kurichedu Mandal Namassivaya Puram
8248 Prakasam Kurichedu Mandal Peddavaram
8249 Prakasam Kurichedu Mandal Perambotla Palem
8250 Prakasam Kurichedu Mandal Potlapadu
8251 Prakasam Kurichedu Mandal West Gangavaram
8252 Prakasam Kurichedu Mandal West Kasipuram
8253 Prakasam Kurichedu Mandal West Naidupalem
8254 Prakasam Kurichedu Mandal West Veeraya Palem
8255 Prakasam Lingasamudram Mandal Anneboinapalle
8256 Prakasam Lingasamudram Mandal Cheemalapenta
8257 Prakasam Lingasamudram Mandal Chinapavani
8258 Prakasam Lingasamudram Mandal Gangapalem
8259 Prakasam Lingasamudram Mandal Jagamreddi Khandrika
8260 Prakasam Lingasamudram Mandal Lingasamudram
8261 Prakasam Lingasamudram Mandal Mala Konda Rayunipalem
8262 Prakasam Lingasamudram Mandal Mogilicherla
8263 Prakasam Lingasamudram Mandal Mukteswaram
8264 Prakasam Lingasamudram Mandal Mutyalapadu
8265 Prakasam Lingasamudram Mandal Narasimhapuram
8266 Prakasam Lingasamudram Mandal Pentrala
8267 Prakasam Lingasamudram Mandal Racheruvurajupalem
8268 Prakasam Lingasamudram Mandal Rallapadu
8269 Prakasam Lingasamudram Mandal Thimmareddy Palem
8270 Prakasam Lingasamudram Mandal Thunugunta
8271 Prakasam Lingasamudram Mandal Thurpurajupalem
8272 Prakasam Lingasamudram Mandal Veera Raghavuni Kota
8273 Prakasam Lingasamudram Mandal Vengalapuram
8274 Prakasam Lingasamudram Mandal Viswanadhapuram
8275 Prakasam Maddipadu Mandal Annangi
8276 Prakasam Maddipadu Mandal Doddavaram
8277 Prakasam Maddipadu Mandal Doddavarappadu
8278 Prakasam Maddipadu Mandal Edugundlapadu
8279 Prakasam Maddipadu Mandal Gadiyapudi
8280 Prakasam Maddipadu Mandal Garlapadu
8281 Prakasam Maddipadu Mandal Gundla Palle
8282 Prakasam Maddipadu Mandal Inamanamellur
8283 Prakasam Maddipadu Mandal Keerthi Padu
8284 Prakasam Maddipadu Mandal Kolachanakota
8285 Prakasam Maddipadu Mandal Lingamgunta
8286 Prakasam Maddipadu Mandal Maddipadu
8287 Prakasam Maddipadu Mandal Mallavaram
8288 Prakasam Maddipadu Mandal Nandipadu
8289 Prakasam Maddipadu Mandal Nelatur
8290 Prakasam Maddipadu Mandal Peda Kotha Palle
8291 Prakasam Maddipadu Mandal Rachavari Palem
8292 Prakasam Maddipadu Mandal Seetharampuram
8293 Prakasam Maddipadu Mandal Vellam Palle
8294 Prakasam Maddipadu Mandal Venkateswarapuram
8295 Prakasam Markapur Mandal Akkacheruvu
8296 Prakasam Markapur Mandal Badekhanpeta
8297 Prakasam Markapur Mandal Bhupathi Palle
8298 Prakasam Markapur Mandal Bondala Padu
8299 Prakasam Markapur Mandal Chintakunta
8300 Prakasam Markapur Mandal Gajjala Konda
8301 Prakasam Markapur Mandal Goguladinne
8302 Prakasam Markapur Mandal Gottipadia
8303 Prakasam Markapur Mandal Idupur
8304 Prakasam Markapur Mandal Jammana Palle
8305 Prakasam Markapur Mandal Kolabhimunipadu
8306 Prakasam Markapur Mandal Krishnapuram
8307 Prakasam Markapur Mandal Malyavanthuni Padu
8308 Prakasam Markapur Mandal Markapur (R)
8309 Prakasam Markapur Mandal Narasimha Puram
8310 Prakasam Markapur Mandal Nikaram Palle
8311 Prakasam Markapur Mandal Peda Nagulavaram
8312 Prakasam Markapur Mandal Peda Yachavaram
8313 Prakasam Markapur Mandal Rayavaram
8314 Prakasam Markapur Mandal Sivaram Puram
8315 Prakasam Markapur Mandal Thippaya Palem
8316 Prakasam Markapur Mandal Vemula Kota
8317 Prakasam Markapur Mandal Yella Puram
8318 Prakasam Marripudi Mandal Ankepalle
8319 Prakasam Marripudi Mandal Ayyaparaju Palem
8320 Prakasam Marripudi Mandal Chilamkuru
8321 Prakasam Marripudi Mandal Chimata
8322 Prakasam Marripudi Mandal Dharamavaram
8323 Prakasam Marripudi Mandal Ganjipalem
8324 Prakasam Marripudi Mandal Garla Peta
8325 Prakasam Marripudi Mandal Gosukonda Agraharam
8326 Prakasam Marripudi Mandal Gundla Samudram
8327 Prakasam Marripudi Mandal Juvvi Gunta
8328 Prakasam Marripudi Mandal Kakarla
8329 Prakasam Marripudi Mandal Kellam Palle
8330 Prakasam Marripudi Mandal Kuchipudi
8331 Prakasam Marripudi Mandal Marripudi
8332 Prakasam Marripudi Mandal Nirmanapuram
8333 Prakasam Marripudi Mandal Pannuru
8334 Prakasam Marripudi Mandal Raju Palem
8335 Prakasam Marripudi Mandal Ramachandrapuram
8336 Prakasam Marripudi Mandal Ramayapalem
8337 Prakasam Marripudi Mandal Sannamur
8338 Prakasam Marripudi Mandal Thangella
8339 Prakasam Marripudi Mandal Thippala Devi Palle
8340 Prakasam Marripudi Mandal Vallaya Palem
8341 Prakasam Marripudi Mandal Vankamarri Palem
8342 Prakasam Marripudi Mandal Vema Varam
8343 Prakasam Marripudi Mandal Venkata Krishna Puram
8344 Prakasam Martur Mandal Bobbe Palle
8345 Prakasam Martur Mandal Bolla Palle
8346 Prakasam Martur Mandal Darsiagraharam
8347 Prakasam Martur Mandal Dronadula
8348 Prakasam Martur Mandal Jangamaheswarapuram
8349 Prakasam Martur Mandal Jonna Thali Agraharam
8350 Prakasam Martur Mandal Kolala Pudi
8351 Prakasam Martur Mandal Konanki
8352 Prakasam Martur Mandal Lakkavaram Agraharam
8353 Prakasam Martur Mandal Martur
8354 Prakasam Martur Mandal Nagaraju Palle
8355 Prakasam Martur Mandal Rajupalem
8356 Prakasam Martur Mandal Valaparla
8357 Prakasam Mundlamuru Mandal Avisanavaripalem
8358 Prakasam Mundlamuru Mandal Basava Puram
8359 Prakasam Mundlamuru Mandal Bhatla Palle
8360 Prakasam Mundlamuru Mandal Bheemavaram
8361 Prakasam Mundlamuru Mandal Brundavanam
8362 Prakasam Mundlamuru Mandal Chinnavullagallu
8363 Prakasam Mundlamuru Mandal Chintalapudi
8364 Prakasam Mundlamuru Mandal Edara
8365 Prakasam Mundlamuru Mandal Jammalamadaka
8366 Prakasam Mundlamuru Mandal Kellam Palle
8367 Prakasam Mundlamuru Mandal Khambham Padu (East)
8368 Prakasam Mundlamuru Mandal Kommavaram
8369 Prakasam Mundlamuru Mandal Marella
8370 Prakasam Mundlamuru Mandal Mundlamuru
8371 Prakasam Mundlamuru Mandal Nadimpallivari Khandrika
8372 Prakasam Mundlamuru Mandal Nuzella Palle
8373 Prakasam Mundlamuru Mandal Pasupugallu
8374 Prakasam Mundlamuru Mandal Pedavullagallu
8375 Prakasam Mundlamuru Mandal Peddaravipadu
8376 Prakasam Mundlamuru Mandal Polavaram
8377 Prakasam Mundlamuru Mandal Pulipadu
8378 Prakasam Mundlamuru Mandal Purimetla
8379 Prakasam Mundlamuru Mandal Sankarapuram
8380 Prakasam Mundlamuru Mandal Singana Palem
8381 Prakasam Mundlamuru Mandal Thammaluru
8382 Prakasam Mundlamuru Mandal Umamaheswarapuram
8383 Prakasam Mundlamuru Mandal Vempadu
8384 Prakasam Mundlamuru Mandal Vemula
8385 Prakasam Mundlamuru Mandal Vemulabanda
8386 Prakasam Naguluppala Padu Mandal Ammana Brolu
8387 Prakasam Naguluppala Padu Mandal Chadalawada
8388 Prakasam Naguluppala Padu Mandal Cheervanuppala Padu
8389 Prakasam Naguluppala Padu Mandal Chekura Padu
8390 Prakasam Naguluppala Padu Mandal Edumudi
8391 Prakasam Naguluppala Padu Mandal Kandlagunta
8392 Prakasam Naguluppala Padu Mandal Kanuparthi
8393 Prakasam Naguluppala Padu Mandal Kothakota
8394 Prakasam Naguluppala Padu Mandal Machavaram
8395 Prakasam Naguluppala Padu Mandal Maddirala Muppalla
8396 Prakasam Naguluppala Padu Mandal Maddirala Padu
8397 Prakasam Naguluppala Padu Mandal Mattigunta
8398 Prakasam Naguluppala Padu Mandal Naguluppala Padu
8399 Prakasam Naguluppala Padu Mandal Nidamanur
8400 Prakasam Naguluppala Padu Mandal Pothavaram
8401 Prakasam Naguluppala Padu Mandal Raparla
8402 Prakasam Naguluppala Padu Mandal Thimmasamudram
8403 Prakasam Naguluppala Padu Mandal Uppugundur
8404 Prakasam Ongole Mandal Chejerla
8405 Prakasam Ongole Mandal Cheruvu Kommu Palem
8406 Prakasam Ongole Mandal Devaram Padu
8407 Prakasam Ongole Mandal Gudimella Padu
8408 Prakasam Ongole Mandal Karavadi
8409 Prakasam Ongole Mandal Koppolu (R)
8410 Prakasam Ongole Mandal Kothamamidipalem (R)
8411 Prakasam Ongole Mandal Malleshwarapuram
8412 Prakasam Ongole Mandal Mangaladri Puram
8413 Prakasam Ongole Mandal Mukthinutala Padu (R)
8414 Prakasam Ongole Mandal Narasa Puram
8415 Prakasam Ongole Mandal Pelluru (R)
8416 Prakasam Ongole Mandal Sarvereddy Palem
8417 Prakasam Ongole Mandal Throvagunta
8418 Prakasam Ongole Mandal Ulichi
8419 Prakasam Ongole Mandal Vengamukka Palem
8420 Prakasam Ongole Mandal Yerajerla
8421 Prakasam Pamur Mandal Anumalakonda
8422 Prakasam Pamur Mandal Ayyannakota
8423 Prakasam Pamur Mandal Ayyavaripalle
8424 Prakasam Pamur Mandal Balijapalem
8425 Prakasam Pamur Mandal Bodavada
8426 Prakasam Pamur Mandal Botla Gudur
8427 Prakasam Pamur Mandal Bukkapuram
8428 Prakasam Pamur Mandal Chilakapadu
8429 Prakasam Pamur Mandal Chilamkur
8430 Prakasam Pamur Mandal Chinthalapalem
8431 Prakasam Pamur Mandal Dadireddi Pallle
8432 Prakasam Pamur Mandal Dubagunta
8433 Prakasam Pamur Mandal East Kodigudlapadu
8434 Prakasam Pamur Mandal Gummalampadu
8435 Prakasam Pamur Mandal Inimerla
8436 Prakasam Pamur Mandal Kambaladinne
8437 Prakasam Pamur Mandal Karrollapadu
8438 Prakasam Pamur Mandal Kattakinda Palli
8439 Prakasam Pamur Mandal Malakondapuram
8440 Prakasam Pamur Mandal Mopadu
8441 Prakasam Pamur Mandal Motravulapadu
8442 Prakasam Pamur Mandal Nasikatrayambakam
8443 Prakasam Pamur Mandal Pamur(CT)
8444 Prakasam Pamur Mandal Puttamnaidu Palle
8445 Prakasam Pamur Mandal Raviguntapalle
8446 Prakasam Pamur Mandal Renimadugu
8447 Prakasam Pamur Mandal Siddavaram
8448 Prakasam Pamur Mandal Tiragandla Dinne
8449 Prakasam Pamur Mandal Vaggampalle
8450 Prakasam Parchur Mandal Adusumalle
8451 Prakasam Parchur Mandal Bodawadamandagunta
8452 Prakasam Parchur Mandal Chennubhotla Palem
8453 Prakasam Parchur Mandal Cherukuru
8454 Prakasam Parchur Mandal Devara Palle
8455 Prakasam Parchur Mandal Edubadu
8456 Prakasam Parchur Mandal Garnepudi
8457 Prakasam Parchur Mandal Gollapudi
8458 Prakasam Parchur Mandal Inagallu
8459 Prakasam Parchur Mandal Nuthalapadu
8460 Prakasam Parchur Mandal Parchur
8461 Prakasam Parchur Mandal Ramanayapalem
8462 Prakasam Parchur Mandal Upputur
8463 Prakasam Parchur Mandal Veeranna Palem
8464 Prakasam Peda Araveedu Mandal Ambapuram
8465 Prakasam Peda Araveedu Mandal Badveedu
8466 Prakasam Peda Araveedu Mandal Boyada Gumpula
8467 Prakasam Peda Araveedu Mandal Chatla Mitta
8468 Prakasam Peda Araveedu Mandal Cumbampadu
8469 Prakasam Peda Araveedu Mandal Devarajugattu
8470 Prakasam Peda Araveedu Mandal Gobburu
8471 Prakasam Peda Araveedu Mandal Kalanuthala
8472 Prakasam Peda Araveedu Mandal Obulakkapalle
8473 Prakasam Peda Araveedu Mandal Peda Araveedu
8474 Prakasam Peda Araveedu Mandal Pragallapadu
8475 Prakasam Peda Araveedu Mandal Sanikavaram
8476 Prakasam Peda Araveedu Mandal S.Kotha Palle
8477 Prakasam Peda Araveedu Mandal Sunkesula
8478 Prakasam Peda Araveedu Mandal Thangirala Palle
8479 Prakasam Peda Araveedu Mandal Thoka Palle
8480 Prakasam Pedacherlo Palle Mandal Battupalle
8481 Prakasam Pedacherlo Palle Mandal Chinavari Madugu
8482 Prakasam Pedacherlo Palle Mandal Chinthagum Palle
8483 Prakasam Pedacherlo Palle Mandal Chowta Gogula Palle
8484 Prakasam Pedacherlo Palle Mandal Gosigundala
8485 Prakasam Pedacherlo Palle Mandal Guntu Palle
8486 Prakasam Pedacherlo Palle Mandal Lakshmakka Palle
8487 Prakasam Pedacherlo Palle Mandal Marella
8488 Prakasam Pedacherlo Palle Mandal Muddapadu
8489 Prakasam Pedacherlo Palle Mandal Murugammi
8490 Prakasam Pedacherlo Palle Mandal Neredu Palle
8491 Prakasam Pedacherlo Palle Mandal Peda Alavala Padu
8492 Prakasam Pedacherlo Palle Mandal Pedacherlo Palle
8493 Prakasam Pedacherlo Palle Mandal Peda Irla Padu
8494 Prakasam Pedacherlo Palle Mandal Pedavari Madugu
8495 Prakasam Pedacherlo Palle Mandal Pitchi Gunta Palle
8496 Prakasam Pedacherlo Palle Mandal Pothavaram
8497 Prakasam Pedacherlo Palle Mandal Rama Govinda Puram
8498 Prakasam Pedacherlo Palle Mandal Sankara Puram
8499 Prakasam Pedacherlo Palle Mandal Talakondapadu
8500 Prakasam Pedacherlo Palle Mandal Vepagum Palle
8501 Prakasam Pedacherlo Palle Mandal Vittala Puram
8502 Prakasam Podili Mandal Akka Cheruvu
8503 Prakasam Podili Mandal Amudala Palle
8504 Prakasam Podili Mandal Anna Varam
8505 Prakasam Podili Mandal Chintagum Palle
8506 Prakasam Podili Mandal Dasalla Palle
8507 Prakasam Podili Mandal Dondleru
8508 Prakasam Podili Mandal Egalapadu
8509 Prakasam Podili Mandal Jafala Puram
8510 Prakasam Podili Mandal Kambhalapadu
8511 Prakasam Podili Mandal Kesavabhotla Palem
8512 Prakasam Podili Mandal Kondaya Palem
8513 Prakasam Podili Mandal Kunchepalle
8514 Prakasam Podili Mandal Lakshmi Puram
8515 Prakasam Podili Mandal Madalavari Palem
8516 Prakasam Podili Mandal Mallavaram
8517 Prakasam Podili Mandal Muga Chinthala
8518 Prakasam Podili Mandal Nandi Palem
8519 Prakasam Podili Mandal Nimmavaram
8520 Prakasam Podili Mandal Obulakka Palle
8521 Prakasam Podili Mandal Pamulapadu
8522 Prakasam Podili Mandal Podili(CT)
8523 Prakasam Podili Mandal Ramayana Kandrika
8524 Prakasam Podili Mandal Ramulaveedu
8525 Prakasam Podili Mandal Salakanuthala
8526 Prakasam Podili Mandal Sudanagunta
8527 Prakasam Podili Mandal Teegadurthipadu
8528 Prakasam Podili Mandal Thalamalla
8529 Prakasam Podili Mandal Thummagunta
8530 Prakasam Podili Mandal T.Salluru
8531 Prakasam Podili Mandal Uppala Padu
8532 Prakasam Podili Mandal Yeluru
8533 Prakasam Podili Mandal Zuvvaleru
8534 Prakasam Ponnaluru Mandal Boganampadu
8535 Prakasam Ponnaluru Mandal Chennipadu
8536 Prakasam Ponnaluru Mandal Cherukuru
8537 Prakasam Ponnaluru Mandal Chouta Palem
8538 Prakasam Ponnaluru Mandal Ippagunta
8539 Prakasam Ponnaluru Mandal Kotapadu
8540 Prakasam Ponnaluru Mandal Lingam Gunta
8541 Prakasam Ponnaluru Mandal Malepadu
8542 Prakasam Ponnaluru Mandal Manginapadu
8543 Prakasam Ponnaluru Mandal Mekapadu (Z)
8544 Prakasam Ponnaluru Mandal Muppalla
8545 Prakasam Ponnaluru Mandal Pachavabala Gopalapuram
8546 Prakasam Ponnaluru Mandal Pedavenkanna Palem
8547 Prakasam Ponnaluru Mandal Ponnaluru
8548 Prakasam Ponnaluru Mandal Ponnaluru Gudavari Khandrika
8549 Prakasam Ponnaluru Mandal Rajolupadu
8550 Prakasam Ponnaluru Mandal Ravula Kollu
8551 Prakasam Ponnaluru Mandal Singara Botla Palem
8552 Prakasam Ponnaluru Mandal Uppala Dinne
8553 Prakasam Ponnaluru Mandal Vellaturikalidasuvarikhandrika
8554 Prakasam Ponnaluru Mandal Vellaturu
8555 Prakasam Ponnaluru Mandal Vempadu
8556 Prakasam Pullalacheruvu Mandal Ayyagari Palle
8557 Prakasam Pullalacheruvu Mandal Chapala Madugu
8558 Prakasam Pullalacheruvu Mandal Chennapalem
8559 Prakasam Pullalacheruvu Mandal Chowtapa Charla
8560 Prakasam Pullalacheruvu Mandal Chowtapalle
8561 Prakasam Pullalacheruvu Mandal Garapenta
8562 Prakasam Pullalacheruvu Mandal Isukatripuravaram
8563 Prakasam Pullalacheruvu Mandal Kavala Kuntla
8564 Prakasam Pullalacheruvu Mandal Komarolu
8565 Prakasam Pullalacheruvu Mandal Mane Palle
8566 Prakasam Pullalacheruvu Mandal Marrivemula
8567 Prakasam Pullalacheruvu Mandal Murikimallapenta
8568 Prakasam Pullalacheruvu Mandal Mutukula
8569 Prakasam Pullalacheruvu Mandal Narasa Puram
8570 Prakasam Pullalacheruvu Mandal Pullalacheruvu
8571 Prakasam Pullalacheruvu Mandal Racha Konda
8572 Prakasam Pullalacheruvu Mandal Satha Kodu
8573 Prakasam Pullalacheruvu Mandal Uppaladinne Penta
8574 Prakasam Pullalacheruvu Mandal Yendra Palle
8575 Prakasam Racherla Mandal Akaveedu
8576 Prakasam Racherla Mandal Anumula Palle
8577 Prakasam Racherla Mandal Bhupana Guntla
8578 Prakasam Racherla Mandal Chinnagani Palle
8579 Prakasam Racherla Mandal Chollaveedu
8580 Prakasam Racherla Mandal Dadanaguruvai Palle
8581 Prakasam Racherla Mandal Edavalli
8582 Prakasam Racherla Mandal Gudimetla
8583 Prakasam Racherla Mandal Jallivani Pullala Cheruvu
8584 Prakasam Racherla Mandal Madhava Puram
8585 Prakasam Racherla Mandal Palakaveedu
8586 Prakasam Racherla Mandal Racherla
8587 Prakasam Racherla Mandal Somidevi Palle
8588 Prakasam Racherla Mandal Venthurla Padu
8589 Prakasam Santhamaguluru Mandal Elchur
8590 Prakasam Santhamaguluru Mandal Gopapuram
8591 Prakasam Santhamaguluru Mandal Gurijepalle
8592 Prakasam Santhamaguluru Mandal Kamepalle
8593 Prakasam Santhamaguluru Mandal Kommala Padu
8594 Prakasam Santhamaguluru Mandal Kopparam
8595 Prakasam Santhamaguluru Mandal Kunduru (East)
8596 Prakasam Santhamaguluru Mandal Kunduru (West)
8597 Prakasam Santhamaguluru Mandal Santhamaguluru
8598 Prakasam Santhamaguluru Mandal Tangedu Malli
8599 Prakasam Santhamaguluru Mandal Vellala Cheruvu
8600 Prakasam Santhanuthala Padu Mandal Bhatla Machavaram
8601 Prakasam Santhanuthala Padu Mandal Chilakapadu
8602 Prakasam Santhanuthala Padu Mandal Endluru
8603 Prakasam Santhanuthala Padu Mandal Gangavaram
8604 Prakasam Santhanuthala Padu Mandal Gummalam Padu
8605 Prakasam Santhanuthala Padu Mandal Guruvareddy Palem
8606 Prakasam Santhanuthala Padu Mandal Konagani Vari Palem
8607 Prakasam Santhanuthala Padu Mandal Lakshmi Puram
8608 Prakasam Santhanuthala Padu Mandal Mangamuru
8609 Prakasam Santhanuthala Padu Mandal Matti Padu
8610 Prakasam Santhanuthala Padu Mandal Mynampadu
8611 Prakasam Santhanuthala Padu Mandal Padamati Thakkella Padu
8612 Prakasam Santhanuthala Padu Mandal Pernametta (Part)
8613 Prakasam Santhanuthala Padu Mandal Pidathalagudi Padu
8614 Prakasam Santhanuthala Padu Mandal Rudravaram
8615 Prakasam Santhanuthala Padu Mandal Yenikapadu
8616 Prakasam Singarayakonda Mandal Bingini Palle
8617 Prakasam Singarayakonda Mandal Kalikivaya
8618 Prakasam Singarayakonda Mandal Kanumalla
8619 Prakasam Singarayakonda Mandal Mulaguntapadu(CT)
8620 Prakasam Singarayakonda Mandal Pakala
8621 Prakasam Singarayakonda Mandal Sanampudi
8622 Prakasam Singarayakonda Mandal Singarayakonda
8623 Prakasam Singarayakonda Mandal Singarayakonda (RS)(CT)
8624 Prakasam Singarayakonda Mandal Somarajupalle
8625 Prakasam Tangutur Mandal Ananthavaram
8626 Prakasam Tangutur Mandal Gosuvandla Kattubadi
8627 Prakasam Tangutur Mandal Jayavaram
8628 Prakasam Tangutur Mandal Kandukur
8629 Prakasam Tangutur Mandal Karumanchi
8630 Prakasam Tangutur Mandal Konijedu
8631 Prakasam Tangutur Mandal Mallavar Padu
8632 Prakasam Tangutur Mandal Marlapadu
8633 Prakasam Tangutur Mandal M.Nidamalur
8634 Prakasam Tangutur Mandal Ponduru
8635 Prakasam Tangutur Mandal Somavarappadu
8636 Prakasam Tangutur Mandal Tangutur
8637 Prakasam Tangutur Mandal Turupunaidupalem
8638 Prakasam Tangutur Mandal Valluru
8639 Prakasam Tangutur Mandal Valluru Kavalimanyam
8640 Prakasam Tangutur Mandal Vasepallepadu
8641 Prakasam Tangutur Mandal Velagapudi
8642 Prakasam Tarlupadu Mandal Chenna Reddi Palle
8643 Prakasam Tarlupadu Mandal Ganugapenta
8644 Prakasam Tarlupadu Mandal Golla Palle
8645 Prakasam Tarlupadu Mandal Gorugunthala Padu
8646 Prakasam Tarlupadu Mandal Jagannadha Puram
8647 Prakasam Tarlupadu Mandal Jangamreddi Palle
8648 Prakasam Tarlupadu Mandal Kaluzuwwalapadu
8649 Prakasam Tarlupadu Mandal Kandalla Palle
8650 Prakasam Tarlupadu Mandal Karumani Palle
8651 Prakasam Tarlupadu Mandal Kethagudipi
8652 Prakasam Tarlupadu Mandal Konda Reddi Palle
8653 Prakasam Tarlupadu Mandal Lakshmakka Palle
8654 Prakasam Tarlupadu Mandal Mangala Kunta
8655 Prakasam Tarlupadu Mandal Meerja Peta
8656 Prakasam Tarlupadu Mandal Nagendla Mudupu
8657 Prakasam Tarlupadu Mandal Obaya Palle
8658 Prakasam Tarlupadu Mandal Pathe Puram
8659 Prakasam Tarlupadu Mandal Pothalapadu
8660 Prakasam Tarlupadu Mandal Ragasamudram
8661 Prakasam Tarlupadu Mandal Rolagam Padu
8662 Prakasam Tarlupadu Mandal Seetanagulavaram
8663 Prakasam Tarlupadu Mandal Surepalle
8664 Prakasam Tarlupadu Mandal Tadivari Palle
8665 Prakasam Tarlupadu Mandal Tarlupadu
8666 Prakasam Tarlupadu Mandal Tellapadu
8667 Prakasam Tarlupadu Mandal Thummala Cheruvu
8668 Prakasam Thallur Mandal Bellamkondavari Palem
8669 Prakasam Thallur Mandal Boddikura Padu
8670 Prakasam Thallur Mandal Dosakayalapadu
8671 Prakasam Thallur Mandal Lakkavaram
8672 Prakasam Thallur Mandal Madhavaram
8673 Prakasam Thallur Mandal Malkapuram
8674 Prakasam Thallur Mandal Mannepalle
8675 Prakasam Thallur Mandal Nagambhotla Palem
8676 Prakasam Thallur Mandal Ramabhadrapuram
8677 Prakasam Thallur Mandal Sankaranarayanapuram
8678 Prakasam Thallur Mandal Sarvamitta
8679 Prakasam Thallur Mandal Sivarampuram
8680 Prakasam Thallur Mandal Somavrappadu
8681 Prakasam Thallur Mandal Suraya Palem
8682 Prakasam Thallur Mandal Tallur
8683 Prakasam Thallur Mandal Vithalapuram
8684 Prakasam Tripuranthakam Mandal Annasamudram
8685 Prakasam Tripuranthakam Mandal Dupadu
8686 Prakasam Tripuranthakam Mandal Duvvali
8687 Prakasam Tripuranthakam Mandal Ganapavaram
8688 Prakasam Tripuranthakam Mandal Golla Palle
8689 Prakasam Tripuranthakam Mandal Kankanala Palle
8690 Prakasam Tripuranthakam Mandal Lella Palle
8691 Prakasam Tripuranthakam Mandal Madhavani Palle
8692 Prakasam Tripuranthakam Mandal Medapi
8693 Prakasam Tripuranthakam Mandal Miriam Palle
8694 Prakasam Tripuranthakam Mandal Mittapalem
8695 Prakasam Tripuranthakam Mandal Muktumpuram
8696 Prakasam Tripuranthakam Mandal Narasingapuram
8697 Prakasam Tripuranthakam Mandal Raju Palem
8698 Prakasam Tripuranthakam Mandal Ramasamudram
8699 Prakasam Tripuranthakam Mandal Thimmana Palem
8700 Prakasam Tripuranthakam Mandal Tripuranthakam
8701 Prakasam Tripuranthakam Mandal Viswanadhapuram
8702 Prakasam Ulavapadu Mandal Atmakur
8703 Prakasam Ulavapadu Mandal Baddepudi
8704 Prakasam Ulavapadu Mandal Bheemavaram
8705 Prakasam Ulavapadu Mandal Chagallu
8706 Prakasam Ulavapadu Mandal Chaki Cherla
8707 Prakasam Ulavapadu Mandal Karedu
8708 Prakasam Ulavapadu Mandal Kollurupadu
8709 Prakasam Ulavapadu Mandal K.Rajupalem
8710 Prakasam Ulavapadu Mandal Krishnapuram
8711 Prakasam Ulavapadu Mandal Manneti Kota
8712 Prakasam Ulavapadu Mandal Ramayapatnam
8713 Prakasam Ulavapadu Mandal Veerepalle
8714 Prakasam Veligandla Mandal Ballavaram
8715 Prakasam Veligandla Mandal Bonthagunta Palle
8716 Prakasam Veligandla Mandal Chodavaram
8717 Prakasam Veligandla Mandal Gandla Seetharam Puram
8718 Prakasam Veligandla Mandal Ganesuni Palle
8719 Prakasam Veligandla Mandal Ganna Varam
8720 Prakasam Veligandla Mandal Gurugupadu
8721 Prakasam Veligandla Mandal Hussain Puram
8722 Prakasam Veligandla Mandal Immadi Cheruvu
8723 Prakasam Veligandla Mandal Jangam Narasaya Palle
8724 Prakasam Veligandla Mandal Kankanam Padu
8725 Prakasam Veligandla Mandal Kankanam Padu Agraharam
8726 Prakasam Veligandla Mandal K.Kesavabotlavari Khandrika
8727 Prakasam Veligandla Mandal Kotala Palle
8728 Prakasam Veligandla Mandal Manamadugu
8729 Prakasam Veligandla Mandal Marapagunta
8730 Prakasam Veligandla Mandal Mogallur
8731 Prakasam Veligandla Mandal Nagireddy Palle
8732 Prakasam Veligandla Mandal Panduva
8733 Prakasam Veligandla Mandal Panduva Nagula Varam
8734 Prakasam Veligandla Mandal Perugupalle
8735 Prakasam Veligandla Mandal Pulikuntla Ralla Palle
8736 Prakasam Veligandla Mandal Ramagopalapuram
8737 Prakasam Veligandla Mandal Ramalinga Puram
8738 Prakasam Veligandla Mandal Vedulla Cheruvu
8739 Prakasam Veligandla Mandal Veligandla
8740 Prakasam Vetapalem Mandal Kotha Peta (Part)
8741 Prakasam Vetapalem Mandal Nayani Palle
8742 Prakasam Vetapalem Mandal Pandilla Palle
8743 Prakasam Vetapalem Mandal Pullari Palem
8744 Prakasam Vetapalem Mandal Vetapalem(CT)
8745 Prakasam Voletivaripalem Mandal Ayyavaripalle
8746 Prakasam Voletivaripalem Mandal Chundi
8747 Prakasam Voletivaripalem Mandal East Polineni Palem
8748 Prakasam Voletivaripalem Mandal Kakutur
8749 Prakasam Voletivaripalem Mandal Kalavalla
8750 Prakasam Voletivaripalem Mandal Kondareddipalem
8751 Prakasam Voletivaripalem Mandal Kondasamudram
8752 Prakasam Voletivaripalem Mandal Naladalapur
8753 Prakasam Voletivaripalem Mandal Nawabpalem
8754 Prakasam Voletivaripalem Mandal Nekunam Puram K.Kandrika
8755 Prakasam Voletivaripalem Mandal Nekunampuram @ Pokur
8756 Prakasam Voletivaripalem Mandal Nukavaram
8757 Prakasam Voletivaripalem Mandal Polineni Cheruvu
8758 Prakasam Voletivaripalem Mandal Ramachandrapuram
8759 Prakasam Voletivaripalem Mandal Ramalingapuram
8760 Prakasam Voletivaripalem Mandal Sakhavaram
8761 Prakasam Voletivaripalem Mandal Sameerapalem
8762 Prakasam Voletivaripalem Mandal Singamnenipalle
8763 Prakasam Voletivaripalem Mandal Veeranna Palem
8764 Prakasam Voletivaripalem Mandal Voletivaripalem
8765 Prakasam Voletivaripalem Mandal Z.Uppalapadu
8766 Prakasam Yeddana Pudi Mandal Ananthavaram
8767 Prakasam Yeddana Pudi Mandal Enamadala
8768 Prakasam Yeddana Pudi Mandal Gannavaram
8769 Prakasam Yeddana Pudi Mandal Jagarlamudi
8770 Prakasam Yeddana Pudi Mandal Poluru
8771 Prakasam Yeddana Pudi Mandal Punuru
8772 Prakasam Yeddana Pudi Mandal Vinjanampadu
8773 Prakasam Yeddana Pudi Mandal Yeddanapudi
8774 Prakasam Yerragondapalem Mandal Ammani Gudi Padu
8775 Prakasam Yerragondapalem Mandal Boyala Palle
8776 Prakasam Yerragondapalem Mandal Boyala Palle (S.H.O)
8777 Prakasam Yerragondapalem Mandal Ganga Palem
8778 Prakasam Yerragondapalem Mandal Gollavidipi
8779 Prakasam Yerragondapalem Mandal Gurije Palle
8780 Prakasam Yerragondapalem Mandal Gurrapusala
8781 Prakasam Yerragondapalem Mandal Kataruvani Palle
8782 Prakasam Yerragondapalem Mandal Kolukula
8783 Prakasam Yerragondapalem Mandal Lalapuram
8784 Prakasam Yerragondapalem Mandal Lingamvani Palle
8785 Prakasam Yerragondapalem Mandal Millampalle
8786 Prakasam Yerragondapalem Mandal Ramachandra Puram
8787 Prakasam Yerragondapalem Mandal Rayavaram
8788 Prakasam Yerragondapalem Mandal Venkatadri Palem
8789 Prakasam Yerragondapalem Mandal Yerragonda Palem
8790 Prakasam Zarugumilli Mandal Chatukupadu
8791 Prakasam Zarugumilli Mandal Chirrikura Padu
8792 Prakasam Zarugumilli Mandal Davagudur
8793 Prakasam Zarugumilli Mandal Ilavaram Mamidala Vari Khandrika
8794 Prakasam Zarugumilli Mandal J.G.Khandrika
8795 Prakasam Zarugumilli Mandal Kame Palle
8796 Prakasam Zarugumilli Mandal Kamepalle Agraharam
8797 Prakasam Zarugumilli Mandal K.Bitragunta
8798 Prakasam Zarugumilli Mandal Nandanavanam
8799 Prakasam Zarugumilli Mandal Narasimhanayani Khandrika
8800 Prakasam Zarugumilli Mandal Narasingolu
8801 Prakasam Zarugumilli Mandal N.M.V. Khandrika
8802 Prakasam Zarugumilli Mandal N.M.V. Khandrika
8803 Prakasam Zarugumilli Mandal Paidi Padu
8804 Prakasam Zarugumilli Mandal Paleti Padu
8805 Prakasam Zarugumilli Mandal Paleti Padumacharlavari Khandrika
8806 Prakasam Zarugumilli Mandal Patcheva
8807 Prakasam Zarugumilli Mandal P.G. Khandrika
8808 Prakasam Zarugumilli Mandal P.Mamidalavari Khandrika
8809 Prakasam Zarugumilli Mandal Ramachandrapuram
8810 Prakasam Zarugumilli Mandal Thumadu
8811 Prakasam Zarugumilli Mandal Vardhineni Palem
8812 Prakasam Zarugumilli Mandal Vavileti Padu
8813 Prakasam Zarugumilli Mandal Yeduluru Padu
8814 Prakasam Zarugumilli Mandal Zarugumilli
8815 Srikakulam Amadalavalasa Mandal Akkivaram
8816 Srikakulam Amadalavalasa Mandal Akkulapeta
8817 Srikakulam Amadalavalasa Mandal Anandapuram
8818 Srikakulam Amadalavalasa Mandal Belamam
8819 Srikakulam Amadalavalasa Mandal Bobbilipeta
8820 Srikakulam Amadalavalasa Mandal Chinnajonnavalasa
8821 Srikakulam Amadalavalasa Mandal Chintalapeta
8822 Srikakulam Amadalavalasa Mandal Chittivalasa
8823 Srikakulam Amadalavalasa Mandal Dandemvalasa
8824 Srikakulam Amadalavalasa Mandal Dusi
8825 Srikakulam Amadalavalasa Mandal Garimellakotha Valasa
8826 Srikakulam Amadalavalasa Mandal Hanumanthapuram
8827 Srikakulam Amadalavalasa Mandal Kalivaram
8828 Srikakulam Amadalavalasa Mandal Kanugulavalasa
8829 Srikakulam Amadalavalasa Mandal Katyacharyulapeta
8830 Srikakulam Amadalavalasa Mandal Korapam
8831 Srikakulam Amadalavalasa Mandal Korlakota
8832 Srikakulam Amadalavalasa Mandal Kothavalasa
8833 Srikakulam Amadalavalasa Mandal Mallusastrula Peta
8834 Srikakulam Amadalavalasa Mandal Mandadi
8835 Srikakulam Amadalavalasa Mandal Marrikothavalasa
8836 Srikakulam Amadalavalasa Mandal Munagavalasa
8837 Srikakulam Amadalavalasa Mandal Nelliparthi
8838 Srikakulam Amadalavalasa Mandal Nimmathorlavada
8839 Srikakulam Amadalavalasa Mandal Peddajonnavalasa
8840 Srikakulam Amadalavalasa Mandal Ponnampeta
8841 Srikakulam Amadalavalasa Mandal Ramachandrapuram
8842 Srikakulam Amadalavalasa Mandal Santha Kothavalasa
8843 Srikakulam Amadalavalasa Mandal Srinivasacharyulu Peta
8844 Srikakulam Amadalavalasa Mandal Sriramvalasa
8845 Srikakulam Amadalavalasa Mandal Sylada
8846 Srikakulam Amadalavalasa Mandal Thallavalasa
8847 Srikakulam Amadalavalasa Mandal Thogaragam
8848 Srikakulam Amadalavalasa Mandal Thotada
8849 Srikakulam Amadalavalasa Mandal Turakapeta
8850 Srikakulam Amadalavalasa Mandal Vanjangi
8851 Srikakulam Amadalavalasa Mandal Vanjangipeta
8852 Srikakulam Amadalavalasa Mandal Vedullavalasa
8853 Srikakulam Bhamini Mandal Battili
8854 Srikakulam Bhamini Mandal Bhamini
8855 Srikakulam Bhamini Mandal Bommika
8856 Srikakulam Bhamini Mandal Burujola
8857 Srikakulam Bhamini Mandal Chinnadimili
8858 Srikakulam Bhamini Mandal Dimmidijola
8859 Srikakulam Bhamini Mandal Ghanasara
8860 Srikakulam Bhamini Mandal Gurandi
8861 Srikakulam Bhamini Mandal Kosali
8862 Srikakulam Bhamini Mandal Liviri
8863 Srikakulam Bhamini Mandal Loharijola
8864 Srikakulam Bhamini Mandal Maniga
8865 Srikakulam Bhamini Mandal Manumukonda
8866 Srikakulam Bhamini Mandal Neradi
8867 Srikakulam Bhamini Mandal Nulakajodu
8868 Srikakulam Bhamini Mandal Pakkudibhadra
8869 Srikakulam Bhamini Mandal Palavalasa
8870 Srikakulam Bhamini Mandal Pasukudi
8871 Srikakulam Bhamini Mandal Peddadimili
8872 Srikakulam Bhamini Mandal Singidi
8873 Srikakulam Bhamini Mandal Solikiri
8874 Srikakulam Bhamini Mandal Vaddangi
8875 Srikakulam Burja Mandal Adduripeta
8876 Srikakulam Burja Mandal Ahobalacharyula Peta
8877 Srikakulam Burja Mandal Allena
8878 Srikakulam Burja Mandal Annampeta
8879 Srikakulam Burja Mandal Appalapatnayakuni Peta
8880 Srikakulam Burja Mandal Boddapadu
8881 Srikakulam Burja Mandal Bodlapadu
8882 Srikakulam Burja Mandal Boragavalasa
8883 Srikakulam Burja Mandal Burja
8884 Srikakulam Burja Mandal Chalikam
8885 Srikakulam Burja Mandal Cheedivalasa
8886 Srikakulam Burja Mandal