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Village Master Details

State/UT : GOA
Districts Name
Subdivisions Name
Tehsils Name
Villages Name
1 NORTH GOA Bardez BARDEZ Aldona
2 NORTH GOA Bardez BARDEZ Anjuna
3 NORTH GOA Bardez BARDEZ Arpora
4 NORTH GOA Bardez BARDEZ Assagao
5 NORTH GOA Bardez BARDEZ Assonora
6 NORTH GOA Bardez BARDEZ Bastora
7 NORTH GOA Bardez BARDEZ Calangute
8 NORTH GOA Bardez BARDEZ Calvim
9 NORTH GOA Bardez BARDEZ Camurlim
10 NORTH GOA Bardez BARDEZ Canca
11 NORTH GOA Bardez BARDEZ Candolim
12 NORTH GOA Bardez BARDEZ Colvale
13 NORTH GOA Bardez BARDEZ Corjuem
14 NORTH GOA Bardez BARDEZ Guirim
16 NORTH GOA Bardez BARDEZ Marna
17 NORTH GOA Bardez BARDEZ Marra
18 NORTH GOA Bardez BARDEZ Moira
19 NORTH GOA Bardez BARDEZ Moitem
20 NORTH GOA Bardez BARDEZ Nachinola
21 NORTH GOA Bardez BARDEZ Nadora
22 NORTH GOA Bardez BARDEZ Nagoa
23 NORTH GOA Bardez BARDEZ Nerul
24 NORTH GOA Bardez BARDEZ Olaulim
26 NORTH GOA Bardez BARDEZ Paliem
27 NORTH GOA Bardez BARDEZ Parra
28 NORTH GOA Bardez BARDEZ Penha-de-Franca
29 NORTH GOA Bardez BARDEZ Pilerne
30 NORTH GOA Bardez BARDEZ Pirna
31 NORTH GOA Bardez BARDEZ Pomburpa
32 NORTH GOA Bardez BARDEZ Ponolem
33 NORTH GOA Bardez BARDEZ Punola
34 NORTH GOA Bardez BARDEZ Reis Magos
35 NORTH GOA Bardez BARDEZ Revora
36 NORTH GOA Bardez BARDEZ Saligao
37 NORTH GOA Bardez BARDEZ Salvador do Mundo
38 NORTH GOA Bardez BARDEZ Sangolda
39 NORTH GOA Bardez BARDEZ Siolim
40 NORTH GOA Bardez BARDEZ Sircaim
41 NORTH GOA Bardez BARDEZ Socorro
42 NORTH GOA Bardez BARDEZ Tivim
43 NORTH GOA Bardez BARDEZ Ucassaim
44 NORTH GOA Bardez BARDEZ Verla
45 NORTH GOA Bicholim BICHOLIM Adwalpale
46 NORTH GOA Bicholim BICHOLIM Amone
47 NORTH GOA Bicholim BICHOLIM Arvalem
48 NORTH GOA Bicholim BICHOLIM Aturli
49 NORTH GOA Bicholim BICHOLIM Bicholim
50 NORTH GOA Bicholim BICHOLIM Bordem
51 NORTH GOA Bicholim BICHOLIM Carapur
52 NORTH GOA Bicholim BICHOLIM Cassabe De Sanquelim
53 NORTH GOA Bicholim BICHOLIM Cotombi
54 NORTH GOA Bicholim BICHOLIM Cudnem
55 NORTH GOA Bicholim BICHOLIM Curchirem
56 NORTH GOA Bicholim BICHOLIM Dumacem
57 NORTH GOA Bicholim BICHOLIM Lamgao
58 NORTH GOA Bicholim BICHOLIM Latambarcem
60 NORTH GOA Bicholim BICHOLIM Maulinguem North
61 NORTH GOA Bicholim BICHOLIM Maulinguem South
62 NORTH GOA Bicholim BICHOLIM Mencurem
63 NORTH GOA Bicholim BICHOLIM Mulgao
64 NORTH GOA Bicholim BICHOLIM Naroa
65 NORTH GOA Bicholim BICHOLIM Navelim
68 NORTH GOA Bicholim BICHOLIM Piligao
69 NORTH GOA Bicholim BICHOLIM Salem
70 NORTH GOA Bicholim BICHOLIM Sarvona
71 NORTH GOA Bicholim BICHOLIM Sirigao
72 NORTH GOA Bicholim BICHOLIM Surla
73 NORTH GOA Bicholim BICHOLIM Vainguinim
74 NORTH GOA Bicholim BICHOLIM Velguem
75 NORTH GOA Bicholim BICHOLIM Virdi
76 NORTH GOA Bicholim SATTARI Advoi
77 NORTH GOA Bicholim SATTARI Ambedem
78 NORTH GOA Bicholim SATTARI Ambeli
79 NORTH GOA Bicholim SATTARI Anjunem
80 NORTH GOA Bicholim SATTARI Ansolem
81 NORTH GOA Bicholim SATTARI Assodem
82 NORTH GOA Bicholim SATTARI Birondem
83 NORTH GOA Bicholim SATTARI Bombedem
84 NORTH GOA Bicholim SATTARI Buimpal
85 NORTH GOA Bicholim SATTARI Carambolim-Bozruco
86 NORTH GOA Bicholim SATTARI Carambolim- Brama
87 NORTH GOA Bicholim SATTARI Caranzol
88 NORTH GOA Bicholim SATTARI Choraundem
89 NORTH GOA Bicholim SATTARI Codal
90 NORTH GOA Bicholim SATTARI Codiem
91 NORTH GOA Bicholim SATTARI Codqui
92 NORTH GOA Bicholim SATTARI Codvol
93 NORTH GOA Bicholim SATTARI Compordem
94 NORTH GOA Bicholim SATTARI Conquirem
95 NORTH GOA Bicholim SATTARI Cotorem
96 NORTH GOA Bicholim SATTARI Cudcem
97 NORTH GOA Bicholim SATTARI Cumarconda
98 NORTH GOA Bicholim SATTARI Dabem
99 NORTH GOA Bicholim SATTARI Damocem
100 NORTH GOA Bicholim SATTARI Davem
101 NORTH GOA Bicholim SATTARI Derodem
102 NORTH GOA Bicholim SATTARI Dongurli
103 NORTH GOA Bicholim SATTARI Edorem
104 NORTH GOA Bicholim SATTARI Golauli
105 NORTH GOA Bicholim SATTARI Gonteli
106 NORTH GOA Bicholim SATTARI Govanem
107 NORTH GOA Bicholim SATTARI Guleli
108 NORTH GOA Bicholim SATTARI Gululem
109 NORTH GOA Bicholim SATTARI Ivrem-Buzruco
110 NORTH GOA Bicholim SATTARI Ivrem-Curdo
111 NORTH GOA Bicholim SATTARI Maloli
112 NORTH GOA Bicholim SATTARI Malpona
113 NORTH GOA Bicholim SATTARI Massordem
114 NORTH GOA Bicholim SATTARI Mauzi
115 NORTH GOA Bicholim SATTARI Melauli
116 NORTH GOA Bicholim SATTARI Morlem
117 NORTH GOA Bicholim SATTARI Nagargao
118 NORTH GOA Bicholim SATTARI Naguem
119 NORTH GOA Bicholim SATTARI Naneli
120 NORTH GOA Bicholim SATTARI Nanorem
121 NORTH GOA Bicholim SATTARI Nanus
122 NORTH GOA Bicholim SATTARI Onda
123 NORTH GOA Bicholim SATTARI Padeli
124 NORTH GOA Bicholim SATTARI Pale
125 NORTH GOA Bicholim SATTARI Pendral
126 NORTH GOA Bicholim SATTARI Pissurlem
127 NORTH GOA Bicholim SATTARI Podocem
128 NORTH GOA Bicholim SATTARI Ponocem
129 NORTH GOA Bicholim SATTARI Ponsuli
130 NORTH GOA Bicholim SATTARI Poriem
131 NORTH GOA Bicholim SATTARI Quelaudem
132 NORTH GOA Bicholim SATTARI Querim
133 NORTH GOA Bicholim SATTARI Ravona
134 NORTH GOA Bicholim SATTARI Rivem
135 NORTH GOA Bicholim SATTARI Saleli
136 NORTH GOA Bicholim SATTARI Sanvorcem
137 NORTH GOA Bicholim SATTARI Sanvordem
138 NORTH GOA Bicholim SATTARI Satorem
139 NORTH GOA Bicholim SATTARI Satrem
140 NORTH GOA Bicholim SATTARI Sigonem
141 NORTH GOA Bicholim SATTARI Siranguli
142 NORTH GOA Bicholim SATTARI Siroli
143 NORTH GOA Bicholim SATTARI Sirsodem
144 NORTH GOA Bicholim SATTARI Sonal
145 NORTH GOA Bicholim SATTARI Sonus-Vonvoliem
146 NORTH GOA Bicholim SATTARI Surla
147 NORTH GOA Bicholim SATTARI Ustem
148 NORTH GOA Bicholim SATTARI Vaguriem
149 NORTH GOA Bicholim SATTARI Vainguinim
150 NORTH GOA Bicholim SATTARI Valpoi
151 NORTH GOA Bicholim SATTARI Vantem
152 NORTH GOA Bicholim SATTARI Velguem
153 NORTH GOA Bicholim SATTARI Veluz
154 NORTH GOA Bicholim SATTARI Xelopo-Buzruco
155 NORTH GOA Bicholim SATTARI Xelopo-Curdo
156 NORTH GOA Bicholim SATTARI Zarani
157 NORTH GOA Bicholim SATTARI Zormen
158 NORTH GOA Pernem PERNEM Agarvado
159 NORTH GOA Pernem PERNEM Alorna
160 NORTH GOA Pernem PERNEM Amberem
161 NORTH GOA Pernem PERNEM Arambol
162 NORTH GOA Pernem PERNEM Cansarvornem
163 NORTH GOA Pernem PERNEM Casnem
164 NORTH GOA Pernem PERNEM Chandel
165 NORTH GOA Pernem PERNEM Chopdem
166 NORTH GOA Pernem PERNEM Corgao
167 NORTH GOA Pernem PERNEM Dargalim
168 NORTH GOA Pernem PERNEM Ibrampur
169 NORTH GOA Pernem PERNEM Mandrem
170 NORTH GOA Pernem PERNEM Mopa
171 NORTH GOA Pernem PERNEM Morjim
172 NORTH GOA Pernem PERNEM Ozorim
173 NORTH GOA Pernem PERNEM Paliem
174 NORTH GOA Pernem PERNEM Parcem
175 NORTH GOA Pernem PERNEM Pernem
176 NORTH GOA Pernem PERNEM Poroscodem
177 NORTH GOA Pernem PERNEM Querim
178 NORTH GOA Pernem PERNEM Tamboxem
179 NORTH GOA Pernem PERNEM Tiracol
180 NORTH GOA Pernem PERNEM Torxem
181 NORTH GOA Pernem PERNEM Tuem
182 NORTH GOA Pernem PERNEM Uguem
183 NORTH GOA Pernem PERNEM Varconda
184 NORTH GOA Pernem PERNEM Virnora
185 NORTH GOA Tiswadi TISWADI (a)Chimbel
186 NORTH GOA Tiswadi TISWADI Ambarim
187 NORTH GOA Tiswadi TISWADI Azossim
188 NORTH GOA Tiswadi TISWADI Bainguinim
189 NORTH GOA Tiswadi TISWADI Batim
190 NORTH GOA Tiswadi TISWADI Capao
191 NORTH GOA Tiswadi TISWADI Caraim
192 NORTH GOA Tiswadi TISWADI Carambolim
193 NORTH GOA Tiswadi TISWADI Chorao
194 NORTH GOA Tiswadi TISWADI (c)Murda
195 NORTH GOA Tiswadi TISWADI Corlim
196 NORTH GOA Tiswadi TISWADI Cujira
197 NORTH GOA Tiswadi TISWADI Cumbarjua
198 NORTH GOA Tiswadi TISWADI Curca
199 NORTH GOA Tiswadi TISWADI (d)Calapor
200 NORTH GOA Tiswadi TISWADI Durgawado
201 NORTH GOA Tiswadi TISWADI (e)Bambolim
202 NORTH GOA Tiswadi TISWADI Ella
203 NORTH GOA Tiswadi TISWADI Gancim
204 NORTH GOA Tiswadi TISWADI Gandaulim
205 NORTH GOA Tiswadi TISWADI Goalim Moula
206 NORTH GOA Tiswadi TISWADI Goa Velha
207 NORTH GOA Tiswadi TISWADI Goltim
209 NORTH GOA Tiswadi TISWADI Malar
210 NORTH GOA Tiswadi TISWADI Mandur
211 NORTH GOA Tiswadi TISWADI Mercurim
212 NORTH GOA Tiswadi TISWADI Morambi O Grande
213 NORTH GOA Tiswadi TISWADI Morambi O Pequeno
214 NORTH GOA Tiswadi TISWADI Naroa
215 NORTH GOA Tiswadi TISWADI Navelim
216 NORTH GOA Tiswadi TISWADI Neura-O-Grande
217 NORTH GOA Tiswadi TISWADI Neura-O-Pequeno
219 NORTH GOA Tiswadi TISWADI Panelim
220 NORTH GOA Tiswadi TISWADI Renovadi
221 NORTH GOA Tiswadi TISWADI Siridao
222 NORTH GOA Tiswadi TISWADI Talaulim
223 NORTH GOA Tiswadi TISWADI Taleigao
224 SOUTH GOA Canacona CANACONA Agonda
225 SOUTH GOA Canacona CANACONA Anjadip
226 SOUTH GOA Canacona CANACONA Canacona
228 SOUTH GOA Canacona CANACONA Cola
229 SOUTH GOA Canacona CANACONA Cotigao
230 SOUTH GOA Canacona CANACONA Gaodongrem
231 SOUTH GOA Canacona CANACONA Loliem
233 SOUTH GOA Canacona CANACONA Poinguinim
234 SOUTH GOA Dharbandora Dharbandora Aglote
235 SOUTH GOA Dharbandora Dharbandora Bandoli
236 SOUTH GOA Dharbandora Dharbandora Camarconda
237 SOUTH GOA Dharbandora Dharbandora Caranzol
238 SOUTH GOA Dharbandora Dharbandora Codli
239 SOUTH GOA Dharbandora Dharbandora Colem
240 SOUTH GOA Dharbandora Dharbandora Cormonem
241 SOUTH GOA Dharbandora Dharbandora Dharbandora
242 SOUTH GOA Dharbandora Dharbandora Moissal
243 SOUTH GOA Dharbandora Dharbandora Molem
244 SOUTH GOA Dharbandora Dharbandora Piliem
245 SOUTH GOA Dharbandora Dharbandora Sancordem
246 SOUTH GOA Dharbandora Dharbandora Sangod
247 SOUTH GOA Dharbandora Dharbandora Sigao
248 SOUTH GOA Dharbandora Dharbandora Sonauli
249 SOUTH GOA Dharbandora Dharbandora Surla
250 SOUTH GOA Mormugao Mormugao Arossim
251 SOUTH GOA Mormugao Mormugao (b)Chicalim
252 SOUTH GOA Mormugao Mormugao Cansaulim
253 SOUTH GOA Mormugao Mormugao Chicolna
254 SOUTH GOA Mormugao Mormugao Cortalim
255 SOUTH GOA Mormugao Mormugao Cuelim
256 SOUTH GOA Mormugao Mormugao Dabolim
257 SOUTH GOA Mormugao Mormugao Issorcim
258 SOUTH GOA Mormugao Mormugao Pale
259 SOUTH GOA Mormugao Mormugao Quelossim
260 SOUTH GOA Mormugao Mormugao Sancoale
261 SOUTH GOA Mormugao Mormugao Sao Jacinto Island
262 SOUTH GOA Mormugao Mormugao Sao Jorge Island
263 SOUTH GOA Mormugao Mormugao Vasco Da Gama City
264 SOUTH GOA Mormugao Mormugao Velsao
265 SOUTH GOA Ponda Ponda Adcolna
266 SOUTH GOA Ponda Ponda Bandora
267 SOUTH GOA Ponda Ponda Betora
268 SOUTH GOA Ponda Ponda Betqui
269 SOUTH GOA Ponda Ponda Boma
270 SOUTH GOA Ponda Ponda Borim
271 SOUTH GOA Ponda Ponda Candepar
272 SOUTH GOA Ponda Ponda Candola
273 SOUTH GOA Ponda Ponda Codar
274 SOUTH GOA Ponda Ponda Conxem
275 SOUTH GOA Ponda Ponda Cuncoliem
276 SOUTH GOA Ponda Ponda Cundaim
277 SOUTH GOA Ponda Ponda Curti
278 SOUTH GOA Ponda Ponda Durbhat
279 SOUTH GOA Ponda Ponda Gangem
280 SOUTH GOA Ponda Ponda Marcaim
281 SOUTH GOA Ponda Ponda Nirancal
282 SOUTH GOA Ponda Ponda Orgao
283 SOUTH GOA Ponda Ponda Ponchavadi
284 SOUTH GOA Ponda Ponda Ponda
285 SOUTH GOA Ponda Ponda Priol
286 SOUTH GOA Ponda Ponda Querim
287 SOUTH GOA Ponda Ponda Queula
288 SOUTH GOA Ponda Ponda SavoiVerem
289 SOUTH GOA Ponda Ponda Siroda
290 SOUTH GOA Ponda Ponda Telaulim
291 SOUTH GOA Ponda Ponda Tivrem
292 SOUTH GOA Ponda Ponda Usgao
293 SOUTH GOA Ponda Ponda Vadi
294 SOUTH GOA Ponda Ponda Vagurbem
295 SOUTH GOA Ponda Ponda Velinga
296 SOUTH GOA Ponda Ponda Volvoi
297 SOUTH GOA Quepem QUEPEM Adnem
298 SOUTH GOA Quepem QUEPEM Ambaulim
299 SOUTH GOA Quepem QUEPEM Amona
300 SOUTH GOA Quepem QUEPEM Assolda
301 SOUTH GOA Quepem QUEPEM Avedem
302 SOUTH GOA Quepem QUEPEM Bali
303 SOUTH GOA Quepem QUEPEM Barcem
304 SOUTH GOA Quepem QUEPEM Bendordem
305 SOUTH GOA Quepem QUEPEM Cacora
306 SOUTH GOA Quepem QUEPEM Cavorem
307 SOUTH GOA Quepem QUEPEM Cazur
308 SOUTH GOA Quepem QUEPEM Chaifi
309 SOUTH GOA Quepem QUEPEM Cordem
310 SOUTH GOA Quepem QUEPEM Corla
311 SOUTH GOA Quepem QUEPEM Cotombi
312 SOUTH GOA Quepem QUEPEM Curchorem
313 SOUTH GOA Quepem QUEPEM Cusmane
314 SOUTH GOA Quepem QUEPEM Deao
315 SOUTH GOA Quepem QUEPEM Fatorpa
316 SOUTH GOA Quepem QUEPEM Gocoldem
317 SOUTH GOA Quepem QUEPEM Maina
318 SOUTH GOA Quepem QUEPEM Mangal
319 SOUTH GOA Quepem QUEPEM Molcarnem
320 SOUTH GOA Quepem QUEPEM Molcopona
321 SOUTH GOA Quepem QUEPEM Morpila
322 SOUTH GOA Quepem QUEPEM Nagvem
323 SOUTH GOA Quepem QUEPEM Naquerim
324 SOUTH GOA Quepem QUEPEM Odar
325 SOUTH GOA Quepem QUEPEM Padi
326 SOUTH GOA Quepem QUEPEM Pirla
327 SOUTH GOA Quepem QUEPEM Quedem
328 SOUTH GOA Quepem QUEPEM Quepem
329 SOUTH GOA Quepem QUEPEM Quisconda
330 SOUTH GOA Quepem QUEPEM Quitol
331 SOUTH GOA Quepem QUEPEM Sirvoi
332 SOUTH GOA Quepem QUEPEM Sulcorna
333 SOUTH GOA Quepem QUEPEM Tiloi
334 SOUTH GOA Quepem QUEPEM Undorna
335 SOUTH GOA Quepem QUEPEM Xeldem
336 SOUTH GOA Quepem QUEPEM Xelvona
337 SOUTH GOA Quepem QUEPEM Xic-Xelvona
338 SOUTH GOA Quepem QUEPEM Zanodem
339 SOUTH GOA Quepem SANGUEM Antoriem
342 SOUTH GOA Quepem SANGUEM Calem
343 SOUTH GOA Quepem SANGUEM Colomba
344 SOUTH GOA Quepem SANGUEM Comproi
345 SOUTH GOA Quepem SANGUEM Coranginim
346 SOUTH GOA Quepem SANGUEM Costi
347 SOUTH GOA Quepem SANGUEM Cotarli
348 SOUTH GOA Quepem SANGUEM Cumbari
349 SOUTH GOA Quepem SANGUEM Curdi
350 SOUTH GOA Quepem SANGUEM Curpem
351 SOUTH GOA Quepem SANGUEM Dongor
352 SOUTH GOA Quepem SANGUEM Dongurli
353 SOUTH GOA Quepem SANGUEM Dudal
354 SOUTH GOA Quepem SANGUEM Maulinguem
355 SOUTH GOA Quepem SANGUEM Muguli
356 SOUTH GOA Quepem SANGUEM Naiquinim
357 SOUTH GOA Quepem SANGUEM Netorli
358 SOUTH GOA Quepem SANGUEM Nundem
360 SOUTH GOA Quepem SANGUEM Patiem
361 SOUTH GOA Quepem SANGUEM Porteem
362 SOUTH GOA Quepem SANGUEM Potrem
363 SOUTH GOA Quepem SANGUEM Rivona
364 SOUTH GOA Quepem SANGUEM Rumbrem
365 SOUTH GOA Quepem SANGUEM Salauli
366 SOUTH GOA Quepem SANGUEM Sanguem
367 SOUTH GOA Quepem SANGUEM Santona
368 SOUTH GOA Quepem SANGUEM Sanvordem
369 SOUTH GOA Quepem SANGUEM Sigonem
370 SOUTH GOA Quepem SANGUEM Tudou
371 SOUTH GOA Quepem SANGUEM Uguem
372 SOUTH GOA Quepem SANGUEM Verlem
373 SOUTH GOA Quepem SANGUEM Vichundrem
374 SOUTH GOA Quepem SANGUEM Viliena
375 SOUTH GOA Quepem SANGUEM Xelpem
376 SOUTH GOA Salcete SALCETE (a)Aquem
377 SOUTH GOA Salcete SALCETE Adsulim
378 SOUTH GOA Salcete SALCETE Ambelim
379 SOUTH GOA Salcete SALCETE Assolna
380 SOUTH GOA Salcete SALCETE Benaulim
381 SOUTH GOA Salcete SALCETE Betalbatim
382 SOUTH GOA Salcete SALCETE (b)Navelim
383 SOUTH GOA Salcete SALCETE Calata
384 SOUTH GOA Salcete SALCETE Camurlim
385 SOUTH GOA Salcete SALCETE Cana
386 SOUTH GOA Salcete SALCETE Carmona
387 SOUTH GOA Salcete SALCETE Cavelossim
388 SOUTH GOA Salcete SALCETE Cavorim
389 SOUTH GOA Salcete SALCETE Chandor
390 SOUTH GOA Salcete SALCETE Chinchinim
391 SOUTH GOA Salcete SALCETE Colva
393 SOUTH GOA Salcete SALCETE Curtorim
394 SOUTH GOA Salcete SALCETE Davorlim
395 SOUTH GOA Salcete SALCETE Deussua
396 SOUTH GOA Salcete SALCETE Dicarpale
397 SOUTH GOA Salcete SALCETE Dramapur
398 SOUTH GOA Salcete SALCETE Duncolim
399 SOUTH GOA Salcete SALCETE Gandaulim
400 SOUTH GOA Salcete SALCETE Gonsua
401 SOUTH GOA Salcete SALCETE Guirdolim
402 SOUTH GOA Salcete SALCETE Loutulim
403 SOUTH GOA Salcete SALCETE Macasana
404 SOUTH GOA Salcete SALCETE Majorda
406 SOUTH GOA Salcete SALCETE Mulem
407 SOUTH GOA Salcete SALCETE Nagoa
408 SOUTH GOA Salcete SALCETE Nuvem
409 SOUTH GOA Salcete SALCETE Orlim
410 SOUTH GOA Salcete SALCETE Paroda
411 SOUTH GOA Salcete SALCETE Rachol
412 SOUTH GOA Salcete SALCETE Raia
413 SOUTH GOA Salcete SALCETE Sao Jose de Areal
414 SOUTH GOA Salcete SALCETE Sarzora
415 SOUTH GOA Salcete SALCETE Seraulim
416 SOUTH GOA Salcete SALCETE Sernabatim
417 SOUTH GOA Salcete SALCETE Sirlim
418 SOUTH GOA Salcete SALCETE Talaulim
420 SOUTH GOA Salcete SALCETE Utorda
421 SOUTH GOA Salcete SALCETE Vanelim
422 SOUTH GOA Salcete SALCETE Varca
423 SOUTH GOA Salcete SALCETE Velim
424 SOUTH GOA Salcete SALCETE Verna