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Village Master Details

Districts Name
Subdivisions Name
Tehsils Name
Villages Name
1 Adilabad Adilabad Mandal Adilabad-U
2 Adilabad Adilabad Mandal Ankapoor
3 Adilabad Adilabad Mandal Ankoli
4 Adilabad Adilabad Mandal Anukunta
5 Adilabad Adilabad Mandal Arli (Buzurg)
6 Adilabad Adilabad Mandal Asodabhurki
7 Adilabad Adilabad Mandal Battisawargaon
8 Adilabad Adilabad Mandal Belluri
9 Adilabad Adilabad Mandal Bheemseri
10 Adilabad Adilabad Mandal Bhukthapur
11 Adilabad Adilabad Mandal Borenur
12 Adilabad Adilabad Mandal Chanda
13 Adilabad Adilabad Mandal Chichadhari
14 Adilabad Adilabad Mandal Chinchughat
15 Adilabad Adilabad Mandal Dasnapur(CT)
16 Adilabad Adilabad Mandal Dimma
17 Adilabad Adilabad Mandal Ganeshpur
18 Adilabad Adilabad Mandal Hathigutta
19 Adilabad Adilabad Mandal Jamdapur
20 Adilabad Adilabad Mandal Jamuldhari
21 Adilabad Adilabad Mandal Kachkanti
22 Adilabad Adilabad Mandal Khanapoor
23 Adilabad Adilabad Mandal Khanapur-U
24 Adilabad Adilabad Mandal Khandala
25 Adilabad Adilabad Mandal Kottur (Nevegaon)
26 Adilabad Adilabad Mandal Kumbhajheri
27 Adilabad Adilabad Mandal Landasangvi
28 Adilabad Adilabad Mandal Lohara
29 Adilabad Adilabad Mandal Lokari
30 Adilabad Adilabad Mandal Maleborgaon
31 Adilabad Adilabad Mandal Mallapur
32 Adilabad Adilabad Mandal Maregaon
33 Adilabad Adilabad Mandal Mavala
34 Adilabad Adilabad Mandal Nishanghat
35 Adilabad Adilabad Mandal Pippaldhari
36 Adilabad Adilabad Mandal Pochara
37 Adilabad Adilabad Mandal Ramai
38 Adilabad Adilabad Mandal Rampoor (Royati)
39 Adilabad Adilabad Mandal Takli
40 Adilabad Adilabad Mandal Tarada (Srimath)
41 Adilabad Adilabad Mandal Tippa
42 Adilabad Adilabad Mandal Tontoli
43 Adilabad Adilabad Mandal Waghapur
44 Adilabad Adilabad Mandal Wanwat
45 Adilabad Adilabad Mandal Yapalguda
46 Adilabad Asifabad Mandal Ada
47 Adilabad Asifabad Mandal Ada - Dasnapur
48 Adilabad Asifabad Mandal Addaghat
49 Adilabad Asifabad Mandal Ankusapur
50 Adilabad Asifabad Mandal Appepalle
51 Adilabad Asifabad Mandal Asifabad(CT)
52 Adilabad Asifabad Mandal Babapur
53 Adilabad Asifabad Mandal Balahanpur
54 Adilabad Asifabad Mandal Balegaon
55 Adilabad Asifabad Mandal Buruguda
56 Adilabad Asifabad Mandal Cherpalle
57 Adilabad Asifabad Mandal Chilatiguda
58 Adilabad Asifabad Mandal Chirrakunta
59 Adilabad Asifabad Mandal Dadpapur
60 Adilabad Asifabad Mandal Dagleshwar
61 Adilabad Asifabad Mandal Danaboinapeta
62 Adilabad Asifabad Mandal Danapur
63 Adilabad Asifabad Mandal Demmidiguda
64 Adilabad Asifabad Mandal Devadurgam
65 Adilabad Asifabad Mandal Edasgondi
66 Adilabad Asifabad Mandal Edulwada
67 Adilabad Asifabad Mandal Godavelli
68 Adilabad Asifabad Mandal Govindapur
69 Adilabad Asifabad Mandal Gudigudi
70 Adilabad Asifabad Mandal Gundi
71 Adilabad Asifabad Mandal Ippalnavegaon
72 Adilabad Asifabad Mandal Itukyal
73 Adilabad Asifabad Mandal Janakpur
74 Adilabad Asifabad Mandal Keslapur
75 Adilabad Asifabad Mandal Khapri
76 Adilabad Asifabad Mandal Kommuguda
77 Adilabad Asifabad Mandal Kommuguda
78 Adilabad Asifabad Mandal Kosara
79 Adilabad Asifabad Mandal Kowdianmovad
80 Adilabad Asifabad Mandal Kutoda
81 Adilabad Asifabad Mandal Malan Gondi
82 Adilabad Asifabad Mandal Mankapur
83 Adilabad Asifabad Mandal Mekalwada
84 Adilabad Asifabad Mandal Mondepalle
85 Adilabad Asifabad Mandal Mothuguda
86 Adilabad Asifabad Mandal Mowad
87 Adilabad Asifabad Mandal Nandupa
88 Adilabad Asifabad Mandal Nimbada
89 Adilabad Asifabad Mandal Padibonda
90 Adilabad Asifabad Mandal Perasnambal
91 Adilabad Asifabad Mandal Pippalgaon
92 Adilabad Asifabad Mandal Rahapalle
93 Adilabad Asifabad Mandal Rajampet
94 Adilabad Asifabad Mandal Rajura
95 Adilabad Asifabad Mandal Routsankepalle
96 Adilabad Asifabad Mandal Saleguda
97 Adilabad Asifabad Mandal Samela
98 Adilabad Asifabad Mandal Sankepalle
99 Adilabad Asifabad Mandal Shakangondi
100 Adilabad Asifabad Mandal Singaraopet
101 Adilabad Asifabad Mandal Sirasgaon
102 Adilabad Asifabad Mandal Siryan Mowad
103 Adilabad Asifabad Mandal Suddha Ghat
104 Adilabad Asifabad Mandal Temrianmovad
105 Adilabad Asifabad Mandal Tumpalle
106 Adilabad Asifabad Mandal Wadigondi
107 Adilabad Asifabad Mandal Wadiguda
108 Adilabad Asifabad Mandal Wavudham
109 Adilabad Asifabad Mandal Yellaram
110 Adilabad Bazarhathnoor Mandal Ananthapur
111 Adilabad Bazarhathnoor Mandal Balanpur
112 Adilabad Bazarhathnoor Mandal Bandrev
113 Adilabad Bazarhathnoor Mandal Bazarhatnur
114 Adilabad Bazarhathnoor Mandal Bhosra
115 Adilabad Bazarhathnoor Mandal Bhutai (Buzurg)
116 Adilabad Bazarhathnoor Mandal Bhutai (Khurd)
117 Adilabad Bazarhathnoor Mandal Chintal Sangvi
118 Adilabad Bazarhathnoor Mandal Dehgaon
119 Adilabad Bazarhathnoor Mandal Dhabadi
120 Adilabad Bazarhathnoor Mandal Dharampuri
121 Adilabad Bazarhathnoor Mandal Dignoor
122 Adilabad Bazarhathnoor Mandal Gangapur
123 Adilabad Bazarhathnoor Mandal Girjai
124 Adilabad Bazarhathnoor Mandal Girnur
125 Adilabad Bazarhathnoor Mandal Gokonda
126 Adilabad Bazarhathnoor Mandal Harkai
127 Adilabad Bazarhathnoor Mandal Jatarla
128 Adilabad Bazarhathnoor Mandal Kandli
129 Adilabad Bazarhathnoor Mandal Kankadurga
130 Adilabad Bazarhathnoor Mandal Kinnerpalle
131 Adilabad Bazarhathnoor Mandal Kolhari
132 Adilabad Bazarhathnoor Mandal Mankapur (P)
133 Adilabad Bazarhathnoor Mandal Mohada
134 Adilabad Bazarhathnoor Mandal Morekhandi
135 Adilabad Bazarhathnoor Mandal Pipri
136 Adilabad Bazarhathnoor Mandal Rampur
137 Adilabad Bazarhathnoor Mandal Tembi
138 Adilabad Bazarhathnoor Mandal Umarda (Buzurg)
139 Adilabad Bazarhathnoor Mandal Warthamanoor
140 Adilabad Bazarhathnoor Mandal Yesapur
141 Adilabad Bejjur Mandal Agarguda
142 Adilabad Bejjur Mandal Ambhaghat
143 Adilabad Bejjur Mandal Bejjur
144 Adilabad Bejjur Mandal Bhatpalle
145 Adilabad Bejjur Mandal Bombaiguda
146 Adilabad Bejjur Mandal Buruguda
147 Adilabad Bejjur Mandal Chinnasiddapur
148 Adilabad Bejjur Mandal Chittam
149 Adilabad Bejjur Mandal Dimda
150 Adilabad Bejjur Mandal Gabbai
151 Adilabad Bejjur Mandal Gannaram
152 Adilabad Bejjur Mandal Gudem
153 Adilabad Bejjur Mandal Gundepalle
154 Adilabad Bejjur Mandal Jilleda
155 Adilabad Bejjur Mandal Kammergaon
156 Adilabad Bejjur Mandal Karjavelli
157 Adilabad Bejjur Mandal Katepalle
158 Adilabad Bejjur Mandal Kethini
159 Adilabad Bejjur Mandal Kondapalle
160 Adilabad Bejjur Mandal Koyachichal
161 Adilabad Bejjur Mandal Koyapalle
162 Adilabad Bejjur Mandal Kukuda
163 Adilabad Bejjur Mandal Kushnepalle
164 Adilabad Bejjur Mandal Lodpalle
165 Adilabad Bejjur Mandal Marthadi
166 Adilabad Bejjur Mandal Mogavelly
167 Adilabad Bejjur Mandal Munjampalle
168 Adilabad Bejjur Mandal Muraliguda
169 Adilabad Bejjur Mandal Nagepalle
170 Adilabad Bejjur Mandal Nandigaon
171 Adilabad Bejjur Mandal Outsarangipalle
172 Adilabad Bejjur Mandal Papanpet
173 Adilabad Bejjur Mandal Peddasiddapur
174 Adilabad Bejjur Mandal Penchikalpet
175 Adilabad Bejjur Mandal Pothepalle
176 Adilabad Bejjur Mandal Rebbena
177 Adilabad Bejjur Mandal Rechini
178 Adilabad Bejjur Mandal Rudrapur
179 Adilabad Bejjur Mandal Shivapalle
180 Adilabad Bejjur Mandal Somini
181 Adilabad Bejjur Mandal Sushmeer
182 Adilabad Bejjur Mandal Talai
183 Adilabad Bejjur Mandal Telapalle
184 Adilabad Bejjur Mandal Tikkapalle
185 Adilabad Bejjur Mandal Yelkapalle
186 Adilabad Bejjur Mandal Yellur
187 Adilabad Bela Mandal Awalpur
188 Adilabad Bela Mandal Bela
189 Adilabad Bela Mandal Bhadi
190 Adilabad Bela Mandal Bhedoda
191 Adilabad Bela Mandal Bhodod (Kopsi)
192 Adilabad Bela Mandal Boregaon
193 Adilabad Bela Mandal Burhanpur
194 Adilabad Bela Mandal Chandpalle
195 Adilabad Bela Mandal Chaprala
196 Adilabad Bela Mandal Datalpur
197 Adilabad Bela Mandal Dehegaon
198 Adilabad Bela Mandal Dhoptala
199 Adilabad Bela Mandal Douna
200 Adilabad Bela Mandal Ekori
201 Adilabad Bela Mandal Guda
202 Adilabad Bela Mandal Junoni
203 Adilabad Bela Mandal Kamgarpur
204 Adilabad Bela Mandal Karoni (B)
205 Adilabad Bela Mandal Karoni (K)
206 Adilabad Bela Mandal Khadki
207 Adilabad Bela Mandal Khagdur
208 Adilabad Bela Mandal Kobhai
209 Adilabad Bela Mandal Koparuzana
210 Adilabad Bela Mandal Mangrool
211 Adilabad Bela Mandal Manyarpur
212 Adilabad Bela Mandal Masala (Buzurg)
213 Adilabad Bela Mandal Masala (Khurd)
214 Adilabad Bela Mandal Mohabatpur
215 Adilabad Bela Mandal Nagrala
216 Adilabad Bela Mandal Narayanpur
217 Adilabad Bela Mandal Patan
218 Adilabad Bela Mandal Pitgaon
219 Adilabad Bela Mandal Pohar
220 Adilabad Bela Mandal Ponnala
221 Adilabad Bela Mandal Ramkam
222 Adilabad Bela Mandal Sadarpur
223 Adilabad Bela Mandal Sahej
224 Adilabad Bela Mandal Sangdi
225 Adilabad Bela Mandal Sangvi
226 Adilabad Bela Mandal Shamshabad
227 Adilabad Bela Mandal Singapur
228 Adilabad Bela Mandal Sirsanna
229 Adilabad Bela Mandal Sonkhos
230 Adilabad Bela Mandal Syedpur
231 Adilabad Bela Mandal Takli
232 Adilabad Bela Mandal Toyaguda (Kora)
233 Adilabad Bela Mandal Warur
234 Adilabad Bellampalle Mandal Akenipalle
235 Adilabad Bellampalle Mandal Ankusam
236 Adilabad Bellampalle Mandal Batwanpalle
237 Adilabad Bellampalle Mandal Budha Kalan (R)
238 Adilabad Bellampalle Mandal Budha Khurd (R)
239 Adilabad Bellampalle Mandal Chakepalle
240 Adilabad Bellampalle Mandal Chandravelli
241 Adilabad Bellampalle Mandal Dugnepalle
242 Adilabad Bellampalle Mandal Gurjal (R) @ Talla Gurjal
243 Adilabad Bellampalle Mandal Kannal (R)
244 Adilabad Bellampalle Mandal Perkapalle
245 Adilabad Bellampalle Mandal Rangapet
246 Adilabad Bhainsa Mandal Babalgaon
247 Adilabad Bhainsa Mandal Badgaon
248 Adilabad Bhainsa Mandal Bhainsa
249 Adilabad Bhainsa Mandal Bijjur
250 Adilabad Bhainsa Mandal Boregaon (Buzurg)
251 Adilabad Bhainsa Mandal Chichond
252 Adilabad Bhainsa Mandal Chintalabori
253 Adilabad Bhainsa Mandal Dahegaon
254 Adilabad Bhainsa Mandal Ekgaon
255 Adilabad Bhainsa Mandal Elegaon
256 Adilabad Bhainsa Mandal Gundagaon
257 Adilabad Bhainsa Mandal Hampoli Khurd
258 Adilabad Bhainsa Mandal Hasgul
259 Adilabad Bhainsa Mandal Kamol
260 Adilabad Bhainsa Mandal Khatgaon
261 Adilabad Bhainsa Mandal Kotalgaon
262 Adilabad Bhainsa Mandal Kumbhi
263 Adilabad Bhainsa Mandal Kumsari
264 Adilabad Bhainsa Mandal Linga
265 Adilabad Bhainsa Mandal Mahagaon
266 Adilabad Bhainsa Mandal Manjri
267 Adilabad Bhainsa Mandal Mategaon
268 Adilabad Bhainsa Mandal Mirzapur
269 Adilabad Bhainsa Mandal Pangri
270 Adilabad Bhainsa Mandal Pendapalle
271 Adilabad Bhainsa Mandal Pipri
272 Adilabad Bhainsa Mandal Siddur
273 Adilabad Bhainsa Mandal Sirala
274 Adilabad Bhainsa Mandal Sunkli
275 Adilabad Bhainsa Mandal Takli
276 Adilabad Bhainsa Mandal Thimmapur
277 Adilabad Bhainsa Mandal Walegaon
278 Adilabad Bhainsa Mandal Wanalpahad
279 Adilabad Bhainsa Mandal Watoli
280 Adilabad Bhimini Mandal Akkalapalle
281 Adilabad Bhimini Mandal Ankannapeta
282 Adilabad Bhimini Mandal Babapur
283 Adilabad Bhimini Mandal Bhimini
284 Adilabad Bhimini Mandal Bitturpalle
285 Adilabad Bhimini Mandal Dampur
286 Adilabad Bhimini Mandal Gollaghat
287 Adilabad Bhimini Mandal Jajjarvelly
288 Adilabad Bhimini Mandal Jankapur
289 Adilabad Bhimini Mandal Kamalapur
290 Adilabad Bhimini Mandal Kannepalle
291 Adilabad Bhimini Mandal Karjibheempur
292 Adilabad Bhimini Mandal Kothapalle
293 Adilabad Bhimini Mandal Laxmipur
294 Adilabad Bhimini Mandal Lingapur
295 Adilabad Bhimini Mandal Mallidi
296 Adilabad Bhimini Mandal Metpalle
297 Adilabad Bhimini Mandal Motkupalle
298 Adilabad Bhimini Mandal Muthapur
299 Adilabad Bhimini Mandal Peddagudipet
300 Adilabad Bhimini Mandal Peddapeta
301 Adilabad Bhimini Mandal Polampalle
302 Adilabad Bhimini Mandal Pothepalle
303 Adilabad Bhimini Mandal Rajaram
304 Adilabad Bhimini Mandal Rampur
305 Adilabad Bhimini Mandal Ramraopeta
306 Adilabad Bhimini Mandal Rebbena
307 Adilabad Bhimini Mandal Shiknam
308 Adilabad Bhimini Mandal Surjapur
309 Adilabad Bhimini Mandal Tekulapalle
310 Adilabad Bhimini Mandal Veegaon
311 Adilabad Bhimini Mandal Veerapur
312 Adilabad Bhimini Mandal Venkatapur
313 Adilabad Bhimini Mandal Wadal
314 Adilabad Bhimini Mandal Yellaram
315 Adilabad Boath Mandal Anduru
316 Adilabad Boath Mandal Babera
317 Adilabad Boath Mandal Bahrapur
318 Adilabad Boath Mandal Birlagondi
319 Adilabad Boath Mandal Boath (Buzurg)
320 Adilabad Boath Mandal Boath (Khurd)
321 Adilabad Boath Mandal Chintalabori
322 Adilabad Boath Mandal Demmi
323 Adilabad Boath Mandal Dera
324 Adilabad Boath Mandal Dhannur (Buzurg)
325 Adilabad Boath Mandal Dhannur (Khurd)
326 Adilabad Boath Mandal Ghanpur
327 Adilabad Boath Mandal Gollapur
328 Adilabad Boath Mandal Kangutta
329 Adilabad Boath Mandal Kantegaon
330 Adilabad Boath Mandal Karathwada
331 Adilabad Boath Mandal Keslapur
332 Adilabad Boath Mandal Kistapur
333 Adilabad Boath Mandal Kowtha (Buzurg)
334 Adilabad Boath Mandal Kowtha (Khurd)
335 Adilabad Boath Mandal Kuchalapur
336 Adilabad Boath Mandal Marlapalle
337 Adilabad Boath Mandal Medi
338 Adilabad Boath Mandal Nagapur
339 Adilabad Boath Mandal Nakkalawada
340 Adilabad Boath Mandal Narayanpur
341 Adilabad Boath Mandal Nigini
342 Adilabad Boath Mandal Pardi (Buzurg)
343 Adilabad Boath Mandal Pardi (Khurd)
344 Adilabad Boath Mandal Patnapur
345 Adilabad Boath Mandal Pippaladhari
346 Adilabad Boath Mandal Pochera
347 Adilabad Boath Mandal Sakhera
348 Adilabad Boath Mandal Sangvi
349 Adilabad Boath Mandal Sonala
350 Adilabad Boath Mandal Suradapur
351 Adilabad Boath Mandal Tewiti
352 Adilabad Boath Mandal Venkatapur
353 Adilabad Boath Mandal Wajar
354 Adilabad Chennur Mandal Adiwarpet
355 Adilabad Chennur Mandal Akkapalle
356 Adilabad Chennur Mandal Amudalpalle
357 Adilabad Chennur Mandal Angarajpalle
358 Adilabad Chennur Mandal Asnad
359 Adilabad Chennur Mandal Beervelli
360 Adilabad Chennur Mandal Bhamraopet
361 Adilabad Chennur Mandal Buddaram
362 Adilabad Chennur Mandal Chakepalle
363 Adilabad Chennur Mandal Chennur(CT)
364 Adilabad Chennur Mandal Chintapalle
365 Adilabad Chennur Mandal Dugnepalle
366 Adilabad Chennur Mandal Gangaram
367 Adilabad Chennur Mandal Guddirampur
368 Adilabad Chennur Mandal Kachanpalle
369 Adilabad Chennur Mandal Kannepalle
370 Adilabad Chennur Mandal Kathersala
371 Adilabad Chennur Mandal Khambojipet
372 Adilabad Chennur Mandal Kistampet
373 Adilabad Chennur Mandal Kommera
374 Adilabad Chennur Mandal Konampet
375 Adilabad Chennur Mandal Lingampalle
376 Adilabad Chennur Mandal Nagapur
377 Adilabad Chennur Mandal Narasakkapet
378 Adilabad Chennur Mandal Narayanpur
379 Adilabad Chennur Mandal Pokkur
380 Adilabad Chennur Mandal Ponnaram
381 Adilabad Chennur Mandal Raipet
382 Adilabad Chennur Mandal Sankaram
383 Adilabad Chennur Mandal Shivalingapur
384 Adilabad Chennur Mandal Somanpalle
385 Adilabad Chennur Mandal Suddal
386 Adilabad Chennur Mandal Sundersala
387 Adilabad Chennur Mandal Yellakkapet
388 Adilabad Dahegaon Mandal Ainam
389 Adilabad Dahegaon Mandal Amargonda
390 Adilabad Dahegaon Mandal Beebra
391 Adilabad Dahegaon Mandal Bhamanagar
392 Adilabad Dahegaon Mandal Bhogaram
393 Adilabad Dahegaon Mandal Borlakunta
394 Adilabad Dahegaon Mandal Brahmanchichal
395 Adilabad Dahegaon Mandal Chandrapalle
396 Adilabad Dahegaon Mandal Chedvai
397 Adilabad Dahegaon Mandal Chinnagudipet
398 Adilabad Dahegaon Mandal Chinnaraspalle
399 Adilabad Dahegaon Mandal Chinna Thimmapur
400 Adilabad Dahegaon Mandal Dahegaon
401 Adilabad Dahegaon Mandal Digida
402 Adilabad Dahegaon Mandal Dubbaguda
403 Adilabad Dahegaon Mandal Etapalle
404 Adilabad Dahegaon Mandal Girvelli
405 Adilabad Dahegaon Mandal Gorregutta
406 Adilabad Dahegaon Mandal Hathni
407 Adilabad Dahegaon Mandal Itial
408 Adilabad Dahegaon Mandal Kalwada
409 Adilabad Dahegaon Mandal Kammarpalle
410 Adilabad Dahegaon Mandal Keslapur
411 Adilabad Dahegaon Mandal Kothmir
412 Adilabad Dahegaon Mandal Kunchavelli
413 Adilabad Dahegaon Mandal Laggaon
414 Adilabad Dahegaon Mandal Loha
415 Adilabad Dahegaon Mandal Madavelli
416 Adilabad Dahegaon Mandal Motlaguda
417 Adilabad Dahegaon Mandal Pambapur
418 Adilabad Dahegaon Mandal Pedda Thimmapur
419 Adilabad Dahegaon Mandal Pesarkunta
420 Adilabad Dahegaon Mandal Polampalle
421 Adilabad Dahegaon Mandal Rampur
422 Adilabad Dahegaon Mandal Ravalpalle
423 Adilabad Dahegaon Mandal Saligaon
424 Adilabad Dahegaon Mandal Teepergaon
425 Adilabad Dahegaon Mandal Thangallapalle
426 Adilabad Dahegaon Mandal Vodduguda
427 Adilabad Dandepalle Mandal Allipur
428 Adilabad Dandepalle Mandal Andugulpet
429 Adilabad Dandepalle Mandal Bikkanguda
430 Adilabad Dandepalle Mandal Chintapalle
431 Adilabad Dandepalle Mandal Dandepalle
432 Adilabad Dandepalle Mandal Dharmaraopet
433 Adilabad Dandepalle Mandal Dwaraka
434 Adilabad Dandepalle Mandal Gudam
435 Adilabad Dandepalle Mandal Gurrevu
436 Adilabad Dandepalle Mandal Jaidapet
437 Adilabad Dandepalle Mandal Kamepalle
438 Adilabad Dandepalle Mandal Karvichelma
439 Adilabad Dandepalle Mandal Kasipet
440 Adilabad Dandepalle Mandal Kondapur
441 Adilabad Dandepalle Mandal Kundelapahad
442 Adilabad Dandepalle Mandal Laxmikantapur
443 Adilabad Dandepalle Mandal Lingapur
444 Adilabad Dandepalle Mandal Makulpet
445 Adilabad Dandepalle Mandal Mamidipalle
446 Adilabad Dandepalle Mandal Medaripet
447 Adilabad Dandepalle Mandal Mutyampet
448 Adilabad Dandepalle Mandal Nagasamudram
449 Adilabad Dandepalle Mandal Nambal
450 Adilabad Dandepalle Mandal Narsapur
451 Adilabad Dandepalle Mandal Peddapet
452 Adilabad Dandepalle Mandal Rebbenpalle
453 Adilabad Dandepalle Mandal Rollpahad
454 Adilabad Dandepalle Mandal Tallapet
455 Adilabad Dandepalle Mandal Tanimadugu
456 Adilabad Dandepalle Mandal Velganoor
457 Adilabad Dandepalle Mandal Venkatapur
458 Adilabad Dilawarpur Mandal Anjani
459 Adilabad Dilawarpur Mandal Arli (Buzurg)
460 Adilabad Dilawarpur Mandal Banaspalle
461 Adilabad Dilawarpur Mandal Cherlapalle
462 Adilabad Dilawarpur Mandal Chintalkunta
463 Adilabad Dilawarpur Mandal Daryapur
464 Adilabad Dilawarpur Mandal Dilawarpur
465 Adilabad Dilawarpur Mandal Gundampalle
466 Adilabad Dilawarpur Mandal Kadili
467 Adilabad Dilawarpur Mandal Kalva
468 Adilabad Dilawarpur Mandal Kanjar
469 Adilabad Dilawarpur Mandal Kothur
470 Adilabad Dilawarpur Mandal Kurli
471 Adilabad Dilawarpur Mandal Lingampalle
472 Adilabad Dilawarpur Mandal Malegaon
473 Adilabad Dilawarpur Mandal Mallapur
474 Adilabad Dilawarpur Mandal Mayapur
475 Adilabad Dilawarpur Mandal Mujgi
476 Adilabad Dilawarpur Mandal Narsapur
477 Adilabad Dilawarpur Mandal Naseerabad
478 Adilabad Dilawarpur Mandal New Lolam (R.C.)
479 Adilabad Dilawarpur Mandal Potpalle (Khurd)
480 Adilabad Dilawarpur Mandal Rampur
481 Adilabad Dilawarpur Mandal Ratnapur (K)
482 Adilabad Dilawarpur Mandal Samanderpalle
483 Adilabad Dilawarpur Mandal Sangvi
484 Adilabad Dilawarpur Mandal Shakapur
485 Adilabad Dilawarpur Mandal Siddankunta
486 Adilabad Dilawarpur Mandal Sirgapur
487 Adilabad Dilawarpur Mandal Temborni
488 Adilabad Dilawarpur Mandal Velmel
489 Adilabad Gudihathnoor Mandal Belluri
490 Adilabad Gudihathnoor Mandal Dhampur
491 Adilabad Gudihathnoor Mandal Dongargaon
492 Adilabad Gudihathnoor Mandal Gondharkapur
493 Adilabad Gudihathnoor Mandal Gudihathinur
494 Adilabad Gudihathnoor Mandal Guruj
495 Adilabad Gudihathnoor Mandal Kamalapur
496 Adilabad Gudihathnoor Mandal Kolhari
497 Adilabad Gudihathnoor Mandal Lingapur
498 Adilabad Gudihathnoor Mandal Machapur
499 Adilabad Gudihathnoor Mandal Malkapur
500 Adilabad Gudihathnoor Mandal Mannur
501 Adilabad Gudihathnoor Mandal Muthnur
502 Adilabad Gudihathnoor Mandal Neradigonda
503 Adilabad Gudihathnoor Mandal Rendlabori
504 Adilabad Gudihathnoor Mandal Seetagondi
505 Adilabad Gudihathnoor Mandal Shantapur
506 Adilabad Gudihathnoor Mandal Tejapur
507 Adilabad Gudihathnoor Mandal Tosham
508 Adilabad Gudihathnoor Mandal Umri(B)
509 Adilabad Gudihathnoor Mandal Vaijapur
510 Adilabad Ichoda Mandal Adegaon (Buzurg)
511 Adilabad Ichoda Mandal Adegaon (Khurd)
512 Adilabad Ichoda Mandal Babjipet
513 Adilabad Ichoda Mandal Babuldow
514 Adilabad Ichoda Mandal Boregaon
515 Adilabad Ichoda Mandal Chincholi
516 Adilabad Ichoda Mandal Dhaba Khurd
517 Adilabad Ichoda Mandal Dharampuri
518 Adilabad Ichoda Mandal Dhoba (Buzurg)
519 Adilabad Ichoda Mandal Gaidpally
520 Adilabad Ichoda Mandal Gandiwagu
521 Adilabad Ichoda Mandal Gerjam
522 Adilabad Ichoda Mandal Gubba
523 Adilabad Ichoda Mandal Gundala
524 Adilabad Ichoda Mandal Gundi
525 Adilabad Ichoda Mandal Heerapur
526 Adilabad Ichoda Mandal Ichoda(CT)
527 Adilabad Ichoda Mandal Jalda
528 Adilabad Ichoda Mandal Jamidi
529 Adilabad Ichoda Mandal Jogipet
530 Adilabad Ichoda Mandal Junni
531 Adilabad Ichoda Mandal Kamagiri
532 Adilabad Ichoda Mandal Keshavpatnam
533 Adilabad Ichoda Mandal Kokasmannar
534 Adilabad Ichoda Mandal Lingapur
535 Adilabad Ichoda Mandal Madhapur
536 Adilabad Ichoda Mandal Makhra (Buzurg)
537 Adilabad Ichoda Mandal Makhra (Khurd)
538 Adilabad Ichoda Mandal Malyal
539 Adilabad Ichoda Mandal Mankapur
540 Adilabad Ichoda Mandal Narayanapur
541 Adilabad Ichoda Mandal Narsapur
542 Adilabad Ichoda Mandal Navagaon
543 Adilabad Ichoda Mandal Neradigonda(G)
544 Adilabad Ichoda Mandal Neradigonda (K)
545 Adilabad Ichoda Mandal Ponna
546 Adilabad Ichoda Mandal Salyada
547 Adilabad Ichoda Mandal Shanivarpet
548 Adilabad Ichoda Mandal Sirichalma
549 Adilabad Ichoda Mandal Sirikonda
550 Adilabad Ichoda Mandal Soanpally
551 Adilabad Ichoda Mandal Sunkidi
552 Adilabad Ichoda Mandal Talamadri
553 Adilabad Inderavelly Mandal Anji
554 Adilabad Inderavelly Mandal Bursanpatar
555 Adilabad Inderavelly Mandal Dasnapur
556 Adilabad Inderavelly Mandal Devapur
557 Adilabad Inderavelly Mandal Dhannura (B)
558 Adilabad Inderavelly Mandal Dhannura (K)
559 Adilabad Inderavelly Mandal Dharmasagar
560 Adilabad Inderavelly Mandal Dodanda
561 Adilabad Inderavelly Mandal Dongargaon
562 Adilabad Inderavelly Mandal Gattepalle
563 Adilabad Inderavelly Mandal Ginnera
564 Adilabad Inderavelly Mandal Goureepur
565 Adilabad Inderavelly Mandal Harkapur
566 Adilabad Inderavelly Mandal Heerapur
567 Adilabad Inderavelly Mandal Indervelly (B)
568 Adilabad Inderavelly Mandal Indervelly (K)
569 Adilabad Inderavelly Mandal Keslaguda
570 Adilabad Inderavelly Mandal Keslapur
571 Adilabad Inderavelly Mandal Kondapur
572 Adilabad Inderavelly Mandal Lachimpur (B)
573 Adilabad Inderavelly Mandal Lachimpur (K)
574 Adilabad Inderavelly Mandal Lakampur
575 Adilabad Inderavelly Mandal Mallapur
576 Adilabad Inderavelly Mandal Mamidiguda
577 Adilabad Inderavelly Mandal Mendapalle
578 Adilabad Inderavelly Mandal Muthnur
579 Adilabad Inderavelly Mandal Pipri
580 Adilabad Inderavelly Mandal Pochampalle
581 Adilabad Inderavelly Mandal Rampur (B)
582 Adilabad Inderavelly Mandal Tejapur
583 Adilabad Inderavelly Mandal Wadagaon
584 Adilabad Inderavelly Mandal Waipet
585 Adilabad Inderavelly Mandal Walganda Heerapur
586 Adilabad Inderavelly Mandal Yamaikunta
587 Adilabad Jainad Mandal Ada
588 Adilabad Jainad Mandal Akoli
589 Adilabad Jainad Mandal Akurla
590 Adilabad Jainad Mandal Awalpur
591 Adilabad Jainad Mandal Bahadurpur
592 Adilabad Jainad Mandal Balapur
593 Adilabad Jainad Mandal Ballori
594 Adilabad Jainad Mandal Belgaon
595 Adilabad Jainad Mandal Bhoraj
596 Adilabad Jainad Mandal Dadapoor
597 Adilabad Jainad Mandal Deepaiguda
598 Adilabad Jainad Mandal Dollara
599 Adilabad Jainad Mandal Fouzpur
600 Adilabad Jainad Mandal Gimma Buzurg
601 Adilabad Jainad Mandal Gimma (Khurd)
602 Adilabad Jainad Mandal Guda
603 Adilabad Jainad Mandal Hariyali
604 Adilabad Jainad Mandal Hashampur
605 Adilabad Jainad Mandal Hathighat
606 Adilabad Jainad Mandal Jainad
607 Adilabad Jainad Mandal Jamini
608 Adilabad Jainad Mandal Kamai
609 Adilabad Jainad Mandal Kamtha
610 Adilabad Jainad Mandal Kanpa (Mediguda)
611 Adilabad Jainad Mandal Karanji
612 Adilabad Jainad Mandal Karanwadi
613 Adilabad Jainad Mandal Kedarpur
614 Adilabad Jainad Mandal Khapri
615 Adilabad Jainad Mandal Kodekotha
616 Adilabad Jainad Mandal Korta
617 Adilabad Jainad Mandal Kowtha
618 Adilabad Jainad Mandal Kura
619 Adilabad Jainad Mandal Kuthompur
620 Adilabad Jainad Mandal Laxmipur (Uligan)
621 Adilabad Jainad Mandal Lekarwadi
622 Adilabad Jainad Mandal Makoda
623 Adilabad Jainad Mandal Mangurla
624 Adilabad Jainad Mandal Mirzapur
625 Adilabad Jainad Mandal Moudagada
626 Adilabad Jainad Mandal Muktapur
627 Adilabad Jainad Mandal Nirala
628 Adilabad Jainad Mandal Nizampur
629 Adilabad Jainad Mandal Pardi (Buzurg)
630 Adilabad Jainad Mandal Pardi (Khurd)
631 Adilabad Jainad Mandal Pendalwada
632 Adilabad Jainad Mandal Pippalgaon
633 Adilabad Jainad Mandal Pipparwada
634 Adilabad Jainad Mandal Poosai
635 Adilabad Jainad Mandal Rampurtaraf
636 Adilabad Jainad Mandal Sangvi (K)
637 Adilabad Jainad Mandal Savapur
638 Adilabad Jainad Mandal Sekapoor
639 Adilabad Jainad Mandal Sirsonna
640 Adilabad Jainad Mandal Tarada (Buzurg)
641 Adilabad Jainad Mandal Umri
642 Adilabad Jainoor Mandal Addesar
643 Adilabad Jainoor Mandal Ashapalle
644 Adilabad Jainoor Mandal Bhusimatta
645 Adilabad Jainoor Mandal Daboli
646 Adilabad Jainoor Mandal Dubbaguda
647 Adilabad Jainoor Mandal Gudamamda
648 Adilabad Jainoor Mandal Jainoor(CT)
649 Adilabad Jainoor Mandal Jamgaom
650 Adilabad Jainoor Mandal Jamni
651 Adilabad Jainoor Mandal Jendaguda
652 Adilabad Jainoor Mandal Lendiguda
653 Adilabad Jainoor Mandal Marlawai
654 Adilabad Jainoor Mandal Patnapur
655 Adilabad Jainoor Mandal Polasa
656 Adilabad Jainoor Mandal Powerguda
657 Adilabad Jainoor Mandal Rasimatta
658 Adilabad Jainoor Mandal Shivanur
659 Adilabad Jainoor Mandal Ushegaon
660 Adilabad Jaipur Mandal Ankushapur
661 Adilabad Jaipur Mandal Arepalle
662 Adilabad Jaipur Mandal Arkepalle
663 Adilabad Jaipur Mandal Bejjal
664 Adilabad Jaipur Mandal Bhimaram
665 Adilabad Jaipur Mandal Burugupalle
666 Adilabad Jaipur Mandal Dampur
667 Adilabad Jaipur Mandal Gangipalle
668 Adilabad Jaipur Mandal Gopalpur
669 Adilabad Jaipur Mandal Indaram
670 Adilabad Jaipur Mandal Jaipur
671 Adilabad Jaipur Mandal Kachanpalle
672 Adilabad Jaipur Mandal Kankur
673 Adilabad Jaipur Mandal Kistapur
674 Adilabad Jaipur Mandal Kothapalle
675 Adilabad Jaipur Mandal Kundaram
676 Adilabad Jaipur Mandal Maddikal
677 Adilabad Jaipur Mandal Maddikunta
678 Adilabad Jaipur Mandal Maddulapalle
679 Adilabad Jaipur Mandal Mittapalle
680 Adilabad Jaipur Mandal Narasingapuram
681 Adilabad Jaipur Mandal Narva
682 Adilabad Jaipur Mandal Pegadapalle
683 Adilabad Jaipur Mandal Polampalle
684 Adilabad Jaipur Mandal Pothanpalle
685 Adilabad Jaipur Mandal Pownur
686 Adilabad Jaipur Mandal Ramaraopet
687 Adilabad Jaipur Mandal Reddipalle
688 Adilabad Jaipur Mandal Rommipur
689 Adilabad Jaipur Mandal Shetpalle
690 Adilabad Jaipur Mandal Shivvaram
691 Adilabad Jaipur Mandal Tekumatla
692 Adilabad Jaipur Mandal Velal
693 Adilabad Jaipur Mandal Vellapalle
694 Adilabad Jaipur Mandal Yelkanti
695 Adilabad Jannaram Mandal Badampalle
696 Adilabad Jannaram Mandal Bommena
697 Adilabad Jannaram Mandal Chintaguda
698 Adilabad Jannaram Mandal Dharmaram
699 Adilabad Jannaram Mandal Dongapalle
700 Adilabad Jannaram Mandal Indhanpalle
701 Adilabad Jannaram Mandal Jannaram
702 Adilabad Jannaram Mandal Juviguda
703 Adilabad Jannaram Mandal Kalmadagu
704 Adilabad Jannaram Mandal Kamanpalle
705 Adilabad Jannaram Mandal Kawal
706 Adilabad Jannaram Mandal Kishtapur
707 Adilabad Jannaram Mandal Kothapet
708 Adilabad Jannaram Mandal Malyal
709 Adilabad Jannaram Mandal Marriguda
710 Adilabad Jannaram Mandal Murimadugu
711 Adilabad Jannaram Mandal Narsingapur
712 Adilabad Jannaram Mandal Paidpalle
713 Adilabad Jannaram Mandal Papammaguda
714 Adilabad Jannaram Mandal Ponakal
715 Adilabad Jannaram Mandal Puttiguda
716 Adilabad Jannaram Mandal Raindlaguda
717 Adilabad Jannaram Mandal Rampur
718 Adilabad Jannaram Mandal Singaraipet
719 Adilabad Jannaram Mandal Thimmapur
720 Adilabad Jannaram Mandal Venkatapur
721 Adilabad Kaddam (Peddur) Mandal Allampally
722 Adilabad Kaddam (Peddur) Mandal Ambaripet
723 Adilabad Kaddam (Peddur) Mandal Bellal
724 Adilabad Kaddam (Peddur) Mandal Bhuthkur
725 Adilabad Kaddam (Peddur) Mandal Bhuttapur
726 Adilabad Kaddam (Peddur) Mandal Chennur
727 Adilabad Kaddam (Peddur) Mandal Chittial
728 Adilabad Kaddam (Peddur) Mandal Dasturabad
729 Adilabad Kaddam (Peddur) Mandal Dharmaipet
730 Adilabad Kaddam (Peddur) Mandal Dharmajipet
731 Adilabad Kaddam (Peddur) Mandal Dildarnagar
732 Adilabad Kaddam (Peddur) Mandal Gandigopalpur
733 Adilabad Kaddam (Peddur) Mandal Gangapur
734 Adilabad Kaddam (Peddur) Mandal Gondserial
735 Adilabad Kaddam (Peddur) Mandal Islampur
736 Adilabad Kaddam (Peddur) Mandal Kalleda
737 Adilabad Kaddam (Peddur) Mandal Kannapur
738 Adilabad Kaddam (Peddur) Mandal Kondkuru
739 Adilabad Kaddam (Peddur) Mandal Laxmipur
740 Adilabad Kaddam (Peddur) Mandal Laxmisagar
741 Adilabad Kaddam (Peddur) Mandal Lingapur
742 Adilabad Kaddam (Peddur) Mandal Maddipadga
743 Adilabad Kaddam (Peddur) Mandal Maisampet
744 Adilabad Kaddam (Peddur) Mandal Mallapur
745 Adilabad Kaddam (Peddur) Mandal Masaipet
746 Adilabad Kaddam (Peddur) Mandal Munnial
747 Adilabad Kaddam (Peddur) Mandal Nachan Yellapur
748 Adilabad Kaddam (Peddur) Mandal Narsapur
749 Adilabad Kaddam (Peddur) Mandal Nawabpet
750 Adilabad Kaddam (Peddur) Mandal Pandwapur
751 Adilabad Kaddam (Peddur) Mandal Peddur
752 Adilabad Kaddam (Peddur) Mandal Rampur
753 Adilabad Kaddam (Peddur) Mandal Revajipet (Old)
754 Adilabad Kaddam (Peddur) Mandal Revojipet (New)
755 Adilabad Kaddam (Peddur) Mandal Sarangapur
756 Adilabad Kaddam (Peddur) Mandal Singapur
757 Adilabad Kaddam (Peddur) Mandal Udumpur
758 Adilabad Kaddam (Peddur) Mandal Yelagadapa
759 Adilabad Kagaznagar Mandal Andavelli
760 Adilabad Kagaznagar Mandal Ankhoda
761 Adilabad Kagaznagar Mandal Ankusapur
762 Adilabad Kagaznagar Mandal Bareguda
763 Adilabad Kagaznagar Mandal Bhatpalle
764 Adilabad Kagaznagar Mandal Bodepalle
765 Adilabad Kagaznagar Mandal Boregaon
766 Adilabad Kagaznagar Mandal Boregaon
767 Adilabad Kagaznagar Mandal Chinthaguda
768 Adilabad Kagaznagar Mandal Dubbaguda
769 Adilabad Kagaznagar Mandal Easgaon
770 Adilabad Kagaznagar Mandal Gannaram
771 Adilabad Kagaznagar Mandal Gondi
772 Adilabad Kagaznagar Mandal Guntlapet
773 Adilabad Kagaznagar Mandal Jagannathpur
774 Adilabad Kagaznagar Mandal Jambuga
775 Adilabad Kagaznagar Mandal Jankapur
776 Adilabad Kagaznagar Mandal Kadamba
777 Adilabad Kagaznagar Mandal Kosni
778 Adilabad Kagaznagar Mandal Kothapeta
779 Adilabad Kagaznagar Mandal Mahajanguda
780 Adilabad Kagaznagar Mandal Malni
781 Adilabad Kagaznagar Mandal Mandva
782 Adilabad Kagaznagar Mandal Marepalle
783 Adilabad Kagaznagar Mandal Metindhani
784 Adilabad Kagaznagar Mandal Metpalle
785 Adilabad Kagaznagar Mandal Mosam
786 Adilabad Kagaznagar Mandal Nagampet
787 Adilabad Kagaznagar Mandal Nandiguda
788 Adilabad Kagaznagar Mandal Narapur
789 Adilabad Kagaznagar Mandal Nazrulnagar
790 Adilabad Kagaznagar Mandal Pothepalle
791 Adilabad Kagaznagar Mandal Raspalle
792 Adilabad Kagaznagar Mandal Regulguda
793 Adilabad Kagaznagar Mandal Sarsala
794 Adilabad Kagaznagar Mandal Seetanagar
795 Adilabad Kagaznagar Mandal Vallakonda
796 Adilabad Kagaznagar Mandal Vanjiri
797 Adilabad Kasipet Mandal Chintaguda
798 Adilabad Kasipet Mandal Devapur(CT)
799 Adilabad Kasipet Mandal Dharmaraopet
800 Adilabad Kasipet Mandal Gatrapalle
801 Adilabad Kasipet Mandal Gurvapur
802 Adilabad Kasipet Mandal Kankalapur
803 Adilabad Kasipet Mandal Kasipet(CT)
804 Adilabad Kasipet Mandal Kometichenu
805 Adilabad Kasipet Mandal Kondapur
806 Adilabad Kasipet Mandal Konur
807 Adilabad Kasipet Mandal Kurreghad
808 Adilabad Kasipet Mandal Malkepalle
809 Adilabad Kasipet Mandal Muthempalle
810 Adilabad Kasipet Mandal Pallamguda
811 Adilabad Kasipet Mandal Peddampalle (R)
812 Adilabad Kasipet Mandal Peddapur
813 Adilabad Kasipet Mandal Rottepalle
814 Adilabad Kasipet Mandal Sonapur
815 Adilabad Kasipet Mandal Tirmalapur
816 Adilabad Kasipet Mandal Varipet
817 Adilabad Kasipet Mandal Venkatapur
818 Adilabad Kerameri Mandal Agarwada
819 Adilabad Kerameri Mandal Anarpalle
820 Adilabad Kerameri Mandal Anthapur
821 Adilabad Kerameri Mandal Arekepalle
822 Adilabad Kerameri Mandal Arepalle
823 Adilabad Kerameri Mandal Babejheri
824 Adilabad Kerameri Mandal Bheemangondi
825 Adilabad Kerameri Mandal Bholepathur
826 Adilabad Kerameri Mandal Chalbordi
827 Adilabad Kerameri Mandal Chintakarra
828 Adilabad Kerameri Mandal Devadpalle
829 Adilabad Kerameri Mandal Devapur
830 Adilabad Kerameri Mandal Dhanora
831 Adilabad Kerameri Mandal Gouri
832 Adilabad Kerameri Mandal Goyagaon
833 Adilabad Kerameri Mandal Hatti
834 Adilabad Kerameri Mandal Indapur
835 Adilabad Kerameri Mandal Isapur
836 Adilabad Kerameri Mandal Jhari
837 Adilabad Kerameri Mandal Jodaghat
838 Adilabad Kerameri Mandal Kallegaon
839 Adilabad Kerameri Mandal Karanjiwada
840 Adilabad Kerameri Mandal Keli Buzurg
841 Adilabad Kerameri Mandal Keli Khurd
842 Adilabad Kerameri Mandal Kerameri
843 Adilabad Kerameri Mandal Khairi
844 Adilabad Kerameri Mandal Kotha
845 Adilabad Kerameri Mandal Kothari
846 Adilabad Kerameri Mandal Lakhmapur
847 Adilabad Kerameri Mandal Mettapipri
848 Adilabad Kerameri Mandal Modi
849 Adilabad Kerameri Mandal Murikilanka
850 Adilabad Kerameri Mandal Nagapur
851 Adilabad Kerameri Mandal Narsapur
852 Adilabad Kerameri Mandal Nishani
853 Adilabad Kerameri Mandal Parandoli
854 Adilabad Kerameri Mandal Paraswada
855 Adilabad Kerameri Mandal Parda
856 Adilabad Kerameri Mandal Patnapur
857 Adilabad Kerameri Mandal Pipri
858 Adilabad Kerameri Mandal Sakada
859 Adilabad Kerameri Mandal Sangvi
860 Adilabad Kerameri Mandal Sankaraguda
861 Adilabad Kerameri Mandal Surdapur
862 Adilabad Kerameri Mandal Swarkheda
863 Adilabad Kerameri Mandal Tukyanmovad
864 Adilabad Khanapur Mandal Advisarangapur
865 Adilabad Khanapur Mandal Badankurthy
866 Adilabad Khanapur Mandal Bavapur (K)
867 Adilabad Khanapur Mandal Beernandi
868 Adilabad Khanapur Mandal Bevapur (R)
869 Adilabad Khanapur Mandal Burugpalle
870 Adilabad Khanapur Mandal Chamanpalle
871 Adilabad Khanapur Mandal Dhomdari
872 Adilabad Khanapur Mandal Dilwarpur
873 Adilabad Khanapur Mandal Ervachintal
874 Adilabad Khanapur Mandal Gangaipet
875 Adilabad Khanapur Mandal Gummanuyenglapur
876 Adilabad Khanapur Mandal Iqbalpur
877 Adilabad Khanapur Mandal Itikyal
878 Adilabad Khanapur Mandal Khanapur
879 Adilabad Khanapur Mandal Kosagutta
880 Adilabad Khanapur Mandal Kothapet
881 Adilabad Khanapur Mandal Mandapalle
882 Adilabad Khanapur Mandal Maskapur
883 Adilabad Khanapur Mandal Medampalle
884 Adilabad Khanapur Mandal Nagpur
885 Adilabad Khanapur Mandal Paspula
886 Adilabad Khanapur Mandal Patha Yellapur
887 Adilabad Khanapur Mandal Pembi
888 Adilabad Khanapur Mandal Rajura
889 Adilabad Khanapur Mandal Sathnapalle
890 Adilabad Khanapur Mandal Shetpalle
891 Adilabad Khanapur Mandal Surjapur
892 Adilabad Khanapur Mandal Tarlapad
893 Adilabad Khanapur Mandal Thimmapur(CT)
894 Adilabad Khanapur Mandal Vaspalle
895 Adilabad Khanapur Mandal Venkampochampad
896 Adilabad Kotapalle Mandal Adkapalle
897 Adilabad Kotapalle Mandal Algaon
898 Adilabad Kotapalle Mandal Annaram
899 Adilabad Kotapalle Mandal Arjungutta
900 Adilabad Kotapalle Mandal Ayepalle
901 Adilabad Kotapalle Mandal Bopparam
902 Adilabad Kotapalle Mandal Borampalle
903 Adilabad Kotapalle Mandal Brahmanpalle
904 Adilabad Kotapalle Mandal Chintakunta
905 Adilabad Kotapalle Mandal Dewalwada
906 Adilabad Kotapalle Mandal Edagatta
907 Adilabad Kotapalle Mandal Edula Bandam
908 Adilabad Kotapalle Mandal Jangaon
909 Adilabad Kotapalle Mandal Kawarkothapalle
910 Adilabad Kotapalle Mandal Kollur
911 Adilabad Kotapalle Mandal Kondampet
912 Adilabad Kotapalle Mandal Kotapalle
913 Adilabad Kotapalle Mandal Lingannapet
914 Adilabad Kotapalle Mandal Mallampet
915 Adilabad Kotapalle Mandal Nagampet
916 Adilabad Kotapalle Mandal Nakkalpalle
917 Adilabad Kotapalle Mandal Pangadisomaram
918 Adilabad Kotapalle Mandal Parpalle
919 Adilabad Kotapalle Mandal Pinnaram
920 Adilabad Kotapalle Mandal Pullagaon
921 Adilabad Kotapalle Mandal Rajaram
922 Adilabad Kotapalle Mandal Rampur
923 Adilabad Kotapalle Mandal Rapanpalle
924 Adilabad Kotapalle Mandal Rawalpalle
925 Adilabad Kotapalle Mandal Sarvaipet
926 Adilabad Kotapalle Mandal Shankarpur
927 Adilabad Kotapalle Mandal Shetpalle
928 Adilabad Kotapalle Mandal Sirsa
929 Adilabad Kotapalle Mandal Supak
930 Adilabad Kotapalle Mandal Venchapalle
931 Adilabad Kotapalle Mandal Vesonvai
932 Adilabad Kotapalle Mandal Yerraipet
933 Adilabad Kouthala Mandal Babapur
934 Adilabad Kouthala Mandal Babasagar
935 Adilabad Kouthala Mandal Balaji Ankoda
936 Adilabad Kouthala Mandal Bandepalle
937 Adilabad Kouthala Mandal Bhalepalle
938 Adilabad Kouthala Mandal Burepalle
939 Adilabad Kouthala Mandal Chandaram
940 Adilabad Kouthala Mandal Chintala Manepalle
941 Adilabad Kouthala Mandal Chipurudubba
942 Adilabad Kouthala Mandal Gangapur
943 Adilabad Kouthala Mandal Gudlabori
944 Adilabad Kouthala Mandal Gundaipeta
945 Adilabad Kouthala Mandal Gurudpeta
946 Adilabad Kouthala Mandal Kanki
947 Adilabad Kouthala Mandal Kannepalle
948 Adilabad Kouthala Mandal Korisini
949 Adilabad Kouthala Mandal Kouthala
950 Adilabad Kouthala Mandal Kumbari
951 Adilabad Kouthala Mandal Mogadagad
952 Adilabad Kouthala Mandal Muthampet
953 Adilabad Kouthala Mandal Nagepalle
954 Adilabad Kouthala Mandal Pardi
955 Adilabad Kouthala Mandal Ranvalli
956 Adilabad Kouthala Mandal Ravindranagar
957 Adilabad Kouthala Mandal Sandgaon
958 Adilabad Kouthala Mandal Talodi
959 Adilabad Kouthala Mandal Tatipalle
960 Adilabad Kouthala Mandal Thumbadihatti
961 Adilabad Kouthala Mandal Veerdandi
962 Adilabad Kouthala Mandal Veervalli
963 Adilabad Kubeer Mandal Antharni
964 Adilabad Kubeer Mandal Bakot
965 Adilabad Kubeer Mandal Belgaon
966 Adilabad Kubeer Mandal Brahmeswar
967 Adilabad Kubeer Mandal Chata
968 Adilabad Kubeer Mandal Chondi
969 Adilabad Kubeer Mandal Darkubeer
970 Adilabad Kubeer Mandal Dodarna
971 Adilabad Kubeer Mandal Godapur
972 Adilabad Kubeer Mandal Godsera
973 Adilabad Kubeer Mandal Halda
974 Adilabad Kubeer Mandal Hampli (Buzurg)
975 Adilabad Kubeer Mandal Jamgaon
976 Adilabad Kubeer Mandal Jumda
977 Adilabad Kubeer Mandal Khasra
978 Adilabad Kubeer Mandal Kubeer
979 Adilabad Kubeer Mandal Kupti
980 Adilabad Kubeer Mandal Lingi
981 Adilabad Kubeer Mandal Malegaon
982 Adilabad Kubeer Mandal Marlagonda
983 Adilabad Kubeer Mandal Mola
984 Adilabad Kubeer Mandal Nandapahad
985 Adilabad Kubeer Mandal Nighwa
986 Adilabad Kubeer Mandal Palsi
987 Adilabad Kubeer Mandal Pangra
988 Adilabad Kubeer Mandal Pardi (Buzurg)
989 Adilabad Kubeer Mandal Pardi (Khurd)
990 Adilabad Kubeer Mandal Rajura
991 Adilabad Kubeer Mandal Ranjani
992 Adilabad Kubeer Mandal Sangvi
993 Adilabad Kubeer Mandal Sanwali
994 Adilabad Kubeer Mandal Shivani
995 Adilabad Kubeer Mandal Sirpalle
996 Adilabad Kubeer Mandal Sonari
997 Adilabad Kubeer Mandal Sowna
998 Adilabad Kubeer Mandal Varni
999 Adilabad Kubeer Mandal Veeragohan
1000 Adilabad Kubeer Mandal Wai
1001 Adilabad Kuntala Mandal Ambagaon
1002 Adilabad Kuntala Mandal Ambakanti
1003 Adilabad Kuntala Mandal Andkur
1004 Adilabad Kuntala Mandal Arly (Khurd)
1005 Adilabad Kuntala Mandal Bamini (Buzurg)
1006 Adilabad Kuntala Mandal Burgupalle (K)
1007 Adilabad Kuntala Mandal Burugupalle (G)
1008 Adilabad Kuntala Mandal Chakepalle
1009 Adilabad Kuntala Mandal Dongargaon
1010 Adilabad Kuntala Mandal Downelle
1011 Adilabad Kuntala Mandal Gulmadaga
1012 Adilabad Kuntala Mandal Kallur
1013 Adilabad Kuntala Mandal Kuntala
1014 Adilabad Kuntala Mandal Limba (Buzurg)
1015 Adilabad Kuntala Mandal Limba (Khurd)
1016 Adilabad Kuntala Mandal Medanpur
1017 Adilabad Kuntala Mandal Mutakapalle
1018 Adilabad Kuntala Mandal Nandan
1019 Adilabad Kuntala Mandal Oala
1020 Adilabad Kuntala Mandal Penchikalpahad
1021 Adilabad Kuntala Mandal Raipahad
1022 Adilabad Kuntala Mandal Rajapur
1023 Adilabad Kuntala Mandal Suryapur
1024 Adilabad Kuntala Mandal Tekulpahad
1025 Adilabad Kuntala Mandal Turati
1026 Adilabad Kuntala Mandal Velgudhari
1027 Adilabad Kuntala Mandal Venkur
1028 Adilabad Kuntala Mandal Vittapur
1029 Adilabad Laxmanchanda Mandal Babapur
1030 Adilabad Laxmanchanda Mandal Boregaon
1031 Adilabad Laxmanchanda Mandal Chamanpalle
1032 Adilabad Laxmanchanda Mandal Chintalchanda
1033 Adilabad Laxmanchanda Mandal Dharmaram
1034 Adilabad Laxmanchanda Mandal Kanjar
1035 Adilabad Laxmanchanda Mandal Kankapur
1036 Adilabad Laxmanchanda Mandal Kuchanpalle
1037 Adilabad Laxmanchanda Mandal Laxmanchanda
1038 Adilabad Laxmanchanda Mandal Machapur
1039 Adilabad Laxmanchanda Mandal Mallapur
1040 Adilabad Laxmanchanda Mandal Munipalle
1041 Adilabad Laxmanchanda Mandal Narsapur
1042 Adilabad Laxmanchanda Mandal New Bopparam
1043 Adilabad Laxmanchanda Mandal New Velmal
1044 Adilabad Laxmanchanda Mandal Parpalle
1045 Adilabad Laxmanchanda Mandal Peechara
1046 Adilabad Laxmanchanda Mandal Potapalle (K)
1047 Adilabad Laxmanchanda Mandal Potpalle (B)
1048 Adilabad Laxmanchanda Mandal Sangampet
1049 Adilabad Laxmanchanda Mandal Thirpalle
1050 Adilabad Laxmanchanda Mandal Waddyal
1051 Adilabad Lokeswaram Mandal Abdullapur
1052 Adilabad Lokeswaram Mandal Bamni (K)
1053 Adilabad Lokeswaram Mandal Bhagapur
1054 Adilabad Lokeswaram Mandal Biloli
1055 Adilabad Lokeswaram Mandal Brahmeswar
1056 Adilabad Lokeswaram Mandal Dharmara
1057 Adilabad Lokeswaram Mandal Gadchanda
1058 Adilabad Lokeswaram Mandal Godesra
1059 Adilabad Lokeswaram Mandal Hadgaon
1060 Adilabad Lokeswaram Mandal Hawarga
1061 Adilabad Lokeswaram Mandal Joharpur
1062 Adilabad Lokeswaram Mandal Kankapur
1063 Adilabad Lokeswaram Mandal Kistapur
1064 Adilabad Lokeswaram Mandal Lohesra
1065 Adilabad Lokeswaram Mandal Malkapur
1066 Adilabad Lokeswaram Mandal Manmad
1067 Adilabad Lokeswaram Mandal Mohalla
1068 Adilabad Lokeswaram Mandal Nagar
1069 Adilabad Lokeswaram Mandal New Raipur (K) R.C
1070 Adilabad Lokeswaram Mandal Panchgudi
1071 Adilabad Lokeswaram Mandal Pipri
1072 Adilabad Lokeswaram Mandal Potpalle (B)
1073 Adilabad Lokeswaram Mandal Potpalle (M)
1074 Adilabad Lokeswaram Mandal Puspur
1075 Adilabad Lokeswaram Mandal Raipur (K)
1076 Adilabad Lokeswaram Mandal Rajura
1077 Adilabad Lokeswaram Mandal Sathgaon
1078 Adilabad Lokeswaram Mandal Savargaon
1079 Adilabad Lokeswaram Mandal Wastapur
1080 Adilabad Lokeswaram Mandal Watoli
1081 Adilabad Lokeswaram Mandal Yeddur
1082 Adilabad Luxettipet Mandal Balraopet
1083 Adilabad Luxettipet Mandal Challampet
1084 Adilabad Luxettipet Mandal Chandram
1085 Adilabad Luxettipet Mandal Dowdepalle
1086 Adilabad Luxettipet Mandal Ellaram
1087 Adilabad Luxettipet Mandal Gullakota
1088 Adilabad Luxettipet Mandal Itkyal
1089 Adilabad Luxettipet Mandal Jendavenkatapur
1090 Adilabad Luxettipet Mandal Kothur
1091 Adilabad Luxettipet Mandal Laxmipur
1092 Adilabad Luxettipet Mandal Lingapur
1093 Adilabad Luxettipet Mandal Luxettipet(CT)
1094 Adilabad Luxettipet Mandal Mittapally
1095 Adilabad Luxettipet Mandal Modela
1096 Adilabad Luxettipet Mandal Pothepalle
1097 Adilabad Luxettipet Mandal Rangapet
1098 Adilabad Luxettipet Mandal Talamalla
1099 Adilabad Luxettipet Mandal Thimmapur
1100 Adilabad Luxettipet Mandal Utukur
1101 Adilabad Luxettipet Mandal Venkataraopet
1102 Adilabad Mamda Mandal Adarsanagar (R.C) Kothur @ Edudur
1103 Adilabad Mamda Mandal Ananthpet
1104 Adilabad Mamda Mandal Arepalle
1105 Adilabad Mamda Mandal Bandal Khanapur
1106 Adilabad Mamda Mandal Burugupalle
1107 Adilabad Mamda Mandal Chandaram
1108 Adilabad Mamda Mandal Dantampalle
1109 Adilabad Mamda Mandal Devathapur
1110 Adilabad Mamda Mandal Dimmadurthy
1111 Adilabad Mamda Mandal Gayadpalle
1112 Adilabad Mamda Mandal Kamal Kote
1113 Adilabad Mamda Mandal Kappanpalle
1114 Adilabad Mamda Mandal Kishanraopet
1115 Adilabad Mamda Mandal Koratikal
1116 Adilabad Mamda Mandal Kotha Lingampalle (R.C)
1117 Adilabad Mamda Mandal Kotha Sangvi (R.C)
1118 Adilabad Mamda Mandal Kotha Timbareni (R.C)
1119 Adilabad Mamda Mandal Lachampur
1120 Adilabad Mamda Mandal Lingapur
1121 Adilabad Mamda Mandal Lonkapad
1122 Adilabad Mamda Mandal Mamda
1123 Adilabad Mamda Mandal Mondepalle
1124 Adilabad Mamda Mandal Naldurthi
1125 Adilabad Mamda Mandal Parimandal
1126 Adilabad Mamda Mandal Ponkal
1127 Adilabad Mamda Mandal Potharam
1128 Adilabad Mamda Mandal Pulimadugu
1129 Adilabad Mamda Mandal Raidhari
1130 Adilabad Mamda Mandal Rampur
1131 Adilabad Mamda Mandal Rasimatla
1132 Adilabad Mamda Mandal Tandra
1133 Adilabad Mamda Mandal Vasthapur
1134 Adilabad Mamda Mandal Venkatapur
1135 Adilabad Mancherial Mandal Chandanapur
1136 Adilabad Mancherial Mandal Donabanda
1137 Adilabad Mancherial Mandal Gadhpur
1138 Adilabad Mancherial Mandal Garmilla
1139 Adilabad Mancherial Mandal Gudipet
1140 Adilabad Mancherial Mandal Hajipur
1141 Adilabad Mancherial Mandal Hussainsagar
1142 Adilabad Mancherial Mandal Karnamamidi
1143 Adilabad Mancherial Mandal Kondapur
1144 Adilabad Mancherial Mandal Kondepalle
1145 Adilabad Mancherial Mandal Kothapalle
1146 Adilabad Mancherial Mandal Mancherial
1147 Adilabad Mancherial Mandal Mulkalla
1148 Adilabad Mancherial Mandal Nagaram
1149 Adilabad Mancherial Mandal Namnur
1150 Adilabad Mancherial Mandal Narsingapur
1151 Adilabad Mancherial Mandal Naspur(CT)
1152 Adilabad Mancherial Mandal Padthenpalle
1153 Adilabad Mancherial Mandal Peddampet
1154 Adilabad Mancherial Mandal Pochammapad
1155 Adilabad Mancherial Mandal Rapalle
1156 Adilabad Mancherial Mandal Ryali
1157 Adilabad Mancherial Mandal Seetharampally
1158 Adilabad Mancherial Mandal Singapur(CT)
1159 Adilabad Mancherial Mandal Subbapalle
1160 Adilabad Mancherial Mandal Teegalpahad(CT)
1161 Adilabad Mancherial Mandal Thallapalle(CT)
1162 Adilabad Mancherial Mandal Vempalle
1163 Adilabad Mandamarri Mandal Amerwadi
1164 Adilabad Mandamarri Mandal Andgulapet
1165 Adilabad Mandamarri Mandal Chirrakunta
1166 Adilabad Mandamarri Mandal Kyathampalle(CT)
1167 Adilabad Mandamarri Mandal Lemur
1168 Adilabad Mandamarri Mandal Mamidighat
1169 Adilabad Mandamarri Mandal Mandamarri
1170 Adilabad Mandamarri Mandal Ponnaram
1171 Adilabad Mandamarri Mandal Sarangapalle
1172 Adilabad Mandamarri Mandal Thimmapur
1173 Adilabad Mandamarri Mandal Venkatapur
1174 Adilabad Mudhole Mandal Ashta
1175 Adilabad Mudhole Mandal Basar
1176 Adilabad Mudhole Mandal Bidralli
1177 Adilabad Mudhole Mandal Boregaon
1178 Adilabad Mudhole Mandal Brahmangaon
1179 Adilabad Mudhole Mandal Chandapur
1180 Adilabad Mudhole Mandal Chinchala
1181 Adilabad Mudhole Mandal Chintakunta
1182 Adilabad Mudhole Mandal Dhondapur
1183 Adilabad Mudhole Mandal Edbid
1184 Adilabad Mudhole Mandal Ganora
1185 Adilabad Mudhole Mandal Govindapur
1186 Adilabad Mudhole Mandal Gudur
1187 Adilabad Mudhole Mandal Jalalpur
1188 Adilabad Mudhole Mandal Karegaon
1189 Adilabad Mudhole Mandal Kirgul (Buzurg)
1190 Adilabad Mudhole Mandal Kirgul (Khurd)
1191 Adilabad Mudhole Mandal Kowtha
1192 Adilabad Mudhole Mandal Labdi
1193 Adilabad Mudhole Mandal Machkal
1194 Adilabad Mudhole Mandal Mahadpur
1195 Adilabad Mudhole Mandal Mailapur
1196 Adilabad Mudhole Mandal Mudgal
1197 Adilabad Mudhole Mandal Mudhole
1198 Adilabad Mudhole Mandal Pipri
1199 Adilabad Mudhole Mandal Ramtek
1200 Adilabad Mudhole Mandal Ratnapur
1201 Adilabad Mudhole Mandal Ravindapur
1202 Adilabad Mudhole Mandal Renukapur
1203 Adilabad Mudhole Mandal Riuvi
1204 Adilabad Mudhole Mandal Salapur
1205 Adilabad Mudhole Mandal Sawargaon
1206 Adilabad Mudhole Mandal Shetpalle
1207 Adilabad Mudhole Mandal Surli
1208 Adilabad Mudhole Mandal Takli
1209 Adilabad Mudhole Mandal Taroda
1210 Adilabad Mudhole Mandal Venkatapur
1211 Adilabad Mudhole Mandal Vitholi
1212 Adilabad Mudhole Mandal Voni
1213 Adilabad Mudhole Mandal Wadthala
1214 Adilabad Narnoor Mandal Ademeyon
1215 Adilabad Narnoor Mandal Arjuni
1216 Adilabad Narnoor Mandal Babjhari
1217 Adilabad Narnoor Mandal Balanpur
1218 Adilabad Narnoor Mandal Bheempur
1219 Adilabad Narnoor Mandal Chorgaon
1220 Adilabad Narnoor Mandal Dhaba (Buzurg)
1221 Adilabad Narnoor Mandal Dhaba (K)
1222 Adilabad Narnoor Mandal Dhupapur
1223 Adilabad Narnoor Mandal Dongargaon
1224 Adilabad Narnoor Mandal Empalle
1225 Adilabad Narnoor Mandal Gadiguda
1226 Adilabad Narnoor Mandal Gangapur
1227 Adilabad Narnoor Mandal Gouri
1228 Adilabad Narnoor Mandal Gundala
1229 Adilabad Narnoor Mandal Gunjala
1230 Adilabad Narnoor Mandal Jhari
1231 Adilabad Narnoor Mandal Kadodi
1232 Adilabad Narnoor Mandal Khadki
1233 Adilabad Narnoor Mandal Khairdatwa
1234 Adilabad Narnoor Mandal Khampur
1235 Adilabad Narnoor Mandal Khandow
1236 Adilabad Narnoor Mandal Kolama
1237 Adilabad Narnoor Mandal Kondi
1238 Adilabad Narnoor Mandal Kothapalle (G)
1239 Adilabad Narnoor Mandal Kothapalli - H
1240 Adilabad Narnoor Mandal Kouthala
1241 Adilabad Narnoor Mandal Kunikasa
1242 Adilabad Narnoor Mandal Lokari (B)
1243 Adilabad Narnoor Mandal Lokari (K)
1244 Adilabad Narnoor Mandal Mahadapur
1245 Adilabad Narnoor Mandal Mahagaon
1246 Adilabad Narnoor Mandal Malangi
1247 Adilabad Narnoor Mandal Malepur
1248 Adilabad Narnoor Mandal Manjari
1249 Adilabad Narnoor Mandal Mankapur
1250 Adilabad Narnoor Mandal Maregaon
1251 Adilabad Narnoor Mandal Nagolkonda
1252 Adilabad Narnoor Mandal Narnoor
1253 Adilabad Narnoor Mandal Paraswada (K)
1254 Adilabad Narnoor Mandal Parswada (B)
1255 Adilabad Narnoor Mandal Pipri
1256 Adilabad Narnoor Mandal Pownur
1257 Adilabad Narnoor Mandal Punaguda
1258 Adilabad Narnoor Mandal Rampur
1259 Adilabad Narnoor Mandal Rupapur
1260 Adilabad Narnoor Mandal Sangvi
1261 Adilabad Narnoor Mandal Sawari
1262 Adilabad Narnoor Mandal Sedwai
1263 Adilabad Narnoor Mandal Sonapur
1264 Adilabad Narnoor Mandal Sungapur
1265 Adilabad Narnoor Mandal Tadihadapnur
1266 Adilabad Narnoor Mandal Umri
1267 Adilabad Narnoor Mandal Warkwai
1268 Adilabad Nennal Mandal Avadam
1269 Adilabad Nennal Mandal Bhadrapur
1270 Adilabad Nennal Mandal Bhagirathipet
1271 Adilabad Nennal Mandal Bodhapur
1272 Adilabad Nennal Mandal Chinavenkatapur
1273 Adilabad Nennal Mandal Chittapur
1274 Adilabad Nennal Mandal Dammireddipet
1275 Adilabad Nennal Mandal Ghanpur
1276 Adilabad Nennal Mandal Gollapalle
1277 Adilabad Nennal Mandal Gudipet
1278 Adilabad Nennal Mandal Gundlasomaram
1279 Adilabad Nennal Mandal Jangalpet
1280 Adilabad Nennal Mandal Jhandavenkatapur
1281 Adilabad Nennal Mandal Jogapur
1282 Adilabad Nennal Mandal Khammampalle
1283 Adilabad Nennal Mandal Kharji
1284 Adilabad Nennal Mandal Konampet
1285 Adilabad Nennal Mandal Kothur
1286 Adilabad Nennal Mandal Kushenapalle
1287 Adilabad Nennal Mandal Mailaram
1288 Adilabad Nennal Mandal Mankapur
1289 Adilabad Nennal Mandal Manneguda
1290 Adilabad Nennal Mandal Metpalle
1291 Adilabad Nennal Mandal Nandulapalle
1292 Adilabad Nennal Mandal Nennal
1293 Adilabad Nennal Mandal Pottiyal
1294 Adilabad Nennal Mandal Puppulawanipet
1295 Adilabad Nennal Mandal Singapur
1296 Adilabad Nennal Mandal Sitanagar
1297 Adilabad Neradigonda Mandal Arepalle
1298 Adilabad Neradigonda Mandal Bandemregad
1299 Adilabad Neradigonda Mandal Bondadi
1300 Adilabad Neradigonda Mandal Boragaon
1301 Adilabad Neradigonda Mandal Buddikonda
1302 Adilabad Neradigonda Mandal Buggaram
1303 Adilabad Neradigonda Mandal Chincholi
1304 Adilabad Neradigonda Mandal Darba
1305 Adilabad Neradigonda Mandal Dhonnora
1306 Adilabad Neradigonda Mandal Gajli
1307 Adilabad Neradigonda Mandal Gandhari
1308 Adilabad Neradigonda Mandal Ispur
1309 Adilabad Neradigonda Mandal Jasnapur
1310 Adilabad Neradigonda Mandal Kishtapur
1311 Adilabad Neradigonda Mandal Koratkal (Buzurg)
1312 Adilabad Neradigonda Mandal Koratkal (Khurd)
1313 Adilabad Neradigonda Mandal Kumari
1314 Adilabad Neradigonda Mandal Kuntala (Buzurg)
1315 Adilabad Neradigonda Mandal Kuntala (Khurd)
1316 Adilabad Neradigonda Mandal Kupti (Buzurg)
1317 Adilabad Neradigonda Mandal Kupti (Khurd)
1318 Adilabad Neradigonda Mandal Lingatla
1319 Adilabad Neradigonda Mandal Lokhampur
1320 Adilabad Neradigonda Mandal Madhapur
1321 Adilabad Neradigonda Mandal Malkalpahad
1322 Adilabad Neradigonda Mandal Nagamalyal
1323 Adilabad Neradigonda Mandal Narayanapur
1324 Adilabad Neradigonda Mandal Neradigonda
1325 Adilabad Neradigonda Mandal Peechra
1326 Adilabad Neradigonda Mandal Purushothampur
1327 Adilabad Neradigonda Mandal Raipur
1328 Adilabad Neradigonda Mandal Rajura
1329 Adilabad Neradigonda Mandal Rolmanda
1330 Adilabad Neradigonda Mandal Shankarapur
1331 Adilabad Neradigonda Mandal Sowergaon
1332 Adilabad Neradigonda Mandal Surdapur
1333 Adilabad Neradigonda Mandal Tarnam (Buzurg)
1334 Adilabad Neradigonda Mandal Tarnam (Khurd)
1335 Adilabad Neradigonda Mandal Tejapur
1336 Adilabad Neradigonda Mandal Venkatapur
1337 Adilabad Neradigonda Mandal Waddur
1338 Adilabad Neradigonda Mandal Wagdhari
1339 Adilabad Neradigonda Mandal Wankidi
1340 Adilabad Nirmal Mandal Akkapur
1341 Adilabad Nirmal Mandal Ananthpet
1342 Adilabad Nirmal Mandal Bhagyanagar
1343 Adilabad Nirmal Mandal Chityal
1344 Adilabad Nirmal Mandal Dyangapur
1345 Adilabad Nirmal Mandal Gajulpet
1346 Adilabad Nirmal Mandal Ganjal
1347 Adilabad Nirmal Mandal Jafrapur
1348 Adilabad Nirmal Mandal Kadthal
1349 Adilabad Nirmal Mandal Kamlapur
1350 Adilabad Nirmal Mandal Kondapur
1351 Adilabad Nirmal Mandal Koutla (K)
1352 Adilabad Nirmal Mandal Langdapur
1353 Adilabad Nirmal Mandal Madhapur
1354 Adilabad Nirmal Mandal Mambapur
1355 Adilabad Nirmal Mandal Manjlapur (R)
1356 Adilabad Nirmal Mandal Medpalle
1357 Adilabad Nirmal Mandal Muktapur
1358 Adilabad Nirmal Mandal Nagnaipet
1359 Adilabad Nirmal Mandal Neelaipet
1360 Adilabad Nirmal Mandal New Mujgi
1361 Adilabad Nirmal Mandal New Pochampad
1362 Adilabad Nirmal Mandal Nirmal
1363 Adilabad Nirmal Mandal Old Pochampad
1364 Adilabad Nirmal Mandal Pakpatla
1365 Adilabad Nirmal Mandal Ratnapur Kondli
1366 Adilabad Nirmal Mandal Shakari
1367 Adilabad Nirmal Mandal Siddankunta (New)
1368 Adilabad Nirmal Mandal Siddapur
1369 Adilabad Nirmal Mandal Soan
1370 Adilabad Nirmal Mandal Talwada
1371 Adilabad Nirmal Mandal Thamsa
1372 Adilabad Nirmal Mandal Thimmapur
1373 Adilabad Nirmal Mandal Vengvapet
1374 Adilabad Nirmal Mandal Venkatapur (R)
1375 Adilabad Nirmal Mandal Vishwanathpet
1376 Adilabad Nirmal Mandal Yedlapur
1377 Adilabad Nirmal Mandal Yellapalle
1378 Adilabad Nirmal Mandal Yellareddipet
1379 Adilabad Rebbana Mandal Dharmaram
1380 Adilabad Rebbana Mandal Edvalli
1381 Adilabad Rebbana Mandal Fakeerpalle
1382 Adilabad Rebbana Mandal Gangapur
1383 Adilabad Rebbana Mandal Gollet
1384 Adilabad Rebbana Mandal Govindapur
1385 Adilabad Rebbana Mandal Gudepalle
1386 Adilabad Rebbana Mandal Jakkalpalle
1387 Adilabad Rebbana Mandal Khairgaon
1388 Adilabad Rebbana Mandal Kistapur
1389 Adilabad Rebbana Mandal Komarvalli
1390 Adilabad Rebbana Mandal Kondapalle
1391 Adilabad Rebbana Mandal Mediguda
1392 Adilabad Rebbana Mandal Nambal
1393 Adilabad Rebbana Mandal Narayanpur
1394 Adilabad Rebbana Mandal Navegaon
1395 Adilabad Rebbana Mandal Nerpalle
1396 Adilabad Rebbana Mandal Passigaon
1397 Adilabad Rebbana Mandal Pothpalle
1398 Adilabad Rebbana Mandal Pulikunta
1399 Adilabad Rebbana Mandal Rajaram
1400 Adilabad Rebbana Mandal Rampur
1401 Adilabad Rebbana Mandal Rangapur
1402 Adilabad Rebbana Mandal Rebbana
1403 Adilabad Rebbana Mandal Rollapahad
1404 Adilabad Rebbana Mandal Rollapet
1405 Adilabad Rebbana Mandal Seethanagar
1406 Adilabad Rebbana Mandal Sonapur
1407 Adilabad Rebbana Mandal Takkallapalle
1408 Adilabad Rebbana Mandal Tungeda
1409 Adilabad Rebbana Mandal Venkulam
1410 Adilabad Sarangapur Mandal Adelli
1411 Adilabad Sarangapur Mandal Alur
1412 Adilabad Sarangapur Mandal Bagirathipur
1413 Adilabad Sarangapur Mandal Beervelli
1414 Adilabad Sarangapur Mandal Boregaon
1415 Adilabad Sarangapur Mandal Chincholi (Buzurg)
1416 Adilabad Sarangapur Mandal Chincholi (Malak)
1417 Adilabad Sarangapur Mandal Dhani
1418 Adilabad Sarangapur Mandal Godsera
1419 Adilabad Sarangapur Mandal Gopalpet
1420 Adilabad Sarangapur Mandal Jam
1421 Adilabad Sarangapur Mandal Jewly
1422 Adilabad Sarangapur Mandal Kamkati
1423 Adilabad Sarangapur Mandal Kharji
1424 Adilabad Sarangapur Mandal Kowtla (Buzurg)
1425 Adilabad Sarangapur Mandal Kupti
1426 Adilabad Sarangapur Mandal Lakshmipur
1427 Adilabad Sarangapur Mandal Nagapur
1428 Adilabad Sarangapur Mandal Pendaldhari
1429 Adilabad Sarangapur Mandal Piyaramur
1430 Adilabad Sarangapur Mandal Ponkur
1431 Adilabad Sarangapur Mandal Potia
1432 Adilabad Sarangapur Mandal Ranapur
1433 Adilabad Sarangapur Mandal Sarangpur
1434 Adilabad Sarangapur Mandal Tandra
1435 Adilabad Sarangapur Mandal Vaikuntapur
1436 Adilabad Sarangapur Mandal Vanjar
1437 Adilabad Sarangapur Mandal Yakarpalle
1438 Adilabad Sirpur Mandal Babjipet
1439 Adilabad Sirpur Mandal Bhurnur
1440 Adilabad Sirpur Mandal Chapri
1441 Adilabad Sirpur Mandal Chorpalle
1442 Adilabad Sirpur Mandal Devadpalle
1443 Adilabad Sirpur Mandal Dhanora
1444 Adilabad Sirpur Mandal Ghumnur (Buzurg)
1445 Adilabad Sirpur Mandal Ghumnur (Khurd)
1446 Adilabad Sirpur Mandal Jamuldhara
1447 Adilabad Sirpur Mandal Khanchanpalle
1448 Adilabad Sirpur Mandal Kohinur (Buzurg)
1449 Adilabad Sirpur Mandal Kohinur (Khurd)
1450 Adilabad Sirpur Mandal Kothapalle
1451 Adilabad Sirpur Mandal Lingapur
1452 Adilabad Sirpur Mandal Mahagaon
1453 Adilabad Sirpur Mandal Mamidipalle
1454 Adilabad Sirpur Mandal Netnur
1455 Adilabad Sirpur Mandal Pamulawada
1456 Adilabad Sirpur Mandal Pangdi
1457 Adilabad Sirpur Mandal Phullara
1458 Adilabad Sirpur Mandal Raghapur
1459 Adilabad Sirpur Mandal Seetagondi
1460 Adilabad Sirpur Mandal Shettihadapnur
1461 Adilabad Sirpur Mandal Sirpur
1462 Adilabad Sirpur Mandal Vankamaddi
1463 Adilabad Sirpur Mandal Yellapatar
1464 Adilabad Sirpur (T) Mandal Achalli
1465 Adilabad Sirpur (T) Mandal Adepalle
1466 Adilabad Sirpur (T) Mandal Arepalle
1467 Adilabad Sirpur (T) Mandal Bhupalapatnam
1468 Adilabad Sirpur (T) Mandal Bonki
1469 Adilabad Sirpur (T) Mandal Cheelapalle
1470 Adilabad Sirpur (T) Mandal Chintakunta
1471 Adilabad Sirpur (T) Mandal Chunchupalle
1472 Adilabad Sirpur (T) Mandal Dabba
1473 Adilabad Sirpur (T) Mandal Dhorpalle
1474 Adilabad Sirpur (T) Mandal Garlapet
1475 Adilabad Sirpur (T) Mandal Heerapur
1476 Adilabad Sirpur (T) Mandal Hudkili
1477 Adilabad Sirpur (T) Mandal Jakkapur
1478 Adilabad Sirpur (T) Mandal Laxmipur
1479 Adilabad Sirpur (T) Mandal Loanvelly
1480 Adilabad Sirpur (T) Mandal Makidi
1481 Adilabad Sirpur (T) Mandal Medpalle
1482 Adilabad Sirpur (T) Mandal Navegaon
1483 Adilabad Sirpur (T) Mandal Parigaon
1484 Adilabad Sirpur (T) Mandal Rajaram
1485 Adilabad Sirpur (T) Mandal Rudraram
1486 Adilabad Sirpur (T) Mandal Sirpur
1487 Adilabad Sirpur (T) Mandal Tonkini
1488 Adilabad Sirpur (T) Mandal Vempalle
1489 Adilabad Sirpur (T) Mandal Venkatraopet
1490 Adilabad Talamadugu Mandal Arli (Khurd)
1491 Adilabad Talamadugu Mandal Bharampur
1492 Adilabad Talamadugu Mandal Dehegaon
1493 Adilabad Talamadugu Mandal Devapur
1494 Adilabad Talamadugu Mandal Dorli
1495 Adilabad Talamadugu Mandal Jhari
1496 Adilabad Talamadugu Mandal Kajjarla
1497 Adilabad Talamadugu Mandal Kappardevi
1498 Adilabad Talamadugu Mandal Khodad
1499 Adilabad Talamadugu Mandal Kosai
1500 Adilabad Talamadugu Mandal Kothur
1501 Adilabad Talamadugu Mandal Kuchalapoor
1502 Adilabad Talamadugu Mandal Lachampur
1503 Adilabad Talamadugu Mandal Lingi
1504 Adilabad Talamadugu Mandal Madnapoor
1505 Adilabad Talamadugu Mandal Nandigaon
1506 Adilabad Talamadugu Mandal Palasi (Buzurg)
1507 Adilabad Talamadugu Mandal Palasi (Khurd)
1508 Adilabad Talamadugu Mandal Palle (Buzurg)
1509 Adilabad Talamadugu Mandal Palle (Khurd)
1510 Adilabad Talamadugu Mandal Pangadpipri
1511 Adilabad Talamadugu Mandal Ratnapur
1512 Adilabad Talamadugu Mandal Ruyyadi
1513 Adilabad Talamadugu Mandal Saknapoor
1514 Adilabad Talamadugu Mandal Sunkidi
1515 Adilabad Talamadugu Mandal Talamadugu
1516 Adilabad Talamadugu Mandal Umadam
1517 Adilabad Talamadugu Mandal Umrei
1518 Adilabad Tamsi Mandal Ambugaon
1519 Adilabad Tamsi Mandal Anderband
1520 Adilabad Tamsi Mandal Antargaon
1521 Adilabad Tamsi Mandal Arli (T)
1522 Adilabad Tamsi Mandal Bandalnagapur
1523 Adilabad Tamsi Mandal Belsari Rampur
1524 Adilabad Tamsi Mandal Bheempoor
1525 Adilabad Tamsi Mandal Dabbakuchi
1526 Adilabad Tamsi Mandal Dhanora
1527 Adilabad Tamsi Mandal Ghotkuri
1528 Adilabad Tamsi Mandal Girgaon
1529 Adilabad Tamsi Mandal Gollaghat
1530 Adilabad Tamsi Mandal Gomutri
1531 Adilabad Tamsi Mandal Gona
1532 Adilabad Tamsi Mandal Guledi
1533 Adilabad Tamsi Mandal Gunjala
1534 Adilabad Tamsi Mandal Hasnapur
1535 Adilabad Tamsi Mandal Jamdi
1536 Adilabad Tamsi Mandal Kamathwada
1537 Adilabad Tamsi Mandal Karanji (T)
1538 Adilabad Tamsi Mandal Khapperla
1539 Adilabad Tamsi Mandal Nipani
1540 Adilabad Tamsi Mandal Palodi (Ramnagar)
1541 Adilabad Tamsi Mandal Pippalkhoti
1542 Adilabad Tamsi Mandal Ponnari
1543 Adilabad Tamsi Mandal Savargaon
1544 Adilabad Tamsi Mandal Tamsi (B)
1545 Adilabad Tamsi Mandal Tamsi (K)
1546 Adilabad Tamsi Mandal Waddadi
1547 Adilabad Tamsi Mandal Wadgaon
1548 Adilabad Tamsi Mandal Wadoor
1549 Adilabad Tandur Mandal Abbapur
1550 Adilabad Tandur Mandal Achalapur
1551 Adilabad Tandur Mandal Ankepalle
1552 Adilabad Tandur Mandal Annaram
1553 Adilabad Tandur Mandal Balhanpur
1554 Adilabad Tandur Mandal Boyapalle
1555 Adilabad Tandur Mandal Chandrapalle
1556 Adilabad Tandur Mandal Choutpalle
1557 Adilabad Tandur Mandal Dwarakapur
1558 Adilabad Tandur Mandal Gampalpalle
1559 Adilabad Tandur Mandal Gopalnagar
1560 Adilabad Tandur Mandal Kasipet
1561 Adilabad Tandur Mandal Katherla
1562 Adilabad Tandur Mandal Kistampet
1563 Adilabad Tandur Mandal Kothapalle
1564 Adilabad Tandur Mandal Madaram
1565 Adilabad Tandur Mandal Madnapur
1566 Adilabad Tandur Mandal Narsapur
1567 Adilabad Tandur Mandal Pegadapalle
1568 Adilabad Tandur Mandal Rampur
1569 Adilabad Tandur Mandal Rechini
1570 Adilabad Tandur Mandal Repallewada
1571 Adilabad Tandur Mandal Tandur
1572 Adilabad Tandur Mandal Venkaipalle
1573 Adilabad Tanoor Mandal Bamni
1574 Adilabad Tanoor Mandal Beltaroda
1575 Adilabad Tanoor Mandal Bember
1576 Adilabad Tanoor Mandal Bhosi
1577 Adilabad Tanoor Mandal Bolsa
1578 Adilabad Tanoor Mandal Bondrat
1579 Adilabad Tanoor Mandal Boregaon (Khurd)
1580 Adilabad Tanoor Mandal Dhagaon
1581 Adilabad Tanoor Mandal Doultabad
1582 Adilabad Tanoor Mandal Elvi
1583 Adilabad Tanoor Mandal Hangirga
1584 Adilabad Tanoor Mandal Hipnally
1585 Adilabad Tanoor Mandal Jewla (Buzurg)
1586 Adilabad Tanoor Mandal Jewla (Khurd)
1587 Adilabad Tanoor Mandal Jhari (Buzurg)
1588 Adilabad Tanoor Mandal Jhari (Khurd)
1589 Adilabad Tanoor Mandal Kalyani
1590 Adilabad Tanoor Mandal Kesarelly
1591 Adilabad Tanoor Mandal Kharbala
1592 Adilabad Tanoor Mandal Kolur
1593 Adilabad Tanoor Mandal Kupli
1594 Adilabad Tanoor Mandal Mahalingi
1595 Adilabad Tanoor Mandal Masalga
1596 Adilabad Tanoor Mandal Mugli
1597 Adilabad Tanoor Mandal Nandgam
1598 Adilabad Tanoor Mandal Singangam
1599 Adilabad Tanoor Mandal Tanoor
1600 Adilabad Tanoor Mandal Tondala
1601 Adilabad Tanoor Mandal Umri (Khurd)
1602 Adilabad Tanoor Mandal Wadgaon
1603 Adilabad Tanoor Mandal Wadhone
1604 Adilabad Tanoor Mandal Wadjhari
1605 Adilabad Tanoor Mandal Yellawat
1606 Adilabad Tiryani Mandal Areguda
1607 Adilabad Tiryani Mandal Bheemapur
1608 Adilabad Tiryani Mandal Boardham
1609 Adilabad Tiryani Mandal Chintapalle
1610 Adilabad Tiryani Mandal Chopidi
1611 Adilabad Tiryani Mandal Dantanpalle
1612 Adilabad Tiryani Mandal Devaiguda
1613 Adilabad Tiryani Mandal Dondla
1614 Adilabad Tiryani Mandal Dongargaon
1615 Adilabad Tiryani Mandal Duggapur
1616 Adilabad Tiryani Mandal Edulpad
1617 Adilabad Tiryani Mandal Gambhiraopet
1618 Adilabad Tiryani Mandal Gangapur
1619 Adilabad Tiryani Mandal Ginnedari
1620 Adilabad Tiryani Mandal Godelpalle
1621 Adilabad Tiryani Mandal Goena
1622 Adilabad Tiryani Mandal Goyagaon
1623 Adilabad Tiryani Mandal Gundala
1624 Adilabad Tiryani Mandal Irkapalle
1625 Adilabad Tiryani Mandal Islampur
1626 Adilabad Tiryani Mandal Jewni
1627 Adilabad Tiryani Mandal Kannepalle
1628 Adilabad Tiryani Mandal Korlanka
1629 Adilabad Tiryani Mandal Koyatalandi
1630 Adilabad Tiryani Mandal Lingiguda
1631 Adilabad Tiryani Mandal Loddiguda
1632 Adilabad Tiryani Mandal Maindagudipet
1633 Adilabad Tiryani Mandal Mandrumeda
1634 Adilabad Tiryani Mandal Mangi
1635 Adilabad Tiryani Mandal Mankapur
1636 Adilabad Tiryani Mandal Pangidimadra
1637 Adilabad Tiryani Mandal Pedakunta
1638 Adilabad Tiryani Mandal Rallakamepalle
1639 Adilabad Tiryani Mandal Rompalle
1640 Adilabad Tiryani Mandal Rudrapur
1641 Adilabad Tiryani Mandal Sangapur
1642 Adilabad Tiryani Mandal Sonapur
1643 Adilabad Tiryani Mandal Talandi
1644 Adilabad Tiryani Mandal Tiryani
1645 Adilabad Tiryani Mandal Ullipitadorli
1646 Adilabad Utnoor Mandal Andholi
1647 Adilabad Utnoor Mandal Balampur
1648 Adilabad Utnoor Mandal Bhupet
1649 Adilabad Utnoor Mandal Birsaipet
1650 Adilabad Utnoor Mandal Chandur
1651 Adilabad Utnoor Mandal Chintakarra
1652 Adilabad Utnoor Mandal Danthanpalle
1653 Adilabad Utnoor Mandal Durgapur
1654 Adilabad Utnoor Mandal Gangamapet
1655 Adilabad Utnoor Mandal Gangapur
1656 Adilabad Utnoor Mandal Ghanpur
1657 Adilabad Utnoor Mandal Ghatti
1658 Adilabad Utnoor Mandal Hasnapur
1659 Adilabad Utnoor Mandal Heerapur
1660 Adilabad Utnoor Mandal Heerapur - J
1661 Adilabad Utnoor Mandal Kamnipet
1662 Adilabad Utnoor Mandal Kopergadh
1663 Adilabad Utnoor Mandal Lakkaram
1664 Adilabad Utnoor Mandal Luxettipet
1665 Adilabad Utnoor Mandal Nagapur
1666 Adilabad Utnoor Mandal Narsapur (Buzurg)
1667 Adilabad Utnoor Mandal Narsapur (Khurd)
1668 Adilabad Utnoor Mandal Narsapur (New)
1669 Adilabad Utnoor Mandal Pulimadgu
1670 Adilabad Utnoor Mandal Ramlingampet
1671 Adilabad Utnoor Mandal Rampur (Khurd)
1672 Adilabad Utnoor Mandal Sakhera
1673 Adilabad Utnoor Mandal Salewada (Buzurg)
1674 Adilabad Utnoor Mandal Salewada (Khurd)
1675 Adilabad Utnoor Mandal Shampur
1676 Adilabad Utnoor Mandal Tandra
1677 Adilabad Utnoor Mandal Tejapur - J
1678 Adilabad Utnoor Mandal Umri
1679 Adilabad Utnoor Mandal Utnur(CT)
1680 Adilabad Utnoor Mandal Wadgalpur (Buzurg)
1681 Adilabad Utnoor Mandal Wadgalpur (Khurd)
1682 Adilabad Utnoor Mandal Wadoni
1683 Adilabad Utnoor Mandal Yenda
1684 Adilabad Utnoor Mandal Yenka
1685 Adilabad Vemanpalle Mandal Baddampalle
1686 Adilabad Vemanpalle Mandal Baddevelle
1687 Adilabad Vemanpalle Mandal Bommena
1688 Adilabad Vemanpalle Mandal Buyyaram
1689 Adilabad Vemanpalle Mandal Chamanpalle
1690 Adilabad Vemanpalle Mandal Chintapudi
1691 Adilabad Vemanpalle Mandal Dasnapur
1692 Adilabad Vemanpalle Mandal Gorlapalle
1693 Adilabad Vemanpalle Mandal Gudampet
1694 Adilabad Vemanpalle Mandal Gudepalle
1695 Adilabad Vemanpalle Mandal Jajulpet
1696 Adilabad Vemanpalle Mandal Jakkepalle
1697 Adilabad Vemanpalle Mandal Jilleda
1698 Adilabad Vemanpalle Mandal Kallampalle
1699 Adilabad Vemanpalle Mandal Kalmalpet
1700 Adilabad Vemanpalle Mandal Katepalle
1701 Adilabad Vemanpalle Mandal Kothapalle
1702 Adilabad Vemanpalle Mandal Kyathanpalle
1703 Adilabad Vemanpalle Mandal Lingala
1704 Adilabad Vemanpalle Mandal Maddulapalle
1705 Adilabad Vemanpalle Mandal Mamda
1706 Adilabad Vemanpalle Mandal Mukkidigudem
1707 Adilabad Vemanpalle Mandal Mulkalpet
1708 Adilabad Vemanpalle Mandal Nagaram
1709 Adilabad Vemanpalle Mandal Nagepalle
1710 Adilabad Vemanpalle Mandal Neelwai
1711 Adilabad Vemanpalle Mandal Oddugudem
1712 Adilabad Vemanpalle Mandal Racherla
1713 Adilabad Vemanpalle Mandal Rajaram
1714 Adilabad Vemanpalle Mandal Sumputum
1715 Adilabad Vemanpalle Mandal Suraram
1716 Adilabad Vemanpalle Mandal Upparlapahad
1717 Adilabad Vemanpalle Mandal Vemanpalle
1718 Adilabad Wankdi Mandal Akini
1719 Adilabad Wankdi Mandal Arli
1720 Adilabad Wankdi Mandal Bambara
1721 Adilabad Wankdi Mandal Bendera
1722 Adilabad Wankdi Mandal Boranjiguda
1723 Adilabad Wankdi Mandal Borda
1724 Adilabad Wankdi Mandal Chavpanguda
1725 Adilabad Wankdi Mandal Chichpalle
1726 Adilabad Wankdi Mandal Chincholi
1727 Adilabad Wankdi Mandal Devadpalle
1728 Adilabad Wankdi Mandal Dhaba
1729 Adilabad Wankdi Mandal Ghatjangaon
1730 Adilabad Wankdi Mandal Goagaon
1731 Adilabad Wankdi Mandal Gunjada
1732 Adilabad Wankdi Mandal Indhani
1733 Adilabad Wankdi Mandal Jaithpur
1734 Adilabad Wankdi Mandal Jambuldhari
1735 Adilabad Wankdi Mandal Kanneragaon
1736 Adilabad Wankdi Mandal Khamana
1737 Adilabad Wankdi Mandal Khedegaon
1738 Adilabad Wankdi Mandal Khirdi
1739 Adilabad Wankdi Mandal Komatiguda
1740 Adilabad Wankdi Mandal Lanjanveera
1741 Adilabad Wankdi Mandal Mahagaon
1742 Adilabad Wankdi Mandal Narlapur
1743 Adilabad Wankdi Mandal Navegaon
1744 Adilabad Wankdi Mandal Neemgaon
1745 Adilabad Wankdi Mandal Nukewada
1746 Adilabad Wankdi Mandal Samela
1747 Adilabad Wankdi Mandal Sarandi
1748 Adilabad Wankdi Mandal Sarkepalle
1749 Adilabad Wankdi Mandal Sawathi
1750 Adilabad Wankdi Mandal Sonapur
1751 Adilabad Wankdi Mandal Tejapur
1752 Adilabad Wankdi Mandal Velgi
1753 Adilabad Wankdi Mandal Wankdi (Kalan)
1754 Adilabad Wankdi Mandal Wankdi (Khurd)
1755 Hyderabad Amberpet Mandal Amberpet Bagheth
1756 Hyderabad Amberpet Mandal Amberpet Sarfkhas
1757 Hyderabad Amberpet Mandal Drainage Lingampally
1758 Hyderabad Amberpet Mandal Malakpet
1759 Hyderabad Ameerpet Mandal Ameerpet
1760 Hyderabad Ameerpet Mandal Bahaloorkhan Guda
1761 Hyderabad Ameerpet Mandal Somajiguda
1762 Hyderabad Asifnagar Mandal Asifnagar
1763 Hyderabad Asifnagar Mandal Guddimalkapur
1764 Hyderabad Asifnagar Mandal Kulsumpura
1765 Hyderabad Asifnagar Mandal Mallepally
1766 Hyderabad Asifnagar Mandal Razdarkhanpet
1767 Hyderabad Bahadurpura Mandal Bahadurpura
1768 Hyderabad Bahadurpura Mandal Bondilguda
1769 Hyderabad Bahadurpura Mandal Charmahal
1770 Hyderabad Bahadurpura Mandal Meersagar
1771 Hyderabad Bahadurpura Mandal NandiMuslaiguda
1772 Hyderabad Bahadurpura Mandal Zeregumbad
1773 Hyderabad Bandlaguda Mandal Ali Samunder
1774 Hyderabad Bandlaguda Mandal Amjad dowla
1775 Hyderabad Bandlaguda Mandal Bandlaguda Khasla
1776 Hyderabad Bandlaguda Mandal Kanchanbagh
1777 Hyderabad Bandlaguda Mandal Kandikal
1778 Hyderabad Bandlaguda Mandal Nawabsabe Kunta
1779 Hyderabad Bandlaguda Mandal Sultanbagh
1780 Hyderabad Charminar Mandal Kaiwanja
1781 Hyderabad Charminar Mandal MuradMahal
1782 Hyderabad Charminar Mandal Talabchanchalam
1783 Hyderabad Golconda Mandal Ibrahimbagh
1784 Hyderabad Golconda Mandal LangerHouse
1785 Hyderabad Golconda Mandal QillaMohamed Nagar
1786 Hyderabad Himayathnagar Mandal BaghLingampally
1787 Hyderabad Himayathnagar Mandal Daira
1788 Hyderabad Himayathnagar Mandal GaganMahal
1789 Hyderabad Himayathnagar Mandal HasanAliguda
1790 Hyderabad Khairatabad Mandal Khairatabad
1791 Hyderabad Khairatabad Mandal Yellareddyguda
1792 Hyderabad Khairatabad Mandal yousufguda
1793 Hyderabad Maredpalle Mandal Lalaguda
1794 Hyderabad Maredpalle Mandal Malkajigiri
1795 Hyderabad Maredpalle Mandal Marredpally Paigh
1796 Hyderabad Maredpalle Mandal Marredpally Sarfeekhas
1797 Hyderabad Musheerabad Mandal Bakaram
1798 Hyderabad Musheerabad Mandal Miyakunta
1799 Hyderabad Musheerabad Mandal Musherabad
1800 Hyderabad Musheerabad Mandal Zaminstanpur
1801 Hyderabad Nampally Mandal Nampally
1802 Hyderabad Nampally Mandal Totaguda
1803 Hyderabad Saidabad Mandal Gaddiannaram (Partly)
1804 Hyderabad Saidabad Mandal Madannapet
1805 Hyderabad Saidabad Mandal Moosarabagh
1806 Hyderabad Saidabad Mandal Saidabad
1807 Hyderabad Saidabad Mandal Teegalguda
1808 Hyderabad Secunderabad Mandal Bolakpur
1809 Hyderabad Secunderabad Mandal Rasoolpura
1810 Hyderabad Shaikpet Mandal Bakhtawarguda
1811 Hyderabad Shaikpet Mandal Hakeempet
1812 Hyderabad Shaikpet Mandal Shaikpet
1813 Hyderabad Tirumalagiri Mandal Ammuguda
1814 Hyderabad Tirumalagiri Mandal Bowenpally
1815 Hyderabad Tirumalagiri Mandal Chandulal Bowli
1816 Hyderabad Tirumalagiri Mandal Kakaguda
1817 Hyderabad Tirumalagiri Mandal Machabolaram
1818 Hyderabad Tirumalagiri Mandal Malkajigiri
1819 Hyderabad Tirumalagiri Mandal Sitarampur
1820 Hyderabad Tirumalagiri Mandal Thokatta
1821 Hyderabad Tirumalagiri Mandal Tirumalgiri
1822 Karimnagar Bejjanki Mandal Bejjanki
1823 Karimnagar Bejjanki Mandal Cheelapur
1824 Karimnagar Bejjanki Mandal Cherlapur
1825 Karimnagar Bejjanki Mandal Dacharam
1826 Karimnagar Bejjanki Mandal Devakkapalle
1827 Karimnagar Bejjanki Mandal Gagillapur
1828 Karimnagar Bejjanki Mandal Gannervaram
1829 Karimnagar Bejjanki Mandal Gopalpur
1830 Karimnagar Bejjanki Mandal Guggilla
1831 Karimnagar Bejjanki Mandal Gunkulkondapur
1832 Karimnagar Bejjanki Mandal Jangapalle
1833 Karimnagar Bejjanki Mandal Kallepalle
1834 Karimnagar Bejjanki Mandal Khasimpet
1835 Karimnagar Bejjanki Mandal Madhapur
1836 Karimnagar Bejjanki Mandal Muthannapet
1837 Karimnagar Bejjanki Mandal Mylaram
1838 Karimnagar Bejjanki Mandal Panthulu Kondapur
1839 Karimnagar Bejjanki Mandal Parvella
1840 Karimnagar Bejjanki Mandal Potharam
1841 Karimnagar Bejjanki Mandal Regulapalle
1842 Karimnagar Bejjanki Mandal Sangam
1843 Karimnagar Bejjanki Mandal Thotapalle
1844 Karimnagar Bejjanki Mandal Vadlur-Begumpet
1845 Karimnagar Bejjanki Mandal Veerapur
1846 Karimnagar Bejjanki Mandal Yaswada
1847 Karimnagar Bheemadevarpalle Mandal Bheemadevarpalle
1848 Karimnagar Bheemadevarpalle Mandal Erraballe
1849 Karimnagar Bheemadevarpalle Mandal Gatlanarsingapur
1850 Karimnagar Bheemadevarpalle Mandal Kannaram
1851 Karimnagar Bheemadevarpalle Mandal Katkur
1852 Karimnagar Bheemadevarpalle Mandal Koppur
1853 Karimnagar Bheemadevarpalle Mandal Kothakonda
1854 Karimnagar Bheemadevarpalle Mandal Kothapalle
1855 Karimnagar Bheemadevarpalle Mandal Mallaram
1856 Karimnagar Bheemadevarpalle Mandal Manikyapur
1857 Karimnagar Bheemadevarpalle Mandal Mulkanoor
1858 Karimnagar Bheemadevarpalle Mandal Mustafapur
1859 Karimnagar Bheemadevarpalle Mandal Mutharam (P.K)
1860 Karimnagar Bheemadevarpalle Mandal Ratnagiri
1861 Karimnagar Bheemadevarpalle Mandal Vangara
1862 Karimnagar Boinpalle Mandal Ananthapalle
1863 Karimnagar Boinpalle Mandal Boinpalle
1864 Karimnagar Boinpalle Mandal Burgupalle
1865 Karimnagar Boinpalle Mandal Dundrapalle
1866 Karimnagar Boinpalle Mandal Kodurupaka
1867 Karimnagar Boinpalle Mandal Korem
1868 Karimnagar Boinpalle Mandal Kothapeta
1869 Karimnagar Boinpalle Mandal Malkapur
1870 Karimnagar Boinpalle Mandal Mallapur
1871 Karimnagar Boinpalle Mandal Manwada
1872 Karimnagar Boinpalle Mandal Narsingapur
1873 Karimnagar Boinpalle Mandal Shabashpalle
1874 Karimnagar Boinpalle Mandal Sthambhampalle
1875 Karimnagar Boinpalle Mandal Thadagonda
1876 Karimnagar Boinpalle Mandal Vardavelli
1877 Karimnagar Boinpalle Mandal Vilasagar
1878 Karimnagar Chandurthi Mandal Ananthapalle(PK)
1879 Karimnagar Chandurthi Mandal Bandapalle
1880 Karimnagar Chandurthi Mandal Chandurthi
1881 Karimnagar Chandurthi Mandal Jogapuram
1882 Karimnagar Chandurthi Mandal Lingampeta
1883 Karimnagar Chandurthi Mandal Mallial
1884 Karimnagar Chandurthi Mandal Marrigadda
1885 Karimnagar Chandurthi Mandal Moodepalle
1886 Karimnagar Chandurthi Mandal Rudrangi
1887 Karimnagar Chandurthi Mandal Sangula
1888 Karimnagar Chandurthi Mandal Thimmapuram(PN)
1889 Karimnagar Chandurthi Mandal Yangal
1890 Karimnagar Chigurumamidi Mandal Bommanapalle
1891 Karimnagar Chigurumamidi Mandal Chigurumamidi
1892 Karimnagar Chigurumamidi Mandal Indurthi
1893 Karimnagar Chigurumamidi Mandal Kondapur
1894 Karimnagar Chigurumamidi Mandal Mudimanikyam
1895 Karimnagar Chigurumamidi Mandal Mulkanoor
1896 Karimnagar Chigurumamidi Mandal Nawabpeta
1897 Karimnagar Chigurumamidi Mandal Ramancha
1898 Karimnagar Chigurumamidi Mandal Rekonda
1899 Karimnagar Chigurumamidi Mandal Sundaragiri
1900 Karimnagar Chigurumamidi Mandal Ullampalle
1901 Karimnagar Choppadandi Mandal Arnakonda
1902 Karimnagar Choppadandi Mandal Bhupalapatnam
1903 Karimnagar Choppadandi Mandal Chakunta
1904 Karimnagar Choppadandi Mandal Chityalpalle
1905 Karimnagar Choppadandi Mandal Choppadandi
1906 Karimnagar Choppadandi Mandal Gumlapur
1907 Karimnagar Choppadandi Mandal Katnepalle
1908 Karimnagar Choppadandi Mandal Kolimikunta
1909 Karimnagar Choppadandi Mandal Konerupalle
1910 Karimnagar Choppadandi Mandal Ragampeta
1911 Karimnagar Choppadandi Mandal Rukmapur
1912 Karimnagar Choppadandi Mandal Vedurughattu
1913 Karimnagar Dharmapuri Mandal Arepalle
1914 Karimnagar Dharmapuri Mandal Beersani
1915 Karimnagar Dharmapuri Mandal Buggaram
1916 Karimnagar Dharmapuri Mandal Chinnapur
1917 Karimnagar Dharmapuri Mandal Dharmapuri
1918 Karimnagar Dharmapuri Mandal Donoor
1919 Karimnagar Dharmapuri Mandal Donthapur
1920 Karimnagar Dharmapuri Mandal Gopulapur
1921 Karimnagar Dharmapuri Mandal Jaina
1922 Karimnagar Dharmapuri Mandal Kamalapur
1923 Karimnagar Dharmapuri Mandal Madnoor
1924 Karimnagar Dharmapuri Mandal Maggidi
1925 Karimnagar Dharmapuri Mandal Nagaram
1926 Karimnagar Dharmapuri Mandal Nerella
1927 Karimnagar Dharmapuri Mandal Raipatnam
1928 Karimnagar Dharmapuri Mandal Rajaram
1929 Karimnagar Dharmapuri Mandal Sirikonda
1930 Karimnagar Dharmapuri Mandal Sirivanchakota
1931 Karimnagar Dharmapuri Mandal Stambampalle
1932 Karimnagar Dharmapuri Mandal Theegala Dharmaram
1933 Karimnagar Dharmapuri Mandal Thummenala
1934 Karimnagar Dharmapuri Mandal Timmapur
1935 Karimnagar Dharmapuri Mandal Velgonda
1936 Karimnagar Dharmaram Mandal Abbapuram
1937 Karimnagar Dharmaram Mandal Bommareddipalle
1938 Karimnagar Dharmaram Mandal Botlavanaparthy
1939 Karimnagar Dharmaram Mandal Chamanpalle
1940 Karimnagar Dharmaram Mandal Dongathurthy
1941 Karimnagar Dharmaram Mandal Kammarikhanpeta
1942 Karimnagar Dharmaram Mandal Katkanpalle
1943 Karimnagar Dharmaram Mandal Khanampalle
1944 Karimnagar Dharmaram Mandal Khilavanaparthy
1945 Karimnagar Dharmaram Mandal Kothur
1946 Karimnagar Dharmaram Mandal Mallapur
1947 Karimnagar Dharmaram Mandal Myadaram
1948 Karimnagar Dharmaram Mandal Narsingapur
1949 Karimnagar Dharmaram Mandal Paidichinthala Palle
1950 Karimnagar Dharmaram Mandal Pathipaka
1951 Karimnagar Dharmaram Mandal Rachapalle
1952 Karimnagar Dharmaram Mandal Sayampeta
1953 Karimnagar Elgaid Mandal Burhanmiyapet
1954 Karimnagar Elgaid Mandal Doolikatta
1955 Karimnagar Elgaid Mandal Elgaid
1956 Karimnagar Elgaid Mandal Lokapeta
1957 Karimnagar Elgaid Mandal Muppirithota
1958 Karimnagar Elgaid Mandal Narsapur
1959 Karimnagar Elgaid Mandal Raikaldevapalle
1960 Karimnagar Elgaid Mandal Sivapalle
1961 Karimnagar Elgaid Mandal Sultanpur
1962 Karimnagar Elkathurthi Mandal Baopet
1963 Karimnagar Elkathurthi Mandal Damera
1964 Karimnagar Elkathurthi Mandal Dandepalle
1965 Karimnagar Elkathurthi Mandal Elkathurthi
1966 Karimnagar Elkathurthi Mandal Gopalpur
1967 Karimnagar Elkathurthi Mandal Jeelgul
1968 Karimnagar Elkathurthi Mandal Keshwapur
1969 Karimnagar Elkathurthi Mandal Kothulnaduma
1970 Karimnagar Elkathurthi Mandal Penchakalpeta
1971 Karimnagar Elkathurthi Mandal Suraram
1972 Karimnagar Elkathurthi Mandal Thimmapur
1973 Karimnagar Elkathurthi Mandal Vallabhapur
1974 Karimnagar Elkathurthi Mandal Veeranarayanapur
1975 Karimnagar Ellanthakunta Mandal Ananthagiri
1976 Karimnagar Ellanthakunta Mandal Anantharam
1977 Karimnagar Ellanthakunta Mandal Dacharam
1978 Karimnagar Ellanthakunta Mandal Ellanthakunta
1979 Karimnagar Ellanthakunta Mandal Galipalle
1980 Karimnagar Ellanthakunta Mandal Gundaram(P.S.)
1981 Karimnagar Ellanthakunta Mandal Jangamreddipalle
1982 Karimnagar Ellanthakunta Mandal Jawaharpet
1983 Karimnagar Ellanthakunta Mandal Kandikatkoor
1984 Karimnagar Ellanthakunta Mandal Muskanipet
1985 Karimnagar Ellanthakunta Mandal Obulapuram (P.A)
1986 Karimnagar Ellanthakunta Mandal Peddalingapuram
1987 Karimnagar Ellanthakunta Mandal Pottur
1988 Karimnagar Ellanthakunta Mandal Rahimkhanpet
1989 Karimnagar Ellanthakunta Mandal Ramajipeta
1990 Karimnagar Ellanthakunta Mandal Repaka
1991 Karimnagar Ellanthakunta Mandal Sirikonda
1992 Karimnagar Ellanthakunta Mandal Thallapalle
1993 Karimnagar Ellanthakunta Mandal Thippapuram (P.A)
1994 Karimnagar Ellanthakunta Mandal Vallampatla
1995 Karimnagar Ellanthakunta Mandal Vanthadupula
1996 Karimnagar Ellanthakunta Mandal Veljipuram
1997 Karimnagar Gambhiraopet Mandal Dammannapet
1998 Karimnagar Gambhiraopet Mandal Desaipet
1999 Karimnagar Gambhiraopet Mandal Gajasingaram
2000 Karimnagar Gambhiraopet Mandal Gambhiraopet
2001 Karimnagar Gambhiraopet Mandal Gorantial
2002 Karimnagar Gambhiraopet Mandal Kollamaddi
2003 Karimnagar Gambhiraopet Mandal Kothapalle
2004 Karimnagar Gambhiraopet Mandal Laxmipuram
2005 Karimnagar Gambhiraopet Mandal Lingampallekhurdu
2006 Karimnagar Gambhiraopet Mandal Lingannapet
2007 Karimnagar Gambhiraopet Mandal Mallareddipet
2008 Karimnagar Gambhiraopet Mandal Mucherla
2009 Karimnagar Gambhiraopet Mandal Mustafanagar
2010 Karimnagar Gambhiraopet Mandal Narmala
2011 Karimnagar Gambhiraopet Mandal Ramanujapuram
2012 Karimnagar Gambhiraopet Mandal Samudralingapuram
2013 Karimnagar Gambhiraopet Mandal Srigadha
2014 Karimnagar Gambhiraopet Mandal Srinivasapuram
2015 Karimnagar Gangadhara Mandal Achampalle
2016 Karimnagar Gangadhara Mandal Burgupalle
2017 Karimnagar Gangadhara Mandal Gangadhara
2018 Karimnagar Gangadhara Mandal Garsekurthi
2019 Karimnagar Gangadhara Mandal Gattuboothkur
2020 Karimnagar Gangadhara Mandal Islampur
2021 Karimnagar Gangadhara Mandal Kachireddipalle
2022 Karimnagar Gangadhara Mandal Kondaipalle
2023 Karimnagar Gangadhara Mandal Kurikial
2024 Karimnagar Gangadhara Mandal Mallapur
2025 Karimnagar Gangadhara Mandal Nagireddipur
2026 Karimnagar Gangadhara Mandal Narasimhulapalle
2027 Karimnagar Gangadhara Mandal Narayanpur
2028 Karimnagar Gangadhara Mandal Nayalakonda Palle
2029 Karimnagar Gangadhara Mandal Ryalapalle
2030 Karimnagar Gangadhara Mandal Sarvareddipalle
2031 Karimnagar Gangadhara Mandal Uppara Mallial
2032 Karimnagar Gangadhara Mandal Vaddyaram
2033 Karimnagar Gangadhara Mandal Venkataipalle
2034 Karimnagar Gollapalle Mandal Abbapuram
2035 Karimnagar Gollapalle Mandal Aggimalla
2036 Karimnagar Gollapalle Mandal Athmakur
2037 Karimnagar Gollapalle Mandal Bhattubuttamrajapalle
2038 Karimnagar Gollapalle Mandal Bheemraj Palle
2039 Karimnagar Gollapalle Mandal Bonkur
2040 Karimnagar Gollapalle Mandal Chendoli
2041 Karimnagar Gollapalle Mandal Chilwakodur
2042 Karimnagar Gollapalle Mandal Datnur
2043 Karimnagar Gollapalle Mandal Gangapuram
2044 Karimnagar Gollapalle Mandal Gollapalle
2045 Karimnagar Gollapalle Mandal Gunjapadugu
2046 Karimnagar Gollapalle Mandal Ibrahim Nagar
2047 Karimnagar Gollapalle Mandal Israjpalle
2048 Karimnagar Gollapalle Mandal Lothunur
2049 Karimnagar Gollapalle Mandal Raghavapatnam
2050 Karimnagar Gollapalle Mandal Rapalle
2051 Karimnagar Gollapalle Mandal Shakalla
2052 Karimnagar Gollapalle Mandal Thirmalapuram
2053 Karimnagar Gollapalle Mandal Vengalapuram
2054 Karimnagar Gollapalle Mandal Vengumatla
2055 Karimnagar Gollapalle Mandal Yeshwanthraopet
2056 Karimnagar Husnabad Mandal Akkannapeta
2057 Karimnagar Husnabad Mandal Anthakkapeta
2058 Karimnagar Husnabad Mandal Choutapalle
2059 Karimnagar Husnabad Mandal Dongala Dharmaram
2060 Karimnagar Husnabad Mandal Gandipalle
2061 Karimnagar Husnabad Mandal Gouravelli
2062 Karimnagar Husnabad Mandal Husnabad
2063 Karimnagar Husnabad Mandal Jangaon
2064 Karimnagar Husnabad Mandal Kesavapur
2065 Karimnagar Husnabad Mandal Kuchanpalle
2066 Karimnagar Husnabad Mandal Madudha
2067 Karimnagar Husnabad Mandal Mallampalle
2068 Karimnagar Husnabad Mandal Mirzapur
2069 Karimnagar Husnabad Mandal Mohammadapur
2070 Karimnagar Husnabad Mandal Nagaram
2071 Karimnagar Husnabad Mandal Nandaram
2072 Karimnagar Husnabad Mandal Pandilla
2073 Karimnagar Husnabad Mandal Potharam (J)
2074 Karimnagar Husnabad Mandal Potharam (S)
2075 Karimnagar Husnabad Mandal Potlapalle
2076 Karimnagar Husnabad Mandal Ramavaram
2077 Karimnagar Husnabad Mandal Regonda
2078 Karimnagar Husnabad Mandal Thotapalle (S)
2079 Karimnagar Husnabad Mandal Ummapur
2080 Karimnagar Huzurabad Mandal Bornapalle
2081 Karimnagar Huzurabad Mandal Chelpur
2082 Karimnagar Huzurabad Mandal Dharmaraju Palle
2083 Karimnagar Huzurabad Mandal Huzurabad
2084 Karimnagar Huzurabad Mandal Jupak
2085 Karimnagar Huzurabad Mandal Kandugula
2086 Karimnagar Huzurabad Mandal Kanukulagidda
2087 Karimnagar Huzurabad Mandal Katrepalle
2088 Karimnagar Huzurabad Mandal Pothareddipeta
2089 Karimnagar Huzurabad Mandal Singapur
2090 Karimnagar Huzurabad Mandal Sirsapalle
2091 Karimnagar Huzurabad Mandal Thummanapalle
2092 Karimnagar Ibrahimpatnam Mandal Ammakkapet
2093 Karimnagar Ibrahimpatnam Mandal Bandalingapur
2094 Karimnagar Ibrahimpatnam Mandal Bardipur
2095 Karimnagar Ibrahimpatnam Mandal Dabba
2096 Karimnagar Ibrahimpatnam Mandal Erdandi
2097 Karimnagar Ibrahimpatnam Mandal Errapur
2098 Karimnagar Ibrahimpatnam Mandal Fakir Kondapur
2099 Karimnagar Ibrahimpatnam Mandal Godur
2100 Karimnagar Ibrahimpatnam Mandal Ibrahimpatnam
2101 Karimnagar Ibrahimpatnam Mandal Kamala Nagar
2102 Karimnagar Ibrahimpatnam Mandal Komatikondapur
2103 Karimnagar Ibrahimpatnam Mandal Maidpalle (W)
2104 Karimnagar Ibrahimpatnam Mandal Mularampur
2105 Karimnagar Ibrahimpatnam Mandal Rajeswara Rao Pet
2106 Karimnagar Ibrahimpatnam Mandal Timmapur
2107 Karimnagar Ibrahimpatnam Mandal Varshakonda
2108 Karimnagar Ibrahimpatnam Mandal Vemulakurthi
2109 Karimnagar Ibrahimpatnam Mandal Yamapur
2110 Karimnagar Jagtial Mandal Anantharam
2111 Karimnagar Jagtial Mandal Anthargaon
2112 Karimnagar Jagtial Mandal Chelgal
2113 Karimnagar Jagtial Mandal Dharmaram
2114 Karimnagar Jagtial Mandal Dharur (Part)
2115 Karimnagar Jagtial Mandal Eldurthi
2116 Karimnagar Jagtial Mandal Gullapeta
2117 Karimnagar Jagtial Mandal Habsipur
2118 Karimnagar Jagtial Mandal Jabithapur
2119 Karimnagar Jagtial Mandal Jagtial (R)(Part)
2120 Karimnagar Jagtial Mandal Kalleda
2121 Karimnagar Jagtial Mandal Kandlapalle (Part)
2122 Karimnagar Jagtial Mandal Kannapur
2123 Karimnagar Jagtial Mandal Lakshmipuram
2124 Karimnagar Jagtial Mandal Morapalle
2125 Karimnagar Jagtial Mandal Mothe (R)(Part)
2126 Karimnagar Jagtial Mandal Narsingapur (Part)
2127 Karimnagar Jagtial Mandal Polasa
2128 Karimnagar Jagtial Mandal Porandla
2129 Karimnagar Jagtial Mandal Somanpalle
2130 Karimnagar Jagtial Mandal Tatipalle
2131 Karimnagar Jagtial Mandal Thakkallapalle
2132 Karimnagar Jagtial Mandal Thimmapur
2133 Karimnagar Jagtial Mandal Thippannapet (Part)
2134 Karimnagar Jammikunta Mandal Bijigirsharief
2135 Karimnagar Jammikunta Mandal Bujunoor
2136 Karimnagar Jammikunta Mandal Chinnakomatipalle
2137 Karimnagar Jammikunta Mandal Dharmaram (P.B)(CT)
2138 Karimnagar Jammikunta Mandal Ellanthakunta
2139 Karimnagar Jammikunta Mandal Jammikunta
2140 Karimnagar Jammikunta Mandal Kanagarthi
2141 Karimnagar Jammikunta Mandal Korepalle
2142 Karimnagar Jammikunta Mandal Madipalle
2143 Karimnagar Jammikunta Mandal Mallial
2144 Karimnagar Jammikunta Mandal Patharlapalle
2145 Karimnagar Jammikunta Mandal Rachapalle
2146 Karimnagar Jammikunta Mandal Saidabad
2147 Karimnagar Jammikunta Mandal Sirsedu
2148 Karimnagar Jammikunta Mandal Tekurthi
2149 Karimnagar Jammikunta Mandal Thangula
2150 Karimnagar Jammikunta Mandal Vanthadupula
2151 Karimnagar Jammikunta Mandal Vavilala
2152 Karimnagar Jammikunta Mandal Vilasagar
2153 Karimnagar Julapalle Mandal Julapalle
2154 Karimnagar Julapalle Mandal Kachapur
2155 Karimnagar Julapalle Mandal Kummarikunta
2156 Karimnagar Julapalle Mandal Peddapur
2157 Karimnagar Julapalle Mandal Telukunta
2158 Karimnagar Julapalle Mandal Wadkapur
2159 Karimnagar Kamalapur Mandal Ambala
2160 Karimnagar Kamalapur Mandal Bhimpalle
2161 Karimnagar Kamalapur Mandal Desharajpalle
2162 Karimnagar Kamalapur Mandal Gudur
2163 Karimnagar Kamalapur Mandal Gunded
2164 Karimnagar Kamalapur Mandal Guniparthi
2165 Karimnagar Kamalapur Mandal Jujnoor
2166 Karimnagar Kamalapur Mandal Kamalapur
2167 Karimnagar Kamalapur Mandal Kaniparthi
2168 Karimnagar Kamalapur Mandal Kannur
2169 Karimnagar Kamalapur Mandal Madannapeta
2170 Karimnagar Kamalapur Mandal Marripalligudem
2171 Karimnagar Kamalapur Mandal Nerella
2172 Karimnagar Kamalapur Mandal Sanigaram
2173 Karimnagar Kamalapur Mandal Uppal
2174 Karimnagar Kamalapur Mandal Vangapalle
2175 Karimnagar Kamanpur Mandal Begumpet
2176 Karimnagar Kamanpur Mandal Gundaram
2177 Karimnagar Kamanpur Mandal Jallaram(CT)
2178 Karimnagar Kamanpur Mandal Jallipalle
2179 Karimnagar Kamanpur Mandal Julapalle
2180 Karimnagar Kamanpur Mandal Kalwacherla
2181 Karimnagar Kamanpur Mandal Kamanpur
2182 Karimnagar Kamanpur Mandal Kannala
2183 Karimnagar Kamanpur Mandal Lankakesaram
2184 Karimnagar Kamanpur Mandal Lingala
2185 Karimnagar Kamanpur Mandal Medipalle
2186 Karimnagar Kamanpur Mandal Mulkalapalle
2187 Karimnagar Kamanpur Mandal Mustial
2188 Karimnagar Kamanpur Mandal Nagaram
2189 Karimnagar Kamanpur Mandal Nagepalle
2190 Karimnagar Kamanpur Mandal Pannur
2191 Karimnagar Kamanpur Mandal Penchikalpet
2192 Karimnagar Kamanpur Mandal Perapalle
2193 Karimnagar Kamanpur Mandal Rajapur
2194 Karimnagar Kamanpur Mandal Ranapur
2195 Karimnagar Kamanpur Mandal Ratnapur(CT)
2196 Karimnagar Kamanpur Mandal Rompikunta
2197 Karimnagar Kamanpur Mandal Sundilla
2198 Karimnagar Kamanpur Mandal Upparlakesaram
2199 Karimnagar Kamanpur Mandal Velgalpahad
2200 Karimnagar Karimnagar Mandal Arepalle (Part)
2201 Karimnagar Karimnagar Mandal Asifnagar
2202 Karimnagar Karimnagar Mandal Baddipalle
2203 Karimnagar Karimnagar Mandal Bommakal
2204 Karimnagar Karimnagar Mandal Chamanpalle
2205 Karimnagar Karimnagar Mandal Chegurti
2206 Karimnagar Karimnagar Mandal Cherlabuthkur
2207 Karimnagar Karimnagar Mandal Chintakunta (Part)
2208 Karimnagar Karimnagar Mandal Durshed
2209 Karimnagar Karimnagar Mandal Elbotharam
2210 Karimnagar Karimnagar Mandal Elgandal
2211 Karimnagar Karimnagar Mandal Fakeerpet
2212 Karimnagar Karimnagar Mandal Hasnapur
2213 Karimnagar Karimnagar Mandal Irukulla
2214 Karimnagar Karimnagar Mandal Jublinagar
2215 Karimnagar Karimnagar Mandal Kamanpur
2216 Karimnagar Karimnagar Mandal Karimnagar
2217 Karimnagar Karimnagar Mandal Khazipur
2218 Karimnagar Karimnagar Mandal Kothapalle(Haveli)
2219 Karimnagar Karimnagar Mandal Lakshmipur
2220 Karimnagar Karimnagar Mandal Malkapur
2221 Karimnagar Karimnagar Mandal Maqdumpur
2222 Karimnagar Karimnagar Mandal Nagulamalial
2223 Karimnagar Karimnagar Mandal Nagunur
2224 Karimnagar Karimnagar Mandal Pothgal
2225 Karimnagar Karimnagar Mandal Rekurthi(CT)
2226 Karimnagar Karimnagar Mandal Seetarampur
2227 Karimnagar Karimnagar Mandal Taharakondapur
2228 Karimnagar Karimnagar Mandal Wallampahad
2229 Karimnagar Kataram Mandal Adivarampet
2230 Karimnagar Kataram Mandal Bayyaram
2231 Karimnagar Kataram Mandal Bopparam
2232 Karimnagar Kataram Mandal Chidnepalle
2233 Karimnagar Kataram Mandal Chinthakani
2234 Karimnagar Kataram Mandal Damerakunta
2235 Karimnagar Kataram Mandal Devarampalle
2236 Karimnagar Kataram Mandal Dhanwada
2237 Karimnagar Kataram Mandal Dharmasagar
2238 Karimnagar Kataram Mandal Garepalle
2239 Karimnagar Kataram Mandal Gudoor
2240 Karimnagar Kataram Mandal Gummallapalle
2241 Karimnagar Kataram Mandal Gundrathpalle
2242 Karimnagar Kataram Mandal Jadaraopet
2243 Karimnagar Kataram Mandal Kambalpad
2244 Karimnagar Kataram Mandal Kataram
2245 Karimnagar Kataram Mandal Kothapalle
2246 Karimnagar Kataram Mandal Mallaram
2247 Karimnagar Kataram Mandal Medipalle
2248 Karimnagar Kataram Mandal Morepalle
2249 Karimnagar Kataram Mandal Nallagunta
2250 Karimnagar Kataram Mandal Nasthur Palle
2251 Karimnagar Kataram Mandal Odipilavancha
2252 Karimnagar Kataram Mandal Pochampalle
2253 Karimnagar Kataram Mandal Pothulvai
2254 Karimnagar Kataram Mandal Prathapagiri
2255 Karimnagar Kataram Mandal Raghupalle
2256 Karimnagar Kataram Mandal Regulagudem
2257 Karimnagar Kataram Mandal Sunderajpet
2258 Karimnagar Kataram Mandal Veerapoor
2259 Karimnagar Kataram Mandal Vilasagar
2260 Karimnagar Kathlapur Mandal Ambaripet
2261 Karimnagar Kathlapur Mandal Bhushanrao Peta
2262 Karimnagar Kathlapur Mandal Bommena
2263 Karimnagar Kathlapur Mandal Chinthakunta
2264 Karimnagar Kathlapur Mandal Dulur
2265 Karimnagar Kathlapur Mandal Dumpeta
2266 Karimnagar Kathlapur Mandal Gambhirpur
2267 Karimnagar Kathlapur Mandal Ippapalle
2268 Karimnagar Kathlapur Mandal Kalikota
2269 Karimnagar Kathlapur Mandal Kathlapur
2270 Karimnagar Kathlapur Mandal Naga Mallappakunta
2271 Karimnagar Kathlapur Mandal Ootpalle
2272 Karimnagar Kathlapur Mandal Peggerla
2273 Karimnagar Kathlapur Mandal Posanipeta
2274 Karimnagar Kathlapur Mandal Potharam
2275 Karimnagar Kathlapur Mandal Sirkonda
2276 Karimnagar Kathlapur Mandal Thakkallapalle
2277 Karimnagar Kathlapur Mandal Thandriyal
2278 Karimnagar Kathlapur Mandal Thurthi
2279 Karimnagar Kodimial Mandal Cheppial
2280 Karimnagar Kodimial Mandal Gourapur
2281 Karimnagar Kodimial Mandal Kodimial
2282 Karimnagar Kodimial Mandal Konapur
2283 Karimnagar Kodimial Mandal Kondapur
2284 Karimnagar Kodimial Mandal Nachupalle
2285 Karimnagar Kodimial Mandal Nallagonda
2286 Karimnagar Kodimial Mandal Namilikonda
2287 Karimnagar Kodimial Mandal Potharam
2288 Karimnagar Kodimial Mandal Pudur
2289 Karimnagar Kodimial Mandal Ramsagar
2290 Karimnagar Kodimial Mandal Sanivarampeta
2291 Karimnagar Kodimial Mandal Surampeta
2292 Karimnagar Kodimial Mandal Thippaipalle
2293 Karimnagar Kodimial Mandal Thiramalapur
2294 Karimnagar Koheda Mandal Baswapur
2295 Karimnagar Koheda Mandal Gottalamitta
2296 Karimnagar Koheda Mandal Gundareddipalle
2297 Karimnagar Koheda Mandal Kachapur
2298 Karimnagar Koheda Mandal Koheda
2299 Karimnagar Koheda Mandal Kurella
2300 Karimnagar Koheda Mandal Nakkira Kommula
2301 Karimnagar Koheda Mandal Narayanapur
2302 Karimnagar Koheda Mandal Pariveda
2303 Karimnagar Koheda Mandal Ramachandrapur
2304 Karimnagar Koheda Mandal Samudrala
2305 Karimnagar Koheda Mandal Sanigaram
2306 Karimnagar Koheda Mandal Sriramulapalle
2307 Karimnagar Koheda Mandal Thangallapalle
2308 Karimnagar Koheda Mandal Varikolu
2309 Karimnagar Koheda Mandal Vinjapalle
2310 Karimnagar Konaraopeta Mandal Bausaipeta
2311 Karimnagar Konaraopeta Mandal Dharmaram
2312 Karimnagar Konaraopeta Mandal Kanagarthi
2313 Karimnagar Konaraopeta Mandal Kolanur
2314 Karimnagar Konaraopeta Mandal Konaraopet
2315 Karimnagar Konaraopeta Mandal Kondapuram (PR)
2316 Karimnagar Konaraopeta Mandal Lachchapeta
2317 Karimnagar Konaraopeta Mandal Malkapet
2318 Karimnagar Konaraopeta Mandal Mamidipalle
2319 Karimnagar Konaraopeta Mandal Marrimadla
2320 Karimnagar Konaraopeta Mandal Marthanpet
2321 Karimnagar Konaraopeta Mandal Nagaram
2322 Karimnagar Konaraopeta Mandal Nimmapalle
2323 Karimnagar Konaraopeta Mandal Nizamabad
2324 Karimnagar Konaraopeta Mandal Palle (Makta)
2325 Karimnagar Konaraopeta Mandal Ramannapet
2326 Karimnagar Konaraopeta Mandal Sivangalapalle
2327 Karimnagar Konaraopeta Mandal Suddala
2328 Karimnagar Konaraopeta Mandal Vattimalla
2329 Karimnagar Konaraopeta Mandal Venkatraopeta
2330 Karimnagar Koratla Mandal Ailapur
2331 Karimnagar Koratla Mandal Chinnametpalle
2332 Karimnagar Koratla Mandal Gumlapur
2333 Karimnagar Koratla Mandal Joganpalle
2334 Karimnagar Koratla Mandal Kallur
2335 Karimnagar Koratla Mandal Korutla
2336 Karimnagar Koratla Mandal Madhapur
2337 Karimnagar Koratla Mandal Mohanrao Peta
2338 Karimnagar Koratla Mandal Nagulpeta
2339 Karimnagar Koratla Mandal Paidimadugu
2340 Karimnagar Koratla Mandal Peddapur
2341 Karimnagar Koratla Mandal Sangem
2342 Karimnagar Koratla Mandal Venkatapur
2343 Karimnagar Koratla Mandal Yakeenpur
2344 Karimnagar Koratla Mandal Yousufnagar
2345 Karimnagar Mahadevpur Mandal Ambatpalle
2346 Karimnagar Mahadevpur Mandal Annaram
2347 Karimnagar Mahadevpur Mandal Balijapur
2348 Karimnagar Mahadevpur Mandal Beersagar
2349 Karimnagar Mahadevpur Mandal Beglur
2350 Karimnagar Mahadevpur Mandal Bheemanpalle
2351 Karimnagar Mahadevpur Mandal Boipalmela
2352 Karimnagar Mahadevpur Mandal Bommapur
2353 Karimnagar Mahadevpur Mandal Brahmanpalle
2354 Karimnagar Mahadevpur Mandal Burgugudem
2355 Karimnagar Mahadevpur Mandal Chindrapalle
2356 Karimnagar Mahadevpur Mandal Dammur
2357 Karimnagar Mahadevpur Mandal Edapalle
2358 Karimnagar Mahadevpur Mandal Elkeswaram
2359 Karimnagar Mahadevpur Mandal Garkepalle
2360 Karimnagar Mahadevpur Mandal Kaleswaram
2361 Karimnagar Mahadevpur Mandal Kamanpalle
2362 Karimnagar Mahadevpur Mandal Kancherlapalle
2363 Karimnagar Mahadevpur Mandal Kannepalle
2364 Karimnagar Mahadevpur Mandal Kishtapur
2365 Karimnagar Mahadevpur Mandal Kishtaraopet
2366 Karimnagar Mahadevpur Mandal Kothapet
2367 Karimnagar Mahadevpur Mandal Kudurpalle
2368 Karimnagar Mahadevpur Mandal Kuntlam
2369 Karimnagar Mahadevpur Mandal Laxmipur
2370 Karimnagar Mahadevpur Mandal Lenkalagadda
2371 Karimnagar Mahadevpur Mandal Mahadevpur
2372 Karimnagar Mahadevpur Mandal Majeedpalle
2373 Karimnagar Mahadevpur Mandal Medigadda
2374 Karimnagar Mahadevpur Mandal Medigadda
2375 Karimnagar Mahadevpur Mandal Metpalle
2376 Karimnagar Mahadevpur Mandal Moded
2377 Karimnagar Mahadevpur Mandal Muddulapalle
2378 Karimnagar Mahadevpur Mandal Muknur
2379 Karimnagar Mahadevpur Mandal Muktipalle
2380 Karimnagar Mahadevpur Mandal Nagepalle
2381 Karimnagar Mahadevpur Mandal Neelampalle
2382 Karimnagar Mahadevpur Mandal Palgula
2383 Karimnagar Mahadevpur Mandal Palmela
2384 Karimnagar Mahadevpur Mandal Pankena
2385 Karimnagar Mahadevpur Mandal Peddampet
2386 Karimnagar Mahadevpur Mandal Puskupalle
2387 Karimnagar Mahadevpur Mandal Rapallekota
2388 Karimnagar Mahadevpur Mandal Sarvaipet
2389 Karimnagar Mahadevpur Mandal Suraram
2390 Karimnagar Mahadevpur Mandal Tallagadda
2391 Karimnagar Mahadevpur Mandal Timmatigudem
2392 Karimnagar Mahadevpur Mandal Venchepalle
2393 Karimnagar Mahadevpur Mandal Yenkepalle
2394 Karimnagar Malharrao Mandal Ankanpalle
2395 Karimnagar Malharrao Mandal Ansanpalle
2396 Karimnagar Malharrao Mandal Chigurupalle
2397 Karimnagar Malharrao Mandal Chinna Thoondla
2398 Karimnagar Malharrao Mandal Domala Madaram
2399 Karimnagar Malharrao Mandal Dubbagattu
2400 Karimnagar Malharrao Mandal Dubbapeta
2401 Karimnagar Malharrao Mandal Gandharla
2402 Karimnagar Malharrao Mandal Kapuram
2403 Karimnagar Malharrao Mandal Kondampet
2404 Karimnagar Malharrao Mandal Korlakunta
2405 Karimnagar Malharrao Mandal Mallampalle
2406 Karimnagar Malharrao Mandal Mallaram
2407 Karimnagar Malharrao Mandal Mothkupalle
2408 Karimnagar Malharrao Mandal Nacharam
2409 Karimnagar Malharrao Mandal Pedda Thoondla
2410 Karimnagar Malharrao Mandal Rudraram
2411 Karimnagar Malharrao Mandal Shatrajpalle
2412 Karimnagar Malharrao Mandal Tadicherla
2413 Karimnagar Malharrao Mandal Tadwai
2414 Karimnagar Malharrao Mandal Vallamkunta
2415 Karimnagar Malharrao Mandal Yedlapalle
2416 Karimnagar Mallapur Mandal Adavimadhapur
2417 Karimnagar Mallapur Mandal Chittapur
2418 Karimnagar Mallapur Mandal Damarajapalle
2419 Karimnagar Mallapur Mandal Dharmaram
2420 Karimnagar Mallapur Mandal Gorrepalle
2421 Karimnagar Mallapur Mandal Gundampalle
2422 Karimnagar Mallapur Mandal Indira Nagar
2423 Karimnagar Mallapur Mandal Laxmipur
2424 Karimnagar Mallapur Mandal Mallapur
2425 Karimnagar Mallapur Mandal Mogalpet
2426 Karimnagar Mallapur Mandal Muthampet
2427 Karimnagar Mallapur Mandal Nadukuda
2428 Karimnagar Mallapur Mandal Obblapur
2429 Karimnagar Mallapur Mandal Raghavapeta
2430 Karimnagar Mallapur Mandal Ramdaspeta
2431 Karimnagar Mallapur Mandal Regunta
2432 Karimnagar Mallapur Mandal Sangem
2433 Karimnagar Mallapur Mandal Sataram
2434 Karimnagar Mallapur Mandal Sirpur
2435 Karimnagar Mallapur Mandal Sri Rampur
2436 Karimnagar Mallapur Mandal Valgonda
2437 Karimnagar Mallapur Mandal Vempalli Venkata Raopeta
2438 Karimnagar Mallial Mandal Balwanthapur
2439 Karimnagar Mallial Mandal Gorregundam
2440 Karimnagar Mallial Mandal Maddutla
2441 Karimnagar Mallial Mandal Mallial
2442 Karimnagar Mallial Mandal Manala
2443 Karimnagar Mallial Mandal Muthyampeta
2444 Karimnagar Mallial Mandal Myadampalle
2445 Karimnagar Mallial Mandal Nookapalle
2446 Karimnagar Mallial Mandal Obulapur
2447 Karimnagar Mallial Mandal Potharam
2448 Karimnagar Mallial Mandal Rajaram
2449 Karimnagar Mallial Mandal Rampur
2450 Karimnagar Mallial Mandal Sarvapur
2451 Karimnagar Mallial Mandal Thakkallapalle
2452 Karimnagar Mallial Mandal Thatipalle
2453 Karimnagar Manakondur Mandal Annaram
2454 Karimnagar Manakondur Mandal Chengerla
2455 Karimnagar Manakondur Mandal Devampalle
2456 Karimnagar Manakondur Mandal Edulagattepalle
2457 Karimnagar Manakondur Mandal Gangipalle
2458 Karimnagar Manakondur Mandal Gattududdenapalle
2459 Karimnagar Manakondur Mandal Kalledu
2460 Karimnagar Manakondur Mandal Kondapalkala
2461 Karimnagar Manakondur Mandal Lalithapur
2462 Karimnagar Manakondur Mandal Lingapur
2463 Karimnagar Manakondur Mandal Maddikunta
2464 Karimnagar Manakondur Mandal Manakondur
2465 Karimnagar Manakondur Mandal Munjampalle
2466 Karimnagar Manakondur Mandal Pachchunur
2467 Karimnagar Manakondur Mandal Utoor
2468 Karimnagar Manakondur Mandal Vannaram
2469 Karimnagar Manakondur Mandal Vegurupalle
2470 Karimnagar Manakondur Mandal Veldi
2471 Karimnagar Manthani Mandal Adavisomanpalle
2472 Karimnagar Manthani Mandal Adrial
2473 Karimnagar Manthani Mandal Akkepalle
2474 Karimnagar Manthani Mandal Ammagaripalle
2475 Karimnagar Manthani Mandal Angulur(D)
2476 Karimnagar Manthani Mandal Arenda
2477 Karimnagar Manthani Mandal Bhatpalle
2478 Karimnagar Manthani Mandal Bitpalle (K)
2479 Karimnagar Manthani Mandal Chinnaodela
2480 Karimnagar Manthani Mandal Eklaspur
2481 Karimnagar Manthani Mandal Gaddalapalle
2482 Karimnagar Manthani Mandal Gopalpur
2483 Karimnagar Manthani Mandal Gumnoor
2484 Karimnagar Manthani Mandal Gunjapaduga
2485 Karimnagar Manthani Mandal Kannala
2486 Karimnagar Manthani Mandal Kasipeta
2487 Karimnagar Manthani Mandal Khanapur
2488 Karimnagar Manthani Mandal Khansaibpeta
2489 Karimnagar Manthani Mandal Kuchirajpalle
2490 Karimnagar Manthani Mandal Lakkapur
2491 Karimnagar Manthani Mandal Maidipalle
2492 Karimnagar Manthani Mandal Mallaram
2493 Karimnagar Manthani Mandal Mallepalle
2494 Karimnagar Manthani Mandal Manthani
2495 Karimnagar Manthani Mandal Nagaram
2496 Karimnagar Manthani Mandal Nagepalle
2497 Karimnagar Manthani Mandal Pandulapalle
2498 Karimnagar Manthani Mandal Peddaodela
2499 Karimnagar Manthani Mandal Puttapaka
2500 Karimnagar Manthani Mandal Rachepalle
2501 Karimnagar Manthani Mandal Sarnepalle
2502 Karimnagar Manthani Mandal Siripuram
2503 Karimnagar Manthani Mandal Uppatla
2504 Karimnagar Manthani Mandal Venkatapur
2505 Karimnagar Manthani Mandal Vilochavaram
2506 Karimnagar Medipalle Mandal Bheemaram
2507 Karimnagar Medipalle Mandal Dammannapeta
2508 Karimnagar Medipalle Mandal Govindaram
2509 Karimnagar Medipalle Mandal Kacharam
2510 Karimnagar Medipalle Mandal Kalvakota
2511 Karimnagar Medipalle Mandal Katlakunta
2512 Karimnagar Medipalle Mandal Kondapur
2513 Karimnagar Medipalle Mandal Lingampeta
2514 Karimnagar Medipalle Mandal Machapur
2515 Karimnagar Medipalle Mandal Mannnegudem
2516 Karimnagar Medipalle Mandal Medipalle
2517 Karimnagar Medipalle Mandal Pasnoor
2518 Karimnagar Medipalle Mandal Pormalla
2519 Karimnagar Medipalle Mandal Raghojipeta
2520 Karimnagar Medipalle Mandal Rangapur
2521 Karimnagar Medipalle Mandal Thombarao Peta
2522 Karimnagar Medipalle Mandal Vallampalle
2523 Karimnagar Medipalle Mandal Venkataraopeta
2524 Karimnagar Medipalle Mandal Voddedu
2525 Karimnagar Metpalle Mandal Athmakur
2526 Karimnagar Metpalle Mandal Choulamaddi
2527 Karimnagar Metpalle Mandal Jaggasagar
2528 Karimnagar Metpalle Mandal Kondrikarla
2529 Karimnagar Metpalle Mandal Masaipeta
2530 Karimnagar Metpalle Mandal Metlachittapur
2531 Karimnagar Metpalle Mandal Metpally
2532 Karimnagar Metpalle Mandal Ramchandrampeta
2533 Karimnagar Metpalle Mandal Ramlachakkapeta
2534 Karimnagar Metpalle Mandal Rangarao Peta
2535 Karimnagar Metpalle Mandal Regunta
2536 Karimnagar Metpalle Mandal Vellulla
2537 Karimnagar Metpalle Mandal Vempet
2538 Karimnagar Metpalle Mandal Venkatraopet
2539 Karimnagar Metpalle Mandal Vittampeta
2540 Karimnagar Mustabad Mandal Aunoor
2541 Karimnagar Mustabad Mandal Bandankal
2542 Karimnagar Mustabad Mandal Cheekod
2543 Karimnagar Mustabad Mandal Chippalapalle
2544 Karimnagar Mustabad Mandal Gudem
2545 Karimnagar Mustabad Mandal Gudur
2546 Karimnagar Mustabad Mandal Kondapur
2547 Karimnagar Mustabad Mandal Maddikunta
2548 Karimnagar Mustabad Mandal Moinkunta
2549 Karimnagar Mustabad Mandal Moraipalle
2550 Karimnagar Mustabad Mandal Morrapur
2551 Karimnagar Mustabad Mandal Mustabad
2552 Karimnagar Mustabad Mandal Namapur
2553 Karimnagar Mustabad Mandal Pothugal
2554 Karimnagar Mustabad Mandal Terlumaddi
2555 Karimnagar Mustabad Mandal Turkapalle
2556 Karimnagar Mutharam (Mahadevpur) Mandal Borlagudem
2557 Karimnagar Mutharam (Mahadevpur) Mandal Gaddalapalle
2558 Karimnagar Mutharam (Mahadevpur) Mandal Gandikamaram
2559 Karimnagar Mutharam (Mahadevpur) Mandal Jeelapalle
2560 Karimnagar Mutharam (Mahadevpur) Mandal Kankunoor
2561 Karimnagar Mutharam (Mahadevpur) Mandal Korlakunta
2562 Karimnagar Mutharam (Mahadevpur) Mandal Madharam
2563 Karimnagar Mutharam (Mahadevpur) Mandal Mulugupalle
2564 Karimnagar Mutharam (Mahadevpur) Mandal Mutharam (Mahadevpur)
2565 Karimnagar Mutharam (Mahadevpur) Mandal Nallagunta (Meenajipeta)
2566 Karimnagar Mutharam (Mahadevpur) Mandal Nimmagudem
2567 Karimnagar Mutharam (Mahadevpur) Mandal Pegdapalle
2568 Karimnagar Mutharam (Mahadevpur) Mandal Polaram
2569 Karimnagar Mutharam (Mahadevpur) Mandal Reddipalle
2570 Karimnagar Mutharam (Mahadevpur) Mandal Regula Gudem
2571 Karimnagar Mutharam (Mahadevpur) Mandal Singampalle
2572 Karimnagar Mutharam (Mahadevpur) Mandal Singaram
2573 Karimnagar Mutharam (Mahadevpur) Mandal Stambhampalle (P.K.)
2574 Karimnagar Mutharam (Mahadevpur) Mandal Stambhampalle (PP)
2575 Karimnagar Mutharam (Mahadevpur) Mandal Vajnepalle
2576 Karimnagar Mutharam (Mahadevpur) Mandal Yamanpalle
2577 Karimnagar Mutharam (Mahadevpur) Mandal Yetnaram
2578 Karimnagar Mutharam (Manthani) Mandal Adavisrirampur
2579 Karimnagar Mutharam (Manthani) Mandal Adivarampeta
2580 Karimnagar Mutharam (Manthani) Mandal Budhavarampeta @ Ramaiahpalle
2581 Karimnagar Mutharam (Manthani) Mandal Dharyapur
2582 Karimnagar Mutharam (Manthani) Mandal Ippalapalle
2583 Karimnagar Mutharam (Manthani) Mandal Kesanapalle
2584 Karimnagar Mutharam (Manthani) Mandal Khammampalle
2585 Karimnagar Mutharam (Manthani) Mandal Ladnapur
2586 Karimnagar Mutharam (Manthani) Mandal Lakkaram
2587 Karimnagar Mutharam (Manthani) Mandal Matchupeta
2588 Karimnagar Mutharam (Manthani) Mandal Mutharam
2589 Karimnagar Mutharam (Manthani) Mandal Mydambanda
2590 Karimnagar Mutharam (Manthani) Mandal Odedu
2591 Karimnagar Mutharam (Manthani) Mandal Parupalle
2592 Karimnagar Mutharam (Manthani) Mandal Potharam
2593 Karimnagar Mutharam (Manthani) Mandal Sarvaram
2594 Karimnagar Mutharam (Manthani) Mandal Shatharajpalle
2595 Karimnagar Mutharam (Manthani) Mandal Sukravarampeta
2596 Karimnagar Odela Mandal Gudem
2597 Karimnagar Odela Mandal Gumpula
2598 Karimnagar Odela Mandal Indurthi
2599 Karimnagar Odela Mandal Kangarthi
2600 Karimnagar Odela Mandal Kolanoor
2601 Karimnagar Odela Mandal Komera
2602 Karimnagar Odela Mandal Madaka
2603 Karimnagar Odela Mandal Namsanipalle
2604 Karimnagar Odela Mandal Odela
2605 Karimnagar Odela Mandal Pathkapalle
2606 Karimnagar Odela Mandal Sanagonda
2607 Karimnagar Peddapalle Mandal Appannapet
2608 Karimnagar Peddapalle Mandal Bhojannapet
2609 Karimnagar Peddapalle Mandal Brahmanpalle(PS)
2610 Karimnagar Peddapalle Mandal Cheekurai
2611 Karimnagar Peddapalle Mandal Gattusingaram
2612 Karimnagar Peddapalle Mandal Gowreddipeta
2613 Karimnagar Peddapalle Mandal Kanagarthi
2614 Karimnagar Peddapalle Mandal Kothapalle
2615 Karimnagar Peddapalle Mandal Maredugonda
2616 Karimnagar Peddapalle Mandal Mulasala
2617 Karimnagar Peddapalle Mandal Nimmanapalle
2618 Karimnagar Peddapalle Mandal Nittur
2619 Karimnagar Peddapalle Mandal Palthem
2620 Karimnagar Peddapalle Mandal Peddabonkur
2621 Karimnagar Peddapalle Mandal Peddakalvala
2622 Karimnagar Peddapalle Mandal Peddapalle(CT)
2623 Karimnagar Peddapalle Mandal Raghavapur
2624 Karimnagar Peddapalle Mandal Ragineedu
2625 Karimnagar Peddapalle Mandal Rampalle
2626 Karimnagar Peddapalle Mandal Rangampalle
2627 Karimnagar Peddapalle Mandal Rangapur
2628 Karimnagar Peddapalle Mandal Sabitham
2629 Karimnagar Peddapalle Mandal Turkalamaddi Kunta
2630 Karimnagar Pegadapalle Mandal Aithupalle
2631 Karimnagar Pegadapalle Mandal Aravelli
2632 Karimnagar Pegadapalle Mandal Bathkepalle
2633 Karimnagar Pegadapalle Mandal Devikonda
2634 Karimnagar Pegadapalle Mandal Keesulatapalle
2635 Karimnagar Pegadapalle Mandal Laxmipur
2636 Karimnagar Pegadapalle Mandal Legalamarri
2637 Karimnagar Pegadapalle Mandal Lingapur
2638 Karimnagar Pegadapalle Mandal Namapur
2639 Karimnagar Pegadapalle Mandal Nancherla
2640 Karimnagar Pegadapalle Mandal Nandagiri
2641 Karimnagar Pegadapalle Mandal Narsimhunipeta
2642 Karimnagar Pegadapalle Mandal Pegadapalle
2643 Karimnagar Pegadapalle Mandal Thirmalapuram
2644 Karimnagar Pegadapalle Mandal Vengalaipet
2645 Karimnagar Pegadapalle Mandal Yellapur
2646 Karimnagar Raikal Mandal Allipur
2647 Karimnagar Raikal Mandal Alur
2648 Karimnagar Raikal Mandal Bhoopathipur
2649 Karimnagar Raikal Mandal Bornapalle
2650 Karimnagar Raikal Mandal Chintalur
2651 Karimnagar Raikal Mandal Devanpalle
2652 Karimnagar Raikal Mandal Dharmajipet
2653 Karimnagar Raikal Mandal Itkyal
2654 Karimnagar Raikal Mandal Katkapur
2655 Karimnagar Raikal Mandal Kistampet
2656 Karimnagar Raikal Mandal Kummaripalle
2657 Karimnagar Raikal Mandal Mahitapur
2658 Karimnagar Raikal Mandal Mootapalle
2659 Karimnagar Raikal Mandal Oddelingapur
2660 Karimnagar Raikal Mandal Raikal
2661 Karimnagar Raikal Mandal Ramajipet
2662 Karimnagar Raikal Mandal Tatlavai
2663 Karimnagar Raikal Mandal Uppumadige
2664 Karimnagar Raikal Mandal Vasthapur
2665 Karimnagar Raikal Mandal Veerapur
2666 Karimnagar Ramadugu Mandal Chippakurthi
2667 Karimnagar Ramadugu Mandal Dathojipet
2668 Karimnagar Ramadugu Mandal Deshrajpalle
2669 Karimnagar Ramadugu Mandal Fakeerpet
2670 Karimnagar Ramadugu Mandal Gopalraopet
2671 Karimnagar Ramadugu Mandal Gundi
2672 Karimnagar Ramadugu Mandal Kistapur
2673 Karimnagar Ramadugu Mandal Kokkerakunta
2674 Karimnagar Ramadugu Mandal Koratpalle
2675 Karimnagar Ramadugu Mandal Lakshmipur
2676 Karimnagar Ramadugu Mandal Mothe
2677 Karimnagar Ramadugu Mandal Ramadugu
2678 Karimnagar Ramadugu Mandal Rudraram
2679 Karimnagar Ramadugu Mandal Shanagar
2680 Karimnagar Ramadugu Mandal Sriramulapalle
2681 Karimnagar Ramadugu Mandal Thirmalapur
2682 Karimnagar Ramadugu Mandal Vannaram
2683 Karimnagar Ramadugu Mandal Vedira
2684 Karimnagar Ramadugu Mandal Velichal
2685 Karimnagar Ramagundam Mandal Akenpalle
2686 Karimnagar Ramagundam Mandal Allur
2687 Karimnagar Ramagundam Mandal Antargoan
2688 Karimnagar Ramagundam Mandal Brahmanapalle
2689 Karimnagar Ramagundam Mandal Eklaspur
2690 Karimnagar Ramagundam Mandal Elkalpalle
2691 Karimnagar Ramagundam Mandal Esalatakkallapalle
2692 Karimnagar Ramagundam Mandal Goelwada
2693 Karimnagar Ramagundam Mandal Gudipalle
2694 Karimnagar Ramagundam Mandal Jangoam
2695 Karimnagar Ramagundam Mandal Jayyaram
2696 Karimnagar Ramagundam Mandal Kukkalagudur
2697 Karimnagar Ramagundam Mandal Kundanpalle
2698 Karimnagar Ramagundam Mandal Lingapur
2699 Karimnagar Ramagundam Mandal Maddiriyala
2700 Karimnagar Ramagundam Mandal Maidipalle
2701 Karimnagar Ramagundam Mandal Malkapur
2702 Karimnagar Ramagundam Mandal Mallaipally
2703 Karimnagar Ramagundam Mandal Maredupaka
2704 Karimnagar Ramagundam Mandal Mogalpahad
2705 Karimnagar Ramagundam Mandal Murmoor
2706 Karimnagar Ramagundam Mandal Palakurthy(CT)
2707 Karimnagar Ramagundam Mandal Paratpalle
2708 Karimnagar Ramagundam Mandal Potial
2709 Karimnagar Ramagundam Mandal Putnoor
2710 Karimnagar Ramagundam Mandal Raidandi
2711 Karimnagar Ramagundam Mandal Ramagundam
2712 Karimnagar Ramagundam Mandal Somanapalle
2713 Karimnagar Ramagundam Mandal Vemnoor
2714 Karimnagar Ramagundam Mandal Yellampalle
2715 Karimnagar Saidapur Mandal Akunur
2716 Karimnagar Saidapur Mandal Ammanagurthi
2717 Karimnagar Saidapur Mandal Bommakal
2718 Karimnagar Saidapur Mandal Duddenapalle
2719 Karimnagar Saidapur Mandal Eklaspur
2720 Karimnagar Saidapur Mandal Elabotharam
2721 Karimnagar Saidapur Mandal Ghanpur
2722 Karimnagar Saidapur Mandal Godisala
2723 Karimnagar Saidapur Mandal Raikal
2724 Karimnagar Saidapur Mandal Ramchandrapur
2725 Karimnagar Saidapur Mandal Saidapur
2726 Karimnagar Saidapur Mandal Somaram
2727 Karimnagar Saidapur Mandal Venkepalle
2728 Karimnagar Saidapur Mandal Vennampalle
2729 Karimnagar Sarangapur Mandal Arpapalle
2730 Karimnagar Sarangapur Mandal Battapalle
2731 Karimnagar Sarangapur Mandal Beerpur
2732 Karimnagar Sarangapur Mandal Cherlapalle
2733 Karimnagar Sarangapur Mandal Ganeshpalle
2734 Karimnagar Sarangapur Mandal Kammunur
2735 Karimnagar Sarangapur Mandal Kandlapalle
2736 Karimnagar Sarangapur Mandal Kolvai
2737 Karimnagar Sarangapur Mandal Komanpalle
2738 Karimnagar Sarangapur Mandal Konapur
2739 Karimnagar Sarangapur Mandal Latchakkapet
2740 Karimnagar Sarangapur Mandal Laxmidevipalle
2741 Karimnagar Sarangapur Mandal Mangela
2742 Karimnagar Sarangapur Mandal Mothinagar
2743 Karimnagar Sarangapur Mandal Nagunur
2744 Karimnagar Sarangapur Mandal Narsimlapalle
2745 Karimnagar Sarangapur Mandal Pembetla
2746 Karimnagar Sarangapur Mandal Potharam
2747 Karimnagar Sarangapur Mandal Rangapet
2748 Karimnagar Sarangapur Mandal Rangasagar
2749 Karimnagar Sarangapur Mandal Rechapalle
2750 Karimnagar Sarangapur Mandal Rekulapalle
2751 Karimnagar Sarangapur Mandal Sarangapur
2752 Karimnagar Sarangapur Mandal Thalladharmaram
2753 Karimnagar Sarangapur Mandal Thungur
2754 Karimnagar Shankarapatnam Mandal Ambalpur
2755 Karimnagar Shankarapatnam Mandal Amudalapalle
2756 Karimnagar Shankarapatnam Mandal Arkandla
2757 Karimnagar Shankarapatnam Mandal Dharmaram
2758 Karimnagar Shankarapatnam Mandal Gaddapaka
2759 Karimnagar Shankarapatnam Mandal Kachapur
2760 Karimnagar Shankarapatnam Mandal Kalavala
2761 Karimnagar Shankarapatnam Mandal Kannapur
2762 Karimnagar Shankarapatnam Mandal Kareempet
2763 Karimnagar Shankarapatnam Mandal Kesavapatnam
2764 Karimnagar Shankarapatnam Mandal Kothaghat
2765 Karimnagar Shankarapatnam Mandal Metpalle
2766 Karimnagar Shankarapatnam Mandal Molangur
2767 Karimnagar Shankarapatnam Mandal Mutharam
2768 Karimnagar Shankarapatnam Mandal Rajapur
2769 Karimnagar Shankarapatnam Mandal Thadikal
2770 Karimnagar Shankarapatnam Mandal Yeradpalle
2771 Karimnagar Sircilla Mandal Badnepalle
2772 Karimnagar Sircilla Mandal Baswapur
2773 Karimnagar Sircilla Mandal Bonala
2774 Karimnagar Sircilla Mandal Cheerlavancha
2775 Karimnagar Sircilla Mandal Chintalthana
2776 Karimnagar Sircilla Mandal Gandilachachapet
2777 Karimnagar Sircilla Mandal Jillella
2778 Karimnagar Sircilla Mandal Kasbekatkur
2779 Karimnagar Sircilla Mandal Mandepalle
2780 Karimnagar Sircilla Mandal Mushtipalle (Part)
2781 Karimnagar Sircilla Mandal Narsimhulapalle
2782 Karimnagar Sircilla Mandal Nerella
2783 Karimnagar Sircilla Mandal Oblapur(PK)
2784 Karimnagar Sircilla Mandal Peddur
2785 Karimnagar Sircilla Mandal Ramchandrapur
2786 Karimnagar Sircilla Mandal Sarampalle
2787 Karimnagar Sircilla Mandal Sardapur
2788 Karimnagar Sircilla Mandal Sircilla (R)(Part)
2789 Karimnagar Sircilla Mandal Thadur
2790 Karimnagar Sircilla Mandal Thangallapalle
2791 Karimnagar Sircilla Mandal Venugopalpur
2792 Karimnagar Srirampur Mandal Edulapuram
2793 Karimnagar Srirampur Mandal Gangaram
2794 Karimnagar Srirampur Mandal Jafarkhanpet
2795 Karimnagar Srirampur Mandal Kistampet
2796 Karimnagar Srirampur Mandal Kunaram
2797 Karimnagar Srirampur Mandal Madipalle
2798 Karimnagar Srirampur Mandal Mallial
2799 Karimnagar Srirampur Mandal Mangapet
2800 Karimnagar Srirampur Mandal Mirzampet
2801 Karimnagar Srirampur Mandal Motlapalle
2802 Karimnagar Srirampur Mandal Pandilla
2803 Karimnagar Srirampur Mandal Peddampet
2804 Karimnagar Srirampur Mandal Pegadapalle
2805 Karimnagar Srirampur Mandal Rathupalle
2806 Karimnagar Srirampur Mandal Srirampur
2807 Karimnagar Srirampur Mandal Tharupalle
2808 Karimnagar Srirampur Mandal Vennampalle
2809 Karimnagar Sultanabad Mandal Bhoopathipuram
2810 Karimnagar Sultanabad Mandal Chinnabonkur
2811 Karimnagar Sultanabad Mandal Chinnakalvala
2812 Karimnagar Sultanabad Mandal Dubbapet
2813 Karimnagar Sultanabad Mandal Garrepalle
2814 Karimnagar Sultanabad Mandal Gattepalle
2815 Karimnagar Sultanabad Mandal Gollapalle
2816 Karimnagar Sultanabad Mandal Ithrajpalle
2817 Karimnagar Sultanabad Mandal Kadambapur
2818 Karimnagar Sultanabad Mandal Kanukula
2819 Karimnagar Sultanabad Mandal Katnepalle
2820 Karimnagar Sultanabad Mandal Kodurupaka
2821 Karimnagar Sultanabad Mandal Mancharami
2822 Karimnagar Sultanabad Mandal Miyapur
2823 Karimnagar Sultanabad Mandal Neerukulla
2824 Karimnagar Sultanabad Mandal Poosala
2825 Karimnagar Sultanabad Mandal Rebbaldevipalle
2826 Karimnagar Sultanabad Mandal Regadimaddikunta
2827 Karimnagar Sultanabad Mandal Suddala
2828 Karimnagar Sultanabad Mandal Sultanabad
2829 Karimnagar Sultanabad Mandal Thogarrai
2830 Karimnagar Timmapur (LMD Colony) Mandal Algunur
2831 Karimnagar Timmapur (LMD Colony) Mandal Kothapalle (P.N)
2832 Karimnagar Timmapur (LMD Colony) Mandal Mallapur
2833 Karimnagar Timmapur (LMD Colony) Mandal Mannenpalle
2834 Karimnagar Timmapur (LMD Colony) Mandal Mogilipalem
2835 Karimnagar Timmapur (LMD Colony) Mandal Nallagonda
2836 Karimnagar Timmapur (LMD Colony) Mandal Nedunur
2837 Karimnagar Timmapur (LMD Colony) Mandal Nustulapur
2838 Karimnagar Timmapur (LMD Colony) Mandal Parlapalle
2839 Karimnagar Timmapur (LMD Colony) Mandal Polampalle
2840 Karimnagar Timmapur (LMD Colony) Mandal Porandla
2841 Karimnagar Timmapur (LMD Colony) Mandal Renikunta
2842 Karimnagar Timmapur (LMD Colony) Mandal Thimmapur
2843 Karimnagar Timmapur (LMD Colony) Mandal Vachunur
2844 Karimnagar Veenavanka Mandal Bethgal
2845 Karimnagar Veenavanka Mandal Bonthupalle
2846 Karimnagar Veenavanka Mandal Brahmanpalle
2847 Karimnagar Veenavanka Mandal Challoor
2848 Karimnagar Veenavanka Mandal Elbak
2849 Karimnagar Veenavanka Mandal Ghanmukla
2850 Karimnagar Veenavanka Mandal Kanparthi
2851 Karimnagar Veenavanka Mandal Kondapaka
2852 Karimnagar Veenavanka Mandal Korkal(Jangampalle)
2853 Karimnagar Veenavanka Mandal Mamidalapalle
2854 Karimnagar Veenavanka Mandal Pothireddipalle
2855 Karimnagar Veenavanka Mandal Reddipalle
2856 Karimnagar Veenavanka Mandal Valbapur
2857 Karimnagar Veenavanka Mandal Veenavanka
2858 Karimnagar Velgatoor Mandal Ambaripeta
2859 Karimnagar Velgatoor Mandal Cheggaon
2860 Karimnagar Velgatoor Mandal Endapalle
2861 Karimnagar Velgatoor Mandal Godiselapet
2862 Karimnagar Velgatoor Mandal Gullakota
2863 Karimnagar Velgatoor Mandal Jagdevpeta
2864 Karimnagar Velgatoor Mandal Kapparaopeta
2865 Karimnagar Velgatoor Mandal Kishanraopeta
2866 Karimnagar Velgatoor Mandal Kondapur
2867 Karimnagar Velgatoor Mandal Kothapet
2868 Karimnagar Velgatoor Mandal Maredupalle
2869 Karimnagar Velgatoor Mandal Mukktraopet
2870 Karimnagar Velgatoor Mandal Munjampalle
2871 Karimnagar Velgatoor Mandal Muthunur
2872 Karimnagar Velgatoor Mandal Padkal
2873 Karimnagar Velgatoor Mandal Paidipalle
2874 Karimnagar Velgatoor Mandal Pathagudur
2875 Karimnagar Velgatoor Mandal Ramnoor
2876 Karimnagar Velgatoor Mandal Sakapuram
2877 Karimnagar Velgatoor Mandal Sanabanda
2878 Karimnagar Velgatoor Mandal Sankenapalle
2879 Karimnagar Velgatoor Mandal Suraram
2880 Karimnagar Velgatoor Mandal Undeda
2881 Karimnagar Velgatoor Mandal Velgatoor
2882 Karimnagar Vemulawada Mandal Anupuram
2883 Karimnagar Vemulawada Mandal Bollaram
2884 Karimnagar Vemulawada Mandal Chandragiri
2885 Karimnagar Vemulawada Mandal Chekkapalle
2886 Karimnagar Vemulawada Mandal Edurugatla
2887 Karimnagar Vemulawada Mandal Fazil Nagar
2888 Karimnagar Vemulawada Mandal Hanumajipet
2889 Karimnagar Vemulawada Mandal Jayavaram
2890 Karimnagar Vemulawada Mandal Kodumunja
2891 Karimnagar Vemulawada Mandal Lingampalle
2892 Karimnagar Vemulawada Mandal Mallaram
2893 Karimnagar Vemulawada Mandal Marripalle
2894 Karimnagar Vemulawada Mandal Marupaka
2895 Karimnagar Vemulawada Mandal Nampalle
2896 Karimnagar Vemulawada Mandal Nookalamarri
2897 Karimnagar Vemulawada Mandal Rudraram
2898 Karimnagar Vemulawada Mandal Sankepalle
2899 Karimnagar Vemulawada Mandal Satrajupalle
2900 Karimnagar Vemulawada Mandal Thettakunta
2901 Karimnagar Vemulawada Mandal Thippapuram
2902 Karimnagar Vemulawada Mandal Vattemla
2903 Karimnagar Vemulawada Mandal Vemulawada (R)(CT)
2904 Karimnagar Vemulawada Mandal Venkatampalle
2905 Karimnagar Yellareddipet Mandal Adivipadira
2906 Karimnagar Yellareddipet Mandal Akkapalle
2907 Karimnagar Yellareddipet Mandal Almaspur
2908 Karimnagar Yellareddipet Mandal Bandalingampalle
2909 Karimnagar Yellareddipet Mandal Boppapuram
2910 Karimnagar Yellareddipet Mandal Dumala
2911 Karimnagar Yellareddipet Mandal Garjanpalle
2912 Karimnagar Yellareddipet Mandal Gollapalle
2913 Karimnagar Yellareddipet Mandal Gundaram (PR)
2914 Karimnagar Yellareddipet Mandal Kancherla
2915 Karimnagar Yellareddipet Mandal Korutlapet
2916 Karimnagar Yellareddipet Mandal Maddimalla
2917 Karimnagar Yellareddipet Mandal Narayanapur
2918 Karimnagar Yellareddipet Mandal Padira
2919 Karimnagar Yellareddipet Mandal Pothareddipalle
2920 Karimnagar Yellareddipet Mandal Rajannapet
2921 Karimnagar Yellareddipet Mandal Sarvaipalle
2922 Karimnagar Yellareddipet Mandal Singaram
2923 Karimnagar Yellareddipet Mandal Timmapuram
2924 Karimnagar Yellareddipet Mandal Vanapalle
2925 Karimnagar Yellareddipet Mandal Veernapalle
2926 Karimnagar Yellareddipet Mandal Venkatapuram
2927 Karimnagar Yellareddipet Mandal Yellareddipeta
2928 Khammam Aswapuram Mandal Amerla
2929 Khammam Aswapuram Mandal Ammagaripalle
2930 Khammam Aswapuram Mandal Aswapuram
2931 Khammam Aswapuram Mandal Chintriyala
2932 Khammam Aswapuram Mandal Gandigudem
2933 Khammam Aswapuram Mandal Kesavapuram
2934 Khammam Aswapuram Mandal Kummarigudem
2935 Khammam Aswapuram Mandal Mamillavai
2936 Khammam Aswapuram Mandal Nellipaka
2937 Khammam Aswapuram Mandal Pamulapalle
2938 Khammam Aswapuram Mandal Thummalacheruvu
2939 Khammam Aswaraopeta Mandal Achuthapuram
2940 Khammam Aswaraopeta Mandal Anantharam
2941 Khammam Aswaraopeta Mandal Asupaka
2942 Khammam Aswaraopeta Mandal Aswaraopeta
2943 Khammam Aswaraopeta Mandal Bachuvarigudem
2944 Khammam Aswaraopeta Mandal Durdapadu
2945 Khammam Aswaraopeta Mandal Gummadavalli
2946 Khammam Aswaraopeta Mandal Guntimadugu
2947 Khammam Aswaraopeta Mandal Jammigudem
2948 Khammam Aswaraopeta Mandal Kannaigudem
2949 Khammam Aswaraopeta Mandal Kavidigundla
2950 Khammam Aswaraopeta Mandal Khammampad
2951 Khammam Aswaraopeta Mandal Lankalapalle
2952 Khammam Aswaraopeta Mandal Maddikonda
2953 Khammam Aswaraopeta Mandal Nandipadu
2954 Khammam Aswaraopeta Mandal Naramuvarigudem
2955 Khammam Aswaraopeta Mandal Narayanapuram
2956 Khammam Aswaraopeta Mandal Ramannagudem
2957 Khammam Aswaraopeta Mandal Tirumalakunta
2958 Khammam Aswaraopeta Mandal Vedanthapuram
2959 Khammam Bayyaram Mandal Bayyaram
2960 Khammam Bayyaram Mandal Dharmapuram
2961 Khammam Bayyaram Mandal Gandhampalle
2962 Khammam Bayyaram Mandal Gowraram
2963 Khammam Bayyaram Mandal Gurimella
2964 Khammam Bayyaram Mandal Irsulapuram
2965 Khammam Bayyaram Mandal Jagathraopet
2966 Khammam Bayyaram Mandal Kachanapalle
2967 Khammam Bayyaram Mandal Kambalapalle
2968 Khammam Bayyaram Mandal Kommavaram
2969 Khammam Bayyaram Mandal Kothapeta
2970 Khammam Bayyaram Mandal Lingagiri
2971 Khammam Bayyaram Mandal Motlathimma Puram
2972 Khammam Bayyaram Mandal Ramachandra Puram
2973 Khammam Bayyaram Mandal Singaram
2974 Khammam Bayyaram Mandal Uppalapadu
2975 Khammam Bayyaram Mandal Venkatapuram
2976 Khammam Bhadrachalam Mandal Bhadrachalam(CT)
2977 Khammam Bonakal Mandal Allapadu
2978 Khammam Bonakal Mandal Bonakal
2979 Khammam Bonakal Mandal Brahmanapalle (K)
2980 Khammam Bonakal Mandal Chinna Beeravalli
2981 Khammam Bonakal Mandal Chirunomula
2982 Khammam Bonakal Mandal Choppa Katlapalem
2983 Khammam Bonakal Mandal Garlapadu
2984 Khammam Bonakal Mandal Govindapuram
2985 Khammam Bonakal Mandal Kalakota
2986 Khammam Bonakal Mandal Laxmipuram
2987 Khammam Bonakal Mandal Motamarri
2988 Khammam Bonakal Mandal Mustikuntla
2989 Khammam Bonakal Mandal Narayanapuram
2990 Khammam Bonakal Mandal Peddabeeravalli
2991 Khammam Bonakal Mandal Ramapuram
2992 Khammam Bonakal Mandal Rapalle
2993 Khammam Bonakal Mandal Ravinoothala
2994 Khammam Bonakal Mandal Tutikuntla
2995 Khammam Burgampahad Mandal Burgampahad
2996 Khammam Burgampahad Mandal Irvendi
2997 Khammam Burgampahad Mandal Krishna Sagar
2998 Khammam Burgampahad Mandal Morampalle
2999 Khammam Burgampahad Mandal Mothepattinagar
3000 Khammam Burgampahad Mandal Nagineniprolu
3001 Khammam Burgampahad Mandal Nakirapeta
3002 Khammam Burgampahad Mandal Pinapaka Pattinagar
3003 Khammam Burgampahad Mandal Sarapaka(CT)
3004 Khammam Burgampahad Mandal Sompalle
3005 Khammam Burgampahad Mandal Tekula
3006 Khammam Burgampahad Mandal Uppusaka
3007 Khammam Chandrugonda Mandal Abbugudem
3008 Khammam Chandrugonda Mandal Annadevam
3009 Khammam Chandrugonda Mandal Annapureddipalle
3010 Khammam Chandrugonda Mandal Chandrugonda
3011 Khammam Chandrugonda Mandal Dameracharla
3012 Khammam Chandrugonda Mandal Ganugapadu
3013 Khammam Chandrugonda Mandal Gumpena
3014 Khammam Chandrugonda Mandal Gurramgudem
3015 Khammam Chandrugonda Mandal Maddukuru
3016 Khammam Chandrugonda Mandal Namavaram
3017 Khammam Chandrugonda Mandal Narsapuram
3018 Khammam Chandrugonda Mandal Peddireddigudem
3019 Khammam Chandrugonda Mandal Pentlam
3020 Khammam Chandrugonda Mandal Pokalagudem
3021 Khammam Chandrugonda Mandal Ravikampadu
3022 Khammam Chandrugonda Mandal Seethaigudem
3023 Khammam Chandrugonda Mandal Teligerla
3024 Khammam Chandrugonda Mandal Thungaram
3025 Khammam Chandrugonda Mandal Tippanapalle
3026 Khammam Chandrugonda Mandal Vootupalle
3027 Khammam Cherla Mandal Bathinapalle
3028 Khammam Cherla Mandal Bhumullanka
3029 Khammam Cherla Mandal Bodanalli (G)
3030 Khammam Cherla Mandal Bodanalli (Z)
3031 Khammam Cherla Mandal Boinapalle
3032 Khammam Cherla Mandal Chalamala (Z)
3033 Khammam Cherla Mandal Cherla(G)
3034 Khammam Cherla Mandal Cherla (Z)
3035 Khammam Cherla Mandal Chimalapadu
3036 Khammam Cherla Mandal China Midisileru (G)
3037 Khammam Cherla Mandal China Midisileru (Z)
3038 Khammam Cherla Mandal Chintaguppa
3039 Khammam Cherla Mandal Chintakunta (Z)
3040 Khammam Cherla Mandal C. Kathigudem
3041 Khammam Cherla Mandal Dandupeta (G)
3042 Khammam Cherla Mandal Dandupeta (Z)
3043 Khammam Cherla Mandal Devarapalle (Z)
3044 Khammam Cherla Mandal Dosillapalle
3045 Khammam Cherla Mandal Gampalle (Z)
3046 Khammam Cherla Mandal Gannavaram (Z)
3047 Khammam Cherla Mandal Gogubaka (Z)
3048 Khammam Cherla Mandal Gommugudem (Z)
3049 Khammam Cherla Mandal Gommupulliboinapalle
3050 Khammam Cherla Mandal Jangalapalle
3051 Khammam Cherla Mandal Jettigudem (Z)
3052 Khammam Cherla Mandal Kaliveru (Z)
3053 Khammam Cherla Mandal Katepalle
3054 Khammam Cherla Mandal Kesavapuram
3055 Khammam Cherla Mandal Kothagudem (Z)
3056 Khammam Cherla Mandal Kothapalle (G)
3057 Khammam Cherla Mandal Kothapalle(Z)
3058 Khammam Cherla Mandal Kothuru
3059 Khammam Cherla Mandal Koyyuru (Z)
3060 Khammam Cherla Mandal Kudunuru (G)
3061 Khammam Cherla Mandal Kudunuru (Z)
3062 Khammam Cherla Mandal Kurnapalle
3063 Khammam Cherla Mandal Lingala (G)
3064 Khammam Cherla Mandal Lingala (Z)
3065 Khammam Cherla Mandal Lingapuram(Z)
3066 Khammam Cherla Mandal Mamidigudem Chalk
3067 Khammam Cherla Mandal Mamidigudem (Z)
3068 Khammam Cherla Mandal Mogullapalle(G)
3069 Khammam Cherla Mandal Mummidaram (Z)
3070 Khammam Cherla Mandal Peda Midisileru Chalk-I
3071 Khammam Cherla Mandal Peda Midisileru Chalk-III
3072 Khammam Cherla Mandal Peda Midisileru Chalk-III
3073 Khammam Cherla Mandal Peda Midisileru (Z)
3074 Khammam Cherla Mandal Peddipalle
3075 Khammam Cherla Mandal Puliboinapalle
3076 Khammam Cherla Mandal Puligundala
3077 Khammam Cherla Mandal Pusuguppa (Patch-I)
3078 Khammam Cherla Mandal Pusuguppa (Patch-II)
3079 Khammam Cherla Mandal Pusuguppa (Patch-III)
3080 Khammam Cherla Mandal Rallagudem
3081 Khammam Cherla Mandal Ramanujapuram
3082 Khammam Cherla Mandal Regunta (G)
3083 Khammam Cherla Mandal Regunta (Z)
3084 Khammam Cherla Mandal Ricepeta
3085 Khammam Cherla Mandal R. Kothagudem
3086 Khammam Cherla Mandal Sarangapani (G)
3087 Khammam Cherla Mandal Sarangapani (Z)
3088 Khammam Cherla Mandal Singasamudram
3089 Khammam Cherla Mandal Srinivasapuram (Z)
3090 Khammam Cherla Mandal Subbampeta
3091 Khammam Cherla Mandal Subbampeta (G)
3092 Khammam Cherla Mandal Subbampeta (Z)
3093 Khammam Cherla Mandal Tegada (G)
3094 Khammam Cherla Mandal Tegada (Z)
3095 Khammam Cherla Mandal Tippapuram
3096 Khammam Cherla Mandal Unjupalle
3097 Khammam Cherla Mandal Upperagudem
3098 Khammam Cherla Mandal Uyyalamadugu (G)
3099 Khammam Cherla Mandal Uyyalamadugu (Z)
3100 Khammam Cherla Mandal Vaddipet (Z)
3101 Khammam Chinthakani Mandal Ananthasagar
3102 Khammam Chinthakani Mandal Basvapuram
3103 Khammam Chinthakani Mandal Chinamandava
3104 Khammam Chinthakani Mandal Chinthakani
3105 Khammam Chinthakani Mandal Kodumuru
3106 Khammam Chinthakani Mandal Latchagudem
3107 Khammam Chinthakani Mandal Mathkepalle
3108 Khammam Chinthakani Mandal Nagili Konda
3109 Khammam Chinthakani Mandal Nagula Vancha
3110 Khammam Chinthakani Mandal Nerada
3111 Khammam Chinthakani Mandal Pandillapalle
3112 Khammam Chinthakani Mandal Patharlapadu
3113 Khammam Chinthakani Mandal Proddutur
3114 Khammam Chinthakani Mandal Repallivada
3115 Khammam Chinthakani Mandal Thimminenipalem
3116 Khammam Chinthakani Mandal Vandanam
3117 Khammam Dammapeta Mandal Akinepalle
3118 Khammam Dammapeta Mandal Amudalalpadu
3119 Khammam Dammapeta Mandal Ankampalem
3120 Khammam Dammapeta Mandal Balarajugudem
3121 Khammam Dammapeta Mandal Dammapeta
3122 Khammam Dammapeta Mandal Ganeshpadu
3123 Khammam Dammapeta Mandal Gunnepalle
3124 Khammam Dammapeta Mandal Jaggaram
3125 Khammam Dammapeta Mandal Katkuru
3126 Khammam Dammapeta Mandal Lachapuram
3127 Khammam Dammapeta Mandal Malkaram
3128 Khammam Dammapeta Mandal Mallaram
3129 Khammam Dammapeta Mandal Mandalapalle
3130 Khammam Dammapeta Mandal Moddulagudem
3131 Khammam Dammapeta Mandal Mustibanda
3132 Khammam Dammapeta Mandal Nacharam
3133 Khammam Dammapeta Mandal Nagupalle
3134 Khammam Dammapeta Mandal Naidupeta
3135 Khammam Dammapeta Mandal Patwarigudem
3136 Khammam Dammapeta Mandal Peddagollagudem
3137 Khammam Dammapeta Mandal Sayanaraopalem
3138 Khammam Dammapeta Mandal Vadlagudem
3139 Khammam Dummugudem Mandal Achuthapuram
3140 Khammam Dummugudem Mandal Adavi Ramavaram
3141 Khammam Dummugudem Mandal Anjubaka
3142 Khammam Dummugudem Mandal Arlagudem
3143 Khammam Dummugudem Mandal Bandarugudem
3144 Khammam Dummugudem Mandal Bheemavaram
3145 Khammam Dummugudem Mandal Bojjiguppa
3146 Khammam Dummugudem Mandal Burra Vemula
3147 Khammam Dummugudem Mandal Byragulapadu
3148 Khammam Dummugudem Mandal Cherupalle
3149 Khammam Dummugudem Mandal Chinnabandirevu
3150 Khammam Dummugudem Mandal Chinna Kamalapuram
3151 Khammam Dummugudem Mandal Chinna Nallaballi
3152 Khammam Dummugudem Mandal Chintaguppa
3153 Khammam Dummugudem Mandal Dabbanuthula
3154 Khammam Dummugudem Mandal Dantenam
3155 Khammam Dummugudem Mandal Dharmapuram
3156 Khammam Dummugudem Mandal Dummugudem
3157 Khammam Dummugudem Mandal Fowlerpeta
3158 Khammam Dummugudem Mandal Gangavaram
3159 Khammam Dummugudem Mandal Gangolu
3160 Khammam Dummugudem Mandal Gouravaram
3161 Khammam Dummugudem Mandal Govindapuram
3162 Khammam Dummugudem Mandal Gurralabayalu
3163 Khammam Dummugudem Mandal Jinnegattu
3164 Khammam Dummugudem Mandal Kannapuram
3165 Khammam Dummugudem Mandal Kasinagaram
3166 Khammam Dummugudem Mandal Katayagudem
3167 Khammam Dummugudem Mandal Kesavapatnam
3168 Khammam Dummugudem Mandal Khalsa Reguballe
3169 Khammam Dummugudem Mandal Khalsa Veerabhadrapuram
3170 Khammam Dummugudem Mandal Kommanapalle
3171 Khammam Dummugudem Mandal Kotha Dummugudem
3172 Khammam Dummugudem Mandal Kothagudem
3173 Khammam Dummugudem Mandal Kothagudem
3174 Khammam Dummugudem Mandal Kothajinnalagudem
3175 Khammam Dummugudem Mandal Kothapalle
3176 Khammam Dummugudem Mandal Kothuru
3177 Khammam Dummugudem Mandal Kotipallepadu
3178 Khammam Dummugudem Mandal Koya Narsapuram
3179 Khammam Dummugudem Mandal Lachigudem
3180 Khammam Dummugudem Mandal Lakshminagaram
3181 Khammam Dummugudem Mandal Lakshmi Narasimharao Peta
3182 Khammam Dummugudem Mandal Lakshmipuram
3183 Khammam Dummugudem Mandal Laxmipuram
3184 Khammam Dummugudem Mandal Lingapuram
3185 Khammam Dummugudem Mandal Mahadevapuram
3186 Khammam Dummugudem Mandal Manguvai
3187 Khammam Dummugudem Mandal Marayagudem
3188 Khammam Dummugudem Mandal Maredubaka (Z)
3189 Khammam Dummugudem Mandal Mulakanapalle
3190 Khammam Dummugudem Mandal Nadikudi
3191 Khammam Dummugudem Mandal Narayanapuram
3192 Khammam Dummugudem Mandal Narayanarao Peta
3193 Khammam Dummugudem Mandal Narsapuram
3194 Khammam Dummugudem Mandal Paidagudem
3195 Khammam Dummugudem Mandal Paidakulamadugu
3196 Khammam Dummugudem Mandal Parnasala
3197 Khammam Dummugudem Mandal Pata Jinnalagudem
3198 Khammam Dummugudem Mandal Patha Maredubaka
3199 Khammam Dummugudem Mandal Pedabandirevu
3200 Khammam Dummugudem Mandal Pedanallaballi
3201 Khammam Dummugudem Mandal Pedda Kamalapuram
3202 Khammam Dummugudem Mandal Pragallapalle
3203 Khammam Dummugudem Mandal Rajupeta
3204 Khammam Dummugudem Mandal Ramachandrapuram
3205 Khammam Dummugudem Mandal Ramachandruni Peta
3206 Khammam Dummugudem Mandal Ramarao Peta
3207 Khammam Dummugudem Mandal Sangam
3208 Khammam Dummugudem Mandal Seetharampuram
3209 Khammam Dummugudem Mandal Singavaram
3210 Khammam Dummugudem Mandal Sitanagaram
3211 Khammam Dummugudem Mandal Subbaraopeta
3212 Khammam Dummugudem Mandal Sughnapuram
3213 Khammam Dummugudem Mandal Suravaram
3214 Khammam Dummugudem Mandal Tailorpeta
3215 Khammam Dummugudem Mandal Turubaka
3216 Khammam Dummugudem Mandal Venkata Ramapuram
3217 Khammam Dummugudem Mandal White Nagaram
3218 Khammam Dummugudem Mandal Work Land Reguballe
3219 Khammam Dummugudem Mandal Yerraboru
3220 Khammam Dummugudem Mandal Zamandari Reguballe
3221 Khammam Dummugudem Mandal Z. Veerabhadrapuram
3222 Khammam Enkuru Mandal Arikayalapadu
3223 Khammam Enkuru Mandal Burda Raghavapuram
3224 Khammam Enkuru Mandal Enkuru
3225 Khammam Enkuru Mandal Jannaram
3226 Khammam Enkuru Mandal Kesupalle
3227 Khammam Enkuru Mandal Medepalle
3228 Khammam Enkuru Mandal Nacharam
3229 Khammam Enkuru Mandal Nukulampadu
3230 Khammam Enkuru Mandal Raimadaram
3231 Khammam Enkuru Mandal Thimmaraopeta
3232 Khammam Enkuru Mandal Thuthaka Lingampeta
3233 Khammam Garla Mandal Buddharam
3234 Khammam Garla Mandal Chandragiri
3235 Khammam Garla Mandal Garla
3236 Khammam Garla Mandal Gopalapuram
3237 Khammam Garla Mandal Kannaigudem
3238 Khammam Garla Mandal Maddi Vancha
3239 Khammam Garla Mandal Mulkanoor
3240 Khammam Garla Mandal Pocharam
3241 Khammam Garla Mandal Pulluru
3242 Khammam Garla Mandal Rampuram
3243 Khammam Garla Mandal Seripuram
3244 Khammam Gundala Mandal Adavi Ramavaram
3245 Khammam Gundala Mandal Allapalle
3246 Khammam Gundala Mandal Ananthogu
3247 Khammam Gundala Mandal Appaipeta
3248 Khammam Gundala Mandal Chinna Venkatapuram
3249 Khammam Gundala Mandal Damarathogu
3250 Khammam Gundala Mandal Galaba
3251 Khammam Gundala Mandal Gundala
3252 Khammam Gundala Mandal Kachanapalle
3253 Khammam Gundala Mandal Konavarigudem
3254 Khammam Gundala Mandal Lingagudem
3255 Khammam Gundala Mandal Mamakannu
3256 Khammam Gundala Mandal Markode
3257 Khammam Gundala Mandal Muthapuram
3258 Khammam Gundala Mandal Padigapur
3259 Khammam Gundala Mandal Pedda Venkatapuram
3260 Khammam Gundala Mandal Ramanujagudem
3261 Khammam Gundala Mandal Rudrapaka
3262 Khammam Gundala Mandal Sayanapalle
3263 Khammam Gundala Mandal Settipalle
3264 Khammam Gundala Mandal Vulavachalakam
3265 Khammam Julurpad Mandal Gundepudi
3266 Khammam Julurpad Mandal Julurpad
3267 Khammam Julurpad Mandal Kakarla
3268 Khammam Julurpad Mandal Karivarigudem
3269 Khammam Julurpad Mandal Machinenipeta
3270 Khammam Julurpad Mandal Nallabandabodu
3271 Khammam Julurpad Mandal Padamata Narsapuram
3272 Khammam Julurpad Mandal Papakollu
3273 Khammam Kallur Mandal Bathulapalle
3274 Khammam Kallur Mandal Chandrupatla
3275 Khammam Kallur Mandal Chennuru
3276 Khammam Kallur Mandal Chinna Korukondi
3277 Khammam Kallur Mandal Gokavaram
3278 Khammam Kallur Mandal Gopala Devaboinapalle
3279 Khammam Kallur Mandal Kallur
3280 Khammam Kallur Mandal Khankhanpet
3281 Khammam Kallur Mandal Korlagudem
3282 Khammam Kallur Mandal Lakshmipuram
3283 Khammam Kallur Mandal Lokavaram
3284 Khammam Kallur Mandal Mucharam
3285 Khammam Kallur Mandal Narayanapuram
3286 Khammam Kallur Mandal Payapur
3287 Khammam Kallur Mandal Peddakorukondi
3288 Khammam Kallur Mandal Peruvancha
3289 Khammam Kallur Mandal Raghunadhagudem
3290 Khammam Kallur Mandal Ravikampadu
3291 Khammam Kallur Mandal Talluru
3292 Khammam Kallur Mandal Telagaram
3293 Khammam Kallur Mandal Vennavalle
3294 Khammam Kallur Mandal Yagna Narayanapuram
3295 Khammam Kallur Mandal Yerraboinapalle
3296 Khammam Kamepalle Mandal Garidepalle
3297 Khammam Kamepalle Mandal Govindrala
3298 Khammam Kamepalle Mandal Jasthipalli
3299 Khammam Kamepalle Mandal Kamepalle
3300 Khammam Kamepalle Mandal Komminepalle
3301 Khammam Kamepalle Mandal Kondaigudem
3302 Khammam Kamepalle Mandal Lingala
3303 Khammam Kamepalle Mandal Maddulapalle
3304 Khammam Kamepalle Mandal Mucherla
3305 Khammam Kamepalle Mandal Nemilipuri
3306 Khammam Kamepalle Mandal Pinjaramadugu
3307 Khammam Kamepalle Mandal Ponnekal
3308 Khammam Kamepalle Mandal Vootukur
3309 Khammam Khammam (Rural) Mandal Arekodu
3310 Khammam Khammam (Rural) Mandal Arempala
3311 Khammam Khammam (Rural) Mandal Barugudem
3312 Khammam Khammam (Rural) Mandal Danavaigudem
3313 Khammam Khammam (Rural) Mandal Daredu
3314 Khammam Khammam (Rural) Mandal Edulapuram(Part)
3315 Khammam Khammam (Rural) Mandal Gollapadu
3316 Khammam Khammam (Rural) Mandal Gudimalla
3317 Khammam Khammam (Rural) Mandal Gudurupadu
3318 Khammam Khammam (Rural) Mandal Gurralapadu
3319 Khammam Khammam (Rural) Mandal Kachirajugudem
3320 Khammam Khammam (Rural) Mandal Kamanchikal
3321 Khammam Khammam (Rural) Mandal Kondapuram
3322 Khammam Khammam (Rural) Mandal Maddulapalle
3323 Khammam Khammam (Rural) Mandal Mallemadugu
3324 Khammam Khammam (Rural) Mandal Muthagudem
3325 Khammam Khammam (Rural) Mandal Pallegudem
3326 Khammam Khammam (Rural) Mandal Polepalle
3327 Khammam Khammam (Rural) Mandal Tallampadu
3328 Khammam Khammam (Rural) Mandal Tanagampadu
3329 Khammam Khammam (Rural) Mandal Teldarupalle
3330 Khammam Khammam (Rural) Mandal Thirthala
3331 Khammam Khammam (Rural) Mandal Venkatayapalem
3332 Khammam Khammam (Urban) Mandal Ballepalle(CT)
3333 Khammam Khammam (Urban) Mandal Burhanpuram
3334 Khammam Khammam (Urban) Mandal Chimmapudi
3335 Khammam Khammam (Urban) Mandal Dhamsalapuram
3336 Khammam Khammam (Urban) Mandal Erlapudi
3337 Khammam Khammam (Urban) Mandal Khammam
3338 Khammam Khammam (Urban) Mandal Khanapuram Haveli (CT)
3339 Khammam Khammam (Urban) Mandal Koya Chalka
3340 Khammam Khammam (Urban) Mandal Mallepalle Chinthagurthi
3341 Khammam Khammam (Urban) Mandal Manchugonda
3342 Khammam Khammam (Urban) Mandal Pakabanda
3343 Khammam Khammam (Urban) Mandal Papadapalle
3344 Khammam Khammam (Urban) Mandal Raghunadha Palem
3345 Khammam Khammam (Urban) Mandal Regula Chalka
3346 Khammam Khammam (Urban) Mandal Velugumatla
3347 Khammam Khammam (Urban) Mandal Vepakuntla
3348 Khammam Khammam (Urban) Mandal V. Venkatayapalem
3349 Khammam Konijerla Mandal Ammapalem
3350 Khammam Konijerla Mandal Duddepudi
3351 Khammam Konijerla Mandal Goparam
3352 Khammam Konijerla Mandal Gopathi
3353 Khammam Konijerla Mandal Gubbagurthy
3354 Khammam Konijerla Mandal Gundrathimadugu
3355 Khammam Konijerla Mandal Kacharam Haveli
3356 Khammam Konijerla Mandal Konda Vanamala
3357 Khammam Konijerla Mandal Konijerla
3358 Khammam Konijerla Mandal Linga Gudem
3359 Khammam Konijerla Mandal Mallupalle
3360 Khammam Konijerla Mandal Pallipadu
3361 Khammam Konijerla Mandal Pedamunagala
3362 Khammam Konijerla Mandal Singaraipalem
3363 Khammam Konijerla Mandal Sivaru Venkatapuram
3364 Khammam Konijerla Mandal Tanikella
3365 Khammam Konijerla Mandal Thummalapalle
3366 Khammam Konijerla Mandal Yatham Kunta
3367 Khammam Kothagudem Mandal Bangaru Chelka
3368 Khammam Kothagudem Mandal Chatakonda
3369 Khammam Kothagudem Mandal Chunchupalle(CT)
3370 Khammam Kothagudem Mandal Gareebpeta (R)
3371 Khammam Kothagudem Mandal Garimellapadu(CT)
3372 Khammam Kothagudem Mandal Gattumalla
3373 Khammam Kothagudem Mandal Gollagudem
3374 Khammam Kothagudem Mandal Karukonda
3375 Khammam Kothagudem Mandal Kothagudem
3376 Khammam Kothagudem Mandal Kunaram
3377 Khammam Kothagudem Mandal Laxmidevipalle (CT)
3378 Khammam Kothagudem Mandal Penagadapa (R)
3379 Khammam Kothagudem Mandal Penuballi (R)
3380 Khammam Kothagudem Mandal Punukuduchelka
3381 Khammam Kothagudem Mandal Raghavapuram
3382 Khammam Kothagudem Mandal Ramavaram
3383 Khammam Kothagudem Mandal Regalla
3384 Khammam Kothagudem Mandal Sarvaram
3385 Khammam Kothagudem Mandal Seethampeta
3386 Khammam Kothagudem Mandal Singabhupalem
3387 Khammam Kothagudem Mandal Sujathanagar
3388 Khammam Kusumanchi Mandal Bhagayathveedu
3389 Khammam Kusumanchi Mandal Chegomma
3390 Khammam Kusumanchi Mandal Chowtapalle
3391 Khammam Kusumanchi Mandal Eswaramadaram
3392 Khammam Kusumanchi Mandal Gaigollapalle
3393 Khammam Kusumanchi Mandal Gattu Singaram
3394 Khammam Kusumanchi Mandal Jakkepalle
3395 Khammam Kusumanchi Mandal Jeelacheruvu
3396 Khammam Kusumanchi Mandal Jujjularaopeta
3397 Khammam Kusumanchi Mandal Kusumanchi
3398 Khammam Kusumanchi Mandal Mallepalle
3399 Khammam Kusumanchi Mandal Munigepalle
3400 Khammam Kusumanchi Mandal Naikanigudem
3401 Khammam Kusumanchi Mandal Nelapatla
3402 Khammam Kusumanchi Mandal Palair
3403 Khammam Kusumanchi Mandal Perikasingaram
3404 Khammam Kusumanchi Mandal Pocharam
3405 Khammam Kusumanchi Mandal Rajupeta
3406 Khammam Madhira Mandal Ambarupeta
3407 Khammam Madhira Mandal Atukuru
3408 Khammam Madhira Mandal Chilukuru
3409 Khammam Madhira Mandal Dendukuru
3410 Khammam Madhira Mandal Didugupadu
3411 Khammam Madhira Mandal Illendulapadu
3412 Khammam Madhira Mandal Illuru
3413 Khammam Madhira Mandal Jalimudi
3414 Khammam Madhira Mandal Khammampadu
3415 Khammam Madhira Mandal Kistapuram @ Munagala
3416 Khammam Madhira Mandal Madhira(CT)
3417 Khammam Madhira Mandal Madupalle
3418 Khammam Madhira Mandal Mallavaram
3419 Khammam Madhira Mandal Matoor
3420 Khammam Madhira Mandal Nagavarappadu
3421 Khammam Madhira Mandal Nakkalagaruvu
3422 Khammam Madhira Mandal Nidanapuram
3423 Khammam Madhira Mandal Rayapatnam
3424 Khammam Madhira Mandal Rompinalla
3425 Khammam Madhira Mandal Siddinenigudem
3426 Khammam Madhira Mandal Siripuram (PM)
3427 Khammam Madhira Mandal Terlapadu
3428 Khammam Madhira Mandal Tondala Gopavaram
3429 Khammam Madhira Mandal Vangaveedu
3430 Khammam Madhira Mandal Yendapalle
3431 Khammam Manuguru Mandal Anantharam
3432 Khammam Manuguru Mandal Annaram
3433 Khammam Manuguru Mandal Chinna Ravigudem
3434 Khammam Manuguru Mandal Gundla Singaram
3435 Khammam Manuguru Mandal Mallaram [Patti Mallaram]
3436 Khammam Manuguru Mandal Manuguru
3437 Khammam Manuguru Mandal Peddipalle
3438 Khammam Manuguru Mandal Ramanujavaram
3439 Khammam Manuguru Mandal Samathsingaram
3440 Khammam Manuguru Mandal Thirumalapuram
3441 Khammam Mudigonda Mandal Ammapeta
3442 Khammam Mudigonda Mandal Banapuram
3443 Khammam Mudigonda Mandal Chirumarri
3444 Khammam Mudigonda Mandal Edavalli
3445 Khammam Mudigonda Mandal Gandasiri
3446 Khammam Mudigonda Mandal Gangapuram
3447 Khammam Mudigonda Mandal Gokinapalle
3448 Khammam Mudigonda Mandal Kamalapuram
3449 Khammam Mudigonda Mandal Kanapuram
3450 Khammam Mudigonda Mandal Katkur
3451 Khammam Mudigonda Mandal Madhapuram
3452 Khammam Mudigonda Mandal Mallaram
3453 Khammam Mudigonda Mandal Medapalli
3454 Khammam Mudigonda Mandal Mudigonda
3455 Khammam Mudigonda Mandal Mutharam
3456 Khammam Mudigonda Mandal Narasapuram
3457 Khammam Mudigonda Mandal Pammi
3458 Khammam Mudigonda Mandal Pedamandava
3459 Khammam Mudigonda Mandal Penduregupalle
3460 Khammam Mudigonda Mandal Suvarnapuram
3461 Khammam Mudigonda Mandal Vallabhi
3462 Khammam Mudigonda Mandal Vallapuram
3463 Khammam Mudigonda Mandal Venkatapuram
3464 Khammam Mulkalapalle Mandal Annaram
3465 Khammam Mulkalapalle Mandal Chaparalapalle
3466 Khammam Mulkalapalle Mandal Gopalaraopeta
3467 Khammam Mulkalapalle Mandal Jagannathapuram
3468 Khammam Mulkalapalle Mandal Kamalapuram
3469 Khammam Mulkalapalle Mandal Kapugangaram
3470 Khammam Mulkalapalle Mandal Kistaram
3471 Khammam Mulkalapalle Mandal Madharam
3472 Khammam Mulkalapalle Mandal Mookamamidi
3473 Khammam Mulkalapalle Mandal Mulkalapalle
3474 Khammam Mulkalapalle Mandal Pagallapalle
3475 Khammam Mulkalapalle Mandal Pusugudem
3476 Khammam Mulkalapalle Mandal Rachannagudem
3477 Khammam Mulkalapalle Mandal Thimmampeta
3478 Khammam Nelakondapalle Mandal Acharlagudem
3479 Khammam Nelakondapalle Mandal Anasagaram
3480 Khammam Nelakondapalle Mandal Aregudem
3481 Khammam Nelakondapalle Mandal Bhiravunipalle
3482 Khammam Nelakondapalle Mandal Bodulabanda
3483 Khammam Nelakondapalle Mandal Buddharam
3484 Khammam Nelakondapalle Mandal Chandapuram
3485 Khammam Nelakondapalle Mandal Chennaram
3486 Khammam Nelakondapalle Mandal Cheruvu Madharam
3487 Khammam Nelakondapalle Mandal Guvvalagudem
3488 Khammam Nelakondapalle Mandal Kattu Kacharam
3489 Khammam Nelakondapalle Mandal Konaigudem
3490 Khammam Nelakondapalle Mandal Kongara
3491 Khammam Nelakondapalle Mandal Mandrajupalle
3492 Khammam Nelakondapalle Mandal Muggigudem
3493 Khammam Nelakondapalle Mandal Nachepalle
3494 Khammam Nelakondapalle Mandal Nelakondapalle
3495 Khammam Nelakondapalle Mandal Painampalle
3496 Khammam Nelakondapalle Mandal Rajeswarapuram
3497 Khammam Nelakondapalle Mandal Ramachandrapuram
3498 Khammam Nelakondapalle Mandal Singareddipalem
3499 Khammam Nelakondapalle Mandal Surdepalle
3500 Khammam Nelakondapalle Mandal Thirumalapuram
3501 Khammam Palwancha Mandal Chandralagudem
3502 Khammam Palwancha Mandal Danthelabora
3503 Khammam Palwancha Mandal Gangadeviguppa
3504 Khammam Palwancha Mandal Karegattu
3505 Khammam Palwancha Mandal Koyagutta
3506 Khammam Palwancha Mandal Lakshmidevipalle
3507 Khammam Palwancha Mandal Nagaram
3508 Khammam Palwancha Mandal Narayanarao Peta
3509 Khammam Palwancha Mandal Palwancha
3510 Khammam Palwancha Mandal Pandurangapuram
3511 Khammam Palwancha Mandal Payakari Yanambylu
3512 Khammam Palwancha Mandal Rangapuram
3513 Khammam Palwancha Mandal Repallewada
3514 Khammam Palwancha Mandal Sangam
3515 Khammam Palwancha Mandal Sarekal
3516 Khammam Palwancha Mandal Somulagudem
3517 Khammam Palwancha Mandal Suraram
3518 Khammam Palwancha Mandal Thogugudem
3519 Khammam Palwancha Mandal Vulavanoor
3520 Khammam Palwancha Mandal Yanambailu
3521 Khammam Penuballi Mandal Adavimallela
3522 Khammam Penuballi Mandal Bayyannagudem
3523 Khammam Penuballi Mandal Bhavannapalem
3524 Khammam Penuballi Mandal Chintagudem
3525 Khammam Penuballi Mandal Chowdavaram
3526 Khammam Penuballi Mandal Ganeshunipadu
3527 Khammam Penuballi Mandal Gollagudem
3528 Khammam Penuballi Mandal Gowararam
3529 Khammam Penuballi Mandal Karaigudem
3530 Khammam Penuballi Mandal Kondrupadu
3531 Khammam Penuballi Mandal Kuppenakuntla
3532 Khammam Penuballi Mandal Lankapalle
3533 Khammam Penuballi Mandal Lingagudem
3534 Khammam Penuballi Mandal Mandalapadu
3535 Khammam Penuballi Mandal Penuballi
3536 Khammam Penuballi Mandal Ramachandra Puram
3537 Khammam Penuballi Mandal Tekulapalle
3538 Khammam Penuballi Mandal Telagavaram
3539 Khammam Penuballi Mandal Thallapenta
3540 Khammam Penuballi Mandal Thummalapalle
3541 Khammam Penuballi Mandal Yerughatla
3542 Khammam Pinapaka Mandal Allampalle
3543 Khammam Pinapaka Mandal Anantharam (Patimallur)
3544 Khammam Pinapaka Mandal Bayyaram
3545 Khammam Pinapaka Mandal Bhattupalle
3546 Khammam Pinapaka Mandal Bheemavaram
3547 Khammam Pinapaka Mandal Bommarajupalle
3548 Khammam Pinapaka Mandal Chegarsala
3549 Khammam Pinapaka Mandal Chirramalla
3550 Khammam Pinapaka Mandal Dugineypalle
3551 Khammam Pinapaka Mandal Elchireddipalle
3552 Khammam Pinapaka Mandal Gaddampalle
3553 Khammam Pinapaka Mandal Janampeta
3554 Khammam Pinapaka Mandal Kalvalanagaram
3555 Khammam Pinapaka Mandal Karakagudem
3556 Khammam Pinapaka Mandal Mothe (Pattimallur)
3557 Khammam Pinapaka Mandal Pinapaka
3558 Khammam Pinapaka Mandal Potlapalle
3559 Khammam Pinapaka Mandal Regalla
3560 Khammam Pinapaka Mandal Samathbhattupalle
3561 Khammam Pinapaka Mandal Samath Mothe
3562 Khammam Pinapaka Mandal Sarjathpalle
3563 Khammam Pinapaka Mandal Seetharampuram
3564 Khammam Pinapaka Mandal Singireddipalle
3565 Khammam Pinapaka Mandal Sunnamvarigudem
3566 Khammam Pinapaka Mandal Uppaka
3567 Khammam Pinapaka Mandal Veerapuram
3568 Khammam Pinapaka Mandal Venkatraopeta
3569 Khammam Sathupalle Mandal Ayyagaripeta
3570 Khammam Sathupalle Mandal Bacharam
3571 Khammam Sathupalle Mandal Bethupalle
3572 Khammam Sathupalle Mandal Cherukupalle
3573 Khammam Sathupalle Mandal Jagannadhapuram
3574 Khammam Sathupalle Mandal Kakarlapalle
3575 Khammam Sathupalle Mandal Kistaram
3576 Khammam Sathupalle Mandal Kommepalle
3577 Khammam Sathupalle Mandal Regallapadu
3578 Khammam Sathupalle Mandal Rejerla
3579 Khammam Sathupalle Mandal Rudrakshapalle
3580 Khammam Sathupalle Mandal Sadasivunipalem
3581 Khammam Sathupalle Mandal Sathupally
3582 Khammam Sathupalle Mandal Siddaram
3583 Khammam Sathupalle Mandal Thumbur
3584 Khammam Sathupalle Mandal Yatalakunta
3585 Khammam Singareni Mandal Bajumallaigudem
3586 Khammam Singareni Mandal Kamalapuram
3587 Khammam Singareni Mandal Karepalle (Gate)
3588 Khammam Singareni Mandal Komatlagudem
3589 Khammam Singareni Mandal Madharam
3590 Khammam Singareni Mandal Manikyaram
3591 Khammam Singareni Mandal Perupalle
3592 Khammam Singareni Mandal Relakayalapalle
3593 Khammam Singareni Mandal Singareni
3594 Khammam Singareni Mandal Usirikayalapalle
3595 Khammam Singareni Mandal Viswanadhapalle
3596 Khammam Tallada Mandal Annargudem
3597 Khammam Tallada Mandal Balapeta
3598 Khammam Tallada Mandal Basavapuram
3599 Khammam Tallada Mandal Billupadu
3600 Khammam Tallada Mandal Gopalapeta
3601 Khammam Tallada Mandal Kalakodima
3602 Khammam Tallada Mandal Kodavatimetta
3603 Khammam Tallada Mandal Kurnavalli
3604 Khammam Tallada Mandal Laxmipuram
3605 Khammam Tallada Mandal Mallaram
3606 Khammam Tallada Mandal Mittapalle
3607 Khammam Tallada Mandal Muddunuru
3608 Khammam Tallada Mandal Nuthankal
3609 Khammam Tallada Mandal Pinapaka
3610 Khammam Tallada Mandal Ramanujavaram
3611 Khammam Tallada Mandal Rejerla
3612 Khammam Tallada Mandal Tallada
3613 Khammam Tallada Mandal Telagaram
3614 Khammam Tallada Mandal Vengannapeta
3615 Khammam Tekulapalle Mandal Bethampudi
3616 Khammam Tekulapalle Mandal Bodu
3617 Khammam Tekulapalle Mandal Gangaram
3618 Khammam Tekulapalle Mandal Gollapalle
3619 Khammam Tekulapalle Mandal Koppurai
3620 Khammam Tekulapalle Mandal Pegallapadu
3621 Khammam Thirumalayapalem Mandal Bachodu
3622 Khammam Thirumalayapalem Mandal Bandampalle
3623 Khammam Thirumalayapalem Mandal Beerolu
3624 Khammam Thirumalayapalem Mandal Edulla Cheruvu
3625 Khammam Thirumalayapalem Mandal Hasnabad
3626 Khammam Thirumalayapalem Mandal Hydersaipeta
3627 Khammam Thirumalayapalem Mandal Jallepalle
3628 Khammam Thirumalayapalem Mandal Jupeda
3629 Khammam Thirumalayapalem Mandal Kakarvai
3630 Khammam Thirumalayapalem Mandal Kokkireni
3631 Khammam Thirumalayapalem Mandal Lakshmidevipalle
3632 Khammam Thirumalayapalem Mandal Medidepalle
3633 Khammam Thirumalayapalem Mandal Mohammadapuram
3634 Khammam Thirumalayapalem Mandal Mujahidpuram
3635 Khammam Thirumalayapalem Mandal Painampalle
3636 Khammam Thirumalayapalem Mandal Patharlapadu
3637 Khammam Thirumalayapalem Mandal Pindiprolu
3638 Khammam Thirumalayapalem Mandal Raghunadhapalem
3639 Khammam Thirumalayapalem Mandal Rajaram
3640 Khammam Thirumalayapalem Mandal Solipuram
3641 Khammam Thirumalayapalem Mandal Sublaid
3642 Khammam Thirumalayapalem Mandal Thalla Cheruvu
3643 Khammam Thirumalayapalem Mandal Thettelapadu
3644 Khammam Thirumalayapalem Mandal Thirumalayapalem
3645 Khammam Thirumalayapalem Mandal Tippareddigudem
3646 Khammam Vemsoor Mandal Adsarlapadu
3647 Khammam Vemsoor Mandal Ammapalem
3648 Khammam Vemsoor Mandal Bharanipadu
3649 Khammam Vemsoor Mandal Chowdaram
3650 Khammam Vemsoor Mandal Duddipudi
3651 Khammam Vemsoor Mandal Guduru
3652 Khammam Vemsoor Mandal Kallurugudem
3653 Khammam Vemsoor Mandal Kandragatlamallela
3654 Khammam Vemsoor Mandal Kandukuru
3655 Khammam Vemsoor Mandal Kunchaparthi
3656 Khammam Vemsoor Mandal Pallevada
3657 Khammam Vemsoor Mandal Vemsoor
3658 Khammam Vemsoor Mandal Vennachedu
3659 Khammam Vemsoor Mandal Yerragunta
3660 Khammam Venkatapuram Mandal A. Kathigudem
3661 Khammam Venkatapuram Mandal Alligudem (G)
3662 Khammam Venkatapuram Mandal Alubaka [G]
3663 Khammam Venkatapuram Mandal Alubaka [Z]
3664 Khammam Venkatapuram Mandal Ankannagudem(Z)
3665 Khammam Venkatapuram Mandal Bandagudem (G)
3666 Khammam Venkatapuram Mandal Bandarugudem
3667 Khammam Venkatapuram Mandal Bandarupalle (G)
3668 Khammam Venkatapuram Mandal Barlagattugudem (Z)
3669 Khammam Venkatapuram Mandal Barlagudem (G)
3670 Khammam Venkatapuram Mandal Barlagudem (Z)
3671 Khammam Venkatapuram Mandal Bodapuram [G]
3672 Khammam Venkatapuram Mandal Burugudem(Z)
3673 Khammam Venkatapuram Mandal Chalamala (G)
3674 Khammam Venkatapuram Mandal Chinagangaram (G)
3675 Khammam Venkatapuram Mandal Chinneda [G]
3676 Khammam Venkatapuram Mandal Chinneda [Z]
3677 Khammam Venkatapuram Mandal Chirtapalle (G)
3678 Khammam Venkatapuram Mandal Chirtapalle (Z)
3679 Khammam Venkatapuram Mandal Desarajupalle (G)
3680 Khammam Venkatapuram Mandal Desarajupalle(Z)
3681 Khammam Venkatapuram Mandal Doli(G)
3682 Khammam Venkatapuram Mandal Edhira [G]
3683 Khammam Venkatapuram Mandal Ippagudem [G]
3684 Khammam Venkatapuram Mandal Ippagudem (Z)
3685 Khammam Venkatapuram Mandal Ippapuram [G]
3686 Khammam Venkatapuram Mandal Kalipaka [G]
3687 Khammam Venkatapuram Mandal K.Kondapuram [Z]
3688 Khammam Venkatapuram Mandal Kondapuram [Z]
3689 Khammam Venkatapuram Mandal Kothagudem (G)
3690 Khammam Venkatapuram Mandal Koyabestagudem (G)
3691 Khammam Venkatapuram Mandal Mahitapuram (G)
3692 Khammam Venkatapuram Mandal Mahitapuram (Z)
3693 Khammam Venkatapuram Mandal Mallapuram (G)
3694 Khammam Venkatapuram Mandal Mallapuram (Z)
3695 Khammam Venkatapuram Mandal Marikala (G)
3696 Khammam Venkatapuram Mandal Marikala (Z)
3697 Khammam Venkatapuram Mandal Marrigudem (Z)
3698 Khammam Venkatapuram Mandal Morram Vanigudem [G]
3699 Khammam Venkatapuram Mandal Mukunuru (G)
3700 Khammam Venkatapuram Mandal Nallaguntapalle [Z]
3701 Khammam Venkatapuram Mandal Narsireddigudem (G)
3702 Khammam Venkatapuram Mandal Narsireddigudem (Z)
3703 Khammam Venkatapuram Mandal Nuguru(G)
3704 Khammam Venkatapuram Mandal Nuguru(Z)
3705 Khammam Venkatapuram Mandal Ontichintalagudem [G]
3706 Khammam Venkatapuram Mandal Palem (G)
3707 Khammam Venkatapuram Mandal Palem (Z)
3708 Khammam Venkatapuram Mandal Pamunoor
3709 Khammam Venkatapuram Mandal Pujarigudem [Z]
3710 Khammam Venkatapuram Mandal Punem Veerapuram (G)
3711 Khammam Venkatapuram Mandal Punem Veerapuram (Z)
3712 Khammam Venkatapuram Mandal Rachapalle (G)
3713 Khammam Venkatapuram Mandal Ramannagudem [Z]
3714 Khammam Venkatapuram Mandal Ramavaram (G)
3715 Khammam Venkatapuram Mandal Ramavaram (Z)
3716 Khammam Venkatapuram Mandal Sarakalanka
3717 Khammam Venkatapuram Mandal Sudibaka (G)
3718 Khammam Venkatapuram Mandal Sudibaka (Z)
3719 Khammam Venkatapuram Mandal Suraveedu [G]
3720 Khammam Venkatapuram Mandal Suraveedu [Z]
3721 Khammam Venkatapuram Mandal Tadapala (G)
3722 Khammam Venkatapuram Mandal Taniparthy [G]
3723 Khammam Venkatapuram Mandal Uppedu Veerapuram (Z)
3724 Khammam Venkatapuram Mandal Uppedu (Z)
3725 Khammam Venkatapuram Mandal Veerabhadraram (Z)
3726 Khammam Venkatapuram Mandal Veerapuram (Z)
3727 Khammam Venkatapuram Mandal Venkatapuram(G)
3728 Khammam Venkatapuram Mandal Venkatapuram(Z)
3729 Khammam Venkatapuram Mandal Wadagudem (G)
3730 Khammam Venkatapuram Mandal Wadagudem (Z)
3731 Khammam Venkatapuram Mandal Zella (G)
3732 Khammam Wazeed Mandal Annavaram (G)
3733 Khammam Wazeed Mandal Arguntapalle (G)
3734 Khammam Wazeed Mandal Arguntapalle (Z)
3735 Khammam Wazeed Mandal Arlagudem (G)
3736 Khammam Wazeed Mandal Arlagudem (Z)
3737 Khammam Wazeed Mandal Arunachalapuram
3738 Khammam Wazeed Mandal Ayyavaripeta (G)
3739 Khammam Wazeed Mandal Ayyavaripeta (Z)
3740 Khammam Wazeed Mandal Bhuvanapalle
3741 Khammam Wazeed Mandal Bijenapalle
3742 Khammam Wazeed Mandal Bollaram [Z]
3743 Khammam Wazeed Mandal Bommanapalle (G)
3744 Khammam Wazeed Mandal Chandrupatla (Z)
3745 Khammam Wazeed Mandal Cheekupalle (Z)
3746 Khammam Wazeed Mandal Cherukur (G)
3747 Khammam Wazeed Mandal Cherukur (Z)
3748 Khammam Wazeed Mandal Chinnagollagudem (Z)
3749 Khammam Wazeed Mandal Chintoor (G)
3750 Khammam Wazeed Mandal Chintoor (Z)
3751 Khammam Wazeed Mandal Dharmavaram
3752 Khammam Wazeed Mandal Dulapuram(G)
3753 Khammam Wazeed Mandal Edjarlapalle (G)
3754 Khammam Wazeed Mandal Edjarlapalle (Z)
3755 Khammam Wazeed Mandal Ghanapuram (Z)
3756 Khammam Wazeed Mandal Ghattuveerapuram (Z)
3757 Khammam Wazeed Mandal Gummadidoddi(G) Chalka
3758 Khammam Wazeed Mandal Gummadidoddi(Z)
3759 Khammam Wazeed Mandal Ippagudem(G)
3760 Khammam Wazeed Mandal Janagalapalle (G)
3761 Khammam Wazeed Mandal Kacharam (G)
3762 Khammam Wazeed Mandal Kadekal (G)
3763 Khammam Wazeed Mandal Kadekal (Z)
3764 Khammam Wazeed Mandal Kongala (G)
3765 Khammam Wazeed Mandal Koppusuru
3766 Khammam Wazeed Mandal Korakal (Z)
3767 Khammam Wazeed Mandal Koyaveerapuram (G)
3768 Khammam Wazeed Mandal Krishnapuram (G)
3769 Khammam Wazeed Mandal Lakshmipuram
3770 Khammam Wazeed Mandal Lalpet (G)
3771 Khammam Wazeed Mandal Lingapeta (Z)
3772 Khammam Wazeed Mandal Morumuru (G)
3773 Khammam Wazeed Mandal Morumuru (Z)
3774 Khammam Wazeed Mandal Mulkanapalle (G)
3775 Khammam Wazeed Mandal Mutharam Chowk
3776 Khammam Wazeed Mandal Nagaram (G)
3777 Khammam Wazeed Mandal Padigapuram(Z)
3778 Khammam Wazeed Mandal Peddagangaram (Z)
3779 Khammam Wazeed Mandal Peddagollagudem (G)
3780 Khammam Wazeed Mandal Peddagollagudem (Z)
3781 Khammam Wazeed Mandal Penugolu (G)
3782 Khammam Wazeed Mandal Peruru (G)
3783 Khammam Wazeed Mandal Peruru (Z)
3784 Khammam Wazeed Mandal Pragallapalle (Z)
3785 Khammam Wazeed Mandal Pusur Patch - I
3786 Khammam Wazeed Mandal Pusur Patch - II
3787 Khammam Wazeed Mandal Pusur (Z)
3788 Khammam Wazeed Mandal Rampuram
3789 Khammam Wazeed Mandal Tekulagudem- Chalk- I
3790 Khammam Wazeed Mandal Tekulagudem Chalk-II
3791 Khammam Wazeed Mandal Tekulagudem (Z)
3792 Khammam Wazeed Mandal Wazeed(G)
3793 Khammam Wyra Mandal Astnagurthy
3794 Khammam Wyra Mandal Brahmanapalle (A.G)
3795 Khammam Wyra Mandal Dachapuram
3796 Khammam Wyra Mandal Gannavaram
3797 Khammam Wyra Mandal Garikapadu
3798 Khammam Wyra Mandal Gollanapadu
3799 Khammam Wyra Mandal Gollapudi
3800 Khammam Wyra Mandal Khanapuram
3801 Khammam Wyra Mandal Konda Kodima
3802 Khammam Wyra Mandal Lingannapalem
3803 Khammam Wyra Mandal Medibanda
3804 Khammam Wyra Mandal Musalimadugu
3805 Khammam Wyra Mandal Narapanenipalle
3806 Khammam Wyra Mandal Paladugu
3807 Khammam Wyra Mandal Poosalapadu
3808 Khammam Wyra Mandal Punyapuram
3809 Khammam Wyra Mandal Rebbavaram
3810 Khammam Wyra Mandal Siripuram (K.G.)
3811 Khammam Wyra Mandal Somavaram
3812 Khammam Wyra Mandal Tatipudi
3813 Khammam Wyra Mandal Vallapuram
3814 Khammam Wyra Mandal Vippala Madaka
3815 Khammam Yellandu Mandal Challa Samudram
3816 Khammam Yellandu Mandal Komararam
3817 Khammam Yellandu Mandal Mamidigundala
3818 Khammam Yellandu Mandal Raghaboingudem
3819 Khammam Yellandu Mandal Rompaid (Part)
3820 Khammam Yellandu Mandal Sudimalla (Part)
3821 Khammam Yellandu Mandal Yellandu
3822 Khammam Yerrupalem Mandal Ayyavarigudem
3823 Khammam Yerrupalem Mandal Banigandlapadu
3824 Khammam Yerrupalem Mandal Bheemavaram
3825 Khammam Yerrupalem Mandal Choppakatlapalem
3826 Khammam Yerrupalem Mandal Gatla Gowraram
3827 Khammam Yerrupalem Mandal Gosaveedu
3828 Khammam Yerrupalem Mandal Guntupalle Gopavaram
3829 Khammam Yerrupalem Mandal Inagali
3830 Khammam Yerrupalem Mandal Jamalapuram
3831 Khammam Yerrupalem Mandal Kacharam
3832 Khammam Yerrupalem Mandal Kesireddipalle
3833 Khammam Yerrupalem Mandal Mamunuru
3834 Khammam Yerrupalem Mandal Meenavole
3835 Khammam Yerrupalem Mandal Mulugumadu
3836 Khammam Yerrupalem Mandal Pedda Goparam
3837 Khammam Yerrupalem Mandal Pegallapadu
3838 Khammam Yerrupalem Mandal Rajulapalem
3839 Khammam Yerrupalem Mandal Rangagudem
3840 Khammam Yerrupalem Mandal Remidicherla
3841 Khammam Yerrupalem Mandal Sakhina Veedu
3842 Khammam Yerrupalem Mandal Tatigudem
3843 Khammam Yerrupalem Mandal Thakkellapadu
3844 Khammam Yerrupalem Mandal Tripuraram
3845 Khammam Yerrupalem Mandal Yerrupalem
3846 Mahbubnagar Achampet Mandal Achampet(CT)
3847 Mahbubnagar Achampet Mandal Ainole
3848 Mahbubnagar Achampet Mandal Akkavaram
3849 Mahbubnagar Achampet Mandal Bolghatpalle
3850 Mahbubnagar Achampet Mandal Bommenapalle
3851 Mahbubnagar Achampet Mandal Brahmanapalle
3852 Mahbubnagar Achampet Mandal Chandapur
3853 Mahbubnagar Achampet Mandal Chennaram (Sabak)
3854 Mahbubnagar Achampet Mandal Choutapalle
3855 Mahbubnagar Achampet Mandal Ghanapur
3856 Mahbubnagar Achampet Mandal Gumpampalle
3857 Mahbubnagar Achampet Mandal Hajipur
3858 Mahbubnagar Achampet Mandal Lakshmapur (P.N)
3859 Mahbubnagar Achampet Mandal Lingotam
3860 Mahbubnagar Achampet Mandal Mannavaripalle
3861 Mahbubnagar Achampet Mandal Nadimpalle
3862 Mahbubnagar Achampet Mandal Palukapalle
3863 Mahbubnagar Achampet Mandal Puljala
3864 Mahbubnagar Achampet Mandal Rangapur
3865 Mahbubnagar Achampet Mandal Siddapur
3866 Mahbubnagar Achampet Mandal Singavaram
3867 Mahbubnagar Achampet Mandal Tangapur(CT)
3868 Mahbubnagar Addakal Mandal Addakal
3869 Mahbubnagar Addakal Mandal Dasaripalle
3870 Mahbubnagar Addakal Mandal Gajulapeta
3871 Mahbubnagar Addakal Mandal Gudibanda
3872 Mahbubnagar Addakal Mandal Janampeta
3873 Mahbubnagar Addakal Mandal Kandur
3874 Mahbubnagar Addakal Mandal Kankapur
3875 Mahbubnagar Addakal Mandal Katavaram
3876 Mahbubnagar Addakal Mandal Komireddipalle
3877 Mahbubnagar Addakal Mandal Nandipet
3878 Mahbubnagar Addakal Mandal Nizalapur
3879 Mahbubnagar Addakal Mandal Polkampalle
3880 Mahbubnagar Addakal Mandal Ponnakal
3881 Mahbubnagar Addakal Mandal Rachala
3882 Mahbubnagar Addakal Mandal Sankalamaddi
3883 Mahbubnagar Addakal Mandal Shakhapur
3884 Mahbubnagar Addakal Mandal Shakrapur
3885 Mahbubnagar Addakal Mandal Thimmaipalle
3886 Mahbubnagar Addakal Mandal Thimmapur
3887 Mahbubnagar Addakal Mandal Thunkinipur
3888 Mahbubnagar Addakal Mandal Vemula
3889 Mahbubnagar Alampur Mandal Alampur
3890 Mahbubnagar Alampur Mandal Bairampalle
3891 Mahbubnagar Alampur Mandal Baswapur
3892 Mahbubnagar Alampur Mandal Bhairapur
3893 Mahbubnagar Alampur Mandal Bheemavaram
3894 Mahbubnagar Alampur Mandal Bukkapur
3895 Mahbubnagar Alampur Mandal Chagatur
3896 Mahbubnagar Alampur Mandal Gundimalla
3897 Mahbubnagar Alampur Mandal Imampur
3898 Mahbubnagar Alampur Mandal Jillellapadu
3899 Mahbubnagar Alampur Mandal Kasipur
3900 Mahbubnagar Alampur Mandal Koneru
3901 Mahbubnagar Alampur Mandal Kudavelli
3902 Mahbubnagar Alampur Mandal Kyatur
3903 Mahbubnagar Alampur Mandal Linganavai
3904 Mahbubnagar Alampur Mandal Maramunagala
3905 Mahbubnagar Alampur Mandal Pragatoor
3906 Mahbubnagar Alampur Mandal Ryalampadu
3907 Mahbubnagar Alampur Mandal Seripalle
3908 Mahbubnagar Alampur Mandal Shalipur
3909 Mahbubnagar Alampur Mandal Singavaram
3910 Mahbubnagar Alampur Mandal Sultanpur
3911 Mahbubnagar Alampur Mandal Thakkasila
3912 Mahbubnagar Alampur Mandal Uppalapadu
3913 Mahbubnagar Alampur Mandal Utkur
3914 Mahbubnagar Alampur Mandal Yapaladevipadu
3915 Mahbubnagar Amangal Mandal Akuthotapalle
3916 Mahbubnagar Amangal Mandal Amangal
3917 Mahbubnagar Amangal Mandal Chennampalle
3918 Mahbubnagar Amangal Mandal Cherikonda Pattikalwakurthy
3919 Mahbubnagar Amangal Mandal Cherikondapattipadkal
3920 Mahbubnagar Amangal Mandal Ekrajguda
3921 Mahbubnagar Amangal Mandal Kadthal
3922 Mahbubnagar Amangal Mandal Karkalpahad
3923 Mahbubnagar Amangal Mandal Konapur
3924 Mahbubnagar Amangal Mandal Mudwin
3925 Mahbubnagar Amangal Mandal Polepalle
3926 Mahbubnagar Amangal Mandal Ramanuthula
3927 Mahbubnagar Amangal Mandal Settipalle
3928 Mahbubnagar Amangal Mandal Singam Palle
3929 Mahbubnagar Amangal Mandal Vasudevapur
3930 Mahbubnagar Amangal Mandal Vithaipalle
3931 Mahbubnagar Amrabad Mandal Amrabad
3932 Mahbubnagar Amrabad Mandal Gangupenta
3933 Mahbubnagar Amrabad Mandal Gudur
3934 Mahbubnagar Amrabad Mandal Ippalapalle
3935 Mahbubnagar Amrabad Mandal Lakshmapur (B.K)
3936 Mahbubnagar Amrabad Mandal Macharam
3937 Mahbubnagar Amrabad Mandal Maddimadugu
3938 Mahbubnagar Amrabad Mandal Mannanur
3939 Mahbubnagar Amrabad Mandal Maredugu
3940 Mahbubnagar Amrabad Mandal Padra
3941 Mahbubnagar Amrabad Mandal Thirumalapur (B.K)
3942 Mahbubnagar Amrabad Mandal Turkapalle
3943 Mahbubnagar Amrabad Mandal Udimilla
3944 Mahbubnagar Amrabad Mandal Uppununthala (B.K)
3945 Mahbubnagar Amrabad Mandal Vankeshwaram
3946 Mahbubnagar Amrabad Mandal Vatwarlapalle(CT)
3947 Mahbubnagar Atmakur Mandal Amarchinta
3948 Mahbubnagar Atmakur Mandal Arepalle
3949 Mahbubnagar Atmakur Mandal Atmakur(CT)
3950 Mahbubnagar Atmakur Mandal Balakistapur
3951 Mahbubnagar Atmakur Mandal Devarapalle
3952 Mahbubnagar Atmakur Mandal Gopanpeta
3953 Mahbubnagar Atmakur Mandal Guntipalle
3954 Mahbubnagar Atmakur Mandal Jurial
3955 Mahbubnagar Atmakur Mandal Kankanvanipalle
3956 Mahbubnagar Atmakur Mandal Karvena
3957 Mahbubnagar Atmakur Mandal Kathepalle
3958 Mahbubnagar Atmakur Mandal Khanapur
3959 Mahbubnagar Atmakur Mandal Mastipur
3960 Mahbubnagar Atmakur Mandal Medepalle
3961 Mahbubnagar Atmakur Mandal Motlampalle
3962 Mahbubnagar Atmakur Mandal Mulamalla
3963 Mahbubnagar Atmakur Mandal Nandimalla
3964 Mahbubnagar Atmakur Mandal Pamireddipalle
3965 Mahbubnagar Atmakur Mandal Pinamcherla
3966 Mahbubnagar Atmakur Mandal Rangapur
3967 Mahbubnagar Atmakur Mandal Rechintala
3968 Mahbubnagar Atmakur Mandal Singampeta
3969 Mahbubnagar Atmakur Mandal Somsagar
3970 Mahbubnagar Atmakur Mandal Thippadampalle
3971 Mahbubnagar Atmakur Mandal Thoompalle
3972 Mahbubnagar Atmakur Mandal Veeraraghavapur
3973 Mahbubnagar Balanagar Mandal Agraharam Potlapalle
3974 Mahbubnagar Balanagar Mandal Appajipalle
3975 Mahbubnagar Balanagar Mandal Balanagar
3976 Mahbubnagar Balanagar Mandal Bibinagar
3977 Mahbubnagar Balanagar Mandal Bodajanampeta
3978 Mahbubnagar Balanagar Mandal Chennavalli
3979 Mahbubnagar Balanagar Mandal Chinna Revalli
3980 Mahbubnagar Balanagar Mandal Dondlapalle
3981 Mahbubnagar Balanagar Mandal Edganpalle
3982 Mahbubnagar Balanagar Mandal Gouthapur
3983 Mahbubnagar Balanagar Mandal Gunded
3984 Mahbubnagar Balanagar Mandal Gundlapotlapalle
3985 Mahbubnagar Balanagar Mandal Hemajipur
3986 Mahbubnagar Balanagar Mandal Kallepalle
3987 Mahbubnagar Balanagar Mandal Kethireddipalle
3988 Mahbubnagar Balanagar Mandal Khanapur
3989 Mahbubnagar Balanagar Mandal Kuchcherkal
3990 Mahbubnagar Balanagar Mandal Kuthnepalle
3991 Mahbubnagar Balanagar Mandal Lingaram
3992 Mahbubnagar Balanagar Mandal Macharam
3993 Mahbubnagar Balanagar Mandal Mallepalle
3994 Mahbubnagar Balanagar Mandal Modampalle
3995 Mahbubnagar Balanagar Mandal Mothighanapur
3996 Mahbubnagar Balanagar Mandal Nandaram
3997 Mahbubnagar Balanagar Mandal Nerellapalle
3998 Mahbubnagar Balanagar Mandal Peddarevelly
3999 Mahbubnagar Balanagar Mandal Peddayapalle
4000 Mahbubnagar Balanagar Mandal Raghvapur
4001 Mahbubnagar Balanagar Mandal Raipalle
4002 Mahbubnagar Balanagar Mandal Rajapur
4003 Mahbubnagar Balanagar Mandal Rangareddiguda
4004 Mahbubnagar Balanagar Mandal Seriguda
4005 Mahbubnagar Balanagar Mandal Suraram
4006 Mahbubnagar Balanagar Mandal Thirumalagiri
4007 Mahbubnagar Balanagar Mandal Thirumalapur
4008 Mahbubnagar Balanagar Mandal Udithyal
4009 Mahbubnagar Balanagar Mandal Vanamavaniguda
4010 Mahbubnagar Balmoor Mandal Ambagiri
4011 Mahbubnagar Balmoor Mandal Ananthavaram
4012 Mahbubnagar Balmoor Mandal Balmoor
4013 Mahbubnagar Balmoor Mandal Billakal
4014 Mahbubnagar Balmoor Mandal Bonala
4015 Mahbubnagar Balmoor Mandal Chennaram (P.G)
4016 Mahbubnagar Balmoor Mandal Gattuthumman
4017 Mahbubnagar Balmoor Mandal Godal
4018 Mahbubnagar Balmoor Mandal Jillellapalle
4019 Mahbubnagar Balmoor Mandal Jinkunta
4020 Mahbubnagar Balmoor Mandal Kondanagula
4021 Mahbubnagar Balmoor Mandal Kondareddipalle
4022 Mahbubnagar Balmoor Mandal Mahadevpur
4023 Mahbubnagar Balmoor Mandal Mylaram
4024 Mahbubnagar Balmoor Mandal Narasaipalle
4025 Mahbubnagar Balmoor Mandal Polepalle
4026 Mahbubnagar Balmoor Mandal Polesettipalle
4027 Mahbubnagar Balmoor Mandal Ramagiri
4028 Mahbubnagar Balmoor Mandal Ramajipalle
4029 Mahbubnagar Balmoor Mandal Thummanpeta
4030 Mahbubnagar Balmoor Mandal Veeramrajupalle
4031 Mahbubnagar Bhoothpur Mandal Amistapur
4032 Mahbubnagar Bhoothpur Mandal Annasagar
4033 Mahbubnagar Bhoothpur Mandal Bhoothpur
4034 Mahbubnagar Bhoothpur Mandal Gopalapur (Khurd)
4035 Mahbubnagar Bhoothpur Mandal Hasnapur
4036 Mahbubnagar Bhoothpur Mandal Ippalpalle
4037 Mahbubnagar Bhoothpur Mandal Kappeta
4038 Mahbubnagar Bhoothpur Mandal Karvena
4039 Mahbubnagar Bhoothpur Mandal Kothamolgara
4040 Mahbubnagar Bhoothpur Mandal Kothur
4041 Mahbubnagar Bhoothpur Mandal Maddigatla
4042 Mahbubnagar Bhoothpur Mandal Pathamolgara
4043 Mahbubnagar Bhoothpur Mandal Pothulamadugu
4044 Mahbubnagar Bhoothpur Mandal Ravalpalle
4045 Mahbubnagar Bhoothpur Mandal Tadikonda
4046 Mahbubnagar Bhoothpur Mandal Tadparthy
4047 Mahbubnagar Bhoothpur Mandal Yelkicharla
4048 Mahbubnagar Bijinapalle Mandal Allipur
4049 Mahbubnagar Bijinapalle Mandal Anekhanpalle
4050 Mahbubnagar Bijinapalle Mandal Bijinapalle
4051 Mahbubnagar Bijinapalle Mandal Boyapur
4052 Mahbubnagar Bijinapalle Mandal Dharmapur
4053 Mahbubnagar Bijinapalle Mandal Gangaram
4054 Mahbubnagar Bijinapalle Mandal Gouraram
4055 Mahbubnagar Bijinapalle Mandal Gudlanarva
4056 Mahbubnagar Bijinapalle Mandal Karukonda
4057 Mahbubnagar Bijinapalle Mandal Khanapur
4058 Mahbubnagar Bijinapalle Mandal Latpalle
4059 Mahbubnagar Bijinapalle Mandal Lingasanipalle
4060 Mahbubnagar Bijinapalle Mandal Mahadevpeta
4061 Mahbubnagar Bijinapalle Mandal Mammaipalle
4062 Mahbubnagar Bijinapalle Mandal Manganur
4063 Mahbubnagar Bijinapalle Mandal Palem
4064 Mahbubnagar Bijinapalle Mandal Polepalle
4065 Mahbubnagar Bijinapalle Mandal Salkarpet
4066 Mahbubnagar Bijinapalle Mandal Shainpalle
4067 Mahbubnagar Bijinapalle Mandal Vaddemanu
4068 Mahbubnagar Bijinapalle Mandal Vasanthapur
4069 Mahbubnagar Bijinapalle Mandal Vattem
4070 Mahbubnagar Bijinapalle Mandal Velgonda
4071 Mahbubnagar Bijinapalle Mandal Venkatapur
4072 Mahbubnagar Bomraspet Mandal Amsanpalle
4073 Mahbubnagar Bomraspet Mandal Bomraspet
4074 Mahbubnagar Bomraspet Mandal Burhanpur
4075 Mahbubnagar Bomraspet Mandal Chilmalmailwar
4076 Mahbubnagar Bomraspet Mandal Chowdarpalle
4077 Mahbubnagar Bomraspet Mandal Dudyal
4078 Mahbubnagar Bomraspet Mandal Dupcherla
4079 Mahbubnagar Bomraspet Mandal Erlapalle
4080 Mahbubnagar Bomraspet Mandal Erupumalla
4081 Mahbubnagar Bomraspet Mandal Gouraram
4082 Mahbubnagar Bomraspet Mandal Hakimpeta
4083 Mahbubnagar Bomraspet Mandal Kothur
4084 Mahbubnagar Bomraspet Mandal Lagcherla
4085 Mahbubnagar Bomraspet Mandal Lingampalle
4086 Mahbubnagar Bomraspet Mandal Machanpalle
4087 Mahbubnagar Bomraspet Mandal Madanpalle
4088 Mahbubnagar Bomraspet Mandal Metlakunta
4089 Mahbubnagar Bomraspet Mandal Nagireddipalle
4090 Mahbubnagar Bomraspet Mandal Namdarpur
4091 Mahbubnagar Bomraspet Mandal Nazkhanpalle
4092 Mahbubnagar Bomraspet Mandal Polepalle
4093 Mahbubnagar Bomraspet Mandal Regadmailwar
4094 Mahbubnagar Bomraspet Mandal Salimdapur
4095 Mahbubnagar Bomraspet Mandal Thirumalapur
4096 Mahbubnagar Bomraspet Mandal Thunkumetla
4097 Mahbubnagar Bomraspet Mandal Wadicherla
4098 Mahbubnagar Bomraspet Mandal Yenkepalle
4099 Mahbubnagar Chinnachintakunta Mandal Allipur
4100 Mahbubnagar Chinnachintakunta Mandal Ammapur
4101 Mahbubnagar Chinnachintakunta Mandal Appampalle
4102 Mahbubnagar Chinnachintakunta Mandal Bandrepalle
4103 Mahbubnagar Chinnachintakunta Mandal Chinnachintakunta(CT)
4104 Mahbubnagar Chinnachintakunta Mandal Damagnapur
4105 Mahbubnagar Chinnachintakunta Mandal Dasarpalle
4106 Mahbubnagar Chinnachintakunta Mandal Duppalle
4107 Mahbubnagar Chinnachintakunta Mandal Edulapur
4108 Mahbubnagar Chinnachintakunta Mandal Fareedpur
4109 Mahbubnagar Chinnachintakunta Mandal Gudur
4110 Mahbubnagar Chinnachintakunta Mandal Kothapalle
4111 Mahbubnagar Chinnachintakunta Mandal Kurumurthy
4112 Mahbubnagar Chinnachintakunta Mandal Lakshmidevipur
4113 Mahbubnagar Chinnachintakunta Mandal Lalkota
4114 Mahbubnagar Chinnachintakunta Mandal Maddur
4115 Mahbubnagar Chinnachintakunta Mandal Mutchintala
4116 Mahbubnagar Chinnachintakunta Mandal Nellikondi
4117 Mahbubnagar Chinnachintakunta Mandal Pallamarri
4118 Mahbubnagar Chinnachintakunta Mandal Seetharampeta
4119 Mahbubnagar Chinnachintakunta Mandal Thirumalapur
4120 Mahbubnagar Chinnachintakunta Mandal Undyala
4121 Mahbubnagar Chinnachintakunta Mandal Waddemanu
4122 Mahbubnagar Damaragidda Mandal Annasagar
4123 Mahbubnagar Damaragidda Mandal Ashanpalle
4124 Mahbubnagar Damaragidda Mandal Ayyawaripalle
4125 Mahbubnagar Damaragidda Mandal Bapanpalle
4126 Mahbubnagar Damaragidda Mandal Bommanpad
4127 Mahbubnagar Damaragidda Mandal Chakalavaripalle
4128 Mahbubnagar Damaragidda Mandal Damaragidda
4129 Mahbubnagar Damaragidda Mandal Desaipalle
4130 Mahbubnagar Damaragidda Mandal Gadimunkanpalle
4131 Mahbubnagar Damaragidda Mandal Gadpa
4132 Mahbubnagar Damaragidda Mandal Kamsanipalle
4133 Mahbubnagar Damaragidda Mandal Kandanpalle
4134 Mahbubnagar Damaragidda Mandal Kanukurthy
4135 Mahbubnagar Damaragidda Mandal Kyatanpalle
4136 Mahbubnagar Damaragidda Mandal Laxmipur
4137 Mahbubnagar Damaragidda Mandal Lingareddipalle
4138 Mahbubnagar Damaragidda Mandal Lokurthy
4139 Mahbubnagar Damaragidda Mandal Malreddipalle
4140 Mahbubnagar Damaragidda Mandal Mogalamadka
4141 Mahbubnagar Damaragidda Mandal Narsapur
4142 Mahbubnagar Damaragidda Mandal Piddampalle
4143 Mahbubnagar Damaragidda Mandal Sajnapur
4144 Mahbubnagar Damaragidda Mandal Suddavanda
4145 Mahbubnagar Damaragidda Mandal Udmalgidda
4146 Mahbubnagar Damaragidda Mandal Ulligundam
4147 Mahbubnagar Damaragidda Mandal Vathugundla
4148 Mahbubnagar Damaragidda Mandal Vithalapur
4149 Mahbubnagar Damaragidda Mandal Yelsanpalle
4150 Mahbubnagar Devarkadra Mandal Ajilapur
4151 Mahbubnagar Devarkadra Mandal Balsupalle
4152 Mahbubnagar Devarkadra Mandal Baswaipalle
4153 Mahbubnagar Devarkadra Mandal Baswapur
4154 Mahbubnagar Devarkadra Mandal Bollaram
4155 Mahbubnagar Devarkadra Mandal Chinnarajmoor
4156 Mahbubnagar Devarkadra Mandal Chowdarpalle
4157 Mahbubnagar Devarkadra Mandal Devarkadra
4158 Mahbubnagar Devarkadra Mandal Dokur
4159 Mahbubnagar Devarkadra Mandal Gaddeguda
4160 Mahbubnagar Devarkadra Mandal Gopanpalle
4161 Mahbubnagar Devarkadra Mandal Goplapurkalan
4162 Mahbubnagar Devarkadra Mandal Gudibanda
4163 Mahbubnagar Devarkadra Mandal Gurakonda
4164 Mahbubnagar Devarkadra Mandal Hajilapur
4165 Mahbubnagar Devarkadra Mandal Isrampalle
4166 Mahbubnagar Devarkadra Mandal Jeenugurala
4167 Mahbubnagar Devarkadra Mandal Koukuntla
4168 Mahbubnagar Devarkadra Mandal Laxmipalle
4169 Mahbubnagar Devarkadra Mandal Meenuguvanipalle
4170 Mahbubnagar Devarkadra Mandal Muthyalampalle
4171 Mahbubnagar Devarkadra Mandal Nagaram
4172 Mahbubnagar Devarkadra Mandal Peddarajmoor
4173 Mahbubnagar Devarkadra Mandal Perur
4174 Mahbubnagar Devarkadra Mandal Puttapalle
4175 Mahbubnagar Devarkadra Mandal Rekulampalle
4176 Mahbubnagar Devarkadra Mandal Varne
4177 Mahbubnagar Devarkadra Mandal Venkataipalle
4178 Mahbubnagar Dhanwada Mandal Dhanwada
4179 Mahbubnagar Dhanwada Mandal Gotur
4180 Mahbubnagar Dhanwada Mandal Gunmukla
4181 Mahbubnagar Dhanwada Mandal Ibrahimpatnam
4182 Mahbubnagar Dhanwada Mandal Kamsanpalle
4183 Mahbubnagar Dhanwada Mandal Kistapur
4184 Mahbubnagar Dhanwada Mandal Kondapur
4185 Mahbubnagar Dhanwada Mandal Madwar
4186 Mahbubnagar Dhanwada Mandal Mandipalle
4187 Mahbubnagar Dhanwada Mandal Marikal
4188 Mahbubnagar Dhanwada Mandal Pasalpad
4189 Mahbubnagar Dhanwada Mandal Paspul
4190 Mahbubnagar Dhanwada Mandal Peddachintakunta
4191 Mahbubnagar Dhanwada Mandal Rakonda
4192 Mahbubnagar Dhanwada Mandal Teelair
4193 Mahbubnagar Dhanwada Mandal Venkatapur
4194 Mahbubnagar Dhanwada Mandal Yamnanpalle
4195 Mahbubnagar Dhanwada Mandal Yeligandla
4196 Mahbubnagar Dharur Mandal Alwalpad
4197 Mahbubnagar Dharur Mandal Chintharevula
4198 Mahbubnagar Dharur Mandal Dharur
4199 Mahbubnagar Dharur Mandal Dornala
4200 Mahbubnagar Dharur Mandal Erlabanda
4201 Mahbubnagar Dharur Mandal Ganganapalle
4202 Mahbubnagar Dharur Mandal Garlapadu
4203 Mahbubnagar Dharur Mandal Guvvaladinne
4204 Mahbubnagar Dharur Mandal Irkichedu
4205 Mahbubnagar Dharur Mandal Kondapur
4206 Mahbubnagar Dharur Mandal Kothulagidda
4207 Mahbubnagar Dharur Mandal Mannapur
4208 Mahbubnagar Dharur Mandal Marlabeedu
4209 Mahbubnagar Dharur Mandal Mirzapuram
4210 Mahbubnagar Dharur Mandal Musaldoddi
4211 Mahbubnagar Dharur Mandal Nagardoddi
4212 Mahbubnagar Dharur Mandal Neelahalli
4213 Mahbubnagar Dharur Mandal Nettempadu
4214 Mahbubnagar Dharur Mandal Pagunta
4215 Mahbubnagar Dharur Mandal Palcherla
4216 Mahbubnagar Dharur Mandal Puranapalem
4217 Mahbubnagar Dharur Mandal Ryalampad
4218 Mahbubnagar Dharur Mandal Umithyala
4219 Mahbubnagar Dharur Mandal Upperu
4220 Mahbubnagar Dharur Mandal Venkatapuram
4221 Mahbubnagar Doulathabad Mandal Allapur
4222 Mahbubnagar Doulathabad Mandal Anthwar
4223 Mahbubnagar Doulathabad Mandal Balampeta
4224 Mahbubnagar Doulathabad Mandal Bichal
4225 Mahbubnagar Doulathabad Mandal Challapur
4226 Mahbubnagar Doulathabad Mandal Chandrakal
4227 Mahbubnagar Doulathabad Mandal Devarfaslawad
4228 Mahbubnagar Doulathabad Mandal Doulathabad
4229 Mahbubnagar Doulathabad Mandal Erlapalle
4230 Mahbubnagar Doulathabad Mandal Gokafasalwad
4231 Mahbubnagar Doulathabad Mandal Gundepalle
4232 Mahbubnagar Doulathabad Mandal Imdapur
4233 Mahbubnagar Doulathabad Mandal Kowdeed
4234 Mahbubnagar Doulathabad Mandal Kudrimalla
4235 Mahbubnagar Doulathabad Mandal Kuppagiri
4236 Mahbubnagar Doulathabad Mandal Matoor
4237 Mahbubnagar Doulathabad Mandal Nagasar
4238 Mahbubnagar Doulathabad Mandal Nandaram
4239 Mahbubnagar Doulathabad Mandal Neetur
4240 Mahbubnagar Doulathabad Mandal Polkampalle
4241 Mahbubnagar Doulathabad Mandal Saleempur
4242 Mahbubnagar Doulathabad Mandal Sultanpur
4243 Mahbubnagar Doulathabad Mandal Suraipalle
4244 Mahbubnagar Doulathabad Mandal Thimmareddipalle
4245 Mahbubnagar Doulathabad Mandal Thirumalapur
4246 Mahbubnagar Doulathabad Mandal Yamki
4247 Mahbubnagar Farooqnagar Mandal Allisabguda
4248 Mahbubnagar Farooqnagar Mandal Annaram
4249 Mahbubnagar Farooqnagar Mandal Bheemaram
4250 Mahbubnagar Farooqnagar Mandal Buchchiguda
4251 Mahbubnagar Farooqnagar Mandal Burgul
4252 Mahbubnagar Farooqnagar Mandal Chattanpalle
4253 Mahbubnagar Farooqnagar Mandal Chilkamarri (Chelka)
4254 Mahbubnagar Farooqnagar Mandal Chinchode
4255 Mahbubnagar Farooqnagar Mandal Chowlapalle (West)
4256 Mahbubnagar Farooqnagar Mandal Dooskal
4257 Mahbubnagar Farooqnagar Mandal Elkatta
4258 Mahbubnagar Farooqnagar Mandal Farooqnagar(CT)
4259 Mahbubnagar Farooqnagar Mandal Gantlavelli
4260 Mahbubnagar Farooqnagar Mandal Gundlakunta
4261 Mahbubnagar Farooqnagar Mandal Hajipalle
4262 Mahbubnagar Farooqnagar Mandal Jogammaguda
4263 Mahbubnagar Farooqnagar Mandal Kammadanam
4264 Mahbubnagar Farooqnagar Mandal Kamsanpalle
4265 Mahbubnagar Farooqnagar Mandal Kandivanam
4266 Mahbubnagar Farooqnagar Mandal Kishannagar
4267 Mahbubnagar Farooqnagar Mandal Kondannaguda
4268 Mahbubnagar Farooqnagar Mandal Kongaguda
4269 Mahbubnagar Farooqnagar Mandal Madhurapur
4270 Mahbubnagar Farooqnagar Mandal Mogalgidda
4271 Mahbubnagar Farooqnagar Mandal Nagulapalle
4272 Mahbubnagar Farooqnagar Mandal Raikal
4273 Mahbubnagar Farooqnagar Mandal Ramakrishnapur
4274 Mahbubnagar Farooqnagar Mandal Rangasamudram (Yellampalle)
4275 Mahbubnagar Farooqnagar Mandal Seriguda Madhurapur
4276 Mahbubnagar Farooqnagar Mandal Solipur
4277 Mahbubnagar Farooqnagar Mandal Suryaraoguda
4278 Mahbubnagar Farooqnagar Mandal Thimmajipalle
4279 Mahbubnagar Farooqnagar Mandal Veljerla-I
4280 Mahbubnagar Farooqnagar Mandal Veljerla-II
4281 Mahbubnagar Farooqnagar Mandal Veljerla III
4282 Mahbubnagar Farooqnagar Mandal Vittyal
4283 Mahbubnagar Gadwal Mandal Anantapur
4284 Mahbubnagar Gadwal Mandal Atmakur
4285 Mahbubnagar Gadwal Mandal Basapur
4286 Mahbubnagar Gadwal Mandal Beerole
4287 Mahbubnagar Gadwal Mandal Gadwal (R)(Part)
4288 Mahbubnagar Gadwal Mandal Gonpad
4289 Mahbubnagar Gadwal Mandal Gurramgadda
4290 Mahbubnagar Gadwal Mandal Jammiched
4291 Mahbubnagar Gadwal Mandal Jilladabanda
4292 Mahbubnagar Gadwal Mandal Kakulavaram
4293 Mahbubnagar Gadwal Mandal Kothapalle
4294 Mahbubnagar Gadwal Mandal Mellacheruvu
4295 Mahbubnagar Gadwal Mandal Mulkalapalle
4296 Mahbubnagar Gadwal Mandal Paramala
4297 Mahbubnagar Gadwal Mandal Pudur
4298 Mahbubnagar Gadwal Mandal Rekulapalle
4299 Mahbubnagar Gadwal Mandal Sangala
4300 Mahbubnagar Gadwal Mandal Yenkampeta
4301 Mahbubnagar Ghanpur Mandal Agaram
4302 Mahbubnagar Ghanpur Mandal Almaipalle
4303 Mahbubnagar Ghanpur Mandal Anpahad (D)
4304 Mahbubnagar Ghanpur Mandal Anthaipalle
4305 Mahbubnagar Ghanpur Mandal Appareddipalle
4306 Mahbubnagar Ghanpur Mandal Balijapalle
4307 Mahbubnagar Ghanpur Mandal Garkasa (D)
4308 Mahbubnagar Ghanpur Mandal Ghanpur
4309 Mahbubnagar Ghanpur Mandal Jangamaipalle
4310 Mahbubnagar Ghanpur Mandal Kamaluddinpur
4311 Mahbubnagar Ghanpur Mandal Malkapur
4312 Mahbubnagar Ghanpur Mandal Malkimianpalle
4313 Mahbubnagar Ghanpur Mandal Mamidimada
4314 Mahbubnagar Ghanpur Mandal Manajipet
4315 Mahbubnagar Ghanpur Mandal Mohammed Hussainpalle
4316 Mahbubnagar Ghanpur Mandal Parwathapur
4317 Mahbubnagar Ghanpur Mandal Salkalapur
4318 Mahbubnagar Ghanpur Mandal Shapur
4319 Mahbubnagar Ghanpur Mandal Solipur
4320 Mahbubnagar Ghanpur Mandal Suraipalle
4321 Mahbubnagar Ghanpur Mandal Thirumalaipalle
4322 Mahbubnagar Ghanpur Mandal Upparapalle
4323 Mahbubnagar Ghanpur Mandal Venkatampalle
4324 Mahbubnagar Ghattu Mandal Aloor
4325 Mahbubnagar Ghattu Mandal Apkondanhalli
4326 Mahbubnagar Ghattu Mandal Aragidda
4327 Mahbubnagar Ghattu Mandal Balgera
4328 Mahbubnagar Ghattu Mandal Boyalagudem
4329 Mahbubnagar Ghattu Mandal Chagadona
4330 Mahbubnagar Ghattu Mandal Chamankhandoddi
4331 Mahbubnagar Ghattu Mandal Chintalakunta
4332 Mahbubnagar Ghattu Mandal Easarlapad
4333 Mahbubnagar Ghattu Mandal Ghattu
4334 Mahbubnagar Ghattu Mandal Gorlakhandoddi
4335 Mahbubnagar Ghattu Mandal Induvasi
4336 Mahbubnagar Ghattu Mandal Kaloor Timmanadoddi
4337 Mahbubnagar Ghattu Mandal Kuchinerla
4338 Mahbubnagar Ghattu Mandal Macherla
4339 Mahbubnagar Ghattu Mandal Mallampalle
4340 Mahbubnagar Ghattu Mandal Mittadoddi
4341 Mahbubnagar Ghattu Mandal Muslimpalle
4342 Mahbubnagar Ghattu Mandal Naudinne
4343 Mahbubnagar Ghattu Mandal Penchikapadu
4344 Mahbubnagar Ghattu Mandal Rayapuram
4345 Mahbubnagar Ghattu Mandal Thappetlamorsu
4346 Mahbubnagar Ghattu Mandal Thummalacheruvu
4347 Mahbubnagar Ghattu Mandal Yellamdoddi
4348 Mahbubnagar Gopalpeta Mandal Bandaraipakula
4349 Mahbubnagar Gopalpeta Mandal Buddharam
4350 Mahbubnagar Gopalpeta Mandal Chakalpalle
4351 Mahbubnagar Gopalpeta Mandal Cheerkapalle
4352 Mahbubnagar Gopalpeta Mandal Chennaram
4353 Mahbubnagar Gopalpeta Mandal Chennur
4354 Mahbubnagar Gopalpeta Mandal Gopalpeta
4355 Mahbubnagar Gopalpeta Mandal Jain Thirumalapur
4356 Mahbubnagar Gopalpeta Mandal Kesampeta
4357 Mahbubnagar Gopalpeta Mandal Konkalapalle
4358 Mahbubnagar Gopalpeta Mandal Munnanur
4359 Mahbubnagar Gopalpeta Mandal Nagapur
4360 Mahbubnagar Gopalpeta Mandal Polkepahad
4361 Mahbubnagar Gopalpeta Mandal Revally
4362 Mahbubnagar Gopalpeta Mandal Shanaipalle
4363 Mahbubnagar Gopalpeta Mandal Thadparthy
4364 Mahbubnagar Gopalpeta Mandal Thalpunur
4365 Mahbubnagar Gopalpeta Mandal Vallabhanpalle
4366 Mahbubnagar Gopalpeta Mandal Yedula
4367 Mahbubnagar Gopalpeta Mandal Yedutla
4368 Mahbubnagar Hanwada Mandal Ammapur
4369 Mahbubnagar Hanwada Mandal Ayodhyanagar
4370 Mahbubnagar Hanwada Mandal Budharam
4371 Mahbubnagar Hanwada Mandal Cheekarlapalle
4372 Mahbubnagar Hanwada Mandal Chinnadharpalle
4373 Mahbubnagar Hanwada Mandal Dachekpalle
4374 Mahbubnagar Hanwada Mandal Dorasamudram
4375 Mahbubnagar Hanwada Mandal Guddimalkapur
4376 Mahbubnagar Hanwada Mandal Gundiyal
4377 Mahbubnagar Hanwada Mandal Hanwada
4378 Mahbubnagar Hanwada Mandal Ibrahimbad
4379 Mahbubnagar Hanwada Mandal Kothapeta
4380 Mahbubnagar Hanwada Mandal Madharam
4381 Mahbubnagar Hanwada Mandal Munimokesham
4382 Mahbubnagar Hanwada Mandal Naginonipalle
4383 Mahbubnagar Hanwada Mandal Peddadharpalle
4384 Mahbubnagar Hanwada Mandal Shaikpalle
4385 Mahbubnagar Hanwada Mandal Tankara
4386 Mahbubnagar Hanwada Mandal Vepoor
4387 Mahbubnagar Hanwada Mandal Yarenpalle
4388 Mahbubnagar Ieej Mandal Bingidoddi
4389 Mahbubnagar Ieej Mandal B.Timmapur
4390 Mahbubnagar Ieej Mandal Chinna Tandrapadu
4391 Mahbubnagar Ieej Mandal Devabanda
4392 Mahbubnagar Ieej Mandal Eklaspur
4393 Mahbubnagar Ieej Mandal Ieej
4394 Mahbubnagar Ieej Mandal Jadadoddi
4395 Mahbubnagar Ieej Mandal Kesavapuram
4396 Mahbubnagar Ieej Mandal Kudakanoor
4397 Mahbubnagar Ieej Mandal Medikonda
4398 Mahbubnagar Ieej Mandal Pullikal
4399 Mahbubnagar Ieej Mandal Sindhanoor
4400 Mahbubnagar Ieej Mandal Thoomkunta
4401 Mahbubnagar Ieej Mandal Thothinonidoddi
4402 Mahbubnagar Ieej Mandal Uppal
4403 Mahbubnagar Ieej Mandal Uthanur
4404 Mahbubnagar Ieej Mandal Venisampur
4405 Mahbubnagar Ieej Mandal Venkatapur
4406 Mahbubnagar Ieej Mandal Yapadinne
4407 Mahbubnagar Itikyal Mandal Batladinne
4408 Mahbubnagar Itikyal Mandal Bochuveerapur
4409 Mahbubnagar Itikyal Mandal Chagapur
4410 Mahbubnagar Itikyal Mandal Dharmavaram
4411 Mahbubnagar Itikyal Mandal Gopaldinne
4412 Mahbubnagar Itikyal Mandal Itikyal
4413 Mahbubnagar Itikyal Mandal Karpakula
4414 Mahbubnagar Itikyal Mandal Kondair
4415 Mahbubnagar Itikyal Mandal Mogilravalcheruvu
4416 Mahbubnagar Itikyal Mandal Munagala
4417 Mahbubnagar Itikyal Mandal Peddadinne
4418 Mahbubnagar Itikyal Mandal Putandoddi
4419 Mahbubnagar Itikyal Mandal Rajsrigarlapad
4420 Mahbubnagar Itikyal Mandal Sasnool
4421 Mahbubnagar Itikyal Mandal Saterla
4422 Mahbubnagar Itikyal Mandal Shabad
4423 Mahbubnagar Itikyal Mandal Thimmapur
4424 Mahbubnagar Itikyal Mandal Udandapur
4425 Mahbubnagar Itikyal Mandal Vallur
4426 Mahbubnagar Itikyal Mandal Vavilala
4427 Mahbubnagar Itikyal Mandal Vemula
4428 Mahbubnagar Jadcherla Mandal Aloor
4429 Mahbubnagar Jadcherla Mandal Alwanpalle
4430 Mahbubnagar Jadcherla Mandal Ambatapur
4431 Mahbubnagar Jadcherla Mandal Ammapalle
4432 Mahbubnagar Jadcherla Mandal Badepalle(CT)
4433 Mahbubnagar Jadcherla Mandal Bureddipalle
4434 Mahbubnagar Jadcherla Mandal Burgupalle
4435 Mahbubnagar Jadcherla Mandal Chinna Adiryal
4436 Mahbubnagar Jadcherla Mandal Chintaboinpalle
4437 Mahbubnagar Jadcherla Mandal Earlapalle
4438 Mahbubnagar Jadcherla Mandal Gangapur
4439 Mahbubnagar Jadcherla Mandal Gollapalle
4440 Mahbubnagar Jadcherla Mandal Goplapur (Kalan)
4441 Mahbubnagar Jadcherla Mandal Jadcherla(CT)
4442 Mahbubnagar Jadcherla Mandal Kishtaram
4443 Mahbubnagar Jadcherla Mandal Kistaram
4444 Mahbubnagar Jadcherla Mandal Kodgal
4445 Mahbubnagar Jadcherla Mandal Koduparthy
4446 Mahbubnagar Jadcherla Mandal Konded
4447 Mahbubnagar Jadcherla Mandal Macharam
4448 Mahbubnagar Jadcherla Mandal Malleboinpalle
4449 Mahbubnagar Jadcherla Mandal Nagasala
4450 Mahbubnagar Jadcherla Mandal Nasrullabad
4451 Mahbubnagar Jadcherla Mandal Nekkonda
4452 Mahbubnagar Jadcherla Mandal Pedda Adiryal
4453 Mahbubnagar Jadcherla Mandal Polepalle
4454 Mahbubnagar Jadcherla Mandal Shankarayapalle
4455 Mahbubnagar Jadcherla Mandal Soudagarpalle
4456 Mahbubnagar Jadcherla Mandal Uddandapur
4457 Mahbubnagar Jadcherla Mandal Vallur
4458 Mahbubnagar Kalwakurthy Mandal Bekkara
4459 Mahbubnagar Kalwakurthy Mandal Gundur
4460 Mahbubnagar Kalwakurthy Mandal Jeedipalle
4461 Mahbubnagar Kalwakurthy Mandal Jillella
4462 Mahbubnagar Kalwakurthy Mandal Kalwakurthy(CT)
4463 Mahbubnagar Kalwakurthy Mandal Kurmidda
4464 Mahbubnagar Kalwakurthy Mandal Lingasanipalle
4465 Mahbubnagar Kalwakurthy Mandal Marchal
4466 Mahbubnagar Kalwakurthy Mandal Mukural
4467 Mahbubnagar Kalwakurthy Mandal Panjugul
4468 Mahbubnagar Kalwakurthy Mandal Raghupathipeta
4469 Mahbubnagar Kalwakurthy Mandal Suddakal
4470 Mahbubnagar Kalwakurthy Mandal Tharnikal
4471 Mahbubnagar Kalwakurthy Mandal Thotapalle
4472 Mahbubnagar Kalwakurthy Mandal Velkatta
4473 Mahbubnagar Kalwakurthy Mandal Venkatapoor (Patti Maligara)
4474 Mahbubnagar Kalwakurthy Mandal Vepur
4475 Mahbubnagar Kalwakurthy Mandal Yellikal
4476 Mahbubnagar Keshampet Mandal Alwal
4477 Mahbubnagar Keshampet Mandal Bhairkhanpalle
4478 Mahbubnagar Keshampet Mandal Bodanampalle
4479 Mahbubnagar Keshampet Mandal Chintakuntapalle
4480 Mahbubnagar Keshampet Mandal Chowlapalle(East)
4481 Mahbubnagar Keshampet Mandal Dattaipalle
4482 Mahbubnagar Keshampet Mandal Eklaskhanpeta
4483 Mahbubnagar Keshampet Mandal Ippalapalle
4484 Mahbubnagar Keshampet Mandal Kakunoor
4485 Mahbubnagar Keshampet Mandal Keshampet
4486 Mahbubnagar Keshampet Mandal Kothapeta
4487 Mahbubnagar Keshampet Mandal Lemamidi
4488 Mahbubnagar Keshampet Mandal Lingamdana
4489 Mahbubnagar Keshampet Mandal Nirdavelly
4490 Mahbubnagar Keshampet Mandal Papireddiguda
4491 Mahbubnagar Keshampet Mandal Pomalpalle
4492 Mahbubnagar Keshampet Mandal Sangam
4493 Mahbubnagar Keshampet Mandal Santhapur
4494 Mahbubnagar Keshampet Mandal Thommidirekula
4495 Mahbubnagar Keshampet Mandal Vemulanarva
4496 Mahbubnagar Kodair Mandal Badigadinne
4497 Mahbubnagar Kodair Mandal Bawaipalle
4498 Mahbubnagar Kodair Mandal Janumpalle
4499 Mahbubnagar Kodair Mandal Kadirepadu
4500 Mahbubnagar Kodair Mandal Khanapur
4501 Mahbubnagar Kodair Mandal Kodair
4502 Mahbubnagar Kodair Mandal Kondraopallle
4503 Mahbubnagar Kodair Mandal Machupalle
4504 Mahbubnagar Kodair Mandal Mailaram
4505 Mahbubnagar Kodair Mandal Muthireddipalle
4506 Mahbubnagar Kodair Mandal Nagulapalle
4507 Mahbubnagar Kodair Mandal Narsaipalle
4508 Mahbubnagar Kodair Mandal Paspula
4509 Mahbubnagar Kodair Mandal Rajapuram
4510 Mahbubnagar Kodair Mandal Rekulapalle
4511 Mahbubnagar Kodair Mandal Singaipalle
4512 Mahbubnagar Kodair Mandal Teegalapalle
4513 Mahbubnagar Kodair Mandal Turkadinne
4514 Mahbubnagar Kodair Mandal Yetham
4515 Mahbubnagar Kodangal Mandal Angadi Raichur
4516 Mahbubnagar Kodangal Mandal Annaram
4517 Mahbubnagar Kodangal Mandal Appaipalle
4518 Mahbubnagar Kodangal Mandal Chinna Nandigam
4519 Mahbubnagar Kodangal Mandal Chitlapalle
4520 Mahbubnagar Kodangal Mandal Gandlepalle
4521 Mahbubnagar Kodangal Mandal Hasnabad
4522 Mahbubnagar Kodangal Mandal Indanoor
4523 Mahbubnagar Kodangal Mandal Kastoorpalle
4524 Mahbubnagar Kodangal Mandal Kodangal
4525 Mahbubnagar Kodangal Mandal Nagaram
4526 Mahbubnagar Kodangal Mandal Parsapur
4527 Mahbubnagar Kodangal Mandal Peddanandigam
4528 Mahbubnagar Kodangal Mandal Pyalamaddi
4529 Mahbubnagar Kodangal Mandal Ravalpalle
4530 Mahbubnagar Kodangal Mandal Rudraram
4531 Mahbubnagar Kodangal Mandal Tekalkode
4532 Mahbubnagar Kodangal Mandal Udimeswar
4533 Mahbubnagar Kodangal Mandal Upparpalle
4534 Mahbubnagar Koilkonda Mandal Abhangapatnam
4535 Mahbubnagar Koilkonda Mandal Acharyapur
4536 Mahbubnagar Koilkonda Mandal Akkaipalle
4537 Mahbubnagar Koilkonda Mandal Ananthapur
4538 Mahbubnagar Koilkonda Mandal Ankilla
4539 Mahbubnagar Koilkonda Mandal Ayyawarpalle
4540 Mahbubnagar Koilkonda Mandal Burgupalle
4541 Mahbubnagar Koilkonda Mandal Chandapur
4542 Mahbubnagar Koilkonda Mandal Chandraspalle
4543 Mahbubnagar Koilkonda Mandal Chanmanpalle
4544 Mahbubnagar Koilkonda Mandal Garlapad
4545 Mahbubnagar Koilkonda Mandal Ibrahimnagar
4546 Mahbubnagar Koilkonda Mandal Jamalpur
4547 Mahbubnagar Koilkonda Mandal Kannaipalle
4548 Mahbubnagar Koilkonda Mandal Kesavapur
4549 Mahbubnagar Koilkonda Mandal Khazipur
4550 Mahbubnagar Koilkonda Mandal Koilkonda
4551 Mahbubnagar Koilkonda Mandal Kothlavad
4552 Mahbubnagar Koilkonda Mandal Kushmohmedpalle
4553 Mahbubnagar Koilkonda Mandal Lingalched
4554 Mahbubnagar Koilkonda Mandal Lingupalle
4555 Mahbubnagar Koilkonda Mandal Malkapur
4556 Mahbubnagar Koilkonda Mandal Mallapur
4557 Mahbubnagar Koilkonda Mandal Manikonda
4558 Mahbubnagar Koilkonda Mandal Modipur
4559 Mahbubnagar Koilkonda Mandal Mubarakpur
4560 Mahbubnagar Koilkonda Mandal Nallavelly
4561 Mahbubnagar Koilkonda Mandal Parpalle
4562 Mahbubnagar Koilkonda Mandal Perkiweedu
4563 Mahbubnagar Koilkonda Mandal Rampur
4564 Mahbubnagar Koilkonda Mandal Salepalle
4565 Mahbubnagar Koilkonda Mandal Serivenkatapur
4566 Mahbubnagar Koilkonda Mandal Suraram
4567 Mahbubnagar Koilkonda Mandal Thirumalampalle
4568 Mahbubnagar Koilkonda Mandal Veerampalle
4569 Mahbubnagar Koilkonda Mandal Vinjamur
4570 Mahbubnagar Koilkonda Mandal Yellareddipalle
4571 Mahbubnagar Kollapur Mandal Amaragiri
4572 Mahbubnagar Kollapur Mandal Ankiraopalle
4573 Mahbubnagar Kollapur Mandal Asadpur
4574 Mahbubnagar Kollapur Mandal Bollaram
4575 Mahbubnagar Kollapur Mandal Chennampalle
4576 Mahbubnagar Kollapur Mandal Chintalapalle
4577 Mahbubnagar Kollapur Mandal Choutabetla
4578 Mahbubnagar Kollapur Mandal Chukkaipalle
4579 Mahbubnagar Kollapur Mandal Enmanabetla
4580 Mahbubnagar Kollapur Mandal Jawaipalle
4581 Mahbubnagar Kollapur Mandal Kollapur
4582 Mahbubnagar Kollapur Mandal Kudikilla
4583 Mahbubnagar Kollapur Mandal Machinenipalle
4584 Mahbubnagar Kollapur Mandal Malabaswapur
4585 Mahbubnagar Kollapur Mandal Malachintapalle
4586 Mahbubnagar Kollapur Mandal Malleswaram
4587 Mahbubnagar Kollapur Mandal Manchalakatta
4588 Mahbubnagar Kollapur Mandal Narlapuram
4589 Mahbubnagar Kollapur Mandal Narsimhapuram
4590 Mahbubnagar Kollapur Mandal Narsingaraopalle
4591 Mahbubnagar Kollapur Mandal Pentlavelli
4592 Mahbubnagar Kollapur Mandal Ramapur
4593 Mahbubnagar Kollapur Mandal Singavatnam
4594 Mahbubnagar Kollapur Mandal Somasila
4595 Mahbubnagar Kollapur Mandal Vemkal
4596 Mahbubnagar Kollapur Mandal Wardyal
4597 Mahbubnagar Kollapur Mandal Yellur
4598 Mahbubnagar Kondurg Mandal Agiryal
4599 Mahbubnagar Kondurg Mandal Bhirampalle
4600 Mahbubnagar Kondurg Mandal Chalivendrampalle
4601 Mahbubnagar Kondurg Mandal Chegireddy Ghanpur
4602 Mahbubnagar Kondurg Mandal Chennareddiguda
4603 Mahbubnagar Kondurg Mandal Cherukupalle
4604 Mahbubnagar Kondurg Mandal Chinnayelkicherla
4605 Mahbubnagar Kondurg Mandal Chukkammet
4606 Mahbubnagar Kondurg Mandal Edira
4607 Mahbubnagar Kondurg Mandal Govindapur
4608 Mahbubnagar Kondurg Mandal Gunjalapahad
4609 Mahbubnagar Kondurg Mandal Gunjalapahad
4610 Mahbubnagar Kondurg Mandal Gurrampalle
4611 Mahbubnagar Kondurg Mandal Hazipet
4612 Mahbubnagar Kondurg Mandal Indranagar
4613 Mahbubnagar Kondurg Mandal Jakaram
4614 Mahbubnagar Kondurg Mandal Jilled
4615 Mahbubnagar Kondurg Mandal Kondurg (E)
4616 Mahbubnagar Kondurg Mandal Kondurg(West)
4617 Mahbubnagar Kondurg Mandal Mahadevpoor
4618 Mahbubnagar Kondurg Mandal Malkapahad
4619 Mahbubnagar Kondurg Mandal Mutpoor
4620 Mahbubnagar Kondurg Mandal Padmaram
4621 Mahbubnagar Kondurg Mandal Parvathapur
4622 Mahbubnagar Kondurg Mandal Pedda Yelkicherla
4623 Mahbubnagar Kondurg Mandal Raviryal
4624 Mahbubnagar Kondurg Mandal Regadi Chilakamarri
4625 Mahbubnagar Kondurg Mandal Somarampad
4626 Mahbubnagar Kondurg Mandal Srirangapur
4627 Mahbubnagar Kondurg Mandal Tangellapalle
4628 Mahbubnagar Kondurg Mandal Tekulapalle
4629 Mahbubnagar Kondurg Mandal Thoompalle
4630 Mahbubnagar Kondurg Mandal Tummalapalle
4631 Mahbubnagar Kondurg Mandal Ummenthyal
4632 Mahbubnagar Kondurg Mandal Uttaraspalle
4633 Mahbubnagar Kondurg Mandal Vanampalle
4634 Mahbubnagar Kondurg Mandal Veerannapet
4635 Mahbubnagar Kondurg Mandal Venkiryal
4636 Mahbubnagar Kondurg Mandal Viswanathpur
4637 Mahbubnagar Kosgi Mandal Amlikunta
4638 Mahbubnagar Kosgi Mandal Appaipalle
4639 Mahbubnagar Kosgi Mandal Balabhadraipalle
4640 Mahbubnagar Kosgi Mandal Bhakthimalla
4641 Mahbubnagar Kosgi Mandal Bhogaram
4642 Mahbubnagar Kosgi Mandal Bijjaram
4643 Mahbubnagar Kosgi Mandal Chandravancha
4644 Mahbubnagar Kosgi Mandal Chennaram
4645 Mahbubnagar Kosgi Mandal Ejipoor
4646 Mahbubnagar Kosgi Mandal Gundmal
4647 Mahbubnagar Kosgi Mandal Kadampalle
4648 Mahbubnagar Kosgi Mandal Kosgi
4649 Mahbubnagar Kosgi Mandal Kothapalle
4650 Mahbubnagar Kosgi Mandal Lodhipur
4651 Mahbubnagar Kosgi Mandal Mirzapur
4652 Mahbubnagar Kosgi Mandal Mudireddipalle
4653 Mahbubnagar Kosgi Mandal Mukthipahad
4654 Mahbubnagar Kosgi Mandal Mukthyarnagar
4655 Mahbubnagar Kosgi Mandal Mungimalla
4656 Mahbubnagar Kosgi Mandal Mushrifa
4657 Mahbubnagar Kosgi Mandal Nacharam
4658 Mahbubnagar Kosgi Mandal Sarangaraopalle
4659 Mahbubnagar Kosgi Mandal Sarjakhanpet
4660 Mahbubnagar Kosgi Mandal Thogapur
4661 Mahbubnagar Kothakota Mandal Ajjakollu
4662 Mahbubnagar Kothakota Mandal Amadabakula
4663 Mahbubnagar Kothakota Mandal Amaravathinagar
4664 Mahbubnagar Kothakota Mandal Apparala
4665 Mahbubnagar Kothakota Mandal Boothpur
4666 Mahbubnagar Kothakota Mandal Cherlapalle
4667 Mahbubnagar Kothakota Mandal Dantanoor
4668 Mahbubnagar Kothakota Mandal Dwarakanagar
4669 Mahbubnagar Kothakota Mandal Govindahalli
4670 Mahbubnagar Kothakota Mandal Kanaipalle
4671 Mahbubnagar Kothakota Mandal Kanimetta
4672 Mahbubnagar Kothakota Mandal Konnur
4673 Mahbubnagar Kothakota Mandal Kothakota(CT)
4674 Mahbubnagar Kothakota Mandal Madanapur
4675 Mahbubnagar Kothakota Mandal Miraspalle
4676 Mahbubnagar Kothakota Mandal Mummallapalle
4677 Mahbubnagar Kothakota Mandal Nancharammapet
4678 Mahbubnagar Kothakota Mandal Narsingapur
4679 Mahbubnagar Kothakota Mandal Natavalli
4680 Mahbubnagar Kothakota Mandal Nelividi
4681 Mahbubnagar Kothakota Mandal Nirven
4682 Mahbubnagar Kothakota Mandal Palem
4683 Mahbubnagar Kothakota Mandal Pamapur
4684 Mahbubnagar Kothakota Mandal Pathajangamaipalle
4685 Mahbubnagar Kothakota Mandal Pullareddikunta
4686 Mahbubnagar Kothakota Mandal Ramakrishnapur
4687 Mahbubnagar Kothakota Mandal Ramanpadu
4688 Mahbubnagar Kothakota Mandal Ramnathpur
4689 Mahbubnagar Kothakota Mandal Rayanpet
4690 Mahbubnagar Kothakota Mandal Sankireddipalle
4691 Mahbubnagar Kothakota Mandal Satyahalli
4692 Mahbubnagar Kothakota Mandal Shankarampeta
4693 Mahbubnagar Kothakota Mandal Thirumalaipalle
4694 Mahbubnagar Kothakota Mandal Waddawata
4695 Mahbubnagar Kothur Mandal Chegur
4696 Mahbubnagar Kothur Mandal Edulapalle
4697 Mahbubnagar Kothur Mandal Gudur
4698 Mahbubnagar Kothur Mandal Inmulnarva
4699 Mahbubnagar Kothur Mandal Khajiguda
4700 Mahbubnagar Kothur Mandal Kodicherla
4701 Mahbubnagar Kothur Mandal Kothur(CT)
4702 Mahbubnagar Kothur Mandal Mallapur
4703 Mahbubnagar Kothur Mandal Mamidipalle
4704 Mahbubnagar Kothur Mandal Nandigam
4705 Mahbubnagar Kothur Mandal Penjerla
4706 Mahbubnagar Kothur Mandal Seriguda (Bhadrai Palle)
4707 Mahbubnagar Kothur Mandal Siddapur
4708 Mahbubnagar Kothur Mandal Theegapur
4709 Mahbubnagar Kothur Mandal Thimmapur
4710 Mahbubnagar Kothur Mandal Veerlapalle
4711 Mahbubnagar Lingal Mandal Anbatpalle
4712 Mahbubnagar Lingal Mandal Ausalikunta
4713 Mahbubnagar Lingal Mandal Bakaram
4714 Mahbubnagar Lingal Mandal Chandapuram
4715 Mahbubnagar Lingal Mandal Datharam
4716 Mahbubnagar Lingal Mandal Jeelugupalle
4717 Mahbubnagar Lingal Mandal Komatikunta
4718 Mahbubnagar Lingal Mandal Kothakuntapalle
4719 Mahbubnagar Lingal Mandal Lingal
4720 Mahbubnagar Lingal Mandal Madapur
4721 Mahbubnagar Lingal Mandal Manajipet
4722 Mahbubnagar Lingal Mandal Maqdumpur
4723 Mahbubnagar Lingal Mandal Rampur
4724 Mahbubnagar Lingal Mandal Rangayapalle
4725 Mahbubnagar Lingal Mandal Rayavaram
4726 Mahbubnagar Lingal Mandal Sainpeta
4727 Mahbubnagar Lingal Mandal Surapur
4728 Mahbubnagar Lingal Mandal Vallabhapur
4729 Mahbubnagar Maddur Mandal Allipur
4730 Mahbubnagar Maddur Mandal Boneed
4731 Mahbubnagar Maddur Mandal Chanwar
4732 Mahbubnagar Maddur Mandal Chenreddipalle
4733 Mahbubnagar Maddur Mandal Chintaldinne
4734 Mahbubnagar Maddur Mandal Damaganpuram
4735 Mahbubnagar Maddur Mandal Dorepalle
4736 Mahbubnagar Maddur Mandal Duppatghat
4737 Mahbubnagar Maddur Mandal Gokulnagar
4738 Mahbubnagar Maddur Mandal Jadavaraopalle
4739 Mahbubnagar Maddur Mandal Kajipuram
4740 Mahbubnagar Maddur Mandal Kommur
4741 Mahbubnagar Maddur Mandal Kothapalle
4742 Mahbubnagar Maddur Mandal Lakkaipalle
4743 Mahbubnagar Maddur Mandal Lingalched
4744 Mahbubnagar Maddur Mandal Maddur
4745 Mahbubnagar Maddur Mandal Malikjadavarao Palle
4746 Mahbubnagar Maddur Mandal Mannapur
4747 Mahbubnagar Maddur Mandal Mominapur
4748 Mahbubnagar Maddur Mandal Nagireddipalle
4749 Mahbubnagar Maddur Mandal Nandigam
4750 Mahbubnagar Maddur Mandal Nandipahad
4751 Mahbubnagar Maddur Mandal Nidjinta
4752 Mahbubnagar Maddur Mandal Pallerla
4753 Mahbubnagar Maddur Mandal Parsapuram
4754 Mahbubnagar Maddur Mandal Peddapur
4755 Mahbubnagar Maddur Mandal Pedripahad
4756 Mahbubnagar Maddur Mandal Renvatla
4757 Mahbubnagar Maddur Mandal Thimmareddipalle
4758 Mahbubnagar Maddur Mandal Veeraram
4759 Mahbubnagar Madgul Mandal Andugul
4760 Mahbubnagar Madgul Mandal Anneboinpalle
4761 Mahbubnagar Madgul Mandal Appareddipalle
4762 Mahbubnagar Madgul Mandal Arkapalle
4763 Mahbubnagar Madgul Mandal Aurpalle
4764 Mahbubnagar Madgul Mandal Brahmanapalle
4765 Mahbubnagar Madgul Mandal Dodlapahad
4766 Mahbubnagar Madgul Mandal Girikothapalle
4767 Mahbubnagar Madgul Mandal Irwin
4768 Mahbubnagar Madgul Mandal Kalakonda
4769 Mahbubnagar Madgul Mandal Kulkulpalle
4770 Mahbubnagar Madgul Mandal Madgul
4771 Mahbubnagar Madgul Mandal Nagilla
4772 Mahbubnagar Madgul Mandal Ramanampalle
4773 Mahbubnagar Madgul Mandal Suddapalle
4774 Mahbubnagar Maganoor Mandal Adivikhanapur
4775 Mahbubnagar Maganoor Mandal Adivisatyavaram
4776 Mahbubnagar Maganoor Mandal Ainapur
4777 Mahbubnagar Maganoor Mandal Alampalle
4778 Mahbubnagar Maganoor Mandal Bhairampalle
4779 Mahbubnagar Maganoor Mandal Chegunta
4780 Mahbubnagar Maganoor Mandal Gajarandoddi
4781 Mahbubnagar Maganoor Mandal Gudebellur
4782 Mahbubnagar Maganoor Mandal Gurujala
4783 Mahbubnagar Maganoor Mandal Gururaolingampalle
4784 Mahbubnagar Maganoor Mandal Hindupur
4785 Mahbubnagar Maganoor Mandal Khalhalli
4786 Mahbubnagar Maganoor Mandal Kolpur
4787 Mahbubnagar Maganoor Mandal Kothapalle
4788 Mahbubnagar Maganoor Mandal Kunsi
4789 Mahbubnagar Maganoor Mandal Kusumurthy
4790 Mahbubnagar Maganoor Mandal Lachampur
4791 Mahbubnagar Maganoor Mandal Maganoor
4792 Mahbubnagar Maganoor Mandal Mandipalle
4793 Mahbubnagar Maganoor Mandal Mudumal
4794 Mahbubnagar Maganoor Mandal Mudumaldoddi
4795 Mahbubnagar Maganoor Mandal Muraharidoddi
4796 Mahbubnagar Maganoor Mandal Neradgam
4797 Mahbubnagar Maganoor Mandal Oblapur
4798 Mahbubnagar Maganoor Mandal Parmandoddi
4799 Mahbubnagar Maganoor Mandal Pegadabanda
4800 Mahbubnagar Maganoor Mandal Punjanur
4801 Mahbubnagar Maganoor Mandal Shukurlingampalle
4802 Mahbubnagar Maganoor Mandal Thalankeri
4803 Mahbubnagar Maganoor Mandal Thangadigi
4804 Mahbubnagar Maganoor Mandal Ujjelli
4805 Mahbubnagar Maganoor Mandal Wadwat
4806 Mahbubnagar Maganoor Mandal Warkoor
4807 Mahbubnagar Maganoor Mandal Yabandoddi
4808 Mahbubnagar Mahbubnagar Mandal Allipur
4809 Mahbubnagar Mahbubnagar Mandal Appaipalle
4810 Mahbubnagar Mahbubnagar Mandal Boyapalle (CT)
4811 Mahbubnagar Mahbubnagar Mandal Dharmapur
4812 Mahbubnagar Mahbubnagar Mandal Fathepur
4813 Mahbubnagar Mahbubnagar Mandal Jannappapalle
4814 Mahbubnagar Mahbubnagar Mandal Kadur
4815 Mahbubnagar Mahbubnagar Mandal Kotakadira
4816 Mahbubnagar Mahbubnagar Mandal Machanpalle
4817 Mahbubnagar Mahbubnagar Mandal Oblaipalle
4818 Mahbubnagar Mahbubnagar Mandal Palakonda (R)
4819 Mahbubnagar Mahbubnagar Mandal Ramchandrapur
4820 Mahbubnagar Mahbubnagar Mandal Venkatapur
4821 Mahbubnagar Mahbubnagar Mandal Yedira (Part)
4822 Mahbubnagar Mahbubnagar Mandal Yenugonda(CT)
4823 Mahbubnagar Mahbubnagar Mandal Yerravalli
4824 Mahbubnagar Mahbubnagar Mandal Zainallipur
4825 Mahbubnagar Mahbubnagar Mandal Zamistapur
4826 Mahbubnagar Makthal Mandal Anugonda
4827 Mahbubnagar Makthal Mandal Bhagvanpalle
4828 Mahbubnagar Makthal Mandal Bhoothpur
4829 Mahbubnagar Makthal Mandal Bondalkunta
4830 Mahbubnagar Makthal Mandal Chandapur
4831 Mahbubnagar Makthal Mandal Chinnagopalapur
4832 Mahbubnagar Makthal Mandal Chityal
4833 Mahbubnagar Makthal Mandal Dasardoddi
4834 Mahbubnagar Makthal Mandal Golpalle
4835 Mahbubnagar Makthal Mandal Gudigandla
4836 Mahbubnagar Makthal Mandal Gurlapalle
4837 Mahbubnagar Makthal Mandal Jaklair
4838 Mahbubnagar Makthal Mandal Jowlapur
4839 Mahbubnagar Makthal Mandal Kachwar
4840 Mahbubnagar Makthal Mandal Kamathnarva
4841 Mahbubnagar Makthal Mandal Kamatpulmamidi
4842 Mahbubnagar Makthal Mandal Karni
4843 Mahbubnagar Makthal Mandal Katrevpalle
4844 Mahbubnagar Makthal Mandal Khanapur
4845 Mahbubnagar Makthal Mandal Kondadoddi
4846 Mahbubnagar Makthal Mandal Krishnasamudram
4847 Mahbubnagar Makthal Mandal Lingampalle
4848 Mahbubnagar Makthal Mandal Madhawar
4849 Mahbubnagar Makthal Mandal Makthal
4850 Mahbubnagar Makthal Mandal Manthangoud
4851 Mahbubnagar Makthal Mandal Musalaipalle
4852 Mahbubnagar Makthal Mandal Mustipalle
4853 Mahbubnagar Makthal Mandal Panchadevupad
4854 Mahbubnagar Makthal Mandal Panchalingal
4855 Mahbubnagar Makthal Mandal Pareval
4856 Mahbubnagar Makthal Mandal Paspul
4857 Mahbubnagar Makthal Mandal Rudrasamudram
4858 Mahbubnagar Makthal Mandal Sangambanda
4859 Mahbubnagar Makthal Mandal Satyawar
4860 Mahbubnagar Makthal Mandal Someshwarbanda
4861 Mahbubnagar Makthal Mandal Tekulpalle
4862 Mahbubnagar Makthal Mandal Thirumalapur
4863 Mahbubnagar Makthal Mandal Upparapalle
4864 Mahbubnagar Makthal Mandal Yernaganpalle
4865 Mahbubnagar Maldakal Mandal Adaviravalcheruvu
4866 Mahbubnagar Maldakal Mandal Bijjawaram
4867 Mahbubnagar Maldakal Mandal Burdipad
4868 Mahbubnagar Maldakal Mandal Chelagarlapadu
4869 Mahbubnagar Maldakal Mandal D.Amaravai
4870 Mahbubnagar Maldakal Mandal Kurthiravalcheruvu
4871 Mahbubnagar Maldakal Mandal Maddelabanda
4872 Mahbubnagar Maldakal Mandal Maldakal
4873 Mahbubnagar Maldakal Mandal Mallemdoddi
4874 Mahbubnagar Maldakal Mandal Nagardoddi
4875 Mahbubnagar Maldakal Mandal Nethivanipalle
4876 Mahbubnagar Maldakal Mandal Palwai
4877 Mahbubnagar Maldakal Mandal Saddalonipalle
4878 Mahbubnagar Maldakal Mandal Syasampalle
4879 Mahbubnagar Maldakal Mandal Thatikunta
4880 Mahbubnagar Maldakal Mandal Uligepalle
4881 Mahbubnagar Maldakal Mandal Vittalapuram
4882 Mahbubnagar Maldakal Mandal Yeddulagudem
4883 Mahbubnagar Maldakal Mandal Yelkur
4884 Mahbubnagar Manopad Mandal A.Burdipad
4885 Mahbubnagar Manopad Mandal Amaravai
4886 Mahbubnagar Manopad Mandal Bonkur
4887 Mahbubnagar Manopad Mandal Boravelle
4888 Mahbubnagar Manopad Mandal Chandapur
4889 Mahbubnagar Manopad Mandal Chandur
4890 Mahbubnagar Manopad Mandal Chinnaamudyala Padu
4891 Mahbubnagar Manopad Mandal Chinnapothulapadu
4892 Mahbubnagar Manopad Mandal Chinnipadu
4893 Mahbubnagar Manopad Mandal D.Burdipadu
4894 Mahbubnagar Manopad Mandal Gokulapad
4895 Mahbubnagar Manopad Mandal Itkyalpadu
4896 Mahbubnagar Manopad Mandal Jallapur
4897 Mahbubnagar Manopad Mandal Kalgotla
4898 Mahbubnagar Manopad Mandal Kalkuntla
4899 Mahbubnagar Manopad Mandal Kanchupadu
4900 Mahbubnagar Manopad Mandal Khanapur
4901 Mahbubnagar Manopad Mandal Korvipadu
4902 Mahbubnagar Manopad Mandal Maddur
4903 Mahbubnagar Manopad Mandal Mangampeta
4904 Mahbubnagar Manopad Mandal Manopad
4905 Mahbubnagar Manopad Mandal Mennipadu
4906 Mahbubnagar Manopad Mandal Narayanpur
4907 Mahbubnagar Manopad Mandal Pallepadu
4908 Mahbubnagar Manopad Mandal Peddaamudyala Padu
4909 Mahbubnagar Manopad Mandal Peddapothulapadu
4910 Mahbubnagar Manopad Mandal Poosalapadu
4911 Mahbubnagar Manopad Mandal Pullur
4912 Mahbubnagar Manopad Mandal Raimakulakunta
4913 Mahbubnagar Manopad Mandal Undavelli
4914 Mahbubnagar Midjil Mandal Bhairampalle
4915 Mahbubnagar Midjil Mandal Boinpalle
4916 Mahbubnagar Midjil Mandal Bommarasipalle
4917 Mahbubnagar Midjil Mandal Chedughattu
4918 Mahbubnagar Midjil Mandal Chiluveru
4919 Mahbubnagar Midjil Mandal Donur
4920 Mahbubnagar Midjil Mandal Gudiganpalle
4921 Mahbubnagar Midjil Mandal Ippaipahad
4922 Mahbubnagar Midjil Mandal Jagboinpalle
4923 Mahbubnagar Midjil Mandal Jakanalapalle
4924 Mahbubnagar Midjil Mandal Kanchanpalle
4925 Mahbubnagar Midjil Mandal Kothapalle
4926 Mahbubnagar Midjil Mandal Kothur
4927 Mahbubnagar Midjil Mandal Madharam
4928 Mahbubnagar Midjil Mandal Masigundlapalle
4929 Mahbubnagar Midjil Mandal Midjil
4930 Mahbubnagar Midjil Mandal Munnanur
4931 Mahbubnagar Midjil Mandal Narsampalle
4932 Mahbubnagar Midjil Mandal Rachalapalle
4933 Mahbubnagar Midjil Mandal Ramreddipalle
4934 Mahbubnagar Midjil Mandal Revally
4935 Mahbubnagar Midjil Mandal Singamdoddi
4936 Mahbubnagar Midjil Mandal Urkonda
4937 Mahbubnagar Midjil Mandal Urkondapeta
4938 Mahbubnagar Midjil Mandal Vaspula
4939 Mahbubnagar Midjil Mandal Velugommula
4940 Mahbubnagar Midjil Mandal Vemula
4941 Mahbubnagar Midjil Mandal Wadiyal
4942 Mahbubnagar Nagarkurnool Mandal Auraspalle
4943 Mahbubnagar Nagarkurnool Mandal Bheemaram
4944 Mahbubnagar Nagarkurnool Mandal Bondalapalle
4945 Mahbubnagar Nagarkurnool Mandal Chandayapalle
4946 Mahbubnagar Nagarkurnool Mandal Chandubatla
4947 Mahbubnagar Nagarkurnool Mandal Deshitkyal
4948 Mahbubnagar Nagarkurnool Mandal Gaggalpalle
4949 Mahbubnagar Nagarkurnool Mandal Ganyagula
4950 Mahbubnagar Nagarkurnool Mandal Gudipalle
4951 Mahbubnagar Nagarkurnool Mandal Laxmapuram
4952 Mahbubnagar Nagarkurnool Mandal Malkapur
4953 Mahbubnagar Nagarkurnool Mandal Manthati
4954 Mahbubnagar Nagarkurnool Mandal Naganul
4955 Mahbubnagar Nagarkurnool Mandal Nagarkurnool(CT)
4956 Mahbubnagar Nagarkurnool Mandal Nallavelli
4957 Mahbubnagar Nagarkurnool Mandal Narsaipalle
4958 Mahbubnagar Nagarkurnool Mandal Peddamudnur
4959 Mahbubnagar Nagarkurnool Mandal Peddapuram
4960 Mahbubnagar Nagarkurnool Mandal Puljal
4961 Mahbubnagar Nagarkurnool Mandal Sripuram
4962 Mahbubnagar Nagarkurnool Mandal Thoodukurthy
4963 Mahbubnagar Nagarkurnool Mandal Uyyalawada
4964 Mahbubnagar Nagarkurnool Mandal Vanapatla
4965 Mahbubnagar Nagarkurnool Mandal Venkatapur
4966 Mahbubnagar Nagarkurnool Mandal Yendabetla
4967 Mahbubnagar Narayanpet Mandal Abhangapur
4968 Mahbubnagar Narayanpet Mandal Ammireddipalle
4969 Mahbubnagar Narayanpet Mandal Anthwar
4970 Mahbubnagar Narayanpet Mandal Appakapalle
4971 Mahbubnagar Narayanpet Mandal Appireddipalle
4972 Mahbubnagar Narayanpet Mandal Ayyawaripalle
4973 Mahbubnagar Narayanpet Mandal Bhairamkonda
4974 Mahbubnagar Narayanpet Mandal Boinpalle
4975 Mahbubnagar Narayanpet Mandal Chinnajatram
4976 Mahbubnagar Narayanpet Mandal Eklaspur
4977 Mahbubnagar Narayanpet Mandal Gurlapalle
4978 Mahbubnagar Narayanpet Mandal Jajapur
4979 Mahbubnagar Narayanpet Mandal Jalalpur
4980 Mahbubnagar Narayanpet Mandal Kavarampalle
4981 Mahbubnagar Narayanpet Mandal Kollampalle
4982 Mahbubnagar Narayanpet Mandal Kondareddipalle
4983 Mahbubnagar Narayanpet Mandal Kotakonda
4984 Mahbubnagar Narayanpet Mandal Kothapalle
4985 Mahbubnagar Narayanpet Mandal Lingampalle (Kollampalle)
4986 Mahbubnagar Narayanpet Mandal Narasappapalle
4987 Mahbubnagar Narayanpet Mandal Perapalla
4988 Mahbubnagar Narayanpet Mandal Seranpalle
4989 Mahbubnagar Narayanpet Mandal Singar
4990 Mahbubnagar Narayanpet Mandal Thirumalapur
4991 Mahbubnagar Narva Mandal Appampalle
4992 Mahbubnagar Narva Mandal Bekkarapalle
4993 Mahbubnagar Narva Mandal Chandraghad
4994 Mahbubnagar Narva Mandal Chinthareddipalle
4995 Mahbubnagar Narva Mandal Chittanur
4996 Mahbubnagar Narva Mandal Dharmapur
4997 Mahbubnagar Narva Mandal Eklaspur
4998 Mahbubnagar Narva Mandal Erladinne
4999 Mahbubnagar Narva Mandal Jakkenapalle
5000 Mahbubnagar Narva Mandal Jangamreddipalle
5001 Mahbubnagar Narva Mandal Jinnaram
5002 Mahbubnagar Narva Mandal Kadumoor
5003 Mahbubnagar Narva Mandal Kalwal
5004 Mahbubnagar Narva Mandal Kanmanur
5005 Mahbubnagar Narva Mandal Kistampalle
5006 Mahbubnagar Narva Mandal Kothapalle
5007 Mahbubnagar Narva Mandal Kumarlingampalle
5008 Mahbubnagar Narva Mandal Lakkerdoddi
5009 Mahbubnagar Narva Mandal Lankal
5010 Mahbubnagar Narva Mandal Mittanandimalla
5011 Mahbubnagar Narva Mandal Nagalkadumur
5012 Mahbubnagar Narva Mandal Nagireddipalle
5013 Mahbubnagar Narva Mandal Narva
5014 Mahbubnagar Narva Mandal Patherched
5015 Mahbubnagar Narva Mandal Raikode
5016 Mahbubnagar Narva Mandal Rajapalle
5017 Mahbubnagar Narva Mandal Rampur
5018 Mahbubnagar Narva Mandal Seepur
5019 Mahbubnagar Narva Mandal Undekode
5020 Mahbubnagar Narva Mandal Yamki
5021 Mahbubnagar Narva Mandal Yellampalle
5022 Mahbubnagar Nawabpet Mandal Ammapur
5023 Mahbubnagar Nawabpet Mandal Chowdoor
5024 Mahbubnagar Nawabpet Mandal Darpalle
5025 Mahbubnagar Nawabpet Mandal Depalle
5026 Mahbubnagar Nawabpet Mandal Gurukunta
5027 Mahbubnagar Nawabpet Mandal Hajilapur
5028 Mahbubnagar Nawabpet Mandal Hanmasanipalle
5029 Mahbubnagar Nawabpet Mandal Ippatur
5030 Mahbubnagar Nawabpet Mandal Kakarjala
5031 Mahbubnagar Nawabpet Mandal Kakarlapahad
5032 Mahbubnagar Nawabpet Mandal Kamaram
5033 Mahbubnagar Nawabpet Mandal Karkonda
5034 Mahbubnagar Nawabpet Mandal Karoor
5035 Mahbubnagar Nawabpet Mandal Khanapur
5036 Mahbubnagar Nawabpet Mandal Kolloor
5037 Mahbubnagar Nawabpet Mandal Kondapur
5038 Mahbubnagar Nawabpet Mandal Kuchoor
5039 Mahbubnagar Nawabpet Mandal Lingampalle
5040 Mahbubnagar Nawabpet Mandal Lokirev
5041 Mahbubnagar Nawabpet Mandal Parvathapur
5042 Mahbubnagar Nawabpet Mandal Pomal
5043 Mahbubnagar Nawabpet Mandal Rekulachowdapur
5044 Mahbubnagar Nawabpet Mandal Rudraram
5045 Mahbubnagar Nawabpet Mandal Siddotam
5046 Mahbubnagar Nawabpet Mandal Teegalapalle
5047 Mahbubnagar Nawabpet Mandal Veersettipalle
5048 Mahbubnagar Nawabpet Mandal Yemmanagandla
5049 Mahbubnagar Pangal Mandal Annaram
5050 Mahbubnagar Pangal Mandal Bandapalle
5051 Mahbubnagar Pangal Mandal Bollaram
5052 Mahbubnagar Pangal Mandal Busireddipalle
5053 Mahbubnagar Pangal Mandal Chikkepalle
5054 Mahbubnagar Pangal Mandal Chintakunta
5055 Mahbubnagar Pangal Mandal Davajipalle
5056 Mahbubnagar Pangal Mandal Dondaipalle
5057 Mahbubnagar Pangal Mandal Gopaldinne
5058 Mahbubnagar Pangal Mandal Gopalpur
5059 Mahbubnagar Pangal Mandal Jammapur
5060 Mahbubnagar Pangal Mandal Kalvarala
5061 Mahbubnagar Pangal Mandal Kethepalle
5062 Mahbubnagar Pangal Mandal Kistapur
5063 Mahbubnagar Pangal Mandal Korlakunta
5064 Mahbubnagar Pangal Mandal Madhavaraopalle
5065 Mahbubnagar Pangal Mandal Mahammadapur
5066 Mahbubnagar Pangal Mandal Mallaipalle
5067 Mahbubnagar Pangal Mandal Nizamabad
5068 Mahbubnagar Pangal Mandal Pangal
5069 Mahbubnagar Pangal Mandal Pulgarcherla
5070 Mahbubnagar Pangal Mandal Rayanipalle
5071 Mahbubnagar Pangal Mandal Remaddula
5072 Mahbubnagar Pangal Mandal Sakhapur
5073 Mahbubnagar Pangal Mandal Thellarallapalle
5074 Mahbubnagar Pangal Mandal Vallabhapur
5075 Mahbubnagar Pangal Mandal Vengalaipalle
5076 Mahbubnagar Pebbair Mandal Ayyavaripalle
5077 Mahbubnagar Pebbair Mandal Bunyadpur
5078 Mahbubnagar Pebbair Mandal Burdipadu
5079 Mahbubnagar Pebbair Mandal Chelimilla
5080 Mahbubnagar Pebbair Mandal Erladinne
5081 Mahbubnagar Pebbair Mandal Gummadam
5082 Mahbubnagar Pebbair Mandal Gumpanpalle
5083 Mahbubnagar Pebbair Mandal Janampeta
5084 Mahbubnagar Pebbair Mandal Janumpalle
5085 Mahbubnagar Pebbair Mandal Kamballapur
5086 Mahbubnagar Pebbair Mandal Kanchiraopalle
5087 Mahbubnagar Pebbair Mandal Munagamanudinne
5088 Mahbubnagar Pebbair Mandal Nagarala
5089 Mahbubnagar Pebbair Mandal Nagasanipalle
5090 Mahbubnagar Pebbair Mandal Pathapalle
5091 Mahbubnagar Pebbair Mandal Pebbair
5092 Mahbubnagar Pebbair Mandal Penchikalpadu
5093 Mahbubnagar Pebbair Mandal Ramammapeta
5094 Mahbubnagar Pebbair Mandal Ramapur
5095 Mahbubnagar Pebbair Mandal Rameswarapur
5096 Mahbubnagar Pebbair Mandal Rangapur
5097 Mahbubnagar Pebbair Mandal Shakhapur (Y)
5098 Mahbubnagar Pebbair Mandal Srirangapur
5099 Mahbubnagar Pebbair Mandal Sugur
5100 Mahbubnagar Pebbair Mandal Thatipamula
5101 Mahbubnagar Pebbair Mandal Thippaipalle
5102 Mahbubnagar Pebbair Mandal Thomalapalle
5103 Mahbubnagar Pebbair Mandal Venkatapur (S)
5104 Mahbubnagar Pebbair Mandal Yaparla
5105 Mahbubnagar Peddakothapalle Mandal Adirala
5106 Mahbubnagar Peddakothapalle Mandal Bacharam
5107 Mahbubnagar Peddakothapalle Mandal Bhavanampalle
5108 Mahbubnagar Peddakothapalle Mandal Chandrakal
5109 Mahbubnagar Peddakothapalle Mandal Chennapuraopalle
5110 Mahbubnagar Peddakothapalle Mandal Chinnakarpamula
5111 Mahbubnagar Peddakothapalle Mandal Dedinenipalle
5112 Mahbubnagar Peddakothapalle Mandal Devalthirumalpur
5113 Mahbubnagar Peddakothapalle Mandal Gantraopalle
5114 Mahbubnagar Peddakothapalle Mandal Gorremadugu
5115 Mahbubnagar Peddakothapalle Mandal Jonnalaboguda
5116 Mahbubnagar Peddakothapalle Mandal Kalwakole
5117 Mahbubnagar Peddakothapalle Mandal Kothapeta
5118 Mahbubnagar Peddakothapalle Mandal Mahasamudram
5119 Mahbubnagar Peddakothapalle Mandal Maredumandinne
5120 Mahbubnagar Peddakothapalle Mandal Marrikal
5121 Mahbubnagar Peddakothapalle Mandal Mustipalle
5122 Mahbubnagar Peddakothapalle Mandal Narayanpalle
5123 Mahbubnagar Peddakothapalle Mandal Peddakarpamula
5124 Mahbubnagar Peddakothapalle Mandal Peddakothapalle
5125 Mahbubnagar Peddakothapalle Mandal Pochapur
5126 Mahbubnagar Peddakothapalle Mandal Sathapur
5127 Mahbubnagar Peddakothapalle Mandal Thirumalampalle
5128 Mahbubnagar Peddakothapalle Mandal Vedukaraopalle
5129 Mahbubnagar Peddakothapalle Mandal Vennacherla
5130 Mahbubnagar Peddakothapalle Mandal Yapatla
5131 Mahbubnagar Peddamandadi Mandal Alwal
5132 Mahbubnagar Peddamandadi Mandal Baleedupalle
5133 Mahbubnagar Peddamandadi Mandal Chinnamandadi
5134 Mahbubnagar Peddamandadi Mandal Chinnamungalachedu
5135 Mahbubnagar Peddamandadi Mandal Gatlakhanapur
5136 Mahbubnagar Peddamandadi Mandal Jagathpalle
5137 Mahbubnagar Peddamandadi Mandal Kanmanoor
5138 Mahbubnagar Peddamandadi Mandal Maddigatla
5139 Mahbubnagar Peddamandadi Mandal Manigilla
5140 Mahbubnagar Peddamandadi Mandal Mojerla
5141 Mahbubnagar Peddamandadi Mandal Pamireddipalle
5142 Mahbubnagar Peddamandadi Mandal Peddamandadi
5143 Mahbubnagar Peddamandadi Mandal Peddamungalachedu
5144 Mahbubnagar Peddamandadi Mandal Veeraipalle
5145 Mahbubnagar Peddamandadi Mandal Veltoor
5146 Mahbubnagar Tadoor Mandal Aithole
5147 Mahbubnagar Tadoor Mandal Akunellikuduru
5148 Mahbubnagar Tadoor Mandal Allapur
5149 Mahbubnagar Tadoor Mandal Antharam
5150 Mahbubnagar Tadoor Mandal Bhallanpalle
5151 Mahbubnagar Tadoor Mandal Cherlaitikyala
5152 Mahbubnagar Tadoor Mandal Govindayapalle
5153 Mahbubnagar Tadoor Mandal Gunthakoduru
5154 Mahbubnagar Tadoor Mandal Indrakal
5155 Mahbubnagar Tadoor Mandal Kummera
5156 Mahbubnagar Tadoor Mandal Medipur
5157 Mahbubnagar Tadoor Mandal Nagadevupalle
5158 Mahbubnagar Tadoor Mandal Papagal
5159 Mahbubnagar Tadoor Mandal Parvathayapalle
5160 Mahbubnagar Tadoor Mandal Polmur
5161 Mahbubnagar Tadoor Mandal Sirsawada
5162 Mahbubnagar Tadoor Mandal Tadoor
5163 Mahbubnagar Tadoor Mandal Thirumalapur
5164 Mahbubnagar Tadoor Mandal Thummalasugur
5165 Mahbubnagar Tadoor Mandal Yadireddipalle
5166 Mahbubnagar Tadoor Mandal Yatdharpalle
5167 Mahbubnagar Tadoor Mandal Yatmatapur
5168 Mahbubnagar Tadoor Mandal Yengampalle
5169 Mahbubnagar Talakondapalle Mandal Antharam
5170 Mahbubnagar Talakondapalle Mandal Badnapur
5171 Mahbubnagar Talakondapalle Mandal Chandradana
5172 Mahbubnagar Talakondapalle Mandal Cheepunuthala
5173 Mahbubnagar Talakondapalle Mandal Chellampalle
5174 Mahbubnagar Talakondapalle Mandal Chennaram
5175 Mahbubnagar Talakondapalle Mandal Chukkapur
5176 Mahbubnagar Talakondapalle Mandal Garvipalle
5177 Mahbubnagar Talakondapalle Mandal Gattu Ippalapalle
5178 Mahbubnagar Talakondapalle Mandal Julapalle
5179 Mahbubnagar Talakondapalle Mandal Khanapur
5180 Mahbubnagar Talakondapalle Mandal Lingarapalle
5181 Mahbubnagar Talakondapalle Mandal Makthamadharam
5182 Mahbubnagar Talakondapalle Mandal Medakpalle
5183 Mahbubnagar Talakondapalle Mandal Nagireddiguda
5184 Mahbubnagar Talakondapalle Mandal Nyamathapur
5185 Mahbubnagar Talakondapalle Mandal Padakal
5186 Mahbubnagar Talakondapalle Mandal Rampur
5187 Mahbubnagar Talakondapalle Mandal Ravichedu
5188 Mahbubnagar Talakondapalle Mandal Salarpur
5189 Mahbubnagar Talakondapalle Mandal Seriramakrishnapur
5190 Mahbubnagar Talakondapalle Mandal Takrajguda
5191 Mahbubnagar Talakondapalle Mandal Talakondapalle
5192 Mahbubnagar Talakondapalle Mandal Thimmapur
5193 Mahbubnagar Talakondapalle Mandal Vampuguda
5194 Mahbubnagar Talakondapalle Mandal Veljala
5195 Mahbubnagar Talakondapalle Mandal Venkatapurpatti Veljala
5196 Mahbubnagar Talakondapalle Mandal Venkatraopeta
5197 Mahbubnagar Talakondapalle Mandal Yadavalli
5198 Mahbubnagar Telkapalle Mandal Alair
5199 Mahbubnagar Telkapalle Mandal Ananthasagar
5200 Mahbubnagar Telkapalle Mandal Bandapalle
5201 Mahbubnagar Telkapalle Mandal Boppepalle
5202 Mahbubnagar Telkapalle Mandal Chinnamudnur
5203 Mahbubnagar Telkapalle Mandal Gaddampalle
5204 Mahbubnagar Telkapalle Mandal Gattunellikuduru
5205 Mahbubnagar Telkapalle Mandal Gouraram
5206 Mahbubnagar Telkapalle Mandal Gouthampalle
5207 Mahbubnagar Telkapalle Mandal Karvanga
5208 Mahbubnagar Telkapalle Mandal Lakhnaram
5209 Mahbubnagar Telkapalle Mandal Nadigadda
5210 Mahbubnagar Telkapalle Mandal Parvathapuram
5211 Mahbubnagar Telkapalle Mandal Peddapalle
5212 Mahbubnagar Telkapalle Mandal Pedduru
5213 Mahbubnagar Telkapalle Mandal Raipakula
5214 Mahbubnagar Telkapalle Mandal Rakonda
5215 Mahbubnagar Telkapalle Mandal Telkapalle
5216 Mahbubnagar Telkapalle Mandal Vattipalle
5217 Mahbubnagar Telkapalle Mandal Zamistapur
5218 Mahbubnagar Thimmajipet Mandal Allampalle
5219 Mahbubnagar Thimmajipet Mandal Appajipalle
5220 Mahbubnagar Thimmajipet Mandal Avancha
5221 Mahbubnagar Thimmajipet Mandal Bajipuram
5222 Mahbubnagar Thimmajipet Mandal Bhavajipalle
5223 Mahbubnagar Thimmajipet Mandal Budhasamudram
5224 Mahbubnagar Thimmajipet Mandal Chegunta
5225 Mahbubnagar Thimmajipet Mandal Gorita
5226 Mahbubnagar Thimmajipet Mandal Gummakonda
5227 Mahbubnagar Thimmajipet Mandal Ippalapalle
5228 Mahbubnagar Thimmajipet Mandal Koduparthy
5229 Mahbubnagar Thimmajipet Mandal Marepalle
5230 Mahbubnagar Thimmajipet Mandal Marikal
5231 Mahbubnagar Thimmajipet Mandal Nerellapalle
5232 Mahbubnagar Thimmajipet Mandal Pothireddipalle
5233 Mahbubnagar Thimmajipet Mandal Pullagiri
5234 Mahbubnagar Thimmajipet Mandal Thimmajipet
5235 Mahbubnagar Thimmajipet Mandal Thirumalagiri
5236 Mahbubnagar Thimmajipet Mandal Vedirepalle
5237 Mahbubnagar Uppununthala Mandal Ayyavaripalle
5238 Mahbubnagar Uppununthala Mandal Dasarlapalle
5239 Mahbubnagar Uppununthala Mandal Kamsanipalle
5240 Mahbubnagar Uppununthala Mandal Koratikal
5241 Mahbubnagar Uppununthala Mandal Lathifpur
5242 Mahbubnagar Uppununthala Mandal Laxmapur (Pattigodal)
5243 Mahbubnagar Uppununthala Mandal Mamillapalle
5244 Mahbubnagar Uppununthala Mandal Marripalle
5245 Mahbubnagar Uppununthala Mandal Molgara
5246 Mahbubnagar Uppununthala Mandal Peddapur
5247 Mahbubnagar Uppununthala Mandal Penmilla
5248 Mahbubnagar Uppununthala Mandal Peratwanipalle
5249 Mahbubnagar Uppununthala Mandal Raichedu
5250 Mahbubnagar Uppununthala Mandal Rajanagar
5251 Mahbubnagar Uppununthala Mandal Tadoor
5252 Mahbubnagar Uppununthala Mandal Thippapur
5253 Mahbubnagar Uppununthala Mandal Thirumalapur (Pattigodal)
5254 Mahbubnagar Uppununthala Mandal Upparapalle
5255 Mahbubnagar Uppununthala Mandal Uppununthala
5256 Mahbubnagar Uppununthala Mandal Veltur
5257 Mahbubnagar Uppununthala Mandal Vighneswarpur
5258 Mahbubnagar Uppununthala Mandal Zapthisadgode
5259 Mahbubnagar Utkoor Mandal Aminpur
5260 Mahbubnagar Utkoor Mandal Bapur
5261 Mahbubnagar Utkoor Mandal Bijwar
5262 Mahbubnagar Utkoor Mandal Chinnaporla
5263 Mahbubnagar Utkoor Mandal Dantanpalle
5264 Mahbubnagar Utkoor Mandal Edavalli
5265 Mahbubnagar Utkoor Mandal Garanhalli
5266 Mahbubnagar Utkoor Mandal Jeeramhalli
5267 Mahbubnagar Utkoor Mandal Kollur
5268 Mahbubnagar Utkoor Mandal Laxmipalle
5269 Mahbubnagar Utkoor Mandal Mallepalle
5270 Mahbubnagar Utkoor Mandal Nagireddipalle
5271 Mahbubnagar Utkoor Mandal Nidugurthi
5272 Mahbubnagar Utkoor Mandal Oblapur
5273 Mahbubnagar Utkoor Mandal Pagidimarri
5274 Mahbubnagar Utkoor Mandal Pallekunta
5275 Mahbubnagar Utkoor Mandal Peddajatram
5276 Mahbubnagar Utkoor Mandal Peddaporla
5277 Mahbubnagar Utkoor Mandal Pothapalle
5278 Mahbubnagar Utkoor Mandal Pulmamidi
5279 Mahbubnagar Utkoor Mandal Samanur
5280 Mahbubnagar Utkoor Mandal Samistapur
5281 Mahbubnagar Utkoor Mandal Thipraspalle
5282 Mahbubnagar Utkoor Mandal Thirumalapur
5283 Mahbubnagar Utkoor Mandal Utkoor
5284 Mahbubnagar Utkoor Mandal Vallampalle
5285 Mahbubnagar Utkoor Mandal Venkatapur
5286 Mahbubnagar Utkoor Mandal Yergatpalle
5287 Mahbubnagar Vangoor Mandal Annaram
5288 Mahbubnagar Vangoor Mandal Charakonda
5289 Mahbubnagar Vangoor Mandal Dindichinthalapalle
5290 Mahbubnagar Vangoor Mandal Gajra
5291 Mahbubnagar Vangoor Mandal Jogala
5292 Mahbubnagar Vangoor Mandal Kamalapur
5293 Mahbubnagar Vangoor Mandal Kondareddipalle
5294 Mahbubnagar Vangoor Mandal Konetipur
5295 Mahbubnagar Vangoor Mandal Mittasagude
5296 Mahbubnagar Vangoor Mandal Nizamabad
5297 Mahbubnagar Vangoor Mandal Polkampalle
5298 Mahbubnagar Vangoor Mandal Pothareddipalle
5299 Mahbubnagar Vangoor Mandal Rangapur
5300 Mahbubnagar Vangoor Mandal Sarvareddipalle
5301 Mahbubnagar Vangoor Mandal Sirsangandla
5302 Mahbubnagar Vangoor Mandal Thimmaipalle
5303 Mahbubnagar Vangoor Mandal Thippareddipalle
5304 Mahbubnagar Vangoor Mandal Thirumalgiri
5305 Mahbubnagar Vangoor Mandal Ulpara
5306 Mahbubnagar Vangoor Mandal Ummapur
5307 Mahbubnagar Vangoor Mandal Uppalapahad
5308 Mahbubnagar Vangoor Mandal Vangoor
5309 Mahbubnagar Vangoor Mandal Venkatapur (Patti Godal)
5310 Mahbubnagar Veepangandla Mandal Ammaipalle
5311 Mahbubnagar Veepangandla Mandal Ayyavaripalle
5312 Mahbubnagar Veepangandla Mandal Bekkam
5313 Mahbubnagar Veepangandla Mandal Chellepahad
5314 Mahbubnagar Veepangandla Mandal Chinnamarur
5315 Mahbubnagar Veepangandla Mandal Dagada
5316 Mahbubnagar Veepangandla Mandal Dagadapalle
5317 Mahbubnagar Veepangandla Mandal Gaddabaswapuram
5318 Mahbubnagar Veepangandla Mandal Gopalapuram
5319 Mahbubnagar Veepangandla Mandal Govardhangiri
5320 Mahbubnagar Veepangandla Mandal Jataprole
5321 Mahbubnagar Veepangandla Mandal Kalloor
5322 Mahbubnagar Veepangandla Mandal Konduru
5323 Mahbubnagar Veepangandla Mandal Koppunur
5324 Mahbubnagar Veepangandla Mandal Lakshmipalle
5325 Mahbubnagar Veepangandla Mandal Lingasanipalle
5326 Mahbubnagar Veepangandla Mandal Miyapuram
5327 Mahbubnagar Veepangandla Mandal Peddamarur
5328 Mahbubnagar Veepangandla Mandal Sampatraopalle
5329 Mahbubnagar Veepangandla Mandal Sanginepalle
5330 Mahbubnagar Veepangandla Mandal Singavaram
5331 Mahbubnagar Veepangandla Mandal Solipuram
5332 Mahbubnagar Veepangandla Mandal Toomkunta
5333 Mahbubnagar Veepangandla Mandal Veepangandla
5334 Mahbubnagar Veepangandla Mandal Velgonda
5335 Mahbubnagar Veepangandla Mandal Vellatur
5336 Mahbubnagar Veldanda Mandal Ajilapur
5337 Mahbubnagar Veldanda Mandal Bhairpur
5338 Mahbubnagar Veldanda Mandal Bollampalle
5339 Mahbubnagar Veldanda Mandal Chedurvalli
5340 Mahbubnagar Veldanda Mandal Cherkur
5341 Mahbubnagar Veldanda Mandal Gokaram
5342 Mahbubnagar Veldanda Mandal Gundal
5343 Mahbubnagar Veldanda Mandal Jupalle
5344 Mahbubnagar Veldanda Mandal Karrevanipalle
5345 Mahbubnagar Veldanda Mandal Koneduvada
5346 Mahbubnagar Veldanda Mandal Kotra
5347 Mahbubnagar Veldanda Mandal Kuppagandla
5348 Mahbubnagar Veldanda Mandal Lingareddipalle
5349 Mahbubnagar Veldanda Mandal Peddapur
5350 Mahbubnagar Veldanda Mandal Pothepalle
5351 Mahbubnagar Veldanda Mandal Rachur
5352 Mahbubnagar Veldanda Mandal Seriappareddipalle
5353 Mahbubnagar Veldanda Mandal Tandra
5354 Mahbubnagar Veldanda Mandal Veldanda
5355 Mahbubnagar Veldanda Mandal Yerravalli
5356 Mahbubnagar Waddepalle Mandal Budamarsu
5357 Mahbubnagar Waddepalle Mandal Chinnadhanwada
5358 Mahbubnagar Waddepalle Mandal Jilledudinne
5359 Mahbubnagar Waddepalle Mandal Julakal
5360 Mahbubnagar Waddepalle Mandal Koildinne
5361 Mahbubnagar Waddepalle Mandal Konkala
5362 Mahbubnagar Waddepalle Mandal Mandoddi
5363 Mahbubnagar Waddepalle Mandal Mundladinne
5364 Mahbubnagar Waddepalle Mandal Nasnur
5365 Mahbubnagar Waddepalle Mandal Padamatigarlapadu
5366 Mahbubnagar Waddepalle Mandal Paipadu
5367 Mahbubnagar Waddepalle Mandal Patcharla
5368 Mahbubnagar Waddepalle Mandal Peddadhanwada
5369 Mahbubnagar Waddepalle Mandal Pedda Thandrapadu
5370 Mahbubnagar Waddepalle Mandal Rajoli
5371 Mahbubnagar Waddepalle Mandal Ramapuram
5372 Mahbubnagar Waddepalle Mandal Tanagala
5373 Mahbubnagar Waddepalle Mandal Thummella
5374 Mahbubnagar Waddepalle Mandal Turpugarlapadu
5375 Mahbubnagar Waddepalle Mandal Waddepalle
5376 Mahbubnagar Wanaparthy Mandal Achutapur
5377 Mahbubnagar Wanaparthy Mandal Anjangiri
5378 Mahbubnagar Wanaparthy Mandal Ankoor
5379 Mahbubnagar Wanaparthy Mandal Appaipalle
5380 Mahbubnagar Wanaparthy Mandal Chandapur
5381 Mahbubnagar Wanaparthy Mandal Chimanguntapalle
5382 Mahbubnagar Wanaparthy Mandal Chityala
5383 Mahbubnagar Wanaparthy Mandal Dattaipalle
5384 Mahbubnagar Wanaparthy Mandal Jakkampalle
5385 Mahbubnagar Wanaparthy Mandal Kadukuntla
5386 Mahbubnagar Wanaparthy Mandal Khasimnagar
5387 Mahbubnagar Wanaparthy Mandal Kistagiri
5388 Mahbubnagar Wanaparthy Mandal Mentapalle
5389 Mahbubnagar Wanaparthy Mandal Nagavaram
5390 Mahbubnagar Wanaparthy Mandal Natchahalli
5391 Mahbubnagar Wanaparthy Mandal Peddagudem
5392 Mahbubnagar Wanaparthy Mandal Rajanagar
5393 Mahbubnagar Wanaparthy Mandal Rajapeta
5394 Mahbubnagar Wanaparthy Mandal Savaigudem
5395 Mahbubnagar Wanaparthy Mandal Srinivaspur
5396 Mahbubnagar Wanaparthy Mandal Venkatapur
5397 Medak Alladurg Mandal Alladurg
5398 Medak Alladurg Mandal Appajipalle
5399 Medak Alladurg Mandal Bhahirandibba
5400 Medak Alladurg Mandal Bijilipur
5401 Medak Alladurg Mandal Buddaipalle
5402 Medak Alladurg Mandal Chevella
5403 Medak Alladurg Mandal Chilever
5404 Medak Alladurg Mandal Gorrekal
5405 Medak Alladurg Mandal Gowtapoor
5406 Medak Alladurg Mandal Keroor
5407 Medak Alladurg Mandal Mahammadapur
5408 Medak Alladurg Mandal Marvelly
5409 Medak Alladurg Mandal Mupparam
5410 Medak Alladurg Mandal Muslapur
5411 Medak Alladurg Mandal Nagulapalle
5412 Medak Alladurg Mandal Palvatla
5413 Medak Alladurg Mandal Peddapur
5414 Medak Alladurg Mandal Pothulaboguda
5415 Medak Alladurg Mandal Shahednagar @ Ghatpalle
5416 Medak Alladurg Mandal Watpalle
5417 Medak Andole Mandal Aksanpalle
5418 Medak Andole Mandal Almaipet
5419 Medak Andole Mandal Ananthasagar
5420 Medak Andole Mandal Andole
5421 Medak Andole Mandal Brahmanpalle
5422 Medak Andole Mandal Chintakunta
5423 Medak Andole Mandal Dakoor
5424 Medak Andole Mandal Danampalle
5425 Medak Andole Mandal Jogipet(CT)
5426 Medak Andole Mandal Kansanpalle
5427 Medak Andole Mandal Kichanapalle
5428 Medak Andole Mandal Kodekal
5429 Medak Andole Mandal Kondareddipalle
5430 Medak Andole Mandal Mansanpalle
5431 Medak Andole Mandal Mansanpalle
5432 Medak Andole Mandal Nadlapur
5433 Medak Andole Mandal Neerdigunta
5434 Medak Andole Mandal Posanipet
5435 Medak Andole Mandal Pothareddipalle
5436 Medak Andole Mandal Ramsanpalle
5437 Medak Andole Mandal Rollapahad
5438 Medak Andole Mandal Saibanpet
5439 Medak Andole Mandal Sangupet
5440 Medak Andole Mandal Serimallareddipalle
5441 Medak Andole Mandal Tadamanoor
5442 Medak Andole Mandal Telelma
5443 Medak Andole Mandal Yerraram
5444 Medak Chegunta Mandal Ananthasagar
5445 Medak Chegunta Mandal Bheemraopalle
5446 Medak Chegunta Mandal Bonal
5447 Medak Chegunta Mandal Chandaipet
5448 Medak Chegunta Mandal Chegunta(CT)
5449 Medak Chegunta Mandal Chetlathimmaipalli
5450 Medak Chegunta Mandal Chinna Shivnoor
5451 Medak Chegunta Mandal Gollapalle
5452 Medak Chegunta Mandal Govindapur
5453 Medak Chegunta Mandal Ibrahimpur
5454 Medak Chegunta Mandal Kasanpalle
5455 Medak Chegunta Mandal Kistapur
5456 Medak Chegunta Mandal Kondapur [Bonal]
5457 Medak Chegunta Mandal Makkarajpet
5458 Medak Chegunta Mandal Narsampalle
5459 Medak Chegunta Mandal Narsingi
5460 Medak Chegunta Mandal Pedda Shivnoor
5461 Medak Chegunta Mandal Polampalle
5462 Medak Chegunta Mandal Pothampalle
5463 Medak Chegunta Mandal Pothamshetpalle
5464 Medak Chegunta Mandal Pulamamidi
5465 Medak Chegunta Mandal Ramapur
5466 Medak Chegunta Mandal Reddipalle
5467 Medak Chegunta Mandal Rukmapur
5468 Medak Chegunta Mandal Ulli Thimmaipalle
5469 Medak Chegunta Mandal Upperpalle
5470 Medak Chegunta Mandal Vallabhapur
5471 Medak Chegunta Mandal Valloor
5472 Medak Chegunta Mandal Wadiaram
5473 Medak Chinnakodur Mandal Allipur
5474 Medak Chinnakodur Mandal Ananthasagar
5475 Medak Chinnakodur Mandal Chandlapur
5476 Medak Chinnakodur Mandal Cherla Ankireddipalle
5477 Medak Chinnakodur Mandal Chinnakodur
5478 Medak Chinnakodur Mandal Chowdaram
5479 Medak Chinnakodur Mandal Gangapur
5480 Medak Chinnakodur Mandal Gonepalle
5481 Medak Chinnakodur Mandal Gurralagondi
5482 Medak Chinnakodur Mandal Ibrahimpur
5483 Medak Chinnakodur Mandal Jakkapur
5484 Medak Chinnakodur Mandal Kothurpalle
5485 Medak Chinnakodur Mandal Machapur
5486 Medak Chinnakodur Mandal Mallaram
5487 Medak Chinnakodur Mandal Malyal
5488 Medak Chinnakodur Mandal Mandapalle
5489 Medak Chinnakodur Mandal Medipalle
5490 Medak Chinnakodur Mandal Peddakodur
5491 Medak Chinnakodur Mandal Ramancha
5492 Medak Chinnakodur Mandal Ramuni Patta
5493 Medak Chinnakodur Mandal Sikandlapur
5494 Medak Chinnakodur Mandal Sivampalle
5495 Medak Chinnakodur Mandal Vittalpur
5496 Medak Doultabad Mandal Anajpur
5497 Medak Doultabad Mandal Ankireddipalli
5498 Medak Doultabad Mandal Appaipalle
5499 Medak Doultabad Mandal Arepalle (Sivar Bejgaon)
5500 Medak Doultabad Mandal Arepalle (Sivar Jaligaon)
5501 Medak Doultabad Mandal Begumpet
5502 Medak Doultabad Mandal Chandampalle
5503 Medak Doultabad Mandal Chinna Masanpalle
5504 Medak Doultabad Mandal Deepayampalle
5505 Medak Doultabad Mandal Dommat
5506 Medak Doultabad Mandal Doultabad
5507 Medak Doultabad Mandal Godugupalle
5508 Medak Doultabad Mandal Indupiriyal
5509 Medak Doultabad Mandal Konapur
5510 Medak Doultabad Mandal Kothapalle
5511 Medak Doultabad Mandal Lingarajpalle
5512 Medak Doultabad Mandal Lingareddipalle
5513 Medak Doultabad Mandal Machanpalle
5514 Medak Doultabad Mandal Mantoor
5515 Medak Doultabad Mandal Mohamadshapur
5516 Medak Doultabad Mandal Mubarakpur
5517 Medak Doultabad Mandal Narasampalle (Patti Dommat)
5518 Medak Doultabad Mandal Ramaram
5519 Medak Doultabad Mandal Ramasagar
5520 Medak Doultabad Mandal Rangampet
5521 Medak Doultabad Mandal Rayapole
5522 Medak Doultabad Mandal Seethrampalle
5523 Medak Doultabad Mandal Seripalle Bandaram
5524 Medak Doultabad Mandal Surampalle
5525 Medak Doultabad Mandal Tirmalapur
5526 Medak Doultabad Mandal Waddepalle
5527 Medak Doultabad Mandal Yelkal
5528 Medak Dubbak Mandal Akaram
5529 Medak Dubbak Mandal Appanpalle
5530 Medak Dubbak Mandal Arepalle
5531 Medak Dubbak Mandal Boppapur
5532 Medak Dubbak Mandal Cheekode
5533 Medak Dubbak Mandal Chervapur
5534 Medak Dubbak Mandal Chillapur
5535 Medak Dubbak Mandal Chittapur
5536 Medak Dubbak Mandal Chowdarpalle
5537 Medak Dubbak Mandal Dharmajipet
5538 Medak Dubbak Mandal Dubbak
5539 Medak Dubbak Mandal Dumpalpalle
5540 Medak Dubbak Mandal Engurthi
5541 Medak Dubbak Mandal Gambheerpur
5542 Medak Dubbak Mandal Habshipur
5543 Medak Dubbak Mandal Hasan Mirapur
5544 Medak Dubbak Mandal Lachapet
5545 Medak Dubbak Mandal Mallaipalle
5546 Medak Dubbak Mandal Pedda Gundavelly
5547 Medak Dubbak Mandal Potharam
5548 Medak Dubbak Mandal Pothareddipet
5549 Medak Dubbak Mandal Rajakkapet
5550 Medak Dubbak Mandal Ramakkapet
5551 Medak Dubbak Mandal Shivrampur
5552 Medak Dubbak Mandal Thimmapur
5553 Medak Dubbak Mandal Yellapur
5554 Medak Gajwel Mandal Ahmadipur
5555 Medak Gajwel Mandal Akkaram
5556 Medak Gajwel Mandal Bangla Venkatapur
5557 Medak Gajwel Mandal Bayyaram
5558 Medak Gajwel Mandal Bejgaon
5559 Medak Gajwel Mandal Burugupalle
5560 Medak Gajwel Mandal Dacharam
5561 Medak Gajwel Mandal Datarpalle
5562 Medak Gajwel Mandal Dharmareddipalle
5563 Medak Gajwel Mandal Dilalpur
5564 Medak Gajwel Mandal Gajwel(CT)
5565 Medak Gajwel Mandal Havaiguda
5566 Medak Gajwel Mandal Jaligaon
5567 Medak Gajwel Mandal Kodakondla
5568 Medak Gajwel Mandal Kolgur
5569 Medak Gajwel Mandal Komatibanda
5570 Medak Gajwel Mandal Kyasaram
5571 Medak Gajwel Mandal Maqta Masanpalle
5572 Medak Gajwel Mandal Mutrajpalle
5573 Medak Gajwel Mandal Pedched
5574 Medak Gajwel Mandal Pragnapur
5575 Medak Gajwel Mandal Rimmanguda
5576 Medak Gajwel Mandal Sangapur
5577 Medak Gajwel Mandal Seripalle
5578 Medak Gajwel Mandal Singatam
5579 Medak Gajwel Mandal Srigiripalle
5580 Medak Hathnoora Mandal Akwanchaguda
5581 Medak Hathnoora Mandal Borpatla
5582 Medak Hathnoora Mandal Chandapur
5583 Medak Hathnoora Mandal Cheekumaddur
5584 Medak Hathnoora Mandal Chintalcheru
5585 Medak Hathnoora Mandal Devalpalle
5586 Medak Hathnoora Mandal Doultabad
5587 Medak Hathnoora Mandal Govindarajupalle
5588 Medak Hathnoora Mandal Gundla Machanur
5589 Medak Hathnoora Mandal Hathnoora
5590 Medak Hathnoora Mandal Kasal
5591 Medak Hathnoora Mandal Kodapak
5592 Medak Hathnoora Mandal Koniyal
5593 Medak Hathnoora Mandal Lingapur
5594 Medak Hathnoora Mandal Macherla
5595 Medak Hathnoora Mandal Madhura
5596 Medak Hathnoora Mandal Malkapur
5597 Medak Hathnoora Mandal Mangapur
5598 Medak Hathnoora Mandal Nagaram
5599 Medak Hathnoora Mandal Naguldevpalle
5600 Medak Hathnoora Mandal Nastipur
5601 Medak Hathnoora Mandal Palapnoor
5602 Medak Hathnoora Mandal Panyal
5603 Medak Hathnoora Mandal Reddikhanapur
5604 Medak Hathnoora Mandal Royyapalle
5605 Medak Hathnoora Mandal Sadullanagar
5606 Medak Hathnoora Mandal Seri Sirpura
5607 Medak Hathnoora Mandal Shairkhanpalle
5608 Medak Hathnoora Mandal Sikandarpur
5609 Medak Hathnoora Mandal Sirpuram
5610 Medak Hathnoora Mandal Taherkhanpet
5611 Medak Hathnoora Mandal Turkal Khanapur
5612 Medak Hathnoora Mandal Yellammaguda
5613 Medak Jagdevpur Mandal Alirajapet
5614 Medak Jagdevpur Mandal Ananthsagar
5615 Medak Jagdevpur Mandal Angadi Kistapur
5616 Medak Jagdevpur Mandal Baswapur
5617 Medak Jagdevpur Mandal Chatlapalle
5618 Medak Jagdevpur Mandal Cheberthy
5619 Medak Jagdevpur Mandal Chinna Kistapur
5620 Medak Jagdevpur Mandal Dharmaram
5621 Medak Jagdevpur Mandal Doulapur
5622 Medak Jagdevpur Mandal Erravalle
5623 Medak Jagdevpur Mandal Gollapalle
5624 Medak Jagdevpur Mandal Gopalpur
5625 Medak Jagdevpur Mandal Itikyal
5626 Medak Jagdevpur Mandal Jagdevpur
5627 Medak Jagdevpur Mandal Kondapur
5628 Medak Jagdevpur Mandal Munigadapa
5629 Medak Jagdevpur Mandal Peerlapalle
5630 Medak Jagdevpur Mandal Ramachandrapur
5631 Medak Jagdevpur Mandal Rayavaram
5632 Medak Jagdevpur Mandal Sivar Venkatapur
5633 Medak Jagdevpur Mandal Teegul
5634 Medak Jagdevpur Mandal Teegul Narsapur
5635 Medak Jagdevpur Mandal Thimmapur
5636 Medak Jagdevpur Mandal Vardarajpur
5637 Medak Jagdevpur Mandal Venkatapur
5638 Medak Jagdevpur Mandal Venkatapur (Bg)
5639 Medak Jagdevpur Mandal Wattipalle
5640 Medak Jagdevpur Mandal Yellaiguda
5641 Medak Jharasangam Mandal Ananthasagar
5642 Medak Jharasangam Mandal Bardipur
5643 Medak Jharasangam Mandal Bidekanna
5644 Medak Jharasangam Mandal Bopanpalle
5645 Medak Jharasangam Mandal Boregaon
5646 Medak Jharasangam Mandal Chilemamidi
5647 Medak Jharasangam Mandal Chilepalle
5648 Medak Jharasangam Mandal Chilkepalle
5649 Medak Jharasangam Mandal Devarampalle
5650 Medak Jharasangam Mandal Edakulapalle
5651 Medak Jharasangam Mandal Edulapalle
5652 Medak Jharasangam Mandal Gangapur
5653 Medak Jharasangam Mandal Giniyarpalle
5654 Medak Jharasangam Mandal Guntamarpalle
5655 Medak Jharasangam Mandal Islampur
5656 Medak Jharasangam Mandal Jeerlapalle
5657 Medak Jharasangam Mandal Jharasangam
5658 Medak Jharasangam Mandal Junegaon
5659 Medak Jharasangam Mandal Kakkerwada
5660 Medak Jharasangam Mandal Kamalpalle
5661 Medak Jharasangam Mandal Kappad
5662 Medak Jharasangam Mandal Kollur
5663 Medak Jharasangam Mandal Krishnapur
5664 Medak Jharasangam Mandal Kuppanagar
5665 Medak Jharasangam Mandal Machnoor
5666 Medak Jharasangam Mandal Medpalle
5667 Medak Jharasangam Mandal Narsapur
5668 Medak Jharasangam Mandal Potpalle
5669 Medak Jharasangam Mandal Pyarawaram
5670 Medak Jharasangam Mandal Rampur
5671 Medak Jharasangam Mandal Sangam [Khurd]
5672 Medak Jharasangam Mandal Siddapur
5673 Medak Jharasangam Mandal Tummanpalle
5674 Medak Jharasangam Mandal Vanampalle
5675 Medak Jharasangam Mandal Yelgoi
5676 Medak Jinnaram Mandal Amdoor
5677 Medak Jinnaram Mandal Annaram(CT)
5678 Medak Jinnaram Mandal Antharam
5679 Medak Jinnaram Mandal Bollaram(CT)
5680 Medak Jinnaram Mandal Bonthapalle(CT)
5681 Medak Jinnaram Mandal Chetlapotharam
5682 Medak Jinnaram Mandal Dacharam
5683 Medak Jinnaram Mandal Domadugu
5684 Medak Jinnaram Mandal Gaddipotharam
5685 Medak Jinnaram Mandal Gotla
5686 Medak Jinnaram Mandal Gummadidala
5687 Medak Jinnaram Mandal Jinnaram
5688 Medak Jinnaram Mandal Kankunta
5689 Medak Jinnaram Mandal Khazipalle
5690 Medak Jinnaram Mandal Kistaipalle
5691 Medak Jinnaram Mandal Kodakanchi
5692 Medak Jinnaram Mandal Kothapalle
5693 Medak Jinnaram Mandal Lakshmapur
5694 Medak Jinnaram Mandal Madharam
5695 Medak Jinnaram Mandal Mambapur
5696 Medak Jinnaram Mandal Mangampet
5697 Medak Jinnaram Mandal Nallapalle
5698 Medak Jinnaram Mandal Nalthur
5699 Medak Jinnaram Mandal Palem
5700 Medak Jinnaram Mandal Puttaguda
5701 Medak Jinnaram Mandal Pyaranagar
5702 Medak Jinnaram Mandal Sivanagar
5703 Medak Jinnaram Mandal Solakpalle
5704 Medak Jinnaram Mandal Vailal
5705 Medak Kalher Mandal Anthergaon
5706 Medak Kalher Mandal Bachepalle
5707 Medak Kalher Mandal Bibipet
5708 Medak Kalher Mandal Bokkasgaon
5709 Medak Kalher Mandal Fathepoor
5710 Medak Kalher Mandal Gosaipalle
5711 Medak Kalher Mandal Kadpal
5712 Medak Kalher Mandal Kalher
5713 Medak Kalher Mandal Khajapur
5714 Medak Kalher Mandal Khanapoor (B)
5715 Medak Kalher Mandal Khanapur (Kadeem)
5716 Medak Kalher Mandal Krishnapoor
5717 Medak Kalher Mandal Mahadev Palle
5718 Medak Kalher Mandal Malharpoor
5719 Medak Kalher Mandal Mardi
5720 Medak Kalher Mandal Masan Palle
5721 Medak Kalher Mandal Meerkhanpet
5722 Medak Kalher Mandal Mubarakpoor
5723 Medak Kalher Mandal Mungepalle
5724 Medak Kalher Mandal Nagdhar
5725 Medak Kalher Mandal Pochapoor
5726 Medak Kalher Mandal Ramreddi Pet
5727 Medak Kalher Mandal Raparthy
5728 Medak Kalher Mandal Sirgapoor
5729 Medak Kalher Mandal Sultanabad
5730 Medak Kangti Mandal Bhanswada
5731 Medak Kangti Mandal Bheemra
5732 Medak Kangti Mandal Borgi
5733 Medak Kangti Mandal Chapta [B]
5734 Medak Kangti Mandal Chapta [Khurd]
5735 Medak Kangti Mandal Chimal Pahad
5736 Medak Kangti Mandal Chowkanpalle
5737 Medak Kangti Mandal Damaragiddi [Panchamahal]
5738 Medak Kangti Mandal Degulawadi
5739 Medak Kangti Mandal Enkemori
5740 Medak Kangti Mandal Gajulpahad
5741 Medak Kangti Mandal Gardegaon
5742 Medak Kangti Mandal Ghanpur
5743 Medak Kangti Mandal Goudgaon [K]
5744 Medak Kangti Mandal Jamgiburg
5745 Medak Kangti Mandal Jamgikhurd
5746 Medak Kangti Mandal Kangti
5747 Medak Kangti Mandal Murkunjal
5748 Medak Kangti Mandal Naganpalle
5749 Medak Kangti Mandal Nagoor [B]
5750 Medak Kangti Mandal Nagoor [K]
5751 Medak Kangti Mandal Potpalle
5752 Medak Kangti Mandal Ramathirath
5753 Medak Kangti Mandal Rasole
5754 Medak Kangti Mandal Sangam
5755 Medak Kangti Mandal Sidhangarga
5756 Medak Kangti Mandal Sukalteerth
5757 Medak Kangti Mandal Tadkal
5758 Medak Kangti Mandal Turkwadgaon
5759 Medak Kangti Mandal Valmoor
5760 Medak Kangti Mandal Wangdhal
5761 Medak Kangti Mandal Wasar
5762 Medak Kangti Mandal Yampalle
5763 Medak Kohir Mandal Badampet
5764 Medak Kohir Mandal Bilalpur
5765 Medak Kohir Mandal Chinthalghat
5766 Medak Kohir Mandal Digwal
5767 Medak Kohir Mandal Godgar Palle
5768 Medak Kohir Mandal Gurjuwada
5769 Medak Kohir Mandal Kavelli
5770 Medak Kohir Mandal Khanapur
5771 Medak Kohir Mandal Kohir
5772 Medak Kohir Mandal Kothur Patti Digwal
5773 Medak Kohir Mandal Kothur Pattikohir
5774 Medak Kohir Mandal Machreddipalle
5775 Medak Kohir Mandal Madri
5776 Medak Kohir Mandal Maniyarpalle
5777 Medak Kohir Mandal Nagireddy Palle
5778 Medak Kohir Mandal Paidigummal
5779 Medak Kohir Mandal Parsapalle
5780 Medak Kohir Mandal Picharagad
5781 Medak Kohir Mandal Pothireddypalle
5782 Medak Kohir Mandal Rajnelli
5783 Medak Kohir Mandal Sajjapur
5784 Medak Kohir Mandal Siddapur Pattikohir
5785 Medak Kohir Mandal Venkatapur
5786 Medak Kondapak Mandal Ankireddipalle
5787 Medak Kondapak Mandal Bandaram
5788 Medak Kondapak Mandal Duddada
5789 Medak Kondapak Mandal Errapalle
5790 Medak Kondapak Mandal Giraipalle
5791 Medak Kondapak Mandal Konaipalle
5792 Medak Kondapak Mandal Kondapak
5793 Medak Kondapak Mandal Kuknurpalle
5794 Medak Kondapak Mandal Lakudaram
5795 Medak Kondapak Mandal Madinipur
5796 Medak Kondapak Mandal Mangole
5797 Medak Kondapak Mandal Marpadga
5798 Medak Kondapak Mandal Mathapalle
5799 Medak Kondapak Mandal Muddapur
5800 Medak Kondapak Mandal Singaram
5801 Medak Kondapak Mandal Sirsingandla
5802 Medak Kondapak Mandal Thimmareddipalle
5803 Medak Kondapak Mandal Thipparam
5804 Medak Kondapak Mandal Velikattu
5805 Medak Kondapak Mandal Viswanathapalle
5806 Medak Kondapak Mandal Zapthi Nacharam
5807 Medak Kondapur Mandal Aliabad
5808 Medak Kondapur Mandal Ananthasagar
5809 Medak Kondapur Mandal Chi.Konapur
5810 Medak Kondapur Mandal Gadimalkapuram
5811 Medak Kondapur Mandal Gangaram
5812 Medak Kondapur Mandal Garakurthi
5813 Medak Kondapur Mandal Girmapur
5814 Medak Kondapur Mandal Gollapalle
5815 Medak Kondapur Mandal Goplaram (Kurd)
5816 Medak Kondapur Mandal Gunthapalle
5817 Medak Kondapur Mandal Haridaspur
5818 Medak Kondapur Mandal Kondapur
5819 Medak Kondapur Mandal Kutubshapet
5820 Medak Kondapur Mandal Machepalle
5821 Medak Kondapur Mandal Malkapur
5822 Medak Kondapur Mandal Mallepalle
5823 Medak Kondapur Mandal Mansanipalle
5824 Medak Kondapur Mandal Marepalle
5825 Medak Kondapur Mandal Mohammadapur
5826 Medak Kondapur Mandal Munidevunipalle
5827 Medak Kondapur Mandal Saidapur
5828 Medak Kondapur Mandal Terpole
5829 Medak Kondapur Mandal Togurpalle
5830 Medak Kowdipalle Mandal Ajjamarri
5831 Medak Kowdipalle Mandal Antharam
5832 Medak Kowdipalle Mandal Banda Pothugal
5833 Medak Kowdipalle Mandal Bujarampet
5834 Medak Kowdipalle Mandal Chandur
5835 Medak Kowdipalle Mandal Chilipched
5836 Medak Kowdipalle Mandal Chitkul
5837 Medak Kowdipalle Mandal Dasguda
5838 Medak Kowdipalle Mandal Devalpalle
5839 Medak Kowdipalle Mandal Dharmasagar
5840 Medak Kowdipalle Mandal Faizabad
5841 Medak Kowdipalle Mandal Gangavaram
5842 Medak Kowdipalle Mandal Gouthapur
5843 Medak Kowdipalle Mandal Jaggampet
5844 Medak Kowdipalle Mandal Kanchanpalle
5845 Medak Kowdipalle Mandal Kannavaram
5846 Medak Kowdipalle Mandal Kowdipalle
5847 Medak Kowdipalle Mandal Kukatpalle
5848 Medak Kowdipalle Mandal Lingaraoguda
5849 Medak Kowdipalle Mandal Mangalpalle
5850 Medak Kowdipalle Mandal Mohammednagar @ Munirai
5851 Medak Kowdipalle Mandal Mutrajpalle
5852 Medak Kowdipalle Mandal Nagasanpalle
5853 Medak Kowdipalle Mandal Rahimguda
5854 Medak Kowdipalle Mandal Rajilapur
5855 Medak Kowdipalle Mandal Rajpet
5856 Medak Kowdipalle Mandal Ramdasguda
5857 Medak Kowdipalle Mandal Salabatpur
5858 Medak Kowdipalle Mandal Seri Faizabad
5859 Medak Kowdipalle Mandal Somakkapet
5860 Medak Kowdipalle Mandal Thimmapur
5861 Medak Kowdipalle Mandal Thunki
5862 Medak Kowdipalle Mandal Venkatapur
5863 Medak Kowdipalle Mandal Venkatapur
5864 Medak Kowdipalle Mandal Yelmakanna
5865 Medak Kulcharam Mandal Amsanpalle
5866 Medak Kulcharam Mandal Appajipalle
5867 Medak Kulcharam Mandal Chinnaghanpur
5868 Medak Kulcharam Mandal Etigadda Mohmdapur
5869 Medak Kulcharam Mandal Kistapur
5870 Medak Kulcharam Mandal Konapur
5871 Medak Kulcharam Mandal Kongode
5872 Medak Kulcharam Mandal Kulcharam
5873 Medak Kulcharam Mandal Nainjalalpur
5874 Medak Kulcharam Mandal Paithara
5875 Medak Kulcharam Mandal Pothamsettipalle
5876 Medak Kulcharam Mandal Pothireddipalle
5877 Medak Kulcharam Mandal Rampur
5878 Medak Kulcharam Mandal Rangampet
5879 Medak Kulcharam Mandal Sangaipet
5880 Medak Kulcharam Mandal Serivariguntham
5881 Medak Kulcharam Mandal Thukkapur
5882 Medak Kulcharam Mandal Tummalapalle
5883 Medak Kulcharam Mandal Variguntham
5884 Medak Kulcharam Mandal Venkatapur
5885 Medak Kulcharam Mandal Yenigandla
5886 Medak Manoor Mandal Athimail
5887 Medak Manoor Mandal Audathpur
5888 Medak Manoor Mandal Badalgaon
5889 Medak Manoor Mandal Bellapur
5890 Medak Manoor Mandal Borancha
5891 Medak Manoor Mandal Danvar
5892 Medak Manoor Mandal Davvur
5893 Medak Manoor Mandal Dosapalle
5894 Medak Manoor Mandal Dudhagonda
5895 Medak Manoor Mandal Enekpalle
5896 Medak Manoor Mandal Errakipalle
5897 Medak Manoor Mandal Gatlingampalle
5898 Medak Manoor Mandal Gondagaon
5899 Medak Manoor Mandal Goudgaon (Janwada)
5900 Medak Manoor Mandal Gudur
5901 Medak Manoor Mandal Islampur
5902 Medak Manoor Mandal Kamalapur
5903 Medak Manoor Mandal Karsgutti
5904 Medak Manoor Mandal Keswar
5905 Medak Manoor Mandal Kharamungi
5906 Medak Manoor Mandal Maikode
5907 Medak Manoor Mandal Manoor
5908 Medak Manoor Mandal Mavinelli
5909 Medak Manoor Mandal Morgi
5910 Medak Manoor Mandal Mugdumpur
5911 Medak Manoor Mandal Mukthapur
5912 Medak Manoor Mandal Nadigadda Hukrana
5913 Medak Manoor Mandal Nagalgidda
5914 Medak Manoor Mandal Pulkurthy
5915 Medak Manoor Mandal Pusalpahad
5916 Medak Manoor Mandal Raipalle
5917 Medak Manoor Mandal Ranapur
5918 Medak Manoor Mandal Shapur
5919 Medak Manoor Mandal Shari Damargidda
5920 Medak Manoor Mandal Shelgera
5921 Medak Manoor Mandal Shikarkhana
5922 Medak Manoor Mandal Thornal
5923 Medak Manoor Mandal Timmapur
5924 Medak Manoor Mandal Tumnoor
5925 Medak Manoor Mandal Usirkapalle
5926 Medak Manoor Mandal Utpalle
5927 Medak Manoor Mandal Valloor
5928 Medak Manoor Mandal Yarriboguda
5929 Medak Manoor Mandal Yelgoi
5930 Medak Manoor Mandal Yesgi
5931 Medak Medak Mandal Ananthasagar
5932 Medak Medak Mandal Aurangabad
5933 Medak Medak Mandal Balanagar
5934 Medak Medak Mandal Bogada Bhoopathipur
5935 Medak Medak Mandal Burugupalle
5936 Medak Medak Mandal Byathole
5937 Medak Medak Mandal Chityal
5938 Medak Medak Mandal Fareedpur
5939 Medak Medak Mandal Gangapur
5940 Medak Medak Mandal Havelighanpur
5941 Medak Medak Mandal Khazipalle
5942 Medak Medak Mandal Komtoor
5943 Medak Medak Mandal Kuchanpalle
5944 Medak Medak Mandal Lingasanpalle
5945 Medak Medak Mandal Magta Bhoopathipur
5946 Medak Medak Mandal Maqdumpur
5947 Medak Medak Mandal Medak (R)
5948 Medak Medak Mandal Mirgudpalle
5949 Medak Medak Mandal Mudulwai
5950 Medak Medak Mandal Muthaipalle
5951 Medak Medak Mandal Nagapur
5952 Medak Medak Mandal Pashapur
5953 Medak Medak Mandal Pathur
5954 Medak Medak Mandal Perur
5955 Medak Medak Mandal Rajpalle
5956 Medak Medak Mandal Rajpet
5957 Medak Medak Mandal Rayalamadugu
5958 Medak Medak Mandal Rayanpalle
5959 Medak Medak Mandal Sardhana
5960 Medak Medak Mandal Serikuchanpalle
5961 Medak Medak Mandal Shalipet
5962 Medak Medak Mandal Shamnapur
5963 Medak Medak Mandal Suklapet
5964 Medak Medak Mandal Thimmaipalle
5965 Medak Medak Mandal Thogita
5966 Medak Medak Mandal Venkatapur
5967 Medak Mirdoddi Mandal Almaspur
5968 Medak Mirdoddi Mandal Alwal
5969 Medak Mirdoddi Mandal Andey
5970 Medak Mirdoddi Mandal Bhoompalle
5971 Medak Mirdoddi Mandal Chepial
5972 Medak Mirdoddi Mandal Dharmaram
5973 Medak Mirdoddi Mandal Jangapalle
5974 Medak Mirdoddi Mandal Kasulabad
5975 Medak Mirdoddi Mandal Khazipur
5976 Medak Mirdoddi Mandal Kondapur
5977 Medak Mirdoddi Mandal Kudavelle
5978 Medak Mirdoddi Mandal Lingupalle
5979 Medak Mirdoddi Mandal Mallupalle
5980 Medak Mirdoddi Mandal Mirdoddi
5981 Medak Mirdoddi Mandal Mothey
5982 Medak Mirdoddi Mandal Rudraram
5983 Medak Mirdoddi Mandal Veerareddipalle
5984 Medak Mulug Mandal Achaipalle
5985 Medak Mulug Mandal Aliabad @ Adivimasjid
5986 Medak Mulug Mandal Banda Mailaram
5987 Medak Mulug Mandal Banda Thimmapur
5988 Medak Mulug Mandal Baswapur
5989 Medak Mulug Mandal Bhilampur
5990 Medak Mulug Mandal Chilla Sagar
5991 Medak Mulug Mandal Chinna Thimmapur
5992 Medak Mulug Mandal Damarakunta
5993 Medak Mulug Mandal Dasarlapalle
5994 Medak Mulug Mandal Gangadharpalle
5995 Medak Mulug Mandal Karkapatla
5996 Medak Mulug Mandal Kokkonda
5997 Medak Mulug Mandal Kothial
5998 Medak Mulug Mandal Kothur
5999 Medak Mulug Mandal Lakshmakkapalle
6000 Medak Mulug Mandal Mandial
6001 Medak Mulug Mandal Markook
6002 Medak Mulug Mandal Mulug
6003 Medak Mulug Mandal Mustafa Guda
6004 Medak Mulug Mandal Narsampalle
6005 Medak Mulug Mandal Narsapur
6006 Medak Mulug Mandal Singannaguda
6007 Medak Mulug Mandal Srirampur
6008 Medak Mulug Mandal Thanedharpalle
6009 Medak Mulug Mandal Tuniki Bollaram
6010 Medak Mulug Mandal Zapthi Singaipalle
6011 Medak Munpalle Mandal Allapuram
6012 Medak Munpalle Mandal Antharam
6013 Medak Munpalle Mandal Belur
6014 Medak Munpalle Mandal Bhusareddipalle
6015 Medak Munpalle Mandal Bodishetpalle
6016 Medak Munpalle Mandal Bodpalle
6017 Medak Munpalle Mandal Budhera
6018 Medak Munpalle Mandal Chilepalle
6019 Medak Munpalle Mandal Chinnachelmeda
6020 Medak Munpalle Mandal Chinna Loni
6021 Medak Munpalle Mandal Garlapalle
6022 Medak Munpalle Mandal Gorreghat
6023 Medak Munpalle Mandal Hydlapoor
6024 Medak Munpalle Mandal Ibrahimpur
6025 Medak Munpalle Mandal Kallapalle
6026 Medak Munpalle Mandal Kankole
6027 Medak Munpalle Mandal Khammampalle
6028 Medak Munpalle Mandal Lingampalle
6029 Medak Munpalle Mandal Makthakesaram
6030 Medak Munpalle Mandal Mallikarjunpalle
6031 Medak Munpalle Mandal Mansanpalle
6032 Medak Munpalle Mandal Melasangam
6033 Medak Munpalle Mandal Moqdumpalle
6034 Medak Munpalle Mandal Munpalle
6035 Medak Munpalle Mandal Pedda Chelmeda
6036 Medak Munpalle Mandal Pedda Gopalaram
6037 Medak Munpalle Mandal Pedda Loni
6038 Medak Munpalle Mandal Polkampalle
6039 Medak Munpalle Mandal Ramachandrapuram
6040 Medak Munpalle Mandal Rekulpahad
6041 Medak Munpalle Mandal Tatipalle
6042 Medak Munpalle Mandal Thakkadpalle
6043 Medak Nangnoor Mandal Akkanepalle
6044 Medak Nangnoor Mandal Ankushapur
6045 Medak Nangnoor Mandal Baddipadaga
6046 Medak Nangnoor Mandal Gatlamallial
6047 Medak Nangnoor Mandal Ghanpur
6048 Medak Nangnoor Mandal Khanapur
6049 Medak Nangnoor Mandal Khata
6050 Medak Nangnoor Mandal Konaipalle
6051 Medak Nangnoor Mandal Kondamrajpalle
6052 Medak Nangnoor Mandal Maqdumpur
6053 Medak Nangnoor Mandal Mundrai
6054 Medak Nangnoor Mandal Nagrajpalle
6055 Medak Nangnoor Mandal Nanganur
6056 Medak Nangnoor Mandal Narmetta
6057 Medak Nangnoor Mandal Oblapur
6058 Medak Nangnoor Mandal Palamakula
6059 Medak Nangnoor Mandal Rajagopalpet
6060 Medak Nangnoor Mandal Rampur
6061 Medak Nangnoor Mandal Thimmaipalle
6062 Medak Nangnoor Mandal Velkatur
6063 Medak Nangnoor Mandal Venkatapur
6064 Medak Narayankhed Mandal Abenda
6065 Medak Narayankhed Mandal Allapur
6066 Medak Narayankhed Mandal Ananthasagar
6067 Medak Narayankhed Mandal Anthwar
6068 Medak Narayankhed Mandal Bhanapur
6069 Medak Narayankhed Mandal Chandapur
6070 Medak Narayankhed Mandal Chandkhanpalle
6071 Medak Narayankhed Mandal Chaptakhadeem
6072 Medak Narayankhed Mandal Gadthihokrana
6073 Medak Narayankhed Mandal Gangapur
6074 Medak Narayankhed Mandal Hangarga [B]
6075 Medak Narayankhed Mandal Hangarga [K]
6076 Medak Narayankhed Mandal Hanmanthraopet
6077 Medak Narayankhed Mandal Jagannathpur
6078 Medak Narayankhed Mandal Jukal
6079 Medak Narayankhed Mandal Juzalpur
6080 Medak Narayankhed Mandal Kamjipoor
6081 Medak Narayankhed Mandal Kondapur
6082 Medak Narayankhed Mandal Lingapur
6083 Medak Narayankhed Mandal Madhavar
6084 Medak Narayankhed Mandal Mansoorpur
6085 Medak Narayankhed Mandal Nagapur
6086 Medak Narayankhed Mandal Namalimet
6087 Medak Narayankhed Mandal Narasapur
6088 Medak Narayankhed Mandal Narayankhed(CT)
6089 Medak Narayankhed Mandal Nizampet
6090 Medak Narayankhed Mandal Paidpalle
6091 Medak Narayankhed Mandal Panchagaon
6092 Medak Narayankhed Mandal Pipri
6093 Medak Narayankhed Mandal Rudrar
6094 Medak Narayankhed Mandal Ryakal
6095 Medak Narayankhed Mandal Ryalamadugu
6096 Medak Narayankhed Mandal Sanjivanrao Pet
6097 Medak Narayankhed Mandal Sathagaon
6098 Medak Narayankhed Mandal Ujjalampahad
6099 Medak Narayankhed Mandal Venkatapur
6100 Medak Narsapur Mandal Achampet
6101 Medak Narsapur Mandal Admapur
6102 Medak Narsapur Mandal Ahmednagar
6103 Medak Narsapur Mandal Awancha
6104 Medak Narsapur Mandal Brahmanpalle
6105 Medak Narsapur Mandal Chinna Chintakunta
6106 Medak Narsapur Mandal Chippalturthi
6107 Medak Narsapur Mandal Dharmaram
6108 Medak Narsapur Mandal Gollapalle
6109 Medak Narsapur Mandal Hanmanthapur
6110 Medak Narsapur Mandal Ibrahimbad
6111 Medak Narsapur Mandal Jakkupalle
6112 Medak Narsapur Mandal Kagazmaddur
6113 Medak Narsapur Mandal Khazipet
6114 Medak Narsapur Mandal Kondapur
6115 Medak Narsapur Mandal Lingapur
6116 Medak Narsapur Mandal Madapur
6117 Medak Narsapur Mandal Malparthi
6118 Medak Narsapur Mandal Manthoor
6119 Medak Narsapur Mandal Mohammadabad @ Janakampet
6120 Medak Narsapur Mandal Moosapet
6121 Medak Narsapur Mandal Nagulpalle
6122 Medak Narsapur Mandal Naimatullaguda
6123 Medak Narsapur Mandal Narayanpur
6124 Medak Narsapur Mandal Narsapur
6125 Medak Narsapur Mandal Nathinoipalle
6126 Medak Narsapur Mandal Pedda Chintakunta
6127 Medak Narsapur Mandal Ramachandrapur
6128 Medak Narsapur Mandal Reddipalle
6129 Medak Narsapur Mandal Rustumpet
6130 Medak Narsapur Mandal Sitarampur
6131 Medak Narsapur Mandal Thirmalapur
6132 Medak Narsapur Mandal Tiyalpur
6133 Medak Narsapur Mandal Tuljarampet
6134 Medak Narsapur Mandal Yellapur
6135 Medak Nyalkal Mandal Ameerabad
6136 Medak Nyalkal Mandal Atnur
6137 Medak Nyalkal Mandal Basanthpur
6138 Medak Nyalkal Mandal Chalki
6139 Medak Nyalkal Mandal Cheekurthi
6140 Medak Nyalkal Mandal Chingepalle
6141 Medak Nyalkal Mandal Dappur
6142 Medak Nyalkal Mandal Ganeshpur
6143 Medak Nyalkal Mandal Gangwar
6144 Medak Nyalkal Mandal Ganjoti
6145 Medak Nyalkal Mandal Hadnur
6146 Medak Nyalkal Mandal Humnapur
6147 Medak Nyalkal Mandal Hussainnagar
6148 Medak Nyalkal Mandal Husselli
6149 Medak Nyalkal Mandal Ibrahimpur
6150 Medak Nyalkal Mandal Kakijanwada
6151 Medak Nyalkal Mandal Kalbemal
6152 Medak Nyalkal Mandal Khaleelpur[M]
6153 Medak Nyalkal Mandal Malgi
6154 Medak Nyalkal Mandal Malkanpahad
6155 Medak Nyalkal Mandal Mamidgi
6156 Medak Nyalkal Mandal Mariampur
6157 Medak Nyalkal Mandal Metalkunta
6158 Medak Nyalkal Mandal Mirjapur[N]
6159 Medak Nyalkal Mandal Mirzapur[B]
6160 Medak Nyalkal Mandal Mungi
6161 Medak Nyalkal Mandal Murthujapur
6162 Medak Nyalkal Mandal Namtabad
6163 Medak Nyalkal Mandal Nyalkal
6164 Medak Nyalkal Mandal Raghapur
6165 Medak Nyalkal Mandal Rajola
6166 Medak Nyalkal Mandal Ramtheerth
6167 Medak Nyalkal Mandal Ratnapur
6168 Medak Nyalkal Mandal Rejinthal
6169 Medak Nyalkal Mandal Rukmapur
6170 Medak Nyalkal Mandal Shamshallapur
6171 Medak Nyalkal Mandal Tatpalle
6172 Medak Nyalkal Mandal Tekur
6173 Medak Nyalkal Mandal Waddi
6174 Medak Papannapet Mandal Ablapur
6175 Medak Papannapet Mandal Annaram
6176 Medak Papannapet Mandal Arkela
6177 Medak Papannapet Mandal Bacharam
6178 Medak Papannapet Mandal Cheekode
6179 Medak Papannapet Mandal Chitriyal
6180 Medak Papannapet Mandal Doulapur
6181 Medak Papannapet Mandal Ellapoor
6182 Medak Papannapet Mandal Enkepalle
6183 Medak Papannapet Mandal Gandharpalle
6184 Medak Papannapet Mandal Kodpak
6185 Medak Papannapet Mandal Kompalle
6186 Medak Papannapet Mandal Kothapalle
6187 Medak Papannapet Mandal Kurthiwada
6188 Medak Papannapet Mandal Lingaipalle
6189 Medak Papannapet Mandal Mallampet
6190 Medak Papannapet Mandal Minpur
6191 Medak Papannapet Mandal Muddapur
6192 Medak Papannapet Mandal Nagsanpalle
6193 Medak Papannapet Mandal Namapur
6194 Medak Papannapet Mandal Narsingi
6195 Medak Papannapet Mandal Papannapet
6196 Medak Papannapet Mandal Podchenpalle
6197 Medak Papannapet Mandal Ramathirtham
6198 Medak Papannapet Mandal Thimmaipalle
6199 Medak Papannapet Mandal Yousufpet
6200 Medak Patancheru Mandal Ameenapur(CT)
6201 Medak Patancheru Mandal Bachuguda
6202 Medak Patancheru Mandal Bhanur(CT)
6203 Medak Patancheru Mandal Chinnakanjerla
6204 Medak Patancheru Mandal Chitkul(CT)
6205 Medak Patancheru Mandal Ilapur
6206 Medak Patancheru Mandal Indresham
6207 Medak Patancheru Mandal Inole
6208 Medak Patancheru Mandal Isnapur(CT)
6209 Medak Patancheru Mandal Kardanur
6210 Medak Patancheru Mandal Krishtareddipet
6211 Medak Patancheru Mandal Kyasaram
6212 Medak Patancheru Mandal Lakdaram
6213 Medak Patancheru Mandal Muthangi(CT)
6214 Medak Patancheru Mandal Nandigaon
6215 Medak Patancheru Mandal Pashamylaram
6216 Medak Patancheru Mandal Patelguda
6217 Medak Patancheru Mandal Patighanpur
6218 Medak Patancheru Mandal Peddakanjerla
6219 Medak Patancheru Mandal Pocharam
6220 Medak Patancheru Mandal Rameshwar Banda
6221 Medak Patancheru Mandal Rendlagadda
6222 Medak Patancheru Mandal Rudraram
6223 Medak Patancheru Mandal Sultanpur
6224 Medak Patancheru Mandal Wadakpalle
6225 Medak Pulkal Mandal Baswapur
6226 Medak Pulkal Mandal Chakriyal
6227 Medak Pulkal Mandal Choutkur
6228 Medak Pulkal Mandal Esojipet
6229 Medak Pulkal Mandal Gangojipet
6230 Medak Pulkal Mandal Gangulur
6231 Medak Pulkal Mandal Hunnapur
6232 Medak Pulkal Mandal Kodur
6233 Medak Pulkal Mandal Korpole
6234 Medak Pulkal Mandal Lakshmisagar
6235 Medak Pulkal Mandal Lingampalle
6236 Medak Pulkal Mandal Manthoor
6237 Medak Pulkal Mandal Minpur
6238 Medak Pulkal Mandal Muddaipet
6239 Medak Pulkal Mandal Mudimanik
6240 Medak Pulkal Mandal Peddareddipet
6241 Medak Pulkal Mandal Pocharam
6242 Medak Pulkal Mandal Posanipalle
6243 Medak Pulkal Mandal Pulkal
6244 Medak Pulkal Mandal Raipahad
6245 Medak Pulkal Mandal Sarafpalle
6246 Medak Pulkal Mandal Seripeddareddipet
6247 Medak Pulkal Mandal Seriramreddiguda
6248 Medak Pulkal Mandal Singoor
6249 Medak Pulkal Mandal Sivampet
6250 Medak Pulkal Mandal Sultanpur
6251 Medak Pulkal Mandal Sureddi Itkyal
6252 Medak Pulkal Mandal Taddanpalle
6253 Medak Pulkal Mandal Vendikole
6254 Medak Pulkal Mandal Venkatakistapur @ Angadipet
6255 Medak Raikode Mandal Allapur
6256 Medak Raikode Mandal Auranganagar (Patti Hasnabad)
6257 Medak Raikode Mandal Chimnapur
6258 Medak Raikode Mandal Dharmapur
6259 Medak Raikode Mandal Doultabad
6260 Medak Raikode Mandal Hasnabad
6261 Medak Raikode Mandal Hudavandapur @ Narayanpalle
6262 Medak Raikode Mandal Hulgera
6263 Medak Raikode Mandal Indoor
6264 Medak Raikode Mandal Itkepalle
6265 Medak Raikode Mandal Jamalpur
6266 Medak Raikode Mandal Jamga (Khurd)
6267 Medak Raikode Mandal Karchal
6268 Medak Raikode Mandal Khanjamalpur
6269 Medak Raikode Mandal Kodoor
6270 Medak Raikode Mandal Kushnoor
6271 Medak Raikode Mandal Madhapur
6272 Medak Raikode Mandal Mahbathpur
6273 Medak Raikode Mandal Mamidipalle
6274 Medak Raikode Mandal Matoor
6275 Medak Raikode Mandal Mohammadapur
6276 Medak Raikode Mandal Moratga
6277 Medak Raikode Mandal Mustafapur
6278 Medak Raikode Mandal Naganpalle
6279 Medak Raikode Mandal Nagwar
6280 Medak Raikode Mandal Nallampalle
6281 Medak Raikode Mandal Pampad
6282 Medak Raikode Mandal Peapalpalle
6283 Medak Raikode Mandal Raikode
6284 Medak Raikode Mandal Raipalle [Patti Karchal]
6285 Medak Raikode Mandal Sangapur
6286 Medak Raikode Mandal Shamshuddinpur
6287 Medak Raikode Mandal Shapur
6288 Medak Raikode Mandal Singitham
6289 Medak Raikode Mandal Sirur
6290 Medak Raikode Mandal Yenkepalle
6291 Medak Raikode Mandal Yousufpur
6292 Medak Ramachandrapuram Mandal Edulanagulapalle
6293 Medak Ramachandrapuram Mandal Kachireddipalle
6294 Medak Ramachandrapuram Mandal Kollur
6295 Medak Ramachandrapuram Mandal Manmole
6296 Medak Ramachandrapuram Mandal Osman Nagar
6297 Medak Ramachandrapuram Mandal Ramachandrapuram (BHEL) Township(CT)
6298 Medak Ramachandrapuram Mandal Velmula
6299 Medak Ramayampet Mandal Akkannapet
6300 Medak Ramayampet Mandal Bachurajpalle
6301 Medak Ramayampet Mandal Chelmeda
6302 Medak Ramayampet Mandal Damaracheru
6303 Medak Ramayampet Mandal Dantepalle
6304 Medak Ramayampet Mandal Dongal Dharmaram
6305 Medak Ramayampet Mandal Jamsing Lingapur
6306 Medak Ramayampet Mandal Kalwakunta
6307 Medak Ramayampet Mandal Katrial
6308 Medak Ramayampet Mandal Komatipalle
6309 Medak Ramayampet Mandal Konapur
6310 Medak Ramayampet Mandal Lakshmapur
6311 Medak Ramayampet Mandal Nandigaon
6312 Medak Ramayampet Mandal Narlapur
6313 Medak Ramayampet Mandal Naskal
6314 Medak Ramayampet Mandal Nizampet
6315 Medak Ramayampet Mandal Parvathapur
6316 Medak Ramayampet Mandal Ramayampet
6317 Medak Ramayampet Mandal Rayalapur
6318 Medak Ramayampet Mandal Sadasivnagar
6319 Medak Ramayampet Mandal Sivaipalle
6320 Medak Ramayampet Mandal Sutarpalle
6321 Medak Ramayampet Mandal Thonigandla
6322 Medak Ramayampet Mandal Venkatapur
6323 Medak Regode Mandal Bhootkur
6324 Medak Regode Mandal Burhanwadi
6325 Medak Regode Mandal Chowderpalle
6326 Medak Regode Mandal Devenoor
6327 Medak Regode Mandal Dosapalle
6328 Medak Regode Mandal Dudiyal
6329 Medak Regode Mandal Gojwada
6330 Medak Regode Mandal Jangriyal
6331 Medak Regode Mandal Khaderabad
6332 Medak Regode Mandal Kondapur
6333 Medak Regode Mandal Kothwalpalle
6334 Medak Regode Mandal Lingampalle
6335 Medak Regode Mandal Marpalle
6336 Medak Regode Mandal Medikunda
6337 Medak Regode Mandal Nirjipala
6338 Medak Regode Mandal Pocharam
6339 Medak Regode Mandal Puladugu
6340 Medak Regode Mandal Pyararam
6341 Medak Regode Mandal Regode
6342 Medak Regode Mandal R. Itikyal
6343 Medak Regode Mandal Sindole
6344 Medak Regode Mandal Tatpalle
6345 Medak Regode Mandal Timmapur
6346 Medak Regode Mandal Usrikpalle
6347 Medak Regode Mandal Venkatapur [Maktha]
6348 Medak Sadasivpet Mandal Ankanpalle
6349 Medak Sadasivpet Mandal Arur
6350 Medak Sadasivpet Mandal Atmakur
6351 Medak Sadasivpet Mandal Babilgaon
6352 Medak Sadasivpet Mandal Chandapur
6353 Medak Sadasivpet Mandal Enkepalle
6354 Medak Sadasivpet Mandal Etigaddasangam
6355 Medak Sadasivpet Mandal Ishratabad
6356 Medak Sadasivpet Mandal Kambalpalle
6357 Medak Sadasivpet Mandal Kolkur
6358 Medak Sadasivpet Mandal Konapur
6359 Medak Sadasivpet Mandal Machireddipalle
6360 Medak Sadasivpet Mandal Maddikunta (Part)
6361 Medak Sadasivpet Mandal Malapahad
6362 Medak Sadasivpet Mandal Milgirpet
6363 Medak Sadasivpet Mandal Mubarakpur
6364 Medak Sadasivpet Mandal Nagulpalle
6365 Medak Sadasivpet Mandal Nizampur
6366 Medak Sadasivpet Mandal Peddapur
6367 Medak Sadasivpet Mandal Pottipalle
6368 Medak Sadasivpet Mandal Regenthal
6369 Medak Sadasivpet Mandal Suraram
6370 Medak Sadasivpet Mandal Thangadpalle
6371 Medak Sadasivpet Mandal Veltur
6372 Medak Sadasivpet Mandal Venkatapur
6373 Medak Sadasivpet Mandal Yawapur
6374 Medak Sadasivpet Mandal Yellaram
6375 Medak Sangareddy Mandal Arutla
6376 Medak Sangareddy Mandal Byathole
6377 Medak Sangareddy Mandal Cheriyal
6378 Medak Sangareddy Mandal Chidruppa
6379 Medak Sangareddy Mandal Chintalpalle (Part)
6380 Medak Sangareddy Mandal Eddumailaram(CT)
6381 Medak Sangareddy Mandal Edthanur
6382 Medak Sangareddy Mandal Fasalwadi
6383 Medak Sangareddy Mandal Indrakaran
6384 Medak Sangareddy Mandal Irigipalle
6385 Medak Sangareddy Mandal Ismailkhanpet
6386 Medak Sangareddy Mandal Julkal
6387 Medak Sangareddy Mandal Kalabgoor
6388 Medak Sangareddy Mandal Kalvemula
6389 Medak Sangareddy Mandal Kandi
6390 Medak Sangareddy Mandal Kasipur
6391 Medak Sangareddy Mandal Kothlapur
6392 Medak Sangareddy Mandal Koulampet
6393 Medak Sangareddy Mandal Kulabgoor
6394 Medak Sangareddy Mandal Makthaalloor
6395 Medak Sangareddy Mandal Mamidipalle
6396 Medak Sangareddy Mandal Mohd.Shapur
6397 Medak Sangareddy Mandal Nagapur
6398 Medak Sangareddy Mandal Pothreddipalle(CT)
6399 Medak Sangareddy Mandal Tadlapalle
6400 Medak Sangareddy Mandal Topgonda
6401 Medak Sangareddy Mandal Utharpalle
6402 Medak Shankarampet (A) Mandal Baddaram
6403 Medak Shankarampet (A) Mandal Burugupalle
6404 Medak Shankarampet (A) Mandal Cheelapalle
6405 Medak Shankarampet (A) Mandal Chintal Lakshmapur
6406 Medak Shankarampet (A) Mandal Danampalle
6407 Medak Shankarampet (A) Mandal Gottimukkala
6408 Medak Shankarampet (A) Mandal Jambikunta
6409 Medak Shankarampet (A) Mandal Jukal
6410 Medak Shankarampet (A) Mandal Kamalapur
6411 Medak Shankarampet (A) Mandal Kollapalle
6412 Medak Shankarampet (A) Mandal Koppole
6413 Medak Shankarampet (A) Mandal Kothepet
6414 Medak Shankarampet (A) Mandal Maktha Lakshmapur
6415 Medak Shankarampet (A) Mandal Malkapur
6416 Medak Shankarampet (A) Mandal Marshetpalle
6417 Medak Shankarampet (A) Mandal Musapet
6418 Medak Shankarampet (A) Mandal Narayanapalle
6419 Medak Shankarampet (A) Mandal Ramajipalle
6420 Medak Shankarampet (A) Mandal Shankarampet (A)(CT)
6421 Medak Shankarampet (A) Mandal Sivaipalle
6422 Medak Shankarampet (A) Mandal Tenkati
6423 Medak Shankarampet (A) Mandal Thirumalapur
6424 Medak Shankarampet (A) Mandal Uthloor
6425 Medak Shankarampet (A) Mandal Venkatapur (Katela)
6426 Medak Shankarampet (A) Mandal Virojipalle
6427 Medak Shankarampet (R) Mandal Ambajipet
6428 Medak Shankarampet (R) Mandal Chandampet
6429 Medak Shankarampet (R) Mandal Chandapur
6430 Medak Shankarampet (R) Mandal Dharpalle
6431 Medak Shankarampet (R) Mandal Gajgatlapalle
6432 Medak Shankarampet (R) Mandal Gavalpalle
6433 Medak Shankarampet (R) Mandal Jangrai
6434 Medak Shankarampet (R) Mandal Kamaram
6435 Medak Shankarampet (R) Mandal Kaslapur
6436 Medak Shankarampet (R) Mandal Khajapur
6437 Medak Shankarampet (R) Mandal Korivipalle
6438 Medak Shankarampet (R) Mandal Madur
6439 Medak Shankarampet (R) Mandal Mirzapalle
6440 Medak Shankarampet (R) Mandal Sankhapur
6441 Medak Shankarampet (R) Mandal Seripalle
6442 Medak Shankarampet (R) Mandal Shankaraj Kondapur
6443 Medak Shankarampet (R) Mandal Shankarampet (R)
6444 Medak Shankarampet (R) Mandal Suraram
6445 Medak Shankarampet (R) Mandal Turkala Mohammedapur
6446 Medak Shankarampet (R) Mandal Zapthishivnur
6447 Medak Shivampet Mandal Allipur
6448 Medak Shivampet Mandal Bijilipur
6449 Medak Shivampet Mandal Chandi
6450 Medak Shivampet Mandal Chennapur
6451 Medak Shivampet Mandal Chinnagottimukkala
6452 Medak Shivampet Mandal Donthi
6453 Medak Shivampet Mandal Edulapur
6454 Medak Shivampet Mandal Gangaipalle
6455 Medak Shivampet Mandal Gomaram
6456 Medak Shivampet Mandal Gundlapalle
6457 Medak Shivampet Mandal Konthanpalle
6458 Medak Shivampet Mandal Kothapet
6459 Medak Shivampet Mandal Lingojiguda
6460 Medak Shivampet Mandal Maqdumpur
6461 Medak Shivampet Mandal Nawabpet
6462 Medak Shivampet Mandal Pambanda
6463 Medak Shivampet Mandal Parkibanda
6464 Medak Shivampet Mandal Pedda Gottimukkala
6465 Medak Shivampet Mandal Pillutla
6466 Medak Shivampet Mandal Potharam
6467 Medak Shivampet Mandal Pothula Boguda
6468 Medak Shivampet Mandal Ratnapoor
6469 Medak Shivampet Mandal Shabashpalle
6470 Medak Shivampet Mandal Shivampet
6471 Medak Shivampet Mandal Sikindlapur
6472 Medak Shivampet Mandal Thimmapur
6473 Medak Shivampet Mandal Usirikapalle
6474 Medak Siddipet Mandal Ankampet
6475 Medak Siddipet Mandal Bakrichapial
6476 Medak Siddipet Mandal Burugupalle
6477 Medak Siddipet Mandal Bussapur
6478 Medak Siddipet Mandal Chintamadaka
6479 Medak Siddipet Mandal Ensanpalle
6480 Medak Siddipet Mandal Gundavallikhurd
6481 Medak Siddipet Mandal Ibrahimpur
6482 Medak Siddipet Mandal Irkode
6483 Medak Siddipet Mandal Machapur [Patti Dubbak]
6484 Medak Siddipet Mandal Mittapalle
6485 Medak Siddipet Mandal Nacharpalle
6486 Medak Siddipet Mandal Narayanraopet
6487 Medak Siddipet Mandal Narsapur(CT)
6488 Medak Siddipet Mandal Ponnal
6489 Medak Siddipet Mandal Pullur
6490 Medak Siddipet Mandal Raghavapur
6491 Medak Siddipet Mandal Raorukal
6492 Medak Siddipet Mandal Seetharampalle
6493 Medak Siddipet Mandal Siddipet (CT)
6494 Medak Siddipet Mandal Tadkapalle
6495 Medak Siddipet Mandal Tornal
6496 Medak Siddipet Mandal Venkatapur
6497 Medak Tekmal Mandal Achannapalle
6498 Medak Tekmal Mandal Bardipur
6499 Medak Tekmal Mandal Bodagat
6500 Medak Tekmal Mandal Bodmatpalle
6501 Medak Tekmal Mandal Dadaipalle
6502 Medak Tekmal Mandal Dhannaram
6503 Medak Tekmal Mandal Eklaspur
6504 Medak Tekmal Mandal Hasanmohmadpalle
6505 Medak Tekmal Mandal Kadloor
6506 Medak Tekmal Mandal Korampalle
6507 Medak Tekmal Mandal Kusangi
6508 Medak Tekmal Mandal Malkapur
6509 Medak Tekmal Mandal Palvancha
6510 Medak Tekmal Mandal Shabad
6511 Medak Tekmal Mandal Tamploor
6512 Medak Tekmal Mandal Tekmal
6513 Medak Tekmal Mandal Yelkurthi
6514 Medak Tekmal Mandal Yellampalle
6515 Medak Tekmal Mandal Yellupet
6516 Medak Tekmal Mandal Yelupugonda
6517 Medak Thoguta Mandal Bandarupalle
6518 Medak Thoguta Mandal Chandapur
6519 Medak Thoguta Mandal Eligaddakistapur
6520 Medak Thoguta Mandal Ghanpur
6521 Medak Thoguta Mandal Gudikandula
6522 Medak Thoguta Mandal Kangal
6523 Medak Thoguta Mandal Lingampet
6524 Medak Thoguta Mandal Lingapur
6525 Medak Thoguta Mandal Pallepahad
6526 Medak Thoguta Mandal P Masanpalle
6527 Medak Thoguta Mandal Thoguta
6528 Medak Thoguta Mandal Thukkapur
6529 Medak Thoguta Mandal Vemulaghat
6530 Medak Thoguta Mandal Venkatraopet
6531 Medak Thoguta Mandal Yellareddipeta
6532 Medak Thoguta Mandal Zaptilingareddipalle
6533 Medak Tupran Mandal Allapur
6534 Medak Tupran Mandal Brahmanapalle
6535 Medak Tupran Mandal Chatla Gouraram
6536 Medak Tupran Mandal Datarpalle
6537 Medak Tupran Mandal Dharmarajpalle
6538 Medak Tupran Mandal Ghanpur
6539 Medak Tupran Mandal Gundareddipalle
6540 Medak Tupran Mandal Hussainpur
6541 Medak Tupran Mandal Immapur
6542 Medak Tupran Mandal Islampur
6543 Medak Tupran Mandal Jeedipalle
6544 Medak Tupran Mandal Jhandapalle
6545 Medak Tupran Mandal Kallakal
6546 Medak Tupran Mandal Kistapur
6547 Medak Tupran Mandal Konaipalle (Pattibegampet)
6548 Medak Tupran Mandal Konaipalle (Patti Tupran)
6549 Medak Tupran Mandal Kondapur
6550 Medak Tupran Mandal Kucharam
6551 Medak Tupran Mandal Lingareddipet
6552 Medak Tupran Mandal Malkapur
6553 Medak Tupran Mandal Manoharabad
6554 Medak Tupran Mandal Masjid Palle (NK)
6555 Medak Tupran Mandal Muppireddipalle
6556 Medak Tupran Mandal Nagulapalle
6557 Medak Tupran Mandal Padalpalle
6558 Medak Tupran Mandal Palat
6559 Medak Tupran Mandal Ramaipalle
6560 Medak Tupran Mandal Rangaipalle
6561 Medak Tupran Mandal Ravelli
6562 Medak Tupran Mandal Tupran
6563 Medak Tupran Mandal Vattur
6564 Medak Tupran Mandal Venkatapur Agraharam
6565 Medak Tupran Mandal Venkatapur @ Pattitupran
6566 Medak Tupran Mandal Venktaipalle
6567 Medak Tupran Mandal Yavapur
6568 Medak Wargal Mandal Amberpet
6569 Medak Wargal Mandal Ananthagiripalle
6570 Medak Wargal Mandal Chandapur
6571 Medak Wargal Mandal Girmapur
6572 Medak Wargal Mandal Gouraram
6573 Medak Wargal Mandal Govindapur
6574 Medak Wargal Mandal Jabbapur
6575 Medak Wargal Mandal Kondaipalle
6576 Medak Wargal Mandal Madharam
6577 Medak Wargal Mandal Majidpalle
6578 Medak Wargal Mandal Meenjipeta
6579 Medak Wargal Mandal Mentur
6580 Medak Wargal Mandal Mylaram
6581 Medak Wargal Mandal Nacharam
6582 Medak Wargal Mandal Narsampalle
6583 Medak Wargal Mandal Pamulaparthi
6584 Medak Wargal Mandal Ramachandrapur
6585 Medak Wargal Mandal Shakaram
6586 Medak Wargal Mandal Singaipalle
6587 Medak Wargal Mandal Sitarampalle
6588 Medak Wargal Mandal Tunkikhalasa
6589 Medak Wargal Mandal Tunki Makta
6590 Medak Wargal Mandal Veluru
6591 Medak Wargal Mandal Wargal
6592 Medak Yeldurthy Mandal Achampet
6593 Medak Yeldurthy Mandal Andugulapalle
6594 Medak Yeldurthy Mandal Bandaposanpalle
6595 Medak Yeldurthy Mandal Damarancha
6596 Medak Yeldurthy Mandal Dharmaram
6597 Medak Yeldurthy Mandal Edulapalle
6598 Medak Yeldurthy Mandal Esvantharaopet
6599 Medak Yeldurthy Mandal Hakimpet
6600 Medak Yeldurthy Mandal Hastalpur
6601 Medak Yeldurthy Mandal Koppulapalle
6602 Medak Yeldurthy Mandal Kuknoor
6603 Medak Yeldurthy Mandal Lingareddipalle
6604 Medak Yeldurthy Mandal Manepalle
6605 Medak Yeldurthy Mandal Mangalparthy
6606 Medak Yeldurthy Mandal Mannevar Jalalpur
6607 Medak Yeldurthy Mandal Masaipet
6608 Medak Yeldurthy Mandal Mellor
6609 Medak Yeldurthy Mandal Peddapur
6610 Medak Yeldurthy Mandal Ramanthapur
6611 Medak Yeldurthy Mandal Settipalle Kalan
6612 Medak Yeldurthy Mandal Uppulingapur
6613 Medak Yeldurthy Mandal Yeldurthy
6614 Medak Zahirabad Mandal Algole
6615 Medak Zahirabad Mandal Allipur(CT)
6616 Medak Zahirabad Mandal Anegunta
6617 Medak Zahirabad Mandal Asadgunj
6618 Medak Zahirabad Mandal Auranganagar
6619 Medak Zahirabad Mandal Buchnelli (Part)
6620 Medak Zahirabad Mandal Burdipahad
6621 Medak Zahirabad Mandal Chiragpalle
6622 Medak Zahirabad Mandal Dhanasiri
6623 Medak Zahirabad Mandal Didgi
6624 Medak Zahirabad Mandal Godegarpalle (Patti Dhanasiri)
6625 Medak Zahirabad Mandal Gopanpalle
6626 Medak Zahirabad Mandal Gousabad
6627 Medak Zahirabad Mandal Gudpalle
6628 Medak Zahirabad Mandal Hothi [B]
6629 Medak Zahirabad Mandal Huggelli
6630 Medak Zahirabad Mandal Ippepalle
6631 Medak Zahirabad Mandal Kasimpur
6632 Medak Zahirabad Mandal Khan Jamalapur
6633 Medak Zahirabad Mandal Kothur [B]
6634 Medak Zahirabad Mandal Madgi
6635 Medak Zahirabad Mandal Malchelma
6636 Medak Zahirabad Mandal Malkapur [Jadi]
6637 Medak Zahirabad Mandal Mannapur
6638 Medak Zahirabad Mandal Mogdampalle
6639 Medak Zahirabad Mandal Parvathapur
6640 Medak Zahirabad Mandal Raipalle
6641 Medak Zahirabad Mandal Raipalle [ P.D.]
6642 Medak Zahirabad Mandal Ranjole
6643 Medak Zahirabad Mandal Sarjaraopet
6644 Medak Zahirabad Mandal Satwar
6645 Medak Zahirabad Mandal Shaikapur
6646 Medak Zahirabad Mandal Tumkunta
6647 Nalgonda Alair Mandal Alair
6648 Nalgonda Alair Mandal Amman Bole
6649 Nalgonda Alair Mandal Bahadurpet
6650 Nalgonda Alair Mandal Dilawarpur
6651 Nalgonda Alair Mandal Golankonda
6652 Nalgonda Alair Mandal Ikkurthi
6653 Nalgonda Alair Mandal Kolanupaka
6654 Nalgonda Alair Mandal Kolluru
6655 Nalgonda Alair Mandal Manthapuri
6656 Nalgonda Alair Mandal Matoor
6657 Nalgonda Alair Mandal Patelguda
6658 Nalgonda Alair Mandal Sharajpet
6659 Nalgonda Alair Mandal Srinivasa Puram
6660 Nalgonda Alair Mandal Tangutoor
6661 Nalgonda Anumula Mandal Alwala
6662 Nalgonda Anumula Mandal Ambatpalle
6663 Nalgonda Anumula Mandal Annaram
6664 Nalgonda Anumula Mandal Anumula
6665 Nalgonda Anumula Mandal Ibrahim Peta
6666 Nalgonda Anumula Mandal Kompalle
6667 Nalgonda Anumula Mandal Konerpuram
6668 Nalgonda Anumula Mandal Kosalamarri
6669 Nalgonda Anumula Mandal Kothapalle
6670 Nalgonda Anumula Mandal Kummarikunta Kalva
6671 Nalgonda Anumula Mandal Kupaspalle
6672 Nalgonda Anumula Mandal Marepalle
6673 Nalgonda Anumula Mandal Mukkamala
6674 Nalgonda Anumula Mandal Narayana Puram
6675 Nalgonda Anumula Mandal Palem
6676 Nalgonda Anumula Mandal Perur
6677 Nalgonda Anumula Mandal Pulimamidi
6678 Nalgonda Anumula Mandal Rajavaram
6679 Nalgonda Anumula Mandal Ramadugu
6680 Nalgonda Anumula Mandal Silgapur
6681 Nalgonda Anumula Mandal Sreenadhapur
6682 Nalgonda Anumula Mandal Sreerampalle
6683 Nalgonda Anumula Mandal Thimmapuram
6684 Nalgonda Anumula Mandal Tirumalagiri
6685 Nalgonda Anumula Mandal Venkatadri Palem
6686 Nalgonda Anumula Mandal Yacharam
6687 Nalgonda Anumula Mandal Yellapuram
6688 Nalgonda Atmakur (M) Mandal Atmakur
6689 Nalgonda Atmakur (M) Mandal Chada
6690 Nalgonda Atmakur (M) Mandal Chamapur
6691 Nalgonda Atmakur (M) Mandal Chande Palle
6692 Nalgonda Atmakur (M) Mandal Dharmapur
6693 Nalgonda Atmakur (M) Mandal Duppelli
6694 Nalgonda Atmakur (M) Mandal Dursagani Palle
6695 Nalgonda Atmakur (M) Mandal Kalwapalle
6696 Nalgonda Atmakur (M) Mandal Khaprai Palle
6697 Nalgonda Atmakur (M) Mandal Koratikal
6698 Nalgonda Atmakur (M) Mandal Kurella
6699 Nalgonda Atmakur (M) Mandal Lingaraj Palle
6700 Nalgonda Atmakur (M) Mandal Moripirala
6701 Nalgonda Atmakur (M) Mandal Narsapur
6702 Nalgonda Atmakur (M) Mandal Pallerla
6703 Nalgonda Atmakur (M) Mandal Raghavapur
6704 Nalgonda Atmakur (M) Mandal Rahimkhanpet
6705 Nalgonda Atmakur (M) Mandal Raipalle
6706 Nalgonda Atmakur (M) Mandal Sarvepalle
6707 Nalgonda Atmakur (M) Mandal Singaram (Patti) Chande Palle
6708 Nalgonda Atmakur (M) Mandal Thukkapur
6709 Nalgonda Atmakur (S) Mandal Aipur
6710 Nalgonda Atmakur (S) Mandal Atmakur
6711 Nalgonda Atmakur (S) Mandal Bopparam
6712 Nalgonda Atmakur (S) Mandal Dacharam
6713 Nalgonda Atmakur (S) Mandal Enubamla
6714 Nalgonda Atmakur (S) Mandal Gattikal
6715 Nalgonda Atmakur (S) Mandal Gollaguda
6716 Nalgonda Atmakur (S) Mandal Isthalapur
6717 Nalgonda Atmakur (S) Mandal Kandagatla
6718 Nalgonda Atmakur (S) Mandal Kotapahad
6719 Nalgonda Atmakur (S) Mandal Maktha Kotha Gudem
6720 Nalgonda Atmakur (S) Mandal Midthan Palle
6721 Nalgonda Atmakur (S) Mandal Mukkudeu Devi Palle
6722 Nalgonda Atmakur (S) Mandal Nammikal
6723 Nalgonda Atmakur (S) Mandal Narayanappa Guda
6724 Nalgonda Atmakur (S) Mandal Naseempet
6725 Nalgonda Atmakur (S) Mandal Patharla Pahad
6726 Nalgonda Atmakur (S) Mandal Setti Guda
6727 Nalgonda Atmakur (S) Mandal Thummalapen Pahad
6728 Nalgonda Atmakur (S) Mandal Venkatapur
6729 Nalgonda Bhongir Mandal Anajipur
6730 Nalgonda Bhongir Mandal Anantharam (R)
6731 Nalgonda Bhongir Mandal Banda Somaram
6732 Nalgonda Bhongir Mandal Baswapur
6733 Nalgonda Bhongir Mandal Bolle Palle
6734 Nalgonda Bhongir Mandal Bommai Palle
6735 Nalgonda Bhongir Mandal Chandupatla
6736 Nalgonda Bhongir Mandal Cheemala Kondur
6737 Nalgonda Bhongir Mandal Gouse Nagar
6738 Nalgonda Bhongir Mandal Hanmapur
6739 Nalgonda Bhongir Mandal Kesaram
6740 Nalgonda Bhongir Mandal Kunoor
6741 Nalgonda Bhongir Mandal Mustyalapalle
6742 Nalgonda Bhongir Mandal Nagireddi Palle
6743 Nalgonda Bhongir Mandal Nandanam
6744 Nalgonda Bhongir Mandal Pagidi Palle
6745 Nalgonda Bhongir Mandal Penchikala Pahad
6746 Nalgonda Bhongir Mandal Ramachandrapur
6747 Nalgonda Bhongir Mandal Rayagiri (R)
6748 Nalgonda Bhongir Mandal Sure Palle
6749 Nalgonda Bhongir Mandal Tajpur
6750 Nalgonda Bhongir Mandal Timmapur
6751 Nalgonda Bhongir Mandal Tukkapur
6752 Nalgonda Bhongir Mandal Veera Vally
6753 Nalgonda Bhongir Mandal Wadaparthy
6754 Nalgonda Bhongir Mandal Yerram Balle
6755 Nalgonda Bibinagar Mandal Anantharam
6756 Nalgonda Bibinagar Mandal Annampatla
6757 Nalgonda Bibinagar Mandal Bagdayara
6758 Nalgonda Bibinagar Mandal Bibinagar(CT)
6759 Nalgonda Bibinagar Mandal Brahmana Palle
6760 Nalgonda Bibinagar Mandal Chinaraval Palle
6761 Nalgonda Bibinagar Mandal Gudur
6762 Nalgonda Bibinagar Mandal Gurrala Dandi
6763 Nalgonda Bibinagar Mandal Jain Palle
6764 Nalgonda Bibinagar Mandal Jameelapet
6765 Nalgonda Bibinagar Mandal Jam Palle
6766 Nalgonda Bibinagar Mandal Jiya Palle
6767 Nalgonda Bibinagar Mandal Kondamadugu
6768 Nalgonda Bibinagar Mandal Madharam
6769 Nalgonda Bibinagar Mandal Mahadevpur
6770 Nalgonda Bibinagar Mandal Maqdoom Palle
6771 Nalgonda Bibinagar Mandal Nemarugomula
6772 Nalgonda Bibinagar Mandal Padamati Somaram
6773 Nalgonda Bibinagar Mandal Raghavapur
6774 Nalgonda Bibinagar Mandal Raheem Khan Guda
6775 Nalgonda Bibinagar Mandal Rangapur
6776 Nalgonda Bibinagar Mandal Ravi Pahad
6777 Nalgonda Bibinagar Mandal Rayarao Pet
6778 Nalgonda Bibinagar Mandal Rudra Velly
6779 Nalgonda Bibinagar Mandal Venkiryal
6780 Nalgonda Bommalaramaram Mandal Bandakindi Palle
6781 Nalgonda Bommalaramaram Mandal Boin Palle
6782 Nalgonda Bommalaramaram Mandal Bommalaramaram
6783 Nalgonda Bommalaramaram Mandal Cheekati Mamidi
6784 Nalgonda Bommalaramaram Mandal Chinaparvathapur
6785 Nalgonda Bommalaramaram Mandal Hazipur
6786 Nalgonda Bommalaramaram Mandal Jalalpur
6787 Nalgonda Bommalaramaram Mandal Mailaram
6788 Nalgonda Bommalaramaram Mandal Maisi Reddy Palle
6789 Nalgonda Bommalaramaram Mandal Malyala
6790 Nalgonda Bommalaramaram Mandal Maryala
6791 Nalgonda Bommalaramaram Mandal Medi Palle
6792 Nalgonda Bommalaramaram Mandal Muneerabad
6793 Nalgonda Bommalaramaram Mandal Nagineni Palle
6794 Nalgonda Bommalaramaram Mandal Pedda Parvathapur
6795 Nalgonda Bommalaramaram Mandal Pyararam
6796 Nalgonda Bommalaramaram Mandal Ramlingam Palle
6797 Nalgonda Bommalaramaram Mandal Ranga Puram
6798 Nalgonda Bommalaramaram Mandal Solipeta
6799 Nalgonda Bommalaramaram Mandal Somaji Palle
6800 Nalgonda Bommalaramaram Mandal Thimma Puram
6801 Nalgonda Bommalaramaram Mandal Thumkunta
6802 Nalgonda Bommalaramaram Mandal Tirumalagiri
6803 Nalgonda Bommalaramaram Mandal Yavapur
6804 Nalgonda Chandam Pet Mandal Achampet (P) Chandampet
6805 Nalgonda Chandam Pet Mandal Batchapur
6806 Nalgonda Chandam Pet Mandal Bollaram Patti (Munagala)
6807 Nalgonda Chandam Pet Mandal Chandampet
6808 Nalgonda Chandam Pet Mandal Chitriyala
6809 Nalgonda Chandam Pet Mandal Dasarla Palle
6810 Nalgonda Chandam Pet Mandal Gagillapur
6811 Nalgonda Chandam Pet Mandal Gunti Palle
6812 Nalgonda Chandam Pet Mandal Kacharaj Palle
6813 Nalgonda Chandam Pet Mandal Kambala Palle (Old)
6814 Nalgonda Chandam Pet Mandal Kethepalle
6815 Nalgonda Chandam Pet Mandal Kotha Palle
6816 Nalgonda Chandam Pet Mandal Mududondla
6817 Nalgonda Chandam Pet Mandal Murpunuthala
6818 Nalgonda Chandam Pet Mandal Neradugommu
6819 Nalgonda Chandam Pet Mandal Peddamunigal
6820 Nalgonda Chandam Pet Mandal Pogilla
6821 Nalgonda Chandam Pet Mandal Pole Palle - Gannerlapalle
6822 Nalgonda Chandam Pet Mandal Rekulagadda
6823 Nalgonda Chandam Pet Mandal Rekula Valyam
6824 Nalgonda Chandam Pet Mandal Theldevarapalle
6825 Nalgonda Chandam Pet Mandal Timmapuram
6826 Nalgonda Chandam Pet Mandal Yalmala Manda @ Bichya Thanda
6827 Nalgonda Chandur Mandal Angadipeta
6828 Nalgonda Chandur Mandal Bangarigadda
6829 Nalgonda Chandur Mandal Bodangi Parthy
6830 Nalgonda Chandur Mandal Chandur(CT)
6831 Nalgonda Chandur Mandal Donipamula
6832 Nalgonda Chandur Mandal Ghattuppal
6833 Nalgonda Chandur Mandal Gundrepalle
6834 Nalgonda Chandur Mandal Idikuda
6835 Nalgonda Chandur Mandal Kasthala
6836 Nalgonda Chandur Mandal Kondapuram
6837 Nalgonda Chandur Mandal Kumandaniguda
6838 Nalgonda Chandur Mandal Nermata
6839 Nalgonda Chandur Mandal Pullemla
6840 Nalgonda Chandur Mandal Sirdepalle
6841 Nalgonda Chandur Mandal Theratpalle
6842 Nalgonda Chandur Mandal Thummalapalle
6843 Nalgonda Chandur Mandal Udathala Palle
6844 Nalgonda Chilkur Mandal Bethavole
6845 Nalgonda Chilkur Mandal Chilkur
6846 Nalgonda Chilkur Mandal Konda Puram
6847 Nalgonda Chilkur Mandal Paleannaram
6848 Nalgonda Chintha Palle Mandal Anajpur
6849 Nalgonda Chintha Palle Mandal Chinthapalle
6850 Nalgonda Chintha Palle Mandal Gadya Gowraram
6851 Nalgonda Chintha Palle Mandal Godkondla
6852 Nalgonda Chintha Palle Mandal Humanthulapalle
6853 Nalgonda Chintha Palle Mandal Kokkirayala Gowraram
6854 Nalgonda Chintha Palle Mandal Kurmaidu
6855 Nalgonda Chintha Palle Mandal Kurma Palle
6856 Nalgonda Chintha Palle Mandal Madnapur
6857 Nalgonda Chintha Palle Mandal Mallareddipalle
6858 Nalgonda Chintha Palle Mandal Nasarla Palle
6859 Nalgonda Chintha Palle Mandal Nelvalapalle
6860 Nalgonda Chintha Palle Mandal P.K. Mallepalle
6861 Nalgonda Chintha Palle Mandal Polepalle Ramnagar
6862 Nalgonda Chintha Palle Mandal Sakalsere Palle
6863 Nalgonda Chintha Palle Mandal Takatla Palle
6864 Nalgonda Chintha Palle Mandal Teeded
6865 Nalgonda Chintha Palle Mandal Tirumalapur
6866 Nalgonda Chintha Palle Mandal Ummapur
6867 Nalgonda Chintha Palle Mandal Upparapalle
6868 Nalgonda Chintha Palle Mandal Varkal
6869 Nalgonda Chintha Palle Mandal Vinjamoor
6870 Nalgonda Chityala Mandal Aipoor
6871 Nalgonda Chityala Mandal Chinakaparthy
6872 Nalgonda Chityala Mandal Chityala(CT)
6873 Nalgonda Chityala Mandal Gundram Palle
6874 Nalgonda Chityala Mandal Nerada
6875 Nalgonda Chityala Mandal Pedakaparthy
6876 Nalgonda Chityala Mandal Pere Palle
6877 Nalgonda Chityala Mandal Pittam Palle
6878 Nalgonda Chityala Mandal Shivaneni Gudem
6879 Nalgonda Chityala Mandal Sunkene Palle
6880 Nalgonda Chityala Mandal Talla Yellemla
6881 Nalgonda Chityala Mandal Urmadla
6882 Nalgonda Chityala Mandal Vanipakala
6883 Nalgonda Chityala Mandal Veliminedu
6884 Nalgonda Chityala Mandal Wattimarthy
6885 Nalgonda Chityala Mandal Yelikatta
6886 Nalgonda Chivvemla Mandal Ailapur
6887 Nalgonda Chivvemla Mandal Beebiguda
6888 Nalgonda Chivvemla Mandal Chendupatla
6889 Nalgonda Chivvemla Mandal Chivvemla
6890 Nalgonda Chivvemla Mandal Duraj Palle
6891 Nalgonda Chivvemla Mandal Gayamvari Guda
6892 Nalgonda Chivvemla Mandal Gumpula
6893 Nalgonda Chivvemla Mandal Gunjaluru
6894 Nalgonda Chivvemla Mandal Kudakuda
6895 Nalgonda Chivvemla Mandal Thimma Puram
6896 Nalgonda Chivvemla Mandal Thirumalagiri
6897 Nalgonda Chivvemla Mandal Tuljarao Pet
6898 Nalgonda Chivvemla Mandal Undrugonda
6899 Nalgonda Chivvemla Mandal Vallabhapur
6900 Nalgonda Chivvemla Mandal Vattikhammam Pahad
6901 Nalgonda Choutuppal Mandal Allapur
6902 Nalgonda Choutuppal Mandal Chinna Kondur
6903 Nalgonda Choutuppal Mandal Choutuppal(CT)
6904 Nalgonda Choutuppal Mandal Devalamma Nagaram
6905 Nalgonda Choutuppal Mandal Jai Kesaram
6906 Nalgonda Choutuppal Mandal Khairathpur
6907 Nalgonda Choutuppal Mandal Lakkaram
6908 Nalgonda Choutuppal Mandal Lingoji Guda
6909 Nalgonda Choutuppal Mandal Malkapur
6910 Nalgonda Choutuppal Mandal Nelapatla
6911 Nalgonda Choutuppal Mandal Panthangi
6912 Nalgonda Choutuppal Mandal Peepal Pahad
6913 Nalgonda Choutuppal Mandal Swamulavari Lingotam
6914 Nalgonda Choutuppal Mandal Tallasingaram
6915 Nalgonda Choutuppal Mandal Tangad Palle
6916 Nalgonda Choutuppal Mandal Tupranpet
6917 Nalgonda Choutuppal Mandal Yellagiri
6918 Nalgonda Dameracherla Mandal Adavi Devula Palle
6919 Nalgonda Dameracherla Mandal Baleenpalle
6920 Nalgonda Dameracherla Mandal Chityala
6921 Nalgonda Dameracherla Mandal Dameracherla
6922 Nalgonda Dameracherla Mandal Dilawarpur
6923 Nalgonda Dameracherla Mandal Irkigudem
6924 Nalgonda Dameracherla Mandal Kalle Palle
6925 Nalgonda Dameracherla Mandal Kesawapur
6926 Nalgonda Dameracherla Mandal Kondrapolu
6927 Nalgonda Dameracherla Mandal Kotha Palle
6928 Nalgonda Dameracherla Mandal Mudimanikam
6929 Nalgonda Dameracherla Mandal Mulkacharla
6930 Nalgonda Dameracherla Mandal Narsapur
6931 Nalgonda Dameracherla Mandal Thalla Veerappa Gudem
6932 Nalgonda Dameracherla Mandal Timmapur
6933 Nalgonda Dameracherla Mandal Ulshayapalem
6934 Nalgonda Dameracherla Mandal Vadapalle
6935 Nalgonda Dameracherla Mandal Veerla Palem
6936 Nalgonda Devarakonda Mandal Atchampet
6937 Nalgonda Devarakonda Mandal Channamneni Palle
6938 Nalgonda Devarakonda Mandal Chennaram
6939 Nalgonda Devarakonda Mandal Chinna Adiserla Palle
6940 Nalgonda Devarakonda Mandal Chinthakuntla
6941 Nalgonda Devarakonda Mandal Devarakonda(CT)
6942 Nalgonda Devarakonda Mandal Doniyala
6943 Nalgonda Devarakonda Mandal Fakeerpoor
6944 Nalgonda Devarakonda Mandal Gazinagar
6945 Nalgonda Devarakonda Mandal Gottimukkala
6946 Nalgonda Devarakonda Mandal Gummadavally
6947 Nalgonda Devarakonda Mandal Iddam Palle
6948 Nalgonda Devarakonda Mandal Kacharam
6949 Nalgonda Devarakonda Mandal Kolmunthal Pahad
6950 Nalgonda Devarakonda Mandal Komme Palle
6951 Nalgonda Devarakonda Mandal Kondabheemana Palle
6952 Nalgonda Devarakonda Mandal Kondamallapalle(CT)
6953 Nalgonda Devarakonda Mandal Madmadka
6954 Nalgonda Devarakonda Mandal Mudigonda
6955 Nalgonda Devarakonda Mandal Mynam Palle
6956 Nalgonda Devarakonda Mandal Padamati Palle
6957 Nalgonda Devarakonda Mandal Penchikalpahad
6958 Nalgonda Devarakonda Mandal Pendli Pakala
6959 Nalgonda Devarakonda Mandal Sere Palle
6960 Nalgonda Devarakonda Mandal Shakavally
6961 Nalgonda Devarakonda Mandal Tatikole
6962 Nalgonda Devarakonda Mandal Turupu Palle
6963 Nalgonda Devarakonda Mandal Vardhamaniguda
6964 Nalgonda Devarakonda Mandal Yepoor
6965 Nalgonda Garide Palle Mandal Gaddipalle
6966 Nalgonda Garide Palle Mandal Ganugabanda
6967 Nalgonda Garide Palle Mandal Garidepalle
6968 Nalgonda Garide Palle Mandal Kalmala Chervu
6969 Nalgonda Garide Palle Mandal Kaluvapalle
6970 Nalgonda Garide Palle Mandal Kuthubshapuram
6971 Nalgonda Garide Palle Mandal Ponugodu
6972 Nalgonda Garide Palle Mandal Raini Gudem
6973 Nalgonda Garide Palle Mandal Sarvaram
6974 Nalgonda Garide Palle Mandal Tallamalkapuram
6975 Nalgonda Garide Palle Mandal Velidanda
6976 Nalgonda Gundala Mandal Ambala
6977 Nalgonda Gundala Mandal Anantaram
6978 Nalgonda Gundala Mandal Bandakotha Palle
6979 Nalgonda Gundala Mandal Brahman Palle
6980 Nalgonda Gundala Mandal Gangapur
6981 Nalgonda Gundala Mandal Gundala
6982 Nalgonda Gundala Mandal Komme Palle
6983 Nalgonda Gundala Mandal Marpadaga
6984 Nalgonda Gundala Mandal Masan Palle
6985 Nalgonda Gundala Mandal Palle Pahad
6986 Nalgonda Gundala Mandal Paru Palle
6987 Nalgonda Gundala Mandal Pedda Padishala
6988 Nalgonda Gundala Mandal Ramaram
6989 Nalgonda Gundala Mandal Seetarampur
6990 Nalgonda Gundala Mandal Suddala
6991 Nalgonda Gundala Mandal Teryala
6992 Nalgonda Gundala Mandal Turkala Shapur
6993 Nalgonda Gundala Mandal Vangala
6994 Nalgonda Gundala Mandal Vastha Kondur
6995 Nalgonda Gundala Mandal Velmajala
6996 Nalgonda Gundla Palle Mandal Bogguladona
6997 Nalgonda Gundla Palle Mandal Bollana Palle
6998 Nalgonda Gundla Palle Mandal Brahmana Palle
6999 Nalgonda Gundla Palle Mandal Burhanpur
7000 Nalgonda Gundla Palle Mandal Cherkupalle
7001 Nalgonda Gundla Palle Mandal Dasarinemalipur
7002 Nalgonda Gundla Palle Mandal Gonaboina Palle
7003 Nalgonda Gundla Palle Mandal Gonakole
7004 Nalgonda Gundla Palle Mandal Gundla Palle
7005 Nalgonda Gundla Palle Mandal Gundlatipparthi Varipalle
7006 Nalgonda Gundla Palle Mandal Kamadenigowararam
7007 Nalgonda Gundla Palle Mandal Kame Palle
7008 Nalgonda Gundla Palle Mandal Kandukur
7009 Nalgonda Gundla Palle Mandal Khanapur
7010 Nalgonda Gundla Palle Mandal Kutubshapur
7011 Nalgonda Gundla Palle Mandal Rahmatpur
7012 Nalgonda Gundla Palle Mandal Singaraj Palle
7013 Nalgonda Gundla Palle Mandal T.Gowararam
7014 Nalgonda Gundla Palle Mandal Towklapur
7015 Nalgonda Gundla Palle Mandal Vavilkole
7016 Nalgonda Gundla Palle Mandal Veeraboina Palle
7017 Nalgonda Gundla Palle Mandal Yerraram
7018 Nalgonda Gurrampode Mandal Amlur
7019 Nalgonda Gurrampode Mandal Bollaram (P) Koppole
7020 Nalgonda Gurrampode Mandal Chamled
7021 Nalgonda Gurrampode Mandal Chepur
7022 Nalgonda Gurrampode Mandal Chinthagudam
7023 Nalgonda Gurrampode Mandal Gurram Pode
7024 Nalgonda Gurrampode Mandal Junuthla
7025 Nalgonda Gurrampode Mandal Kacharam (P) Koppole
7026 Nalgonda Gurrampode Mandal Kalwapalle
7027 Nalgonda Gurrampode Mandal Kondapur
7028 Nalgonda Gurrampode Mandal Koppole
7029 Nalgonda Gurrampode Mandal Kothlapur
7030 Nalgonda Gurrampode Mandal Mailapur
7031 Nalgonda Gurrampode Mandal Makka Palle
7032 Nalgonda Gurrampode Mandal Mosangi
7033 Nalgonda Gurrampode Mandal Mulkala Palle
7034 Nalgonda Gurrampode Mandal Nadikuda
7035 Nalgonda Gurrampode Mandal Ootlapalle
7036 Nalgonda Gurrampode Mandal Palle Pahad
7037 Nalgonda Gurrampode Mandal Palwai
7038 Nalgonda Gurrampode Mandal Parla Palle
7039 Nalgonda Gurrampode Mandal Pochampalle
7040 Nalgonda Gurrampode Mandal Shagazipur
7041 Nalgonda Gurrampode Mandal Sulthanpur
7042 Nalgonda Gurrampode Mandal Tenepalle
7043 Nalgonda Gurrampode Mandal Thanedar Palle
7044 Nalgonda Gurrampode Mandal Vattikode
7045 Nalgonda Huzurnagar Mandal Amaravaram
7046 Nalgonda Huzurnagar Mandal Burugadda
7047 Nalgonda Huzurnagar Mandal Huzurnagar
7048 Nalgonda Huzurnagar Mandal Lakkavaram
7049 Nalgonda Huzurnagar Mandal Lingagiri
7050 Nalgonda Huzurnagar Mandal Machavaram
7051 Nalgonda Huzurnagar Mandal Yepalasingaram
7052 Nalgonda Jaji Reddi Gudem Mandal Adivemula
7053 Nalgonda Jaji Reddi Gudem Mandal Bollam Palle
7054 Nalgonda Jaji Reddi Gudem Mandal Devaraneni Kotha Palle
7055 Nalgonda Jaji Reddi Gudem Mandal Jajireddi Gudem
7056 Nalgonda Jaji Reddi Gudem Mandal Kasarla Pahad
7057 Nalgonda Jaji Reddi Gudem Mandal Kesaram
7058 Nalgonda Jaji Reddi Gudem Mandal Kodur
7059 Nalgonda Jaji Reddi Gudem Mandal Kommala
7060 Nalgonda Jaji Reddi Gudem Mandal Kunchamarthi
7061 Nalgonda Jaji Reddi Gudem Mandal Nagaram
7062 Nalgonda Jaji Reddi Gudem Mandal Parsai Palle
7063 Nalgonda Jaji Reddi Gudem Mandal Thimmapuram
7064 Nalgonda Jaji Reddi Gudem Mandal Uyyalawada
7065 Nalgonda Jaji Reddi Gudem Mandal Velpu Cherla
7066 Nalgonda Jaji Reddi Gudem Mandal Wardhamanu Kota
7067 Nalgonda Kangal Mandal Boinapalle
7068 Nalgonda Kangal Mandal Bommepalle
7069 Nalgonda Kangal Mandal Budemerla Palle
7070 Nalgonda Kangal Mandal Charla Gouraram
7071 Nalgonda Kangal Mandal Chennaram
7072 Nalgonda Kangal Mandal Chetla Chennaram
7073 Nalgonda Kangal Mandal Chinna Madharam
7074 Nalgonda Kangal Mandal Derveshpur @ Dharvespur
7075 Nalgonda Kangal Mandal Dorepalle
7076 Nalgonda Kangal Mandal Gaddamvari Yadavally
7077 Nalgonda Kangal Mandal Hydlapur
7078 Nalgonda Kangal Mandal Iruganti Palle
7079 Nalgonda Kangal Mandal Jangamai Guda
7080 Nalgonda Kangal Mandal Kangal
7081 Nalgonda Kangal Mandal Mangena Palle
7082 Nalgonda Kangal Mandal M.Gowraram
7083 Nalgonda Kangal Mandal Mylaram
7084 Nalgonda Kangal Mandal Narsimhapur
7085 Nalgonda Kangal Mandal Pagidi Marri
7086 Nalgonda Kangal Mandal Parvathagiri
7087 Nalgonda Kangal Mandal Ponugode
7088 Nalgonda Kangal Mandal Regatla
7089 Nalgonda Kangal Mandal Serilingotam
7090 Nalgonda Kangal Mandal Shahabdulla Pur
7091 Nalgonda Kangal Mandal Thoragal
7092 Nalgonda Kangal Mandal Turka Palle
7093 Nalgonda Kattangoor Mandal Aiti Pamula
7094 Nalgonda Kattangoor Mandal Bollepalle
7095 Nalgonda Kattangoor Mandal Cheruvannaram
7096 Nalgonda Kattangoor Mandal Dugnevally
7097 Nalgonda Kattangoor Mandal Eduluru
7098 Nalgonda Kattangoor Mandal Ismail Palle
7099 Nalgonda Kattangoor Mandal Kalmera
7100 Nalgonda Kattangoor Mandal Kattangoor
7101 Nalgonda Kattangoor Mandal Kurumathy
7102 Nalgonda Kattangoor Mandal Mallaram
7103 Nalgonda Kattangoor Mandal Munukuntla
7104 Nalgonda Kattangoor Mandal Pamanagundla
7105 Nalgonda Kattangoor Mandal Pandena Palle
7106 Nalgonda Kattangoor Mandal Parada
7107 Nalgonda Kattangoor Mandal Pittam Palle
7108 Nalgonda Kattangoor Mandal Ramachandrapuram
7109 Nalgonda Kattangoor Mandal Thimmapur
7110 Nalgonda Kattangoor Mandal Yersaniguda
7111 Nalgonda Kethe Palle Mandal Bheemavaram
7112 Nalgonda Kethe Palle Mandal Bonda Palem
7113 Nalgonda Kethe Palle Mandal Bopparam
7114 Nalgonda Kethe Palle Mandal Cheruku Palle
7115 Nalgonda Kethe Palle Mandal Gudiwada
7116 Nalgonda Kethe Palle Mandal Inpamula
7117 Nalgonda Kethe Palle Mandal Ippala Gudem
7118 Nalgonda Kethe Palle Mandal Kasangode
7119 Nalgonda Kethe Palle Mandal Kethepalle
7120 Nalgonda Kethe Palle Mandal Koppole
7121 Nalgonda Kethe Palle Mandal Korla Pahad
7122 Nalgonda Kethe Palle Mandal Thungathurthy
7123 Nalgonda Kethe Palle Mandal Uppala Pahad
7124 Nalgonda Kodad Mandal Anantha Giri
7125 Nalgonda Kodad Mandal Chimiryala
7126 Nalgonda Kodad Mandal Dorakunta
7127 Nalgonda Kodad Mandal Ganapavaram
7128 Nalgonda Kodad Mandal Gondriyala
7129 Nalgonda Kodad Mandal Gudibanda
7130 Nalgonda Kodad Mandal Kapugal
7131 Nalgonda Kodad Mandal Khana Puram
7132 Nalgonda Kodad Mandal Kodad(CT)
7133 Nalgonda Kodad Mandal Komarabanda
7134 Nalgonda Kodad Mandal Kuchipudi
7135 Nalgonda Kodad Mandal Lakmavaram
7136 Nalgonda Kodad Mandal Redla Kunta
7137 Nalgonda Kodad Mandal Tammara Bandapalem
7138 Nalgonda Kodad Mandal Thogarrai
7139 Nalgonda Kodad Mandal Tiru Annaram
7140 Nalgonda Kodad Mandal Yerraram
7141 Nalgonda Marriguda Mandal Anthampet
7142 Nalgonda Marriguda Mandal Bhatla Palle
7143 Nalgonda Marriguda Mandal Damera Bheeman Palle
7144 Nalgonda Marriguda Mandal Indurthi
7145 Nalgonda Marriguda Mandal Khudabaksh Palle
7146 Nalgonda Marriguda Mandal Kondur
7147 Nalgonda Marriguda Mandal Lankalapalle
7148 Nalgonda Marriguda Mandal Marriguda
7149 Nalgonda Marriguda Mandal Metichandapur
7150 Nalgonda Marriguda Mandal Namapur
7151 Nalgonda Marriguda Mandal Sarampet
7152 Nalgonda Marriguda Mandal Somrajguda
7153 Nalgonda Marriguda Mandal Tammad Palle
7154 Nalgonda Marriguda Mandal Tirgandla Palle
7155 Nalgonda Marriguda Mandal Vatti Palle
7156 Nalgonda Marriguda Mandal Venkepalle
7157 Nalgonda Marriguda Mandal Yergandlapalle
7158 Nalgonda Mattam Palle Mandal Allipuram
7159 Nalgonda Mattam Palle Mandal Channaya Palem
7160 Nalgonda Mattam Palle Mandal Choutapalle
7161 Nalgonda Mattam Palle Mandal Gundla Palle
7162 Nalgonda Mattam Palle Mandal Mattam Palle
7163 Nalgonda Mattam Palle Mandal Mattapalle
7164 Nalgonda Mattam Palle Mandal Peddaveedu
7165 Nalgonda Mattam Palle Mandal Raghunadhapalem
7166 Nalgonda Mattam Palle Mandal Vardhapuram
7167 Nalgonda Mattam Palle Mandal Yatavakilla
7168 Nalgonda Mella Cheruvu Mandal Adlur
7169 Nalgonda Mella Cheruvu Mandal Chinthalapalem
7170 Nalgonda Mella Cheruvu Mandal Chintriyala
7171 Nalgonda Mella Cheruvu Mandal Donda Padu
7172 Nalgonda Mella Cheruvu Mandal Gudimalkapuram
7173 Nalgonda Mella Cheruvu Mandal Kandibanda
7174 Nalgonda Mella Cheruvu Mandal Mella Cheruvu
7175 Nalgonda Mella Cheruvu Mandal Nemalipuri
7176 Nalgonda Mella Cheruvu Mandal Reballe
7177 Nalgonda Mella Cheruvu Mandal Revuru
7178 Nalgonda Mella Cheruvu Mandal Thammaram
7179 Nalgonda Mella Cheruvu Mandal Vajinepalle
7180 Nalgonda Mella Cheruvu Mandal Vellatur
7181 Nalgonda Mella Cheruvu Mandal Yepalamadharam
7182 Nalgonda Miryalaguda Mandal Ailapuram
7183 Nalgonda Miryalaguda Mandal Alagadapa
7184 Nalgonda Miryalaguda Mandal Annaram
7185 Nalgonda Miryalaguda Mandal Chillapuram
7186 Nalgonda Miryalaguda Mandal Chintha Palle
7187 Nalgonda Miryalaguda Mandal Goguvanigudem
7188 Nalgonda Miryalaguda Mandal Gudur
7189 Nalgonda Miryalaguda Mandal Hydla Puram
7190 Nalgonda Miryalaguda Mandal Kalva Palle
7191 Nalgonda Miryalaguda Mandal Kista Puram
7192 Nalgonda Miryalaguda Mandal Kothaguda
7193 Nalgonda Miryalaguda Mandal Mulkalkalva
7194 Nalgonda Miryalaguda Mandal Nandi Pahad (Part)
7195 Nalgonda Miryalaguda Mandal Narsimhulaguda
7196 Nalgonda Miryalaguda Mandal Rayanpalem
7197 Nalgonda Miryalaguda Mandal Rudraram
7198 Nalgonda Miryalaguda Mandal Tadkamalla
7199 Nalgonda Miryalaguda Mandal Takkellapahad
7200 Nalgonda Miryalaguda Mandal Thunga Pahad
7201 Nalgonda Miryalaguda Mandal Venkatadri Palem
7202 Nalgonda Miryalaguda Mandal Vootla Palle
7203 Nalgonda Miryalaguda Mandal Yadgarpalle
7204 Nalgonda Miryalaguda Mandal Zaptiveerappaguda
7205 Nalgonda Mothey Mandal Annarigudem
7206 Nalgonda Mothey Mandal Burkacharla
7207 Nalgonda Mothey Mandal Gopalapuram
7208 Nalgonda Mothey Mandal Hussainabad
7209 Nalgonda Mothey Mandal Kudali
7210 Nalgonda Mothey Mandal Mamillagudem
7211 Nalgonda Mothey Mandal Mothey
7212 Nalgonda Mothey Mandal Namavaram
7213 Nalgonda Mothey Mandal Neredavai
7214 Nalgonda Mothey Mandal Raghavapur
7215 Nalgonda Mothey Mandal Ravi Pahad
7216 Nalgonda Mothey Mandal Sarvaram
7217 Nalgonda Mothey Mandal Singarneni Palle
7218 Nalgonda Mothey Mandal Sirikonda
7219 Nalgonda Mothey Mandal Thummala Palle
7220 Nalgonda Mothey Mandal Urlugunda
7221 Nalgonda Mothey Mandal Vibhalapur
7222 Nalgonda Mothkur Mandal Adda Gudur
7223 Nalgonda Mothkur Mandal Anajipur
7224 Nalgonda Mothkur Mandal Bijilapur
7225 Nalgonda Mothkur Mandal Chinnapadishala
7226 Nalgonda Mothkur Mandal Chirra Gudur
7227 Nalgonda Mothkur Mandal Choulla Ramaram
7228 Nalgonda Mothkur Mandal Dacharam
7229 Nalgonda Mothkur Mandal Dattappaguda
7230 Nalgonda Mothkur Mandal Dharmaram
7231 Nalgonda Mothkur Mandal Janakipur
7232 Nalgonda Mothkur Mandal Kanchan Palle
7233 Nalgonda Mothkur Mandal Konda Gadapa
7234 Nalgonda Mothkur Mandal Kotamarthi
7235 Nalgonda Mothkur Mandal Mothkur
7236 Nalgonda Mothkur Mandal Musitpatla
7237 Nalgonda Mothkur Mandal Paladugu
7238 Nalgonda Mothkur Mandal Panaka Banda
7239 Nalgonda Mothkur Mandal Patimatla
7240 Nalgonda Mothkur Mandal Podichedu
7241 Nalgonda Mothkur Mandal Repaka (P)
7242 Nalgonda Mothkur Mandal Sadarshapur
7243 Nalgonda Mothkur Mandal Singaram (P)
7244 Nalgonda Mothkur Mandal Veldevi
7245 Nalgonda M.Turkapalle Mandal China Laxma Puram
7246 Nalgonda M.Turkapalle Mandal Dattai Palle
7247 Nalgonda M.Turkapalle Mandal Dharmaram
7248 Nalgonda M.Turkapalle Mandal Gandamalla
7249 Nalgonda M.Turkapalle Mandal Gopal Puram
7250 Nalgonda M.Turkapalle Mandal Ibrahimpur
7251 Nalgonda M.Turkapalle Mandal Komatikunta
7252 Nalgonda M.Turkapalle Mandal Konapuram
7253 Nalgonda M.Turkapalle Mandal Kondapur
7254 Nalgonda M.Turkapalle Mandal Madha Puram
7255 Nalgonda M.Turkapalle Mandal Malka Puram
7256 Nalgonda M.Turkapalle Mandal Mannevari Turkapalle
7257 Nalgonda M.Turkapalle Mandal Mulakala Palle
7258 Nalgonda M.Turkapalle Mandal Nagai Palle
7259 Nalgonda M.Turkapalle Mandal Palle Pahad
7260 Nalgonda M.Turkapalle Mandal Rusta Puram
7261 Nalgonda M.Turkapalle Mandal Srinivasapur
7262 Nalgonda M.Turkapalle Mandal Tirumalapur
7263 Nalgonda M.Turkapalle Mandal Vasala Marri
7264 Nalgonda M.Turkapalle Mandal Veerareddi Palle
7265 Nalgonda M.Turkapalle Mandal Velpupalle
7266 Nalgonda M.Turkapalle Mandal Venkatapur
7267 Nalgonda Munagala Mandal Akupamula
7268 Nalgonda Munagala Mandal Barakatha Guda
7269 Nalgonda Munagala Mandal Ganapavaram
7270 Nalgonda Munagala Mandal Kalakova
7271 Nalgonda Munagala Mandal Kokkireni
7272 Nalgonda Munagala Mandal Madhavaram
7273 Nalgonda Munagala Mandal Munagala
7274 Nalgonda Munagala Mandal Nelamarri
7275 Nalgonda Munagala Mandal Repala
7276 Nalgonda Munagala Mandal Syedmujavarpet
7277 Nalgonda Munagala Mandal Tadvai
7278 Nalgonda Munugode Mandal Chalmeda
7279 Nalgonda Munugode Mandal Cheekati Mamidi
7280 Nalgonda Munugode Mandal Cholledu
7281 Nalgonda Munugode Mandal Gudapur
7282 Nalgonda Munugode Mandal Ipparthy
7283 Nalgonda Munugode Mandal Jamasthanpalle
7284 Nalgonda Munugode Mandal Kalavalapalle
7285 Nalgonda Munugode Mandal Kalwakuntla
7286 Nalgonda Munugode Mandal Kaslapuram
7287 Nalgonda Munugode Mandal Kistapuram
7288 Nalgonda Munugode Mandal Kompalle
7289 Nalgonda Munugode Mandal Koratikal
7290 Nalgonda Munugode Mandal Kothularam
7291 Nalgonda Munugode Mandal Marrigudem
7292 Nalgonda Munugode Mandal Munugode
7293 Nalgonda Munugode Mandal Palivela
7294 Nalgonda Munugode Mandal Pulipalpula
7295 Nalgonda Munugode Mandal Rathi Palle
7296 Nalgonda Munugode Mandal Singaram
7297 Nalgonda Munugode Mandal Solipuram
7298 Nalgonda Munugode Mandal Velmakanne
7299 Nalgonda Munugode Mandal Vookondi
7300 Nalgonda Nadigudem Mandal Brundavanapuram
7301 Nalgonda Nadigudem Mandal Chakirala
7302 Nalgonda Nadigudem Mandal Chan Palle
7303 Nalgonda Nadigudem Mandal Eklashkhanpet
7304 Nalgonda Nadigudem Mandal Kagitha Rama-Chandrapuram
7305 Nalgonda Nadigudem Mandal Karivirala
7306 Nalgonda Nadigudem Mandal Nadigudem
7307 Nalgonda Nadigudem Mandal Palaram
7308 Nalgonda Nadigudem Mandal Rama Puram
7309 Nalgonda Nadigudem Mandal Ratnavaram
7310 Nalgonda Nadigudem Mandal Singavaram
7311 Nalgonda Nadigudem Mandal Siripuram
7312 Nalgonda Nadigudem Mandal Tellabali
7313 Nalgonda Nadigudem Mandal Tripuravaram
7314 Nalgonda Nadigudem Mandal Yalla Puram
7315 Nalgonda Nadigudem Mandal Yasanthapuram
7316 Nalgonda Nakrekal Mandal Adavi Bollaram
7317 Nalgonda Nakrekal Mandal Chandam Palle
7318 Nalgonda Nakrekal Mandal Chandupatla
7319 Nalgonda Nakrekal Mandal Gorenkal Palle
7320 Nalgonda Nakrekal Mandal Kadaparthy
7321 Nalgonda Nakrekal Mandal Mandalapur
7322 Nalgonda Nakrekal Mandal Mangali Palle
7323 Nalgonda Nakrekal Mandal Marrur
7324 Nalgonda Nakrekal Mandal Nakrekal(CT)
7325 Nalgonda Nakrekal Mandal Nellibanda
7326 Nalgonda Nakrekal Mandal Nomula
7327 Nalgonda Nakrekal Mandal Ogode
7328 Nalgonda Nakrekal Mandal Palem
7329 Nalgonda Nakrekal Mandal Tatikal
7330 Nalgonda Nakrekal Mandal Tettekunta
7331 Nalgonda Nakrekal Mandal Vallabhapur
7332 Nalgonda Nalgonda Mandal Ammaguda
7333 Nalgonda Nalgonda Mandal Anantharam
7334 Nalgonda Nalgonda Mandal Annareddy Guda
7335 Nalgonda Nalgonda Mandal Anneparthy
7336 Nalgonda Nalgonda Mandal Appaji Peta
7337 Nalgonda Nalgonda Mandal Budharam
7338 Nalgonda Nalgonda Mandal Chandan Palle
7339 Nalgonda Nalgonda Mandal Cherlapalle
7340 Nalgonda Nalgonda Mandal Dandampalle
7341 Nalgonda Nalgonda Mandal Donakal
7342 Nalgonda Nalgonda Mandal G.K.Annaram
7343 Nalgonda Nalgonda Mandal Gundlapalle
7344 Nalgonda Nalgonda Mandal Kanchanpalle
7345 Nalgonda Nalgonda Mandal Khudavanpur
7346 Nalgonda Nalgonda Mandal K.Kondaram
7347 Nalgonda Nalgonda Mandal Kotha Palle
7348 Nalgonda Nalgonda Mandal Mamillagudem
7349 Nalgonda Nalgonda Mandal M.Domalapalle
7350 Nalgonda Nalgonda Mandal Medla Duppala Palle
7351 Nalgonda Nalgonda Mandal Musham Palle
7352 Nalgonda Nalgonda Mandal Narsing Batla
7353 Nalgonda Nalgonda Mandal P.Domalapalle
7354 Nalgonda Nalgonda Mandal Rasoolpur
7355 Nalgonda Nalgonda Mandal Velugu Palle
7356 Nalgonda Nampalle Mandal Bandathimmapur
7357 Nalgonda Nampalle Mandal Brahmana Gouraram
7358 Nalgonda Nampalle Mandal Chamala Palle
7359 Nalgonda Nampalle Mandal Chittam Pahad
7360 Nalgonda Nampalle Mandal Damera
7361 Nalgonda Nampalle Mandal Deveth Palle
7362 Nalgonda Nampalle Mandal Fakirpur
7363 Nalgonda Nampalle Mandal Ganugu Palle
7364 Nalgonda Nampalle Mandal Ghatlamallapalle
7365 Nalgonda Nampalle Mandal Hydelapur
7366 Nalgonda Nampalle Mandal Kethpalle (P) Pasnoor
7367 Nalgonda Nampalle Mandal Kundellatirumalagiri
7368 Nalgonda Nampalle Mandal Mallaparajpalle
7369 Nalgonda Nampalle Mandal Medlavai
7370 Nalgonda Nampalle Mandal Mohamadapur
7371 Nalgonda Nampalle Mandal Musti Palle
7372 Nalgonda Nampalle Mandal Nampalle
7373 Nalgonda Nampalle Mandal Nerallapalle
7374 Nalgonda Nampalle Mandal Pagidi Palle
7375 Nalgonda Nampalle Mandal Pasnoor
7376 Nalgonda Nampalle Mandal Peddapur
7377 Nalgonda Nampalle Mandal Rebelli
7378 Nalgonda Nampalle Mandal Sharabhapur
7379 Nalgonda Nampalle Mandal Sunkishala
7380 Nalgonda Nampalle Mandal Swamulavari Lingotam
7381 Nalgonda Nampalle Mandal Thummala Palle
7382 Nalgonda Nampalle Mandal Tirumalagiri
7383 Nalgonda Nampalle Mandal Tungapathi Gouraram
7384 Nalgonda Nampalle Mandal Vadde Palle
7385 Nalgonda Narayanapur Mandal Chillapuram
7386 Nalgonda Narayanapur Mandal Chimiriyala
7387 Nalgonda Narayanapur Mandal Guddimalkapuram
7388 Nalgonda Narayanapur Mandal Gujja
7389 Nalgonda Narayanapur Mandal Jangam
7390 Nalgonda Narayanapur Mandal Kankanalgudem
7391 Nalgonda Narayanapur Mandal Kothagudem
7392 Nalgonda Narayanapur Mandal Kothulapuram
7393 Nalgonda Narayanapur Mandal Mahammadabad
7394 Nalgonda Narayanapur Mandal Narayanapur
7395 Nalgonda Narayanapur Mandal Puttapaka
7396 Nalgonda Narayanapur Mandal Rachakonda
7397 Nalgonda Narayanapur Mandal Sarvail
7398 Nalgonda Narayanapur Mandal Vaila Palle
7399 Nalgonda Narketpalle Mandal Akkene Palle
7400 Nalgonda Narketpalle Mandal Akkenepalle Vari Lingotam
7401 Nalgonda Narketpalle Mandal Ammanabole
7402 Nalgonda Narketpalle Mandal Auravani
7403 Nalgonda Narketpalle Mandal Brahmanvellemla
7404 Nalgonda Narketpalle Mandal Cherughat
7405 Nalgonda Narketpalle Mandal Chippala Palle
7406 Nalgonda Narketpalle Mandal Choudampalle
7407 Nalgonda Narketpalle Mandal Madhayedavally
7408 Nalgonda Narketpalle Mandal Mandra
7409 Nalgonda Narketpalle Mandal Nakkala Palle
7410 Nalgonda Narketpalle Mandal Narketpalle
7411 Nalgonda Narketpalle Mandal Nemmani
7412 Nalgonda Narketpalle Mandal Pothineni Palle
7413 Nalgonda Narketpalle Mandal Sabbidiguda
7414 Nalgonda Narketpalle Mandal Sha Palle
7415 Nalgonda Narketpalle Mandal Thirumalagiri
7416 Nalgonda Narketpalle Mandal Thondalvai
7417 Nalgonda Narketpalle Mandal Yellareddy Guda
7418 Nalgonda Neredcherla Mandal Alangapuram
7419 Nalgonda Neredcherla Mandal Bodaladinna
7420 Nalgonda Neredcherla Mandal Bothalapalem
7421 Nalgonda Neredcherla Mandal Chillepalle
7422 Nalgonda Neredcherla Mandal Dacharam
7423 Nalgonda Neredcherla Mandal Dirsencherla
7424 Nalgonda Neredcherla Mandal Fathepuram
7425 Nalgonda Neredcherla Mandal Guduguntla Palem
7426 Nalgonda Neredcherla Mandal Gundeboina Gudem
7427 Nalgonda Neredcherla Mandal Gundlapahad
7428 Nalgonda Neredcherla Mandal Janala Dinne
7429 Nalgonda Neredcherla Mandal Janapahad
7430 Nalgonda Neredcherla Mandal Kallur
7431 Nalgonda Neredcherla Mandal Kalvaladinna
7432 Nalgonda Neredcherla Mandal Komatikunta
7433 Nalgonda Neredcherla Mandal Mahankali Gudem
7434 Nalgonda Neredcherla Mandal Medaram
7435 Nalgonda Neredcherla Mandal Musivoddusingaram
7436 Nalgonda Neredcherla Mandal Neredcherla
7437 Nalgonda Neredcherla Mandal Palakeedu
7438 Nalgonda Neredcherla Mandal Penchikaladinne
7439 Nalgonda Neredcherla Mandal Ravipahad
7440 Nalgonda Neredcherla Mandal Sajjapuram
7441 Nalgonda Neredcherla Mandal Somavaram
7442 Nalgonda Neredcherla Mandal Sunya Pahad
7443 Nalgonda Neredcherla Mandal Yellapuram
7444 Nalgonda Neredcherla Mandal Yellaram
7445 Nalgonda Nidamanur Mandal Bankapur
7446 Nalgonda Nidamanur Mandal Bokkamanthula Pahad
7447 Nalgonda Nidamanur Mandal Gopalpur
7448 Nalgonda Nidamanur Mandal Gunti Palle
7449 Nalgonda Nidamanur Mandal Kannekal
7450 Nalgonda Nidamanur Mandal Kesavapuram
7451 Nalgonda Nidamanur Mandal Marpaka
7452 Nalgonda Nidamanur Mandal Mupparam
7453 Nalgonda Nidamanur Mandal Nehatapur
7454 Nalgonda Nidamanur Mandal Nidamanur
7455 Nalgonda Nidamanur Mandal Regulagadda
7456 Nalgonda Nidamanur Mandal Sakhapur
7457 Nalgonda Nidamanur Mandal Surepalle
7458 Nalgonda Nidamanur Mandal Tummadam
7459 Nalgonda Nidamanur Mandal Vallabhapur
7460 Nalgonda Nidamanur Mandal Vempahad
7461 Nalgonda Nidamanur Mandal Venigandla
7462 Nalgonda Nidamanur Mandal Vutkur
7463 Nalgonda Nidamanur Mandal Yerraballi
7464 Nalgonda Nuthankal Mandal Bhikumalla
7465 Nalgonda Nuthankal Mandal Chandu Patla
7466 Nalgonda Nuthankal Mandal Chilpa Kunta
7467 Nalgonda Nuthankal Mandal Chinna Nemila
7468 Nalgonda Nuthankal Mandal Dirisana Palle
7469 Nalgonda Nuthankal Mandal Ganjivari Kothapalle
7470 Nalgonda Nuthankal Mandal Gorentla
7471 Nalgonda Nuthankal Mandal Gundla Singaram
7472 Nalgonda Nuthankal Mandal Lingam Palle
7473 Nalgonda Nuthankal Mandal Machan Palle
7474 Nalgonda Nuthankal Mandal Maddirala
7475 Nalgonda Nuthankal Mandal Mamindla Madava
7476 Nalgonda Nuthankal Mandal Mediguda
7477 Nalgonda Nuthankal Mandal Miryala
7478 Nalgonda Nuthankal Mandal Mukundapuram
7479 Nalgonda Nuthankal Mandal Nuthankal
7480 Nalgonda Nuthankal Mandal Pedanemila
7481 Nalgonda Nuthankal Mandal Polumalla
7482 Nalgonda Nuthankal Mandal Talla Singaram
7483 Nalgonda Nuthankal Mandal Venke Palle
7484 Nalgonda Nuthankal Mandal Yadavalli
7485 Nalgonda Nuthankal Mandal Yerra Pahad
7486 Nalgonda Pedda Adiserla Palle Mandal Azmapur
7487 Nalgonda Pedda Adiserla Palle Mandal Bheemana Palle
7488 Nalgonda Pedda Adiserla Palle Mandal Chilka Marry
7489 Nalgonda Pedda Adiserla Palle Mandal Dugyala
7490 Nalgonda Pedda Adiserla Palle Mandal Ghanpalle
7491 Nalgonda Pedda Adiserla Palle Mandal Ghanpur
7492 Nalgonda Pedda Adiserla Palle Mandal Ghatnemilipur
7493 Nalgonda Pedda Adiserla Palle Mandal Gudipalle
7494 Nalgonda Pedda Adiserla Palle Mandal Keshamneni Palle
7495 Nalgonda Pedda Adiserla Palle Mandal Madhapur
7496 Nalgonda Pedda Adiserla Palle Mandal Mallapuram
7497 Nalgonda Pedda Adiserla Palle Mandal Medaram
7498 Nalgonda Pedda Adiserla Palle Mandal Nambapuram
7499 Nalgonda Pedda Adiserla Palle Mandal Pedda Adiserla Palle
7500 Nalgonda Pedda Adiserla Palle Mandal Peddagummadam
7501 Nalgonda Pedda Adiserla Palle Mandal Perval
7502 Nalgonda Pedda Adiserla Palle Mandal Polkampalle
7503 Nalgonda Pedda Adiserla Palle Mandal Rollakal
7504 Nalgonda Pedda Adiserla Palle Mandal Surepalle
7505 Nalgonda Pedda Adiserla Palle Mandal Tirumalagiri (Patti Dugyal)
7506 Nalgonda Pedda Adiserla Palle Mandal Vaddipatla
7507 Nalgonda Pedda Adiserla Palle Mandal Vankavalyampahad
7508 Nalgonda Pedda Adiserla Palle Mandal Yellapuram
7509 Nalgonda Peddavoora Mandal Chalakurthy
7510 Nalgonda Peddavoora Mandal Chintalapalem
7511 Nalgonda Peddavoora Mandal Chintapalle
7512 Nalgonda Peddavoora Mandal Garnekunta
7513 Nalgonda Peddavoora Mandal Jammanakota
7514 Nalgonda Peddavoora Mandal Kothalur
7515 Nalgonda Peddavoora Mandal Lingampalle
7516 Nalgonda Peddavoora Mandal Nandikonda
7517 Nalgonda Peddavoora Mandal Nellikal
7518 Nalgonda Peddavoora Mandal Parvedula
7519 Nalgonda Peddavoora Mandal Peddavoora
7520 Nalgonda Peddavoora Mandal Pinnavura
7521 Nalgonda Peddavoora Mandal Polepalle
7522 Nalgonda Peddavoora Mandal Pothnur
7523 Nalgonda Peddavoora Mandal Pulicherla
7524 Nalgonda Peddavoora Mandal Sangaram
7525 Nalgonda Peddavoora Mandal Sirasanagandla
7526 Nalgonda Peddavoora Mandal Sunkishala
7527 Nalgonda Peddavoora Mandal Tammadapalle
7528 Nalgonda Peddavoora Mandal Teppalamadugu
7529 Nalgonda Peddavoora Mandal Thimmaipalem
7530 Nalgonda Peddavoora Mandal Thungathurthy
7531 Nalgonda Peddavoora Mandal Thuniki Nuthula
7532 Nalgonda Peddavoora Mandal Velmaguda
7533 Nalgonda Peddavoora Mandal Vijayapuri North(CT)
7534 Nalgonda Peddavoora Mandal Vutlapalle
7535 Nalgonda Penpahad Mandal Anajipuram
7536 Nalgonda Penpahad Mandal Anatharam
7537 Nalgonda Penpahad Mandal Bhakthalapuram
7538 Nalgonda Penpahad Mandal Cheedella
7539 Nalgonda Penpahad Mandal Dharmapuram
7540 Nalgonda Penpahad Mandal Dosapahad
7541 Nalgonda Penpahad Mandal Dupahad
7542 Nalgonda Penpahad Mandal Gajulamalkapuram
7543 Nalgonda Penpahad Mandal Lingala
7544 Nalgonda Penpahad Mandal Macharam
7545 Nalgonda Penpahad Mandal Mohammadapuram
7546 Nalgonda Penpahad Mandal Nagulapahad
7547 Nalgonda Penpahad Mandal N.Annaram
7548 Nalgonda Penpahad Mandal Penpahad
7549 Nalgonda Penpahad Mandal Potla Pahad
7550 Nalgonda Penpahad Mandal Rajpet
7551 Nalgonda Penpahad Mandal Singareddy Palem
7552 Nalgonda Pochampalle Mandal Abdulla Nagar
7553 Nalgonda Pochampalle Mandal Alinagar
7554 Nalgonda Pochampalle Mandal Bheeman Palle
7555 Nalgonda Pochampalle Mandal Danthur
7556 Nalgonda Pochampalle Mandal Deshmukhi
7557 Nalgonda Pochampalle Mandal Dharma Reddi Palle
7558 Nalgonda Pochampalle Mandal Gouse Konda
7559 Nalgonda Pochampalle Mandal Hyderpur
7560 Nalgonda Pochampalle Mandal Indriyala
7561 Nalgonda Pochampalle Mandal Jagatth Palle
7562 Nalgonda Pochampalle Mandal Jalal Pur
7563 Nalgonda Pochampalle Mandal Jiblak Palle
7564 Nalgonda Pochampalle Mandal Julur
7565 Nalgonda Pochampalle Mandal Kanumukla
7566 Nalgonda Pochampalle Mandal Khaprai Palle
7567 Nalgonda Pochampalle Mandal Mehar Nagar
7568 Nalgonda Pochampalle Mandal Mukthapur
7569 Nalgonda Pochampalle Mandal Pedda Ravula Palle
7570 Nalgonda Pochampalle Mandal Pillai Palle
7571 Nalgonda Pochampalle Mandal Pochampalle(CT)
7572 Nalgonda Pochampalle Mandal Ramalingam Palle
7573 Nalgonda Pochampalle Mandal Revan Palle
7574 Nalgonda Pochampalle Mandal Vanka Mamidi
7575 Nalgonda Rajapet Mandal Basanthapur
7576 Nalgonda Rajapet Mandal Begumpet
7577 Nalgonda Rajapet Mandal Bondugula
7578 Nalgonda Rajapet Mandal Burugu Palle
7579 Nalgonda Rajapet Mandal Challur
7580 Nalgonda Rajapet Mandal Doodi Venkatapur
7581 Nalgonda Rajapet Mandal Jala
7582 Nalgonda Rajapet Mandal Kalapalle
7583 Nalgonda Rajapet Mandal Kurraram
7584 Nalgonda Rajapet Mandal Lakshmakka Palle
7585 Nalgonda Rajapet Mandal Narsapur
7586 Nalgonda Rajapet Mandal Nemla
7587 Nalgonda Rajapet Mandal Pamukunta
7588 Nalgonda Rajapet Mandal Paru Palle
7589 Nalgonda Rajapet Mandal Raghunathpur(CT)
7590 Nalgonda Rajapet Mandal Rajapet
7591 Nalgonda Rajapet Mandal Renikunta
7592 Nalgonda Rajapet Mandal Singaram
7593 Nalgonda Rajapet Mandal Somaram
7594 Nalgonda Ramannapeta Mandal Bachuppala
7595 Nalgonda Ramannapeta Mandal Bogaram
7596 Nalgonda Ramannapeta Mandal B.Thurka Palle
7597 Nalgonda Ramannapeta Mandal Dubbaka
7598 Nalgonda Ramannapeta Mandal Iskilla
7599 Nalgonda Ramannapeta Mandal Janam Palle
7600 Nalgonda Ramannapeta Mandal Kakkireni
7601 Nalgonda Ramannapeta Mandal Kunkudu Pamula
7602 Nalgonda Ramannapeta Mandal Laxma Puram
7603 Nalgonda Ramannapeta Mandal Muni Panpula
7604 Nalgonda Ramannapeta Mandal Neernemula
7605 Nalgonda Ramannapeta Mandal Nidhanapalle
7606 Nalgonda Ramannapeta Mandal Palliwada
7607 Nalgonda Ramannapeta Mandal Ramannapeta(CT)
7608 Nalgonda Ramannapeta Mandal Shobanadripuram
7609 Nalgonda Ramannapeta Mandal Siripuram
7610 Nalgonda Ramannapeta Mandal Suraram
7611 Nalgonda Ramannapeta Mandal Thummalaguda
7612 Nalgonda Ramannapeta Mandal Uthatoor
7613 Nalgonda Ramannapeta Mandal Yellanki
7614 Nalgonda Ramannapeta Mandal Yennaram
7615 Nalgonda Sali Gouraram Mandal Adlur
7616 Nalgonda Sali Gouraram Mandal Akaram
7617 Nalgonda Sali Gouraram Mandal Baironi Banda
7618 Nalgonda Sali Gouraram Mandal Chittalur
7619 Nalgonda Sali Gouraram Mandal Gurijala
7620 Nalgonda Sali Gouraram Mandal Itukula Pahad
7621 Nalgonda Sali Gouraram Mandal Madaram Kalan
7622 Nalgonda Sali Gouraram Mandal Manimadde
7623 Nalgonda Sali Gouraram Mandal Nulagadda Kothapalle
7624 Nalgonda Sali Gouraram Mandal Patha Kondaram
7625 Nalgonda Sali Gouraram Mandal Perka Kondaram
7626 Nalgonda Sali Gouraram Mandal Saligouraram
7627 Nalgonda Sali Gouraram Mandal Sali Lingotam
7628 Nalgonda Sali Gouraram Mandal Thakkedla Pahad
7629 Nalgonda Sali Gouraram Mandal Tudimidi
7630 Nalgonda Sali Gouraram Mandal Uppalancha
7631 Nalgonda Sali Gouraram Mandal Utukur (Or) Utkoor
7632 Nalgonda Sali Gouraram Mandal Vaddi Pamula
7633 Nalgonda Sali Gouraram Mandal Vallala
7634 Nalgonda Sali Gouraram Mandal Vangamarthi
7635 Nalgonda Suryapet Mandal Balemla
7636 Nalgonda Suryapet Mandal Bechiragdacharam
7637 Nalgonda Suryapet Mandal Circlepet
7638 Nalgonda Suryapet Mandal Imampet
7639 Nalgonda Suryapet Mandal Kasarabad
7640 Nalgonda Suryapet Mandal Kesaram (Part)
7641 Nalgonda Suryapet Mandal Konkathimmani
7642 Nalgonda Suryapet Mandal Pillala Marri (Part)
7643 Nalgonda Suryapet Mandal Pinnai Palem
7644 Nalgonda Suryapet Mandal Ramachandra Puram
7645 Nalgonda Suryapet Mandal Ramannaguda
7646 Nalgonda Suryapet Mandal Ramavaram
7647 Nalgonda Suryapet Mandal Solipet
7648 Nalgonda Suryapet Mandal Tekumatla
7649 Nalgonda Suryapet Mandal Thalla Khammampadu
7650 Nalgonda Suryapet Mandal Venkatrampur
7651 Nalgonda Suryapet Mandal Yendla Palle
7652 Nalgonda Suryapet Mandal Yerkaram
7653 Nalgonda Thipparthi Mandal A.Duppala Palle
7654 Nalgonda Thipparthi Mandal Cheruvu Palle
7655 Nalgonda Thipparthi Mandal Dacharam
7656 Nalgonda Thipparthi Mandal Gaddikondaram
7657 Nalgonda Thipparthi Mandal Ganganapalem
7658 Nalgonda Thipparthi Mandal Indloor
7659 Nalgonda Thipparthi Mandal Indugula
7660 Nalgonda Thipparthi Mandal Jangamreddi Gudem
7661 Nalgonda Thipparthi Mandal Kankanala Palle
7662 Nalgonda Thipparthi Mandal Keshrajpalle
7663 Nalgonda Thipparthi Mandal Khajiramaram
7664 Nalgonda Thipparthi Mandal Madugula Palle
7665 Nalgonda Thipparthi Mandal Mamidala
7666 Nalgonda Thipparthi Mandal Pajjur
7667 Nalgonda Thipparthi Mandal Rajupeta
7668 Nalgonda Thipparthi Mandal Sarvaram
7669 Nalgonda Thipparthi Mandal Suraram
7670 Nalgonda Thipparthi Mandal Thanderpalle
7671 Nalgonda Thipparthi Mandal Thipparthi
7672 Nalgonda Thirumalgiri Mandal Anantharam
7673 Nalgonda Thirumalgiri Mandal Bandla Palle
7674 Nalgonda Thirumalgiri Mandal Chenna Puram
7675 Nalgonda Thirumalgiri Mandal Etoor
7676 Nalgonda Thirumalgiri Mandal Gudepuri
7677 Nalgonda Thirumalgiri Mandal Jalal Puram
7678 Nalgonda Thirumalgiri Mandal Mali Puram
7679 Nalgonda Thirumalgiri Mandal Mamidi Palle
7680 Nalgonda Thirumalgiri Mandal Mamidiyala
7681 Nalgonda Thirumalgiri Mandal Nanda Puram
7682 Nalgonda Thirumalgiri Mandal Phanigiri
7683 Nalgonda Thirumalgiri Mandal Sidda Samudram
7684 Nalgonda Thirumalgiri Mandal Thati Pamula
7685 Nalgonda Thirumalgiri Mandal Thirumalgiri
7686 Nalgonda Thirumalgiri Mandal Thonda
7687 Nalgonda Thirumalgiri Mandal Velchala
7688 Nalgonda Thripuraram Mandal Abhanga Puram
7689 Nalgonda Thripuraram Mandal Anjana Palle
7690 Nalgonda Thripuraram Mandal Annaram
7691 Nalgonda Thripuraram Mandal Babasahebpet
7692 Nalgonda Thripuraram Mandal Bejjikal
7693 Nalgonda Thripuraram Mandal Borrai Palem
7694 Nalgonda Thripuraram Mandal Brundavanpur
7695 Nalgonda Thripuraram Mandal Dugge Palle
7696 Nalgonda Thripuraram Mandal Gajalapur
7697 Nalgonda Thripuraram Mandal Kamareddi Gudem
7698 Nalgonda Thripuraram Mandal Kampala Palle
7699 Nalgonda Thripuraram Mandal Kampa Sagar
7700 Nalgonda Thripuraram Mandal Konthala Palle
7701 Nalgonda Thripuraram Mandal Matur
7702 Nalgonda Thripuraram Mandal Narasimhula Gudem
7703 Nalgonda Thripuraram Mandal Narlakantiguda
7704 Nalgonda Thripuraram Mandal Pedda Devula Palle
7705 Nalgonda Thripuraram Mandal Poosal Pahad
7706 Nalgonda Thripuraram Mandal Ragadapa
7707 Nalgonda Thripuraram Mandal Thripuraram
7708 Nalgonda Thungathurthi Mandal Annaram
7709 Nalgonda Thungathurthi Mandal Bandaramaram
7710 Nalgonda Thungathurthi Mandal Ganugubanda
7711 Nalgonda Thungathurthi Mandal Gottiparthi
7712 Nalgonda Thungathurthi Mandal Gummadavally
7713 Nalgonda Thungathurthi Mandal Karivirala
7714 Nalgonda Thungathurthi Mandal Keshava Puram
7715 Nalgonda Thungathurthi Mandal Kukkadam
7716 Nalgonda Thungathurthi Mandal Kunta Palle
7717 Nalgonda Thungathurthi Mandal Laxmapur
7718 Nalgonda Thungathurthi Mandal Manapur
7719 Nalgonda Thungathurthi Mandal Pasnur
7720 Nalgonda Thungathurthi Mandal Pasthala
7721 Nalgonda Thungathurthi Mandal Ramachandrapuram
7722 Nalgonda Thungathurthi Mandal Ravula Palle
7723 Nalgonda Thungathurthi Mandal Reddiguda
7724 Nalgonda Thungathurthi Mandal Sangam
7725 Nalgonda Thungathurthi Mandal Thungathurthi
7726 Nalgonda Thungathurthi Mandal Velug Palle
7727 Nalgonda Thungathurthi Mandal Vempati
7728 Nalgonda Valigonda Mandal Arrur
7729 Nalgonda Valigonda Mandal Chittapur
7730 Nalgonda Valigonda Mandal Gangapur
7731 Nalgonda Valigonda Mandal Gokaram
7732 Nalgonda Valigonda Mandal Golne Palle
7733 Nalgonda Valigonda Mandal Goparaj Palle
7734 Nalgonda Valigonda Mandal Gurnath Palle
7735 Nalgonda Valigonda Mandal Kanchan Palle
7736 Nalgonda Valigonda Mandal Kashamma Kunta
7737 Nalgonda Valigonda Mandal Lothukunta
7738 Nalgonda Valigonda Mandal Malle Palle
7739 Nalgonda Valigonda Mandal Mogilipaka
7740 Nalgonda Valigonda Mandal Muddapur
7741 Nalgonda Valigonda Mandal Munagala
7742 Nalgonda Valigonda Mandal Nagaram
7743 Nalgonda Valigonda Mandal Nemili Kalawa
7744 Nalgonda Valigonda Mandal Pahilwanpur
7745 Nalgonda Valigonda Mandal Poddatur
7746 Nalgonda Valigonda Mandal Pulgilla
7747 Nalgonda Valigonda Mandal Redla Repaka
7748 Nalgonda Valigonda Mandal Sangam
7749 Nalgonda Valigonda Mandal Sunkishala
7750 Nalgonda Valigonda Mandal Tekula Somaram
7751 Nalgonda Valigonda Mandal Valigonda
7752 Nalgonda Valigonda Mandal Velverthy
7753 Nalgonda Valigonda Mandal Vemalkonda
7754 Nalgonda Valigonda Mandal Venkatapur
7755 Nalgonda Valigonda Mandal Verkat Palle
7756 Nalgonda Vemulapalle Mandal Agamothkur
7757 Nalgonda Vemulapalle Mandal Amangal
7758 Nalgonda Vemulapalle Mandal Annapareddiguda
7759 Nalgonda Vemulapalle Mandal Bheeman Palle
7760 Nalgonda Vemulapalle Mandal Bommakal
7761 Nalgonda Vemulapalle Mandal Buggabavi Guda
7762 Nalgonda Vemulapalle Mandal Chali Chimala Palem
7763 Nalgonda Vemulapalle Mandal Chirumarthy
7764 Nalgonda Vemulapalle Mandal Gandravaniguda
7765 Nalgonda Vemulapalle Mandal Itikyala
7766 Nalgonda Vemulapalle Mandal Kalvalapalem
7767 Nalgonda Vemulapalle Mandal Kamepalle
7768 Nalgonda Vemulapalle Mandal Koyalpahad
7769 Nalgonda Vemulapalle Mandal Kukkadam
7770 Nalgonda Vemulapalle Mandal Molka Patnam
7771 Nalgonda Vemulapalle Mandal Mundlapahad
7772 Nalgonda Vemulapalle Mandal Pamulapahad
7773 Nalgonda Vemulapalle Mandal Ravula Penta
7774 Nalgonda Vemulapalle Mandal Salkunur
7775 Nalgonda Vemulapalle Mandal Settipalem
7776 Nalgonda Vemulapalle Mandal Thimmareddiguda
7777 Nalgonda Vemulapalle Mandal Thopucherla
7778 Nalgonda Vemulapalle Mandal Vemulapalle
7779 Nalgonda Yadagirigutta Mandal Chinnakandukur
7780 Nalgonda Yadagirigutta Mandal Choller
7781 Nalgonda Yadagirigutta Mandal Dathar Palle
7782 Nalgonda Yadagirigutta Mandal Gowrai Palle
7783 Nalgonda Yadagirigutta Mandal Jangam Palle
7784 Nalgonda Yadagirigutta Mandal Kacharam
7785 Nalgonda Yadagirigutta Mandal Mallapur
7786 Nalgonda Yadagirigutta Mandal Masaipet
7787 Nalgonda Yadagirigutta Mandal Moota Kondur
7788 Nalgonda Yadagirigutta Mandal Peddakandukur
7789 Nalgonda Yadagirigutta Mandal Ramojipet
7790 Nalgonda Yadagirigutta Mandal Sadu Velle
7791 Nalgonda Yadagirigutta Mandal Saidapur
7792 Nalgonda Yadagirigutta Mandal Vanga Palle
7793 Nalgonda Yadagirigutta Mandal Vartoor
7794 Nalgonda Yadagirigutta Mandal Yadagirigutta(CT)
7795 Nizamabad Armur Mandal Alur
7796 Nizamabad Armur Mandal Amdapur
7797 Nizamabad Armur Mandal Ankapur
7798 Nizamabad Armur Mandal Bardipur
7799 Nizamabad Armur Mandal Chepur
7800 Nizamabad Armur Mandal Degaon
7801 Nizamabad Armur Mandal Fathepur
7802 Nizamabad Armur Mandal Gaggupalle
7803 Nizamabad Armur Mandal Govindpet
7804 Nizamabad Armur Mandal Issapalle
7805 Nizamabad Armur Mandal Khanapur
7806 Nizamabad Armur Mandal Komanpalle
7807 Nizamabad Armur Mandal Kotha Armur
7808 Nizamabad Armur Mandal Macherla
7809 Nizamabad Armur Mandal Magdi
7810 Nizamabad Armur Mandal Manthani
7811 Nizamabad Armur Mandal Merdepalle
7812 Nizamabad Armur Mandal Pipri
7813 Nizamabad Armur Mandal Rampur
7814 Nizamabad Armur Mandal Surbiriyal
7815 Nizamabad Balkonda Mandal Balkonda
7816 Nizamabad Balkonda Mandal Bodepalle
7817 Nizamabad Balkonda Mandal Bussapur
7818 Nizamabad Balkonda Mandal Chakeriyal
7819 Nizamabad Balkonda Mandal Chittapur
7820 Nizamabad Balkonda Mandal Doodgaon
7821 Nizamabad Balkonda Mandal Jalalpur
7822 Nizamabad Balkonda Mandal Keshapur
7823 Nizamabad Balkonda Mandal Kisannagar
7824 Nizamabad Balkonda Mandal Kodecherla
7825 Nizamabad Balkonda Mandal Kojan Kothur
7826 Nizamabad Balkonda Mandal Kothapalle
7827 Nizamabad Balkonda Mandal Mendora
7828 Nizamabad Balkonda Mandal Mukpal
7829 Nizamabad Balkonda Mandal Nagampet
7830 Nizamabad Balkonda Mandal Nagapur
7831 Nizamabad Balkonda Mandal Nallur
7832 Nizamabad Balkonda Mandal Ratnapur
7833 Nizamabad Balkonda Mandal Renjarla
7834 Nizamabad Balkonda Mandal Sangam
7835 Nizamabad Balkonda Mandal Savel
7836 Nizamabad Balkonda Mandal Soanpet(CT)
7837 Nizamabad Balkonda Mandal Vannel Bashirabad
7838 Nizamabad Balkonda Mandal Velgatur
7839 Nizamabad Balkonda Mandal Vempalle
7840 Nizamabad Balkonda Mandal Venchariyal
7841 Nizamabad Banswada Mandal Banswada(CT)
7842 Nizamabad Banswada Mandal Borlam
7843 Nizamabad Banswada Mandal Budmi
7844 Nizamabad Banswada Mandal Chinna Nagaram
7845 Nizamabad Banswada Mandal Chinna Rampur
7846 Nizamabad Banswada Mandal Chintal Nagaram
7847 Nizamabad Banswada Mandal Desaipet
7848 Nizamabad Banswada Mandal Hanmajipet
7849 Nizamabad Banswada Mandal Ibrahimpet
7850 Nizamabad Banswada Mandal Khadlapur
7851 Nizamabad Banswada Mandal Kollur
7852 Nizamabad Banswada Mandal Konapur
7853 Nizamabad Banswada Mandal Pocharam
7854 Nizamabad Banswada Mandal Sangojipet
7855 Nizamabad Banswada Mandal Singaraipalle
7856 Nizamabad Banswada Mandal Someshwar
7857 Nizamabad Banswada Mandal Tadkole
7858 Nizamabad Banswada Mandal Tirmalapur
7859 Nizamabad Banswada Mandal Vasudevpalle
7860 Nizamabad Bheemgal Mandal Babanagar
7861 Nizamabad Bheemgal Mandal Babapur
7862 Nizamabad Bheemgal Mandal Bachanpalle
7863 Nizamabad Bheemgal Mandal Bejjora
7864 Nizamabad Bheemgal Mandal Bheemgal
7865 Nizamabad Bheemgal Mandal Changal
7866 Nizamabad Bheemgal Mandal Devakkapet
7867 Nizamabad Bheemgal Mandal Devan Palle
7868 Nizamabad Bheemgal Mandal Gangarai
7869 Nizamabad Bheemgal Mandal Gongappul
7870 Nizamabad Bheemgal Mandal Jagriyal
7871 Nizamabad Bheemgal Mandal Karepalle
7872 Nizamabad Bheemgal Mandal Kupkal
7873 Nizamabad Bheemgal Mandal Lingapurchouth
7874 Nizamabad Bheemgal Mandal Mendhora
7875 Nizamabad Bheemgal Mandal Muchkur
7876 Nizamabad Bheemgal Mandal Pallikonda
7877 Nizamabad Bheemgal Mandal Pedda Bheemgal
7878 Nizamabad Bheemgal Mandal Pipri
7879 Nizamabad Bheemgal Mandal Puranipet
7880 Nizamabad Bheemgal Mandal Rahathnagar
7881 Nizamabad Bheemgal Mandal Salampur
7882 Nizamabad Bheemgal Mandal Sikandrapur
7883 Nizamabad Bheemgal Mandal Thallapalle
7884 Nizamabad Bhiknoor Mandal Anthampalle
7885 Nizamabad Bhiknoor Mandal Baswapur
7886 Nizamabad Bhiknoor Mandal Bhagirathipalle
7887 Nizamabad Bhiknoor Mandal Bhiknoor
7888 Nizamabad Bhiknoor Mandal Gurjakunta
7889 Nizamabad Bhiknoor Mandal Isannapalle
7890 Nizamabad Bhiknoor Mandal Jangampalle
7891 Nizamabad Bhiknoor Mandal Kachapur
7892 Nizamabad Bhiknoor Mandal Kancherla
7893 Nizamabad Bhiknoor Mandal Laxmidevipalle
7894 Nizamabad Bhiknoor Mandal Mallupalle
7895 Nizamabad Bhiknoor Mandal Peddamallareddy
7896 Nizamabad Bhiknoor Mandal Peddapalle
7897 Nizamabad Bhiknoor Mandal Pondurthi
7898 Nizamabad Bhiknoor Mandal Rajampet
7899 Nizamabad Bhiknoor Mandal Rameshwarpalle
7900 Nizamabad Bhiknoor Mandal Ryegatlapalle
7901 Nizamabad Bhiknoor Mandal Talmadla
7902 Nizamabad Bhiknoor Mandal Tippapur
7903 Nizamabad Bichkunda Mandal Anjani
7904 Nizamabad Bichkunda Mandal Bandaranjal
7905 Nizamabad Bichkunda Mandal Begampur
7906 Nizamabad Bichkunda Mandal Bichkunda
7907 Nizamabad Bichkunda Mandal Burugpalle
7908 Nizamabad Bichkunda Mandal Chinna Devada
7909 Nizamabad Bichkunda Mandal Chinna Dhadgi
7910 Nizamabad Bichkunda Mandal Chinna Takkadpalle
7911 Nizamabad Bichkunda Mandal Dowlatapur
7912 Nizamabad Bichkunda Mandal Fathlapur
7913 Nizamabad Bichkunda Mandal Gopanpalle
7914 Nizamabad Bichkunda Mandal Gundekalloor
7915 Nizamabad Bichkunda Mandal Gundenamali
7916 Nizamabad Bichkunda Mandal Hasgul
7917 Nizamabad Bichkunda Mandal Jagannathapalle
7918 Nizamabad Bichkunda Mandal Kandarpalle
7919 Nizamabad Bichkunda Mandal Khatgaon
7920 Nizamabad Bichkunda Mandal Kheslabad
7921 Nizamabad Bichkunda Mandal Lingapur
7922 Nizamabad Bichkunda Mandal Malkapur
7923 Nizamabad Bichkunda Mandal Malkapur (Kodapgalpatti)
7924 Nizamabad Bichkunda Mandal Manyapur
7925 Nizamabad Bichkunda Mandal Meka
7926 Nizamabad Bichkunda Mandal Mishankallali
7927 Nizamabad Bichkunda Mandal Pedda Devada
7928 Nizamabad Bichkunda Mandal Pedda Dhadgi
7929 Nizamabad Bichkunda Mandal Pedda Kodapgal
7930 Nizamabad Bichkunda Mandal Pedda Takkadpalle
7931 Nizamabad Bichkunda Mandal Pulkal
7932 Nizamabad Bichkunda Mandal Rajapur
7933 Nizamabad Bichkunda Mandal Rajola
7934 Nizamabad Bichkunda Mandal Seetarampalle
7935 Nizamabad Bichkunda Mandal Shantapur
7936 Nizamabad Bichkunda Mandal Shetloor
7937 Nizamabad Bichkunda Mandal Sirsamundar
7938 Nizamabad Bichkunda Mandal Tupdal (Kowlasa)
7939 Nizamabad Bichkunda Mandal Wadlam
7940 Nizamabad Bichkunda Mandal Wajidnagar
7941 Nizamabad Birkoor Mandal Ankole
7942 Nizamabad Birkoor Mandal Bairapur
7943 Nizamabad Birkoor Mandal Barangedgi
7944 Nizamabad Birkoor Mandal Baswaipalle
7945 Nizamabad Birkoor Mandal Birkoor
7946 Nizamabad Birkoor Mandal Bommandevpalle
7947 Nizamabad Birkoor Mandal Boppaspalle
7948 Nizamabad Birkoor Mandal Chincholi
7949 Nizamabad Birkoor Mandal Chinna Annaram
7950 Nizamabad Birkoor Mandal Chinna Damarancha
7951 Nizamabad Birkoor Mandal Doulatapur
7952 Nizamabad Birkoor Mandal Durgampalle
7953 Nizamabad Birkoor Mandal Durki
7954 Nizamabad Birkoor Mandal Hajipur
7955 Nizamabad Birkoor Mandal Kamshetpalle
7956 Nizamabad Birkoor Mandal Kishtapur
7957 Nizamabad Birkoor Mandal Mallapur
7958 Nizamabad Birkoor Mandal Mirzapur
7959 Nizamabad Birkoor Mandal Mylaram
7960 Nizamabad Birkoor Mandal Nachpalle
7961 Nizamabad Birkoor Mandal Nagapur
7962 Nizamabad Birkoor Mandal Namli
7963 Nizamabad Birkoor Mandal Nasurullabad
7964 Nizamabad Birkoor Mandal Pedda Damarancha
7965 Nizamabad Birkoor Mandal Poshetpalle
7966 Nizamabad Birkoor Mandal Sambapur
7967 Nizamabad Birkoor Mandal Sangam
7968 Nizamabad Birkoor Mandal Sultanpur
7969 Nizamabad Birkoor Mandal Timmanagar
7970 Nizamabad Birkoor Mandal Timmapur
7971 Nizamabad Birkoor Mandal Veerapur
7972 Nizamabad Bodhan Mandal Achampalle (R)
7973 Nizamabad Bodhan Mandal Amdapur
7974 Nizamabad Bodhan Mandal Bardipur
7975 Nizamabad Bodhan Mandal Bhandarpalle
7976 Nizamabad Bodhan Mandal Bhavanipet
7977 Nizamabad Bodhan Mandal Bhiknalli
7978 Nizamabad Bodhan Mandal Bodhan (R)
7979 Nizamabad Bodhan Mandal Erajpalle
7980 Nizamabad Bodhan Mandal Fathepur
7981 Nizamabad Bodhan Mandal Hangarga
7982 Nizamabad Bodhan Mandal Hunsa
7983 Nizamabad Bodhan Mandal Jadijamalpur
7984 Nizamabad Bodhan Mandal Kaldurthi
7985 Nizamabad Bodhan Mandal Khajapur
7986 Nizamabad Bodhan Mandal Khandgaon
7987 Nizamabad Bodhan Mandal Komanpalle
7988 Nizamabad Bodhan Mandal Kopperga
7989 Nizamabad Bodhan Mandal Ladmavandi
7990 Nizamabad Bodhan Mandal Lakmapur
7991 Nizamabad Bodhan Mandal Langadapur
7992 Nizamabad Bodhan Mandal Machapur
7993 Nizamabad Bodhan Mandal Mandharna
7994 Nizamabad Bodhan Mandal Mavandi (Kalan)
7995 Nizamabad Bodhan Mandal Mavandi (Khurd)
7996 Nizamabad Bodhan Mandal Minarpalle
7997 Nizamabad Bodhan Mandal Mithapur
7998 Nizamabad Bodhan Mandal Naganpalle
7999 Nizamabad Bodhan Mandal Nagora
8000 Nizamabad Bodhan Mandal Narsapur
8001 Nizamabad Bodhan Mandal Ootpalle
8002 Nizamabad Bodhan Mandal Pegadpalle
8003 Nizamabad Bodhan Mandal Penta Kalan
8004 Nizamabad Bodhan Mandal Penta Khurd
8005 Nizamabad Bodhan Mandal Rampur
8006 Nizamabad Bodhan Mandal Salampad
8007 Nizamabad Bodhan Mandal Saloora
8008 Nizamabad Bodhan Mandal Sangam
8009 Nizamabad Bodhan Mandal Siddapur
8010 Nizamabad Bodhan Mandal Taggelli
8011 Nizamabad Dharpalle Mandal Challagarga
8012 Nizamabad Dharpalle Mandal Dammannapet
8013 Nizamabad Dharpalle Mandal Dharpalle
8014 Nizamabad Dharpalle Mandal Donkal
8015 Nizamabad Dharpalle Mandal Dubbak
8016 Nizamabad Dharpalle Mandal Gouraram
8017 Nizamabad Dharpalle Mandal Govindpalle
8018 Nizamabad Dharpalle Mandal Kesaram
8019 Nizamabad Dharpalle Mandal Konepalle
8020 Nizamabad Dharpalle Mandal Lolam
8021 Nizamabad Dharpalle Mandal Mailaram
8022 Nizamabad Dharpalle Mandal Nallavalle
8023 Nizamabad Dharpalle Mandal Ramadugu
8024 Nizamabad Dharpalle Mandal Sirnapalle
8025 Nizamabad Dharpalle Mandal Vengalpad
8026 Nizamabad Dichpalle Mandal Amruthapur
8027 Nizamabad Dichpalle Mandal Arepalle
8028 Nizamabad Dichpalle Mandal Bardipur
8029 Nizamabad Dichpalle Mandal Bibipur
8030 Nizamabad Dichpalle Mandal Dichpalle
8031 Nizamabad Dichpalle Mandal Doosgaon
8032 Nizamabad Dichpalle Mandal Gannaram
8033 Nizamabad Dichpalle Mandal Ghanpur(CT)
8034 Nizamabad Dichpalle Mandal Indalwai
8035 Nizamabad Dichpalle Mandal Kamalapur
8036 Nizamabad Dichpalle Mandal Koratpalle
8037 Nizamabad Dichpalle Mandal Mallapur
8038 Nizamabad Dichpalle Mandal Mentrajpalle
8039 Nizamabad Dichpalle Mandal Mittapalle
8040 Nizamabad Dichpalle Mandal Nadepalle
8041 Nizamabad Dichpalle Mandal Rampur
8042 Nizamabad Dichpalle Mandal Suddepalle
8043 Nizamabad Dichpalle Mandal Suddulam
8044 Nizamabad Dichpalle Mandal Thriambakpeta
8045 Nizamabad Dichpalle Mandal Yanampalle
8046 Nizamabad Domakonda Mandal Ambarpet
8047 Nizamabad Domakonda Mandal Anchanur
8048 Nizamabad Domakonda Mandal Bibipet
8049 Nizamabad Domakonda Mandal Chintamanpalle
8050 Nizamabad Domakonda Mandal Domakonda
8051 Nizamabad Domakonda Mandal Issanagar
8052 Nizamabad Domakonda Mandal Jangaon
8053 Nizamabad Domakonda Mandal Konapur
8054 Nizamabad Domakonda Mandal Kundaram
8055 Nizamabad Domakonda Mandal Lingupalle
8056 Nizamabad Domakonda Mandal Malkapur
8057 Nizamabad Domakonda Mandal Mohammadapur
8058 Nizamabad Domakonda Mandal Mutyampet
8059 Nizamabad Domakonda Mandal Ramchandrapur
8060 Nizamabad Domakonda Mandal Ramreddipalle
8061 Nizamabad Domakonda Mandal Sangameshwar
8062 Nizamabad Domakonda Mandal Siribibipet
8063 Nizamabad Domakonda Mandal Sitarampalle
8064 Nizamabad Domakonda Mandal Sitarampur
8065 Nizamabad Domakonda Mandal Tujalpur
8066 Nizamabad Domakonda Mandal Yadaram
8067 Nizamabad Gandhari Mandal Bangarwadi
8068 Nizamabad Gandhari Mandal Boppajiwadi
8069 Nizamabad Gandhari Mandal Brahmanpalle
8070 Nizamabad Gandhari Mandal Burgul
8071 Nizamabad Gandhari Mandal Chedmal
8072 Nizamabad Gandhari Mandal Chinnapur
8073 Nizamabad Gandhari Mandal Durgam
8074 Nizamabad Gandhari Mandal Gandhari
8075 Nizamabad Gandhari Mandal Gandivet
8076 Nizamabad Gandhari Mandal Gujjul
8077 Nizamabad Gandhari Mandal Gurjal
8078 Nizamabad Gandhari Mandal Juvvadi
8079 Nizamabad Gandhari Mandal Karakwadi
8080 Nizamabad Gandhari Mandal Katewadi
8081 Nizamabad Gandhari Mandal Konaipalle
8082 Nizamabad Gandhari Mandal Madholi
8083 Nizamabad Gandhari Mandal Mathsangam
8084 Nizamabad Gandhari Mandal Medpalle
8085 Nizamabad Gandhari Mandal Naglur
8086 Nizamabad Gandhari Mandal Narsapur (Mudholi)
8087 Nizamabad Gandhari Mandal Neral
8088 Nizamabad Gandhari Mandal Pedda Gouraram
8089 Nizamabad Gandhari Mandal Petasangam
8090 Nizamabad Gandhari Mandal Pothangal (Kalan)
8091 Nizamabad Gandhari Mandal Pothangal (Khurd)
8092 Nizamabad Gandhari Mandal Ramalakshmanpalle
8093 Nizamabad Gandhari Mandal Sarvapur
8094 Nizamabad Gandhari Mandal Sithaipalle
8095 Nizamabad Gandhari Mandal Somaram
8096 Nizamabad Gandhari Mandal Thimmapuram
8097 Nizamabad Gandhari Mandal Tipparam
8098 Nizamabad Gandhari Mandal Utnur
8099 Nizamabad Gandhari Mandal Vajjepalle (Kalan)
8100 Nizamabad Gandhari Mandal Vajjepalle (Khurd)
8101 Nizamabad Gandhari Mandal Vandrikal
8102 Nizamabad Gandhari Mandal Venkatapur
8103 Nizamabad Gandhari Mandal Yacharam
8104 Nizamabad Jakranpalle Mandal Argul
8105 Nizamabad Jakranpalle Mandal Brahmanpalle
8106 Nizamabad Jakranpalle Mandal Chintalur
8107 Nizamabad Jakranpalle Mandal Jakranpalle
8108 Nizamabad Jakranpalle Mandal Kaligote
8109 Nizamabad Jakranpalle Mandal Keshpalle
8110 Nizamabad Jakranpalle Mandal Kolipaka
8111 Nizamabad Jakranpalle Mandal Lakshmapur
8112 Nizamabad Jakranpalle Mandal Madhapur
8113 Nizamabad Jakranpalle Mandal Manoharabad
8114 Nizamabad Jakranpalle Mandal Munpalle
8115 Nizamabad Jakranpalle Mandal Narayanpet
8116 Nizamabad Jakranpalle Mandal Padkal
8117 Nizamabad Jakranpalle Mandal Poppalpalle
8118 Nizamabad Jakranpalle Mandal Sikindrapur
8119 Nizamabad Jakranpalle Mandal Thorlikonda
8120 Nizamabad Jukkal Mandal Babulgaon
8121 Nizamabad Jukkal Mandal Bangarpalle
8122 Nizamabad Jukkal Mandal Baswapur
8123 Nizamabad Jukkal Mandal Bijjalwadi
8124 Nizamabad Jukkal Mandal Chandegaon
8125 Nizamabad Jukkal Mandal Chinna Edgi
8126 Nizamabad Jukkal Mandal Chinna Ghulla
8127 Nizamabad Jukkal Mandal Dongaon
8128 Nizamabad Jukkal Mandal Dostpalle
8129 Nizamabad Jukkal Mandal Gundoor
8130 Nizamabad Jukkal Mandal Hangarga
8131 Nizamabad Jukkal Mandal Jukkal
8132 Nizamabad Jukkal Mandal Kanthali
8133 Nizamabad Jukkal Mandal Kathalwadi
8134 Nizamabad Jukkal Mandal Khanapur
8135 Nizamabad Jukkal Mandal Khandeballoor
8136 Nizamabad Jukkal Mandal Khemraja Kallali
8137 Nizamabad Jukkal Mandal Kowlas
8138 Nizamabad Jukkal Mandal Ladegaon
8139 Nizamabad Jukkal Mandal Lingampalle
8140 Nizamabad Jukkal Mandal Longaon
8141 Nizamabad Jukkal Mandal Madhapur
8142 Nizamabad Jukkal Mandal Mailar
8143 Nizamabad Jukkal Mandal Mohammadabad
8144 Nizamabad Jukkal Mandal Nagalgaon
8145 Nizamabad Jukkal Mandal Padampalle
8146 Nizamabad Jukkal Mandal Pedda Edgi
8147 Nizamabad Jukkal Mandal Pedda Ghulla
8148 Nizamabad Jukkal Mandal Pocharam
8149 Nizamabad Jukkal Mandal Rudrapahad
8150 Nizamabad Jukkal Mandal Savargaon
8151 Nizamabad Jukkal Mandal Shivapur
8152 Nizamabad Jukkal Mandal Siddapur
8153 Nizamabad Jukkal Mandal Sopur
8154 Nizamabad Jukkal Mandal Wajrakhandi
8155 Nizamabad Kamareddy Mandal Adloor
8156 Nizamabad Kamareddy Mandal Chinna Mallareddy
8157 Nizamabad Kamareddy Mandal Devanpalle
8158 Nizamabad Kamareddy Mandal Elichpur
8159 Nizamabad Kamareddy Mandal Gargul
8160 Nizamabad Kamareddy Mandal Gudem
8161 Nizamabad Kamareddy Mandal Isrojiwadi
8162 Nizamabad Kamareddy Mandal Kothalpalle
8163 Nizamabad Kamareddy Mandal Kyasampalle
8164 Nizamabad Kamareddy Mandal Lingapur (R)
8165 Nizamabad Kamareddy Mandal Lingayapalle
8166 Nizamabad Kamareddy Mandal Narasannapalle
8167 Nizamabad Kamareddy Mandal Patharajampet
8168 Nizamabad Kamareddy Mandal Raghavapur
8169 Nizamabad Kamareddy Mandal Rameswarpalle
8170 Nizamabad Kamareddy Mandal Sarampalle
8171 Nizamabad Kamareddy Mandal Shabdipur
8172 Nizamabad Kamareddy Mandal Tekriyal
8173 Nizamabad Kamareddy Mandal Thimmakkapalle
8174 Nizamabad Kamareddy Mandal Thimmakkapalle
8175 Nizamabad Kamareddy Mandal Uggrawai
8176 Nizamabad Kammarpalle Mandal Basheerabad
8177 Nizamabad Kammarpalle Mandal Belur
8178 Nizamabad Kammarpalle Mandal Choutupalle
8179 Nizamabad Kammarpalle Mandal Dammannapet
8180 Nizamabad Kammarpalle Mandal Dammanpet (Ameernagar)
8181 Nizamabad Kammarpalle Mandal Gudilingapur
8182 Nizamabad Kammarpalle Mandal Guntepalle
8183 Nizamabad Kammarpalle Mandal Hasakothur
8184 Nizamabad Kammarpalle Mandal Inayat Nagar
8185 Nizamabad Kammarpalle Mandal Kammar Palle
8186 Nizamabad Kammarpalle Mandal Konapur
8187 Nizamabad Kammarpalle Mandal Konasamandar
8188 Nizamabad Kammarpalle Mandal Lakshmapur
8189 Nizamabad Kammarpalle Mandal Manal
8190 Nizamabad Kammarpalle Mandal Nagapur
8191 Nizamabad Kammarpalle Mandal Narsapur
8192 Nizamabad Kammarpalle Mandal Reachpalle
8193 Nizamabad Kammarpalle Mandal Uploor
8194 Nizamabad Kotgiri Mandal Adkas Palle
8195 Nizamabad Kotgiri Mandal Amrapur
8196 Nizamabad Kotgiri Mandal Bareedpur
8197 Nizamabad Kotgiri Mandal Baswapur
8198 Nizamabad Kotgiri Mandal Chikatpalle
8199 Nizamabad Kotgiri Mandal Domaledgi
8200 Nizamabad Kotgiri Mandal Eklaspur
8201 Nizamabad Kotgiri Mandal Ethonda
8202 Nizamabad Kotgiri Mandal Fakeerabad
8203 Nizamabad Kotgiri Mandal Gannavaram
8204 Nizamabad Kotgiri Mandal Hangerga
8205 Nizamabad Kotgiri Mandal Hegdoli
8206 Nizamabad Kotgiri Mandal Humnapur
8207 Nizamabad Kotgiri Mandal Jallapalle
8208 Nizamabad Kotgiri Mandal Kallur
8209 Nizamabad Kotgiri Mandal Karegoan
8210 Nizamabad Kotgiri Mandal Kodcherla
8211 Nizamabad Kotgiri Mandal Kollur
8212 Nizamabad Kotgiri Mandal Kotgiri
8213 Nizamabad Kotgiri Mandal Kothapalle
8214 Nizamabad Kotgiri Mandal Lingampalle
8215 Nizamabad Kotgiri Mandal Lingapur
8216 Nizamabad Kotgiri Mandal Malkapur
8217 Nizamabad Kotgiri Mandal Mirzapur
8218 Nizamabad Kotgiri Mandal Pothangal
8219 Nizamabad Kotgiri Mandal Raikur
8220 Nizamabad Kotgiri Mandal Ramanpalle
8221 Nizamabad Kotgiri Mandal Rampur
8222 Nizamabad Kotgiri Mandal Rozapur
8223 Nizamabad Kotgiri Mandal Sailampur
8224 Nizamabad Kotgiri Mandal Siddapur
8225 Nizamabad Kotgiri Mandal Sompur
8226 Nizamabad Kotgiri Mandal Sudlam
8227 Nizamabad Kotgiri Mandal Sunkini
8228 Nizamabad Kotgiri Mandal Takli
8229 Nizamabad Kotgiri Mandal Tirmalapur
8230 Nizamabad Kotgiri Mandal Vallabhapur
8231 Nizamabad Kotgiri Mandal Yadgarpur
8232 Nizamabad Kotgiri Mandal Zainapur
8233 Nizamabad Lingampet Mandal Banapur
8234 Nizamabad Lingampet Mandal Bayampalle
8235 Nizamabad Lingampet Mandal Bhavanipet
8236 Nizamabad Lingampet Mandal Bonal
8237 Nizamabad Lingampet Mandal Jaldipalle
8238 Nizamabad Lingampet Mandal Kanchmahal
8239 Nizamabad Lingampet Mandal Kannapur
8240 Nizamabad Lingampet Mandal Kondapur
8241 Nizamabad Lingampet Mandal Korpole
8242 Nizamabad Lingampet Mandal Lingampalle (Khurd)
8243 Nizamabad Lingampet Mandal Lingampet
8244 Nizamabad Lingampet Mandal Mangaram
8245 Nizamabad Lingampet Mandal Mombajipet
8246 Nizamabad Lingampet Mandal Motha
8247 Nizamabad Lingampet Mandal Nagaram
8248 Nizamabad Lingampet Mandal Nallamadugu
8249 Nizamabad Lingampet Mandal Perumalla
8250 Nizamabad Lingampet Mandal Polkampet
8251 Nizamabad Lingampet Mandal Pothaipalle
8252 Nizamabad Lingampet Mandal Rampur
8253 Nizamabad Lingampet Mandal Shatpalle
8254 Nizamabad Lingampet Mandal Shetpalle
8255 Nizamabad Lingampet Mandal Yellaram
8256 Nizamabad Machareddy Mandal Akkapur
8257 Nizamabad Machareddy Mandal Annaram
8258 Nizamabad Machareddy Mandal Antampalle
8259 Nizamabad Machareddy Mandal Banda Rameshwarpalle
8260 Nizamabad Machareddy Mandal Bhavanipet
8261 Nizamabad Machareddy Mandal Chukkapur
8262 Nizamabad Machareddy Mandal Devunipalle
8263 Nizamabad Machareddy Mandal Faridpet
8264 Nizamabad Machareddy Mandal Ghanpur (M)
8265 Nizamabad Machareddy Mandal Ghanpur (R)
8266 Nizamabad Machareddy Mandal Issaipet
8267 Nizamabad Machareddy Mandal Latchapet
8268 Nizamabad Machareddy Mandal Machareddy
8269 Nizamabad Machareddy Mandal Maddikunta
8270 Nizamabad Machareddy Mandal Palwancha
8271 Nizamabad Machareddy Mandal Potaram
8272 Nizamabad Machareddy Mandal Rajkhanpet
8273 Nizamabad Machareddy Mandal Reddipet
8274 Nizamabad Machareddy Mandal Singraipalle
8275 Nizamabad Machareddy Mandal Somarampet
8276 Nizamabad Machareddy Mandal Tadkapalle
8277 Nizamabad Machareddy Mandal Wadi
8278 Nizamabad Machareddy Mandal Yellampet
8279 Nizamabad Machareddy Mandal Yellapgonda
8280 Nizamabad Madnoor Mandal Antapur
8281 Nizamabad Madnoor Mandal Awalgaon
8282 Nizamabad Madnoor Mandal Chinna Eklara
8283 Nizamabad Madnoor Mandal Chinnapur
8284 Nizamabad Madnoor Mandal Chinna Shekkarga
8285 Nizamabad Madnoor Mandal Chinna Thadugur
8286 Nizamabad Madnoor Mandal Dhannoor
8287 Nizamabad Madnoor Mandal Dhoti
8288 Nizamabad Madnoor Mandal Dongli
8289 Nizamabad Madnoor Mandal Elegaon
8290 Nizamabad Madnoor Mandal Enbhura
8291 Nizamabad Madnoor Mandal Gojegaon
8292 Nizamabad Madnoor Mandal Hajipur
8293 Nizamabad Madnoor Mandal Hassa Takli
8294 Nizamabad Madnoor Mandal Keroor
8295 Nizamabad Madnoor Mandal Kharag
8296 Nizamabad Madnoor Mandal Kotchira
8297 Nizamabad Madnoor Mandal Kurla
8298 Nizamabad Madnoor Mandal Lachan
8299 Nizamabad Madnoor Mandal Lachmapur
8300 Nizamabad Madnoor Mandal Limboor
8301 Nizamabad Madnoor Mandal Madnur
8302 Nizamabad Madnoor Mandal Mahalsapur
8303 Nizamabad Madnoor Mandal Mahdan Hipperga
8304 Nizamabad Madnoor Mandal Mainur
8305 Nizamabad Madnoor Mandal Mallapur
8306 Nizamabad Madnoor Mandal Marepalle
8307 Nizamabad Madnoor Mandal Mogha
8308 Nizamabad Madnoor Mandal Pedda Eklara
8309 Nizamabad Madnoor Mandal Pedda Shekkarga
8310 Nizamabad Madnoor Mandal Pedda Takli
8311 Nizamabad Madnoor Mandal Pedda Thadgur
8312 Nizamabad Madnoor Mandal Rachoor
8313 Nizamabad Madnoor Mandal Rusegaon
8314 Nizamabad Madnoor Mandal Salabathpur
8315 Nizamabad Madnoor Mandal Shekhapur
8316 Nizamabad Madnoor Mandal Sirpur
8317 Nizamabad Madnoor Mandal Somoor
8318 Nizamabad Madnoor Mandal Sonala
8319 Nizamabad Madnoor Mandal Sultanpet
8320 Nizamabad Madnoor Mandal Thadi Hipperga
8321 Nizamabad Madnoor Mandal Wadi Fathepur
8322 Nizamabad Makloor Mandal Amrad
8323 Nizamabad Makloor Mandal Bonkanpalle
8324 Nizamabad Makloor Mandal Borgaon (Kalan)
8325 Nizamabad Makloor Mandal Chikli
8326 Nizamabad Makloor Mandal Chinnapur
8327 Nizamabad Makloor Mandal Dharmora
8328 Nizamabad Makloor Mandal Gottimukkala
8329 Nizamabad Makloor Mandal Gunjali
8330 Nizamabad Makloor Mandal Gutpa
8331 Nizamabad Makloor Mandal Kalladi
8332 Nizamabad Makloor Mandal Lakhmapur
8333 Nizamabad Makloor Mandal Madanpalle
8334 Nizamabad Makloor Mandal Makloor
8335 Nizamabad Makloor Mandal Mamdapur
8336 Nizamabad Makloor Mandal Mamidipalle
8337 Nizamabad Makloor Mandal Manik Bhandar
8338 Nizamabad Makloor Mandal Metpalle
8339 Nizamabad Makloor Mandal Mullangi (Binala)
8340 Nizamabad Makloor Mandal Singampalle
8341 Nizamabad Makloor Mandal Vaddatipalle
8342 Nizamabad Makloor Mandal Vallabhapur
8343 Nizamabad Makloor Mandal Venkatapur
8344 Nizamabad Mortad Mandal Battapur
8345 Nizamabad Mortad Mandal Dharmora
8346 Nizamabad Mortad Mandal Domchanda
8347 Nizamabad Mortad Mandal Donkal
8348 Nizamabad Mortad Mandal Donpal
8349 Nizamabad Mortad Mandal Gumeriyal
8350 Nizamabad Mortad Mandal Mortad
8351 Nizamabad Mortad Mandal Palem
8352 Nizamabad Mortad Mandal Ramannapet
8353 Nizamabad Mortad Mandal Shetpalle
8354 Nizamabad Mortad Mandal Sunkat
8355 Nizamabad Mortad Mandal Tadla Rampur
8356 Nizamabad Mortad Mandal Tadpakal
8357 Nizamabad Mortad Mandal Thimmapur
8358 Nizamabad Mortad Mandal Thurat
8359 Nizamabad Mortad Mandal Vaddiyat
8360 Nizamabad Mortad Mandal Yergatla
8361 Nizamabad Nagareddipet Mandal Achaipalle
8362 Nizamabad Nagareddipet Mandal Akkampalle
8363 Nizamabad Nagareddipet Mandal Atmakur
8364 Nizamabad Nagareddipet Mandal Bollaram
8365 Nizamabad Nagareddipet Mandal Chinur
8366 Nizamabad Nagareddipet Mandal Dharmareddy
8367 Nizamabad Nagareddipet Mandal Golilingal
8368 Nizamabad Nagareddipet Mandal Jalalpur
8369 Nizamabad Nagareddipet Mandal Kannareddy
8370 Nizamabad Nagareddipet Mandal Lingampalle (Kalan)
8371 Nizamabad Nagareddipet Mandal Malthummeda
8372 Nizamabad Nagareddipet Mandal Masanpalle
8373 Nizamabad Nagareddipet Mandal Matur
8374 Nizamabad Nagareddipet Mandal Nagireddypet
8375 Nizamabad Nagareddipet Mandal Pocharam
8376 Nizamabad Nagareddipet Mandal Raghavapalle
8377 Nizamabad Nagareddipet Mandal Ramakkapalle
8378 Nizamabad Nagareddipet Mandal Tandur
8379 Nizamabad Nagareddipet Mandal Vadalparthi
8380 Nizamabad Nagareddipet Mandal Venkampalle
8381 Nizamabad Nagareddipet Mandal Yerraram
8382 Nizamabad Nagareddipet Mandal Zapti Jankampalle
8383 Nizamabad Nandipet Mandal Ailapur
8384 Nizamabad Nandipet Mandal Annaram
8385 Nizamabad Nandipet Mandal Badgoni
8386 Nizamabad Nandipet Mandal Bazarkothur
8387 Nizamabad Nandipet Mandal Chimrajpalle
8388 Nizamabad Nandipet Mandal C.H.Kondoor
8389 Nizamabad Nandipet Mandal Dattapur
8390 Nizamabad Nandipet Mandal Donkeshwar
8391 Nizamabad Nandipet Mandal Gadepalle
8392 Nizamabad Nandipet Mandal Gangasamundar
8393 Nizamabad Nandipet Mandal Joorpur
8394 Nizamabad Nandipet Mandal Kamtam
8395 Nizamabad Nandipet Mandal Khudavandapur
8396 Nizamabad Nandipet Mandal Komatpalle
8397 Nizamabad Nandipet Mandal Kushtapur
8398 Nizamabad Nandipet Mandal Lakkampalle
8399 Nizamabad Nandipet Mandal Mallaram
8400 Nizamabad Nandipet Mandal Marampalle
8401 Nizamabad Nandipet Mandal Mayapur
8402 Nizamabad Nandipet Mandal Nandipet
8403 Nizamabad Nandipet Mandal Narkodh
8404 Nizamabad Nandipet Mandal Nikalpur
8405 Nizamabad Nandipet Mandal Noothpalle
8406 Nizamabad Nandipet Mandal Shahpur
8407 Nizamabad Nandipet Mandal Siddapur
8408 Nizamabad Nandipet Mandal Sirpur
8409 Nizamabad Nandipet Mandal Srirampur
8410 Nizamabad Nandipet Mandal Talveda
8411 Nizamabad Nandipet Mandal Tondakur
8412 Nizamabad Nandipet Mandal Ummeda
8413 Nizamabad Nandipet Mandal Vannel(Khurd)
8414 Nizamabad Nandipet Mandal Velmal
8415 Nizamabad Navipet Mandal Abbapur (B)
8416 Nizamabad Navipet Mandal Abbapur (M)
8417 Nizamabad Navipet Mandal Abhangapatnam
8418 Nizamabad Navipet Mandal Alzapur
8419 Nizamabad Navipet Mandal Ananthagiri
8420 Nizamabad Navipet Mandal Ankampalle
8421 Nizamabad Navipet Mandal Binola
8422 Nizamabad Navipet Mandal Dharmaram
8423 Nizamabad Navipet Mandal Dharyapur
8424 Nizamabad Navipet Mandal Fathenagar
8425 Nizamabad Navipet Mandal Jannipalle
8426 Nizamabad Navipet Mandal Kamalapur
8427 Nizamabad Navipet Mandal Kandepalle
8428 Nizamabad Navipet Mandal Khadirabad
8429 Nizamabad Navipet Mandal Kosli
8430 Nizamabad Navipet Mandal Lingapur
8431 Nizamabad Navipet Mandal Maddepalle
8432 Nizamabad Navipet Mandal Mahantham
8433 Nizamabad Navipet Mandal Mittapur
8434 Nizamabad Navipet Mandal Mokanpalle
8435 Nizamabad Navipet Mandal Nagepur
8436 Nizamabad Navipet Mandal Naleshwar
8437 Nizamabad Navipet Mandal Nandigaon
8438 Nizamabad Navipet Mandal Narayanpur
8439 Nizamabad Navipet Mandal Navipet
8440 Nizamabad Navipet Mandal Nizampur
8441 Nizamabad Navipet Mandal Pothangal
8442 Nizamabad Navipet Mandal Rampur
8443 Nizamabad Navipet Mandal Shaikhapur
8444 Nizamabad Navipet Mandal Shiranpalle
8445 Nizamabad Navipet Mandal Tungini
8446 Nizamabad Navipet Mandal Yamcha
8447 Nizamabad Nizamabad Mandal Amrabad
8448 Nizamabad Nizamabad Mandal Badsi
8449 Nizamabad Nizamabad Mandal Bhairapur
8450 Nizamabad Nizamabad Mandal Borgaon (P)
8451 Nizamabad Nizamabad Mandal Chinnapur
8452 Nizamabad Nizamabad Mandal Dharmaram
8453 Nizamabad Nizamabad Mandal Gopanpalle
8454 Nizamabad Nizamabad Mandal Gundaram
8455 Nizamabad Nizamabad Mandal Jalalpur
8456 Nizamabad Nizamabad Mandal Kalpole
8457 Nizamabad Nizamabad Mandal Kalur
8458 Nizamabad Nizamabad Mandal Kanjar
8459 Nizamabad Nizamabad Mandal Keshapur
8460 Nizamabad Nizamabad Mandal Khanapur
8461 Nizamabad Nizamabad Mandal Kondur
8462 Nizamabad Nizamabad Mandal Kulaspur
8463 Nizamabad Nizamabad Mandal Laxmapur
8464 Nizamabad Nizamabad Mandal Malkapur
8465 Nizamabad Nizamabad Mandal Malkapur (J)
8466 Nizamabad Nizamabad Mandal Mallaram
8467 Nizamabad Nizamabad Mandal Manchippa
8468 Nizamabad Nizamabad Mandal Mubaraknagar
8469 Nizamabad Nizamabad Mandal Mudakpalle
8470 Nizamabad Nizamabad Mandal Mugpal
8471 Nizamabad Nizamabad Mandal Mullangi
8472 Nizamabad Nizamabad Mandal Muthakunta
8473 Nizamabad Nizamabad Mandal Nyalkal
8474 Nizamabad Nizamabad Mandal Palda
8475 Nizamabad Nizamabad Mandal Pangra
8476 Nizamabad Nizamabad Mandal Sarangapur
8477 Nizamabad Nizamabad Mandal Seripur
8478 Nizamabad Nizamabad Mandal Sirpur
8479 Nizamabad Nizamabad Mandal Thana Khurd
8480 Nizamabad Nizamabad Mandal Tirmanpalle
8481 Nizamabad Nizamabad Mandal Yellamkunta
8482 Nizamabad Nizamsagar Mandal Achampet
8483 Nizamabad Nizamsagar Mandal Arepalle
8484 Nizamabad Nizamsagar Mandal Banjepalle
8485 Nizamabad Nizamsagar Mandal Boorgul
8486 Nizamabad Nizamsagar Mandal Brahmanpalle
8487 Nizamabad Nizamsagar Mandal Galipur
8488 Nizamabad Nizamsagar Mandal Gorgal
8489 Nizamabad Nizamsagar Mandal Gunkul
8490 Nizamabad Nizamsagar Mandal Hasanpalle
8491 Nizamabad Nizamsagar Mandal Jakkapur
8492 Nizamabad Nizamsagar Mandal Komalancha
8493 Nizamabad Nizamsagar Mandal Konampalle
8494 Nizamabad Nizamsagar Mandal Magi
8495 Nizamabad Nizamsagar Mandal Mallur
8496 Nizamabad Nizamsagar Mandal Mangloor
8497 Nizamabad Nizamsagar Mandal Maqdumpur
8498 Nizamabad Nizamsagar Mandal Narsapoor
8499 Nizamabad Nizamsagar Mandal Narsingraopalle
8500 Nizamabad Nizamsagar Mandal Narva
8501 Nizamabad Nizamsagar Mandal Raghavapalle
8502 Nizamabad Nizamsagar Mandal Rangapur
8503 Nizamabad Nizamsagar Mandal Sanivarpet
8504 Nizamabad Nizamsagar Mandal Shairkhanpalle
8505 Nizamabad Nizamsagar Mandal Singitham
8506 Nizamabad Nizamsagar Mandal Telagapoor
8507 Nizamabad Nizamsagar Mandal Tunkepalle
8508 Nizamabad Nizamsagar Mandal Turkapalle
8509 Nizamabad Nizamsagar Mandal Velugunur
8510 Nizamabad Nizamsagar Mandal Vengalampalle
8511 Nizamabad Nizamsagar Mandal Waddepalle
8512 Nizamabad Pitlam Mandal Allapur
8513 Nizamabad Pitlam Mandal Bandapalle
8514 Nizamabad Pitlam Mandal Bollakpalle
8515 Nizamabad Pitlam Mandal Brahmanpalle
8516 Nizamabad Pitlam Mandal Burnapur
8517 Nizamabad Pitlam Mandal Chillangi
8518 Nizamabad Pitlam Mandal Chinna Gouraram
8519 Nizamabad Pitlam Mandal Chinna Kodapgal
8520 Nizamabad Pitlam Mandal Dharmaram
8521 Nizamabad Pitlam Mandal Godamgaon
8522 Nizamabad Pitlam Mandal Hasnapur
8523 Nizamabad Pitlam Mandal Karegaon
8524 Nizamabad Pitlam Mandal Katepalle
8525 Nizamabad Pitlam Mandal Khambapur
8526 Nizamabad Pitlam Mandal Kishtapur
8527 Nizamabad Pitlam Mandal Koranpalle
8528 Nizamabad Pitlam Mandal Kurthi
8529 Nizamabad Pitlam Mandal Maddelchervu
8530 Nizamabad Pitlam Mandal Mardanda
8531 Nizamabad Pitlam Mandal Nagampalle
8532 Nizamabad Pitlam Mandal Paredpalle
8533 Nizamabad Pitlam Mandal Pedda Annaram
8534 Nizamabad Pitlam Mandal Pedda Rampur
8535 Nizamabad Pitlam Mandal Pitlam
8536 Nizamabad Pitlam Mandal Pothreddypalle
8537 Nizamabad Pitlam Mandal Siddapur
8538 Nizamabad Pitlam Mandal Sonpet
8539 Nizamabad Pitlam Mandal Thimmanagar
8540 Nizamabad Ranjal Mandal Bhagepalle
8541 Nizamabad Ranjal Mandal Boregaon
8542 Nizamabad Ranjal Mandal Dupalle
8543 Nizamabad Ranjal Mandal Kalyapur
8544 Nizamabad Ranjal Mandal Kandakurthi
8545 Nizamabad Ranjal Mandal Kunepalle
8546 Nizamabad Ranjal Mandal Neela
8547 Nizamabad Ranjal Mandal Ranjal
8548 Nizamabad Ranjal Mandal Satapur
8549 Nizamabad Ranjal Mandal Tadbiloli
8550 Nizamabad Sadasivanagar Mandal Adloor Yellareddy
8551 Nizamabad Sadasivanagar Mandal Amarlabanda
8552 Nizamabad Sadasivanagar Mandal Bhoompalle
8553 Nizamabad Sadasivanagar Mandal Dhaggi
8554 Nizamabad Sadasivanagar Mandal Dharmaraopet
8555 Nizamabad Sadasivanagar Mandal Gidda
8556 Nizamabad Sadasivanagar Mandal Gollapalle
8557 Nizamabad Sadasivanagar Mandal Issannapalle
8558 Nizamabad Sadasivanagar Mandal Jangaon
8559 Nizamabad Sadasivanagar Mandal Kammajiwadi
8560 Nizamabad Sadasivanagar Mandal Kannapur
8561 Nizamabad Sadasivanagar Mandal Kolwaral
8562 Nizamabad Sadasivanagar Mandal Kuprial
8563 Nizamabad Sadasivanagar Mandal Lingampalle
8564 Nizamabad Sadasivanagar Mandal Markhal
8565 Nizamabad Sadasivanagar Mandal Modegaon
8566 Nizamabad Sadasivanagar Mandal Moshampur
8567 Nizamabad Sadasivanagar Mandal Mudhojiwadi
8568 Nizamabad Sadasivanagar Mandal Padmajiwadi
8569 Nizamabad Sadasivanagar Mandal Posanipet
8570 Nizamabad Sadasivanagar Mandal Radhaipalle
8571 Nizamabad Sadasivanagar Mandal Ramareddy
8572 Nizamabad Sadasivanagar Mandal Rangampet
8573 Nizamabad Sadasivanagar Mandal Sadasivanagar
8574 Nizamabad Sadasivanagar Mandal Thimmajiwadi
8575 Nizamabad Sadasivanagar Mandal Tirmanpalle
8576 Nizamabad Sadasivanagar Mandal Tukkojiwadi
8577 Nizamabad Sadasivanagar Mandal Uppalwai
8578 Nizamabad Sirkonda Mandal Chimanpalle
8579 Nizamabad Sirkonda Mandal Chinna Walgot
8580 Nizamabad Sirkonda Mandal Gadkole
8581 Nizamabad Sirkonda Mandal Gargepahad
8582 Nizamabad Sirkonda Mandal Honnajipet
8583 Nizamabad Sirkonda Mandal Hussainnagar
8584 Nizamabad Sirkonda Mandal Kondapur
8585 Nizamabad Sirkonda Mandal Kondur
8586 Nizamabad Sirkonda Mandal Kotalapalle
8587 Nizamabad Sirkonda Mandal Mailaram
8588 Nizamabad Sirkonda Mandal Musheernagar
8589 Nizamabad Sirkonda Mandal Nyavandi
8590 Nizamabad Sirkonda Mandal Pakhal
8591 Nizamabad Sirkonda Mandal Pandimadugu
8592 Nizamabad Sirkonda Mandal Pedda Walgot
8593 Nizamabad Sirkonda Mandal Pothnur
8594 Nizamabad Sirkonda Mandal Ramadugu
8595 Nizamabad Sirkonda Mandal Ravutla
8596 Nizamabad Sirkonda Mandal Rekulapalle
8597 Nizamabad Sirkonda Mandal Sirkonda
8598 Nizamabad Sirkonda Mandal Thatpalle
8599 Nizamabad Sirkonda Mandal Thumpalle
8600 Nizamabad Tadwai Mandal Abdullanagar
8601 Nizamabad Tadwai Mandal Argonda
8602 Nizamabad Tadwai Mandal Brahamajiwadi
8603 Nizamabad Tadwai Mandal Brahmanpalle
8604 Nizamabad Tadwai Mandal Chandapur
8605 Nizamabad Tadwai Mandal Chinna Demi
8606 Nizamabad Tadwai Mandal Chityal
8607 Nizamabad Tadwai Mandal Devai Palle
8608 Nizamabad Tadwai Mandal Endriyal
8609 Nizamabad Tadwai Mandal Gundaram
8610 Nizamabad Tadwai Mandal Kankal
8611 Nizamabad Tadwai Mandal Karadpalle
8612 Nizamabad Tadwai Mandal Kelojiwadi
8613 Nizamabad Tadwai Mandal Kondapur
8614 Nizamabad Tadwai Mandal Krishnajiwadi
8615 Nizamabad Tadwai Mandal Nandiwada
8616 Nizamabad Tadwai Mandal Pedda Demi
8617 Nizamabad Tadwai Mandal Sangojiwadi
8618 Nizamabad Tadwai Mandal Santaipet
8619 Nizamabad Tadwai Mandal Siddapur
8620 Nizamabad Tadwai Mandal Somaram
8621 Nizamabad Tadwai Mandal Tadwai
8622 Nizamabad Tadwai Mandal Venkayalapalle
8623 Nizamabad Tadwai Mandal Yerrapahad
8624 Nizamabad Varni Mandal Akbar Nagar
8625 Nizamabad Varni Mandal Ambam
8626 Nizamabad Varni Mandal Bajidapur
8627 Nizamabad Varni Mandal Boppapur
8628 Nizamabad Varni Mandal Chandur
8629 Nizamabad Varni Mandal Chintakunta
8630 Nizamabad Varni Mandal Ghanpur
8631 Nizamabad Varni Mandal Govoor
8632 Nizamabad Varni Mandal Humnapur
8633 Nizamabad Varni Mandal Jakore
8634 Nizamabad Varni Mandal Jalalpur
8635 Nizamabad Varni Mandal Karegaon
8636 Nizamabad Varni Mandal Khunipur
8637 Nizamabad Varni Mandal Kondapur
8638 Nizamabad Varni Mandal Laxmapur
8639 Nizamabad Varni Mandal Mallaram
8640 Nizamabad Varni Mandal Medpalle
8641 Nizamabad Varni Mandal Mosra
8642 Nizamabad Varni Mandal Moulalipur
8643 Nizamabad Varni Mandal Pedmal
8644 Nizamabad Varni Mandal Rajpet
8645 Nizamabad Varni Mandal Rudrur
8646 Nizamabad Varni Mandal Sayeedpur
8647 Nizamabad Varni Mandal Shankaoora
8648 Nizamabad Varni Mandal Siddapur
8649 Nizamabad Varni Mandal Taglepalle
8650 Nizamabad Varni Mandal Thimmapur
8651 Nizamabad Varni Mandal Varni
8652 Nizamabad Velpur Mandal Aklur
8653 Nizamabad Velpur Mandal Ameenapur
8654 Nizamabad Velpur Mandal Anksapur
8655 Nizamabad Velpur Mandal Janakampeta
8656 Nizamabad Velpur Mandal Komanpalle
8657 Nizamabad Velpur Mandal Kothapalle
8658 Nizamabad Velpur Mandal Kuknur
8659 Nizamabad Velpur Mandal Lakhora
8660 Nizamabad Velpur Mandal Mothe
8661 Nizamabad Velpur Mandal Narkhoda
8662 Nizamabad Velpur Mandal Padgal
8663 Nizamabad Velpur Mandal Pochampalle
8664 Nizamabad Velpur Mandal Sahebpet
8665 Nizamabad Velpur Mandal Velpur
8666 Nizamabad Velpur Mandal Venkatapur
8667 Nizamabad Velpur Mandal Wadi
8668 Nizamabad Yedpalle Mandal Ambam
8669 Nizamabad Yedpalle Mandal Brahammanpalle
8670 Nizamabad Yedpalle Mandal Ibrahimpur
8671 Nizamabad Yedpalle Mandal Jaithapur
8672 Nizamabad Yedpalle Mandal Jamlam
8673 Nizamabad Yedpalle Mandal Jankampet
8674 Nizamabad Yedpalle Mandal Kurnapalle
8675 Nizamabad Yedpalle Mandal Mallepahad
8676 Nizamabad Yedpalle Mandal Mangalpahad
8677 Nizamabad Yedpalle Mandal Pocharam
8678 Nizamabad Yedpalle Mandal Thanekalan
8679 Nizamabad Yedpalle Mandal Yedpalle
8680 Nizamabad Yellareddy Mandal Advilingal
8681 Nizamabad Yellareddy Mandal Annasagar
8682 Nizamabad Yellareddy Mandal Bhiknoor
8683 Nizamabad Yellareddy Mandal Brahmanpalle
8684 Nizamabad Yellareddy Mandal Daval Malkapalle
8685 Nizamabad Yellareddy Mandal Devanpalle
8686 Nizamabad Yellareddy Mandal Gandimasanipet
8687 Nizamabad Yellareddy Mandal Hajipur
8688 Nizamabad Yellareddy Mandal Hemagiri
8689 Nizamabad Yellareddy Mandal Jangamaipalle
8690 Nizamabad Yellareddy Mandal Jankampalle (Khurd)
8691 Nizamabad Yellareddy Mandal Kottal
8692 Nizamabad Yellareddy Mandal Laxmapur
8693 Nizamabad Yellareddy Mandal Lingareddipet
8694 Nizamabad Yellareddy Mandal Machapur
8695 Nizamabad Yellareddy Mandal Mallaipalle
8696 Nizamabad Yellareddy Mandal Mathadpalle
8697 Nizamabad Yellareddy Mandal Mathmal
8698 Nizamabad Yellareddy Mandal Misanpalle
8699 Nizamabad Yellareddy Mandal Moulanakhed
8700 Nizamabad Yellareddy Mandal Repallewada
8701 Nizamabad Yellareddy Mandal Rudraram
8702 Nizamabad Yellareddy Mandal Safdarpur
8703 Nizamabad Yellareddy Mandal Sivapur
8704 Nizamabad Yellareddy Mandal Somawarpet
8705 Nizamabad Yellareddy Mandal Timmapur
8706 Nizamabad Yellareddy Mandal Timmareddy
8707 Nizamabad Yellareddy Mandal Vellutla
8708 Nizamabad Yellareddy Mandal Venkatapur
8709 Nizamabad Yellareddy Mandal Venkatapur (Agraharam)
8710 Nizamabad Yellareddy Mandal Yellareddy(CT)
8711 Rangareddy CHEVELLA DIVISION Rajendranagar Mandal Alizapur
8712 Rangareddy CHEVELLA DIVISION Rajendranagar Mandal Attapur
8713 Rangareddy CHEVELLA DIVISION Rajendranagar Mandal Bairagiguda
8714 Rangareddy CHEVELLA DIVISION Rajendranagar Mandal Bandlaguda (Jagir)(CT)
8715 Rangareddy CHEVELLA DIVISION Rajendranagar Mandal Budvel
8716 Rangareddy CHEVELLA DIVISION Rajendranagar Mandal Bumrukuddowla
8717 Rangareddy CHEVELLA DIVISION Rajendranagar Mandal Gaganpahad
8718 Rangareddy CHEVELLA DIVISION Rajendranagar Mandal Gandamguda
8719 Rangareddy CHEVELLA DIVISION Rajendranagar Mandal Gandipet
8720 Rangareddy CHEVELLA DIVISION Rajendranagar Mandal Gungurthy
8721 Rangareddy CHEVELLA DIVISION Rajendranagar Mandal Himayathsagar
8722 Rangareddy CHEVELLA DIVISION Rajendranagar Mandal Hyderguda
8723 Rangareddy CHEVELLA DIVISION Rajendranagar Mandal Hydershakoti
8724 Rangareddy CHEVELLA DIVISION Rajendranagar Mandal Janibegum
8725 Rangareddy CHEVELLA DIVISION Rajendranagar Mandal Katedan
8726 Rangareddy CHEVELLA DIVISION Rajendranagar Mandal Khanapur
8727 Rangareddy CHEVELLA DIVISION Rajendranagar Mandal Kismatpur(CT)
8728 Rangareddy CHEVELLA DIVISION Rajendranagar Mandal Kokapet
8729 Rangareddy CHEVELLA DIVISION Rajendranagar Mandal Lakshmiguda
8730 Rangareddy CHEVELLA DIVISION Rajendranagar Mandal Madannaguda
8731 Rangareddy CHEVELLA DIVISION Rajendranagar Mandal Mailardevpalle
8732 Rangareddy CHEVELLA DIVISION Rajendranagar Mandal Manchirevula
8733 Rangareddy CHEVELLA DIVISION Rajendranagar Mandal Manikonda Jagir
8734 Rangareddy CHEVELLA DIVISION Rajendranagar Mandal Manikonda Khalsa
8735 Rangareddy CHEVELLA DIVISION Rajendranagar Mandal Maqtha Kousarali
8736 Rangareddy CHEVELLA DIVISION Rajendranagar Mandal Narsingi(CT)
8737 Rangareddy CHEVELLA DIVISION Rajendranagar Mandal Neknampur
8738 Rangareddy CHEVELLA DIVISION Rajendranagar Mandal Pallecheru
8739 Rangareddy CHEVELLA DIVISION Rajendranagar Mandal Panjashajamal Bowli
8740 Rangareddy CHEVELLA DIVISION Rajendranagar Mandal Peeramcheru
8741 Rangareddy CHEVELLA DIVISION Rajendranagar Mandal Pokkalwada
8742 Rangareddy CHEVELLA DIVISION Rajendranagar Mandal Prenavathipet
8743 Rangareddy CHEVELLA DIVISION Rajendranagar Mandal Puppalguda
8744 Rangareddy CHEVELLA DIVISION Rajendranagar Mandal Sagbowli
8745 Rangareddy CHEVELLA DIVISION Rajendranagar Mandal Sikanderguda
8746 Rangareddy CHEVELLA DIVISION Rajendranagar Mandal Sivarampalle Jagir
8747 Rangareddy CHEVELLA DIVISION Rajendranagar Mandal Sivarampalle Paigah
8748 Rangareddy CHEVELLA DIVISION Rajendranagar Mandal Sogbowli
8749 Rangareddy CHEVELLA DIVISION Rajendranagar Mandal Upparpalle
8750 Rangareddy CHEVELLA DIVISION Rajendranagar Mandal Vattinagulapalle
8751 Rangareddy Balanagar Mandal Allapur
8752 Rangareddy Balanagar Mandal Balanagar
8753 Rangareddy Balanagar Mandal BEGUMPET PAIGAH
8754 Rangareddy Balanagar Mandal Bhagameeri
8755 Rangareddy Balanagar Mandal Bobbuguda
8756 Rangareddy Balanagar Mandal Bowenpalle
8757 Rangareddy Balanagar Mandal Fatehnagar
8758 Rangareddy Balanagar Mandal Ferozguda
8759 Rangareddy Balanagar Mandal Hashmathpet
8760 Rangareddy Balanagar Mandal Hydernagar
8761 Rangareddy Balanagar Mandal Jinkalwada
8762 Rangareddy Balanagar Mandal Kukatpalle(M)
8763 Rangareddy Balanagar Mandal Moosapet
8764 Rangareddy Balanagar Mandal Shamshiguda
8765 Rangareddy Bantwaram Mandal Bantwaram
8766 Rangareddy Bantwaram Mandal Barwad
8767 Rangareddy Bantwaram Mandal Beerol
8768 Rangareddy Bantwaram Mandal Bopanwaram
8769 Rangareddy Bantwaram Mandal Jinnaram
8770 Rangareddy Bantwaram Mandal Kankanalapalle
8771 Rangareddy Bantwaram Mandal Kareempur
8772 Rangareddy Bantwaram Mandal Kothapalle
8773 Rangareddy Bantwaram Mandal Madhvapur
8774 Rangareddy Bantwaram Mandal Malshetpalle
8775 Rangareddy Bantwaram Mandal Mangraspalle
8776 Rangareddy Bantwaram Mandal Mannapur
8777 Rangareddy Bantwaram Mandal Mothkupalle
8778 Rangareddy Bantwaram Mandal Nagaram
8779 Rangareddy Bantwaram Mandal Nagsanpalle
8780 Rangareddy Bantwaram Mandal Noorullapur
8781 Rangareddy Bantwaram Mandal Pommapur
8782 Rangareddy Bantwaram Mandal Rampur
8783 Rangareddy Bantwaram Mandal Rompalle
8784 Rangareddy Bantwaram Mandal Salbathapur
8785 Rangareddy Bantwaram Mandal Somaram .M
8786 Rangareddy Bantwaram Mandal Sultanpur
8787 Rangareddy Bantwaram Mandal Turmamidi
8788 Rangareddy Bantwaram Mandal Yacharam
8789 Rangareddy Bantwaram Mandal Yenkepalle
8790 Rangareddy Bantwaram Mandal Yennaram
8791 Rangareddy Basheerabad Mandal Allapur (Basheerabad)
8792 Rangareddy Basheerabad Mandal Bahadurpur
8793 Rangareddy Basheerabad Mandal Damerched
8794 Rangareddy Basheerabad Mandal Ekmai
8795 Rangareddy Basheerabad Mandal Gangwar
8796 Rangareddy Basheerabad Mandal Gotiga Kalan
8797 Rangareddy Basheerabad Mandal Gotiga Khurd
8798 Rangareddy Basheerabad Mandal Inderched
8799 Rangareddy Basheerabad Mandal Ismailpur
8800 Rangareddy Basheerabad Mandal Jalalpur
8801 Rangareddy Basheerabad Mandal Jeevangi
8802 Rangareddy Basheerabad Mandal Kamsanpalle Buzurg
8803 Rangareddy Basheerabad Mandal Kamsanpalle Maqta
8804 Rangareddy Basheerabad Mandal Khasimpur
8805 Rangareddy Basheerabad Mandal Koppankote
8806 Rangareddy Basheerabad Mandal Korviched
8807 Rangareddy Basheerabad Mandal Kothlapur Buzurg
8808 Rangareddy Basheerabad Mandal Kyadgira
8809 Rangareddy Basheerabad Mandal Mailwar
8810 Rangareddy Basheerabad Mandal Malkangiri
8811 Rangareddy Basheerabad Mandal Manthangoud
8812 Rangareddy Basheerabad Mandal Manthatti
8813 Rangareddy Basheerabad Mandal Manthlapur
8814 Rangareddy Basheerabad Mandal Marpalle
8815 Rangareddy Basheerabad Mandal Masanpalle (M)
8816 Rangareddy Basheerabad Mandal Navalga
8817 Rangareddy Basheerabad Mandal Navandgi(CT)
8818 Rangareddy Basheerabad Mandal Neelapalle
8819 Rangareddy Basheerabad Mandal Parwathpalle
8820 Rangareddy Basheerabad Mandal Reddighanapur
8821 Rangareddy Basheerabad Mandal Shapur Maqta
8822 Rangareddy Chevella Mandal Allawada
8823 Rangareddy Chevella Mandal Aloor I
8824 Rangareddy Chevella Mandal Aloor II
8825 Rangareddy Chevella Mandal Aloor III
8826 Rangareddy Chevella Mandal Anantawaram
8827 Rangareddy Chevella Mandal Bastepur
8828 Rangareddy Chevella Mandal Chanvelli
8829 Rangareddy Chevella Mandal Chevella
8830 Rangareddy Chevella Mandal Damergidda
8831 Rangareddy Chevella Mandal Dearlapalle
8832 Rangareddy Chevella Mandal Devarampalle
8833 Rangareddy Chevella Mandal Devuni Erravelly
8834 Rangareddy Chevella Mandal Gollapalle
8835 Rangareddy Chevella Mandal Gundal
8836 Rangareddy Chevella Mandal Hasthepur
8837 Rangareddy Chevella Mandal Ibrahimpalle
8838 Rangareddy Chevella Mandal Kammeta
8839 Rangareddy Chevella Mandal Kanduwada
8840 Rangareddy Chevella Mandal Kesavaram
8841 Rangareddy Chevella Mandal Khanapur
8842 Rangareddy Chevella Mandal Kistapur
8843 Rangareddy Chevella Mandal Kowkuntla
8844 Rangareddy Chevella Mandal Kummera
8845 Rangareddy Chevella Mandal Malkapur
8846 Rangareddy Chevella Mandal Mirjaguda
8847 Rangareddy Chevella Mandal Mudimyal
8848 Rangareddy Chevella Mandal Naincheru
8849 Rangareddy Chevella Mandal Nowlaipalle
8850 Rangareddy Chevella Mandal Nyalata
8851 Rangareddy Chevella Mandal Orella
8852 Rangareddy Chevella Mandal Pamena
8853 Rangareddy Chevella Mandal Ravulapalle (Khurd)
8854 Rangareddy Chevella Mandal Regadghanapur
8855 Rangareddy Chevella Mandal Tallaram
8856 Rangareddy Chevella Mandal Tangedapalle
8857 Rangareddy Chevella Mandal Yenkepalle
8858 Rangareddy Dharur Mandal Allapur
8859 Rangareddy Dharur Mandal Allipur
8860 Rangareddy Dharur Mandal Ampalle
8861 Rangareddy Dharur Mandal Antharam
8862 Rangareddy Dharur Mandal Bacharam
8863 Rangareddy Dharur Mandal Burugadda
8864 Rangareddy Dharur Mandal Chiltampalle
8865 Rangareddy Dharur Mandal Chintakunta
8866 Rangareddy Dharur Mandal Dharmapur
8867 Rangareddy Dharur Mandal Dharur
8868 Rangareddy Dharur Mandal Dornal
8869 Rangareddy Dharur Mandal Ebbanoor
8870 Rangareddy Dharur Mandal Gangaram
8871 Rangareddy Dharur Mandal Ghattepalle
8872 Rangareddy Dharur Mandal Godamguda
8873 Rangareddy Dharur Mandal Gurudotla
8874 Rangareddy Dharur Mandal Haridaspalle
8875 Rangareddy Dharur Mandal Kacharam
8876 Rangareddy Dharur Mandal Kerelly
8877 Rangareddy Dharur Mandal Kondapur Kalan
8878 Rangareddy Dharur Mandal Kondapur Khurd
8879 Rangareddy Dharur Mandal Kukinda
8880 Rangareddy Dharur Mandal Kummar Palle
8881 Rangareddy Dharur Mandal Mailaram
8882 Rangareddy Dharur Mandal Mominkalan
8883 Rangareddy Dharur Mandal Mominkhurd
8884 Rangareddy Dharur Mandal Nagaram
8885 Rangareddy Dharur Mandal Nagasamundar
8886 Rangareddy Dharur Mandal Nagsanpalle
8887 Rangareddy Dharur Mandal Narsapur
8888 Rangareddy Dharur Mandal Ousapalle
8889 Rangareddy Dharur Mandal Rajapur
8890 Rangareddy Dharur Mandal Rampur
8891 Rangareddy Dharur Mandal Rudraram
8892 Rangareddy Dharur Mandal Somaram
8893 Rangareddy Dharur Mandal Surpanpalle
8894 Rangareddy Dharur Mandal Tharigopul
8895 Rangareddy Dharur Mandal Zaidupalle
8896 Rangareddy Doma Mandal Ainapur
8897 Rangareddy Doma Mandal Ananthareddipalle
8898 Rangareddy Doma Mandal Bachpalle
8899 Rangareddy Doma Mandal Badampalle
8900 Rangareddy Doma Mandal Batla Chandraram
8901 Rangareddy Doma Mandal Bompalle
8902 Rangareddy Doma Mandal Brahmanpalle
8903 Rangareddy Doma Mandal Budlapur
8904 Rangareddy Doma Mandal Dadapur
8905 Rangareddy Doma Mandal Dirsampalle
8906 Rangareddy Doma Mandal Doma
8907 Rangareddy Doma Mandal Dongayankepalle
8908 Rangareddy Doma Mandal Dornalpalle
8909 Rangareddy Doma Mandal Ganjipalle
8910 Rangareddy Doma Mandal Gudur
8911 Rangareddy Doma Mandal Gumdal
8912 Rangareddy Doma Mandal Khammam Nacharam
8913 Rangareddy Doma Mandal Kishtapur
8914 Rangareddy Doma Mandal Kondaipalle
8915 Rangareddy Doma Mandal Linganpalle
8916 Rangareddy Doma Mandal Mallepalle
8917 Rangareddy Doma Mandal Mothkur
8918 Rangareddy Doma Mandal Ootpalle
8919 Rangareddy Doma Mandal Palepalle
8920 Rangareddy Doma Mandal Pothreddypalle
8921 Rangareddy Doma Mandal Rakonda
8922 Rangareddy Doma Mandal Sivareddipalle
8923 Rangareddy Doma Mandal Timmaipalle
8924 Rangareddy Gandeed Mandal Annareddipalle
8925 Rangareddy Gandeed Mandal Baispalle
8926 Rangareddy Gandeed Mandal Balsulgonda
8927 Rangareddy Gandeed Mandal Chelmilla
8928 Rangareddy Gandeed Mandal Chinnavarval
8929 Rangareddy Gandeed Mandal Chowderpalle
8930 Rangareddy Gandeed Mandal Gadrial
8931 Rangareddy Gandeed Mandal Gandeed
8932 Rangareddy Gandeed Mandal Govindapalle
8933 Rangareddy Gandeed Mandal Jinnaram
8934 Rangareddy Gandeed Mandal Julapalle
8935 Rangareddy Gandeed Mandal Kaplapur
8936 Rangareddy Gandeed Mandal Komreddipalle
8937 Rangareddy Gandeed Mandal Kondapur
8938 Rangareddy Gandeed Mandal Lingaipalle
8939 Rangareddy Gandeed Mandal Mangampet
8940 Rangareddy Gandeed Mandal Mansoorpalle
8941 Rangareddy Gandeed Mandal Mohammadabad
8942 Rangareddy Gandeed Mandal Mukarlabad
8943 Rangareddy Gandeed Mandal Nancherla
8944 Rangareddy Gandeed Mandal Pagdiyal
8945 Rangareddy Gandeed Mandal Peddavarval
8946 Rangareddy Gandeed Mandal Reddipalle
8947 Rangareddy Gandeed Mandal Rusumpalle
8948 Rangareddy Gandeed Mandal Salarnagar
8949 Rangareddy Gandeed Mandal Salkerpet
8950 Rangareddy Gandeed Mandal Sangaipalle
8951 Rangareddy Gandeed Mandal Varahagiripalle
8952 Rangareddy Gandeed Mandal Vennached
8953 Rangareddy Ghatkesar Mandal Ankushapur
8954 Rangareddy Ghatkesar Mandal Annojiguda
8955 Rangareddy Ghatkesar Mandal Aushapur
8956 Rangareddy Ghatkesar Mandal Babasaheb Maqta
8957 Rangareddy Ghatkesar Mandal Badesahebguda
8958 Rangareddy Ghatkesar Mandal Boduppal(CT)
8959 Rangareddy Ghatkesar Mandal Changicherla
8960 Rangareddy Ghatkesar Mandal Cherlapally
8961 Rangareddy Ghatkesar Mandal Edulabad
8962 Rangareddy Ghatkesar Mandal Ghatkesar(CT)
8963 Rangareddy Ghatkesar Mandal Gulam Aliguda
8964 Rangareddy Ghatkesar Mandal Ismailkhanguda
8965 Rangareddy Ghatkesar Mandal Kachwanisingaram
8966 Rangareddy Ghatkesar Mandal Kondapur
8967 Rangareddy Ghatkesar Mandal Korremul
8968 Rangareddy Ghatkesar Mandal Madharam
8969 Rangareddy Ghatkesar Mandal Majarguda
8970 Rangareddy Ghatkesar Mandal Medipalle(CT)
8971 Rangareddy Ghatkesar Mandal Miyapur
8972 Rangareddy Ghatkesar Mandal Muthawalliguda
8973 Rangareddy Ghatkesar Mandal Narepally
8974 Rangareddy Ghatkesar Mandal Padamatisaiguda
8975 Rangareddy Ghatkesar Mandal Parvathapur
8976 Rangareddy Ghatkesar Mandal Peerzadguda(CT)
8977 Rangareddy Ghatkesar Mandal Pocharam
8978 Rangareddy Ghatkesar Mandal Prathapsingaram
8979 Rangareddy Ghatkesar Mandal Yamnampet
8980 Rangareddy Hayathnagar Mandal Abdullapur
8981 Rangareddy Hayathnagar Mandal Akbarja
8982 Rangareddy Hayathnagar Mandal Anajpur
8983 Rangareddy Hayathnagar Mandal Anmagal Hayathnagar
8984 Rangareddy Hayathnagar Mandal Bacharam
8985 Rangareddy Hayathnagar Mandal Bagh Haythnagar
8986 Rangareddy Hayathnagar Mandal Baljaguda
8987 Rangareddy Hayathnagar Mandal Bandaraviryal
8988 Rangareddy Hayathnagar Mandal Batasingaram
8989 Rangareddy Hayathnagar Mandal Daira
8990 Rangareddy Hayathnagar Mandal Gowrelli
8991 Rangareddy Hayathnagar Mandal Guntapalle
8992 Rangareddy Hayathnagar Mandal Hathiguda
8993 Rangareddy Hayathnagar Mandal Inamguda
8994 Rangareddy Hayathnagar Mandal Injapur
8995 Rangareddy Hayathnagar Mandal Kalwancha
8996 Rangareddy Hayathnagar Mandal Kawadipalle
8997 Rangareddy Hayathnagar Mandal Khalsa Hayathnagar
8998 Rangareddy Hayathnagar Mandal Koheda
8999 Rangareddy Hayathnagar Mandal Kunltoor
9000 Rangareddy Hayathnagar Mandal Laskerguda
9001 Rangareddy Hayathnagar Mandal Manneguda
9002 Rangareddy Hayathnagar Mandal Marripalle
9003 Rangareddy Hayathnagar Mandal Mazidpur
9004 Rangareddy Hayathnagar Mandal Munuganoor
9005 Rangareddy Hayathnagar Mandal Omerkhan Daira(CT)
9006 Rangareddy Hayathnagar Mandal Pasmamla
9007 Rangareddy Hayathnagar Mandal Peddaamber pet
9008 Rangareddy Hayathnagar Mandal Peddamberpet (Kalan)
9009 Rangareddy Hayathnagar Mandal Piglipur
9010 Rangareddy Hayathnagar Mandal Pochampalle Wada
9011 Rangareddy Hayathnagar Mandal Qutubullapur
9012 Rangareddy Hayathnagar Mandal Sagarpump
9013 Rangareddy Hayathnagar Mandal Sahebnagar Kalan
9014 Rangareddy Hayathnagar Mandal Sahebnagar Khurd
9015 Rangareddy Hayathnagar Mandal Surmaiguda
9016 Rangareddy Hayathnagar Mandal Tattiannaram
9017 Rangareddy Hayathnagar Mandal Tatti Khana
9018 Rangareddy Hayathnagar Mandal Tharamathipet
9019 Rangareddy Hayathnagar Mandal Thimmaiguda
9020 Rangareddy Hayathnagar Mandal Torrur
9021 Rangareddy Hayathnagar Mandal Turkayamjal(CT)
9022 Rangareddy Ibrahimpatnam Mandal Adibatla
9023 Rangareddy Ibrahimpatnam Mandal Alimiyakunta
9024 Rangareddy Ibrahimpatnam Mandal Bongloor
9025 Rangareddy Ibrahimpatnam Mandal Chintapalleguda
9026 Rangareddy Ibrahimpatnam Mandal Dandumailaram
9027 Rangareddy Ibrahimpatnam Mandal Ferozguda
9028 Rangareddy Ibrahimpatnam Mandal Ibrahimpatnam (Bagath)(CT)
9029 Rangareddy Ibrahimpatnam Mandal Ibrahimpatnam (Khalsa)
9030 Rangareddy Ibrahimpatnam Mandal Ismailshapampu
9031 Rangareddy Ibrahimpatnam Mandal Kappapahad
9032 Rangareddy Ibrahimpatnam Mandal Kongara Kalan
9033 Rangareddy Ibrahimpatnam Mandal Mangalpalle
9034 Rangareddy Ibrahimpatnam Mandal Muknoor
9035 Rangareddy Ibrahimpatnam Mandal Naganpalle
9036 Rangareddy Ibrahimpatnam Mandal Narrepalle
9037 Rangareddy Ibrahimpatnam Mandal Pocharam
9038 Rangareddy Ibrahimpatnam Mandal Polkampalle
9039 Rangareddy Ibrahimpatnam Mandal Rainguda
9040 Rangareddy Ibrahimpatnam Mandal Raipole
9041 Rangareddy Ibrahimpatnam Mandal Ramdaspalle
9042 Rangareddy Ibrahimpatnam Mandal Ramreddiguda
9043 Rangareddy Ibrahimpatnam Mandal Tadlakalva
9044 Rangareddy Ibrahimpatnam Mandal Tattikhana
9045 Rangareddy Ibrahimpatnam Mandal Toolekalan
9046 Rangareddy Ibrahimpatnam Mandal Turkaguda
9047 Rangareddy Ibrahimpatnam Mandal Yeliminedu
9048 Rangareddy Ibrahimpatnam Mandal Yengalaguda
9049 Rangareddy Ibrahimpatnam Mandal Yerrakunta
9050 Rangareddy Kandukur Mandal Akberja
9051 Rangareddy Kandukur Mandal Allikhanpalle
9052 Rangareddy Kandukur Mandal Annojiguda
9053 Rangareddy Kandukur Mandal Bachupalle
9054 Rangareddy Kandukur Mandal Chippalpalle
9055 Rangareddy Kandukur Mandal Dasarlapalle
9056 Rangareddy Kandukur Mandal Debbadaguda
9057 Rangareddy Kandukur Mandal Dhannaram
9058 Rangareddy Kandukur Mandal Gafoornagar
9059 Rangareddy Kandukur Mandal Gudoor
9060 Rangareddy Kandukur Mandal Gummadavalle
9061 Rangareddy Kandukur Mandal Jaithwaram (Khalsa)
9062 Rangareddy Kandukur Mandal Jaithwaram (Maqta)
9063 Rangareddy Kandukur Mandal Kandukur
9064 Rangareddy Kandukur Mandal Kothur
9065 Rangareddy Kandukur Mandal Kufarchandguda
9066 Rangareddy Kandukur Mandal Lemoor
9067 Rangareddy Kandukur Mandal Madhapur
9068 Rangareddy Kandukur Mandal Meerkhanpet
9069 Rangareddy Kandukur Mandal Mohammadnagar
9070 Rangareddy Kandukur Mandal Mucherla
9071 Rangareddy Kandukur Mandal Murlinagar
9072 Rangareddy Kandukur Mandal Nednur
9073 Rangareddy Kandukur Mandal Panjaguda
9074 Rangareddy Kandukur Mandal Peruguguda
9075 Rangareddy Kandukur Mandal Pulumamidi
9076 Rangareddy Kandukur Mandal Rachloor
9077 Rangareddy Kandukur Mandal Sarvaravulapalle
9078 Rangareddy Kandukur Mandal Thimmaipalle
9079 Rangareddy Kandukur Mandal Timmapur
9080 Rangareddy Keesara Mandal Ahmadguda
9081 Rangareddy Keesara Mandal Bogaram
9082 Rangareddy Keesara Mandal Cheeriyal
9083 Rangareddy Keesara Mandal Dharmavaram
9084 Rangareddy Keesara Mandal Godmakunta
9085 Rangareddy Keesara Mandal Haridaspalle
9086 Rangareddy Keesara Mandal Kapra
9087 Rangareddy Keesara Mandal Keesara
9088 Rangareddy Keesara Mandal Keesara Daira
9089 Rangareddy Keesara Mandal Kundanpalle
9090 Rangareddy Keesara Mandal Nagaram(CT)
9091 Rangareddy Keesara Mandal Narsampalle
9092 Rangareddy Keesara Mandal Rampally
9093 Rangareddy Keesara Mandal Thimmaipalle
9094 Rangareddy Keesara Mandal Yadgarpalle (East)
9095 Rangareddy Keesara Mandal Yadgarpalle (West)
9096 Rangareddy Kulkacharla Mandal Adavivenkatapur
9097 Rangareddy Kulkacharla Mandal Allapur
9098 Rangareddy Kulkacharla Mandal Almaskhanpet
9099 Rangareddy Kulkacharla Mandal Ananthasagar
9100 Rangareddy Kulkacharla Mandal Antharam
9101 Rangareddy Kulkacharla Mandal Bandayelkacherla
9102 Rangareddy Kulkacharla Mandal Bomreddipalle
9103 Rangareddy Kulkacharla Mandal Chakalpalle
9104 Rangareddy Kulkacharla Mandal Chellapur
9105 Rangareddy Kulkacharla Mandal Chowdapur
9106 Rangareddy Kulkacharla Mandal dam
9107 Rangareddy Kulkacharla Mandal Ghanapur
9108 Rangareddy Kulkacharla Mandal Ippaipalle
9109 Rangareddy Kulkacharla Mandal Kanmankalva
9110 Rangareddy Kulkacharla Mandal Kothapalle
9111 Rangareddy Kulkacharla Mandal Kulkacharla
9112 Rangareddy Kulkacharla Mandal Kusumasamudram
9113 Rangareddy Kulkacharla Mandal Lingampalle
9114 Rangareddy Kulkacharla Mandal Magullapalle
9115 Rangareddy Kulkacharla Mandal Malkapur
9116 Rangareddy Kulkacharla Mandal Mandipal
9117 Rangareddy Kulkacharla Mandal Markal
9118 Rangareddy Kulkacharla Mandal Mujahidpur
9119 Rangareddy Kulkacharla Mandal Peerampalle
9120 Rangareddy Kulkacharla Mandal Pursampalle
9121 Rangareddy Kulkacharla Mandal Puttapahad
9122 Rangareddy Kulkacharla Mandal Salveed
9123 Rangareddy Kulkacharla Mandal Tirumalapur
9124 Rangareddy Kulkacharla Mandal Veerapur
9125 Rangareddy Kulkacharla Mandal Venkatapur
9126 Rangareddy Kulkacharla Mandal Vittalapur
9127 Rangareddy Maheswaram Mandal Akanpalle
9128 Rangareddy Maheswaram Mandal Almasguda
9129 Rangareddy Maheswaram Mandal Ameerpet
9130 Rangareddy Maheswaram Mandal Baghmankhal
9131 Rangareddy Maheswaram Mandal Dabilguda
9132 Rangareddy Maheswaram Mandal Dilwarguda
9133 Rangareddy Maheswaram Mandal Dubbacherla
9134 Rangareddy Maheswaram Mandal Gangaram
9135 Rangareddy Maheswaram Mandal Ghatpalle
9136 Rangareddy Maheswaram Mandal Gollor
9137 Rangareddy Maheswaram Mandal Imamguda
9138 Rangareddy Maheswaram Mandal Kalwakole
9139 Rangareddy Maheswaram Mandal Kollapadkal
9140 Rangareddy Maheswaram Mandal Kongar Khurd (A)
9141 Rangareddy Maheswaram Mandal Kongar Khurd (B)
9142 Rangareddy Maheswaram Mandal Maheswaram
9143 Rangareddy Maheswaram Mandal Malikdanguda
9144 Rangareddy Maheswaram Mandal Mankhal
9145 Rangareddy Maheswaram Mandal Mansanpalle
9146 Rangareddy Maheswaram Mandal Mohabatnagar
9147 Rangareddy Maheswaram Mandal Nagaram
9148 Rangareddy Maheswaram Mandal Nagireddipalle
9149 Rangareddy Maheswaram Mandal Nandipalle
9150 Rangareddy Maheswaram Mandal Pendyal
9151 Rangareddy Maheswaram Mandal Porandla
9152 Rangareddy Maheswaram Mandal Raviryal
9153 Rangareddy Maheswaram Mandal Sardar Nagar
9154 Rangareddy Maheswaram Mandal Sirigiripur
9155 Rangareddy Maheswaram Mandal Sreenagar
9156 Rangareddy Maheswaram Mandal Subhanpur
9157 Rangareddy Maheswaram Mandal Thummaloor
9158 Rangareddy Maheswaram Mandal Toopra Khurd
9159 Rangareddy Maheswaram Mandal Venkannaguda
9160 Rangareddy Malkajgiri Mandal Akbarjha
9161 Rangareddy Malkajgiri Mandal Alwal
9162 Rangareddy Malkajgiri Mandal Ammuguda
9163 Rangareddy Malkajgiri Mandal Dammaiguda
9164 Rangareddy Malkajgiri Mandal Farzanguda
9165 Rangareddy Malkajgiri Mandal Kowkur
9166 Rangareddy Malkajgiri Mandal Lothukunta
9167 Rangareddy Malkajgiri Mandal Machabollaram
9168 Rangareddy Malkajgiri Mandal Mahadevpur
9169 Rangareddy Malkajgiri Mandal Malkajgiri
9170 Rangareddy Malkajgiri Mandal Turkapally
9171 Rangareddy Malkajgiri Mandal Yapral
9172 Rangareddy Manchal Mandal Agapalle
9173 Rangareddy Manchal Mandal Arutla
9174 Rangareddy Manchal Mandal Asmatpur
9175 Rangareddy Manchal Mandal Bandalemoor
9176 Rangareddy Manchal Mandal Bodakonda Penikarla Thanda
9177 Rangareddy Manchal Mandal Chandkhanguda
9178 Rangareddy Manchal Mandal Cheeded
9179 Rangareddy Manchal Mandal Chittapur
9180 Rangareddy Manchal Mandal Dadpalle
9181 Rangareddy Manchal Mandal Jainammaguda
9182 Rangareddy Manchal Mandal Japala
9183 Rangareddy Manchal Mandal Kagazghat
9184 Rangareddy Manchal Mandal Khanapur
9185 Rangareddy Manchal Mandal Lingampalle
9186 Rangareddy Manchal Mandal Loyapalle
9187 Rangareddy Manchal Mandal Mallikarjunaguda
9188 Rangareddy Manchal Mandal Manchal
9189 Rangareddy Manchal Mandal Manorabad
9190 Rangareddy Manchal Mandal Nallacheru
9191 Rangareddy Manchal Mandal Nomula
9192 Rangareddy Manchal Mandal Rangapur
9193 Rangareddy Manchal Mandal Sabithnagar
9194 Rangareddy Manchal Mandal Sreemanthguda
9195 Rangareddy Manchal Mandal Thallapalliguda
9196 Rangareddy Manchal Mandal Thippaiguda
9197 Rangareddy Marpalle Mandal Allapur
9198 Rangareddy Marpalle Mandal Bilkal