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All Funds in Lakh
Name of Institution
Sanction year
Sanction Number
Sanction Date
Fund Sanctioned
Fund Released
Sanctioned Order Copy
Released Order Copy
1 NICSI 2009-2010 18014/09/2009-LRD dated 11th January 2010 11/01/2010 186.82 186.82 Download Downloads
2 NICSI 2013-2014 18014/09/2009-LRD dated 11th January 2010 01/03/2014 186.82
3 NICSI 2015-2016 28012/4/2015-LRD 21/12/2015 400.97 50 Download Downloads
4 NICSI 2015-2016 F.No 28012/11/2015-LRD 14/09/2015 358.69 175 Download Downloads